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Anime Face Off Original vs. Remake #2 Fullmetal Alchemist vs. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this is probably the most discussed case of which version is better among anime in general. Two legendary animes based on one of the absolute best monthly manga series ever. Fullmetal Alchemist is hands down a series many people can relate to in so many ways. I been really wanting to do this one for a long time now. I will be comparing Fullmetal Alchemist vs. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in possibly difficult comparison. This comparison alone divided the fan base in half.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Round 1: Characters

Both animes do cover a good amount of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. The author actually allowed the team behind the original anime full control as long they gave us a new ending. In the end both animes aren't just very good animes for their time. They're also two of the absolute best stories ever told in any anime. From start to finish both shows will really pull you in. Plenty of twists & turns to keep you on the edge of your sit. I am going to be honest I am already pulling hairs to determine which had better characters. Some characters like Scar was done better in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Other characters like some of the Homunculi and soldiers were done better in the original anime. The main antagonists in both animes has a connection to their father over a few centuries. Personally I felt Father was a better villain. Regardless which version King Bradley does stand out in different ways. You could argue there are more characters in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I could argue some characters were surprisingly better use in the original anime. Honestly I came to like Brotherhood a little more for characters that weren't present in the original anime. For example the second Greed ended up being one of my favorite characters. Bradley really stands out near the end of Brotherhood more than his fight with Colonel Mustang in the original anime. I felt these were the characters that ultimately made the difference.

The winner of this round is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Round 2: Story

I already stated how damn good their stories actually is. Not only both of them can truly stand the test of time. They do come off as clever takes of the same story. I would even go as far to say they're both close to perfection in every possible area imaginable. Both had their own mind blowing twists that many haven't seen coming before. Most characters get use incredibly well for their time. Sure I could criticize Brotherhood for shorten to removing shared parts. From the manga that are also present in the original anime. I simply can't ignore a missing piece of the final episode. They ran out of time while animating that episode leaving out what was suppose to happen to Dante. Also the true ending of that show was a movie. Not many animes do that now a days. However I am only judging the shows themselves. I might consider doing a movie version of this comparison. To me the Homunculi truly stands out in Brotherhood more for many reasons. The way they go about Father's plans was more interesting. Not all the homunculus were on the same page in the original anime. Which by itself was interesting then we have Father devouring God baby. Moments that epic are very difficult to take. Another good reason why it wins is because they didn't play both universes in the original anime as much as they could.

The winner of this round is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Round 3: Violence

To me this is even closer than my comparison on Hellsing. Both do have parts not everyone wants to see. I am taking a lot of horrible deaths including some of the homunculus. Both do a great job with their light parts in between & following many of these moments. I do felt Brotherhood does push a little too far in some cases. A great example of this was Colonel Mustang attacking Envy. The violence in the original anime does seem more civilize in the long run. I'm not saying they're fighting like gentlemen come on folks. Both do have very entertaining chases & battles through out their shows. The real question is which version better justify their overall violence? Simply doing that made things really close. I have to give it to Brotherhood because it is being more faithful to everything from the manga. I am sorry folks who prefer the original anime. I do enjoy it very much but not as close as much I enjoy watching Brotherhood.

The winner of this round is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

3-0 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood wins this comparison for great reasons. To sum up a good enough of reasons. Most of what you love about the original anime, there's simply more of it in Brotherhood. I do highly recommend both these animes to everyone. Now a days they're close to the same prices depending on several things. Therefore it is difficult to recommend one by that alone. I will say Brotherhood truly did more justice to that manga.

Anime Face Off Original vs. Remake #1 Hellsing vs. Hellsing Ultimate

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I haven't been covering many things anime wise on my blog. I been a life long otaku for many years thanks to Toonami during my child hood. Hell my wife so happens to also be an otaku. You could say a match made in Heaven. The same can't be said for the topic I'm about to cover. Many people done their own takes on which is better original animes or their remakes? I am not going to lie all the ones I plan on covering will be difficult to do. Today I decided to kick things off with a personal favorite of mine Hellsing.

To clarify Hellsing Ultimate is a OVA series. They put a lot of time into each episode of that series. All ten of them got aired on Toonami a few years ago making this possible. Regardless parts of both Hellsing animes do cover parts of the manga.


Hellsing Ultimate

Round 1: Characters

Of course this is going to be tough for many reasons. Even considering all major difference in their appearances and their fate. Majority of characters appearing in both versions are similar. Thus the best way to go about this is by focusing the manga itself. Which anime did those characters more justice overall? Personally Hellsing anime did have Alucard more present. Everyone plays their roles incredibly well from the first episode all the way to the final episode. Seras was clearly done more justice in Hellsing Ultimate. The best possible angle to decide a winner as surprising it may be. We have to focus more on both Walter & Integra. Walter mostly acts as the person introducing weapons in Hellsing anime. However Walter plays a much greater role later on in Hellsing Ultimate. He becomes a vampire that took on Alucard, still one of the craziest battles of any story I ever seen. Integra does a lot more within Hellsing Ultimate. Not only she gives out orders, she even gets to kill several vampires. Hell she with Seras took on The Major, another crazy battle. Even Anderson, Alucard's rival from another organization is done more justice in Hellsing Ultimate. Their final battle was way more satisfying than their last fight in Hellsing Anime. This was the perfect rivalry battle that got epic in a big way. Incognito was good for what he brings to the table. Let's be honest the Millennium really stole the show in Hellsing Ultimate.

The winner of this round is Hellsing Ultimate

Round 2: Story

Yes as stated earlier both animes do cover the manga to a degree. Hellsing anime covers the same parts also covered in Hellsing Ultimate. But it also had plenty of original story to help connect everything together. I was very impressed how great this show holds up today. Hellsing Ultimate is covering the entire manga from start to finish. Both their stories are some of the best vampire animes ever made. Which bags the question how the hell am I going to decide which had a better story. This may upset a lot of people. Mostly with humor included & better pace overall I must give it to Hellsing Anime. In Hellsing Ultimate, they threw everything at you barely giving you a break. The humor isn't funny at all in Hellsing Ultimate because of this. However in Hellsing Anime the funny parts do work. When it came to major twists I felt Hellsing Anime did a better job.

The winner of this round is Hellsing Anime

Round 3: Violence

Some of you are thinking isn't this kinda pointless to cover. No believe it or not the times do change with anime. What they would allow then to what they would allow now is very different. Thus this makes a interesting comparison for many reasons. I'm not simply giving this to Hellsing Ultimate for being really violence, bloody & gory. Hellsing Anime allowed a lot of killing with parts of it being tone down for televisions. Hellsing Ultimate was made straight to DVD format with no limit how violent they could go. Thus Hellsing Ultimate is one of the most absolutely bloody, violent animes I ever seen. Especially late in this series you will be mind blown how far the violence actually goes. The right question is which had the violence fit in better? Clearly both did a great job being bloody & gory to a degree. As much I love seeing that insane level of violence because of horror movies. Even I have to say it is a little too much for my taste in Hellsing Ultimate. I felt the violence was more properly put in Hellsing Anime. Just right how they went about several characters getting killed.

