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Get caught up to the first ten Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays 1-10 and Hellraiser bonus

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this will only serve one real purpose. I will post links to the first ten Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays. As a bonus I will be including an extra one I did for fun. Don't worry I will be doing more of those soon.

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays Bonus #1 Hellraiser (Hellraiser: Inferno to Hellraiser: Hellworld)

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #1 Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #2 Jack Frost 2

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #3 Phantasm: Ravager

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #4 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #5 Hellraiser: Revelations

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #6 Troll 2

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #7 Jason Goes to Hell

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #8 Leprechaun 4: In Space

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #9 Seed of Chucky

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #10 Creepshow III

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #10 Creepshow III

Sorry I been busy the last few days. I just quickly wrote up Creepshow III. Possibly next week will be a tribute towards Tobe Hooper by doing one of his not so great movies.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I figured to do one of the absolute worst horror movie sequels I have ever seen. What's worse is unlike majority of my list, this one isn't official. Yeah this movie's title is a flat out lie to anyone who loved Creepshow 1 and 2 or any horror anthology movie for that matter. Oh man I am aiming once again at the bottom of the barrel. A movie so bad I highly recommend avoiding or destroying it at all costs. No body should ever see such a horrible movie.

Creepshow III has no real connection to the first two movies in any possible way. Not even the horror comic book theme is present. Considering majority of stories in the first two movies are from horror comic books. I felt they are already starting off in such a horrible direction. Just like Creepshow 1, there are five different stories.

Another weird thing is The Creep not being present anywhere in the movie. It is debatable if he's actually in the movie or not. In the first two movies although done differently, The Creep was present. Not having The Creep in Creepshow III is just like not having The Crypt Keeper in Tales from the Crypt. You simply can not do things like that & expect people not to notice.

One interesting fact, a movie company called Taurus Entertainment Company had a short run of unofficial sequels. I believe before this they made Day of the Dead 2: Contagium. Another very bad movie sequel that might make my list. Which means they made two unofficial sequels to George A. Romero movies. What an insult to one of the greatest & inspiring horror movie directors of our time.

Everything possible way in all categories, Creepshow III is very badly put together. It is so bad that just look at any of the covers. Not a single one trying to hide the sheer awfulness awaiting for unexpecting victims aka us. Another interesting fact is at one point there almost was a third Creepshow movie.

Yeah before this horrible abomination claiming to be a sequel to Creepshow 2 came around. The movie had a lot of the same people involved. But they were working on a new show called Tales from the Darkside. They felt by changing Creepshow 3 into Tales from the Darkside The Movie would help it.

In truth, it was one of the better anthology movies I ever seen. Even Tom Savini stated that this movie was the true Creepshow 3. I fully agree since it plays on most of the same things the first two Creepshow movies does. I really don't feel the same about Creepshow III. This movie really doesn't bring anything to the table. It is so bad I really don't want to talk about each story included.

Sadly I must in this to help give people an idea how far they should stay clear of it. Let's start with Alice, it's about a bratty girl coming home to her dad. He is messing around with an universal remote. Now how many things can you name that already done this concept. One episode of Goosebumps and the movie Click are two famous examples.

The Radio is ripping off a classic horror story. Why does this sound familiar to people that seen it? Both involve a man listening to a device. Which led to him doing horrible things to people. The big twist is we never found out what's up with the radio. Jerry gets killed by a hooker then some pimp gets talked into living a new life. Really movie what kind of horse crap is this?

Call Girl is about a murderous call girl that will kill her clients & steal their money. Sadly she makes the mistake of attempting this on an vampire. Which led to her brutal bloody death that isn't even a bit satisfying to watch. Seriously movie I can't believe you had the balls to do such a story to end up ruining it.

The Professor's Wife comes more off like a strange take of an Goosebumps story. A small group of people believe the professor's wife may be a robot. At the end of story to their surprise, they killed a human being. Her husband uses voodoo to bring her back to life. When does having a voodoo zombie end good for people because it never does.

I saved the absolute worst story for last. This story alone is really, really, stupid. It is a shameless rip off of a classic horror story too. Haunted Dog has a doctor hating his job. He gets a strange hotdog but drops it on the ground & leaves. Very quickly a bum eats this hotdog to die. Already this is sounding very bad but wait we haven't got to the best part yet.

This bum starts haunting the doctor referencing food. Now anyone who seen The Twilight Zone will instantly be reminded of the episode The Hitch-Hiker or The Hitch-hiker from Creepshow 2. Yes that story about a lady constantly seeing a man everywhere she goes. Of course both these versions of the same story have some differences to keep things fresh.

Haunted Dog wasn't even trying to be a new story. It clearly was they unofficially reusing The Hitch-hiker story. This is an huge insult to both George A. Romero & Stephen King. How the hell did this get allowed even for a direct to video movie. If you have any real sanity left after reading all of this. Please save yourselves by not watching this movie. Yes you have been warned hahahahahaha.

