Saturday, March 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #13 The Martians vs. Pennywise

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to do alien vs. alien theme fight since I started this. I decided to do an very unusual alien battle that will surely get people's heads spinning. Our first fighter comes from Derry, Maine, he devours children while his actions are only noticed by a group of people. Say hello to Pennywise the Clown. His challenger comes from Mars and no it's not Marvin the Martian. These creatures plan on taking over our planet by any means necessary. Welcome to the slaughterhouse The Martians.


A mysterious being that's been around centuries. Pennywise terrorizes the town of Derry, Maine. No body is aware what's causing children to disappear often. A group of children caught on to Pennywise. By working together took on an creature that lives off fear. This being is one of Stephen King's most powerful creations to date.

The Martians

Somewhere in many people's minds felt we weren't alone. One day our government got a signal from Mars. This is where things got interesting, The Martians came to our planet. Instead of welcoming us with open arms, they started a war against us. These small creatures are clever in many ways. Possibly one of the biggest body counts in an alien movie to date.

Yes I know what many of you are going to say. But wait Pennywise is a demon how does he count as an alien? By researching into Pennywise's background the best I could. I found out Pennywise is in fact an alein not a demon that's living on our planet for millions of years. Yes this creature is that old despite his clown appearance. More recently a group of children discovered his existence. The Martians have a similar thing where we didn't even know about their existence. Until they send out a signal meaning we have clever aliens taking on each other. Now another big issue some will have with this is why one against an army? Pennywise has a strange way about doing things that possibly could even the odds.

+More direct experience
+More powerful
+Has powers
+Not many weaknesses

-Mostly plays on mind tricks on killing people
-Loves to clown around
-Pennywise stays within the sewers
-Stays in hibernation for thirty years at a time

The Martians
+Their guns can burn bodies within seconds
+Having the numbers advantage
+Having two vehicles of destruction limits somethings Pennywise can do
+Doesn't have a set place to hide

-They can't figure out Pennywise's weaknesses on their own
-If their helmets are too cracked, they'll die
-More arrogant
-Can't put down Pennywise's true form
-More careless than Pennywise at times

This may come as a surprise to many people. Pennywise easily wins this fight despite the number of Martians in this battle. In fact you got to hear everything I got to say on the matter at hand. Yes The Martians has deadlier weapons & vehicles. Pennywise can simply use mind tricks to get around those advantages. You could argue The Martians are smarter but you would be wrong. Pennywise hid his entire existence on Earth for millions of years. The way he goes about killing people without most people in town noticing is impressive. Pennywise has many powers that would make him considered a god. He can manipulate the weather, people's minds, create illusions and many other things. The Martians simply can't figure out any of Pennywise's real weaknesses on their own. The biggest reason of all why Pennywise wins is simply mind blowing. His true form is stated to be an abyssal level being. Which by itself is beyond anything The Martians can dish out. Technically making him somewhat immortal due to living on Earth for so long. Pennywise is smart enough to keep majority of them away & even trick them into fighting each other to the death if he really wanted to. Pennywise has a lot of tough advantages to overcome for The Martians.

The Winner of this battle is Pennywise

Oh Marty don't forget to say Pennywise the Dancing Clown or you'll be next tonight hahahahaha.

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