Saturday, February 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #4 Sandman vs. Jack Frost

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, kids made stuff out of sand & snow for fun. Today we are taking an more horrifying take on such an concept. First up an killer snowman that needs no introduction Jack Frost. His opponent was an serial killer willing to kill his targets no matter what. Thus being reborn completely out of sand say hell to Sandman.


An serial killer hunting people he has spiritual connections to. He was close of hunting the last one down. Suddenly he got captured to be sentence to death. But unknown to everyone an dark priest is helping him. He found an way to revive Sandman by bleeding onto sand. Shortly after his death, he comes back to life within the sand itself.

Jack Frost

An serial killer gets caught to be sent to prison. But an accident occurs shortly after Jack left his transport vehicle. He melts completely into the snow thought to be dead. It turns out he was reborn within the snow itself. He decides to go on an murderous rampage.

In an way both of them are ripping off Child's Play Chucky. Both were serial killers that died & became something ridiculous. Although Sandman surprisingly works more than I thought. Yes both are inspired by fictional legendary figures. Despite this they're both still incredibly different from each other. In fact there isn't a lot to separate them in order to determine an winner plus not many movies.

+Only weakness is extreme heat
+More creative in killing people

-Once parts of him become glass & shatters, he can't regenerate making it possible to kill
-Not as experience as Jack Frost
-Must be close to kill you

Jack Frost
+Only weakness is bananas
+immune to heat
+More experience
+Create smaller snow creatures
+Can cover a small island in snow
+More range in killing people
+Has wider range of transformation

-Not as clever as Sandman
-Sandman can more easily use his weakness against him than in vice versa

WOW who could've predicted this fight being this close. After considering my research I must go with Jack Frost. It's true Sandman can use an banana to kill him but he wouldn't know. Obviously Sandman will become more glass the more heat he takes as shown late in the movie. In vice versa he would try almost everything that originally worked on him. Due to late in Jack Frost fighting with the same sheriff that captured him. This cop bleed in the antifreeze that mixed into Jack Frost's DNA. Now becoming immune to all those previous weaknesses. There is no way he could figure out only banana can now kill him. Jack Frost could trap Sandman into an area with extreme heat & win that way. This also makes Sandman's ability to alter people's bodies to kill them faster useless. Both can create more of what they're made out of. Jack Frost gain the ability to cover an small island in snow. Which could affect Sandman from gathering any sand in the area of this fight. Jack Frost is more experience with his powers. He could become water or pieces of himself into ice or simply alter his shape. Sandman can't shape shift to the degree Jack Frost can. With everything considered I see Jack Frost winning this fight.

The Winner of this monster battle is Jack Frost

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