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Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #9 Seed of Chucky

Today so happens to be my two years anniversary of being married. I figured to aim for something on the level of being it's so bad it's good. Not everyone will see the following movie being bad. To me I have plenty of reasons to dislike it.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I know on & off I kept saying I might do Seed of Chucky. I think it is finally time to nail it against the wall with Chucky's head cut off. This is a movie that isn't necessary bad but many great reasons does hurt it in the long run.

The sixth Child's Play movie goes too much comedy than actually being a horror movie. The entire story feels like a random parody fan film. Seed of Chucky has some of the absolute worst characters in any horror movie. Glen & Glenda are twins that in majority of the movie stuck inside one body. These characters are an reference to a Ed Wood movie.

Not even Chucky can save this movie. A lot of the kills are strangely boring. The closest one worth mentioning was a man getting his head cut off by Chucky & Tiffany. This is similar to Wes Craven's New Nightmare except that was way better than this garbage. This aims too high with the humor greatly out shadowing the horror.

Some of the absolute worst jokes in any horror movie is present here. I know what some Chucky fans are probably wondering. Hey Jack why aren't you doing Child's Play 3 instead? To be honest it does come off a little boring. It does require some more editing on what should've made it to the final film. At least I could name a few scenes I wouldn't mine rewatching.

Seed of Chucky is both fitting to a degree & a weird title for a horror movie. No one wants to see seed in any horror movie's titles. I don't care for Chucky's kids at all. Especially Glen who brings absolutely nothing to this movie. Tiffany was simply better in Bride of Chucky. I actually seen it for the first time for my birthday.

Of course many modern horror movies has a few versions available. I know I didn't take time talking about Jason Goes to Hell on that. Mostly because unrated version was way better than the version most people seen. In this case not even unrated version is going to save this movie. Chucky sorta reminds me of Gingerdead Man in this movie for some odd reason.

Maybe because Gingerdead Man had a similar movie that came a few years later. Chucky comes off not being funny for long. Yes some random moments can be funny for a few seconds. Most of it comes off rushed & forced. Any comedian would tell you a secret to a great joke is time. This movie didn't take the time to properly add in horror elements.

After a couple of Child's Play movies. We finally get to see what Chucky attempted a lot to work. Usually we see it used in transferring souls from their bodies into dolls. Most of the time attempting it again to not work. This is a rare moment in the franchise that's a spoiler of the ending. You do get to see more Jennifer Tilly for anyone that likes her.

I know her best from Family Guy, Tiffany in this franchise & Lola from Hey Arnold. This movie comes more of as a parody movie than an true horror movie. Thankfully with Curse of Chucky, they went back to their roots. I do highly recommend that movie for fellow Chucky fans. Seed of Chucky has some of the weirdest moments I ever seen.

A great example of this was Glen owning Chucky in a mix between material arts & axe murder. I guess I should ask him a question lol. Seriously that joke never gets old but you know what does? Is Glen a boy or a girl parts of this movie? Why is it so necessary to include those part guys? Bottom line this didn't help with many people coming forward about their genders.

Before I continue I mean no disrespect to those people. They been through a lot I imagine over the years. Anyway Seed of Chucky does have that Brittany Spears scene. To clarify it was a professional look like to be her in the movie. This is usually one of the most talked about scenes in the entire movie.

I felt this was one of the few times this was needed. This is also one of the few times Chucky doesn't die. Once again that concept worked better in Curse of Chucky. One thing does puzzles me though going back to Tiffany transferring her soul to Tilly's body. How or when does the kids get that? It never once explained late in the movie.

Seed of Chucky is a mix of a movie that's sorta in between what many people like & dislike. I felt a lot of changes could've been this movie a lot better. Chucky was seriously down play this time that isn't a good thing. Their kids are some of the worst horror movie characters ever. Not a lot of kills worth noting here.

In all honestly stick with the other Child's Play movies. Of course like many fans I am looking forward to seeing Cult of Chucky. After all Chucky is one of my absolute favorite horror movie killers. This is a movie that should be avoided if you are true fans of the series. If you like horror comedy movies I could recommend it to you.

Honestly if you want a few great comedy horror movies. Shaun of the Dead, Ghostbusters, Scary Movie & Lumberjack Man are probably your best bets. All of them are way more worth your time, money & watching with people. Seed of Chucky really felt flat on & of itself.

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Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #8 Leprechaun 4: In Space

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I aim once again towards the bottom of the barrel. A movie so bad that it really isn't worth rewatching pass the first time. A movie you really can't take seriously in any shape or form. I am talking about Leprechaun 4: In Space, a while back I briefly talked about this with Jason X. This is one of the worst usage of a horror movie icon I ever seen.

