Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jack Red reviews Xbox 360

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I know it's been a while ever since my girl friend came over for two weeks. Honestly it was better then going to Otakon since that's just an weekend while she gets to be over longer. So along with that I got a lot of stuff for my Xbox 360 that it's the most I spent in an month. I want to start reviewing game consoles that I really like enough to give them their own reviews to show  my passion toward them.

Today I will be reviewing Xbox 360 now what a great console I been doing some hardcore gaming nailing some of the hardest achievements. It's following the original Xbox that I have spent a lot of time playing though I hate the fat controller. I did get my hands on the newer. smaller controller now why didn't we get that in the first place. Anyway thank god they nail the Xbox 360 controllers even better despite starting out with batteries.

I did get the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit which will save you money plus you can play games longer. Usually buying an Xbox 360 you get an head set that the cord goes in the bottom of your controller. I really like this idea because who wants to keep holding it on their ears while they play. The console itself has Xbox Live as we speak which is an great service I can plan around their point system quite well.

I got a good number of games on the consoles either the main games or downloaded. I am surprised games like SoulCalibur and Perfect Dark are only ported to the Xbox 360 now that's awesome. Not too long ago give Indie Games a try to enjoy some of these games. You can only play them online with no achievements to get. That's right I haven't got to the achievements yet I got a lot to talk about.

Achievements can be unlock by doing some tasks of any difficulty. A lot of games do beating an level or the game itself on several difficulties. The main games usually have about fifty some achievements that can go up though downloadable contents. The arcade titles usually have twelve achievements with two exceptions. Sonic Adventure because you got to download an upgrade that will add more to the game itself.

The other to my surprise was Perfect Dark an game I had for a while on the Nintendo 64 which has twenty. It's an incredibly big game that will take hours to get every single achievements. Other achievements are either getting 100% for an game or doing some random like step in dog shit. The last couple for many games are play online that will take a lot of time as well as patience to do them. I love going for achievements because it makes your game score go up as well as getting mad skills.

You can also buy downloadable contents which I am going to do my best to describe as many types of it as I can. Fighting games usually has a few characters worth five dollars each like Mortal Kombat. A couple of games has a few levels you can download that can be a lot of fun to play. A lot of them also add more directly to the game play like Fallout 3 is an good example of this. Some games add more songs to the games usually rhythm ones like Guitar Hero games.

Buying a couple of these downloadable contents will add more achievements for you to get. If you are one of those people that really want an challenge doing them that I take my hat off to you. I barely had any real problems with my Xbox 360 except the original one. My brother broken the disc thing you need to buy many games. I don't own that one anymore with my new one doing really good.

I just realized that you can also buy Xbox original games though the service. If you still own your Xbox original games then you can play them with no problem. As far as I know you do need Xbox Live to update your console to play several games. You won't be able to go in parties if you are playing one of these games. I still own my PlayStation 2 that plays PlayStation 1 games with nothing needed at all.

I guess it isn't that bad look up the first couple PlayStation 3 playing PlayStation 2 games. They no longer do that yet kept it's backward compatibility with PlayStation 1. I did own an PlayStation 3 which I don't like very much. Back to the Xbox 360 I believe it has a bright future ahead of it especially having Rare on their side. I see the console being one of my favorites ever made for so many reasons.

In conclusion please go out and buy yourself an Xbox 360 as soon as you can.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack Red reviews Gunstar Heroes

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I got so many Sega games to review that it's a long list of games that many enjoy playing. I am going to review Gunstar Heroes on Xbox 360 now this was one of Genesis best games ever made. I recently got all the achievements of this game unlock within an week that's how much I love it.

You can play as Gunstar Red or Blue with your choice of weapon functions. Like Golden Axe on Xbox Live Arcade you can use the save feature at any given time. This game has some of the best graphics I ever seen in an hit and run game hell I would've love this game as an kid. You get a great variety of enemies as well as some unique bosses like Seven Force first time or Golden Silver.

Like Mega Man games you can pick which level you want to play until the last three levels. Most levels you must run as well keep firing at them with many explosions. Level 2 has you switching between rails with only one boss with many forms to fight. Depending on your difficulty levels you don't have to fight all seven forms.

