Saturday, January 14, 2017

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games I Want Added to Xbox One's Backward Compatibility

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I spent so many hours on Xbox 360 it's ridiculous. Without question one of my favorite game consoles of all time. I played my fair share of disc & downloadable games. I recently checked the new list to make sure none of these aren't currently available. An major reason why Xbox One is beating PlayStation 4 right now. They allow us to play our Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Easily one of the best consoles with that feature.

I figured since I was very busy trying to get caught on some of my favorite franchises. Finally sit down to make this long standing list. I'm not going to drive myself insane by doing an yearly version like some do. For me these are the games to convince me further to stick with Xbox.

Also I am aware some of my choices are big requested. I am only throwing out my opinion. You are welcome to take it or not. All I ask is please read first and don't complain.

Now a little spoiler alert yes there is an tie on this following list. I really wanted all three of them so bad that I couldn't put one over the other. You will find out soon enough what this tie actually is.

10. Tekken 6

Tekken 7 is almost on consoles in an few months from now. Most ports of an Tekken game are amazing for their time. I will be honest to say Tekken 6 is a little disappointment. I didn't like how they changed some of the controls greatly affecting some of my favorite characters. They hide arcade mode inside scenario campaign. But it only has an handful of levels including an bonus boss fight. I will say most modes are done very well. I did expect a little more in the character roster. For an Tekken game I barely say that about most of them. At least for the first Tekken game on Xbox 360, it got me going.

9. Batman: Arkham Origins

There are a lot of people that want this game to be added. We already got three of them in such an short amount of time. Personally I felt this is an must since it is very good in many areas. Sure there are some problems like an glitch affecting your save games. But this is far from the worst the dark knight got trapped in. Some of the best voice acting in any Batman game. Also considering this was made by an different team. I give huge respect to the new team for nailing it. I do recommend it to many people especially Batman fans.

8. Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition

Officially three games that are their own part of one huge game. An different take of episodic video game format. Basically instead of the classic expansion route where you buy the original game. You have to pay for expansions later on. Episodic is more like Sonic 3 & Knuckles back in the day. They combined two games into one. In this case each game added a lot of content with it's own set of missions. There are several ways you can buy all three games. Just having one is worth your time & money. But having all three is an mind blowing experience many gamers should play.

7. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

One of the best among Lego video games to date. Lego Batman 2 brings a lot of potential making it possibly. One of the greatest Batman games or DC games in existence. This game is packed with a lot of content. They improved most what we love about the original Lego Batman. This is an truly unique experience. You got so many characters to play as with so many abilities & gadgets. They made it very replayable the moment you start playing. It is really that worth your time and money having this amazing game.

6. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

My favorite racing game of all time, I played the hell out of three versions. I kid you not they really out did themselves. Everything works incredibly well especially all the extra content. Some of the finest controls in any racing game. In my opinion the direct Sega answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers. Some of our favorite Sega characters are playable. Plenty of modes to play to keep you going for hours among hours nonstop. I really can't say anymore to do it enough justice. Please for the love of God get this game as soon as you can.

5. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection/Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection/Devil May Cry HD Collection

Let's be honest all three of these collection games are very good for what they bring to the table. I could do an very in depth comparison to pick one out of the three. But hell no all three of them really do need to be on Xbox One. Some of the finest video games in history are present. Yes majority of them were originally released on PlayStation 2. Not much was added or changed but still gets the job done. In fact most copies of them are difficult to find simply because they're that good. Just owning one of them is doing your collection justice. If you were me, all three of them must be added to that support soon. Just imagine how mind blowing it will be to play all three of them at any given time.

4. Resident Evil Revelations

Some Resident Evil fans demand to have Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X added soon. Personally I was an bigger fan of Resident Evil Revelations. OMG this game was amazing for what it does. An perfect mixture of classic & modern Resident Evil style. You get to play as several characters within the campaign. Raid Mode is easily one of the greatest mini games in the series. A lot of dlcs worth owning at great prices. Plus playing online makes playing both the campaign & Raid Mode much more fun.

