Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #10 Critters vs. Goosebumps Monsters

Special thanks to my cousin Brooke for requesting Critters in an fight.

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, this is meant for an younger audience. I debated on an few possible fights I could do for Critters. I almost went with The Thing but that would've been too obvious. So I'm going in an weird, unexpected direction. I will allow some exceptions of lighter horror movies. Such as Goosebumps movie since I did grew up with the show. Also I couldn't decide on an better fight for them.

It's time to introduce our fighters first up is small nasty aliens that simply wants to eat & survive. These creatures will quickly make your homes or an space ship not safe. Little to no where being safe say hello to Critters.

Their opponents is an great mixture of monsters all created by the same author. Goosebumps was made for kids to scare them. I would be here all day to fully name every monster present in this movie. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Goosebumps Monsters.


Bad small aliens that go to planets to eat it's inhabitants. Constantly on the run from the space bounty hunters. These creatures will hide anywhere even an space ship. Critters are vicious, selfish and stubborn.

Goosebumps Monsters

An great variety of creatures to symbolize horror fiction stories. All were created by the same author to entertainment children. One of the biggest monster armies I ever seen. Once outside their books, all of them becomes immortal.

Yes this is indeed an crazy monster army battle. Both terrorize an town in such an amount of time. Most people wouldn't take their movies seriously. This is going to be difficult to determine which side wins. No where is safe with both armies stalking an town. The damage they have done is mind blowing. There is so much to consider for an battle this massive.

+More unpredictable
+Quickly increase their numbers
+Adapts to environments quicker
+Due to their size, they're harder to hit

-More arrogant
-Can be killed with some effort
-More focus on eating people than anything else
-None of them works well with each other

Goosebumps Monsters
+Bigger army
+As long they're outside their books, all of them are immortal
+Bigger variety of abilities
+Only their respective books can stop them
+Some monsters can't be attacked
+Slappy is an better leader
+Better team work

-More focus on terrorizing
-It is possible Critters can use their books to send them back
-Some creatures will fall for tricks

After much needed consideration, I decided to give the win to Goosebumps Monsters. Critters are smart enough to change course of an space ship. But Slappy is clever like an fox. He made sure among freeing every monsters to burn their books. In order to preventing them from going back to their books. An similar move done in second season of Beatleborgs with drawings having the same affect. As long all those monsters are outside their respective books they're immortal. The only way of stopping them is sending them back to their books which Slappy already burnt those books. Critters has survived space bounty hunters but has no experience against other monsters. One of the first things they would think of doing is eating them. As proven by gnomes, breaking them to quickly pull themselves back together making that impossible. Critters can trick some monsters but most of them are creatures. They couldn't trick Slappy as he always planning ahead for the worst scenarios. Slappy does an amazing job commanding all these monsters. Critters doesn't work well with each other making this more difficult than it should be. Goosebumps Monsters has all kind of abilities that Critters couldn't fully understand. Also Slappy could force Critters away in time. Even if Critters greatly up their numbers, it doesn't change the fact this is an battle they can't win. Goosebumps Monsters are way too much for them to handle

The Winner of this battle is Goosebumps Monsters

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jack Red reviews Resident Evil Game Series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I always wanted to make this for an long time. I grew up loving these games with an passion. One of the greatest video game franchises ever. I am still amaze by all their hard work even in their spin off Resident Evil games. I could be here all day talking about every RE game I played. I'm going straight to the point this is only meant for reviewing all the main games.

1. Resident Evil (1996)
Both Director's Cut versions (1997)
Remake (2002)
(Remastered (2015)

Originally going to be an full 3D remake of Sweet Home. Resident Evil went through several major changes during development. Some of which later got used, the game that revamped survival horror genre. Easily one of the greatest PlayStation 1 games I ever played. Just on PlayStation 1 had three different versions of the same game. Later versions replaced costumes, added an new variation & in Director's Cut Dualshock Edition had an new soundtrack. Although that soundtrack could be one of the absolute worst in the entire franchise. There exists two versions of it's remake with many changes between the two. Remake was according to the team 75% different from the original game. You can unlock an kamikaze Forest zombie after beating both characters on normal. By beating it on hard mode unlocks one of their original concepts for RE1. Originally you would have to memorize which item boxes had which stuff as item boxes aren't connected. They didn't it as they felt this made the game too hard. This mode is called Real Survivor removing auto aim & automatically set to hard mode. If you can somehow survive Real Survivor, you can attempt doing Invisible Enemy. Every enemy including the bosses are invisible. You have to use your ears in most areas or memorize every enemy placement to survive. Remastered version added achievement/trophy support with an new control set & two costumes from Lost in Nightmares. This version is one of the select few to get residentevil.net support. Some ports had even greater changes with Resident Evil: Deadly Silence surprisingly standing out the most. Regardless which version of RE1 you end up getting. You play as two characters with one having an second playable character. There are several changes in both their campaigns with many endings. It is well worth all the trouble to get as it still one of Capcom's greatest games ever. An amazing soundtrack in earlier versions on PlayStation to an impressive sound design of it's remake. Resident Evil is still getting more people into it today with the list of names getting longer each day.

2. Resident Evil 2 (1998)
Dualshock Edition (a few months later)

One of the greatest video game sequels I ever played. For many fans including myself this is their favorite RE game of all time. Just like MKII did to the original, Resident Evil 2 really had impressive stuff to boot. In Resident Evil 1, you had two characters in their scenarios of what happened at the Spencer Mansion. In Resident Evil 2, both characters gets an second playable characters for several parts. It is mind blowing they were actually able to give us four different scenarios. Yes that's right you heard me correctly four possible scenarios of how this story gets told. They did an great job making each variation of the story different & unique overall. In most versions you will get two versions of one mini game. The 4th Survivor acting as an hidden canon story within RE2. You play as an Umbrella soldier name Hunk to escape with an sample of G-Virus. If you beat the game six times also unlocking The 4th Survivor. You will unlock The Tofu Survivor which is an parody hardier version of it. What's crazy is Tofu currently the only playable character in the entire series to change colors depending on their status. For example if he is close of dying Tofu becomes red or getting poisoned becomes purple. Starting with Dualshock Edition with some ports adding another mini game called Extreme Battle. Some of the best easter eggs of it's time were present in this game. Resident Evil 2 had an amazing sound design overall. I really can't praise the game anymore than I could or flat out criticize it in any possible way. It is really in every sense of the word that damn good.

3. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

This is where the time line starts getting confusing to follow. In it's development originally this game was going to be an spin off taking place in Raccoon City. At the time they were also working on Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, another main series game. But Capcom signed an contract with Sony to give them three main games on their console. This cause their spin off game becoming an main one quickly getting the title of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This did push CODE: Veronica back but on purpose in US version made tougher than usual. In earlier games they made our versions of them tougher than the one they got in Japan. Yet in the case of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in an attempt to held fans off for CODE: Veronica. They made Resident Evil 3 more difficult than the previous games. They created an mini game called The Mercenaries Operation: Mad Jackal for this purpose. This min game continues what started with Saturn port of RE1 in it's Battle Mode. If the title sounds a little familiar don't worry I will talk more about it later on. You get to explore Raccoon City more with an creature name Nemesis constantly stalking you. An interesting fact this concept was inspired by T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. What's more interesting is they wanted to force players to make quick decisions adding up to it's higher difficulty in the United States. There are two endings that are decided on the bridge quick time event. Half this game takes place before RE2 with the remaining half after it. Resident Evil 3 pushes what they could do on an PlayStation 1 game. Did you know with an game shark you can play as Tofu from RE2 in this game no I'm not kidding. An great sound track with an interesting story. In conclusion at first you are thinking how will this stand out from the previous two games. The more you play of it, the more you will notice it's uniqueness standing out.

4. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica (2000)
X version (2001)

One of the few main series games not numbered. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica stands as one of the finest RE games ever made. This was the only Resident Evil game to debut on an Sega console. Not too long after it's release came out with Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X updating textures and added some cut scenes. This is also the only main series game to not have multiple difficulties. I am not going to lie this is an hard game. Similar to RE2, doing somethings in Claire's portions could help out her brother Chris in his. Technology wise an huge step up from previous entries. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica has an great story with one of the best monster line ups. Some of the best voice acting in any Resident Evil game. The first Resident Evil game to cover more settings in different parts of the world. There is an mini game called Battle Game, an successor to previous Battle & The Mercenaries mini games. Oddly the only main series Resident Evil game you can't play the campaign with alternate costumes. They really did an great job with making this game scary. Although it does go heavily into action that later turned out to be an foreshadowing of things to come. There also exists an spin off game called Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica released in Japan for arcades. An rare PS2 port of this game adding some content also got released. Believe it or not Shinji Mikami the creator of Resident Evil really wanted this to be Resident Evil 3. But the team voted against it for several reasons. One reason he stated this was because CODE: Veronica added more critical details of the story. This is an amazing game that sadly Capcom isn't doing much to keep it up with the times. Especially considering this is one of the most requested RE games to date.

5. Resident Evil 0 (2002)
Remastered (2016)

Originally released a few months after Resident Evil remake. Resident Evil 0 uses the same engine of remake with some new features. This was the first Resident Evil game to allow you to switch between two playable characters. This took place a day before the original following Rebecca Chambers of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team. Just before she got inside the Spencer Mansion of RE1. Originally they attempted to make RE0 on N64 but ended up moved to it's successor Game Cube. This was the first Resident Evil game to lack item boxes & allows you to drop stuff. An feature becoming stable in this series. Resident Evil 0 Remastered added a lot more than Remake Remastered. Automatically in both character's inventories is an briefcase to switch out outfits. Originally you beat the game then in later runs an hidden key to unlock closet door for alternate outfits. After you finish the train you won't be able to switch outfits. Now beating the game unlock Wesker Mode changing some things up. Instead of Billy Coen, fan favorite Albert Wesker is playable with some of his abilities. Like CODE: Veronica, in Wesker Mode you can't change the difficulty. By beating Wesker Mode, Rebecca's outfit becomes unlock in the main game. They also added two new costumes for Billy but given Rebecca a lot more to wear. Don't get me wrong Rebecca is one of my favorite characters. I felt Billy should've gotten two more outfits at least. What's better is an mini game called Leech Hunter. You can switch out outfits before playing an nice touch. The goal of it is collect an hundred leech charms. Fifty blue leeches for Billy & fifty green ones for Rebecca. An great sound design that still works by today's standards. An great prequel to be the last survival horror main game until the newest entry.

6. Resident Evil 4
PS2 port (a few months later)
Xbox One & PS4 ports (2016)

Without question one of the greatest Capcom games ever made. An huge inspiration to several game franchises like Dead Space & Gears of War. They officially made the jump from survival horror to action genre. They felt going survival horror would leave the franchise on the verge of dying soon. This was the last main RE game to have it's creator Shinji Mikami before he left Capcom with several employees. Originally released on Game Cube blowing the game world away. A few months later PS2 port comes out with more content. More recently Resident Evil 4 got remastered on Xbox One & PS4. I didn't list HD versions because they weren't true HD version of the game. There exists two versions of PC port. Many people were shocked in graphics between Game Cube & PS2 versions. This forever change action games in gaming. Possibly one of the most successful Capcom games ever made. You also can play The Mercenaries that quickly became one of the most popular things in all of Resident Evil franchise. If you get five stars on every level as every character. You can unlock the handcannon in the main game for free. But it will cost you an fortune to fully upgrade it. Assignment: Ada is an mini game you play as Ada to collect five samples of Las Plagas & escape. Separate Ways is sorta like scenarios of RE2, parts of CODE: Veronica & shares an similar purpose as The 4th Survivor. In Separate Ways, you play as Ada in her portions of the main game answering some unanswered questions in the process. Second set of alternate outfits greatly changes up the game play. In later versions added an new hidden weapon after beating Professional Mode. This is an handheld device similar to the same technology for removing Las Plagas from bodies. This also acts as an alternate to flash bangs. Either beating the main game or Separate Ways, unlocks all cut scenes that can be viewed in another mode for your pleasure. One of the most ported RE games in history. This is an timeless classic that left such an strong inspiration for many years to come.

7. Resident Evil 5 (2009)
Xbox One & PS4 ports (2016)

One of the best selling Resident Evil games to date. Resident Evil 5 amaze a lot of people back in the day. Although some RE games had an coop feature, Resident Evil 5 was the game to do it right. After beating the game you can choose to be Sheva to experience parts of the campaigns Chris can't. Just like Devil May Cry series also by Capcom, you can choose any level after beating them to go for achievements/trophies or upgrading your gears much easier. Originally you have to buy all extra figurines, both extra episodes, versus, costumes and an new variation of The Mercenaries. In Xbox One & PS4 ports, you automatically get all of that. They combined both versions of The Mercenaries together. Also adding as an bonus The Mercenaries: No Mercy from PC version. In all three versions of The Mercenaries, you get double the number of levels from RE4's. A lot more playable characters with each one standing out. Versus works similar to many games with The Mercenaries being the basis of it. This game is packed with great content to keep coming back to it for hours. I highly recommend RE5 to anyone wanting an great coop game or trying to get more into Resident Evil series.

8. Resident Evil: Revelations (2012)
PC, Xbox 360, Wii U and PS3 ports (2013)

The first main RE game debut on an handheld. In all of it's ports added a lot of things to the game. Such as two extra dlc characters, in place of it's original hard mode is Infernal Mode. An mode so difficult many people argue it shouldn't made the final cut. In this variation new higher level custom parts are found. But majority of enemy placements is random making areas you clean out not safe. You play as a lot of characters within the campaign. Similar to previous games, two characters are working together to survive. In later versions added online that really helps in Raid Mode. In this mini game, you have to get enough medals to unlock levels. To fully complete it requires a lot of trial & error. There are three campaigns changing up what you need to do & becoming tougher. Speaking of difficulty you can unlock the bonus level Ghost Ship. In this level you can fully explore the entire ship but you really need to bring your A game & it's recommended to have another player. They also added residentevil.net support that you can send custom pieces to rare weapons into your game. You can scan around an unique feature that could save your life in this game. In Xbox 360, PS3 and PC adding trophy/achievement support. Resident Evil: Revelations tells it's story in the episodic format. It's hard to believe an 3DS game really wow many people back then. This is one of the finest RE games I ever played.

9. Resident Evil 6 (2012)
Xbox One and PS4 ports (2016)

Resident Evil 6 is considered one of the absolute worst Resident Evil games. Capcom admitted of rushing the game out seeing a lot of people really wanted it at the time. In fact shortly after release through free updates made Ada's campaign available by default. Instead of having to beat Chris, Leon and Jake's campaigns. They also added an second character for her character name Agent whose not present directly anywhere in the actual story. This meant to play as him in Ada's campaign you have to join someone else's game. Agent Hunt mode is one of the absolute worst experiences I ever heard. Yes even worse than beating both sides of DMC2 on Must Die difficulty I'm not kidding. You can't pick your monsters or fix up controls. Some of them have very bad controls. Your goal is to prevent other players from finishing an level. What is weird about this although you can pick up at any point of the game. Similar to RE5 or Devil May Cry series. You only get scoring system after complete an entire chapter. Each chapter in this game is from an hour close to two hours real time. You can't able more than one infinite ammo among weapons. The entire store system is way too tedious for it's own good. If there were big pay offs for going the extra mile like in RE5 then this wouldn't be much of an issue. Sadly the pay offs aren't worth mentioning wasting several hours instead of playing something better. Most dlcs adds more modes to play with several characters. Originally in Xbox 360, PC & PS3 versions, you link your accounts to residentevil.net. You do this in order to take on challenges ranking every player on all connected versions. There exists two different colors of most characters costumes. Only the best players can collect the retro style costumes similar to PlayStation 1 models. But those for newer characters looked terrible. They mess up greatly on classic ones like why does Leon have blood on his face or hey Chris you need an shave. In Xbox One & PS4 versions, all dlcs are included but change how to get retro costumes. You must play online in Predator to unlock them making the process a little bit easier. But those versions don't support residentevil.net. In Predator has one player in every round being Ustanak. Your goal as regular characters is take down Ustanak. If you are Ustanak, you must eliminate all players to win the round. In Onslaught, despite both players being on the same map. You are given an entire map as your opponent where you can't run into each other. Instead depending on how many you kill within an combo determines the size of wave for opposing player. In Siege, you take turns being Agent standing your ground or monsters to wipe out the unit. Survivor is Resident Evil 5's Versus counterpart sharing the same purpose. You automatically get The Mercenaries that adds secret bosses. Just like RE5 on Xbox One & PS4, The Mercy No Mercy is also present. Easily the best mode of the entire game in my honest opinion. Not only this is an twenty hours game with all four campaigns. They attempted way too much with the story already being difficult to piece together. Resident Evil 6 tried to be good but ended up being an huge disappointment.

10. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (2015)

Capcom got inspired by Telltale's The Walking Dead series. But thankfully they didn't direct rip it off. You can get this in parts or altogether like I did. In all four episodes you have four playable characters. Barry's portions are taking place six months after Claire's. Each one having adding uniqueness to such an amazing game. You can unlock two more variation of the campaign. Countdown which is similar to The Mercenaries for the campaign. Basically meant for speed runners to challenge how quick they can beat it. Invisible Enemy similar to the mode of same name from Resident Evil remake. Thankfully they made it much easier if you learn enemy movements & weaknesses. You can get dlc costumes for all four playable characters in all modes of play. Some dlc costumes got release for free in Raid Mode. In Raid Mode, you are an program inside an experiment. You get to play as most Revelations 2 characters but added some fan favorites. Although for some of them came straight out of RE6. In fact majority of levels in Raid Mode are from RE6. Wouldn't you think they would have more levels from Revelations 2? An handful of enemies in Raid Mode came from other RE games. Throwback Map Pack was okay for what it is. I had better dlcs for it's price not crazy about half those levels. You would think they would do more in higher difficulty variations but nope. There exists two endings for Raid Mode taking much longer going for the first ending. Among getting one of them automatically reset to continue playing. You also get two bonus episodes that greatly change up the game. The Struggle taking place in between Claire & Barry's portions. You play as Moire with Evgeny getting things ready before the old man passes away. This was meant to test your determination & hunting skills. Little Miss also takes part during Claire & Barry's portions. You play as two versions of Natalia in an short stealth campaign. Dark Natalia is now the scout similar to Natalia in the main game. None of the enemies can see her making parts of it a bit easier. The ending of it explains Natalia's connection to Alex Wesker. I am still disappointed in Wesker's sister for many reasons. Her brother was unquestionably the best villain of this franchise. Her plan ends up being uninspired & puts the conclusion of it in an close of herself's hands. The virus she made is okay but kinda gets ruined by adding Wesker's Uroboros virus. The end of Neil's boss fight determines which ending you get. You have an great upgrade system to improve several things for both campaign & Raid Mode. One controversial thing I should bring up is relating to Claire's voice actress. This was the only time not explained Alyson Court doesn't voice Claire. Now there is an mystery whose actually the new voice of Claire Redfield. This game was both Claire & Barry's return to the franchise. This also marks Barry's first playable appearance in an main game campaign. Most of the story is told better than Revelations 1 but ended more rushed. Also you will be doing with a lot of the same bosses with Neil or depending on endings Alex being the exceptions. This is one of the best sequels within Resident Evil series. I am really impressed by all the hard work that went into such an great game.

Now it's time to rank all these Resident Evil games from worst to beat...
10. Resident Evil 6
9. Resident Evil 0
8. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
7. Resident Evil: Revelations 2
6. Resident Evil 5
5. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
4. Resident Evil: Revelations
3. Resident Evil
2. Resident Evil 4
1. Resident Evil 2

Next Friday I'm finally going to have Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. I won't review it until I played everything the game has to offer. It is only fair I give it the respect it deserves by doing this. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

Jack Red reviews Sonic Games Collection Act 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I will be making newer versions of this big Sonic bundle reviews. But I am only reviewing games I haven't done before. Officially five Sonic games you have to pay for will mark when I will make these.

I felt like reviewing all free Sonic games you can get through Genesis games on Steam should be done. Considering all Sonic games on the console are available, Sega really likely be okay with this. Some of these I'm an huge fan of. Some of the most unique Sonic game to date.

6. Knuckles in Sonic 1

True story the Sonic team attempted making Knuckles playable in Sonic 1. However they weren't able to fix parts of the graphics becoming red. More recently an rom hacker fixed that problem with some added stuff. So we can play what almost became an lock-on game. This is similar to Knuckles in Sonic 2 serving the same purpose. I would say Labyrinth Zone is much easier with Knuckles. But it kinda felt like most levels belongs to Sonic. Most boss fights are harder simply because Knuckles can't jump as high as Sonic. I would say go check this version of Sonic 1 out.

5. Sonic Eraser

An lost Sonic game that was only release in Japan to an short lived add on part for Sega Genesis. It took many years before someone discovered this Sonic game & uploaded it to the internet. This is possibly the shortest Sonic game I ever played. This is the original puzzle Sonic game predating Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Sure it doesn't have great audio but addicting game to play. There is an learning curve but things do get better over time. There is so little content in the game itself. Yes this is an finished Sonic game.

4. Blue Sphere

The lock-on game replacing Knuckles in Sonic 1. They felt to give us an full version of Blue Sphere would help things. Not only this has the record for the most passwords, most levels but also has the record for being the first endless Sonic game. There is no real end to this game no matter what you do. On the actual console not being in the first three Sonic games on top of Sonic & Knuckles' cartridge. Most Genesis games only enables one level repeatedly infinity. There is an learning curve but great audio for it's time. Who doesn't remember the title screen lol.

3. Sonic & Knuckles

Second half of Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles is an great game. It does do some things better since as telling it's story better. I felt most bosses were slightly better than those of Sonic 3. It is possible getting all seven chaos emeralds within the first zone. One of my favorite level select codes of all time. They really out did themselves with this game.

2. Sonic 3

As an kid I always prefer Sonic & Knuckles. But more recently I really came to like Sonic 3 more than Sonic & Knuckles. The first half of Sonic 3 really step up it's game. Some of the absolute best Sonic songs of all time. Yes this includes some originally done by the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. More interesting level designs with amazing sound effects. Who doesn't remember watching Death Egg explode in air. One of the most epic moments to end an Sonic game.

1. Knuckles in Sonic 2

Knuckles in Sonic 2 is amazing in every sense of the world. Yes you lose multiplayer & they changed the codes. Yet Knuckles makes getting all chaos emeralds much easier. Yes some boss fights are harder due to Knuckles not able to jump as high as Sonic & Tails. You get to explore areas you couldn't before. Which is more interesting than doing the same thing in Knuckles Sonic 1 version. They did an incredible job making this very accessible to Knuckles.

Jack Red reviews Resident Evil Movie Series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, recently I got to see the final live action Resident Evil movie. I been an huge fan of this game series since the beginning. I think it's about time to do these justice as an true fan of the series.