I got to say thank god there wasn't that bullshit of beating the game on it's hardest setting to see an okay ending. Level 4 is my favorite level because it starts out like most levels then you must play through a board game. I have experience something similar in Devil May Cry 4 though a few levels used it.

I recommend playing level 4 of Gunstar Heroes over Devil May Cry 4 board games. I say that because here you will know what to expect unlike Devil May Cry 4. A good number of these spots have bosses waiting to fight you. If you are lucky you might be able to land on item spots that gives you health. You can also change your firing function if you want to though I usually don't at all.

Once you land on the last spot it's time to fight the boss of the stage. He has a couple of attacks that can take awhile to memorize like The Wheel of Fate. Thankfully he isn't as close as hard as that final boss though watch out for the first orb he throws. If you completed those levels at this point you can't select the last couple of levels.

This game has one of the best soundtracks I heard from an Genesis game. There's a level where you fly a ship with a couple of bosses. Surprisingly you end up fighting Seven Force again though this time it's smaller with one life. It can still transform into all of it's forms unlike the previous encounter. The last level makes you fight a couple of bosses again though they won't be the same.

You will fight the other Gunstars as well as some of the bad guys. As soon as you get to the leader he gets taken out by Golden Silver. Here it is the final boss now it starts out easy then it starts attacking back. Holy shit he isn't holding back it's like fighting Shredder in the original arcade game minus the clones.

At first I was wondering why I wasn't hurting it much then I found out you aren't suppose to shoot at it. You are aiming to shoot at it's power supply that's reminds me of Super Mecha Sonic in Sonic & Knuckles. Both these bosses are using limitless power that are known to be challenging. The big difference here is you can hit Super Mecha Sonic once it used up the emeralds.

If you are able to beat the final boss then congratulations because I know he is an pain in the ass. The ending is one of the best I seen in Sega games to date. Please Sega give us Bio-Hazard Battle on Xbox Live Arcade soon that would be awesome. In conclusion this brings so much to the table that it shouldn't be over looked by anyone.

I thank everyone for reading and I will see all of you later.

Jack Red reviews Golden Axe (Arcade)

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, today I will be reviewing Golden Axe on Xbox 360 now what a great game. Despite the cover of it showing the Genesis version it's actually the original Arcade version. Surprisingly they also did that to Altered Beast though I don't know the reason behind them. That seems like a dirty trick to do to your customers especially the loyal ones like myself.

It has great graphics that are similar to Altered Beast with limited continues. You play as Ax Battler, Gilius or Tyris on their journey to hunt down the man who cause all of them pain. The story of this reminds me of an anime called Inuyasha though that's long as hell with a sequel coming here soon. You attack thieves to get potions which you can use them at any time.

You get a couple of bonus stages to collect potions as well as some food. This might be hard to believe but outside those bonus stage there aren't any health. Altered Beast doesn't even have that yet it's a shorter game made by the same man who made Golden Axe. You heard me right the same guy made both these Sega classics that I love.

I can play Golden Axe quite good that if you can find me I can guarantee most of your achievements will be unlock. You get a good variety of enemies with the cheapiest being the knights and skeletons. I used to lose most of my continues playing the game by now I will only lose at least two of them. I love the music of this game it truly one of the best I ever heard for beat em up games.

You can ride on creatures though my personal favorite only appears once in the entire game. The red dragon that shoots fire balls that kills more enemies in few hits. You do see the other kind of dragons a lot though nothing can top that red one. That one creature you can ride also appears in Altered Beast as an enemy I'm not kidding.

You can save your game at any given time while if you want to reload it then you must go back to the main menu. The final boss Death Adder has a couple of enemies that makes it the hardest of the game. You fight one giant with a few regular enemies followed by skeletons that are stronger than the boss.

I recommend trying to save as much potions as you can as Tyris since her magic is the highest. It should kill the first couple of enemies just using it. I also recommend patiently wait for Death Adder to appear then once he starts moving use that spell. Sometimes getting hit by him he will use a spell to get extra damage on you.

After beating him enjoy the ending where kids are playing Great Axe at the arcades. Then you will see a lot of characters come out of it with a song you won't hear any where else. I got to say Sega knows how to make great arcade classics such as this. In conclusion I love playing this game from time to time well I will see all of you later.

Jack Red reviews The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Part 2

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I just reviewed The House of the Dead 2 for my blog though I noticed that I missed just one point. Considering that this is 2 in 1 game that I believe I have the right to bring it up here. You can rescue civilians that can give you more health at times though if you shoot them you will lose it.

