Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #18 Death (Final Destination) vs. Pinhead (Hellraiser) Kill Face Off

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time to spice things up. I am going to change the rules for this face off. I do plan on having Death from Final Destination series taking on Pinhead from Hellraiser series. But a fight between them wouldn't be interesting & more likely to be boring. So I decided let's make it a Kill Face Off. In this face off instead of having these two battling each other like I usually do. How about I compare some of their finest kills to determinate whose more terrifying. Lucky I seen all of their movies to know which kills I want to compare.

Round 1: Tragedies vs. Being ripped apart

In most Hellraiser movies, Pinhead kills people by hooked their bodies from all possible angles. Then he suddenly pulls all of them ripping his victims to pieces. In comparison, a horrible tragedy with a lot of people dying occurs. Always one person within it foreseen what's about to happen & alters some people's deaths. At the end of some Final Destination movies. The survivors meet up in a location to only be killed in such horrible ways. The real question is which of these particular painful to watch kills being more terrifying. Honestly seeing again many times Pinhead killing people the same exact way is difficult to watch. In vice versa, when end of the movie tragedies happens. It plays out very quickly leaving no body to survive. Therefore I have to go with being ripped apart for Pinhead.

Winner: Pinhead 1-0

Round 2: Two girls burnt to death vs. Twin security guards kill
This is more about surprise multiple kills from Death that aren't tragedies. Kills like two girls in Final Destination 3 being burnt to death. There also exists an alternate version of this kill but both of them still dies. In Hellraiser: Bloodlines, Pinhead deserves one of my favorite kills in the series. Two twin brothers that so happens to be security guards of the same building. They do end up meeting Pinhead to get such a brutal death. It is so disturbing that I really don't want to get ban from explaining it even a little bit. I think you all can agree this round goes to Pinhead.

Winner: Pinhead 2-0

Round 3: Blown barb wire kill vs. Beheading kill
Both of these kills caught me off guard the first time. Blown barb wire kill quickly followed another kill. A explosion occurs that sends a barb wire fence towards a guy cutting him into pieces. In comparison, Pinhead cuts an descendant of the man that created the box by sending one of his chains. Which went right through his neck then opened a blade to quickly go in reverse. Cutting his head clean off that fell down a floor. This is one of my favorite Pinhead kills of the series. So which kill do I think was more terrifying out of these two? I have to say blown barb wire kill was more unexpected & painful to watch.

Winner: Death 2-1

Round 4: Escalator kill vs. Pillar kill

The word "helping" is key for these two following kills. On one hand, a lady is getting forced down into the mechanism. At the same time, one of her friends really tries saving her. But ends up not doing enough leading her to a brutal death. On the other hand we have a woman that just had sex angry at the guy. Out of no where, Pinhead from within the pillar of souls chains her. He removes his entire skin in one quick pull. Then he pulling her towards him absorbing her in such a horrifying way. Indirectly the guy helped killed the lady by pissing her off. Let's be honest both of these kills are very difficult to watch. I won't call you a cry baby from not watching these movies. I got to say out of these two kills I must give to escalator kill because it was much worse. Someone tried to save her but still ends up falling into those gears in such a brutal end to life. In that regard I must give this round to Death.

Winner: Death 2-2

Round 5: Massage kill vs. Club massacre

Before I start describing these kills. I did allow final kills of some Final Destination movies. It should be fair I allow the famous club massacre scene from Hellraiser 3. Now we got some brutal deaths to talk about. A man goes in for a Chinese style massage. But all kind of things goes wrong around him. Probably one of the most painful long kills in any Final Destination movie to watch. In vice versa, Pinhead goes inside a club to kill everyone. He traps everyone inside during the massacre. Sadly we don't get to see how everyone dies. The kills we do see are some of the most brutal Pinhead has ever done. For example a lady's water in her cup transforms into a big icicle to impale her face. Another kill involves five discs cutting into the DJ's head. Man Pinhead isn't holding back in this scene. Two of the most painful kill scenes to watch in my opinion. But which one will give victory to one of these legendary horror movie monsters? I have to say Death is playing a strong hand but Pinhead strikes back with a royal flush.

Winner: Pinhead 3-2

I could be doing this for hours but I really wanted to cover some of their finest brutal kills. When it comes down to the killing. Pinhead has an interesting way about it. Yes Death can do some ridiculous stuff. Some of which made me extremely cautious of several things. I believe Pinhead does have some difficult to watch kills that even Final Destination fans have to agree.

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