Resident Evil (2002)

I was already impressed by Paul W. S. Anderson's Mortal Kombat movie. I was really excited they finally made an Resident Evil movie. Although it quickly moved away from what we the fans wanted in the first place. It's no secret this was the closest movie to it's source material. They did an great job recreating the story. Sure it wasn't as good as the canceled movie script by George A. Romero. This movie had the best soundtrack of the series. Now I could really rip this movie a part from not sticking to the games. In all fairness this movie still impresses me today. It may not be an master piece but still one of the absolute best video game movies I ever seen.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

This movie went more towards action than horror like some of the Resident Evil games. This is heavily based on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis with little to nothing of Resident Evil 2. This really upset a lot of people including myself. It's widely known both 2 and 3 occur very close by each other. Therefore it was wrong of them to completely ignore one of the absolute best RE games ever made. The story is not bad but you still could've wanted more. They did an good job with Nemesis but we all know he could be done even better. Some later parts even after watching the rest of these movies doesn't exactly answer them. This is sadly the beginning of both miss opportunities and poor story telling.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Some could argue this being the closest thing to an live action Fallout movie. To be honest this would've been an awesome game concept for Resident Evil series. One of the best soundtracks with one of the best stories. They really put a lot of work into this amazing movie. Sure it doesn't quite feel like an Resident Evil movie but after Resident Evil 4 moved away from survival horror. It took many years until very recently Resident Evil VII to finally go back to survival horror. I guess they wanted fans of the movies to feel more like fans of the games. This has the best usage of most monsters present in this movie. I was blown away how great this movie actually was. My big problem was Wesker, everything about him really fell short of the video game character. It really doesn't help Wesker is one of my favorite characters of this series.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Unfortunately after Extinction, these movies started sucking worse. Resident Evil: Afterlife heavily took elements from Resident Evil: Dead Aim & 5. The world is dying even further to where it was basically dead. I didn't like how the story plays out altogether. To me it came off trying too hard making it to be good. Instead they completely miss the mark with one of the worst video game movies I ever seen. Sure I could thank them for revamping Wesker for later movies. But not even Wesker saved this movie from sucking. This comes off as we finally might have an home for us. Damn it's an trap run really guys. Was this the best you could come up with?

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

I really don't want to talk about this movie. I'm going to come right out of the gate to say this is the worst. I have so many problems with this movie that as an fan I'm trying so hard not going into those details. Resident Evil: Retribution mostly takes place inside an underground dome settings. Each one is recreating those major city disasters. They constantly make clones to die repeatedly in those areas. Also it never fully explains how Red Queen survived the events of the first movie. Yes this wasn't exactly answered in the next movie either. Some parts came off as tributes to several RE moments. But felt rushed & loss all it's appeal especially later on in the movie. They completely got Las Plagas wrong in this movie. It is so off that I almost got angry over it. This movie is too confusing to take seriously. Phantasm: Ravager may have that problem but I still prefer it over this movie. Why because that movie had both better scenes and acting. I highly recommend even to true fans stay away from this horrible piece of filth.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

Although it is widely advertised as the final movie. They went out of their way near the end to open it up to more movies. Some twists are mind blowing & some of it doesn't work for the movie. I could criticize parts of it being forced ruining what could've been one of the best video game movies. In all fairness this does work more than the previous two movies. It was confirmed by Capcom, they didn't go the distance they should've done. What I mean by this is most characters that could come back aren't asked back. An select few such as those portraying Ada & Chris couldn't come back were asked to return. Also you would expect this being the final movie they would go all out. But it was horribly forced almost like the previous movie. Even the ending left an bad impression on me. A lot of potential got wasted. Regardless I do like some scenes more than most scenes in most of the movies. This was an long way off from what I would call an home run. This movie being open to more movies also hurts it in the long run. If you advertise an movie being the final one, then it should be the last movie period. There is no excuse of making further sequels of an new story line. When the world is already in ruins since Extinction. If it were to be an true reboot then we need an new team including director doing it with an unrelated story line. I would be very piss to find out they are continuing this series. Honestly it started off great but after Afterlife it felt uninspired & forced. Also moving away from directly based them on the games really upsets many fans including myself. By this movie I already knew going it I would be very unsatisfied. Not even the trailers could sell me into wanting to go see the movie. I only seen it as an fan of the games nothing more.

Now it's time to rank all live action Resident Evil movies as they follow down below...
6. Resident Evil: Retribution
5. Resident Evil: Afterlife
4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
3. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
2. Resident Evil
1. Resident Evil: Extinction

I hope you guys enjoy my take on reviewing these movies. I am holding off on doing the CG movies until I see Resident Evil: Vendetta. Regardless these movies even with negative reviews from many people. Somehow made it an billion dollar movie franchise wow right? I did expect more from the same guy nailing Mortal Kombat movie. I am happy to know some of the people making these are fans of the games. In fact they were able to impress Capcom with their movies. Although I'm far away from being impress in general. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #9 Leprechaun vs. He Who Walks Behind The Rows

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I attempted giving people control on who should face Leprechaun. Our nominees are an wild bunch indeed. Option 1 stands as an god like figure in manipulating children into doing unspeakable things. Say hello to He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Option 2 is more of an twist on Christmas legends than anything else. In most universes Santa is good giving kids presents & Krampus is bad punishing them. But in Santa's Slay, Santa is evil killing without an care in the world. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Santa Claus. Sadly only one person voted in my poll but he picked Leprechaun's opponent. I would be fine going in either direction.

Drum rolls please for the reveal on who Leprechaun's opponent going to be in my blog series...

He Who Walks Behind The Rows

First up is an magical creature who spend centuries in our world killing people to protect his pot of gold. Welcome our little pal Leprechaun and his opponent is an mysterious figure responsible for one of the biggest off screen kill counts. An being worshiped by an cult of children as their god. You don't ever go to any of their corn fields. He Who Walks Behind The Rows is not to be taken lightly in every sense of the word.


There are legends in Ireland but none brought more fear than an leprechaun. This magical creature will do anything to protect his pot of gold. Every thousand years not married can claim his bride. This is one of the meanest small monsters I ever seen.

He Who Walks Behind The Rows

An cult by children became obsessed by the ways of He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Their goal is wipe out all adults and protect their corn fields. Possibly one of the biggest kill counts in history of horror movies. An mysterious being with many forms.

+More experience
+More powers
+More gold in his pot of gold, the more powerful he becomes
+Ridiculous regeneration
+If He Who Walks Behind The Rows is inside Leprechaun's cave can't escape

-More weaknesses
-More arrogant
-Losing gold from his pot of gold takes away his powers depending on amount missing
-Seeing anything real gold gets his attention making him vulnerable to traps

He Who Walks Behind The Rows
+More unpredictable
+Difficult to determine who or what He Who Walks Behind The Rows form is sometimes
+Commands an army of children
+Lesser weakness
+More weapons

-Not every children in his army is loyal
-Lacks combat experience
-Always close by corn fields that Leprechaun will quickly figure out
-Even He Who Walks Behind The Rows will do whatever it takes to protect corn fields
-Prefer showing up at night limiting the possibility of running into him
-Doesn't exploit weaknesses of their enemies
-Heavily relies on it's religion

Oh boy this is going to be one crazy battle for many reasons. I couldn't pick an better fight for Leprechaun myself. I thank Simoun once again suddenly becoming the solo vote for this match. Honestly I must give this to Leprechaun. Yes both of them are legends but only those a part of that cult knows about He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Leprechaun may have more weaknesses but also has more powers. He Who Walks Behind The Rows doesn't exploit it's enemies weaknesses. In summary won't use any possible way of killing Leprechaun. In comparison of powers, yes He Who Walks Behind The Rows is amazing. But Leprechaun is easily more god like with more experience of handling an bigger variety of enemies. Leprechaun could live possibly for an few thousands of years. Sadly He Who Walks Behind The Rows is technically already dead that sometimes possesses the living. Usually when it does, always gets too carried away & loses. Leprechaun held his own against an gypsy & won. He Who Walks Behind The Rows always stays close by corn fields. Leprechaun only has one set location that's almost impossible to escape from. Why because as long as he is alive won't allow intruders to escape. This cave automatically loops infinity until he allows it or dies. Also Leprechaun can create fire on the spot burning their fields. I would go into transformations but Leprechaun has flawless disguises to counter this. Even with the cult's help, Leprechaun is still too much to handle. The cult doesn't have interest in gold not knowing stealing it could weaken Leprechaun. If many space marines couldn't take down Leprechaun then how could this cult? It is possible depending on He Who Walks Behind The Rows' influence on children might get scared. The cult only listens to their leader or god making this surprisingly easier for Leprechaun. Finally at night He Who Walks Behind The Rows comes out. No time of the day or night is safe from Leprechaun especially on St. Patrick's Day. Leprechaun may lack numbers but has massive advantages over his opponent.

