Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Killer Klowns Kollection from Bloodwave DVD

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been waiting most of this year to finally get my hands on something truly unique. There exists a website called Bloodwave DVD. He has a killer great deal for sixty dollars. You can pick any twenty four movies you want. Also included is a nice hard case & selecting your own artwork with title. Who doesn't love free shipping because that's also a part of this deal. Well that's exactly what I did. Drum rolls please.........

Now I got quite a interesting story to tell relating to this custom DVD horror movie collection. A few months ago, I came across a youtuber called You and Your Horror Movies. Very nice guy, he told me about how he got that custom DVD collection. I decided to get into contact with Bloodwave DVD. Let's speed up to a few weeks ago. A day prior to Labor Day, I ordered The Killer Klowns Kollection. Later in that week, Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Thankfully the guy & his family didn't get anything major from it. Although it did delay my order a few days. As of September 20th, The Killer Klowns Collection arrived.

He did sent me a extra movie but wasn't the one suppose to be in my collection. Thankfully he is sending me this movie for free. Of course I will be over joy when that happens. Easily one of the most solid DVD horror collections I ever owned. If I do end up saying anything negative it won't be towards him. More than anything he got most of my order right.

Alright I think it's time to quickly cover all the movies in this awesome collection. Most movies were hand picked by yours truly. I highly recommend buying from him since a lot of newer horror movies can easily go for more depending on things. It seems like roughly 70% of them aren't worth your money. Another reason I recommend it is you can do particular themes. In my case killer clown movies.

1. Amusement

Amusement is somewhat like a horror anthology movie. Where all stories do connect together in the end. Sadly the killer only wears the clown costume in one of those stories. Honestly it could've been a lot more than it actually was.

2. Clown

I absolute love this movie with a passion. Clown is similar to The Fly remake as described by Eli Roth. You have a family man that quickly took the place of a clown. Unfortunately what he put on wasn't a costume. This movie does a great job pulling you in. Wondering how it all plays out.

3. Dead Clowns

Dead Clowns is a rather weird zombie movie. A long time ago a horrible accident on the bridge happened. Most of the clowns didn't survive. After the town kept not doing stuff to even honor those loss. These clowns raise up from their watery grave to kill anyone they find.

4. Drive-Thru

Drive-Thru is somewhat of a horror movie gem. Horny the Clown is one of my absolute favorite killer clowns. I really enjoy most of the music but sometimes it got in the way of dialogue. I do like a lot of these kills. This movie has more to offer than what most people realize.

5. The Funhouse

The Funhouse is very similar in many ways to Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Considering Tobe Hooper directed those movies it shouldn't be a surprise. This is a slow moving movie but once it starts picking up. You don't want to stop watching.

6. The Funhouse Massacre

One of the craziest movies in the entire collection. The Funhouse Massacre involves six psychopaths given the perfect opportunity to kill a lot of people. I would say if you don't like blood & gore don't expect to last long watching this. I do like both killer clown characters.

7. Gacy

Of course you knew there had to be a John Wayne Gacy movie. One of the most famous real life serial killers. Gacy covers his life up til his arrest. You won't get much entertaining out of death scenes. I will say the story is told better than some movies based on other serial killers.

8. All Hallows' Eve

Art the Clown made this movie a must have for me. This is a horror movie anthology that's surprisingly great. Art steals the show in a way you really won't forget. You haven't seen true evil until seeing Art the Clown. I will say this does get me in the mood for Halloween.

9. Clownhouse

Victor Salva's first horror movie back in 1989. Yes the same guy who made Jeepers Creepers trilogy. Sadly due to what happened during production. All official releases are very limited making them quite difficult to find. I will say these maniacs disguised as clowns are creepy.

10. 100 Tears

100 Tears is a low budget movie that does deliver in blood & gore. Some of these kill scenes could get people to throw up large amounts. Gurdy the Clown steals the show. One particular scene has a notable audio difficulty. Some of the goriest special effects I ever seen in any horror movie.

11. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

There's no hiding this is my favorite killer clown movie. A group of aliens similar to clowns is killing people around town. This movie is so outside the box I still haven't seen anything like it. I really like for a low budget movie, it sure blew me away. I really like most of the klowns appearances.

