Monday, March 27, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle Rules

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I already done close to twenty battles between many classic monsters. I should make a guide line/rules section to help clarify how I go about doing these. Now this is meant to be fun, I only ask for you to be nice about disliking my work or get out of here.

Rules to make sure this series stands out on it's own as they follow below...
1. No ghosts are allowed
2. Joke fights do have limits to how ridiculous it can get
3. Strict lining of what classifies as a monster to insane or desperate human beings
4. No gods are allowed
5. I can't stress this enough no Death himself
6. Big fights that everyone talks about for right now are off the table
7. I won't do fights with characters too big or small unless I can find a way to balance it out
8. Only some joke fights are allowed to be one sided like Leprechaun vs. Leprechaun
9. After a said character wins twice, they only will return in a fight they'll lose
10. The entire goal of these is doing fights most wouldn't consider doing
11. No only in character's minds monsters are allowed
12. No characters hiding behind others killing people unless it's a team/army battle
13. Anything horror wise in movies will be considered
14. Depending on things I could allow a horror movie hero or heroine in a fight
15. Some holidays will get special battles that I regularly won't do for my series

I know it's a lot of rules for something this crazy. But I really have a huge passion towards horror movies. There is so much potential that still stands through out the ages. Some of the craziest concepts that once scared people stupid possibly close to insanity.

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