The winner of this round is Hellsing Anime

2-1 Hellsing Anime wins this comparison for all the right reasons. Not only it holds up better but does humor and violence just right. Alucard is more present in this anime that many people do prefer this over Hellsing Ultimate. Both had great stories for their time. But original parts connecting near perfectly to those from the manga help Hellsing Anime stand out. Sure Hellsing Ultimate does more characters justice in the long run. Yet you can get the entire series of Hellsing Anime for much cheaper than getting Hellsing Ultimate separately.

The winner of this comparison is Hellsing Anime

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle Rules

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I already done close to twenty battles between many classic monsters. I should make a guide line/rules section to help clarify how I go about doing these. Now this is meant to be fun, I only ask for you to be nice about disliking my work or get out of here.

Rules to make sure this series stands out on it's own as they follow below...
1. No ghosts are allowed
2. Joke fights do have limits to how ridiculous it can get
3. Strict lining of what classifies as a monster to insane or desperate human beings
4. No gods are allowed
5. I can't stress this enough no Death himself
6. Big fights that everyone talks about for right now are off the table
7. I won't do fights with characters too big or small unless I can find a way to balance it out
8. Only some joke fights are allowed to be one sided like Leprechaun vs. Leprechaun
9. After a said character wins twice, they only will return in a fight they'll lose
10. The entire goal of these is doing fights most wouldn't consider doing
11. No only in character's minds monsters are allowed
12. No characters hiding behind others killing people unless it's a team/army battle
13. Anything horror wise in movies will be considered
14. Depending on things I could allow a horror movie hero or heroine in a fight
15. Some holidays will get special battles that I regularly won't do for my series

I know it's a lot of rules for something this crazy. But I really have a huge passion towards horror movies. There is so much potential that still stands through out the ages. Some of the craziest concepts that once scared people stupid possibly close to insanity.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

X-Men Movie reviews Part 3 (Wolverine Trilogy)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Wolverine has always been my favorite X-Men since child hood. Of course hearing Logan will be Hugh Jackman's last time being Wolverine. Even in bad X-Men movies, Jackman pulled off Wolverine very well. Jackman himself played an huge part in this trilogy for Wolverine. He wanted to give off the perfect portrayal of the character in a way that most will remember for many years to come.  Of course a goal like this will have obstacles to overcome. I guess we only have one way to find out if he succeeded or failed.

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an prequel that does cover Wolverine's back story. Officially where the movie takes place puts it in the middle of the story line. Yes that by itself makes this movie an monkey wrench in the story. Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool knowing how terrible his portrayal was going to be. According him, he made a deal if he played that abomination. They would agree to make Deadpool movie. A mighty tough long painful to swallow jack hammering pill. Yes folks that how bad Deadpool is in this movie. This is sorta playing off of X2 because Stryker plays a similar role. Wolverine did missions with him not knowing they were facing mutants. Later on Stryker convince Wolverine to get adamantium into his body. Sabretooth is kinda mix here because he doesn't look or act the part very well. Now the guy who played Sabretooth in X-Men was much better in comparison. This movie has an poor excuse of Gambit. They play this off as an origin story as well as revenge like we don't got plenty of both movies. Even Jackman knew this wasn't going to work close to the completion of it. This movie stands as one of the worst X-Men movies.

2. The Wolverine (2013)

The Wolverine was closer to what Jackman wanted but no cigar. This is an follow up to X-Men: The Last Stand. Alrighty starting on an bad note but thankfully better than the previous Wolverine movie. This was closer to what Jackman wanted for the character. Again it still wasn't quite right as this is a mixed received movie. Personally I like this portrays some of the best aspects of Wolverine's character. This time a man Wolverine saved during World War 2 is on the verge of dying. Mysteriously Wolverine becomes unable to regenerate yet still isn't dying as proven by several scenes. This does tell it's story much better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine & being more faithful to the comics. This movie is still miles behind the prequel trilogy & Deadpool movie. The Wolverine brings in one of his most famous stories to date. Wolverine gets to take on Silver Samurai. Although there are major problems with Silver Samurai that must be brought up. Technically two characters would be Silver Samurais since they share names of those that held the name in the comics. The actual Silver Samurai was just a man inside of an adamantium samurai armor powered armor. His sword heats up that can cut right through adamantium. In comics, Silver Samurai has an energy that he widely puts inside his katana to allow him to cut through almost anything. They did put more good work into this movie but still far from the best within X-Men movie franchise.

3. Logan (2017)

This is basically replacing The Wolverine in the new time line. Logan has a similar thing as The Wolverine going. In both movies play it as if this were Wolverine's last movie. Logan ends up taking care of a little girl during the movie. Usually I feel free to spoil movies to a degree. In this rare case I will not do such a thing. This is easily one of the greatest movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Everyone involved with this movie really knocked it out of the park. I am way beyond impressed if there exist such a thing. I highly recommend checking out this movie as soon as possible. From the moment it starts until it ends I never experienced a movie this good in a long time. This is possibly not only one of the absolute best X-Men & Marvel movies. This is a candidate for the greatest super hero movie ever made. I really can't say anything more to do it anymore justice.

Now it's time to rank the movies but I'm doing it differently and for great reasons. I will be ranking only the best & worst from all three X-Men trilogy movie series. Which means three movies won't be ranked but did good enough to pass the grade.

Top 3 Best X-Men Movies
3. X-Men
2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
1. Logan

Top 3 Worst X-Men Movies
3. The Wolverine
2. X-Men: The Last Stand
1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Before anyone starts getting upset at me. All three prequel trilogy movies are very good. I couldn't choose any of them to be the worst. Also more people would agree with this worst list. I highly recommend avoiding all three X-Men movies especially if you are a huge fan like myself.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #14 Chicken Zombies vs. Killer Tomatoes

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I decided to really do an mess up funny battle. A battle so weird & strangely entertaining that I simply had to do it. A battle so mind blowing in terms I'm actually doing it. Despite it's appearances this is sorta a spiritual successor to Lumberjack Man vs. Gingerdead Man. Why because this so happens to be another food themed battle. This time I'm really pushing the limits in what I would allow in my series. First up for generations both deceased Indians & chickens aren't happy with their burial ground. They decided to fight back by transforming people into Chicken Zombies. Possibly one of the most disgusting monsters I ever get the pleasure of covering. Their opponent is one of the most ridiculous horror movie monsters to date. Mutated tomatoes that goes around killing people. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Killer Tomatoes. I wasn't kidding that no body will ever take this fight seriously but I'm expecting a truly disgusting fight worthy of an true horror battle.

