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My thoughts on the other remastered Resident Evil games

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, very recently I compared remastered versions of Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 against remastered versions of Dead Rising 1 and both versions of Dead Rising 2. I figured I should talk about the other remastered Resident Evil games. Oddly enough a year from each other except for Revelations 1.

It came out late 2017 but each one does an amazing job recreating the experience. I honestly would go as far to say all of this is better than the three games remastered for it's 20th anniversary. I am not kidding they're truly great remastered games. Revelations 1 doesn't add anything or made any major changes whatever.

I figured why not put these against each other to determine what I believe to be the best remastered Resident Evil game. Of course two of these games isn't as well known as Resident Evil remake. Let me say both RE0 and Revelations 1 are truly an unique experience in their own right. I won't cover every little thing about that just the stuff that matters for this comparison.

Round 1: How well do they hold up?

All of them are very true to their original game at their core. I even felt the controls were even better than those versions. I felt unlike some remastered Resident Evil games, the visuals are notably updated. They actually look even better than they originally did. All of them has their complete soundtracks with all the sound effects.

In fact I'm having a difficult time trying to decide how about going about giving the edge. Each Resident Evil game is a very different experience. They're around the same price as the other remastered RE games. They also have two bundles with Revelations 2 and all of it's dlcs being roughly twenty bucks cheaper than the triple pack bundle.

I think what we should look at is what else do they bring besides the campaign. Resident Evil 0 has Leech Hunter mini game. Resident Evil remake has two unlockable variations of it for both playable characters. Resident Evil Revelations 1 has Raid Mode that's basically it's own game. Obviously remake had the best enemies & bosses.

All three of them are very solid experience in every sense of the word. I would say this is between Leech Hunter & Raid Mode. Two of my favorite RE mini games ever. On one hand, you have to start from scratch every time. But on the other you have several levels & characters from Revelations 1. You can upgrade your equipment & level up your character.

In the end I felt Leech Hunter ends up holding up just a little better. You have to rely on many skills to survive it especially going for all 100 leeches. It does an amazing job using the core game play & further expanding it's usage in a rather interesting way. You are play as both Rebecca & Billy but each 10 leeches removes a slot from your inventories.

Everything about Leech Hunter makes you think how to go about everything. In Raid Mode, you can replay any level as many times you want. But it heavily demands you quickly get great at playing the mini game. You can always buy stuff to help better your chances but you don't have that in Leech Hunter.

Winner: Resident Evil 0

Round 2: DLCs and changes

As stated before Revelations 1, didn't change much. Thankfully all of it's dlcs are already included. Resident Evil remake does update the visuals a lot. They asked many fans if Chris & Jill's costumes from Lost in Nightmares of RE5 should be in this new version. Guess what you start up the game with two costumes instead of their default ones.

Revelations 1 is also on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC meaning it automatically uses the same achievements. In remake and 0's case, these remastered versions hit several platforms at once. They got mostly guarantee achievements but they also have some difficult ones. Resident Evil 0 actually made a new variation of the campaign with Wesker replacing Billy.

In a sense Wesker is the hidden character of RE0. Yes all of Billy's lines in cut scenes are still present. In game play, Wesker does have his own lines. Rebecca also gets a new costume similar to Jill in RE5 complete with the device on her chest. Wesker also gets two new moves to help with the experience. Sadly there is no ranking for completing it but Rebecca's costumes will be available in the game.

This was the biggest change any of them gotten. Not to piss anyone off but that's tough to beat. Wesker Mode puts an interesting twist on such a classic game. Easily one of the best Wesker playable appearances yet. Honestly when it came down to what mattered come on it's Wesker in RE0. His name even appears when saving your process.

Winner: Resident Evil 0

Round 3: Overall experience

All of them holds up incredibly well. These are great games for achievement hunting. All of them does test your skills in different ways. Hell I do recommend all three of them over the other remastered Resident Evil games. Technically wise it works way better than Dead Rising remastered games.

Everything in them are very well done in every sense of the word. Resident Evil 0 ends up edging the other two out in many ways. Leech Hunter is actually more fun than the campaign. Sure I could say that about Raid Mode but it demands you quickly get great at it or you won't get far. Resident Evil 0 to me had the best controls out of the three.

Resident Evil 0 and remake does change the costume process to a degree. In remake's case originally you have to beat both Chris & Jill's scenarios twice to unlock all their costumes. Although that part remains the same you do get the option to switch out costumes even before starting. Resident Evil 0 made the process even more fun.

Now in both playable character's inventories is a suit case filled with their costumes. Billy gets two Capcom characters theme costumes. Rebecca gets six costumes from several RE games including her prototype RE0 costume from canned N64 version. You also get a couple of shirts for her to wear. Thankfully most of them are free except for her pre order shirt being a dollar.

