Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Villains That Aren't from DC & Marvel

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time for a personal challenge. I would be surprise if more comic book fans can pull this off. I already presented four lists for Marvel & DC. Considering so many people love using characters from both in majority of their lists. How about making a list removing both altogether for other comic book companies to shine for a change? This by itself is surprisingly difficult yet a lot of fun to put together.

5. Grigori Rasputin (Dark Horse Comics)

Hellboy's real father always been a thorn in his side for years. Rasputin is determined for Hellboy to live out his true purpose. Although Hellboy is saving people from all kind of threats. Rasputin is willing to do anything to force his own son to doom mankind. This guy is also skilled in using magic making him more difficult for Hellboy to take down.

4. Negan (Image Comics)

This shouldn't be a surprise folks. Negan really stands out among most Walking Dead villains. He forced a lot of communities to work for him. If they don't live up on their end, people get killed as a message to the rest of them. Negan had one of the biggest armies in history of The Walking Dead. This guy is lawful evil matches Rick's lawful goodness that led to their true war.

3. The Darkness (Top Cow Productions & Image Comics)

Yes this guy could count as an anti-hero since some stuff he does is for good. Although even right there that's a stretch to how evil this man actually is. He does care for those serving him but isn't afraid to kill those out to gun him down. The Darkness artifact makes Jackie into a god like being. In a sense he leads two different armies against his enemies. Possibly one of the most powerful beings in his universe.

2. Judge Death (Rebellion Developments)

Now we're getting to truly evil characters in comic book history. Judge Death is the absolute opposite of Judge Dredd in every single way. Dredd is about keeping order in the balance justifying his actions. Death is more about causing chaos to kill as many people as he can. Dredd is much more realistic as a character in many ways. Death is essential a evil spirit that constantly haunts Dredd's universe. Dredd relies on weapons, experience & skills to survive. Death has many powers including taking over both living & dead bodies with ease. It is amazing how difficult Death actually is to take down. With help Dredd takes him down every single time. Possibly his greatest enemy & in his mind the worst person he has ever met.

1. Violator (Image Comics)

One of my personal favorite comic book villains of all time & my favorite from Image Comics. Violator is the oldest of five demon brothers. His job was to make sure Al Simmons' Spawn made good on his promise to lead Hell's army. Spawn decided to go against Hell leading to their first fight. Violator quickly dominated Spawn in that encounter. Most see Violator as a fat disgusting clown. His true form is the picture above. Violator has been losing to Spawn often during the course of the story. Each defeat his hatred for Spawn grew yes even more than humanity. Eventually revealed in another story, Spawn became Omega Spawn whose power rivals both God & Satan. Earlier back when Spawn was briefly a god, he trapped both of them in a place with a strict guide line of escaping. The problem is in this universe they're twin brothers that have very different views on things. Now because of that as soon Spawn became Omega Spawn. He became the new ruler of Hell where Violator continued to serve him. Spawn's origin story is already mess up but Violator's truly takes the cake. His father was a demon that raped five women ended up dying while giving birth. His younger brothers kept making front of him. Until the day he killed their father to become the new leader. This is when Malebolgia offers him a deal to join his army. He spent centuries facing many Spawns wearing them out to the point, their spirits goes to Hell. Violator is one truly evil being that doesn't care for anyone not even himself. His clown form is surprisingly a very entertaining character. His demon form is still one of the scariest comic book villains I ever seen. It is already puzzling how his disguise was able to hold all of that in place. Violator always been a thorn in Spawn's side. These two are polar opposites in many ways. Spawn has done terrible things but still has some humanity to a degree. Violator is more about causing chaos, people dying, manipulating people & watching it all play out. This guy is almost as evil as Judge Death but the damage he has done should give you some ideas. How truly wicked this man actually is.

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