12. Killjoy

Killjoy centers on a dead man's revenge. A demon named Killjoy hunts those who are responsible for his death. Angel Vargas is over the top as Killjoy. This movie will seem like you are having a terrible nightmare.

13. Killjoy 2

Killjoy 2 has a group of people moving towards their destination. Until one of them made the grave mistake of opening a door. Some of them had the crazy idea of summoning Killjoy. Of course this made things worse. In some ways I prefer the original over this.

14. Killjoy 3

One of my favorite Full Moon movies. Killjoy 3 has a group of students that become trapped inside a house. This time Killjoy brought more clowns to the party. Trent Haaga redeems himself from Killjoy 2. Overall one of the best horror movie gems in my collection.

15. Slaughter High

Originally titled April's Fools Day. Slaughter High is a revenge story of Marty having his classmates going too far. Supposedly killing him in their last prank closing down their high school. Some key traits from Friday the 13th series is present here.

16. Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

Believe it or not this cross over movie is a sequel to three movies. One year after the events of Demonic Toys. Judith Grey a police officer who was pregnant in the original returns to this toy factory. This time she brought new friends their size to even the odds.

17. Demonic Toys

A demon in slumber for sixty six years inside a toy factory. His goal is to take a police officer's baby body for himself. Some intense death scenes in this series. I always have been a fan of Jack Attack. This movie is somewhat of a horror movie gem if you can look pass it's flaws.

18. Demonic Toys 2

Demonic Toys 2 ignores Dollman vs. Demonic Toys to be a more direct sequel. A particular toy is possessed to review two classic faces. Look I'm going to be brutally honest this was one of their worst movies. It is so bad that not even being good works here.

19. Carnival of Souls

I already own in another DVD horror movie collection this movie. Carnival of Souls is a weird movie for it's time. Without spoiling the ending, unless you do enjoy black & white movies that play on creeping you out. I can't recommend this to you, I will say it does creep you out.

20. The Devil's Rejects

A sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, shortly following the conclusion. The police assaulted their house with a handful of the Firefly family escaping. Not only it plays out very different from the previous movie. We get to see more of the Firefly family's true selves. I love Captain Spaulding lol.

21. Krampus

Not to be confused with other horror movies based on Krampus or Santa Claus. Krampus is about a boy losing his Christmas spirit. Unwillingly summoning Krampus among him & his family. I got to be honest everything surprisingly works. I am really impressed by this movie.

22. The Gingerdead Man

The Gingerdead Man is a rip off of Child's Play. This maniac killed two of Sarah's relatives before escaping. He quickly got caught to be sent to death. Unwillingly Sarah & her co-worker helped revived him as a gingerbread man. Yes I am not kidding it is a rather ridiculous movie.

23. Gingerdead Man 2

Yeah this movie is even more ridiculous than the last. Gingerdead Man 2 is somewhat similar to Seed of Chucky. This centers around a movie company that isn't doing well. Out of the clear blue someone brought Gingerdead Man inside. I will say this movie does go over board with it's humor.

24. Gingerdead Man 3

One of the most ridiculous movies in this collection. Gingerdead Man 3 plays out three parodies of classic movies. I won't spoil the ending but it is really doesn't make any sense. I felt the humor was coming off way too forced. Some of the worst special effects in Full Moon movies you ever seen.

25. Stitches

Stitches is about a clown entertaining at a kid's birthday party. Unfortunately the kids were being nasty to him. Their last prick led to his death in such a brutal way. Also who leaves a butcher knife up in the dish waster. You know you could lose a eye with that thing. Most death scenes are over the top. Six years later, Stitches comes back from the grave to get revenge.

I hope you guys like my custom horror DVD movie collection. Personally I felt this was easily in the top five among my collection. I already have ideas which ones to play close to & on Halloween. Thank you for checking out my new collection.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #13 All Hallows' Eve 2

Due to my package from Bloodwave DVD. I will be doing a few things relating to that package. I decided to release this a few days ahead. I hope you guys enjoy this week's entry.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, some of you are probably wondering. Would I consider doing lesser known horror movie sequels especially direct to video ones? Yes in fact I'm doing one in this very blog entry. By now many of you already seen All Hallows' Eve with Art the Clown. There's a lot of people that doesn't know about a sequel made a few years later. Yes one of those cash ins with as little ties to the original as humanly possible. You would think by now they would stop doing this.

