Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #7 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

I had a lot going on in the last few days. As of 6 pm this Thursday finally getting the chance to write my new entry for this series.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I think it is time to do a movie that's known for being widely mixed by people. A movie to me that stands as an insult to a classic horror movie series. I am talking about Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. I could argue parts of the previous movie are still some of my least favorites. I could say the same about Jason X but both of those actually fit in the time line. I can't say the same for this movie.

The previous movie was the last original Friday the 13th done by Paramount Pictures the only movie company behind this franchise. New Line Cinema the same company behind A Nightmare on Elm Street series bought the franchise. Sadly this wasn't a good start for things to come. I highly agree Freddy vs. Jason was easily their best movie among their Friday the 13th movies.

This is notorious for being the second attempt to end the series but didn't stop from making more. A lot of people love this particular look of Jason. Honestly I never really cared for it & yes I tried. The movie opens up to a surprise by the government. The level of punishment Jason receives here rivals the next two movies I'm not kidding.

Almost everyone thought Jason was down for the count. It turns out he somehow & never explained was still alive. A good amount of this movie involves Jason switching bodies. I have a lot of problems with this. Freddy did it with an unborn child inside of Alice. This led to him stealing her dead mother's body. No one of the previous movies ever shown Jason capable of doing that.

My next problem with it is Jason has souls from his victims. Once again ripping off Freddy who revealed that about himself in the third movie. There's no question Jason has superior stats to a regular person. At the same time I felt the entire movie misused the actual killer. It is very similar to I'll Always Remember What You Did Last Summer. Both of them horribly ripped off another classic horror movie.

Jason Goes to Hell also explains only a Voorhees can kill him. Indirectly referencing Halloween series since Michael is trying to kill his own family. You know it's bad when you rip off two famous horror movie franchises & not in a good way. Most of his kills aren't anything to write home about. There is a bounty hunter that never once explained how he knew how to kill or resurrect Jason.

This is a very different tone Friday the 13th movie. Usually you see Camp Crystal Lake with horny teenagers. You don't see neither of those really guys? Jason kept switching bodies until his dead sister's body. Possibly one of the sickest scenes in any horror movie that we don't actually fully see. This movie has some serious issues that makes it difficult for me to like.

Speaking of which my biggest problem is no where in any canon does it specify state Jason had siblings. In fact according to most of the movies, Jason was an only child. Are we walking into a plot hole or maybe the Twilight Zone. Also it must be his family to kill is sorta pointless. Let me explain from Part VI to up, Jason is officially undead. Prior to that, Tommy killed Jason for good when people thought he drown in the lake many years ago.

At the end of both Part VI & VII, Jason got forced back into the water. It took something unexpected both times to come back. It never once explained how Jason came back from Part VIII. I know a lot of horror movie series doesn't exactly how to follow the story. I felt major plot holes within the plot of this movie was unnecessary.

My point is Jason wasn't dead but he got forced to sleep in the water. Why of all a sudden it must be a family member to kill him? Was his family secretly related to Jesus? I know this is getting more ridiculous. Jason Goes to Hell doesn't do much to have things. I can't name a single part I actually like about this movie.

Oh yes when Jason gets stabbed by the dagger by a relative. Giant rock hands are pulling Jason into Hell. Once again this is ripping off Freddy at the end of his fourth movie. Although both scenes are very different from each other. Both scenes does involve their victims fighting back to end them for good.

What's mess up about all of this? When Jason got inside his dead sister's body. He came back looking just like he did prior to the grenade early in this movie. Is Jason somehow related to Leprechaun god I hope not lol. I think by now you can understand how I feel about this movie. It really doesn't feel like any previous Friday the 13th movies. How about I take it a step further the show felt slightly more like them in it's own weird way than this garbage.

Honestly unless you really like Jason, then go ahead & watch this. But to everyone else I recommend avoiding this movie altogether. This abomination is an insult to many great horror movie franchises. The closest positive thing I could say is Freddy's cameo. Yes it was brief & quickly gave us a strong message. This particular scene ends up being the only part I would rewatch for. Of course my second favorite part is the ending lol.

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