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X-Men Movie reviews Part 3 (Wolverine Trilogy)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Wolverine has always been my favorite X-Men since child hood. Of course hearing Logan will be Hugh Jackman's last time being Wolverine. Even in bad X-Men movies, Jackman pulled off Wolverine very well. Jackman himself played an huge part in this trilogy for Wolverine. He wanted to give off the perfect portrayal of the character in a way that most will remember for many years to come.  Of course a goal like this will have obstacles to overcome. I guess we only have one way to find out if he succeeded or failed.

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an prequel that does cover Wolverine's back story. Officially where the movie takes place puts it in the middle of the story line. Yes that by itself makes this movie an monkey wrench in the story. Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool knowing how terrible his portrayal was going to be. According him, he made a deal if he played that abomination. They would agree to make Deadpool movie. A mighty tough long painful to swallow jack hammering pill. Yes folks that how bad Deadpool is in this movie. This is sorta playing off of X2 because Stryker plays a similar role. Wolverine did missions with him not knowing they were facing mutants. Later on Stryker convince Wolverine to get adamantium into his body. Sabretooth is kinda mix here because he doesn't look or act the part very well. Now the guy who played Sabretooth in X-Men was much better in comparison. This movie has an poor excuse of Gambit. They play this off as an origin story as well as revenge like we don't got plenty of both movies. Even Jackman knew this wasn't going to work close to the completion of it. This movie stands as one of the worst X-Men movies.

2. The Wolverine (2013)

The Wolverine was closer to what Jackman wanted but no cigar. This is an follow up to X-Men: The Last Stand. Alrighty starting on an bad note but thankfully better than the previous Wolverine movie. This was closer to what Jackman wanted for the character. Again it still wasn't quite right as this is a mixed received movie. Personally I like this portrays some of the best aspects of Wolverine's character. This time a man Wolverine saved during World War 2 is on the verge of dying. Mysteriously Wolverine becomes unable to regenerate yet still isn't dying as proven by several scenes. This does tell it's story much better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine & being more faithful to the comics. This movie is still miles behind the prequel trilogy & Deadpool movie. The Wolverine brings in one of his most famous stories to date. Wolverine gets to take on Silver Samurai. Although there are major problems with Silver Samurai that must be brought up. Technically two characters would be Silver Samurais since they share names of those that held the name in the comics. The actual Silver Samurai was just a man inside of an adamantium samurai armor powered armor. His sword heats up that can cut right through adamantium. In comics, Silver Samurai has an energy that he widely puts inside his katana to allow him to cut through almost anything. They did put more good work into this movie but still far from the best within X-Men movie franchise.

3. Logan (2017)

This is basically replacing The Wolverine in the new time line. Logan has a similar thing as The Wolverine going. In both movies play it as if this were Wolverine's last movie. Logan ends up taking care of a little girl during the movie. Usually I feel free to spoil movies to a degree. In this rare case I will not do such a thing. This is easily one of the greatest movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Everyone involved with this movie really knocked it out of the park. I am way beyond impressed if there exist such a thing. I highly recommend checking out this movie as soon as possible. From the moment it starts until it ends I never experienced a movie this good in a long time. This is possibly not only one of the absolute best X-Men & Marvel movies. This is a candidate for the greatest super hero movie ever made. I really can't say anything more to do it anymore justice.

Now it's time to rank the movies but I'm doing it differently and for great reasons. I will be ranking only the best & worst from all three X-Men trilogy movie series. Which means three movies won't be ranked but did good enough to pass the grade.

Top 3 Best X-Men Movies
3. X-Men
2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
1. Logan

Top 3 Worst X-Men Movies
3. The Wolverine
2. X-Men: The Last Stand
1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Before anyone starts getting upset at me. All three prequel trilogy movies are very good. I couldn't choose any of them to be the worst. Also more people would agree with this worst list. I highly recommend avoiding all three X-Men movies especially if you are a huge fan like myself.

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