Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #6 Troll 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I decided to do Troll 2 for many reasons. One of the absolute worst horror movie sequels ever released. Although it has virtually nothing to do with Troll at all. This movie is widely known for being very bad in every possible area. A movie so bad a lot of people often gathered to watch it with their friends & families. I did mention there are people looking for bad movies. Troll 2 is one of the most watched among these groups. Let's be honest this movie is legendary in it sheer awfulness.

Troll 2 as stated before has absolutely nothing to do with the original Troll movie. Believe it or not there exists two different Troll 3 movies. I haven't seen those movies but even if I did the legacy to Troll 2 is too great to pass up. More like a garbage bag filled with hazardous stuff with some mess from several people. Now I apologize for being disgusting but that bag is miles better than this movie.

Troll 2 is about a family that recently moved to a town. You later discover this town's name is goblin spelled backwards. Oh okay Dracula did it first now goblins are doing it. What the hell is next guys? The goblins wants to eat humans in such a horrible fashion. I seen better bad zombie movies that made eating people more entertaining to watch.

Troll 2 has some of the worst acting of it's time. The goblins look worse than a home made costume done poorly. Every kill scene is strangely rememberable for the wrong reasons. Who doesn't remember "Oh my god!!!" scene? Troll 2 also has some of the worst usage of special effects in history of cinema. Everything about this movie is a suffering to the mind waiting to happen.

There really isn't anything good with this movie. Maybe if someone does a charity that involves watching it might bring some good. All I see if that happens is so many people are more likely to walk away knowing it is not worth the trouble. I for one do have a thing for charities. I would rather play Desert Bus for a charity than to watch this movie again I'm dead serious.

The entire movie is horribly done from start to finish. I honestly can't name a single scene worth rewatching. This movie is notorious for so many reasons. It is so bad that not even the cover hides from it's legacy suckage. Troll 2 is the very definition of not actually being a movie sequel. It clearly was meant to be a stand alone movie but the director quickly tagged it with Troll 2.

In an attempt to help get it out there faster. Instead Troll 2 became a movie so bad pretty much everybody agrees it's horrible. I doubt I could find a single person that actually likes this movie. I should mention the famous scene with a guy gets transformed into popcorn? Out of the possible creative ways to kill people, you chose to turn this guy into popcorn. It makes just as much sense as having a gingerbread man going around killing people.

Actually no I take that back I don't know which sounds stupider to me. This movie for all the wrong reasons deserves all the hate it gets. Troll 2 is nothing special among bad horror movie sequels. There really no real reason any sane person should sit through this horrible abomination of a movie. I highly recommend avoiding or destroying any copies of it you find. The world really doesn't need such a bad movie around anymore.

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