This has a totally different feel from most Leprechaun movies. Majority of this movie takes place in space. As stated in another blog, putting horror icons that don't belong in space is a horrible idea. This stands as one of the absolute worst I have ever seen. Not even Warwick Davis himself can save this movie.

Leprechaun 4: In Space involves the Leprechaun kidnapping a selfish princess. A group of space marines came to an unknown planet to save her. This led to a scene that I still can't believe got in the movie. Leprechaun comes out from a man's private area. I remember my brother told me about that not seeing it until we watched the movie.

They go out of their way to reference Star Wars in the worst possible way imagine. A space marine gets greedy to start stealing his gold. Common knowledge you don't touch any part of his gold or you end up dead. No exception here because Leprechaun transformed his cane into a light saber. Not my favorite light saber reference in a movie. Sharknado 3 did that better & that's a shark movie so there's no excuse.

The humor do not work in any possible way. Usually Leprechaun is very entertaining but not here. This has the record for having the most bad guys in an Leprechaun movie. I don't even need to tell you this movie has an leprechaun. You also have an alien princess, a crazy scientist & a confused space marine robot what. Yeah I'm not making that up he dresses up like a lady later on.

The main scientist gets becomes a mutated spider creature. I felt it should've stick to just the leprechaun. They could've focus more on him in areas they should've instead of how they actually did. A great example of this is most kill scenes are boring. Honestly I can't name a single kill worth rewatching.

You find out they found a way to shrink & grow things in size. Later on Leprechaun gets hit by accident by that beam to become a giant. This is where the movie really falls apart. I felt they could've did more to make even that being as brief as it was more entertaining. I don't care for any of the cast in this movie.

Leprechaun 4: In Space not once ever called the leprechaun what he is. They kept calling him a creature or alien. The big problem with calling him an alien is he often kills humans in his movies. I am aware there's so many alien movies. This doesn't technically count as one of them. Leprechaun came from Earth but it never told us once how he got on another planet.

The leprechaun does have many powers but it never stated exactly what was his limit. What we do know is it depends on how much of his gold he has. He goes most of the movie without it & still killed most of the marines. If you seen Leprechaun 1, I think you already seen my point. For those that haven't seen any of the Leprechaun movies.

It doesn't display how weak the leprechaun should've been without his gold. A good amount of what he does requires a lot of gold to do. I honestly can't name a single scene not even very short ones I like. Leprechaun 4: In Space title is telling you the truth at least. At the same time it is still miles better than Leprechaun: Origins. Please don't even get me started on that movie.

Leprechaun 4: In Space has so many major problems keeping it from being good. Actually this is one of my least favorite horror movie sequels of all time. It never made sense why they would make this in the first place. Can you believe what did inspire this abomination was over a dumb joke? Someone put Leprechaun's face on Tom Hanks' face of Apollo 13.

Yeah this was the very thing to suddenly get them to make Leprechaun 4. This never was a good idea in any possible way. Leprechaun clearly belongs on Earth due to his mystic nature. He is a creature of Ireland that will kill anyone trying to steal his gold. How do you put that in a space movie & actually get it to work is beyond me?

Warwick Davis I'm sure wasn't happy with this movie. It seems like they really down play his character. Before this movie, the leprechaun was very entertaining to watch. Even Leprechaun in the Hood is more entertaining despite being a dumb idea for a movie. I would watch Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood over this any day of the week.

The mutated spider creature looks horrible in every sense of the word. I would describe it in full detail but this is just one of those things you have to see for yourselves. The regular look for him is already laughable. He looks like a one armed Dr. Evil mixed with the R2-D2. It was confirmed only his heart being the real surviving part of his.

This movie is so bad you should avoid it. I really wish I could say it was it's so bad it's so good but I can't. Nothing works for this movie that really makes you question how did this get release. I am aware there are much fewer things they need to be checked for direct to video movies. Which is why majority of them such so bad.

I am still surprised this movie didn't kill the franchise & it was bad enough. Leprechaun 4: In Space really doesn't do favors for anyone. This is an insult to those who love the movies like I do. This doesn't even feel like a space movie. Thank god there does exist one worse than this and it is a stand alone movie. For the love of god don't torture yourself to sleep with this abomination.

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Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #7 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

I had a lot going on in the last few days. As of 6 pm this Thursday finally getting the chance to write my new entry for this series.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I think it is time to do a movie that's known for being widely mixed by people. A movie to me that stands as an insult to a classic horror movie series. I am talking about Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. I could argue parts of the previous movie are still some of my least favorites. I could say the same about Jason X but both of those actually fit in the time line. I can't say the same for this movie.

The previous movie was the last original Friday the 13th done by Paramount Pictures the only movie company behind this franchise. New Line Cinema the same company behind A Nightmare on Elm Street series bought the franchise. Sadly this wasn't a good start for things to come. I highly agree Freddy vs. Jason was easily their best movie among their Friday the 13th movies.