That's right shoot any of the civilians and you will lose health yet nothing really happens if the zombies do it. There is a trick that can be tricky to pull off but if you are able to then right at the end you should see Goldman as an zombie. This is my favorite Sega light gun that originated in the arcades though I did say The House of the Dead: Overkill does top it.

I do plan to review that in the near future but right now it's time to review The House of the Dead 3. I believe this currently at the end of the time line like Street Fighter 3. Unlike the first two you get shotguns this time around that works good. You can play three variation of the same game with slight differences.

Arcade Mode like the one in The House of the Dead 2 was the game right out of the arcades. Extreme Mode takes a lot to unlock but you will get something worth wild from trying your best. You will have a smaller aim symbol while the games doesn't let you know how many continues you have.

Time Attack like many games is beating the game while being timed. Try beating the game many times with a couple adding credits which is the game's continues. If you played just enough of Extreme Mode you can unlock Free Play. I am glad they actually put that in there because you can run out of lifes fast.

Similar to The House of the Dead 2 you can go multiple paths but it will tell you when you can. That's one good thing that should've been in the second one though I still prefer it over this. As I said in my previous blog entry there isn't as many bosses as The House of the Dead 2. I think it's easier to pick up on these bosses weakness with only Death fights two whole times.

Sometimes selecting the second game you should see a quick mini game that counts down the years back to the release of it. That originated in The House of the Dead 3 Xbox port which I used to own for a while. You can skip that mini game if you choose to though you can get stuff in for The House of the Dead 2.

If you fought The Emperor then you should know that The Wheel of Fate is really hard. I barely beat him on limited credits since he keeps changing his attacks. He has the same weakness as The Emperor just harder to learn his attack patterns. He even looks like him though they were made by different people.

Goldman made The Emperor while Curien made The Magician and The Wheel of Fate. Here's a shocker to those who love the games still learning the stories Curien is The Wheel of Fate. Holy shit right how can anyone be that mad to turn themselves into that kind of an being. Oh by the way player 1 plays as Lisa while player is G who gets replaced by Daniel Curien.

That's right briefly at the end of this game you can play as the first main villain of the games son. I am glad Sega brought this to the Wii because I love light gun games. I also enjoy playing good Sega games that most of them I won't forget in years to come. I got to say I had a change of heart with this one after unlocking infinite lifes.

That makes it more like the arcade light gun games which I really like. You can get that two ways in The House of the Dead 2 if you really want it. I believe one way to get it is master the boss fights mode. The other way I know of to getting infinite lifes is keep replaying Original Mode until you find it.

I have gotten it before in Original Mode though if you use it then the next time you play it won't be available. In conclusion another master piece from Sega that deserves to be played. I hope you all enjoy my review and come back some time.

Jack Red reviews The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Part 1

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I am glad that I'm going to review one of my favorite light gun games ever made today. The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return on the Wii is obvious two games in one that go kinda well together. I believe this was the console first game in the series that was mixed by critics out there. I say fuck the critics listen to someone like me that isn't going to bullshit you like X-Play.

I had The House of the Dead 3 on Xbox with The House of the Dead 2 being an unlockable game with okay controls. Here I'm happy to say I love playing either one with my Wii Perfect Shot despite the later parts. You can pick to play either The House of the Dead 2 or 3 but if you want a recommendation then I recommend you play  2 for many reasons.

I am going to talk about The House of the Dead 2 first since it's one of my favorite games in the series. You can play either Arcade or Original Mode though despite adding stuff in the later one they are almost the same. Original Mode lets you add lives, continues, costumes and more to the game though the limit is two by yourself.

If you are playing with a second person then you both get to choose just one each of what you want. Only one player can use health called lifes while both can use the continues which is a good thing. Most can tell you that the voice acting is terrible yet at times laughable like karate movies. You have to choose a path at some point which can make all the difference in the world.

This game has more bosses than it's sequel so you must play it just enough times to learn their patterns. The last couple of bosses are tough to beat especially The Magician who I found out was the first game final boss. Honestly I wish I could play that game with The House of the Dead 4 some time in my life time.