This isn't actually a sequel to All Hallows' Eve at all. Yes both movies has a lady watching an VHS tape with most stories being played off it. But that's where the similarities end. We already starting in the wrong direction with no Art the Clown. Granted the guy who made All Hallows' Eve is working on a new movie based on the short film Terrifier coming out to theaters next month.

At least that guy is excused from not being a part of this abomination of a horror anthology movie. Even people not crazy about All Hallows' Eve loved Art the Clown. There is no excuse why he's not in the movie. Instead make way for an maniac wearing a big carved pumpkin mask. Unlike the original, this killer does show up early on but doesn't make his move until after the final story.

All that does is a terrible tease to us horror movie fans. Just imagine Freddy, Jason or Chucky show up earlier than expected to spook someone. Very late in that same movie finally kill them, it just doesn't work. What's worse is this really missed the mark of actually being a horror anthology movie in many ways. Most of the good ones has three to five stories.

Now take a wild guess how many stories not including the wrap around story is present in this movie? Would you ever guess eight of them? What were they thinking, they must've been on some serious drugs to think that could work. Full Moon has a few anthology style movies with their real movies cut down in length. Of course you still see all the important parts including kills.

Clearly they thought ahead how to go about that. Let's take it a step further everybody knows about The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episodes. Almost thirty episodes with three stories being told per a episode. Majority of them works way better than this garbage. There is a great reason why three or five stories being the limit. More than five stories leads to a disappointing pile of trash.

Also another thing that most horror anthology movies does that this movie surprisingly doesn't. In some of them at least one thing connects them. For example Stephen King's Cat Eyes, a cat is seen in all the stories. Some movies like Trick 'r Treat does connect to each other in some way. Guess what there isn't anything connecting all these stories.

Of course this would be different if we were talking about horror anthology shows but we weren't. Speaking of Trick 'r Treat, I felt All Hallows' Eve 2 is more of a cash in on that movie than the original. Both movies centers on several stories taking place on Halloween. Parts of some stories are similar to each other. At one point, they enforce the spirit of Halloween among people.

Not even the cover is hiding from this movie being deception. This movie was clearly made by a different company from those who made All Hallows' Eve. In a sense that would make it sorta like Creepshow III. Except that movie got slightly more of a idea how a horror anthology movie works. I do agree this movie is better than Creepshow III but they're both incredibly boring movies.

I kid you not I almost fell asleep on this movie. Never a good sign for a horror movie. Let's be more direct absolutely nothing in this movie works. Some of the worst acting I ever seen in any horror movie. Not one story is worth rewatching. For a horror anthology movie that's just sad. Even Tales from the Crypt show made three movies being their own stories was better.

In fact, Ritual was much better than this piece of filth. Sadly I should mention a few more key things about All Hallows' Eve 2. Usually most horror anthology movies including those from Full Moon with shortened versions of their movies. Each one was given just enough time to play out. Thus giving us the illusion of several movies in one.

All Hallows' Eve 2's stories are way too damn short. Literately a few minutes at best, the original All Hallows' Eve gave all stories more time. Also the wrap around story was too lacking in many possible ways. You see a lady being on the phone to quickly look down stairs & doesn't freak out. If I were her, I would get the hell out of the house.

The ending portion of the wrap around story is a huge let down. By this point you already know this woman is going to die. She does stop the tape from playing but out of the clear blue gets her throat slash. Now that's just a horrible way to end a anthology horror movie. Tales from the Hood has a rememberable ending that many horror movies fans remember.

In that movie you find out the three gangstas are already dead & actually inside Hell the entire time. Even Creepshow III had a very slight better ending to the movie. All the effects are terrible that aren't worth revisiting in the near future. This movie already felt too dated for what it is. A true horror movie classic despite all the time passes will always be great to rewatch multiple times.

Yes I know I'm hitting the entire movie without speaking much on these eight pathetic short stories. The first story is Jack Attack not to be confused with Demonic Toys character. You see a boy & his baby sitter eating pumpkin seeds. However this pumpkin doesn't want to be carved. These seeds end up killing both of them & the dog. Oh okay that's where I start minding the level of horror.

The next story is The Last Halloween being set in a post apocalyptic world. Of course you won't realize that until the end of this story. A group of kids is trick or treating. But a man chose not to give them candy. It turns out those kids are actually monsters that are killing people. Honestly Halloween 3's plot with the masks killing people was more effective.