This is notorious for being the second attempt to end the series but didn't stop from making more. A lot of people love this particular look of Jason. Honestly I never really cared for it & yes I tried. The movie opens up to a surprise by the government. The level of punishment Jason receives here rivals the next two movies I'm not kidding.

Almost everyone thought Jason was down for the count. It turns out he somehow & never explained was still alive. A good amount of this movie involves Jason switching bodies. I have a lot of problems with this. Freddy did it with an unborn child inside of Alice. This led to him stealing her dead mother's body. No one of the previous movies ever shown Jason capable of doing that.

My next problem with it is Jason has souls from his victims. Once again ripping off Freddy who revealed that about himself in the third movie. There's no question Jason has superior stats to a regular person. At the same time I felt the entire movie misused the actual killer. It is very similar to I'll Always Remember What You Did Last Summer. Both of them horribly ripped off another classic horror movie.

Jason Goes to Hell also explains only a Voorhees can kill him. Indirectly referencing Halloween series since Michael is trying to kill his own family. You know it's bad when you rip off two famous horror movie franchises & not in a good way. Most of his kills aren't anything to write home about. There is a bounty hunter that never once explained how he knew how to kill or resurrect Jason.

This is a very different tone Friday the 13th movie. Usually you see Camp Crystal Lake with horny teenagers. You don't see neither of those really guys? Jason kept switching bodies until his dead sister's body. Possibly one of the sickest scenes in any horror movie that we don't actually fully see. This movie has some serious issues that makes it difficult for me to like.

Speaking of which my biggest problem is no where in any canon does it specify state Jason had siblings. In fact according to most of the movies, Jason was an only child. Are we walking into a plot hole or maybe the Twilight Zone. Also it must be his family to kill is sorta pointless. Let me explain from Part VI to up, Jason is officially undead. Prior to that, Tommy killed Jason for good when people thought he drown in the lake many years ago.

At the end of both Part VI & VII, Jason got forced back into the water. It took something unexpected both times to come back. It never once explained how Jason came back from Part VIII. I know a lot of horror movie series doesn't exactly how to follow the story. I felt major plot holes within the plot of this movie was unnecessary.

My point is Jason wasn't dead but he got forced to sleep in the water. Why of all a sudden it must be a family member to kill him? Was his family secretly related to Jesus? I know this is getting more ridiculous. Jason Goes to Hell doesn't do much to have things. I can't name a single part I actually like about this movie.

Oh yes when Jason gets stabbed by the dagger by a relative. Giant rock hands are pulling Jason into Hell. Once again this is ripping off Freddy at the end of his fourth movie. Although both scenes are very different from each other. Both scenes does involve their victims fighting back to end them for good.

What's mess up about all of this? When Jason got inside his dead sister's body. He came back looking just like he did prior to the grenade early in this movie. Is Jason somehow related to Leprechaun god I hope not lol. I think by now you can understand how I feel about this movie. It really doesn't feel like any previous Friday the 13th movies. How about I take it a step further the show felt slightly more like them in it's own weird way than this garbage.

Honestly unless you really like Jason, then go ahead & watch this. But to everyone else I recommend avoiding this movie altogether. This abomination is an insult to many great horror movie franchises. The closest positive thing I could say is Freddy's cameo. Yes it was brief & quickly gave us a strong message. This particular scene ends up being the only part I would rewatch for. Of course my second favorite part is the ending lol.

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Quick way to get caught up on What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #15-20

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I officially ended one of my favorite blog series. Honestly I couldn't go any further than I just did. I felt it was the right time to put it to rest.

For those that want to get caught up with the conclusion of my series here you go.

Zombies vs. Demons (15)

Stitches vs. Frowny the Clown (16)

Nemesis vs. Pyramid Head (17)

Kill Face Off: Death vs. Pinhead (18)

Michael Myers vs. Maniac Cop (19)

Gremlins vs. Critters (20)

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #20 (Main Event) Gremlins vs. Critters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, originally I had to change who should take on Critters. Which ended up being one of my most popular matches in history of this series. Now I am going to surprise everyone by finally giving you the original fight I wanted to do. You heard me correctly Gremlins vs. Critters. I am aware a lot of people talk about this one. I felt I deserve a say in this particular debate.

Before I start giving you a quick run down of these creatures. I should mention the connection between these two. The same people thought of both Gremlins & Critters. They originally thought of Critters first but Gremlins got green lighted. They had to move Critters back a little bit. Make no mistake these two creatures are very similar in a lot of ways. This is one of the biggest scale horror movie matches anyone can do.


Originally different fur covered creatures with strict guide lines. Not following eating after midnight causes them to mutate into gremlins. These are some vicious creatures that came close of wiping out a town in one night. Easily one of the biggest in numbers among many horror movie monsters. Gremlins will find you no matter what.


Critters are aliens on the run from galactic bounty hunters. They go to a planet at random to devour most living creatures. These little monsters are responsible for a huge body count in the first two movies alone. You will be amaze at what Critters can truly do. Easily one of the most dangerous aliens in any horror movie.