Later in the game some bosses you already defeated will come back for one more fight. First of these was Judgment that's easier than the first time you took them on. Short after that you should come across Hierophant on the bridge just without summoning the fish. Finally before you get to fight The Emperor you fight Tower one last time with the silver one staying with the rest this time.

If you are playing Original Mode keep looking for stuff you could use in later runs of the game. The fire system seems to be slower than Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles yet faster reload. The final boss of this game is The Emperor would can give you the run for your money if you aren't careful.

You also get Training Mode that tests how well you can fire under such rules for each level. I usually try really hard to fully master the boss fight mode. You can fight every single boss of the entire game even those with two paths. In fact you can fight all of them in one setting that actually harder than fighting the last two bosses.

He's one of the hardest final boss in light guns I ever took on in my life. You usually see a book opening revealing a weakness right well here it says he don't have one. Well guess what his weakness is the moving orb in his body. At some point in the boss fight he will start using other bosses attacks to hit you.

You must get their weakness in order to stop the attack to hurt the boss. After all that you must have good skills to survive what's coming next. It's orb flies around with liquid balls surrounding it that can at time when you least expect it to. Just keep firing at the orb to kill the final boss thus beating the game.

In conclusion The House of the Dead 2 isn't better than The House of the Dead: Overkill but it has a lot of replay value. So I'm Jack Red I hope you all enjoy this review almost as much as I do.

Jack Red reviews Crazy Taxi

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, one thing I learned from my past reviews is I shown my passion toward Sega. Which is why I'm reviewing one of my favorite Sega games Crazy Taxi for Xbox 360 now this is my third time owning it. I originally had it on my Dreamcast then I had a copy of it for PS2 though I loss that one. Now I can play it again on my Xbox 360 remembering some great memories of this classic.

They release this with Sonic Adventure before Dreamcast Collection though today chances are you played one of them. It might be hard to believe but half that collection I had on Dreamcast loving them both. This game never truly gets old even with some of the codes that makes it more interesting to play. I got to say I'm glad Sega notice we love this game since it should be one of their biggest requests.

Unlike Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection these games got their own achievements especially if you want a challenge. I do not own Dreamcast Collection but I do know enough of it to know you just get four games. Anyway you play as one of four taxi drivers as you keep picking up people to take them to their destinations. You can play either Arcade or Original Mode which are different that similar to each other.

Yellow customers gives the most money out even driving like a mad man. Red customers are the other main percentage in the game. You can also ride a bike instead of taxi with two ways to get the easy way or the hard way. The easy way basically press left and right trigger until you see a bike on the screen. You should also get a bell of your bike go off as your game is about to begin. The hard way is mastered Crazy Box.

You can play either three to ten minutes which you got to score as much as possible in the allowed time limit. You also get Arcade Rules where you start off with a minute that can be extended. You drop off customers under that playing set for gives you more time though it can take a while to play it. There actually exist a code to play a hidden variation of both Arcade and Original Mode for an extra challenge.

Crazy Box has different mini games you must complete to get the bike as well as the last couple of achievements. For a long time I couldn't do the very first one where you need to do a long jump to beat the stage. Just recently I found out you were should to do a crash dash that can take a while to master. I also like you can unlock clothes for your avatar which I recommend the Crazy Taxi shirt a lot.

I wish that was a real shirt then I would be wearing it almost all the time. I do like Axel's Hawaiian shirt but to me it just doesn't appeal as much as that shirt. In conclusion this game still today one of Sega's best game ever made that deserves some respect. I hope you guys enjoy my review and see all of you later.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jack Red reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, today I will be reviewing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled for Xbox 360. Unfortunately I was too late to get it again on my Xbox however I do remember more than enough to do this review. I have tried reviewing this a few times which aren't quite right so I'm aiming to make it my best. I am a big fan of the turtles ever since my child hood though most were watching the cartoons.

This might be hard to believe but I actually got into the turtles through the movies and an game on my Genesis. Now I just want to keep finding more good stuff in the franchise that I can enjoy with my girl friend. Anyway my first criticism was why did they remake it instead of giving us the original arcade version. They even didn't give us TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist right off the Genesis which was another good option.

Another thing I had a problem with was the price when I first got it I paid ten bucks which I felt a little over priced. I actually found out their official price of this piece of shit was going to be fifteen dollars. Are you shitting me fifteen dollars with only five of it going toward good use does seem to be a fucking waste. One of the few good things I can say about the game is the new animation looks bad ass.