3. Saints Row The Third

One of my absolute favorite games on any console. Saints Row The Third is amazing for it's time. This went head to head against Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV doing very well. A lot of great dlcs though some are heavily disliked. In fact two of them are so disliked they got removed from buying The Full Package edition. Despite this, Saints Row The Third sure packs a lot of content. This game is really addicting regardless if you are doing missions or activities or causing mayhem. I also like they made customizing your character more fun & unique. This is an very big request to be added soon.

2. SoulCalibur IV

One of the finest fighting games in history. Three guest characters all from Star Wars brought in perfectly. Some of the best in all areas for an fighting game on Xbox 360. They packed so much content to keep you going. One of the absolute best among making your own fighters in any fighting game. SoulCalibur IV did make arcade mode a little too repetitive for my taste. Most modes of play is done incredibly well.

1. Mortal Kombat

My biggest request to date for any Xbox 360 game that must be added to this support. I was really blown away by Mortal Kombat & more recently Mortal Kombat XL. One of the absolute finest fighting games in history. This is the only one worthy enough to out do SoulCalibur IV. Yes this may lack creating your own characters. But what it has in place of it really makes up for it. An new challenge ladder meant to truly test your gaming skills. They brought back Test Your Might & Sight with an new Luck mini games. Test Your Luck is one of my favorite things in any fighting game. One of the best rosters in the series history. My favorite thing of all has to be it's story mode. An alternate take on the first three Mortal Kombat games. I also like you can do two on two kombat. The Krypt is one of the best versions to date. In all honesty this game really needs to be on there very soon.

I hope you guys agree many of these games deserves to be added to that support. Just having half of them is doing some justice. But having all of them makes it one of the very best consoles ever made. Regardless I will be patient to see how many of them actually gets added. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Mortal Kombat over Street Fighter

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I always been more into Mortal Kombat series. Even at an young age their appeal is very strong. I really can't get enough of these amazing fighting games. Most of them are timeless classics that will never get old.

5. Killing your opponents

Yes it's really obvious in Mortal Kombat you can kill your opponent. Back then doing that was mind blowing. Usually you get stunned several times during matches. But in Mortal Kombat games, you barely get stun during the matches. At the end most of the time someone gets killed in such horrible ways or non killing finishers like Friendships. Yes you can only do your finishers at the end of the match but you get amazing stuff. More recently in Mortal Kombat X's finishers are so sick. Many people doing live reactions to them actually threw up. Mortal Kombat doesn't hold much back in their Fatalities.

I also like the concept of it because sometimes finally beating someone who owned you isn't enough. I might get rip a part by Street Fighter fans by stating this. I seen a lot more creativity in Fatalities alone. An great example of this is Cassie has an fatality where she nearly breaks off your jaw. Out of the clear blue pulls out her cell phone to take an selfie picture with her dead opponent. You get to see a lot of MK characters commenting about that picture. We should mention Animalities since characters transforms into animals to kill people. Some of them are still difficult to watch today.

4. Making it easier to get all dlcs

I can't stress this enough Street Fighter really puts out dlcs. Yet no later version of Street Fighter IV or V has an version containing all of it's dlcs. Last I checked they don't have anything close to that for purchase online either. I am really glad Mortal Kombat made the process a lot easier in the long run. You could get the game early to constantly buy those upcoming dlcs or wait until an new version comes. Both Mortal Kombat 9 & X got an later version containing every dlcs for an great price. In Mortal Kombat X you also could buy kombat packs to help cut some of those down making it easier.

3. Guest Characters

To clarify we aren't counting cross over games. Street Fighter never got any guest characters into their games. More recently in Killer Instinct as an part of season 3 got three of them. Mortal Kombat 9 got Freddy & Kratos (only on PlayStation versions) that do fit in their universe. Mortal Kombat XL has Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Alien & Predator, all do fit in as well. Some are wondering why is this such an big deal?