Yes you do have to pay for most of these costumes but they really bring much needed appeal. All of them fits in perfectly. Originally you had to beat the game once to get a key for a particular closet on the train. Among finishing the train you lose access to that for the rest of the run. I am so glad this process doesn't even need to beat the game once for it to work.

You can't change costumes in Wesker Mode for obvious reasons. You can change them during Leech Hunter as often as you like. Not only that it names all of them making it easier to keep track of them. Keep in mind both Revelations 1 and remake got support. I find it very weird RE0 doesn't get that for many reasons.

Winner: Resident Evil 0

Update on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection vs. Sega Genesis Classics

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a few months ago there was a game compilation on Xbox One & PS4. Although it was quickly added to it's original PC version for free. It no longer is two emulators playing all the games anymore. So how does it currently hold up to Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection?

Sega Genesis Classics may not been the best title for this. When I think of a huge game compilation I usually think of something on the lines of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. They also lowered the bundle from over sixty bucks to just thirty bucks. Now you can buy both of them for around the same price.

I hate to say my controller couldn't fully recreate the classic Genesis controller. Although I do like the intro they added but I still prefer Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection's. It may have fewer achievements but they also center around more Genesis classics. I would say Sega Genesis Classics does have some tricky achievements.

Sega Genesis Classics does have online multiplayer. I felt Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection really missed a great opportunity by not doing that. On consoles, Sega Genesis Classics removes Ecco series, Eternal Champions and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. You can still play Ecco the Dolphin & Sonic 3 & Knuckles in other ways on the console.

In that regard, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has all seven Sonic games. Keep in mind, I am judging Sega Genesis Classics on Steam for this comparison. I felt their decision to remove one of the most popular Sega games of all time was a terrible move. They did add more stuff to the game room.

I am glad they took the time to put it in properly than forcing it in. They also for some odd reason put a huge dice on the game selection area. They do have some cool features added to Sega Genesis Classics. Although the original save feature is somewhat faulty now. You can quick save & quick load in any game.

Oh wait it gets even better, you can rewind & fast forward your games too. This allows you to prevent losing lives or getting stuck to where you regularly would turn off the game. Fast forward if use right can greatly help speeding up several games. For example grinding in RPGs to speed up the leveling process.

I would say what used to be the new emulator now a game compilation plays a lot better. Still not as good as it's original emulator or Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Achievement hunting wise, you will have a great time having fond memories rushing back. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection still had some nice unlockables like interviews and hidden Sega games on other platforms.

Sega Genesis Classics does have a more complete line up in terms of Shinobi trilogy. But Phantasy Star 1 is in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. I guess it depends which Sega franchises are you a bigger fan of. In summary, Sega Genesis Classics is one of the better Genesis compilations. I honestly would recommend Sega Vintage Collection games over it.

Now I think about it, which does deserve the title of best Genesis compilation on Xbox 360 & PS3. If enough of you really know the answer to that question I will do it. Back to the topic at hand if you can't find Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Go find a copy of Sega Genesis Classics or buy it on Steam.

Which is better Capcom Remastered Trilogy for their anniversary?

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to do this topic for a few years. Both franchises had an anniversary in 2016. Dead Rising chose to remastered Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. In Resident Evil's case they chose to remastered Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

There are some clear differences how both franchises went about this move. Resident Evil decided to rerelease Resident Evil 6 first. A few months later they rereleased Resident Evil 5. Late 2016 they rereleased Resident Evil 4. Yet all three Dead Rising games got release the same day. Capcom wanted to celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil and 10 years of Dead Rising.

I played all their original versions and their respective remastered versions. I put a lot of hours in to make this comparison to decide which franchise got the better end of the stick. Of course not everyone will agree with me that's fine. Thankfully their big bundle & buying them separately are the same prices.

I do want to clarify on Resident Evil's side. Yes there is a few more remastered games. Both Resident Evil remake & 0 were package together but you can buy them separately. You do have to buy dlcs for RE0 but it does bring a lot of appeal to the game. There so happens to be Revelations 1 remastered on a few consoles that's also in a bundle with Revelations 2 and all of it's dlcs.

Round 1: How well does they hold up?

Resident Evil 4 & the original Dead Rising came out a year after each other originally. Both were console exclusives up til a point. A couple Dead Rising games came out in 2010. All three remastered Resident Evil games are action games with some horror elements. All three remastered Dead Rising games are more of an unique action survival horror with some RPG elements.

Of course I have to look at this in a few possible angles. In terms of everything considered how well did each game got brought to their new consoles? Audio wise all of them did an amazing job keeping it sounding great. Visual wise can be mostly good with some notable graphic issues. Controls wise they do play a little better than their previous versions except for RE4 on Wii.