Chicken Zombies

An evil corporation makes an fast food restaurant on top of an Indian burial ground. If that's not enough both Indians and dead chickens are angry about it. In fact they decided to take out their rage by transforming people into Chicken Zombies. Possibly one of the most mess up horror movie monsters I ever seen. Of course I wouldn't order chicken at that place. I guess you could say I'm a chicken.

Killer Tomatoes

One of the most ridiculous horror movie monsters ever created. Originally scientists did experiments on tomatoes. Eventually one mad scientist took advantage of this for his own evil gain. These creatures aren't regular tomatoes. In fact they are the kind to eat you instead. Some of the meanest small creatures I ever seen. I wouldn't even pick up a tomato in an grocery store after seeing these movies.

Chicken Zombies
+Can easily increase their numbers
+Stranger biology

-Doesn't work well together
-Lost most control over their actions
-Driven by eating humans

Killer Tomatoes
+Bigger army
+Under command by a mad scientist has them working better together
+More weapons
+Great at hiding

-More predictable
-More arrogant
-Loves running their mouths
-Sometimes too depended on their leader

This is going to be end of the world. I didn't think this fight could get that ugly but here we are. Chickens vs. Tomatoes with plenty of great advantages over each other. This may surprise a lot of people. Killer Tomatoes actually has a better track record even before that mad scientist showed up. Originally they nearly wipe out humanity. Shortly after an mad scientist took control took part in ridiculous plans that was working. Chicken Zombies are very similar to zombies in many ways. One of the strangest biologies I ever seen. Killer Tomatoes already proven to be smarter but loves running their mouths. They can use all kind of weaponry in comparison of Chicken Zombies using their body as a weapon. Right off the bat Killer Tomatoes has a bigger army but easier to kill. Chicken Zombies can quickly up their numbers by attacking people or tomatoes. Thus we get Killer Chicken Zombie Tomatoes lol now that's just ridiculous. Killer Tomatoes already proven to be more of an handful just in the first movie. A small group of people barely survived Chicken Zombies within that restaurant a huge difference in comparison. Chicken Zombies may be tougher & stronger at first. If you seen Return of the Killer Tomatoes. This scientist found a way to transform tomatoes into human beings with some changes. This guy could transform a group of them into muscle men to help hold them back. Considering he is great with technology he could be hacked into their wi-fi network to stay on top of the situation. Killer Tomatoes are great at hiding as proven in the movies themselves. It is possible Killer Tomatoes can figure out a way to win this fight with some casualties. I mean they almost defeated humanity on their own should speak volumes how dangerous these tomatoes actually are.

The Winner of this battle is Killer Tomatoes

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #13 The Martians vs. Pennywise

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to do alien vs. alien theme fight since I started this. I decided to do an very unusual alien battle that will surely get people's heads spinning. Our first fighter comes from Derry, Maine, he devours children while his actions are only noticed by a group of people. Say hello to Pennywise the Clown. His challenger comes from Mars and no it's not Marvin the Martian. These creatures plan on taking over our planet by any means necessary. Welcome to the slaughterhouse The Martians.


A mysterious being that's been around centuries. Pennywise terrorizes the town of Derry, Maine. No body is aware what's causing children to disappear often. A group of children caught on to Pennywise. By working together took on an creature that lives off fear. This being is one of Stephen King's most powerful creations to date.

The Martians

Somewhere in many people's minds felt we weren't alone. One day our government got a signal from Mars. This is where things got interesting, The Martians came to our planet. Instead of welcoming us with open arms, they started a war against us. These small creatures are clever in many ways. Possibly one of the biggest body counts in an alien movie to date.

Yes I know what many of you are going to say. But wait Pennywise is a demon how does he count as an alien? By researching into Pennywise's background the best I could. I found out Pennywise is in fact an alein not a demon that's living on our planet for millions of years. Yes this creature is that old despite his clown appearance. More recently a group of children discovered his existence. The Martians have a similar thing where we didn't even know about their existence. Until they send out a signal meaning we have clever aliens taking on each other. Now another big issue some will have with this is why one against an army? Pennywise has a strange way about doing things that possibly could even the odds.

+More direct experience
+More powerful
+Has powers
+Not many weaknesses

-Mostly plays on mind tricks on killing people
-Loves to clown around
-Pennywise stays within the sewers
-Stays in hibernation for thirty years at a time

The Martians
+Their guns can burn bodies within seconds
+Having the numbers advantage
+Having two vehicles of destruction limits somethings Pennywise can do
+Doesn't have a set place to hide

-They can't figure out Pennywise's weaknesses on their own
-If their helmets are too cracked, they'll die
-More arrogant
-Can't put down Pennywise's true form
-More careless than Pennywise at times

This may come as a surprise to many people. Pennywise easily wins this fight despite the number of Martians in this battle. In fact you got to hear everything I got to say on the matter at hand. Yes The Martians has deadlier weapons & vehicles. Pennywise can simply use mind tricks to get around those advantages. You could argue The Martians are smarter but you would be wrong. Pennywise hid his entire existence on Earth for millions of years. The way he goes about killing people without most people in town noticing is impressive. Pennywise has many powers that would make him considered a god. He can manipulate the weather, people's minds, create illusions and many other things. The Martians simply can't figure out any of Pennywise's real weaknesses on their own. The biggest reason of all why Pennywise wins is simply mind blowing. His true form is stated to be an abyssal level being. Which by itself is beyond anything The Martians can dish out. Technically making him somewhat immortal due to living on Earth for so long. Pennywise is smart enough to keep majority of them away & even trick them into fighting each other to the death if he really wanted to. Pennywise has a lot of tough advantages to overcome for The Martians.

The Winner of this battle is Pennywise

Oh Marty don't forget to say Pennywise the Dancing Clown or you'll be next tonight hahahahaha.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #12 The Creeper vs. Mummy

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, today I'm going to do a fight almost no one is considering to do. Similar to what I did with Tallman vs. Dracula. This fight has a similar thing going for it. Let's welcome our first fighter, an urban legend that awakens every 23rd Spring to eat as many people as he can. The Creeper and his opponent has been around for centuries. When he is awaken, many people die shortly afterward. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Mummy.

The Creeper

An creature that awakens every 23rd Spring for 23 days devouring as many people as he possibly can. This vampire like creature lives off any parts taken from other living creatures. His theme song playing usually a bad sign. You can not reason with The Creeper in any shape or form. All he wants to do is eat to his heart's contain.


There are many different stories relating to Mummies in general. Some were rulers while others was slaves or servants that got betrayed to become mummified. Regardless which origin we look at the outcome plays out the same. After a few centuries within his tomb. Usually someone wakes him up not aware of the danger inside. Based on several versions of Mummies, what he could want greatly differs.

