Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Edition of What If Horror Movie Monster Battle Chucky vs. Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone is going to drink themselves silly, wearing green & strangely a day of luck. My wife is part Irish making this kinda more personal than it already is. I got a request to do another fight with Leprechaun. This time we got a interesting fight for many reasons. To help kick off one of the most awesome holidays, I am going to have Leprechaun take on Chucky. Two of my favorite small size horror icons of all time.


An serial murder often referenced by Lakeshore Strangler. Charles Lee Ray was gunned down that put his soul inside an Good Guys doll. This was the beginning to many tragic events. Chucky is responsible for a huge body count. This guy is willing to do anything to screw over his enemies. Don't think for a minute we have a nice doll to play with. He is one mean maniac willing to killing anybody for fun.


An magical creature that has a few centuries under his belt. Leprechaun has many different possible origins known in history. The most widely known is he stolen his pot of gold even going as far to sold his soul for it. Anyone attempting to steal even a single piece ends up dead shortly afterwards. This is one of the meanest monsters despite his appearance I ever seen in an horror movie.

Without hesitating this is closer than me putting Leprechaun against He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Both have different magic skills with an interesting way to go about killing people. At their core most would more likely laugh at them rather than being afraid of the horror awaiting them. At one point there was going to be a real crossover movie. Sadly it never happened with Leprechaun: Origins rebooting the Leprechaun franchise. I always wanted to see these two face each other to the death. I believe it could be more entertaining than Freddy vs. Jason. Yes I know that's a tall statement to go by.

+More experience in killing people
+Has more experience with body parts aren't attached to his body
+More unpredictable

-More arrogant
-Being a doll loss a lot of strength from his previous body
-Voodoo wasn't meant for fighting purpose
-More use to having help
-Leprechaun's weaknesses aren't as obvious as his

+More experience
+More powers
+More gold in his pot of gold, the more powerful he becomes
+Ridiculous regeneration
+Quicker reflexes
+If Chucky is inside Leprechaun's cave can't escape
+Leprechaun's magic works better overall

-More Weaknesses
-Losing gold from his pot of gold takes away his powers depending on amount missing
-Seeing anything real gold gets his attention making him vulnerable to traps

I took a lot of time to greatly consider all the possibilities. I must give this to Leprechaun for many great reasons. Magic wise this was no content, Chucky can use  an voodoo doll or control body parts not attached. One point he did transfer his soul into a doll. But he was dying at that time with many other attempts failed. He stayed in his doll body too long. Yes this allows him to come back to live repeatedly. Leprechaun can shape shift, telekinesis stuff, create stuff out of no where & many more. His range of magic is far superior as it can be use in any situation. Chucky's voodoo wasn't meant for killing or combat purposes. Chucky does have the speed advantage only slightly above Leprechaun's. In most stats Leprechaun trumps in other categories at ease. In Leprechaun 4, a lady blow him in pieces only leaving his feet. Suddenly he regenerates completely within seconds to kill her shortly afterwards. It is true Leprechaun has more weaknesses. Chucky will have a harder time without help to figure them out. In vice versa, Leprechaun is clever enough to figure out ways of killing Chucky faster. Both of them have a history of being arrogant towards people. Chucky is more violent by nature & allows his anger to blind his judgment at time. Chucky could manipulate Leprechaun into a trap by using real or fake gold. However not every traps works on Leprechaun. In fact Leprechaun is clever enough to do his own traps including those you might not see coming. A perfect example of this was in Leprechaun 3. The owner of an casino had an magic coin at the time. He got into his room but one of his employees sneak in to steal it. Shortly afterward that happened Leprechaun started killing Mitch. He had a woman come right out of the television with many random shows having him in it. Suddenly this woman became an robot to short circuit to fry him to death. Chucky's success in doing traps was either done by accident or his wife's idea. Chucky is slightly tougher than a normal person. Leprechaun has lived for a few centuries & at one point on another planet. If Chucky got inside Leprechaun's cave, he can't escape. Leprechaun's magic prevents anyone escaping unless you're dead, leaving with him or killing the little bastard. Leprechaun trumps so much that anything Chucky has going for him isn't enough.

The Winner of this battle is Leprechaun

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