I felt the graphical change does work better on Dead Rising games. They really pop while those remastered Resident Evil games don't appear that much. Don't get me wrong they do look great but not as impressive as Dead Rising games. Now you do have somewhat of an open world concept with Dead Rising series.

I am amazed they did an truly amazing job recreating the experiences. Achievements wise, all of them will really help boost your gamer scores in the long run. Dead Rising series does get better over time & easier to play. Resident Evil series does technically have more replayable value in terms of unlockables.

Dead Rising series does have one other major thing going for it. All three Dead Rising games has costume dlcs that are already in their remastered versions. Resident Evil 6 originally had support. They removed it altogether from this version that brings some changes. Yes all of it's dlcs are also included.

At the time getting costume's second colors and retro costumes is slightly easier. Back then you had to be very good at RE6 to be able to compete in events with retro costumes being the prize. Now you have to win Predator and Onslaught to unlock them respectively. I actually like RE5's The Mercenaries United mini game.

It brings both Mercenaries mini games together with the option to play PC exclusive The Mercenaries No Mercy. This version of The Mercenaries is also included in RE6. Dead Rising series is simply more interesting in what you can do during game play. The fact we got all three of them out the same day is pretty nuts.

Winner: Dead Rising series

Round 2: Frame Rate

Lucky from the start it is very clear which remastered does better with frame rate overall. I had notable issues with all three Dead Rising games with 1 being the best in that area. I honestly don't know why both versions of Dead Rising 2 kept crashing on me. All three Resident Evil games plays amazingly well.

Not once did I get a notable crash in all three RE games. This problem is made worse in Dead Rising games due to being an small open world experience. They had much more ground to cover in the long run. All the people you could save, all the psychopaths to kill or just plain having fun. The possibilities of what you can do in Dead Rising series is endless.

I felt this was an easy one for those reasons. All three Dead Rising games are several hours long on mostly one big timer. Sure you can stop to save your process. Although the overall maps can be over whelming in their own right. Hell there's thousands of zombies in these games. I think by now you can see why this sorta disappoints me.

Winner: Resident Evil series

Round 3: DLCs and changes

As stated before with the possible exception of Resident Evil 4. Most of these remastered games does have their dlcs. Mostly costumes in Dead Rising series with both versions of DR2 changing up the game play. In Resident Evil's case, it brought more multiplayer experience. Resident Evil 5 got Lost in Nightmares & Desperate Escape as extra levels.

It does hurt me to say Resident Evil does have better dlcs. But the changes are more notable in Dead Rising series. Yes Resident Evil 5 & 6 made some changes to deliver a better experience. In Dead Rising 1's case you can tell Capcom pay attention to most of it's original flaws. Originally the in game texts was so small it could hurt your eyes trying to read em.

Thank god they made all the in game texts much easier to read. Believe it or not, this version of Dead Rising 1 is on Steam. All of these remastered titles got on Xbox One & PS4. You can tell in just within the cut scenes how different they are from their original games. I honestly couldn't do that with Resident Evil games.

In fact you can technically do the two lengthy achievements in Infinity Mode of DR1 much easier. Originally this could break your Xbox 360 consoles for attempting it. Thankfully PS4 and Xbox One in more ways than one helps with that. The same goes for it's PC port that makes the process even easier.

Yes dlcs can be nice but come on Dead Rising series had a lot to offer from the start. You can use almost anything as a weapon, dress up in all kind of outfits including costumes. You do get nice unlockables in their own right to help balance things out. In both versions of Dead Rising 2, you can do an coop playthrough or mess around in DR2: OTR's sandbox mode.

That's right you heard me a separate mode where you can do whatever you want. Your in game money is shared between both modes of play. Originally in Dead Rising 2, you can do all of these crazy sports events competing against other players. Also do I even need to mention a lot more endings.

Winner: Dead Rising series

Despite not having as good dlcs and two of three games kept crashing on me. In most areas where it counts, Dead Rising gave us a much better job of remastering classics. You can watch their cut scenes side by side to see the difference. Dead Rising games on their own packs plenty things to do to keep you busy for hours.

I would say despite Resident Evil 5 & 6 having 70 achievements. All three Dead Rising games has 50 achievements making them more for hardcore gamers, achievement hunting and testing your skills. Yes Resident Evil 5 has professional difficulty & Resident Evil went beyond it with No Hope difficulty.

You can tell the difficulty is more even balanced in Dead Rising games. There's many situations to a lot of problems you could be helping. Hell you can simply out play the big time limit to get an ending. You get so many endings in all three Dead Rising games to keep you busy for days. Your imagine what to do has no true limit neither does Dead Rising series.

Winner: Dead Rising series

One great selling point is all three Dead Rising games are much smaller than all three Resident Evil games. They're roughly around or a little bigger than an Xbox 360 game in size.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jack Red presents Favorite Resident Evil Bosses

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, you seen some of my favorite Resident Evil monsters. Now it's time to reveal some of my favorite Resident Evil boss fights. Of course everyone has a different opinion. I do expect a lot of people won't like this, all I asked for is be kind folks. This will be set up just like the other blog.