Just like Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. There exists so many versions of mummies within movies alone. I'm basically combining them all but in an way to not make this version too op or unstoppable. Otherwise what's the point of doing it. Although I still did it to Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins because he sucks so bad that he deserves it. I do have a lot of respect for this creature. I honestly couldn't think of a better fight myself.

The Creeper
+More weapons
+More active regeneration
+In hibernation state no one can kill him

-Acts mostly on his instincts
-Can't use Mummy's dead body to regenerate

+More experience
+Deadly curses
+Absorbing life force

-Must steal parts from humans to regain
-Some curses may not affect The Creeper
-Can't go back to sleep without help
-Weaker body due to being mummified
-More weaknesses

Now this is an interesting fight we got here. Both of them has their version of hibernation. Possibly staying alive a long period of time. When awaken kills people with little means to stop them. I would've went into some known weaknesses for Mummy but considering how The Creeper does things. I felt it simply wasn't necessary to talk about. Both have high body counts for what it's worth. But Mummy ends up being more dangerous in the long run. This is a close fight but I must give the win to Mummy. In terms of how both uses people to regenerate their bodies. Mummy usually does it to help stand in with society while doing his plans. In vice versa, The Creeper simply devours people with each piece of whatever he eats becomes a part of him. Thus his regeneration is more active similar to that of an vampire. The Creeper can't do that to Mummy due to his body being long dead. This also means The Creeper is physically stronger with some kills in Jeepers Creepers 2 proving it. He can fly to quickly grab someone with no trouble at all & fly away. This would require a lot of effort from Mummy to do. Even if I thrown in his kinesis, it still fails in comparison. The Creeper in both moving & flight speed is much faster than Mummy. Some curses may not affect The Creeper due to his biology from other living beings. The Creeper does use some weapons as well as parts of his body giving him an advantage in a fight. The Creeper can bounce back from worse injuries like it's nothing. If I actually took time comparing similar stuff that happen to both monsters. I'm sure by closely paying attention to it, The Creeper wins in that area. Although Mummy could kill The Creeper by stealing his life force. Finally if Mummy tried killing him while in his hibernation state he can't. A guy that was hunting him came close of doing so before he went into hibernation. His body became too hard for anything to work on him. In comparison a mummy sleeping in his tomb isn't come close to that level of protection. Despite having great advantages, Mummy wins this fight.

The Winner of this battle is Mummy

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Get caught up on first eleven of What If Horror Movie Monster Battle blogs plus St. Patrick's Day special

1. Lumberjack Man vs. Gingerdead Man

2. Wishmaster vs. Channard Cenobite

3. Andre Toulon's Puppets vs. Gremlins

4. Sandman vs. Jack Frost

5. Tallman vs. Dracula

6. Graboids vs. Xenomorph

7. Killjoy vs. Klowns

8. Frankenstein's Monster vs. Leatherface

9. Leprechaun vs. He Who Walks Behind The Rows

10. Critters vs. Goosebumps Monster

11. Leprechaun (Red Clover) vs. Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)

St. Patrick's Day special

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #11 Leprechaun (Red Clover aka Leprechaun's Revenge) vs. Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, considering tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I figured why not do another horror movie battle. This time we have an holiday theme that should come close of matching it's level of craziness. I decided to put Leprechaun from Red Clover against Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins. Maybe not the most exciting fight but it's the best idea I have for the holiday except one.

Leprechaun (Red Clover)

An legend exists that an mysterious being would go around killing anything in it's path. Oddly enough coming back many years at St. Patrick's Day. This "leprechaun" doesn't want your gold or to be left alone. Oh no it can't get enough rampaging with only one strict way of defeating it. This being quickly killed a lot of people in just a few days. Just imagine if he didn't get send back where he belongs.

Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)

An legend exists that leprechauns are constantly after gold & killing anyone trying to steal it. One town in Ireland came up with a way to keep it while forcing their so called punishment on travelers. These creatures can't be reason with at all. Purely on instincts with no where in Ireland safe. I guess these "leprechauns" are going wild this St. Patrick's Day.

Let's be honest neither movie were great. In fact they were some of the absolute worst holiday themed horror movies. Their respective leprechauns was nothing like the fictional being in any possible way. Hell another longer horror movie series with Leprechaun was more faithful to it. Even Leprechaun 4: In Space is better than both these movies. Both work on instincts killing people with not many ways of surviving them. Honestly this is the only way I could put either of them in a fight on my blog series. Also consider this the last time I'm using both of them. Yes folks they're that bad don't watch either movie.

Leprechaun (Red Clover)
+Only one weakness that must be done by who ever awaken it
+Most weapons are useless against it

-Only one of his kind

Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)
+More of his species
+More experience
+Harder to hit due to it's size

-Limited focus

This is not a close fight, surprisingly very obvious which leprechaun wins. Despite Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins having more of their own. It is not guarantee if more than one could run into Leprechaun from Red Clover. This ends up being a stomp because Leprechaun from Red Clover can only be forced back in a hole. Which must be done by the person who awaken him. By default means Leprechaun from Leprechaun; Origins can't win. Also Leprechaun from Red Clover is ridiculously more durable. Considering both act very similar I see this being a very short fight. This won't be as entertaining as Leprechaun 3 with a similar concept. In conclusion Leprechaun from Red Clover is much worse to run into.

The Winner of this battle is Leprechaun from Red Clover

St. Patrick's Day Edition of What If Horror Movie Monster Battle Chucky vs. Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone is going to drink themselves silly, wearing green & strangely a day of luck. My wife is part Irish making this kinda more personal than it already is. I got a request to do another fight with Leprechaun. This time we got a interesting fight for many reasons. To help kick off one of the most awesome holidays, I am going to have Leprechaun take on Chucky. Two of my favorite small size horror icons of all time.


An serial murder often referenced by Lakeshore Strangler. Charles Lee Ray was gunned down that put his soul inside an Good Guys doll. This was the beginning to many tragic events. Chucky is responsible for a huge body count. This guy is willing to do anything to screw over his enemies. Don't think for a minute we have a nice doll to play with. He is one mean maniac willing to killing anybody for fun.


An magical creature that has a few centuries under his belt. Leprechaun has many different possible origins known in history. The most widely known is he stolen his pot of gold even going as far to sold his soul for it. Anyone attempting to steal even a single piece ends up dead shortly afterwards. This is one of the meanest monsters despite his appearance I ever seen in an horror movie.

Without hesitating this is closer than me putting Leprechaun against He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Both have different magic skills with an interesting way to go about killing people. At their core most would more likely laugh at them rather than being afraid of the horror awaiting them. At one point there was going to be a real crossover movie. Sadly it never happened with Leprechaun: Origins rebooting the Leprechaun franchise. I always wanted to see these two face each other to the death. I believe it could be more entertaining than Freddy vs. Jason. Yes I know that's a tall statement to go by.

