Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #15 Zombies vs. Demons

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, there's so many movies with zombies & demons. In fact enough of them to fill up a large room. Everybody into horror movies has seen a fair share of these creatures. Obviously Deadliest Warrior did their take on Zombies vs. Vampires that was very good. I figured why not put zombies against demons to see which would come out on top.

Just to clarify I'm not including many famous movie examples of demons. I'm leaving the devil out since he could easily take the win. Also I don't have a lot of options who could face him.


A virus outbreak occurs possibly affecting the entire world. The dead start to walk to devour those of the living. These zombies are acting purely on instinct & can't be reason with. Zombies has one of the highest body counts in horror movie history. They will continue to come after you regardless what's happening. Zombies are legendary among horror movie fans.


The polar opposite to Heaven's angels. Demons are beings from Hell that cause chaos anywhere they go. They can possess people turning the best of them into monsters. Demons has a long colorful history that still isn't fully explored to this day. These creatures only bow to Satan himself. Demons are also legendary among horror movies for some of the absolute scariest movies ever made.

+Superior numbers
+Only one way to kill

-Lack intelligence
-One week before their bodies breaks down
-Virus can't do much towards demons
-Wielding weapons doesn't really work for zombies

+More powers
+More experienced
+Has ways around the zombie virus
+More unpredictable

-More weaknesses
-Too arrogant for their own good
-Loves to talk
-Not as many demons are willing to work together

Two of the most reoccurring horror movie monsters in history of cinema in a fight to the death. Zombies doesn't have much going for them in this fight. It is debatable which is actually tougher depending on things. Both of them have superior stats to a couple of humans. But zombies doesn't feel pain no matter what you do. Demons can still feel pain with holy weapons being the most effective. In that slight edge zombies are technically tougher. Demons trumps in most advantages you can possibly give any horror movie monsters. Of course the big question would the zombie virus affect demons? Not exactly since they are already dead that's possessing the bodies of the living. If the virus were to affect those bodies, they simply leave the body. Sometimes demons has spells or artifacts that can counter it's effects. I can't stress this enough there will be an army of zombies greatly out numbering the demons. But a few skilled demons can truly make the differences. Zombies lack most of their intelligence that demons can easily take advantage of. Therefore if holy weapons were within reach. Chances are the zombies would walk right pass them without picking them up. Demons has so much to bring to the table that it becomes incredibly clear. Demons are much worse to go up against than zombies.

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