It does have some good songs though most didn't care for it due to how disappointing the game was. It's hard to believe some wanted TMNT IV: Turtles in Time on SNES though would not allow that to happen. If you want proof then go look up GoldenEye yet they gave us Perfect Dark the next best thing. You can download Perfect Dark right now which is on my list of what to get for my Xbox 360.

The controls can take time though they made that pretty simple in the original arcade game also available on Xbox Live. I also don't like when playing on your own you can't change turtles like the other one. I don't mine that in X-Men since that's a pretty good game but it's unexpectable here god damn it. I didn't care much for the voice acting either which is a shame for the turtles as well as me. Another good thing I can say is it does follow the arcade classic better than I thought it would.

I felt some of the AI especially Clement Boss was uneven which usually is a sign of a bad beat em up. I have played through the entire game wondering how unspired the look of these levels are. A good example for this was the Sewer because it seems too much kinda the same color. That's a problem since you do have to look out for spiked balls in the water.

I do like you can take more hits like TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist since it's a long game. Similar to X-Men enemies can be hurt by hazards that could come in handily. After you beat a level you can do Quick Play which was my favorite thing about the game. It lets you pick a level like X-Men while giving you 99 lives.

You also get Survival Mode which is play the entire game on one life are you mad. Well it there was an achievement in the original arcade game of that I would shit my pants. Thank god there wasn't though I do recommend Quick Play to those who do enjoy the game. I already said Clement Man was hard yet most of the bosses for me were too easy.

Yes even Shredder I remember doing a quick play on the last level on the hardest difficulty with a few hits. I didn't lose a life now come on in the last one he was nearly in fucking possible so there is no excuse for this. In my past reviews of this game I bought up Rocksteady who wasn't even in the game. The last criticism I got for this game would be why can't we play either the arcade classic or The Hyperstone Heist in the game.

In conclusion you are better off owning TMNT Classic 1989 Arcade, The Hyperstone and IV: Turtles in Time than this. Well I thank everyone for reading this and I hope this shows how I feel about the game.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jack Red reviews Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, today I am going to review Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection on Xbox 360. Not a lot of people actually know it was a follow up of Sega Genesis Collection that truly nail it. I played Sonic Mega Collection on Game Cube which before I played this I thought that was the best Sega collection. I was blown away by share awesomeness as I get to play many games from my child hood. To be honest with you about half of these games I owned on my Genesis since it was my first console.

I really like the cover of the actual game because Sega took time making it even better than their last one. Basically you see many Genesis games on multiple screens that kinda direct you toward Sonic. I also like the look of the disc having almost the same design with some notable changes. They knew this collection had to be good especially those who remember playing the fuck out of the Genesis like myself. I do mine only one thing about the case well if you look closely on the back you will see they incorrectly name an Sonic game.

The case says Sonic 2 though it's clearly Sonic 3 now how can you honestly confuse the two is beyond me. Once the game starts up get ready to watch one of the most awesome opening videos you ever seen. I did look up Sega Genesis Collection to found out it has a similar opening though it wasn't as good. After that it's time to start going wild with these classics by searching through this list of games. You will notice that it has only Genesis games with limited information as well as an screen showing off the games.

I was surprise to found out that trivia originally from the last one with some humor this time around. You can look at the manuals as well as their cartridges which is a nice touch to hardcore Sega fans like me. You do get options though I barely use it since most of these games have their own. You can unlock seven Arcade games with two Sega Master System games in no time. They brought back interviews which I thought a lot of them were interesting like they want more people playing Phantasy Star.

One of the best features is being able to save in game with also acts as an alternate pause. None of the Arcade games have a pause feature so I am glad they brought back such an a nice feature. Another good thing about it is if you often use it to beat hard games like Comix Zone then it will be a lot of help. I also like having achievements though I wish there was more of them since most of them are easy. If you own any old cheat books with Genesis codes then make sure you can just in case you need it.

In conclusion it's a really good Sega collection that most Genesis fans need to get while if you are new please give this a try.

I am not quite done yet because I want to get a few things off my chest so this won't happen again. I once went to Gamestop looking for Sega Genesis Collection then left with Sega Classics Collection. Thank god I eventually got this game since it became one of those games I treasure so much in recent years. I believe there is a follow up already not even a year later for exclusively to the PC. Sega Genesis Classics Collection Gold Edition is one of the most awesome titles though I prefer the one before it.