+More experience in killing people
+Has more experience with body parts aren't attached to his body
+More unpredictable

-More arrogant
-Being a doll loss a lot of strength from his previous body
-Voodoo wasn't meant for fighting purpose
-More use to having help
-Leprechaun's weaknesses aren't as obvious as his

+More experience
+More powers
+More gold in his pot of gold, the more powerful he becomes
+Ridiculous regeneration
+Quicker reflexes
+If Chucky is inside Leprechaun's cave can't escape
+Leprechaun's magic works better overall

-More Weaknesses
-Losing gold from his pot of gold takes away his powers depending on amount missing
-Seeing anything real gold gets his attention making him vulnerable to traps

I took a lot of time to greatly consider all the possibilities. I must give this to Leprechaun for many great reasons. Magic wise this was no content, Chucky can use  an voodoo doll or control body parts not attached. One point he did transfer his soul into a doll. But he was dying at that time with many other attempts failed. He stayed in his doll body too long. Yes this allows him to come back to live repeatedly. Leprechaun can shape shift, telekinesis stuff, create stuff out of no where & many more. His range of magic is far superior as it can be use in any situation. Chucky's voodoo wasn't meant for killing or combat purposes. Chucky does have the speed advantage only slightly above Leprechaun's. In most stats Leprechaun trumps in other categories at ease. In Leprechaun 4, a lady blow him in pieces only leaving his feet. Suddenly he regenerates completely within seconds to kill her shortly afterwards. It is true Leprechaun has more weaknesses. Chucky will have a harder time without help to figure them out. In vice versa, Leprechaun is clever enough to figure out ways of killing Chucky faster. Both of them have a history of being arrogant towards people. Chucky is more violent by nature & allows his anger to blind his judgment at time. Chucky could manipulate Leprechaun into a trap by using real or fake gold. However not every traps works on Leprechaun. In fact Leprechaun is clever enough to do his own traps including those you might not see coming. A perfect example of this was in Leprechaun 3. The owner of an casino had an magic coin at the time. He got into his room but one of his employees sneak in to steal it. Shortly afterward that happened Leprechaun started killing Mitch. He had a woman come right out of the television with many random shows having him in it. Suddenly this woman became an robot to short circuit to fry him to death. Chucky's success in doing traps was either done by accident or his wife's idea. Chucky is slightly tougher than a normal person. Leprechaun has lived for a few centuries & at one point on another planet. If Chucky got inside Leprechaun's cave, he can't escape. Leprechaun's magic prevents anyone escaping unless you're dead, leaving with him or killing the little bastard. Leprechaun trumps so much that anything Chucky has going for him isn't enough.

The Winner of this battle is Leprechaun

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just How Similar Two Video Games of Different Genres #2 Fallout vs. BioShock

To clarify I'm only comparing Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 in this blog. I strongly felt both these series are surprisingly similar in many ways. Of course this will cause waves for many reasons. Regardless how this plays out I am a fan of both franchises.

Hello everyone, I'm Jack Red, this might be the last time I do this theme. I don't have many ideas left with possibly pissing off too many people. So after this one I'm ending this short series but maybe something good will come out of it.

1. Fallout 3 vs. BioShock
Both inspired by early 1900s where some people turned into monsters. Both despite their time theme have advance technology. Both forced you to fight your way out to survive. Both share a lot of the same weapons. Both have a similar searching system. Both count as several game types. Both involve killing several people through out the game. Both has karma playing a role in how it affects the game.

Better game: Fallout 3

Both are critically acclaim games that most highly recommend. What I love about BioShock, Fallout 3 simply has more of. BioShock has scary moments but Fallout 3 allows more crazy possibilities to happen. You actually can blow up a town by fixing an bomb. BioShock gives you great weapons but Fallout 3 comes packing. Not even throwing in dlc stuff, Fallout 3 has a greater variety of weapons. You may not get powers like in BioShock. Fallout 3 does have a more interesting usage of karma. In BioShock you could save little sisters or kill them. Which directly affects how a particular section very late in the game. However in Fallout 3, good or bad decisions have their fair share of karma. Depending on all the good or bad things, you could get stuff you couldn't get otherwise. Being bad has mercenaries coming after you often. Most of BioShock takes place within the underwater city of Rapture. In Fallout 3, you travel the waste land into several states. Fallout 3 has a greater enemy variety. You can upgrade your weapons in BioShock. End of the day you could find a similar or better weapon laying around. Fallout 3 is a big open world game that's amazing for it's time. I do recommend BioShock but I rather be playing Fallout 3 hands down.

2. Fallout: New Vegas vs. BioShock Infinite
Both have endings relating to ending someone's reign. Both games are more different from the previous games. Both share a lot of the same weapons & upgrades. Both has a similar way of searching for stuff. Both forced you to fight your way out to survive. Both count as several game types. Both involve killing several people through out the game.

Better game: BioShock Infinite

Let's get this out of the way both are critically acclaim games. Fallout: New Vegas does do some things better than Fallout 3. Sadly they left in some bad glitches including it's dlcs that ruin the entire experience. Roughly close to half way through you realize it's time to pick a side. Every side comes with pros & cons greatly affecting things. But this requires really knowing all your choices or you can't beat the game. BioShock Infinite is better programmed overall with an refreshing take on the concept. Yes it's ending did created mass confusion among almost everyone playing it. Fallout: New Vegas does have a better environment. I still felt like BioShock Infinite even out it's difficulty better. Hardcore mode was meant to test those really wanting to be in the waste lands. It is not for everyone to play. BioShock Infinite may be more confusing to follow but still a great story. Fallout: New Vegas had a lot of potential being one of the greatest games every made. Also final fight of the campaign with Songbird was an epic moment in the series.

3. Fallout 4 vs. BioShock 2
Both inspired by early 1900s where some people turned into monsters. Both despite their time theme have advance technology. Both forced you to fight your way out to survive. Both share a lot of the same weapons. Both have a similar searching system. Both count as several game types. Both involve killing several people through out the game. Both has karma playing a role in how it affects the game. Both are often considered to be the best of their respective franchises.

Better game: Fallout 4

It is surprisingly no contest, Fallout 4 easily wins. BioShock 2 is an amazing game sequel. But so is Fallout 4 breaking a lot of new ground. Not even a month after it's release, a lot of people made amazing mods. Fallout 4 was the first game to allow modding on consoles. It's script broke the previous Guinness world record for most dialogue with the previous two games from the same company. Fallout 4 revamped how a Fallout game should play. Although there is no limit in leveling the game breaks among getting level up to level 65535. It is still mind blowing you could level your character & gear that much. Rapture didn't have the same affect it did in the original BioShock. It was still rememberable for different reasons. Sadly it doesn't even matter compared to the waste land. Also the very beginning of the campaign showing how the world was like before. Just like Fallout 3, Fallout 4 really out did itself in several areas. I could keep going on how Fallout 4 simply better. This isn't a fair contest but I did felt BioShock 2 had the highest chances going in.

