Monday, May 1, 2017

Top 10 Ridiculous Video Games

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I know some people took on this topic. Probably one of the most difficult video game lists ever. There is so many possible ways of looking at today's topic. Over the years many things kept surprising people. Some games end up going so far you can't believe they actually got release. Yes I will count expansions or dlc stuff as long they build on to the ridiculousness.

Rules for this list are as follow down below...
1. Must be released in the United States
2. No Japanese exclusive games
3. Must be played by me to count
4. Must be a good game to count

This blog was made before the release of Injustice 2.

This isn't meant for kids below the age of 18. I don't want to get banned or arrested over such a blog entry. This was entirely made to be for entertainment purposes only.

10. Duke Nukem 3D with all expansions & PlayStation exclusive episode

Probably not an obvious choice. Duke 3D was a complete over haul of the previous two games. The fact it worked so well to put it on main stream gaming already blew people's minds. But why is this on my list? Clearly everyone knows about Duke tipping strippers & cursing. All it's expansions along with the PlayStation exclusive episode brought the game up in ridiculousness. I mean Duke it out in D.C., he is fighting aliens all over Washington D.C. to save the president. In Duke: Nuclear Winter, Duke ends up saving Christmas by fighting aliens, snowmen, elves and reindeers? Also he took down Santa Claus now add that to your naughty list. Duke Caribbean has Duke fighting aliens on his vacation out at the Caribbean. The newest episode added has Duke going around the world fighting aliens. How much more ridiculous can all of this get lol.

9. Doom II with all expansions

Maybe not as ridiculous in terms of particular enemies or locations. You do get to go to Hell several times. Doom II is already has over thirty levels by itself. Both episodes of Final Doom is double that amount. Most of it's expansions has even bigger levels filled with demons adding up to it's difficulty. The fact you could play all of it with Brutal Doom adds up to it's ridiculousness. Doom II in it's entirely will push you beyond what you are expecting.

8. Fallout 4 with all dlcs

Fallout 4 is mind blowing to what it brings to the table. The game already gives you plenty of options to build stuff. Most of it's dlcs greatly expands on that. There isn't a set leveling system allowing you to be very high leveled. In fact the game freezes for good among reaching Level 65,535. I never heard of another RPG game that allows you to go that high in leveling. What's crazier is both Xbox One & PS4 versions now enable mods. This by itself greatly impacts how ridiculous this game becomes. For example someone made Cheat Room that virtually gives you everything with bonuses.

7. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Over the years Mortal Kombat series has some of the most brutal finishers in history of gaming. I think all of us can agree Mortal Kombat 3 had some of the most ridiculous finishers. But the most ridiculous it goes is Mortal Kombat Trilogy. You can play as all boss characters at the time. A hidden character that has all finishers of seven ninja characters is mind blowing. Simply putting in the code you can do one button finishers. Who could forget Smoke blowing up the Earth lol. Some of these finishers are hard to take seriously. Still a great fighting game if you can find it.

6. Redneck Rampage series

Most of you probably never heard of Redneck Rampage series. It was a short lived FPS series that has a redneck going around killing rednecks. You also face animals, mosquitoes, high school girls, strange creatures & aliens. Some of the weapons you get in these games are ridiculous. Possibly the tits machine guns easily a reference to Austin Powers. I hope they make a fourth movie. They also reference a lot of B movies like The Toxic Avengers series. It is annoying to pull off but you could enable a cuss pack adding new lines that has cursing. In Redneck Rampage Rides Again you can ride a few vehicles. A few occasions of that game you can spot two enemies doing a particular sexual thing. When I first heard of this I was mind blown. Also all games soundtracks adds to how ridiculous these games actually are. This is sorta like Point Lookout in Fallout 3 before it existed lol.