+By default they're bigger
+Can multiply by touching water
+Superior numbers
+More willing to fight & kill
+Will use anything as a weapon

-Critters can take advantage of them multiplying to kill them all
-Will struggle against bigger Critters

+Has better body part weaponry
+Devouring things increasing everything about them
+Rolling together in a big ball limits what Gremlins can do

-More arrogant
-Not able to increase their numbers as fast as Gremlins

I do want to point out they removed a particular trait of Critters from later movies. Where the more they eat, the bigger they become. In this version of the fight I am allowing that ability to be used. I won't be including all the mutated gremlins in this fight to keep things fair. For example electricity gremlin or smart gremlin can quickly turn the tables on Critters. Also I should say don't take any of these creatures lightly. You never know if one or many are hiding in your house.

This is a rather interesting battle we got here. Both of these creatures are wild that doesn't respect any kind of authority. Despite all the similarities, there are a few major differences that does help deciding which one would win. Gremlins can quickly increase their numbers by touching water. The rate of this is much faster than Critter's eggs hatching a longer period of time. At the same time, Critters can easily fly a space ship. It doesn't take a rocket science to figure out the best way to kill the gremlins is during them multiplying. This would be very obvious to Critters to do. The more Critters eat, the bigger them become. Gremlins aren't bright doing some stupid stuff. They wouldn't realize by multiplying, they actually adding to Critter's fuel. In both Gremlins movies, humans has killed several gremlins. It would be no brainer the bigger Critters could do the same. Critters also has sharper teeth in comparison. They also have spikes that will paralyze anyone hit by them. Last I checked Gremlins doesn't have a counter for that. Gremlins also has no real defense against the giant ball of Critters. Either way you look at this, Critters are much worse to go up against.

Now do all of us a favor and destroy the bloody things!!!

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #19 Michael Myers vs. Maniac Cop

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I really wanted to do this next fight since almost the beginning. Michael Myers vs. Maniac Cop is truly a fight that a lot of people would love to watch. Two of the toughest & scaring horror movie monsters ever. Yes I know a lot of people wanted Michael to take on Jason. But that has some major issues that does take away from the fun. Maniac Cop would even things out better in the long run.

To clarify I am only using the original Halloween series Michael. Although there is suppose to be a remake of Maniac Cop being made. But let's be honest those versions wouldn't give us this good of a fight.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers killed one of his sister early on his life. In his early twenties, he escaped from an mental hospital to stalk his own family. This guy has quite a reputation among many horror movie monsters. Michael has one of the biggest body counts among slasher villains. Even in his worse movies, Michael still impressing people in what he can do.

Matt Cordell aka Maniac Cop

One of the finest cops of his time, Officer Matt Cordell. Often nick named Maniac Cop due to how he deals with criminals. He got set up by the mayor of his city that led to his death in prison. In Maniac Cop 3, it does explains how Cordell kept coming back from the dead. He had help messing with forces of Hell. He wanted revenge, the people responsible to confess the truth and be the best cop.

Michael Myers
+Very silent
+More unpredictable
+Willing to use anything as a weapon
+Has more experience in killing people

-Not as durable to several things as Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop
+More durable
+More experienced overall
+Has superior default weapons

-Has difficulty with speech
-More predictable
-Relies on his arsenal

Oh man I bet you didn't expect this fight would be this close. Michael has more directly experience in killing people. As stated before he has one of the highest body counts in any slasher movie series. Maniac Cop does has some great advantages over Michael. Due to being undead, Cordell does have a higher durable body. Therefore he can handle pain to a greater degree than Michael. I should mention Michael is still technically alive. Maniac Cop has some tough to counter weapons at his disposal. Michael has a long history of being unpredictable. One occasion his surviving sister told a man dress up like Michael to cut off his head. Not realizing it wasn't her brother she killed. Also Michael will use anything he can find as a weapon. In the past, when people did that. He almost got killed meaning Michael could find a way to win this fight. Cordell does rely a lot on his arsenal. Michael is an expert at disarming people. Cordell does trump Michael in strength but not by much. Now I think about it, there's more ways this could play out including a crazy car chase. In the end it really does come down to whose more likely to have the upper hand. I believe Michael can easily take away the win. He barely makes any sounds which Cordell won't be use to dealing with someone like that.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #18 Death (Final Destination) vs. Pinhead (Hellraiser) Kill Face Off

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time to spice things up. I am going to change the rules for this face off. I do plan on having Death from Final Destination series taking on Pinhead from Hellraiser series. But a fight between them wouldn't be interesting & more likely to be boring. So I decided let's make it a Kill Face Off. In this face off instead of having these two battling each other like I usually do. How about I compare some of their finest kills to determinate whose more terrifying. Lucky I seen all of their movies to know which kills I want to compare.

