Saturday, March 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #12 The Creeper vs. Mummy

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, today I'm going to do a fight almost no one is considering to do. Similar to what I did with Tallman vs. Dracula. This fight has a similar thing going for it. Let's welcome our first fighter, an urban legend that awakens every 23rd Spring to eat as many people as he can. The Creeper and his opponent has been around for centuries. When he is awaken, many people die shortly afterward. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Mummy.

The Creeper

An creature that awakens every 23rd Spring for 23 days devouring as many people as he possibly can. This vampire like creature lives off any parts taken from other living creatures. His theme song playing usually a bad sign. You can not reason with The Creeper in any shape or form. All he wants to do is eat to his heart's contain.


There are many different stories relating to Mummies in general. Some were rulers while others was slaves or servants that got betrayed to become mummified. Regardless which origin we look at the outcome plays out the same. After a few centuries within his tomb. Usually someone wakes him up not aware of the danger inside. Based on several versions of Mummies, what he could want greatly differs.

Just like Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. There exists so many versions of mummies within movies alone. I'm basically combining them all but in an way to not make this version too op or unstoppable. Otherwise what's the point of doing it. Although I still did it to Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins because he sucks so bad that he deserves it. I do have a lot of respect for this creature. I honestly couldn't think of a better fight myself.

The Creeper
+More weapons
+More active regeneration
+In hibernation state no one can kill him

-Acts mostly on his instincts
-Can't use Mummy's dead body to regenerate

+More experience
+Deadly curses
+Absorbing life force

-Must steal parts from humans to regain
-Some curses may not affect The Creeper
-Can't go back to sleep without help
-Weaker body due to being mummified
-More weaknesses

Now this is an interesting fight we got here. Both of them has their version of hibernation. Possibly staying alive a long period of time. When awaken kills people with little means to stop them. I would've went into some known weaknesses for Mummy but considering how The Creeper does things. I felt it simply wasn't necessary to talk about. Both have high body counts for what it's worth. But Mummy ends up being more dangerous in the long run. This is a close fight but I must give the win to Mummy. In terms of how both uses people to regenerate their bodies. Mummy usually does it to help stand in with society while doing his plans. In vice versa, The Creeper simply devours people with each piece of whatever he eats becomes a part of him. Thus his regeneration is more active similar to that of an vampire. The Creeper can't do that to Mummy due to his body being long dead. This also means The Creeper is physically stronger with some kills in Jeepers Creepers 2 proving it. He can fly to quickly grab someone with no trouble at all & fly away. This would require a lot of effort from Mummy to do. Even if I thrown in his kinesis, it still fails in comparison. The Creeper in both moving & flight speed is much faster than Mummy. Some curses may not affect The Creeper due to his biology from other living beings. The Creeper does use some weapons as well as parts of his body giving him an advantage in a fight. The Creeper can bounce back from worse injuries like it's nothing. If I actually took time comparing similar stuff that happen to both monsters. I'm sure by closely paying attention to it, The Creeper wins in that area. Although Mummy could kill The Creeper by stealing his life force. Finally if Mummy tried killing him while in his hibernation state he can't. A guy that was hunting him came close of doing so before he went into hibernation. His body became too hard for anything to work on him. In comparison a mummy sleeping in his tomb isn't come close to that level of protection. Despite having great advantages, Mummy wins this fight.

The Winner of this battle is Mummy

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