I might get it to review the game if enough of you want me to in the near future. Anyway the last thing I wanted to say is I am getting ready for my girl friend to come over in a few weeks. I will be getting more stuff off Xbox Live soon which most of it goes toward the new Mortal Kombat game. I am a big fan of Mortal Kombat that I personally want to get every single downloadable content. I will be reviewing the game as best as I can as soon as I get the last one they release for it.

Sorry about that I figured to do all that here after my current review just in case any of you were interested. Also I could be reviewing another game I did that deserves a better one for your entertainment. So I am Jack Red I thank you for reading this entry and have a good night.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jack Red reviews Resident Evil 4

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, now I have fully mastered two versions of Resident Evil 4 that I'm going to review it. I got to say I love it on the Game Cube but I really like how it was done on it's Wii port. This is one of my favorite games in the series for numerous reasons. Most verisons of this game plays on one disc while the original Game Cube version has two discs. They kept porting this game all over the place in fact you can say this is an entry point for newer fans. I will try my very best to deliver one of the absolute worth reading reviews ever.

Let's talk about it's history, the team behind it wanted to do something different to keep people playing the game. It's hard to believe that one of the canceled versions of the game eventually became Devil May Cry. Wow right so they did some great changes that made the game a breath of fresh air to veterans like myself. For example some complaint about the camera angle that we got one over the shoulder view. That really works with the action of the game despite losing a lot of it's horror elements. This is also one of the longest games they ever made in the entire franchise.

Let's talk about the main game you play as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 to rescue the President's Daughter. I got to say this really brought his character out most than anything else. Not even Resident Evil 2 with four slightly different scenarios. Usually you fight zombies infected with T-Virus or an variation of that virus instead you face many enemies with Las Plagas. It's an parasite that can be controlled by Osmund Saddler the leader behind this event. Believe it or not this wasn't the first game to have parasite in place of an virus.

Most fans won't know of the horrible Resident Evil Gaiden on Game Boy which also has Leon and Barry from Resident Evil 1. Many elements were taken out of this awtiful like the ship being the main place of the story. That eventually got reused in a good spin off called Resident Evil: Dead Aim on PlayStation 2. Some say Resident Evil Survivor sucks while I kinda like the game enough to play it over this garbage. I am sorry for getting off track but I thought some of you guys might be interested.

Anyway back to Resident Evil 4 you also at some points in the game must keep Ashley save from your enemies. You also get my favorite inventory of the entire series since you can put so much stuff in there. You can buy weapons with scopes as well as upgrades to help you play through the game. I almost forgot you get those from an merchant who is more of a side character with rememberable lines. Why didn't he somehow come back in Resident Evil 5 is beyond me. You can save either beating an level or through a type writer that doesn't need Ink Ribbon like other games.

If you played the first couple of games then you might remember those classic door loading screens. They are not in this game though some briefly show the doors open leading to new areas. You also got through other doors within several areas that don't require loading which is awesome. The Merchant has a couple of secret rooms with a fun shooting gallery. Unlike the other games you really feel like fighting the bosses like Verdugo. You get a ton of cut scenes like Metal Gear series that make you feel like watching an good movie.

After beating the game on Normal you unlock a couple of things that do keep you coming back to this master piece. You get an fully automatic handgun called Matilda with Infinite Launcher that never runs out of rockets. You also get the first set of hidden outfits for the main game that effects three main characters. Leon wears his Resident Evil 2 uniform with Ashley looking like an teenager wearing white. Ada wears her outfit from The Mercenaries and Assignment: Ada though I like her red dress more. Another cool thing about wearing these outfits is they do appear in place of their other ones in cut scenes.

You also unlock Professional Mode which makes the game even harder for veterans of the series. Originally you would just get everything you get in Normal Mode but thanks to it's PS2 port we get even more. If you can beat the game on Professional Mode you can unlock Plagas Removal Laser that turns out to be the ultimate weapon. Believe it or not I heard this port was the best version to have this weapon. You can aim just a bit off yet it still hits all of your enemies in it's range with one hit. Like the remake you get a new look for the main screen that actually looks fucking awesome.

