Saturday, March 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #14 Chicken Zombies vs. Killer Tomatoes

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I decided to really do an mess up funny battle. A battle so weird & strangely entertaining that I simply had to do it. A battle so mind blowing in terms I'm actually doing it. Despite it's appearances this is sorta a spiritual successor to Lumberjack Man vs. Gingerdead Man. Why because this so happens to be another food themed battle. This time I'm really pushing the limits in what I would allow in my series. First up for generations both deceased Indians & chickens aren't happy with their burial ground. They decided to fight back by transforming people into Chicken Zombies. Possibly one of the most disgusting monsters I ever get the pleasure of covering. Their opponent is one of the most ridiculous horror movie monsters to date. Mutated tomatoes that goes around killing people. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Killer Tomatoes. I wasn't kidding that no body will ever take this fight seriously but I'm expecting a truly disgusting fight worthy of an true horror battle.

Chicken Zombies

An evil corporation makes an fast food restaurant on top of an Indian burial ground. If that's not enough both Indians and dead chickens are angry about it. In fact they decided to take out their rage by transforming people into Chicken Zombies. Possibly one of the most mess up horror movie monsters I ever seen. Of course I wouldn't order chicken at that place. I guess you could say I'm a chicken.

Killer Tomatoes

One of the most ridiculous horror movie monsters ever created. Originally scientists did experiments on tomatoes. Eventually one mad scientist took advantage of this for his own evil gain. These creatures aren't regular tomatoes. In fact they are the kind to eat you instead. Some of the meanest small creatures I ever seen. I wouldn't even pick up a tomato in an grocery store after seeing these movies.

Chicken Zombies
+Can easily increase their numbers
+Stranger biology

-Doesn't work well together
-Lost most control over their actions
-Driven by eating humans

Killer Tomatoes
+Bigger army
+Under command by a mad scientist has them working better together
+More weapons
+Great at hiding

-More predictable
-More arrogant
-Loves running their mouths
-Sometimes too depended on their leader

This is going to be end of the world. I didn't think this fight could get that ugly but here we are. Chickens vs. Tomatoes with plenty of great advantages over each other. This may surprise a lot of people. Killer Tomatoes actually has a better track record even before that mad scientist showed up. Originally they nearly wipe out humanity. Shortly after an mad scientist took control took part in ridiculous plans that was working. Chicken Zombies are very similar to zombies in many ways. One of the strangest biologies I ever seen. Killer Tomatoes already proven to be smarter but loves running their mouths. They can use all kind of weaponry in comparison of Chicken Zombies using their body as a weapon. Right off the bat Killer Tomatoes has a bigger army but easier to kill. Chicken Zombies can quickly up their numbers by attacking people or tomatoes. Thus we get Killer Chicken Zombie Tomatoes lol now that's just ridiculous. Killer Tomatoes already proven to be more of an handful just in the first movie. A small group of people barely survived Chicken Zombies within that restaurant a huge difference in comparison. Chicken Zombies may be tougher & stronger at first. If you seen Return of the Killer Tomatoes. This scientist found a way to transform tomatoes into human beings with some changes. This guy could transform a group of them into muscle men to help hold them back. Considering he is great with technology he could be hacked into their wi-fi network to stay on top of the situation. Killer Tomatoes are great at hiding as proven in the movies themselves. It is possible Killer Tomatoes can figure out a way to win this fight with some casualties. I mean they almost defeated humanity on their own should speak volumes how dangerous these tomatoes actually are.

The Winner of this battle is Killer Tomatoes

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