Round 1: Tragedies vs. Being ripped apart

In most Hellraiser movies, Pinhead kills people by hooked their bodies from all possible angles. Then he suddenly pulls all of them ripping his victims to pieces. In comparison, a horrible tragedy with a lot of people dying occurs. Always one person within it foreseen what's about to happen & alters some people's deaths. At the end of some Final Destination movies. The survivors meet up in a location to only be killed in such horrible ways. The real question is which of these particular painful to watch kills being more terrifying. Honestly seeing again many times Pinhead killing people the same exact way is difficult to watch. In vice versa, when end of the movie tragedies happens. It plays out very quickly leaving no body to survive. Therefore I have to go with being ripped apart for Pinhead.

Winner: Pinhead 1-0

Round 2: Two girls burnt to death vs. Twin security guards kill
This is more about surprise multiple kills from Death that aren't tragedies. Kills like two girls in Final Destination 3 being burnt to death. There also exists an alternate version of this kill but both of them still dies. In Hellraiser: Bloodlines, Pinhead deserves one of my favorite kills in the series. Two twin brothers that so happens to be security guards of the same building. They do end up meeting Pinhead to get such a brutal death. It is so disturbing that I really don't want to get ban from explaining it even a little bit. I think you all can agree this round goes to Pinhead.

Winner: Pinhead 2-0

Round 3: Blown barb wire kill vs. Beheading kill
Both of these kills caught me off guard the first time. Blown barb wire kill quickly followed another kill. A explosion occurs that sends a barb wire fence towards a guy cutting him into pieces. In comparison, Pinhead cuts an descendant of the man that created the box by sending one of his chains. Which went right through his neck then opened a blade to quickly go in reverse. Cutting his head clean off that fell down a floor. This is one of my favorite Pinhead kills of the series. So which kill do I think was more terrifying out of these two? I have to say blown barb wire kill was more unexpected & painful to watch.

Winner: Death 2-1

Round 4: Escalator kill vs. Pillar kill

The word "helping" is key for these two following kills. On one hand, a lady is getting forced down into the mechanism. At the same time, one of her friends really tries saving her. But ends up not doing enough leading her to a brutal death. On the other hand we have a woman that just had sex angry at the guy. Out of no where, Pinhead from within the pillar of souls chains her. He removes his entire skin in one quick pull. Then he pulling her towards him absorbing her in such a horrifying way. Indirectly the guy helped killed the lady by pissing her off. Let's be honest both of these kills are very difficult to watch. I won't call you a cry baby from not watching these movies. I got to say out of these two kills I must give to escalator kill because it was much worse. Someone tried to save her but still ends up falling into those gears in such a brutal end to life. In that regard I must give this round to Death.

Winner: Death 2-2

Round 5: Massage kill vs. Club massacre

Before I start describing these kills. I did allow final kills of some Final Destination movies. It should be fair I allow the famous club massacre scene from Hellraiser 3. Now we got some brutal deaths to talk about. A man goes in for a Chinese style massage. But all kind of things goes wrong around him. Probably one of the most painful long kills in any Final Destination movie to watch. In vice versa, Pinhead goes inside a club to kill everyone. He traps everyone inside during the massacre. Sadly we don't get to see how everyone dies. The kills we do see are some of the most brutal Pinhead has ever done. For example a lady's water in her cup transforms into a big icicle to impale her face. Another kill involves five discs cutting into the DJ's head. Man Pinhead isn't holding back in this scene. Two of the most painful kill scenes to watch in my opinion. But which one will give victory to one of these legendary horror movie monsters? I have to say Death is playing a strong hand but Pinhead strikes back with a royal flush.

Winner: Pinhead 3-2

I could be doing this for hours but I really wanted to cover some of their finest brutal kills. When it comes down to the killing. Pinhead has an interesting way about it. Yes Death can do some ridiculous stuff. Some of which made me extremely cautious of several things. I believe Pinhead does have some difficult to watch kills that even Final Destination fans have to agree.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #17 Nemesis vs. Pyramid Head

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a lot of gamers knows many great gaming rivalries. One of the closest among them that hits home for me is Capcom's Resident Evil vs. Konami's Silent Hill. Two popular opposite survival horror franchises that greatly impacted gaming in general. Obviously both franchises got movies based on those movies. I am very aware a lot of people did their own take of this following fight. I still wanted to do it for my own reasons. I am here to have Nemesis taking on Pyramid Head.

I will be doing something a little different for this fight. Considering these monsters originally appeared in their respective video game series. I thought it would help even things out by including stuff from them for this particular fight.


Nemesis is an unique tyrant creature that has two different brains. One of them Umbrella has directly control over what Nemesis does. The another brain is the one Nemesis uses to achieve his goals. This creature is programmed to eliminate any former S.T.A.R.S. members. Nemesis won't stop no matter what to achieve his mission.