The Offering is one of those stories about giving something to a being as a price. Before I go on, how often do we see a story like this in anthology horror movies & shows too often. Already not working they decide to have the father to sacrifice his own son to this creature. Really movie is that the best you could do because I'm really not impressed.

The only story I might reconsider watching again but not much reason to do so. A Boy's Life is about a boy worthy why his father not being home. Later on he starts noticing something is wrong. Out of no where without actually seeing this creature. His mother gets dragged under his bed. Of course many of you heard about monsters under your beds & closets.

I really wish even if the creature look like crap to at least see what it looks like. Surprisingly you can't even see it's hands grabbing her at all. The Descent is about a woman who witnesses a murder by a psychopath. She ends up meeting him on the elevator or so she thought. The big twist is she was the crazy one killing people. Oh ok I do approve of that kind of end.

M Is For Masochist hands down my favorite story of this movie. It is the only one that doesn't flat out suck. Yes it is the shortest story of being less than five minutes. At the same time I felt that worked to it's advantage. A small group of kids take part in hurting a man later revealed to be one of their dads. The big twist is who ever kills that person becomes the new target of the game.

Oh ok now that's more like it, I only wish it was a little longer but still had fun watching it. Mr. Tricker's Treat is about a man killing people to use them as decorations for Halloween. This largely reminds me of a particular character from Trick 'r Treat movie. This story is easily the most rushed in my opinion.

We don't even get enough time to fully realize what's going on. You could look away for three minutes and be confuse. Alexia is about a man still not over the death of his ex. Her spirit starts to haunt him. I will say it is better than FeardotCom movie. I have seen more entertaining ghost stories. I actually enjoy Mirrors with Kiefer Sutherland.

Honestly two stories won't be enough reason to come back. By having eight short stories instead of the usually three or five makes it a train wreck. It felt like the movie itself really doesn't know what it wants to be. Most kills in this movie are surprisingly more boring than those in Creepshow III. This is one of the absolute worst horror anthology movies I have ever seen.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy Sonic Games Collection

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, considering Sonic Forces will be coming out in a few months. I figured it's time to tell you my personal reasons for buying Sonic Games Collection on Steam. Easily one of Sega's most expensive bundles is also one of their finest. If you grew up with the Genesis & Dreamcast games like me then this collection is a absolute must have.

5. Packed with content to keep you busy for months possibly years
Some of the newer Sonic games is filled with so much content to unlock. Some of it is very addicting to keep playing their respective games for many hours nonstop. Some of these games has multiplayer making things even more fun.

4. Good variety of Sonic games

Obviously most of these are amazing platformers. You also get two incredible racing games. Sonic Spinball is pinball style to keep you in the zone. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is a great puzzle games for Genesis.

3. Most games has controller support

Most Sonic games in the bundle has great controller support. Sadly the same can't be said for both Sonic Adventure & Sonic 4 games. Most of them works just fine with your key board & mouse. By playing them with a controller is almost like playing them right off consoles. Maybe if you are looking for nostalgia this is the route you would go.

2. You can own these games for the rest of your life
Let's be honest Steam & GOG has the same basic idea in terms. Many PC games are difficult to find or simply too damn expensive. By buying from them you can get many games for much cheaper with a twist. As long you follow the rules you can own all your games for the rest of your life. Considering majority of these Sonic games are amazing. This is simply too good to pass up. If it helps sometimes Bundle Stars does temporary lower this bundle's price to make it easier to buy.

1. For free you can add Sonic Eraser, remaining lock-on games. Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Knuckles in Sonic 1

Not many people know this but Sonic games are already on Steam as mods you can download. As long you own Sonic 1, 2, and 3 & Knuckles in your Genesis collection. You can download Sonic Eraser that was originally exclusively in Japan as a part of a system. Over the years since someone found Sonic Eraser, most of us didn't even know this game existed. A short puzzle game featuring Sonic that's somehow addicting. You also can get the two remaining lock-on games. I recommend downloading Sonic 3 Complete since it has most of it in one place. Sadly Sega didn't know how to fix the sprites from turning red from Knuckles in Sonic 1.They ended up going with a full game of Blue Sphere instead. Thankfully a rom hacker has fixed the problem making this lost lock-on game playable. The way Sega originally attempted, Such a nice bonus to increase your replayable value among Genesis games

Update: Christian Whitehead not only worked on Sonic CD and Mania. He also worked on ports of the first three Sonic games. Just like Sonic CD, he made some clever changes. Like in both Sonic 1 and 2, you can play as two characters you originally couldn't before. Which means Knuckles in Sonic 1 finally became a real game.