Resident Evil 1
Yawn first encounter

Yes there's technically two Yawn bosses with two main versions of his second boss fight due to Remake. I always had a deep feeling most of the times I take on Yawn in his first encounter. Usually people when they talk about RE1, one of the first bosses they talk about is Yawn. The fact you are going up against a giant snake in a place like this was nuts.

Yawn may or may not been the inspire behind a couple of giant snake movies. He technically gets a successor in RE6 whose able to turn invisible at will. Snakes are already one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. By making one snake into a giant creature is why I love horror movies & games.

Resident Evil 2
William form 2

Yes there's five forms of William in Resident Evil 2. I'm choosing his second form since that's the first form of him I seen growing up. I used to confuse this with a tyrant clearly very different beings. William in this form oddly enough fights like a tyrant. I would say it is the best looking form of his. Although his third form does come close.

Even his 1st form is one of the toughest monsters in the game. His second form has one of my favorite PS1 era boss fights. William form 2 is hands down, one of the scariest looking monsters ever. This form is notably faster than his previous form. I also love his cut scene where he transforms into this form.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Nemesis at Clock Tower

Technically two boss monsters you face multiple times. You could be facing Nemesis the entire time playing it. Of course the one Nemesis boss fight I felt deserves to be called his best has to be at Clock Tower. This boss fight can end speed runs faster than you think. Nemesis is at his best not giving you much room to do anything.

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X
Alexia Ashford form 2 and 3

I felt this was a obvious choice even for a game like CODE: Veronica X. Chris has to take on two forms of Alexia at the end of the game after saving his sister. OMG her second form takes a lot more damage than anything in the game. You could be possibly tanking a large amount of damage in just this one boss fight.

Oh wait it gets more intense, Alexia transforms again becoming immune to most of your weapons. She flies around to constantly splitting at you. It turns out the linear launcher is the only way to kill her at this point. All you need is nail just one shot on her & beat the game. However she is among the fastest of enemies in the entire game.

Resident Evil 0
Queen Leech form 2

Both Queen Leech forms can tank a large amount of damage. There appears to be no such limit on Queen Leech form 2. Mostly Bill has to hold her off while Rebecca opens the shutters to bring in sun light. Of course for a final boss fight that's easier said than done. You can be firing the most powerful weapons for awhile.

You simply can't flat out kill Queen Leech in this boss fight. Also when she attacks back at you, be prepare to tank some damage. This is still one of my favorite final RE bosses in the franchise. Queen Leech form 2 is also the scariest looking creature in the entire game. The timer isn't as important than most RE games.

Resident Evil 4

Verdugo is my favorite boss fight within Resident Evil 4. His exoskeleton is incredibly durable tanking even the most powerful weapons at ease. He is one of the fastest enemies in the entire game. Verdugo is also one of the few bosses in the entire franchise you don't have to kill. But if you somehow kill Verdugo, you get a major part of a crown.

Which fully put back together is one of the best treasures in the game. Verdugo is hands down the most awesome looking boss monster of RE4. His cut scenes puts chill down your spine among first playing this boss fight. Verdugo will stay on top of where you are up til he comes straight after you. Keep paying attention to the button commands on the screen.

Resident Evil 5
Wesker & Jill

Wesker & Jill is the one boss fight on Professional difficulty that gave me trouble. It's essentially two bosses at once, which still isn't common among RE games. Wesker is similar to most of his boss fights. At the same time, Jill will be tricky to avoid. I'll make it as painfully clear as humanly possible.

The best way to win to go straight into fighting Jill is tank enough damage on Wesker. This boss fight is very frustrating to stay on top of. Obviously killing Jill will result into the continue screen. This isn't the paradox easter egg by killing Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3. Two very different fast bosses that's very accurate with their attacks.

Resident Evil: Revelations
Ultimate Abyss

Ultimate Abyss is essentially T-Abyss' variation of the tyrant creatures. OMG this was a great final boss for an RE game. This guy you have to stay on top of every single second. He also has the most attack patterns of all the bosses in the game. Ultimate Abyss is hands down the single most difficult monster to kill.

Believe it or not, in the famous Ghost Ship level of Raid Mode. If you are level 50 which is max level among defeating Ultimate Abyss. You will instantly take on a tougher, stronger variation of him. The regular him is already very difficult to take down just imagine facing that version. Ultimate Abyss is also the best looking monster in the entire game.

Resident Evil 6
Ustanak featuring Leon & Helena

Let's be honest I really didn't care for most RE6 boss fights. Funny enough I chose one of the select few boss fights shared among two campaigns. Ustanak is incredibly similar to RE3's Nemesis. Yes there's a few boss fights with him but which one made my list. I almost went with the final boss fight that led to a fist fight.

