Friday, February 10, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #3 Puppets vs. Gremlins

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I think I just thought of an interesting team monster battle for your entertainment. First up the legendary puppets made by Andre Toulon has been around for an long time. Depending on their puppet master, the puppets could do good or bad things. Say hello to his puppets and their opponent originally small cute furry creatures that decided to be bad. These ate after midnight to transform into what we now know as Gremlins. They are terrible small creatures that will terrorize an building to an small town. Some of the meanest small horror movie creatures I ever seen.

Andre Toulon's Puppets

Andre Toulon was an young puppeteer in Europe. He met an sorcerer that gave him the secret of life. Toulon decided to protect it by giving this gift to his puppets. Each one has an soul he once knew as an person. Many years both Nazi & worshipers of Sutekh are in desperate search of that secret. Many people since Toulon have owned the puppets. According to Puppet Master: The Legacy, many reports involves these puppets. The closest thing of being immortal as they survived an powerful explosion among other things.


Rare creatures with strict guide lines. They only eat twice an day & never pass midnight. But an group of these creatures wanted to be bad. They decided to eat after midnight to transform into an new being called Gremlins. These are nasty, vicious & crazy creatures. They want to be their own people group like us but have an horrible way of going about it. They don't care for anyone not even to each other.

This is going to be one crazy blood bath we're about to witness. These puppets have took on all kind of enemies. Gremlins are out of control that always wants to party without an care in the world. This is going to be one hell of an party. I strongly suggest run as far away as possible. We don't want anyone getting in the middle of this in any possible way.

Andre Toulon's Puppets
+Has more experience
+More durable in comparison
+Has more weapons
+Can easily be repaired
+An great puppet master can greatly improve their chances of winning
+More difficult to predict
+Better team work
+Has defeated greater variety of enemies

-All puppets requires the formula to stay alive
-Not use of dealing with wild creatures
-Most puppets would struggle in an strength contest against Gremlins
-Some of their weapons can be removed easily
-Losing too many puppets could be their downfall

+Easily increase their numbers by touching water
+More willing to fight

-Little to no real team work
-Vulnerable to sun light greatly limiting where to go
-Pays more attention to having fun than fighting or escaping
-Much stupider in comparison
-While multiplying become unable to move
-Not use of dealing with beings close to their size unless we count Gizmo

So much to consider for such an crazy team battle to the death but without everything considered. I must go with Andre Toulon's puppets. Gremlins doesn't have much going in their favor. Yes they can easily increase their numbers by touching water. But in doing so they become unable to move from their spots. Allowing the puppets an chance by opening up sections to get more sun light in where they're fighting. Gremlins doesn't work well together as proven many times. The puppets has an long history of working well together. Depending on their puppet master the odds could increase or decrease. They have shown what they can do with an great puppet master in the past. Way more impressive than anything Gremlins has ever done. The puppets also has an long history of tanking all kind of attacks. Yet with some trouble they get back up & if repairs needs to be done. Thankfully Andre left instructions on how to fix them making it an guarantee they will be walking again. The puppets can go an long while without needing the formula. Also the puppets has won against all kind of enemies. They also have more dangerous weapons to easily kill a lot of people in such an short amount of time. Regardless which leader Gremlins we use, most of their kind does their own thing. They are way more focus in partying than surviving, fighting and escaping. Which already lowers their guard against the puppets. Gremlins aren't use of dealing with beings their size making this an obvious win. As much I like Gremlins, I have to give this to Andre Toulon's puppets.

The Winner of this monster battle is Andre Toulon's Puppets

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