Both Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat has plenty of characters over the years. Sometimes bringing something you don't expect in does get people's attention. I was really excited to see the announcement to find out Alien is getting in Mortal Kombat X. The one horror/action movie icon creature I didn't expect to appear in an Mortal Kombat game. Also depending on who or what it is could make things interesting. Hell Super Smash Brothers series already made that point loud & clear.

2. Realms

Unlike most fighting games before & after, Mortal Kombat does take place in between several worlds. In their universe there isn't space like most known universes. Instead there are portals connected to another world called realms. Mostly going by Mortal Kombat: Deception's Konquest Mode. An handful of realms were more different than the last with no known number of how many actually exists. I also like many of other realm creatures especially those from Outworld. I should mention instead of directly invading other worlds. The Elder Gods put an tournament called Mortal Kombat in place. Those wanting to conquer the other realm must win ten times in an row. Among the tenth that realm's ruler will be allowed into the other realm to claim it as their own.

Outworld & Netherrealm have some dark stuff to haunt your souls. The most interesting fact about the realms was their creation. In the beginning only The One Being & the Elder Gods existed. The One Being devoured many gods with the remaining ones running out of options. Then they did come up with an way to stop it. Not explained the Elder gods were able to separate The One Being into pieces. Each piece of him became realms with Earthrealm being the core piece. An legend exists if one can merge all the realms together, one can become The One Being.

1. Secrets

It is widely known since Mortal Kombat 1, this franchise has secrets. Even before the release of Mortal Kombat II, some believed MK1 had another hidden character. However the team couldn't find this glitch themselves but did confirm this Ermac character doesn't exist. Ranging from long button codes to getting lost in unlocking stuff within The Krypt. Mortal Kombat has a lot of interesting secrets to constantly blow our minds.

Mortal Kombat X added more easter eggs some people could easily miss. So many users on YouTube did videos on showing most to all of these intros to fights. Some of which is referencing Alien & Predator movies. Some are meant to be funny you wouldn't expect make it into the game. Hell if you perform Erron Black's x ray move on Predator. Although shorten down that famous line by Schwarzenegger is said on that bullet instead of his name.

Of course since the beginning there are stage fatalities. Not including Mortal Kombat: Deception & Armageddon. Attempting to get these to work does take time. But these are awesome secret finishers that are among the best in their respective games. More recently in Mortal Kombat 9 in PlayStation versions. There is an new level with three different death traps you can choose from. This alone goes to show the pure creativity of the Mortal Kombat team.

Early on you can fight hidden characters in Mortal Kombat 1 & 2. Simply doing the conditions with Reptile being the most difficult to pick off. You must get the game to go through the levels an few times. Among on The Pit level if you see shadows flying in the sky. You have to fight without blocking & not taking damage. At the end of the match you got to perform your fatality. If you did all of this congrats Reptile will challenge you.

I saved my personal favorite among all their secrets. Of course any MK fan has their own opinions which stands out the most. To me it always has been The Krypt mode. Ever since Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance this mode packed content of all types. Originally an large number of coffins you have to pay with different colors coins to unlock stuff. In Mortal Kombat: Deception added hidden limited time chests & keys to help spice it up. In Mortal Kombat 9, they broke it up in several parts. In Mortal Kombat X, they added other things can be contained in. They also added secret paths making it an unique experience. More like you're on an journey to unlock everything with two major areas filled with stuff.

I hope you guys like my blog post, I been wanting to do this one for an while. I always supported Mortal Kombat most of my life. In fact my favorite video game movie is still the original Mortal Kombat movie. I never can get too old or bored of this franchise. I am always impressed with the insane amount of work they put into them. Easily one of the finest video game series in history. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

An little bonus, I made this Mortal Kombat meme. I know many fans joked about what if finishers. I figured why not make an long meme of my own.