You also unlock The Mercenaries and Separate Ways which are two of my favorite mini games of the series. Movie Browser also gets unlock by beating the game so if you really like watching the cut scenes then enjoy the movie. I never played a game that gives you so much after just simply beating the game. Before I go further by talking about those mini games I would like to say I like the cover of the game. I think some of you guys might agree that Wii port got the better controls that similar to Dead Rising: Chop Till Drop.

The same team behind this awesome port made the Wii version of Dead Rising which didn't get the same following. What a shame because I fucking love this game though I do mine losing some freedom. I am glad I don't have to rush playing the game in real time so I can play at my pace which may never happen again. Anyway all the monsters from previous games won't appear any where in the game. You would think some would mine something like this but to my surprise that no one actually care.

Back to Resident Evil 4 I believe all I got left to talk about are three mini games with two of them being non canonical. I want to start with Assignment: Ada since that's my least favorite out of the three. This is one of two Ada's mini games you get in the game yet it sucks for many reasons. First off you don't get a knife like Leon does because you sometimes need to break stuff open for ammo. In other words you got to waste ammo to get ammo makes absolutely no fucking sense at all.

The objective of this mini game is find five Las Plagas samples with one of them you need to fight an boss to get it. You do fight a lot of Gatling Gun guys that take a lot of shots to kill while avoiding their bullets. Thank god Vulcan Raven from Metal Gear Solid isn't in this game or I would be fucked lol. You do get your own inventory though it gets limited with each sample you collect as you play. Like some mini games if you die then it's all over so you better try really hard to beat it.

The boss is Krauser from the main game as he was fighting Leon just without the timer. It may take you a while to figure out how to fight him because it just isn't the same as fighting him as Leon. You actually get the option of watching the ending video again though you do get the Chicago Typewriter. This is an Tommy Gun with infinite bullets though they did change where it gets unlock in the game. Originally after beating Assignment: Ada it gets unlock in the main game but now it's for Separate Ways.

Alright it's time to talk about the so called second scenario of Resident Evil 4 that most fans enjoy playing. Separate Ways is clearly the better out of the two Ada mini games that I really like playing from time to time. You can find The Merchant just like the main game to buy weapons though you can't upgrade them. You can also save it both ways like the main game to help cut some stress out. You even get a knife which was briefly seen in an cut scene with Leon being controlled by Saddler.

You also get three bosses with two of them fought in the main game though you actually don't have to fight the El Gigante. If you remember the first Yawn boss fight you can simply grab what you need then get out. You can avoid all of Verdugo's attacks until the elevator is ready though that takes time. The final boss was originally PS2 exclusive that eventually made it's way to other releases of the game. You fight him in his human form which turns out to be harder than his other form. Surprisingly the game doesn't end beating Saddler it has one more thing for you to do.

After you get Leon the rocket launcher to destroy Saddler it finally ends. You can keep stocking up on stuff just like the main game despite how many times you beaten it. You now unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the main game that costs just about as much as Infinite Launcher. Before I reveal the other thing you unlock by beating Seperate Ways I need to get something off my chest. I forgot to tell you that two more weapons only found in this mini game are some of the best.

You get an pump action shotgun which is the fourth type of shotguns that works pretty good. I think it's even better than the Riot Gun in close encounters. You also get an Bow Gun with explosive arrows that can help clear the way when you need to. The last time I saw an Bow Gun was in Resident Evil 2 though I prefer this one since you can control where they go. Now I got that out of the way it's time to reveal the last thing another set of special costumes.

Like Saddler's human form boss these were once PS2 exclusive that eventually made it's way on other consoles. Leon dresses up like an classic gangster that really suits him especially holding the Chicago Typewriter. Wearing this outfit your clip should look like a Drum clip with a new reload animation. There's a new pose for it in your inventory as well with the best part cutting a lot more stress out. Ashley wears a suit of armor that makes her too heavy to be carry as well as invincible.

That's right wearing this actually makes her invincible in fact even firing your hidden weapons won't hurt her. The last thing I want to say about Separate Ways upon beating it you can watch all the cut scenes in Movie Browser. I got to say this is one of the most well thought out games I ever played now that's a big statement. You also get a new animation for caughting Ashley as she jumps down which is funny.