Just How Similar Two Video Games of Different Genres #1 Resident Evil vs. Metal Gear

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, most doesn't like comparing games from different genres. Although I could respect that, it is widely noticed how similar. Capcom's Resident Evil is to Konami's Metal Gear. I actually noticed more things in common than doing their respectively rivalries. It is absolutely mind blowing just how much.

1. Resident Evil 2 vs. Metal Gear Solid
Both Resident Evil 2 & Metal Gear Solid got released on PlayStation 1 with two discs. Often considered one of the greatest games in their respective franchises. Resident Evil 2 has a remake in development adding to Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on Game Cube. Also both games packs a lot of story for PS1 games.

Better game: Resident Evil 2

Sure it isn't more survival horror than Metal Gear Solid being an stealth game. But it does pack so much content for it's time. On just PlayStation 1 alone had two versions of RE2 with some changes. Also Resident Evil 2 surprisingly got a good ported history. You get more than just the campaign to keep going for hours. Four possible scenarios split between two PS1 discs. Yet all unlockables are present on both discs. There also exists more console versions of Resident Evil 2 with some changes.

2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis vs. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Let's get this out of the way, both numbered 3 games are amazing for their time. Both attempted a lot of great ideas with a great level of challenge. Both add more story to the time line in a different way. Resident Evil 3 takes place both before & after Resident Evil 2 centering around the same event. Metal Gear Solid 3 was the origin of legendary soldier Big Boss. This guy played an huge role in many Metal Gear games. Parts of it does explain many things later down the road. Both games can be difficult for some same reasons. A huge problem in both of them is getting lost & trying to figure out what they do. Despite all the help you can get some bosses are still challenging to take down. Believe it or not both their titles is directly referencing those stalking the main character during the game. At the end of both games marks a beginning to horrible things to come.

Better game: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Yes both games are challenging but Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has plenty of ways to die fast. Especially when you are running away low on health. Resident Evil 3 has harder locations to keep track of. Some quick decisions does alter events & placements of key items. Thus if you aren't that familiar with the game you could screw yourself over not knowing every choice. Nemesis is a tough obstacle to overcome because he's difficult to avoid & take down. Even with hidden weapons, some enemies can still kill you. The Mercenaries Operation: Mad Jackal is a tough mini game. This was meant to held off fans while making CODE: Veronica. Capcom at this point kept making US releases of Resident Evil tougher than original Japanese versions. In comparison there isn't much harming the experience in Metal Gear Solid 3.

3. Resident Evil: Revelations vs. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Both were originally released on handhelds. Both took nearly a year before getting ported to consoles. Both allows you to play as several characters in the campaign. Both has fun ways of unlocking hidden weapons. Both games seem like the perfect mixture of classic & modern styles of their respective franchises. Both has government cover ups involved. In extra content can choose levels to increase replayability. You can unlock costumes that can be wear anywhere in the game. Some notable changes to fix some of the original version's problems for their ports. A particular military unit stops an horrible attack from happening.

Better game: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Both games pack a large amount of content to keep you busy for hours. But voice acting was okay in Revelations. The way they went the story could've been done better. In comparison as expected Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker nailed both of those with flying colors. I could criticize how frustrating that button mashing part is. But I can replay any level regardless to keep getting better & earning great stuff. Sadly you can't do that the same way in Revelations' campaign. Sure there is a ridiculous amount of missions within Peace Walker. A great number of them are very fun to keep replaying. Although Revelations does have better boss fights. Peace Walker had better weaponry, enemies & more locations to explore. Some other modes within Peace Walker does spice things up. Yes Peace Walker does spike in difficulty a lot during the game. It also won due to how brutal the new Infernal Mode in Revelations is.

4. Resident Evil 4 vs. Metal Gear Solid 4
Both highly praised games of their time. Often considered one of their respective companies finest games. There are strong similarities that not people notice between Resident Evil 4 & Metal Gear Solid 4. For starters, both involve majority of enemies being manipulated by someone else. Both completely change game play style for a new generation. Both pack a lot of content to play for hours. Both main characters are now widely known from these games. Both did get released on PS3 after a few years gap. Both games are heavily inspiring to the gaming community. Let's be honest both are true master pieces that no body can truly recreate. Also counting RE4's Separate Ways mini game reveals a lot of stuff going on during the campaign.

Better game: Resident Evil 4

Either way I choose in this particular case. I am pissing off an fan base so I'm biting a bullet. Both games are really good by their standards truly timeless classics. But Resident Evil 4 has been ported to many consoles. Which makes getting that much easier in comparison. In terms of replayability Resident Evil 4 nails it again. You have three mini games with Separate Ways being an second campaign. This was meant to reveal most unanswered questions during the main campaign. Also hidden costumes really did spice things up. Yeah MGS4 had some of those too but didn't stand out as much. Knight Ashley is too heavy to be lifted & can survive anything making some portions even on Professional Mode much easier. Resident Evil 4 is easier to learn how to play & much better to coming back after a long break from playing it. Yes both had great boss fights but I felt RE4's stands out a little bit more. There was more variety of bosses in RE4 than in MGS4. There surprisingly exists two versions of MGS4 with later version adding trophy support. It fails in comparison to Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition.

5. Resident Evil 6 vs. Metal Gear Solid V
I am going to point out both games had rushed developments. Sharing a lot of the same problems that hurts the experience. Such as not working out all it's mechanics. Leveling system can be frustrating in both games. Most bosses are more of a pain than actually being fun to take on. Both games packs an very large amount of content taking several days to fully play em all. Both has an train wreck of an story for different reasons. Believe it or not both were missing content before release. I'm not talking about their dlcs either. Resident Evil 6 forget to add Agent character for Ada's campaign & No Hope difficulty. In MGSV's case an particular mission & ending got removed from the final game. Both have several endings taking an ridiculous amount of time to fully play through the campaign.

Better game: Resident Evil 6

Let's be clear I dislike both RE6 & MGSV with an passion. But if I had to choose which one to replay. It has to be Resident Evil 6 for a few reasons. Metal Gear Solid V does spike very often in it's difficulty. MGS: Ground Zeroes is mostly one short campaign mission with an handful of extra missions. MGS: The Phantom Pain is a bigger mess than Resident Evil 6. Sure you have to play through all four campaigns to unlock several stuff in RE6. However the way they got you going for other endings is stupid. Instead of replaying the game from beginning or like what Peace Walker did. They force you to replay missions you already done under difficult close to impossible conditions. Doing a few missions after you first beat the game gets you the next ending. It keeps going until you finally unlock the true ending. Which involves defeating Metal Gear without getting hit with limited equipment set to hardest setting. Possibly one of the most hated gaming endings ever. This particular ending killed any reason I want to play any Metal Gear game. It is so bad even Agent Hunt mode in RE6 looks like a master piece & that's one of my least favorite game modes in gaming. In terms of getting better equipment both games are tedious in this area. You get slightly more help in RE6 due to weapon customization. Yes you can get infinite ammo for weapon types while in MGSV you need the bandanna to do it. The real reason this wins is because all dlcs added more stuff worth playing with other people.