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #12 Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I am going to go another heavily disliked Syfy movie take over sequel. They made both Wishmaster 3 & 4 back to back. As stated before this usually isn't a good thing. Wishmaster 4 to me is a huge insult to anyone that loves the first two movies. Some may dislike Wishmaster 3 more which I can understand. I am here to rip Wishmaster 4 into pieces to make sure you really don't need to watch it.

First off Andrew Divoff who played both human & Djinn forms of Wishmaster isn't in this movie.Are you kidding me the very same guy that really made you afraid of Wishmaster isn't anywhere in this movie? Just imagine not an reboot another sequel without Robert Englund or Warwick Davis or Brad Dourif. Yeah it simply does not work in any possible way.

This movie has some of the absolute worst wishes I have ever heard of in a horror movie. A great example was Wishmaster talking to a bartender about a stripper performing. He wished to be a pimple on her butt. Really movie why that was the simple stupidest moment in the entire movie. Of course we can't forget a woman getting killed by sex.

Yes you heard correctly they were talking about another woman he had feelings for. I recall not hearing I wish anywhere. Unless Wishmaster took if I were here as I wish. Wait how the hell does that make any sense? No please tell me I really would like to know. Wishmaster touches her to cause the intense feeling of sex pushing her up the walls.

I know what a lot of you must be thinking this sounds like a cheesy rip off porno. I wouldn't blame you if you did since that's not something I want to see in a horror movie. I also should mention another wish about a man beating up Wishmaster. This guy was stupid enough to make a dumb wish. I wish you should've given me a better fight.

I'm sure you can guess what happens next? Wishmaster transforms into his Djinn form to wipe the floor with him. Obviously killing him in such a brutal way wasting no time as he's doing it. I probably should mention a psychopath angel going around killing anyone that gets in his way. In Wishmaster 3, the person who awoke the Djinn wished for an angel to come help her.

Oh ok that makes sense despite breaking a few major reality laws. In Wishmaster 4, they foreseen the person giving the Djinn his final wish. A reminder if nothing stops after granting a third wish from the people that awaken the Djinn. Hell will rain among the Earth killing possibly billions of people. In eternal darkness to god knows when.

Trust me the final wish this time is so incredibly bad that I must look back at the last few movies first. In the first two movies, a wish occurs to prevent everything from happening. Oh ok that makes sense since all of those people didn't need to die.There wasn't a final wish in Wishmaster 3 since the person who awakened the Djinn attempted to commit suicide by falling.

Thus giving her the perfect opportunity to use an angel's sword to kill him. Oh boy I really don't want to tell you this movie's final wish. Sadly I must, the awakener wishes for the Djinn to love her. Yes I am not making that up. Somehow this lady is in a strange love triangle with a man and a god like being.

I should mention some of his species from Hell keeps pressuring him to break his own word to grant that wish. Wishmaster in our world refused since love must be earned not given. As strange as this sounds, I'm mind blown he would actually attempt to make her love him. As his species heavily suggests, he could use his powers to have her instantly love him.

This wish alone ruins the entire series. The first two movies had some of my favorite wishes. I am really surprised the Djinn grants her boy friend's wish to give him an angel's sword. Obviously he isn't a angel or the person that awoken the Djinn. The sword is too heavy for him to wield. This leads to such a disappointing kill.

Her dying boy friend with the last of his strength got the blade up high enough to impale Wishmaster. She tries the Djinn by knocking him into that sword thus killing him in the process. I know I been ignoring one key thing this entire time. I think it's about time the Djinn kills her lawyer & stolen his identity.

Very early on as for her first wish is sadly the only wish worth rewatching. She wished for a man to give a large amount of money to her through a fax machine. Obviously this guy had no real intention in doing that. But he made the mistake of picking up that phone. The stuff he forced that guy to do was terrible.