The link for it is below... Look at it if you dare or in the words of Shao Kahn, you weak pathetic fool.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jack Red reviews Batman: Arkham series (main games)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I finally get to do one of my personal favorite video game series. I grew up as an huge Batman fan not having many Batman games. Up til recently Batman: Arkham Asylum, I started getting more good Batman games or those with Batman in it. Easily one of the absolute best & most solid game series to date. I really can't recommend all four of these enough to do them justice alone.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Currently the world record holder for the most critical acclaim super hero game. Batman: Arkham Asylum was an long awaited love letter to their fans. This is an amazing game holding up surprisingly well. There isn't many stories taking almost entirely taking place in Arkham Asylum. Every character is done incredibly well. Some of the finest in many aspects. A lot of people complain about the combat system, I like it. My only real problem with this game is there wasn't an new game plus. For those that doesn't know what it is, you can play the entire game again with all your upgrades. Therefore you don't have to start from scratch does make later playthroughs more enjoyable. Most bosses were too similar but those that weren't really did stand out. Yeah The Joker was very easy even on the hardest difficulty as the final boss. Of course you can attempt to take down The Riddler by collecting Riddler trophies and doing stuff. Some prefer doing challenges with only Batman being an playable character. They did an awesome job nailing how it exactly feels like being Batman. I am beyond speechless how damn good this game actually is.

2. Batman: Arkham City (2011)

One of the absolute greatest video game sequels ever made. Holy crap Batman: Arkham City is very good in every aspect. You get to explore an much bigger world. This time you have to interrogate Riddler henchmens. Each one is hidden among most enemy groups. You get a lot more costumes this time around. Adding Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin as playable characters for challenges. Both Catwoman & Robin are playable in dlc parts of the campaign. Some of my favorite gadgets are present in this game. I got to say in boss fights alone, Arkham City really gave us some great ones. Personally Mr. Freeze & Clayface are the best among them. I also like you get side missions with some having their own stories. These do come off like extra episodes separate from the main campaign. Not much improved in the combat system. One of the toughest challenges in any video game series. Once again every character was done very good. Each one bringing something truly unique. I highly recommend this game especially among Batman fans like myself.

3. Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

An prequel set five years before Batman: Arkham Asylum. Before I start talking about the actual game. Let's bring up some of it's history first. The game company not TMNT character, Rocksteady passed working on Batman: Arkham Origins. In order to go straight into Batman: Arkham Knight. Warner Brothers decided to have an inside game team work on this game. They attempted to the best of their abilities recreating what the fans loved about the previous games. Despite reports of bugs including save glitch in Xbox 360 version. Honestly I was very impressed how good Arkham Origins was. Sure the story wasn't as good as the previous two games. To me it was better than Arkham Knight's. Some of the best bosses in the entire series. They did their own take on taking down The Riddler. Which I do respect since doing so can be tricky. This change in developers did change the voices of Batman & The Joker. Although there was many reasons behind that. The new voices for both characters are amazing. Challenges are back with Deathstroke added as an playable character. How awesome is it to have one of Batman's worst enemies as an playable character. I am also an huge Deathstroke fan, I thought they did an amazing job with him. I also like you can change costumes in the bat cave. After taking down towers under The Riddler's control. You can fast travel by using batwing not to be confused with the character of the same name. I felt important side missions were very good rivaling the main campaign itself. It is an step up from Arkham Knight but not by much. In all honestly Arkham Origins has a lot of great things going for it. Usually in most cases when game companies change developers. Their next game comes out upsetting a lot of people. In that regard I'm impressed with this game.