The Winner of this monster battle is Leprechaun

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #8 Frankenstein's Monster vs. Leatherface

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, this is sorta an request from my friend Simoun. Although I did throw this idea around, no body was biting. It's time to do what I want to see play out in my blog. We got an rather interesting case of stitched flesh theme horror icon battle. First up really doesn't need an introduction say hello to Frankenstein's Monster. His opponent often chases after people for his family with an chainsaw. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Leather.

Frankenstein's Monster

Dr. Victor Frankenstein became obsessed with preventing death to keep up living an common doctor's dream. He had help from an strange man named Igor to steal parts of corpses. This guy attempted several experiments before finally making the creature forever known as Frankenstein's Monster.


Leatherface is both mentally disturbed & retarded. He will go after anyone targeting his family. The most likely to get his hands dirty. Surprisingly he knows how to cut off human flesh like an professional psychopath.

Before I go even further I must clarify something very important. Like Dracula, there exists many movie versions of Frankenstein's Monster. I don't plan on creating an almost invincible variation of the creature. I just meant to create the true definitive that would put up an fair fight against Leatherface.

We got an strange case of two horror icons using stolen flesh in different ways. Frankenstein's Monster was made out of those body parts. Leatherface kills people he likes then tears off their faces to form an mask from time to time. Both are surprisingly strong, determine and aggressive. There are a lot of great possibilities for just one fight.

Frankenstein's Monster
+More experience
+Longer live span
+With help can get limbs reattached
+Adapts to environments much faster
+Electricity hitting him could guarantee victory
+More traveling experience

-Although an long period of time being alive does require high volt of electricity to survive
-Less willing to fight
-Doesn't like fire
-Sometimes has trouble getting powered by electricity

+More willing to fight
+Experience in cutting up people
+Fights with an chainsaw

-Being mentally disturbed greatly limits his way of thinking & controlling himself
-Being mentally retarded attempts to learn things at an much slower pace
-Heavily depended on family & chainsaw
-Despite his appearance actually is a human
-Doesn't tank injuries well

This is an close fight but very clear cuts making this surprisingly easy to determine the winner. I must give this to Frankenstein's Monster for many great reasons. Leather is more aggressive but to an fault Frankenstein's Monster could use against him. Being mentally retarded greatly slows down the rate he learns. In vice versa some versions of Frankenstein's Monster can quickly learn at an fast rate. Being made of corpses, Frankenstein's Monster has an much greater pain level he can take. Although out this fight, Frankenstein's Monster can find someone to reattach any body parts cut off. This also means the usual killing blows Leatherface would do. Surprisingly won't affect Frankenstein's Monster the same as humans. For one he could survive having his chainsaw inside his body with some resistance, If Leatherface kills off any of his limbs, he quickly bounces back from it. In some movies it's possible for Frankenstein's Monster to save from having his head being decapitated. In comparison Leatherface is still an insane human that doesn't take pain very well. Frankenstein's Monster has an longer live span possibly taking time to learn many things including skills. Although it's impressive Leatherface can use his chainsaw the way he does. Widely stated Frankenstein's Monster is several times stronger than an group of men with plenty of proof to back that up. Finally Frankenstein's Monster does require electricity to survive. Regardless from technology or an lightning bolt could guarantee victory in this fight. This could limit Leatherface's movements or force him to flee. Some versions of him when over charged can fire bolts of electricity. In most canons being charged increases his insane strength & his determination. I'm sorry Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans but this classic horror icon is no joke in what he can do.

The Winner of this monster battle is Frankenstein's Monster

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #7 Klowns vs. Killjoy

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, it's no secret one of the creepiest things in many people's child hoods is clowns. Today I decided to do an crazy evil clown brawl that most won't be safe. First up these strange aliens have similar traits to our planet's clowns but more twisted. They attempted to take our world over night say hello to Klowns. Their opponent is an demonic clown of vengeance with the most. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Killjoy. In support of Killjoy I'm allowing his team of clowns to help him to even things up. Otherwise what's the point of not clowning around lol.


It is possible the very concept of clowns could come from these aliens. One of the strangest horror movie monsters I ever seen. They use many stuff use for jokes to capture or kill people. They nearly wipe out an entire town over night. Despite their appearance, they are surprisingly nasty creatures.

Killjoy and his gang

An man name Michael wanted revenge. Instead of directly doing it like many people. Michael made an deal with Hell to create an powerful demon of vengeance. Thus creating Killjoy whose reception was seen as never failed killing all victims off. Until an woman going insane escape his realm. This is where his life forever change.

I debated many evil clowns for one rememberable take on doing an fight worthy of their name. I was close of using both Captain Spaulding & Pennywise but felt I could do better. It quickly became clear that nothing would work or made more sense this fight I chosen. Both sides may appear like clowns but are evil, twisted and dark humor. Obviously there is a lot to consider for this clown battle. I am an huge fan of both these evil clowns.

+Bigger group
+Only one weakness
+Greater range of weaponry
+More unpredictable
+Their leader being an giant

-Killjoy and his gang will figure out their weakness quickly
-Their leader is stuck on their ship due to his size
-Not use of being on Earth
-All clowns have similar abilities & weaponry

+Killjoy works better with his gang
+More use of being on Earth
+Semi Immortal
+More experience
+More skill sets
+More ready for combat under extreme conditions
+Survived Hell
+Stronger with Punchy being the strongest regular clown in this fight

-Killjoy can be reckless
-Some of them needs order at times
-Not as many weapons
-Killjoy loss some of his powers among letting one person escape ruining his repetition

This is an close fight for an clown battle. I must've taken too many pies in the face. This came down to an few details I simply couldn't ignore. Therefore I believe the winner of this fight is Killjoy. Before anyone freaks out about this please hear me out. Yes Klowns have the numbers and only has one weakness. But Killjoy and his gang aren't as stupid as many would think. Killjoy does notice stuff on his own especially towards killing people. They should quickly figure out how to kill Klowns. In vice versa Klowns does have superior technology with many of their weaponry making no real sense. Yet all clowns in Killjoy's gang have different skill sets that Klowns wouldn't understand. Although it's debatable how immortal Killjoy's gang actually is. What we do know is Batty Boop spent hours bleeding to when it wasn't technically possible to survive. This means Killjoy's gang could fight them longer period of time if needed. Killjoy with help did escape Hell easily worse than even facing their leader. Klown leader is not only the biggest but strongest as well. Punchy would be the only clown crazy enough to go into an fight with him just using his fists. Which packs more force than the small clown punching an biker's head off. The only reason that head went flying was because he moved at the worst possible time making it possible for decapitation. If Klowns decides to throw pies that melt an guard's body completely in minutes. Killjoy's gang can teleport away on the spot & quickly do something right afterwards. Killjoy also despite being nasty to his gang actually the better leader out of the two. Sometimes Killjoy had to make the tough decisions while their leader simply attack instead of strategizing. Pretty much team work, better leadership and some tough obstacles gives Killjoy and his gang the win of this fight.

The Winner of this monster battle is Killjoy

Saturday, February 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #6 Graboids vs. Xenomorph

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, today let's make it where there really isn't anywhere safe. The one fight coming to mind of that concept in mind might be blowing for many people. First up these creature start life as giant worms with other transformations becoming worse. Say hello to Graboids and their opponents are an alien race that really doesn't need any introductions. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Xenomorph.


In 1889, many people started disappearing with little to no traces. An small town figured out creatures called Graboids are eating people. In later movies, they have transformations like Shiekers & Ass-Blasters. Originally using sound to find their prey. In other forms that changes to heat sensing. Usually an group of them are close by several miles of each other.