Then I thought how funny it was taking on him with Leon & Helena. I felt out of all RE6 boss fights, this was the one I would keep coming back to. Ustanak uses two of his weapons in this boss fight. Thankfully the developers left stuff capable of doing big damage to him. Of course having the right weapons will help you a lot.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Mutant Pedro

I almost went with Monster Neil but I came to like Mutant Pedro more. You can play as that version of him in Raid Mode. Yes he acts similar to chainsaw enemies but he has a driller device. He does have some weak points making him a little easier. I do like the cut scene when Pedro got too freaked out to become this monster.

If Claire & Moira doesn't finish him in their portion of the campaign. Barry has to kill him in order to get his driller. However if you did take him down with Claire or Moira, Barry will find his driller. Thankfully in later runs you don't have to keep picking it up. Mutant Pedro is one of the craziest bosses in the entire game.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard
Jack Baker's second boss fight

Some REVII bosses were alright but I came to like Jack's second boss fight. You could use a chainsaw or another weapon of your choice. Jack will break through pillars with his custom giant shivers. Possibly a reference to another Capcom series Clock Tower. Some of my favorite lines said during a boss fight is present here.

This was an entertaining boss fight before leaving to the next main area. Jack has a screw up death like scene since he does come back a few times. Ethan had to put up one hell of a fight to stay alive. This is still one of the craziest boss fights in the entire game. I would go as far to say one of my personal favorites indeed.

Jack Red presents Favorite Resident Evil Monsters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, sure you could do your best & worst RE monster lists. Why not talk about some of my favorite Resident Evil monsters. Now this isn't going to be set up like a short or long list. I will be covering my favorite monsters in every main Resident Evil game. Before anyone freaks out, I am doing another one covering strictly my favorite Resident Evil bosses.

This will be a lengthy blog entry please take as many breaks as needed. I really don't want to be the cause you end up in a hospital.

Resident Evil 1
Hunter Alpha

Hunter Alphas are hands down the scariest monsters in most versions of RE1. These creatures will chase after you to hunt you down. I chose not to involve Crimson Heads because even they fail in comparison to Hunter Alpha. Which is still one of the best Hunter models in the entire franchise. When you come back to the mansion, one of the scariest cut scenes plays out.

It is highly recommend to be armed with a shotgun. Trust me against one of those creatures it's your best friend. Yes sometimes they can be annoying but they're intelligent monsters. Hunter Alphas is one of the most aggressive creatures in the entire game. There's just enough of them to keep players on the end.

Resident Evil 2

Lickers was always a personal favorite of mine since my child hood. They're a part of the T-Virus evolution follow Regis Licker. Believe it or not, Lickers keep appearing in many things Resident Evil including live action movies. Lickers reminds me of Marvel's Venom for a few reasons. They're also the first among monsters that can't see.

Possibly among the scariest since Lickers can crawl on the ground or ceiling. Lickers are basically RE2's answer to RE1's Hunters. There is also Super Lickers that can tank more damage while dealing much more. Lickers are among the creepiest of monsters just among PS1 era RE games. Also do I even need to mention the famous first cut scene with a Licker?

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Hunter Gamma

Easily one of my favorite obscure Resident Evil monsters. Usually Hunters are reptilian/human hybrids, Hunter Gammas actually being ambition instead of reptilian. This particular Hunter model can swim as well as swallowing a full grown person whole. Yes there isn't many of them in 3: Nemesis.

Hunter Gammas are one of two Hunter models in Raccoon City at the time of it's destruction. For the first ambition RE monster I felt it was beautifully designed monster. It may not look like that in game but in some spin offs you can kill these creatures. Hunter Gammas is easily one of the most underrated RE monsters in history.

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X

Believe it or not, Bandersnatch is actually classified as a failed tyrant model. They were created for being rubber like creatures that could've been used in armies. However due to their creation, they're missing an arm. Yes they're among the toughest of regular enemies in CODE: Veronica X. Bandersnatch does have a great introduction cut scenes.

One of my favorite cut scenes is Steve jumps in through a window gunning down a Bandersnatch. These creatures has the longest attack range of all the enemies in the game. Just attempting to knife one is suicide. A few areas has a handful of them that's difficult to avoid. Even Chris gets force to meet one because of Wesker.

Resident Evil 0
Mimicry Marcus

Not to be confused with Leech Zombies in Outbreak. Leeches controlled by Queen Leech through Dr. Marcus inside her. Several areas has a man made entirely out of leeches. These creatures has the longest attack range while also being the most difficult regular enemies. Unlike most RE creatures, there's several death animations for Mimicry Marcus.