Update: Late 2017, I got to play Cold, Cold Heart dlc. This follows the conclusion of the campaign. One of my favorite Mr. Freeze's origin stories. They add some new stuff to the game that can only be experience in this dlc. Can I be honest I prefer this over Harley Quinn's Revenge of Arkham City. I do recommend this dlc for many reasons. I also did try out Initiation dlc. Both of these adds more tougher challenge maps. I do like Initiation dlc acts as a prequel story in Bruce's past before he became Batman.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

The end of an great time line in any Batman universe. WOW Batman: Arkham Knight is an very good experience. We finally get to drive around in the Batmobile. They added more variety of challenges including those for Batmobile. The most playable characters in the entire series. You can get Arkham Episodes or Season of Infamy adding more story. In Arkham Episodes is similar to Catwoman's parts in Arkham City. Season of Infamy adds four more missions going after more villains. Majority of dlc adds costumes & skins for Batmobile. I will be honest in dlc area, Arkham Knight is the best. Although Arkham Knight does have an great story. I strongly felt several key moments could've been done better. Majority of bosses doesn't even feel like an boss fight. Sadly most dlc bosses are much closer to what I expected from the campaign. An better way of describing it is how they work greatly ruins the experience. An great example of this was most of Arkham Knight's boss fights. His second boss fight is in an big heavily armored tank very limited in areas to attack. Even at an short distance his standard attack will take away most of your health. But getting to his final phrase you simply go right up to him & fire away. Some you simply take down no real fight needed. I expected more from these bosses especially Deathstroke. I mean come on he was the best boss from Arkham Origins. They gave us such an terrible boss fight. I didn't like how they changed the upgrading system. I felt they over complex parts of it making the process of leveling more frustrating. I really should mention what could be an game breaker to many people. Yes you could beat the game but you won't get the true ending. Unless you go the distance of fully 100% that will take many hours. Especially using an guide to find Riddler trophies & how to win at his challenges. Guess what if you actually go through all that trouble. Unless previous games he gets taken down shortly after doing all of that. You with Catwoman fight him in an intense boss fight. Personally I loved how The Riddler was done in the previous games more. I really didn't like Arkham Knight version with an passion. Also despite having the largest map of the series. I felt previous game maps especially Arkham Origins' map was much better & simply more interesting. I know I am hitting this game hard but it is still an impressive game. An much better game than Metal Gear Solid V in it's entirely.

Now I know some of you are curious to see if I have an list or simply rate them as one big game. I will be ranking each one separately based on many factors. I know parts of this not everyone will agree. I still felt like this was an important part of my blog.
4. Batman: Arkham Knight
3. Batman: Arkham Origins
2. Batman: Arkham City
1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

I really hope you guys like hearing my thoughts about this Batman series. Possibly one of the greatest universes within the DC multiverse. Rocksteady and Warner Brothers really did so much justice to everything into Batman. Words can't do enough to fully explain how thankfully all four of these are made. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I will see all of you later.

Jack Red reviews Lego Batman Trilogy

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, another Batman series close to my heart is Lego Batman trilogy. Some of the absolute best Lego video games in existence. All three of them bring a lot to the table. I would say if for whatever reason can't get any of the Arkham games. These would be the next best thing especially if you're an Batman fan.

Now I know there are more Lego games with Batman. I'm only reviewing Lego Batman games for this blog. Maybe I might try those games out eventually.

1. Lego Batman: The Video Game (2008)

One of my favorite Batman games ever, Lego Batman packs a lot of content. Like many Lego games, you get several campagins You can be Batman & Robin in Heroes campaigns with different suits. My favorite aspect of it is the other three campaigns allows you to play as many Batman villains. Even now it's rare to play as Batman villains in video games. It is simple, addicting, packed with unlockables & nails most areas you want in an video game. I kid you not Lego Batman really did blow me away. I highly recommend any Batman fan to give this game an try.

2. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012)

In my opinion the best among all Lego Batman games. Yes you only get one campaign but it's lengthy with an great story packed with plenty of characters. OMG this game really blew me away within the first few seconds of playing it. They doubled majority of everything from Lego Batman with some great new features. You get a lot more vehicles, abilities & characters to play with. Lego Batman 2 is addicting even not playing the campaign can be fun for hours. I am about to make an controversial statement that I stand completely behind. I felt exploring the world was done a lot better than Arkham Knight. There I said it, I never got bored of Lego Batman 2's map or unlocking stuff. One of the absolute best Batman sequel games ever made.

3. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014)

Let's be honest Lego Batman 3 was not great. It is still an good game for what it brings to the table. I felt it went backwards in many areas. Especially comparing Lego Batman 2 blew everyone away with it's greatness. This blew people away in being very disappointing. We Batman fans expected this to be great to end up with an game like this. An weak story campaign with limited hub world. Honestly the hub world in Lego Batman 1 was much better. Yes you get a lot of characters but so many felt wasted spaces. In the previous game you get a lot of heroes & villains in the DC universe. We didn't need celebrity cameos in place of who could've been in the game. The bonus level is the only level worth mentioning. They recreated the 1966 show in Lego format doing an good job. Sadly This didn't hold up well today.

Now I rank all three games from worst to best. I know I kinda made this one a little more obvious than normal. None of these are bad games by any means. All of them in & of themselves are good representation of Batman.
3. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
2. Lego Batman: The Video Game
1. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

I hope you guys enjoy this because I'm not done talking about Batman video games. Oh no everyone should already know what I got in store next. One of the absolute finest licensed game series in history. I'm talking about the now legendary Batman: Arkham series. Most of these games are really worth having in your collection. In fact just one of them is better than all three of these games combine. I'm not saying these games sucks by any means. I am saying these Batman games are really damn good. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jack Red reviews Dead Rising series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I really want to do this for an while now. I am an huge fan of Dead Rising series. Ever since I first played the original in an training program. I simply can't get enough of these games. Easily one of my biggest gaming passions is playing the hell out of them all. So what the hell it's finally time to do these amazing classics justice.

1. Dead Rising (2006)

One of the very best original Xbox 360 games that still holds up incredibly well. You play as an journalist named Frank West aka the man who covered wars you know. He goes to an mall to investigate an story that gets blown big. Frank must survive against zombies, soldiers and psychopaths. You mostly get to explore an mall. Dead Rising borrowed mechanics from the team's previous work. A lot of great moments to constantly rewatch. Dead Rising has a lot of potential blowing many people's expectations at the time. I am going to lie some problems of this are difficult to look pass. This game can be tough for many people to play. Most texts are very small making it difficult to read. Otis constantly calls limits what you can do that greatly ruins parts of the experience.

2. Dead Rising 2 (2010)

One of the best video game sequels to date. This does fix a lot of problems the original had. In other ways brought great mechanics such as creating combo weapons. They gave us an amazing environment with great variety. Some of the absolute best bosses of the series. Dead Rising 2 also has one of the best stories in the series. Chuck Greene an BMX star framed for causing the zombie outbreak. He is on an quest to proof he is innocent. Most side quests works out better than they did in the original. This is notably easier than the original Dead Rising in many ways. I do recommend this for those looking for great horror game sequels.

3. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (2011)

Many people didn't like Chuck taking the spot light from Frank. This issue resulted in an what if game. In this version of Dead Rising 2, Frank replaces Chuck as the main character. Yes there are some notable differences between both versions. Instead of Chuck doing that bike event early on the campaign. Frank does an wrestling event that's actually crazier than it sounds. Later on TK forces you to pay an million dollars. An major difference is an new mode called Sandbox Mode removes timer. In place of it adds challenges for both single & multiplayer. An new area called Uranus Zone is an space themed amusement park. I am going to flat out state this for the record. Uranus Zone is one of my favorite sections in any Dead Rising games. Yes this is an more direct sequel to the original Dead Rising. You can find the original four dlc costumes while buy four new ones. Each costume has unique stuff to the game play. To me one of my absolute favorite Dead Rising games.