6. Resident Evil Remake vs. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Both remakes are based on PS1 games released on Game Cube. Both came with two discs required to fully play the game. Both made notable changes from the original PS1 classics. Both stand as two of the greatest video game remakes. Both brought in mechanics from later games. Both have multiple endings depending on stuff.

Better game: Resident Evil Remake

It kinda wins by default due to all of it's changes. Let's compare them shall we, MGS: The Twin Snakes extended a lot of cut scenes. Maintaining the same cast as PS1 classic which is rare this occurred. In most video game remakes, they use a different case like Resident Evil Remake. Yes Metal Gear has better voice overs by a huge amount. But they really changed the game feeling like a new one. A lot of canceled concepts got reused in this remake. Such as newer parts of the story & Real Survivor Mode. This is how at one point during PS1 version's development going to have the game play like. In this variation item boxes aren't connected to each other. Forcing you to keep track of several of them listing down on paper what you put in each item box. This is automatically set to Hard actually tougher than regular Hard difficulty. They felt it would be too hard for anybody to play. Now Chris & Jill has two new costumes with one also affecting Rebecca. Their first costumes are referencing movies. Their second costumes comes from another Resident Evil game. More recently with Resident Evil HD Remastered added two costumes from Lost in Nightmares of RE5 with the ability to start with any costume. According to Shinji Mikami about 75% of Remake is different from the original game. This greatly affects everything from puzzles to enemies. Crimson Heads had an new level of intense that's difficult to explain. I recommend playing it & run into one of these things to see what I mean. Also included are some hidden weapons & Invisible Enemy Mode. This variation of the game makes every enemy including bosses invisible. You must use your ears & memorizes every enemy placement as well as attacks. By adding firing controls from later games in The Twin Snakes took away a lot of it's challenge. Resident Evil Remake is more survival horror than Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is of stealth. Which by itself is very impressive. Comparing every cut scene to their original versions. Their similar in Metal Gear Solid's case more than you expect it to be. In vice versa, Resident Evil Remake plays like an different game overall. Sadly Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes never got ported off Game Cube. Another major reason why I'm going with Resident Evil Remake.

7. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 vs. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Both are newer 2 games taking place later in the time line. Both has you play as a few characters during the campaign. Both has an mini game you can play as several characters with having variations. Both reference previous event in game during the later portions. Both has an mysterious character standing out. Both have criticize endings that didn't deliver what most of the game promised us.

Better game: Resident Evil: Revelations 2

I know this is going to upset a lot of people. Please let me explain why I chose Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Both had great stories but it led to disappointing endings. At least there Revelations 2 had two endings. Sometimes having more variations of a game does help coming back to it. Now hands down Metal Gear Solid 2 has better boss fights. But Revelations 2 wins in enemy variation. You unlock weapons in Revelations 2 that really change up the game. Comparing VR Missions to Raid Mode, this quickly became no contest. I am aware this easily could piss off Metal Gear fans. Yes VR Missions is more you only have your skills & that's it. In some cases having more in several areas works incredibly well. Which seems to be the case of Raid Mode. It may not be perfect but you did a lot more help in many ways.

8. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X vs. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Both games are widely known for being one of the toughest games in their respective franchises. Both had a great variety of enemies that adds up to it's level of challenge. Both had tough boss fights that requires both skills & memorizing. Both had tough puzzles to figure out with failing some will lead to death. Both uses several types of environments to change up the game play.

Better game: Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X

In terms of difficulty, I get more help in CODE: Veronica X. For starters it is easier to avoid enemies. Although it takes longer to learn how to deal with some bosses like the last two Alexia boss fights. There are more ways about killing the bosses. In Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, some bosses can only be defeated by a particular weapon. This always leads to unneeded frustration. You can keep your supplies up more in CODE: Veronica X. Sadly that isn't the case for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. For example trying to keep up rations is surprisingly frustrating. It isn't like most Metal Gear games where you could easily keep your supply of them up. Oh no once you pick up a particular location ration. You can only get it again after using it up. Also there isn't many rations in the game itself. I found more health items in CODE: Veronica X. You can unlock two powerful weapons making CODE: Veronica X a cake walk. The biggest reason of all why CODE: Veronica X wins is two words Battle Game. You get four characters with one having two versions. The fact you can play it both in first person & third person was mind blowing at the time. This mini game alone was the main reason I sided with CODE: Veronica X. Honestly Metal Gear 2 is an amazing game but it's puzzles are more unforgiving. Sure I could agree some puzzles in CODE: Veronica X are frustrating. But those that will lead to death are much easier to figure out. In Metal Gear 2's case it's the opposite with one particular puzzle that always annoys me. Everyone should know it by now the infamous swamp puzzle. You must follow a strict path through the swamp in several sections. It is incredibly easy to get loss & drown to death. There is little to no help way to know for sure which way to go. This puzzle alone is the most difficult in both games.

9. Resident Evil 0 vs. Metal Gear
Both were first in canon for well known characters. Both games are easy to memorize after a lot of trial & error. Both had mostly okay boss fights possibly being the closest in this particular case. Both games make it ridiculous easy to keep up your supplies. Both games are often over shadowed by other games in their series.

Better game: Resident Evil 0

Once again Resident Evil 0 wins by default. I'm not saying I'm not into the original Metal Gear. I do enjoy playing both games a lot. Sadly though for every major thing I could bring up for Metal Gear. Resident Evil 0 easily out does it. Keep in mind Solid Snake isn't that kind of character we all know & love today yet. Back then he was a rookie that was fighting against his own army the entire time. Rebecca Chambers wasn't that much different from 0 & 1. Resident Evil 0 had better puzzles overall. Metal Gear after a while becomes too easy to memorize. But some of it's puzzles are confusing. For example trying to find fake walls in one section can be tedious. You must have explosives before going around all sides punching away. Thankfully the game does help in differing parts of the wall. But why was it so necessary to do that. Resident Evil 0 you play in between two characters spicing up the game. Leech Hunter mini game is still very fun to play today. The closest thing Metal Gear has to this is Boss Rush mode. This addition in Metal Gear isn't as challenging as collecting 100 leeches or killing every enemy. Thanks to Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered this is even more obvious. In this version they made it better with the costumes. Instead of going to a particular area on the train with a key. You can automatically switch out costumes with new dlc ones. Sadly Rebecca gets majority of dlc clothes. I wish Billy would've gotten at least two more to help even things out. The big reason why Resident Evil 0 wins is two words Wesker mode. Holy crap Wesker is playable in Resident Evil 0. Some changes make it feel kinda like he's actually in the game. He was only shown in cut scenes prior to this addition. Finally boss fights are just more satisfying in Resident Evil 0. A good number of bosses in Metal Gear are either too easy or cheap. A great example of this is Bulldozer boss. You are given a limited amount of space in a tight area. Touching Bulldozer is instant death but constantly leaving the area. Resetting the boss back to top of that area making the boss fight much easier. Although only one weapon works on it. This is the only boss to count for both types found in the game. Thankfully no bosses in Resident Evil 0 can kill you instantly. Also you get better weapons overall in Resident Evil 0.

