Monday, May 29, 2017

Top 5 Marvel Super Heroines & Female Super Villains

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, now it's time to present my favorite good & bad ladies of the Marvel universe. Once again this is strictly my opinion only. Obviously not everyone will agree with my list.

Top 5 Marvel Super Heroines

5. Invisible Woman

Susan Storm-Richards is a founding members of the super hero team Fantastic Four and wife of Mr. Fantastic. Her powers not only allows her entirely body become invisible. She also can create powerful force fields. This would make her the all around characters since she got both offense & defense covered. She has plenty of experience dealing with intense to possibly epic events.

4. Rogue

Who doesn't like Rogue from X-Men? She had a rough early life that led to a short live crime life. Eventually she joined X-Men to better not only herself but humanity itself. Rogue has the ability to absorb normal people's life & those with powers get their powers temporary stolen. Depending to how long she holds on, you might go into a coma. In doing so, parts of your powers becomes hers like when that happened to Ms. Marvel. Rogue having difficulty controlling her powers always made her an interesting character.

3. She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters is an cousin of Bruce Banner aka Hulk. She got into an accident with no signs of recover. Bruce decided to allow his blood to be used on her knowing this could get him into trouble. Instead of becoming exactly like Hulk. Jennifer maintains her intelligence with complete control over her Hulk form. Honestly there is just something about her that gets me going. Not that you perverts lol.

2. X-23

Although Wolverine has a lot of children. X-23 is actually a female clone of him made from his damaged cells. After getting trained, her skills became superior to that Wolverine himself. Wolverine does view her as his daughter since they got a lot of things in common. X-23 also has a nemesis that acts & opposes a similar challenge like Sabretooth does to Wolverine. She is truly amazing as a clone of a classic character to actually be better than him in some ways.

1. Phoenix (Jean Grey)

Now come on this should've been obvious. Jean Grey did start on X-Men as Marvel Girl. Shortly becoming possessed by Phoenix. Things changed in a hurry of something truly mind blowing. Phoenix greatly increases her mind powers that already rivaled Professor Xavier's. Phoenix has some sick abilities that makes her a true god like being. In death with Phoenix can really become close to unstoppable. Jean Grey is by no means a person you want coming after you.

Let's welcome the bad ladies of Marvel that many people simply can't get enough of. Trust me when I say you won't miss any of them.

Top 5 Marvel Female Super Villains

5. Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike is one of Wolverine's regular enemies. She did date Wolverine that was short lived. Later in life loss both her arms to get replaced by adamantium arms with long claws. She always held a strong hatred for Wolverine for blaming him over some bad things that happened. Lady Deathstrike puts up great fights with Wolverine.

4. Mystique

Mystique is adopted sister of Professor Xavier and mother of X-Men member Nightcrawler. She can change her entire body to look, sound & act like people. In fact due to her experience within Brotherhood of Mutants. By the time Mystique finally joined X-Men, she already was one of their hardest to find members.

3. Emma Frost

Emma Frost better known as White Queen spent many years as a reoccurring enemy of X-Men. Rare among her kind, White Queen has two powers rather than just one like most of them. Her first powers are similar to Professor Xavier's in terms of doing almost everything he could do to people mentally. Her second powers transforms her entire skin into diamonds. However the fault of it is one weak spot hit just the right way can cause it to deactivate.

2. The Enchantress

Not to be confused by DC's female super villain of the same name. The Enchantress usually plays a huge role in Thor's stories. A kiss from her to most men turns them into her slaves. She can do a lot of impressive feats with magic. She stands as one of the most clever among his enemies. The Enchantress has helped his brother Loki several times to screw him over.

1. Dark Phoenix

Before everyone starts freaking out yes I just gave Phoenix number 1 on heroes list. Why would I give her number 1 on both lists? Dark Phoenix is less Jean Grey but more Phoenix in terms of many things. This variation not only more powerful. Dark Phoenix is insanely difficult to take down even with a skilled group of heroes fighting together. Also Phoenix regularly possesses women a lot more often than men. Which technically would make the Phoenix force itself a female character. The insane abilities either half of her within Jean Grey are truly mind blowing.

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