4. Dead Rising 3 (2013)

Just like Dead Rising was the game that convinced me to buy an Xbox 360. Dead Rising 3 was the game to convinced me to buy an Xbox One. WOW this game is really good in every possible area. I got to be honest I'm still blown away with everything they were able to achieve. You play as an mechanic named Nick Ramos saving people from an mysterious organization. You will learn a lot more about everything going behind the scenes than the first two games combine. Dead Rising 3 has one of the best combo weapons to date. I really enjoy both regular & super combo weapons. I also enjoyed the combo vehicles but it needed a few more of them. One of the best campaigns to date with great challenges. They really made the huge world open to do what you want. Some of the best boss fights ever. I also like you can play an few variation of it giving or taking away time from the campaign. Depending on which version of Dead Rising 3 you own. You also could play four side stories as four new characters with their own missions. Each one adding a lot of new content into the main game itself. Plus all four of them have no time limits making them very achievement easy. I highly recommend Dead Rising 3 with an passion.

5. Dead Rising 4 (2016)

The most recent entry of the series, Dead Rising 4 is an great game. Let's get a lot of the bad stuff out of the way first. Yes some areas did need more time to iron out. For example there is an van you can drive right through. Most bosses are some of the worst in this series. In most games bosses are called Psychopaths. Most of them had some back story to help give us an idea what drove them insane or how they're involved with the crisis. Instead we get Maniacs with majority of them has a lot of regular enemies with one boss character. On paper this sounds like an good idea but it's an shame it doesn't work. Why because most of them with the right weapons goes down fast. Not having much back story or enough information to help picture what's wrong with them or what's their motivation is. Your main impression on Maniacs should be crystal clear that they were after thoughts. In fact I can only name three of them worth mentioning. This story is not bad but compared to some of the previous games. It is not great with an older Frank West whose personality very different from other Dead Rising games. If you seen Honest Trailer on Dead Rising 4 no body can state it more perfectly. Attempting to get out of the mall early on can be confusing. Sure having no overall timer is an mix thing. There is you got plenty of time to do what you want. But you lose the urge to hurry out to save everyone from the crisis. The little new feature added doesn't help it stand out against some Dead Rising games. Where were those challenges from Dead Rising 3? Seriously they were an huge step up from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record's. Also they should've kept super combo weapons. Yes I know the game would become much easier. At the same time it could've help made an bigger impression on people. They been replaced by power ups for exo suits that doesn't last long as most of super combo weapons. You constantly keep getting the same side missions often. In fact so often to save people in four areas to get safe houses to max levels. Now it's time for the good stuff. There gave us an couple of great combo vehicles. Using your camera is easily the best of the series. An bigger variety of areas you can travel. They made it even easier to buy stuff. You can change your outfits by going to mirrors. I also like the automatic saving especially when things gets intense. One weird thing is sometimes Frank gets locked in place for an few seconds for no reason. Maybe this is just me but attempting to zoom in & out on map screen seems to get stuck. What's funny about this is it never happens in the previous games. Finally what might be an game deal breaker for many fans. As of right now there is only one ending. Usually an handful of different endings you can go for in most Dead Rising games. Not this one with it's solo ending not being good in the slightest  In conclusion it does have major flaws but still an great game.

Now it's time to go my current standing list of Dead Rising series. I will rank from worst to best to help guide many attempting to get more into them. I'm sure many have different opinions about this particular franchise. Without further waiting let's get right into it.
4. Dead Rising 4
3. Dead Rising
2. Dead Rising 2
1. Dead Rising 3

What if I were to include Dead Rising 2: Off the Record what would my list look like for fun...
5. Dead Rising 4
4. Dead Rising
3. Dead Rising 2
2. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
1. Dead Rising 3

I hope you guys enjoy my Dead Rising blog, I will be doing more blogs like this through out the year. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

Jack Red reviews Gears of War series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I want to kick off another year by doing an entire series review. I will look at every Gears of War game I own on Xbox One. More recently Gears of War: Ultimate Edition being made by an team within Microsoft. Officially Gears of War became one of their franchises. I figured it's time to tell my point of view.