An race of aliens that some species kept reviving through both technology & using live creatures. Starting live as Facehuggers, their purpose to find any creature to force bonding. After a coupe of hours, their victims dies after these creatures comes out of their chests. Savage beasts hunting people & protecting their queen at any cost.

I know many people are probably thinking several things right now. What why these two going against each other? This makes no sense at all you must be doing drugs. There is no possible way of making this fight happening. Honestly my concept is aiming for an angle most wouldn't understand at first. I wanted an great creature battle with no where being save. What both these creatures brings to the fight makes things very interesting. This fight alone has so much potential to blow so many people away.

For the record I'm excluding the newest Graboids from Tremors 5. I'm also not counting all cross over variations of Xenomorph speices. This should be what we have in their movies is what we got. If you don't like then don't come crying to me about it.

+In Graboid form has superior strength
+More difficult to fight one or an group of them
+Greater senses
+In Graboid form being a lot heavier
+Hide their eggs better

-Xenomorph can use sound or heat to get Graboids to go into traps
-Doesn't have much of a way to fight back
-Shiekers aren't much of an challenge compared to most it's forms

+More unpredictable
+Has more ways of fighting back
+Quicker reactions
+Better army
+Graboid species will likely get touch by their acidic blood
+Quickly adapts to any environment
+Goes through live forms much faster
+Queen can give born to an large amount of her kind

-Not as patience as Graboids
-More depended on Queen than themselves
-Doesn't have a way to attack Graboids in the ground or Ass-Blasters in the sky
-Not as tough by a huge amount
-Lay all their eggs out in the open instead of hiding them

WOW this is really hard to determine which monster army would win this battle. I took so many things into consideration to determine which side would win. I believe this battle must go to Xenomorph. Before I go even further I'm an huge fan of both franchises. I know some are going to quickly judge it simply because of Xenomorph. Allow me to fully explain why they win such an close battle. Clearly both sides has great advantages over each other. So I had to look deeper for big enough differences to decide which would win. I am picking my brains at this point. In short Xenomorph will have the bigger army at an faster rate because of their queen. Unavoidably several possibilities will occur often in this battle. Yes some Xenomorph aliens will get eaten alive. But Graboids won't make away in time after getting hit by their acidic blood. Which can burn through steel in seconds. In some Alien movies, Xenomorph have shown surprising high level of intelligence. For example in Alien: Resurrection they killed one of their own & hide. As soon as the guy spraying them comes out to search. One of them goes in that room & sprays him to death. If they could do that then it is likely Xenomorph will strategize against Graboids. Also Graboids has an history of falling into traps by humans. Yes Xenomorph can't able to attack Graboids in the ground or Ass-Blasters in the sky. Xenomorph can quickly adapt to any environment. Graboids are only found in hot areas around the world. Strongly suggesting an possible weakness or simply dislike to cold temperatures. Graboids won't go after Xenomorph eggs even they're hatching since they don't make much sound or heat. It is possible Xenomorph would go after Graboid eggs if they are an threat to their species. In the end Xenomorph has the numbers, deadly blood, quickly increase the size of their army and smart enough to win this battle.

The Winner of this monster battle is Xenomorph

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #5 Tallman vs. Dracula

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, to me this following fight is both an dream fight & possibly the one fight making the most sense. Today I put an lesser known horror icon against an legendary horror icon. First up an mysterious being with the goal of taking over our world is Tallman. His opponent the king of vampires with many legends and one of the most horror movies in history. Say hello to Count Dracula.


An undertaker becomes obsessed in attempting of connecting our world into another. Shortly entering his portal, the entity take over his body for centuries. Only known by the name Tallman plans on conquering our world. He found an way to use the dead against us.

Count Dracula

An king that was battling another army upon winning. He came home to find out his soon to be wife committed suicide. Greatly upsetting him to become the monster we all know of today. This vampire has done more damage than any horror movie icon. Widely known for his army of vampires and sometimes other monsters.

For me no body made more sense to take on Count Dracula than Tallman. It already is an huge deal for anyone possibly facing Dracula. One of the greatest horror movie icons in history. I made sure to pick the perfect opponent for him. To my own surprise this is really close. In fact I am cutting hairs to determine the winner or in this case dropping blood.

To clarify I am using a lot of Dracula movies for this fight. This isn't to create the ultimate Dracula that no one can beat. This was meant to create the true definitive Dracula for this fight.

+Has more difficult weaknesses
+More unpredictable
+Bigger army
+Quickly replace himself after dying as if nothing happened
+Greater range of attacks
+Doesn't require sleep, eat or using the bathroom
+Constantly traveling making it more difficult to track

-Dracula could use high pitch noises with help to stop Tallman in his tracks
-Most of his army isn't meant for battles
-Spheres could easily be manipulate

Count Dracula
+Better army with & without his monster allies
+More powers at his disposable
+More ways of being revived

-Depending on version has some or all vampire weaknesses
-Requires sleep during the day
-More reckless
-Stays in one set location
-His mind may not be able to handle the portals

This is going to be one insane war between the undead. Two of the most powerful beings in existence going at it. Virtually at their best with so little room to decide which ruler would win this battle. I really took a lot of time determining every possibility. This battle easily could go either way depending on it's conditions alone. Therefore with that in mind I imagine a lot of those scenarios. To me I kept coming up with great reasons why Tallman wins. Yes both lead an huge undead army that haunts the living. But all of Tallman's army can hunt as long as they need to. They doesn't require sleep, eat or using the bathroom. In vice versa, majority of Dracula's army are vampires. In most movies, they only can be at night hunting humans. Sunlight can easily kill them faster than most fatal weaknesses. There is the slight chance of getting other monster allies into the war. Wolf Man has an similar thing going with his transformations. Of course while in wolf form he doesn't have much control over his actions. Most of them have no limit of any kind preventing from hunting Tallman's army. Most of Tallman's army lack intelligence & being much shorter in comparison. Some vampires would die from Tallman's spheres. It is possible for them or Dracula to manipulate them to either avoid or get them stuck. Tallman will kill people in their sleep happening in some of the Phantasm movies. Dracula has an long history of people killing him within his coffin. Dracula usually stays his castle in Translyvania. But Tallman travels around the United States killing thousands to millions of people in canon. Tallman can quickly track Dracula's castle much faster than in vice versa that process taking much longer. It is also possible if Dracula go inside those portals Tallman uses. His mind very likely would not be able to handle it. Finally even if Dracula does kill off Tallman. As proven in some of his movies, Tallman will quickly return. As directly stated by Tallman himself, there exists over ten of thousands of him. Therefore for Dracula to officially win he must figure an way of getting to all of them. Sadly there doesn't exist such an way as it doesn't even state where all these Tallmans are. This means if Dracula were to attempt doing this. He is more likely to get killed or trapped inside. To clarify you can get trapped inside Tallman's world or time itself like what happened to Richie. Both of them are difficult to escape as proven by the movies. This was an close battle but Tallman comes out on top.

The Winner of this monster battle is Tallman

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #4 Sandman vs. Jack Frost

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, kids made stuff out of sand & snow for fun. Today we are taking an more horrifying take on such an concept. First up an killer snowman that needs no introduction Jack Frost. His opponent was an serial killer willing to kill his targets no matter what. Thus being reborn completely out of sand say hell to Sandman.


An serial killer hunting people he has spiritual connections to. He was close of hunting the last one down. Suddenly he got captured to be sentence to death. But unknown to everyone an dark priest is helping him. He found an way to revive Sandman by bleeding onto sand. Shortly after his death, he comes back to life within the sand itself.

Jack Frost

An serial killer gets caught to be sent to prison. But an accident occurs shortly after Jack left his transport vehicle. He melts completely into the snow thought to be dead. It turns out he was reborn within the snow itself. He decides to go on an murderous rampage.