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is an interesting history within the town of Silent Hill. Originally they were executioners to punish sinners. Now they are powerful super natural beings. Usually appearing for mysterious reasons. Easily the most dangerous creature you could run into. Pyramid Head is possibly the most powerful being that isn't technically a god like creature.

+Has more weapons
+His coat can tank some serious force

-None of his weapons can harm Pyramid Head
-If no tyrants are near by after being cut in half ends any chances of fighting

Pyramid Head
+Greatly limited to what can kill him
+Helmet is very durable
+More unpredictable
+Has defeated a superior being

-Wielding the great knife reduced Pyramid Head's movements
-His spear won't be effective against Nemesis

On paper this sounds like the perfect Resident Evil/Silent Hill fight. In reality this is a surprise stomp in favor of Pyramid Head. Yes Nemesis does have more weapons but none of them can actually harm him. Nemesis won't be able to fully understand exactly what he's up against. Pyramid Head is not a personal demon. He is more like an enforcer of Hell similar to Hellraiser's cenobites. Pyramid Head came from another plain of existence. Only being killed by a powerful being from the same plain of existence or committing suicide can kill him. Nemesis is very strong among many Resident Evil monsters. Hell he does have tentacles, a rocket launcher and Gatling gun. In comparison to Pyramid Head's Great Knife that weighs more than a car. Pyramid Head is actually physically stronger than Nemesis. Which also means if Nemesis doesn't avoid getting cut by the great knife. He can be cut right in half with ease on the spot. To sum it up, no matter what Nemesis does. Pyramid Head is simply too much for him to handle on his own. Even if I were to allow a couple Resident Evil monsters. The results would remain the same sorry Capcom fans but Pyramid Head is a true monster to worry about.

I also wanted to point out I'm way more into Resident Evil series. I loss interest in Silent Hill a couple of years ago. I do respect parts of Silent Hill for what it is. At the same time, in it's current state can't match Resident Evil.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #16 Stitches vs. Frowny the Clown (Clown)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to do another killer clown fight. This is going to be an interesting fight to say the least. Stitches from the movie Stitches takes on Cloyne from the movie Clown. I'm sure by now a lot of you are saying what!!! Yeah I really wanted to do this as one of my last fights for this series. An demon clown takes on a zombie clown now that haven't been considered before. Am I right kids hahahahahaha. Oh yes we all float down here.

Update: There is a song related to the movie Clown revealing his clown name.


Stitches was a clown that attempted a kid's birthday party. He wasn't very good at his job. It didn't help these kids all being nasty to him leading to a surprise death. Six years later, Stitches came back from the grave to get revenge of those kids. He made sure each one dies related to what they did to him six years prior.


Frowny the Clown is an old legend about a demonic clown creature that devours children. A man named Kent McCoy was told a clown isn't coming to his son's birthday party. He decides to put on what appeared to be a clown costume. In reality these was actual the skin of a demonic being. The longer he stays in it & depending on how many children he devoured. The more of the man trapped inside becomes loss.

+More powers
+More unpredictable
+Has weapons
+More durable

-Can be easily distracted
-Anything that happens to his egg, can kill him

+Acting on instinct
+More willing to kill

-Easier to kill
-Quickly loses control

I am going to do a first for my blog series. I knew if I just randomly thrown these two into a fight. A lot of questions would be thrown. The scenario is a few years prior the same kids that played an hand in killing Stitches. At one point were also going to be attacked by Frowny. It is unknown how or what happened to that creature. This was before the crazy guy put that skin on. Six years later, Stitches raises from the grave to stalk those kids. Around this time Kent was losing control over his own actions. This creature found a way to the party. It seemed a familiar smell of those kids it once smelled. This caused Frowny to go into berserk mode. A lot of people got killed in the middle of this. Shortly a little while, Stitches confronts Frowny. Of course you know by now Hell is about to break loose.

I am going to be very direct to say this was one of the closest fights I have ever done. Both of them have a strange connection to a kid's birthday. Some of the most violent kills you will ever see in any killer clown movies was done by these two. Frowny is more like a giant angry dog than anything else. Stitches may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer. He does have more powers that does help him in this fight. Stitches also bringing clown like arsenal that could hurt Frowny. Both of them are surprisingly durable for killer clowns easily withstanding almost everything with ease. However how you have to kill them are very different. For Frowny you must completely cut off his head. For Stitches you have to destroy his egg that's hidden in a grave yard. This egg has a direct connection to his soul acting similar to a voodoo doll. Of course Frowny has no way of knowing about that egg. In vice versa, Stitches can decapitate Frowny very easily. In all honestly this was a great killer clown face off. In the end, Stitches simply had more going for him in this fight.

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #15 Zombies vs. Demons

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, there's so many movies with zombies & demons. In fact enough of them to fill up a large room. Everybody into horror movies has seen a fair share of these creatures. Obviously Deadliest Warrior did their take on Zombies vs. Vampires that was very good. I figured why not put zombies against demons to see which would come out on top.