Sometimes they can move faster but usually prefer to take their time. The first cut scene with one is among my favorite cut scenes in the game. Mimicry Marcus is also a taste for the last two bosses. They can be tricky to avoid sometimes. Also in most ways to kill one, their legs grows big enough to explode possibly doing a lot of damage.

Resident Evil 4
J. J.

J. J. is a recurring enemy in most RE4 modes. There's no way around the obvious, he is a gatling gunner. This guy is among the toughest of regular enemies. Due to his weapon, he has the longest attack range. He can tank a lot of damage far greater than most enemies. Thankfully he prefers to be ready to fire fast.

There's several of them with some cases of more than one at the time. Especially within a particular level in The Mercenaries. J. J. acts like a mini game in later portions of the campaign. This guy isn't afraid to kill some of his allies. Sometimes if you aren't careful he can fire away at you even at angles you thought you were safe.

Resident Evil 5
Chainsaw Majini

Chainsaw Majini is a tough enemy that appears in some modes. Similar to his RE4's chainsaw characters, he can tank a lot of damage greater than most enemies. Just like them, he can instantly kill you on the spot. Chainsaw Majinis are among the angriest majinis within the game. These guys moves the fastest among all enemies.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Ghiozzo are aggressive fishes that appears in some parts of the campaign. Yes they're among the weakest of enemies but they were the best looking monsters. A lot of them all over the place is over whelming. Ghiozzo has an awesome intro cut scene. These creatures are much worse in the water but they can still attack out of it.

Resident Evil 6

There's two main enemy groups in Resident Evil 6. Zombies is similar to other zombies by different viruses. Let's be honest among most regular enemies doesn't stand out in this game. You know a game isn't great if zombies are the only creatures worth mentioning. I do like some of their designs but the fog effect makes it even creepier.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Believe it or not, I do like Ironhead for many reasons. In a sense they're a spiritual successors in some RE games to executioners. These guys are among the toughest of regular enemies. Also I strongly felt they look the best out of all the enemies. Ironhead is present in most modes. I also like how he uses his weapon.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard
Four legged Molded

Yes I know many RE fans aren't crazy about molded enemies. I always liked seeing the four legged molded creatures. Out of all molded creatures, these are the only ones I find creepy. I felt they were great enemies in most modes they appear in. Sometimes you got to deal with a lot of them at once. You have to be on your guard around just one of these monsters.

My favorite Resident Evil Bosses in extra portion of campaigns by Jack Red

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to do a quick Resident Evil bosses follow up blog. This time I'm looking at canon mini games to possibly important dlcs to cover more bosses. I already know this is going to be an interesting line up of bosses. I hope a lot of fellow fans enjoys reading my work as much I do making them.

Resident Evil 1
Second Tyrant (Sega Saturn version only)

Some versions of RE1 that's not Remake has some console exclusive bosses. In DS port/remake, there's a second giant snake in the same spot you defeated Plant-42. In this case I have to go with the most surprising boss added. Only in Chris' scenario you have to fight two tyrants right after each other.

This alone makes Chris' already tougher campaign more difficult than most versions. Thankfully you don't have to fight both of them at the same time. Also they won't run tanking a lot of damage. If you mastered defeating the tyrant then you should be great at this. Second tyrant does make things a little tougher late in the game especially you aren't going for the good ending.

Resident Evil 2 (The 4th Survivor)

In Scenario B of both characters, you will run into this tyrant. But in The 4th Survivor, you face him twice. First time is around half way through the mini game. He is your final enemy of this mini game being close to the end. Thankfully you don't have to kill them but doing so will take a lot of damage. He appears at the spots you really don't want him to be.

Tyrant-103 aka Mr. X is a precursor/related tyrant model to Nemesis. Who indirectly inspired another Umbrella division in Russia to create their own rip off. This creature is one of many mass produced tyrants that's following now legendary Tyrant-002's legacy. He walks the slowest of everyone in the entire game.

Resident Evil 4 (Separate Ways)
Osmund Saddler

Honestly I really prefer this boss fight over Leon's. Saddler is difficult to predict that can tank a lot of damage. This guy will keep you on the end unless you have Chicago typewriter. Saddler is very different from most bosses in the game. Believe it or not, he will test how well you played the game in many ways.

It could take awhile to finally do real damage from his main eye inside his mouth. Trust me it will take a lot of your ammo to even get that far. I felt Leon's boss fight was too easy for a final boss. But this is more of what I was expecting for a final boss. Saddler takes place right after a particular cut scene.

Resident Evil 5 (Lost in Nightmares)

You get to face Wesker right after he kills Spencer. This is very similar to most of his boss fights. Even to the point, depending how much damage you do to him determines many things. This is possibly the most difficult Wesker boss fight yet. You won't have much ammo at this point. Wesker is more on his guard here.