I am pointing out yes I'm reviewing two versions of GOW 1. Considering two teams sharing some members behind both of them. I should review both versions in this series review. Gears of War is still one of the best TPS series.

1. Gears of War (2006)

Of course we need to start at the beginning. Originally released an year after God of War. Very quickly Gears of War became one of Xbox 360's best sellers. One of the greatest TPS game series to date. This was the beginning of an epic war trilogy. You play as an soldier named Marcus Fenix in COG fighting against Locust. Not too long ago following this version, they released an PC port. Which had an few extra levels near the end of the game. For many people the multiplayer still remains one of the biggest in Xbox fan base. Gears of War blew away expectations to blow so many people's minds.

2. Gears of War 2 (2008)

This is one of the greatest video game sequels ever made. Gears of War 2 like Mortal Kombat II was to the original. Really gave us more than double what the original Gears of War gave us. This continues the war that has some of the craziest scenarios. Holy shit everything is done incredibly well for it's time. Both the campaign & multiplayer are much better than Gear of War's. I really can't say enough great things about it. This game stands as one of the greatest Xbox 360 games ever made. I kid you not it is that damn good.

3. Gears of War 3 (2011)

For some fans this is their favorite for many reasons. Personally I do agree it is one of the best games. I still prefer Gears of War 2 for great reasons. Not to say it was bad, it actually an great follow up to such an amazing game. It didn't disappoint me in any way but it did have a lot to live up to. Gears of War 3 is the conclusion of an long standing war between humans & locust hordes. You will find a lot of great story twists as the game goes on. Some consider this game's multiplayer the best of the series. I won't lie it is good but I still prefer Gears of War 2's slightly more. This is still an impressive game for ending an great story line.

4. Gears of War: Judgment (2013)

So many people are disappointed in this game. Some even argued does this belong in the main trilogy story line. I will be honest to say it's not perfect but I played more disappointing sequels Devil May Cry 2 coughs. This is also what I call the story monkey wrench because most of it takes place before some games. The final section Aftermath takes place later in Gears of War 3. Most levels are very small compared to most levels within the trilogy. Despite changing things up with challenges. It doesn't change the fact it could've been done a little better. Majority of the story is told by an squad on trial. This also was Epic's last Gears of War game before The Coalition bought the franchise.

5. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (2015)

The Coalition got some of the original members to remaster Gears of War. This process took eighteen months to achieve. This was one of the first good remastered versions of an classic. Although this is following the same story as the original game. Most cut scenes are done differently making things kinda interesting. This doesn't have as much achievements as the original game but still an great experience. They did an very good job recreating an Xbox 360 game for Xbox One. Remember I said about Gears of War's PC port earlier on? They added those levels in this version making it the only console release of them. I highly recommend this version for those looking for great remastered games.

6. Gears of War 4 (2016)

The most recent game in the series, Gears of War 4 is an beginning to another story line. Officially Marcus passes the torch from himself to his son JD Fenix. An new war is coming with a lot more crazy possibilities. Gears of War 4 taking place twenty five years after Gears of War 3. A lot of things changed in such mind blowing ways. For the company first new Gears of War game it is great. I still felt it's not as good as some of the games. I do recommend this for anyone into shooters. In the past Gears of War had razor rain. Much easier to deal with compared to the new weather hazards you have encountered this time around. Gears of War 4 is an great start for things to come.

Now it's time for my list of the best Gears of War games. For the record none of these sucks. I do recommend most of these amazing classics. I am ranking from worst to best like always.
5. Gears of War: Judgment
4. Gears of War 4
3. Gears of War
2. Gears of War 3
1. Gears of War 2

I hope you guys had an good New Year, we can only hope for an amazing year. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.