Just to clarify I'm not including many famous movie examples of demons. I'm leaving the devil out since he could easily take the win. Also I don't have a lot of options who could face him.


A virus outbreak occurs possibly affecting the entire world. The dead start to walk to devour those of the living. These zombies are acting purely on instinct & can't be reason with. Zombies has one of the highest body counts in horror movie history. They will continue to come after you regardless what's happening. Zombies are legendary among horror movie fans.


The polar opposite to Heaven's angels. Demons are beings from Hell that cause chaos anywhere they go. They can possess people turning the best of them into monsters. Demons has a long colorful history that still isn't fully explored to this day. These creatures only bow to Satan himself. Demons are also legendary among horror movies for some of the absolute scariest movies ever made.

+Superior numbers
+Only one way to kill

-Lack intelligence
-One week before their bodies breaks down
-Virus can't do much towards demons
-Wielding weapons doesn't really work for zombies

+More powers
+More experienced
+Has ways around the zombie virus
+More unpredictable

-More weaknesses
-Too arrogant for their own good
-Loves to talk
-Not as many demons are willing to work together

Two of the most reoccurring horror movie monsters in history of cinema in a fight to the death. Zombies doesn't have much going for them in this fight. It is debatable which is actually tougher depending on things. Both of them have superior stats to a couple of humans. But zombies doesn't feel pain no matter what you do. Demons can still feel pain with holy weapons being the most effective. In that slight edge zombies are technically tougher. Demons trumps in most advantages you can possibly give any horror movie monsters. Of course the big question would the zombie virus affect demons? Not exactly since they are already dead that's possessing the bodies of the living. If the virus were to affect those bodies, they simply leave the body. Sometimes demons has spells or artifacts that can counter it's effects. I can't stress this enough there will be an army of zombies greatly out numbering the demons. But a few skilled demons can truly make the differences. Zombies lack most of their intelligence that demons can easily take advantage of. Therefore if holy weapons were within reach. Chances are the zombies would walk right pass them without picking them up. Demons has so much to bring to the table that it becomes incredibly clear. Demons are much worse to go up against than zombies.

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #6 Troll 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I decided to do Troll 2 for many reasons. One of the absolute worst horror movie sequels ever released. Although it has virtually nothing to do with Troll at all. This movie is widely known for being very bad in every possible area. A movie so bad a lot of people often gathered to watch it with their friends & families. I did mention there are people looking for bad movies. Troll 2 is one of the most watched among these groups. Let's be honest this movie is legendary in it sheer awfulness.

Troll 2 as stated before has absolutely nothing to do with the original Troll movie. Believe it or not there exists two different Troll 3 movies. I haven't seen those movies but even if I did the legacy to Troll 2 is too great to pass up. More like a garbage bag filled with hazardous stuff with some mess from several people. Now I apologize for being disgusting but that bag is miles better than this movie.

Troll 2 is about a family that recently moved to a town. You later discover this town's name is goblin spelled backwards. Oh okay Dracula did it first now goblins are doing it. What the hell is next guys? The goblins wants to eat humans in such a horrible fashion. I seen better bad zombie movies that made eating people more entertaining to watch.

Troll 2 has some of the worst acting of it's time. The goblins look worse than a home made costume done poorly. Every kill scene is strangely rememberable for the wrong reasons. Who doesn't remember "Oh my god!!!" scene? Troll 2 also has some of the worst usage of special effects in history of cinema. Everything about this movie is a suffering to the mind waiting to happen.

There really isn't anything good with this movie. Maybe if someone does a charity that involves watching it might bring some good. All I see if that happens is so many people are more likely to walk away knowing it is not worth the trouble. I for one do have a thing for charities. I would rather play Desert Bus for a charity than to watch this movie again I'm dead serious.

The entire movie is horribly done from start to finish. I honestly can't name a single scene worth rewatching. This movie is notorious for so many reasons. It is so bad that not even the cover hides from it's legacy suckage. Troll 2 is the very definition of not actually being a movie sequel. It clearly was meant to be a stand alone movie but the director quickly tagged it with Troll 2.

In an attempt to help get it out there faster. Instead Troll 2 became a movie so bad pretty much everybody agrees it's horrible. I doubt I could find a single person that actually likes this movie. I should mention the famous scene with a guy gets transformed into popcorn? Out of the possible creative ways to kill people, you chose to turn this guy into popcorn. It makes just as much sense as having a gingerbread man going around killing people.

Actually no I take that back I don't know which sounds stupider to me. This movie for all the wrong reasons deserves all the hate it gets. Troll 2 is nothing special among bad horror movie sequels. There really no real reason any sane person should sit through this horrible abomination of a movie. I highly recommend avoiding or destroying any copies of it you find. The world really doesn't need such a bad movie around anymore.