It is an achievement/trophy if you can do enough damage to him. Thankfully you don't have to waste ammo since either way you will win. It still doesn't mean you can't lose because you can. Wesker is easier to do physical attacks in this boss fight. This will test you in many ways making things more difficult.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (The Struggle)

Durga appears in most modes of Revelations 2. Yes this boss is incredibly cheap but one of the easiest to kill too. In The Struggle, you will fight a couple of Durga. You could have a lot of ammo or being low on it. This creatures could instantly kill you. Durga has a big weakness that you can destroy it.

One of the weirdest looking creatures in the entire game. This creature also has the longest reach of any enemy. Durga can be very annoying at times. It is actually possible to deal with more than one at the same time. Easily the most difficult part of this dlc. Durga can be tricky to hit sometimes despite how predictable it is.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard (End of Zoe)
Final Jack Baker boss fight

Among Not a Hero & End of Zoe, majority of boss fights are great. I really like Jack's final boss fight for many reasons. Hey Capcom why is this similar to rock sock em robots or Nintendo's Punch-Out series. Depending on things, Joe could have one or two gauntlets in this fight. Jack can be tricky to knock down in harder difficulties.

I'm not going to lie I grew up with fighting & beat em up games. I automatically loved this the first time I beat the final boss. This is so much fun that if I could keep redoing this fight I would. One of the sickest looking bosses in the entire game. This is a very intense fist fight with a beautiful ending lol.

Jack Red presents Top 5 Resident Evil mini games between RE 1-3 & RE 4-6

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to give myself a test. I decided to do two lists solely on Resident Evil mini games. In rare cases, some of these are better & more replayable than the campaign. Also I am surprised no one attempted doing even for a charity a live stream marathon of them.

The first list will cover RE1, RE2, RE3, RECVX and RE0. The second list will cover RE4, RE5, REV, RE6 and REV2. Don't worry when the time is right I'll do another one starting with RE7. The rules for these lists are very straight forward.

1. Considering there's five RE games on a list, they must have a mini game up for it

2. If one of the selected RE games lacks mini games I may allow another mini game from other RE games

3. This is solely my lists meaning you may not agree with some of my choices please be friendly

4. All selected mini games must act like a totally different game to spice up the experience

5. Sorry mercenaries fans, I won't allow The Mercenaries, Raid Mode and Battle Mode mini games on either lists for fairness reasons

6. Even with canon spin off games I won't allow them on either lists

7. Most importantly these mini games must pull more from their respective games than another RE game

4. Master of Knifing (Resident Evil: Deadly Silence)
Unless you play it's DS port/remake. You probably didn't know about it's multiplayer or Master of Knifing mini game. You play as Chris or Jill in a few levels only armed with a knife. Considering some changes in DS remake version included on this cartridge. You can easily knife anything coming at you similar to Chronicles series.

This mini game will test more than your knifing skills. It also tests how quick you react & they do send a lot of enemies at you. If you complete it on hard mode with a B rank. You unlock Wesker for it's multiplayer. This should be the mini game for RE1 you always wanted. Master of Knifing will help better your skills for DS remake campaigns for both characters.

3. The Tofu Survivor (Resident Evil 2)

Recently confirmed to return in RE2 remake. Tofu is still one of the strangest playable characters in RE history. You are a giant piece of Tofu that changes color depending on how much damage or you get poisoned. Obviously this is a parody, harder version of Hunk's mini game. Still one of the hardest strictly knife mini games in franchise's history.

You have to take risks, learn to avoid enemies at tight spaces & memorize the path. I recently seen someone do a no damage run of this I'm not kidding. Tofu is technically the strongest playable character in RE2. You won't be able to get anything to help you much on your way. In fact you should expect to die a lot.

2. Leech Hunter (Resident Evil 0)

One of my favorite mini games ever, Leech Hunter is better than the campaign. You play as Rebecca & Billy searching for a 100 leech charms. 50 blue leech charms for Billy while Rebecca must collect 50 green leech charms. You got most of the training facility to explore with no time limit. I felt the enemy placements are the best here.

Depending on how many leech charms you escape with. Actually determines what exactly will be your prize. Yes it is possible to unlock all five of them in a single run. The worst prize is extra sub machine gun clips are placed in the campaign. The best prize is every fire arm will have infinite ammo.

More recently through it's remastered version. Both characters can switch out their costumes including dlc ones at any given time. Which helps spices up such a classic mini game. They really do test how well you know the environment, taking risks and your determination. Trust me I only got the top prize once out of every run I done in it among all versions of RE0 I played.

1. The 4th Survivor (Resident Evil 2)

The 4th Survivor essentially acts as the fifth scenario in RE2. Late in the campaign, Annette tells the story what happened down there. Hunk was nearly killed by William in the sewers. He was able to survive with a sample of G-Virus. You get a handgun, shotgun and magnum right off the bat. You get one more blue herb than Tofu got.