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X-Men Movie reviews Part 2 (Prequel Trilogy)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, thank god 20th Century Fox has a heart after all. Starting with X-Men: First Class, they worked on fixing the damage they done. I am happy to say this is the best X-Men movie trilogy. These movies are now considered legendary in their own right. Honestly folks that's how good all three of them actually are.

1. X-Men: First Class (2011)

This is technically the earliest in time line that's an major event. I really like how everything plays in together. This is what we should've got many years ago. Some characters that aren't done well are done justice this time. This is loosely based on how X-Men got started & an huge story arc about Sebastian Shaw. Originally in comics both X-Men & The Avengers were constantly chasing this guy. I am very happy to see we got an great cast that lived up to their character's legacies respectively. The plot is an mutant named Sebastian Shaw wants to nuke parts of the world to take over. It is mind blowing how the entire ending plays out I'm really impressed. For an prequel this set the standards high for me. This movie was easily better than the original movie trilogy. Kevin Bacon is amazing as Sebastian Shaw, this was an great performance that plays to his strength. My favorite part is many people's where some members of X-Men are about to ask Wolverine to join. He replies F*^% off lol, I really can't get enough of that particular part. I highly recommend anyone trying to get into X-Men to go find this movie.

2. X-Men:  Days of Future Past (2014)

WOW this movie is still mind blowing to me in so many ways. Basically the future last of humanity are actually mutants. Most of them gather together to take on sentinels. Unique giant robots created to capture or kill mutants. I been waiting an long time for possibly the second closest enemy of being their nemesis to be in a movie. They really did an interesting take on sentinels that's very clever. An mutant has the power to send someone briefly into the past to alter what could happen. They decided to send Wolverine to the time period where sentinels got created to prevent it. I like we get to see both the old & new cast in the movie. In fact one particular scene both past & future Professor Xavier talk to each other is still minding. The way everything plays out I am beyond speechless. This movie isn't just really good, this is the kind of stuff we X-Men fans always wanted. Hell yeah go get this movie asap. It is truly worth your time and attention. Also thanks to this movie we got Deadpool movie. I should just spoil my favorite thing about this movie. Part of how this movie ends altered the time line making the original movie trilogy no longer canon. Yes this alone made the movie worth while.

3. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

The end of the prequel trilogy to repair some of the damage from the previous movies. I honestly been waiting ever since X-Men: The Last Stand for Apocalypse to appear in a movie. I like how they went about newer versions of older characters like Jean Grey. I do enjoy this movie a lot with some parts being okay at best. This does get epic the way an end to an trilogy should be. Apocalypse gets awaken to form his horsemen of the apocalypse. I got to say his team is possibly the best I ever heard of. I do like how most of the story is told, I am not crazy how they handle Apocalypse. His appearance is another issue that's widely noted by people. I do like they kept him very true to his character in the comics. This movie is what X-Men: The Last Stand should've been. I am very happy to see this movie as this is exactly how I wanted most of it to play out. I'm very impressed by it great attempt at staying true at the comics.

I am aware they are already planning another prequel movie series. I will be giving all of those movies their own blog series review similar to this one.

X-Men Movie reviews Part 1 (Original Trilogy)

Before I start talk about X-Men movies, I will not be reviewing Deadpool. They have it set up similar to most of the X-Men movies. It is only fair I will wait until the end of that series to review them. If I were to include the first Deadpool movie. It easily would be the best X-Men movie overall.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, X-Men has always been one of my favorite super hero teams. I really came to respect the message most things X-Men is sending. Simply because you are different doesn't mean you should let people tear you away. Of course some of this could be seem as sexism possibly racism. I don't support scenes similar to those themes at all. I meant everyone has a gift despite their appearance. This is exactly why I will be kicking off reviewing every X-Men movie to date.

1. X-Men (2000)

I am just going to come right out of the gate to say this is the best of the original trilogy. This movie was surprisingly an great take on the concept. Sure there are several things I could criticize but it was still a great movie. A lot of great actors including Hugh Jackman as Wolverine works just like a great pair of gloves for an skilled surgeon. The plot is Magneto creating an weapon to quickly wipe out humanity. X-Men do learn about this to stop Magneto from killing possibly millions to billions of people. I felt out of the original trilogy this stayed the closest to the comics in many areas. I am still impressed about how much I like this movie.

2. X2: X-Men United (2003)

X2: X-Men United is a good sequel for what it is. This is the kind of X-Men story that truly shows how wrong all sides are about each other. I felt there are more great parts in this movie than the previous one. But the way they went about the story especially near the end is the main reason why it's so mixed among fans. Lady Deathstrike wasn't even close to who she was in the comics. I do like they reveal more about the school Professor Xavier is running. This time Magneto is sorta neutral as he's only for himself. I am not try to spoil the movie by revealing that but as an X-Men fan. By now some of you should already seen that coming miles away. The plot is an high ranking soldier named Stryker comes up with an plan to kill all mutants. Unfortunately his plan gets reversed to target everybody else instead late in the movie. There is no question Professor Xavier could easily kill everyone without lifting an finger. Of course I was happy to see Nightcrawler but he was portrayed okay. I would say the cast was put to better use in the previous movie.

3. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Possibly one of the absolute worst Marvel movies I ever seen. This is hilariously so bad that I'm amazed it got released. X-Men: The Last Stand ruined one of the greatest X-Men story lines in history. Everyone was excited to see them attempt Phoenix, one of the most powerful beings. Sadly the way they went about really damaged the entire movie to the point of no return. Instead of an powerful intergalactic being possessing Jean Grey in the comics. They gave her an multiple personality with uncontrollable rage. I am not kidding a good amount of this movie is built on this. Even Professor Xavier got killed early on that really piss a lot of people off including myself. They ruined a lot of mutants but no body got hit harder than Juggernaut. Yes as in I'm the Juggernaut bitch Juggernaut. They just made him some powerful Bane without an mind character. In the comics an being gave him powers of an god to transform him into an avatar of destruction. I will be honest I don't like a single scene in this movie at all. This was clearly made to cash on the franchise without any real care & it really showed. This movie is not just an insult to both X-Men & Marvel but to us the fans too. Please avoid this movie at all costs.