5. Conker's Bad Fur Day

This had to be on my list no matter what. Conker's Bad Fur Day for many reasons belongs here. Originally going to continue off of a child friendly platformer from Game Boy. They completely remade this game into what it is today. Heavily inspired by a show called South Park still on TV. Conker's Bad Fur Day references all kind of movies. There is some strong adult content in this N64 game. You will see a lot of drinking, pissing & crap. Yeah I'm not kidding an small area is literately covered in it. Some of the boss fights are ridiculous like taking on The Big Big Guy whose a talking boiler with brass balls lol. There is also The Great Mighty Poo whose a living mountain of crap. A lot of deaths occurs during the campaign. Some of the funniest censoring in any game I ever seen. The only multiplayer gave you plenty of options. I believe this greatly holds up more than the actual campaign. Some original looks of characters are simply funnier here than in Conker: Live & Reloaded on Xbox. A lot of funny moments to remember for many years to come. Not only this was the most mind blowing game I ever played on an Nintendo console. This is possibly the funniest Rare game I ever played. Also there is sexual content including a particular part I don't want to get in trouble talking about. This game is very ridiculous in so many ways.

4. AVGN series

How could this not make my list? I honestly couldn't decide which AVGN game was more ridiculous. So I gave both of them this spot for great reasons. Heavily referencing so many episodes of The Angry Video Game Nerd. Bringing it's own take to many classic Nerd moments. Two of the funniest platformers I ever played. Let's be honest what you expect of the show is really present here. The show can be ridiculous while these games really took it to a completely new level. I don't even think there exist a word for it lol. I highly recommend both these games for anyone whose a fan or just want something to get them laughing hard.

3. Postal 2 with all expansions

Postal 2 is really ridiculous in so many ways. Even if I didn't include any of it's expansions. Postal 2 goes the extra mile being really offensive in many ways. You have to do some really horrible things to people. Each expansion constantly build more ridiculousness to the overall experience. Postal 2 isn't afraid to be heard by the world let me tell you that. A good number of them will greatly be offended by this. You can use cats on weapons to fire them at people. You can piss all over the place especially on people. Plenty of mess up moments that are close to impossible to recreate. So much cursing for it's time that I thought I was playing a Joe Pesci game lol. You can horribly mess up people in so many ways. Don't even take any of the stories seriously either. You do run into a cow demon that almost married your ex wife lol. Look it is very difficult to not spoil how mind blowing this game actually is. You really need to check it out for yourselves. More recently Steam version added mod support for some crazy mods to help spice up this game.

2. Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition

OMG Saints Row series has plenty of ridiculous moments. You could say Saints Row IV is heavily filled with them. I kid you not even some of it's dlcs add on how ridiculous this game is. You are the President of the United States that with some people of Earth gets abducted by aliens. You are forced to fight through a digital recreation of Steelport. You also get to explore into some people's worlds Zinyak made for them. Some of your weapons are laughable such as dick bat, rectifier probe & dubstep. You get to explore the 50s in some parts of the campaign. Some of your old enemies gets recreated. This game heavily references The Matrix, alien movies, super hero movies and Christmas lol. Enter the Dominatrix adds some of the most ridiculous moments within Saints Row IV. I should mention How the Saints Saved Christmas dlc. You get to take on gingerbread men, elves, nutcracker themed murderbots & an evil Santa Claus. Some activities not including those this dlc adds are already ridiculous in their own right. Insurance Fraud is made really ridiculous this time around since you can get sent flying often in such a short amount of time. This game really makes you work for an 100% completion. More recently Steam version added mod support for more craziness.

1. Garry's Mod

How could this not be number 1 on anyone's list? Garry's Mod was inspired by a similar mod that never took off. Very quickly became one of the most successful mods in more recent gaming history. Garry's Mod pretty much allows everything & yes I do mean everything to be possible. You can build stuff that can be uploaded for other players to use. You can use plenty of their mods for so much content. In fact you could even say the exact number is very high but no body knows how many mods. This game allows people to live out some of their biggest gaming fantasies. Garry's Mod has virtually no real limit in what you can do. You could spawn a ridiculous amount of allies or enemies. I easily could go on and on about how ridiculous Garry's Mod can possibly get. The simple fact it is still getting insane mods today greatly adds up to it's level of fun.


  1. i agree with the list. so much ridiculousness in all named titles :)