This is the perfect length with the right level of challenge. You could speed run it if you think you got what it takes. You also could kill every enemy on the way to the end of it. You can't pick up anything extra. Hunk is a nice addition to the game for many reasons. Finally we get to play as a villain character.

To be fair there really isn't much known about him. Although G-Virus is still around because of him & Ada. You work your way out of the sewers to the helipad on top of the police station. Some areas are difficult to not take damage. I like both him & Tofu are basically hidden characters in RE2. N64 version has a few codes not present in most versions including unlocking both mini games.

Now you seen the best mini games within the rules I put in place. It's time to see how my second list plays out. Keep in mind I'm a long time fan. I am mostly doing this to help kill time before RE2 remake. I also aiming to see what I can do Resident Evil related in the mean time. Which means they might be more RE blogs coming your way.

5. Assignment: Ada (Resident Evil 4)

Assignment: Ada originally didn't allow you to knife. Thankfully from PS2 version, Ada can do that to help save ammo. Let's be honest I wasn't exactly crazy about this mini game. I do agree it can be challenging. Although Krauser boss fight once you figure it out becomes way too easy. The goal is collect five Las Plagas samples before escaping.

This outfit she's wearing also appears in the campaign with Special 1 selected or a code for The Mercenaries. Assignment: Ada is one of the few mini game appearances of hers. To sum up this mini game I would say it's like RE4 crushed down to being a much shorter game. Which leading to problems that the campaign doesn't have like terrible spike in difficulty.

4. Lost in Nightmares (Resident Evil 5)

Yes I know this is more of a dlc but I still like it a lot. In fact more than the other dlc campaign mission. I so happen to like nostalgia in anything Resident Evil. Over the years, Capcom loves referencing RE1 in many ways. For me this was one of my favorite ways of them doing that. They even went out of their way to do a cool easter egg.

If you interact with the front doors a few times. You can change the camera angles to PS1 era style. Some areas in the place will remind you of RE1. Hell you play as Chris or Jill essentially making this a semi remake kind of experience. Personally I really like how The Umbrella Chronicles did that. Lost in Nightmares may lack enemies or a frustrating Wesker boss fight.

I do like it doesn't pull anything from the campaign at all. Including the store feature to make it easier than it could be.You can destroy these small to big star objects for additional points. Which does go towards your ranking. Yes you can play this with someone else. Most of it's puzzles are very easy to figure out.

3. Firing Range (Resident Evil 4)

A rather unusual mini game for many reasons. Unlike most RE mini games where you have to beat the game or mini game or download as dlcs. In some levels of RE4, there's blue doors leading to Firing Range mini game. You can choose how to go about firing at your targets. Believe it or not, the final achievement/trophy involves collecting all of it's bottle caps.

In some following games, these led to similar figures with voice overs. I am not going to lie this can be frustrating. Sometimes yes it can be fun for a little while. Thankfully you don't have to buy him anything to play. Even if you keep on losing which is a nice touch. Firing Range is testing how quick your reflexes are, how well you aim and your determination.

2. Predator (Resident Evil 6)

Originally a dlc for RE6 as one of four multiplayer modes. In it's remastered version, most of it became already available right off the bat. Yes you need online to play this but compared to the other multiplayer modes it stands out. Why because most of them in their own way is too similar to The Mercenaries.

However in Predator, a couple players are in matches. At random, one of the players gets to be Ustanak. As one of the survivors, your goal is either survive until time's over or defeat Ustanak. In Ustanak's case you have to kill most players or make sure the ones left aren't able to get back up. Playing as this monster is a rather unique experience.

Ustanak has his own weapons from Jake's campaign. He is essentially the strongest playable character in the entire game. Also considering Agent Hunt mode where the weakest are present that's a huge statement. If you think about it, more horror games recently took notes of this. Two great examples of this is Friday the 13th The Game & Dead by Daylight.

1. Separate Ways (Resident Evil 4)

Separate Ways in all purpose the second campaign that reveals a lot more. Ada gets five nice sized levels with three boss fights. Krauser is a little different since he does change move to platforms during his boss fight. I got to be honest fighting Osmund Saddler's human form was a lot of fun. You must keep on your guard since he could attack you at any given time.

Also like the campaign, you do have access to the merchant to buy stuff. You just can't upgrade your equipment. Separate Ways does have Ada taking on the same El Gigante, Leon could face. In the same level where you also face the village chief later on. This does answer a lot of questions simply not answered in the main campaign.

I felt this was truly a great experience you can keep coming back to. Among beating all five levels you unlock Ada Reports 1-5. This is interesting because it indirectly references Wesker Reports 1 and 2. Which are very different between each other in many ways. Yes all cut scenes present in Separate Ways also gets added to that mode where you can rewatch them with those from the campaign.