In an way both of them are ripping off Child's Play Chucky. Both were serial killers that died & became something ridiculous. Although Sandman surprisingly works more than I thought. Yes both are inspired by fictional legendary figures. Despite this they're both still incredibly different from each other. In fact there isn't a lot to separate them in order to determine an winner plus not many movies.

+Only weakness is extreme heat
+More creative in killing people

-Once parts of him become glass & shatters, he can't regenerate making it possible to kill
-Not as experience as Jack Frost
-Must be close to kill you

Jack Frost
+Only weakness is bananas
+immune to heat
+More experience
+Create smaller snow creatures
+Can cover a small island in snow
+More range in killing people
+Has wider range of transformation

-Not as clever as Sandman
-Sandman can more easily use his weakness against him than in vice versa

WOW who could've predicted this fight being this close. After considering my research I must go with Jack Frost. It's true Sandman can use an banana to kill him but he wouldn't know. Obviously Sandman will become more glass the more heat he takes as shown late in the movie. In vice versa he would try almost everything that originally worked on him. Due to late in Jack Frost fighting with the same sheriff that captured him. This cop bleed in the antifreeze that mixed into Jack Frost's DNA. Now becoming immune to all those previous weaknesses. There is no way he could figure out only banana can now kill him. Jack Frost could trap Sandman into an area with extreme heat & win that way. This also makes Sandman's ability to alter people's bodies to kill them faster useless. Both can create more of what they're made out of. Jack Frost gain the ability to cover an small island in snow. Which could affect Sandman from gathering any sand in the area of this fight. Jack Frost is more experience with his powers. He could become water or pieces of himself into ice or simply alter his shape. Sandman can't shape shift to the degree Jack Frost can. With everything considered I see Jack Frost winning this fight.

The Winner of this monster battle is Jack Frost

Friday, February 10, 2017

Top 6 Game Companies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this is going to be an personal Top 6 list. Why because you are about to find out which game companies I'm huge fan of. There is so much to consider for this particular list.

1. Must be into at least three game series to count
2. If they did enough to upset me they won't be consider Konami & Nintendo

6. Valve

Half-Life series
Left 4 Dead series
Team Fortress series
Counter-Strike series

Valve is still one of the most popular game companies focusing on PC games. Their gaming service Steam is the biggest in the entire world. Valve has some of the most impressive games for their time. More recently they came out with an console sorta it was actually just another computer false advertising. Very quickly became one of the absolute best game companies to date. Gabe Newell is officially one of the richest men in the world.

5. Bethesda

Wolfenstein series
Doom series
Fallout series

Bethesda really puts out amazing games. They already rebooted Wolfenstein & Doom that many consider some of their finest yet. Of course Fallout series ever since Fallout 3 has some mind blowing stuff. They put so much work into these games that it's ridiculous. Bethesda getting ID Software was one of the smartest things any game company has done.

4. Warner Brothers

Mortal Kombat series
Rampage series
Lego Batman series
Batman: Arkham series

An big movie company around early nineties gets involve with video games. More recently they got so many developers working for them. A lot of great licensed games for their time with very few difficult to beat. Warner Brothers has an impressive line up of licensed games. Not only that in particular Batman: Arkham series really set the bar high. Mortal Kombat has never been this good in years. All I want now is for them to bring back Rampage.

3. Bandai Namco

Tekken series
SoulCalibur series
Pac-Man series
Dragon Ball Z series

Bandai Namco is two game companies merged into greatness. Still going strong from Pac-Man of the early eighties. Banai Namco has an major impact on not just my life but many others as well. Some of the absolute finest video games in existence. Tekken series in particular is incredibly unique and original. They revamped weapon style fighting games with Soul Edge or Soul Blade depending on region. Their finest games are an testament to timeless classics still many people need to play today.

2. Capcom

Resident Evil series
Devil May Cry series
Dead Rising series
Marvel vs. Capcom series

One of my personal favorite game companies of all time. Capcom still going strong with many newer classics. Some of the absolute best video games anywhere in the world. Their library of video games is legendary by today's standards. They have done plenty of original games or ported ones or licensed games. Capcom keeps pushing the envelope further with even passing year.

1. Sega

Sonic series
Shinobi series
Golden Axe series
Vectorman series
Sonic and Sega All Stars series
Shining series
Streets of Rage series
Crazy Taxi series
The House of the Dead series
Space Harrier series
Virtua Fighter series

I already expecting so many to disagree. If it weren't for Sega Genesis, I would never became an gamer. Sega still has a lot of great series over the years. They have their ups and downs with their company mascot Sonic. Most agree their arcade games are some of the best you could possibly play. Also they are one of the few game companies to make game consoles and handhelds. You got to respect that, Sega has so much potential to be great again. A lot of interesting concepts especially during 16-bit era. Sega deserves a lot more credit than what it is currently getting. For one they actually listen to their fans unlike Nintendo and Square Enix. Another huge reason I'm into Sega so much is their controllers are still some of my favorites. I love seeing many Sega classics in many forms getting ported. Sometimes they host contests where you could get some of their games for free. Can you name another game company that kind I doubt it.

I hope you guys like my blog, if enough are interested I could do the flip side possibly upsetting many people. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #3 Puppets vs. Gremlins

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I think I just thought of an interesting team monster battle for your entertainment. First up the legendary puppets made by Andre Toulon has been around for an long time. Depending on their puppet master, the puppets could do good or bad things. Say hello to his puppets and their opponent originally small cute furry creatures that decided to be bad. These ate after midnight to transform into what we now know as Gremlins. They are terrible small creatures that will terrorize an building to an small town. Some of the meanest small horror movie creatures I ever seen.

Andre Toulon's Puppets

Andre Toulon was an young puppeteer in Europe. He met an sorcerer that gave him the secret of life. Toulon decided to protect it by giving this gift to his puppets. Each one has an soul he once knew as an person. Many years both Nazi & worshipers of Sutekh are in desperate search of that secret. Many people since Toulon have owned the puppets. According to Puppet Master: The Legacy, many reports involves these puppets. The closest thing of being immortal as they survived an powerful explosion among other things.


Rare creatures with strict guide lines. They only eat twice an day & never pass midnight. But an group of these creatures wanted to be bad. They decided to eat after midnight to transform into an new being called Gremlins. These are nasty, vicious & crazy creatures. They want to be their own people group like us but have an horrible way of going about it. They don't care for anyone not even to each other.

This is going to be one crazy blood bath we're about to witness. These puppets have took on all kind of enemies. Gremlins are out of control that always wants to party without an care in the world. This is going to be one hell of an party. I strongly suggest run as far away as possible. We don't want anyone getting in the middle of this in any possible way.

Andre Toulon's Puppets
+Has more experience
+More durable in comparison
+Has more weapons
+Can easily be repaired
+An great puppet master can greatly improve their chances of winning
+More difficult to predict
+Better team work
+Has defeated greater variety of enemies

-All puppets requires the formula to stay alive
-Not use of dealing with wild creatures
-Most puppets would struggle in an strength contest against Gremlins
-Some of their weapons can be removed easily
-Losing too many puppets could be their downfall

+Easily increase their numbers by touching water
+More willing to fight

-Little to no real team work
-Vulnerable to sun light greatly limiting where to go
-Pays more attention to having fun than fighting or escaping
-Much stupider in comparison
-While multiplying become unable to move
-Not use of dealing with beings close to their size unless we count Gizmo

So much to consider for such an crazy team battle to the death but without everything considered. I must go with Andre Toulon's puppets. Gremlins doesn't have much going in their favor. Yes they can easily increase their numbers by touching water. But in doing so they become unable to move from their spots. Allowing the puppets an chance by opening up sections to get more sun light in where they're fighting. Gremlins doesn't work well together as proven many times. The puppets has an long history of working well together. Depending on their puppet master the odds could increase or decrease. They have shown what they can do with an great puppet master in the past. Way more impressive than anything Gremlins has ever done. The puppets also has an long history of tanking all kind of attacks. Yet with some trouble they get back up & if repairs needs to be done. Thankfully Andre left instructions on how to fix them making it an guarantee they will be walking again. The puppets can go an long while without needing the formula. Also the puppets has won against all kind of enemies. They also have more dangerous weapons to easily kill a lot of people in such an short amount of time. Regardless which leader Gremlins we use, most of their kind does their own thing. They are way more focus in partying than surviving, fighting and escaping. Which already lowers their guard against the puppets. Gremlins aren't use of dealing with beings their size making this an obvious win. As much I like Gremlins, I have to give this to Andre Toulon's puppets.