Finally we come to my favorite part of the entire game The Mercenaries with this being my favorite version of the bunch. The first mini game debut in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis under the name The Mercenaries Operation: Mad Jackal. You start out with Leon working your way on unlocking everything. This can be time consuming yet worth doing if you are looking for a challenge like me. You need a score of over 60,000 points on every level to unlock the rest of the characters.

Leon is one of the best characters of this mini game due to his inventory being good enough to start fighting. I actually have no problems playing as him at all so I recommend playing as him for a while. You got Ada with armor on that doesn't have a knife seriously what's with the knife guys. She has a good inventory as well with that minor sit back. Next up is Hunk god he was fun to play as in Resident Evil 2.

I got to say Hunk is my least favorite character of the mini game because he has his own Custom TMP with a couple of grenades. He is one of the few characters to have exclusive stuff to play around with. I do recommend racking up points with shooting your enemies in the legs until they look like they're in pain. The reason for that would be you get one of the most awesome special moves in the series. You can actually snap their necks at fast rate if you got the move down  I have seen it done.

Krauser is my favorite character because his bow and arrow works really good especially with the Wii remote. You also get his claw move that can kill even bosses in a single hit that I do a lot. Once you do that move kill a couple more enemies then you should see your ready for another go. I can play as if I was Rambo in Resident Evil I am dead fucking serious. Like Leon you also get a knife to save ammo though I don't use it much with him. If I could upload videos of those game play videos I would just to prove my point.

Wesker surprisingly is the last character we are going to talk about that's in the middle of the pack. Now I am not saying he sucks or anything just wanting to talk about why that is. He doesn't have a knife but has one of the best inventories of this mini game. He too has something exclusive a silencer to his Killer 7 that you can take off. The last thing I need to talk about this mini game is how hard the last level boss is.

Most bosses can be killed pretty easily but this one without Krauser will require many practices to kill him. He's a giant chainsaw guy that goes pretty fast that takes the most hits of any boss in the mini game. Like the Bella Sisters boss he can kill you in one hit if you aren't careful. He looks like Jason combine with Leatherface with two chainsaws chained together. Oh wait I forgot to explain the rules of this game I'm sorry guys.

Unlike the original mini game your goal isn't to get from point a to point b it's to kill as many as you can before time runs out. When you start getting up there in scores you will see bosses coming after you. If you don't kill them then you could be face more of that boss depending on your levels. It's like playing the first couple of levels in Streets of Rage with a second person you get a second of those bosses. Anyway in conclusion this is one of the best games I ever played and I thank everyone for reading.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jack Red reviews X-Men Arcade

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I am proud to review one of the best X-Men games ever made. X-Men was one of two things that came out of the unsuccessful pilot X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men release in the early 90s. The other actually was the good cartoon of my child hood that I still love today. Another interesting fact is Konami made two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games with one Simpsons game. This game went many years not being ported until just recently by their own company.

This is slightly better than the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade which I also own my Xbox 360. In terms of getting achievements it was one of the easiest games for me for a couple of reasons. Despite which difficulty you are playing there are unlimited continues which is awesome for a game like this. They took a page from the awtiful remake of Turtles in Time by Ubisoft of it's level selection. It works really well here though it can take you a while to know which levels goes where. It has the most bosses of any licensed Konami games I ever played.

You can play as six characters similar to the fucking horrible The Uncanny X-Men on NES. Unlike that mess each characters does play different even with their special moves. A common thing in beat em ups is sometimes you do a special in change of losing some health. That is fine as long you can keep playing so that doesn't even matter to me. Another cool thing is you can actually play the Japanese version. There isn't much different like playing Crazy Taxi Arcade and Original modes.

The music is one of the best things I can say about this game. Until now I only owned one good X-Men on the Genesis which was the original. Many years went by to finally found out it had an even better sequel. Anyway back to this I got to say this would be the closest thing to me as my dream X-Men game. One thing you guys are going to learn about me is I have a thing for beat em up games. Point and Click just came out strong so why not a genre that's pretty personal to me.

I thank everyone for reading and I will continue to keep writing.

My Return to Blogging

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I can't get in my other blog I been using for a few years now which sucks. so I am hoping to make this much better as I possibly can for those who read what I write. I am happy that I can move on to another blog though I will carry many things from my old one that will help me in the future. I thank everyone for reading and what to see my next couple posts are going to be.