The Winner of this monster battle is Andre Toulon's Puppets

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #2 Wishmaster vs. Channard Cenobite

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, this is one of my first ideas for this concept. I been waiting for an few users to do their take of it. But if you want something done you got to do it yourself. This is going to be one epic battle for an monster brawl. First up is possibly one of the scariest horror icons to date. An being capable of some of the most mind blowing powers imaginable. Say hello to Wishmaster and his opponent stands as one of the most powerful demons in existence. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Channard Cenobite. These two could easily own many big name horror icons on their own. Today we will see which demonic creature is more terrifying.


For centuries there were stories about an djinn that would twist people's wishes into killing him. This creature is one of the smallest races but possibly the most dangerous. There is little to no limit in what they can grant. Wishmaster's goal is among granting the waker three wishes to bring the apocalypse. This creature will do anything in achieving that goal.

Channard Cenobite

Originally an doctor of an hospital that became obsessed with the box and everything relating to it. One day an man committing suicide of the bed. Belong to Julia cause her to come back to life through his blood. Shortly afterwards she betrays him that transforms Channard into the most powerful cenobite ever created. Being directly powered by their god, this demon shows no mercy to anyone.

Two powerful demonic creatures capable of handling anything. Both close very like of being godlike greatly limiting who or what could stand against either of these monsters. I say we're in an heated battle that could forever change the course of how Hell does things. I am not kidding that's how insane of an fight this actually is. Of course I did my research to determine which demonic being stands beyond the rest.

+Has more experience
+Greater range of his powers
+By granting wishes could allow him to warp reality & make impossible things possible
+Only harm by an sword wielded by angels
+More clever
+Superior regeneration

-Sometimes waits too long for someone to make an wish he can twist
-Some wishes can't be twisted
-More focus on getting those three wishes than anything else

Channard Cenobite
+Being powered by his god makes him more powerful than Pinhead
+Like Pinhead's chains. his smaller worms can do anything he wants
+Can remove powers from the Cenobites

-Due to that giant worm attached to his head greatly limits his movements
-At the worst possible time that giant worm will pull off his head killing him
-Doesn't have much experience as an cenobite
-More predictable
-His powers are useless against Wishmaster

This will be an close battle but with everything considered I must give this to Wishmaster. It is unlikely Channard Cenobite would make an wish greatly limiting his powers. But it is possible for someone close by could make an wish related to this battle improving his chances of winning. Wishmaster has been around for centuries with an large kill count. Channard Cenobite only existed within one night & died. Wishmaster has experience dealing with angels while Channard took on the Cenobites. The only reason Channard Cenobite won was because their god was directly powering him. When Wishmaster won against an angel, he did it on his own. Most real cons Wishmaster has wouldn't affect this fight much. Although Channard Cenobite took away Pinhead's powers just before killing him. Wishmaster has insane powers that are god like making it incredibly difficult for that to happen. I mean he killed an woman by sex, rapidly age an man backwards & many other things. Wishmaster easily can warp reality to an degree which by itself Channard Cenobite wouldn't understand. You could consider this Hell's take on science vs. magic. Channard Cenobite wouldn't be able to wield an sword from angels due to being an demonic creature. Therefore Channard Cenobite has no solid way of killing Wishmaster. Finally at the worst possible time that giant worm could pull his head off killing him. This worm already greatly limits his movements in the fight. Wishmaster has so many different possible ways to do this fight it's ridiculous. I am sorry Hellraiser fans but Wishmaster is truly way more terrifying demonic creature.

The Winner of this monster battle is Wishmaster

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #1 Lumberjack Man vs. Gingerdead Man

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I can't believe I'm about to present such an ridiculous fight. First up is an more recent parody slasher horror icon Lumberjack Man. Opposing him is probably one of the most ridiculous horror movie monsters ever created in existence. Say hello to Gingerdead Man now I wouldn't want to eat around these guys.

Lumberjack Man

This guy has an difficult to take seriously origin. He was an lumberjack that loves eating pan cakes with his family secret syrup. One day an businessman comes around after an long walk to try his pan cakes. He quickly got amazed by it to tried offering him to hand over his secret syrup recipes. But he refused pissing off the businessman to end up killing him & stealing it. For many years this town's favorite syrup was actually part of an horrible crime covered up. Lumberjack Man comes back from the grave to kill people. Following every kill he uses his victim's blood into his syrup & eats pan cakes.

Gingerdead Man

An serial killer that kept killing people until he got caught. He was sentence to death but his story gets weirder. An mysterious person took his ash hide it inside flour then left it at an local bakery. Somehow during the baking process of an gingerbread man. Gingerdead Man came alive quickly going around kill people. This small guy has been through some of the strangest movies I ever seen. His second movie had an movie being made with him killing people mostly in the back stage area. His third movie you find out there exists an prison for killer living food. He escaped through an time device going back to the 70s. Very quickly doing what he does best to only find out two kids already prevented everything he's done. His fourth movie is an crossover with Evil Bong. Which by itself is an strange horror movie just imagine both of them in the same movie.

Let's get some of the obvious facts out of the way first. Yes both are them are parody rip offs of other horror icons. Lumberjack Man is one of many ripping off Jason Voorhees whose ripping off Michael Myers. Gingerdead Man is one of many ripping off Chucky but possibly the most ridiculous of them all. Yes this is an strange food fight to the death. No body is safe with both of them going around killing people. Honestly I'm trying not to laugh too hard about this fight. Both these monsters have their pros & cons to consider to determine who would win in an fight.

Lumberjack Man
+Easily survive almost everything making him several times tougher than an normal person
+Somehow can kill someone with an giant pan cake
+Much stronger than an normal person
+Can use anything as an weapon
+Has more weapons at his disposal

-Although he stays on top of his victims, he isn't very bright & becomes predictable
-Only those from that businessman's family covered in his syrup can kill him
-Alive for an limited amount of time

Gingerdead Man
+Faster than most people
+Can use anything as an weapon with some trouble
+Tougher than an normal person
+If eaten by someone, he possesses their body

-Surprisingly dumb
-Easier weaknesses to figure out
-Very predictable after people realize he's trying to kill them
-Although he puts up an fight, many more fight can handle him in their hands
-Being an pervert could cause him to drop his guard at the worst possible time
-Allows anger to blind his judgment
-Loves to talk especially cursing & dirty

This is going to be an close fight but with everything considered. I have to give this to Lumberjack Man for many great reasons. For one thing he is much stronger & tougher than an normal person. Lumberjack Man has killed more people in his movies than those that still count in Gingerdead Man's. Which would make him more experience as an killer. Lumberjack Man is more difficult to predict since he doesn't make much sounds or speak. Unfortunately for Gingerdead Man he lacks an way to kill Lumberjack Man. He may be faster but one particular scene has proven Lumberjack Man is ready for many faster runners. Lumberjack Man has more weapons available to him. Also Gingerdead Man has easy weaknesses to use against him in comparison. Finally Gingerdead Man's personality is the big reason why he would lose this fight. Clearly loves to talk, always angry and spies on beautiful women. Lumberjack Man often looks for people like that to kill. Now considering it is likely Lumberjack Man would eat Gingerdead Man shortly afterwards. I'm not considering that scenario since the fight is already over. There is an possibility Gingerdead Man may not be able to possess him since he's already dead.

The Winner of this monster battle is Lumberjack Man