It is so violent that I don't want to get into trouble by explaining everything that happened. This entire movie will quickly feel like a tired romance horror movie. There really isn't much reason to come back to this piece of garbage. Wishmaster 4 is easily one of the most disappointing horror movie sequels I ever.

I highly recommend Wishmaster 1 and 2 since those are great horror movies. I also recommend some movies based on The Monkey's Paws. A lot of shows did their own versions of this classic horror story. But for those that may never heard of this story. Then please allow me to explain in this short story. A small group of people find a strange monkey's paw. It has the power to grant wishes but at a terrible price. Possibly this story may or may not inspired Wishmaster series.

Bottom line I could recommend way more horror movies over this. Please don't waste your time looking for this on TV. The more you watch of it, the more you will wish you done something else. I am not kidding it is a terrible movie that isn't even worth mentioning.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Show vs. Movie Debates #1 The Mist

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to start up a new series. I will be taking my time with each entry. Kinda like Berserk manga series in that regard. Today I think it is time to talk about one of my favorite Stephen King stories called The Mist. Originally included in Skeleton Crew book. The Mist is about a family trapped in a super market with a mysterious mist outside.

There exists a movie & more recently a show version based on the same short story of the same name. Granted The Mist show just finished season 1. Some would say isn't this a little early for a comparison. People very quickly compare both movie versions of IT before the new version came out. So I don't see how I would be different here.

In this series I will be comparing movies to shows especially based on Stephen King books. A while back I did a couple of comparisons on Stephen King movies. I felt this had to be done as soon as I was ready.

Spoiler alert for anyone that haven't seen the show...

Movie version (2007)

Show version (2017-)

Round 1: The Family

In the movie version, a family is trapped inside a super market with several people. In show version, the family gets separated until the final episode of season 1. I am going to call it how I see it. I really don't care for the family in the show version. We have a wife that's kinda of a bitch. Her daughter isn't taking anything seriously except for the rape. Her husband stands out as one of the show's best characters. In just comparing both versions of their dads is tough. I must give a slight edge to Thomas Jane's performance. His family comes off more believable & realistic in my opinion.

Winner: Movie version

Round 2: Other key characters

There's two main characters that I need to talk about in this category. Both versions has a conflicted man & crazy church lady. I am mixed here because the movie has a better conflicted man that eventually becomes a supporter of the crazy church lady. At the same time I was very surprise by the show's portrayal of the crazy church lady. Both versions of crazy church lady are rememberable in their own right. I think where it comes down to which one has a slight edge. In the movie, she was already crazy & heavily religious just like in the short story. But in the show, she did want to die early on. After being inside of the mist, she felt she had a connection with it. Very quickly getting people on her side. Although spoiler alert most of them got burnt to death inside the church. The movie version was more of a straight out bitch. The show version was surprisingly the most calm character of the show. I think by now you should see why this is tough. Which one do I felt works better overall is the big question? After much needed thought I have decided to go with the show. Yes a lot of throw away characters are present. The movie didn't have many of those. This lady is strangely interesting to watch. I don't know there's something about her that makes me wonder what she will do next.

Winner: Show version

Round 3: The Mist

Of course we have to talk about the mist itself. A large amount of the story centers around it. The movie is very true to the short story. In both appearance & the dangers that lurks inside. You find out late in the movie the military was experimenting with the possibility of other worlds. Obviously they loss control leading to a crazy event. Inside this mist was strange creatures from another world. In the show version I hate to say this really missed the mark. The mist looks too much like a fog making it more similar to The Fog movie than anything else. Oh wait I'm not done yet what does Silent Hill series & this show have in common? Both centers in a town covered in a fog/mist with creatures representing your inner demons. Thus in some people's cases brings out the worst in them. See me my point this show easily could've been called Silent Hill. Yet it is loosely based on Stephen King's short story. The way a lot of characters & even the mist has a voice describes itself. Now this is getting weird for my tastes. You heard correctly this mist is using your fear against you. Somehow it already knows your darkest secrets you're hiding from people. I swear one more fear reference & I could be seeing Pennywise. Oh hey lol see what I mean folks. Let's be honest this was a land slide. The movie version in more ways was more faithful to the source material. To me the show version tried going this route to make it something to maybe keep it on the air. Honestly it just does not work.

Winner: Movie version

Round 4: Story

As stated before the movie version is very faithful to the source material. I can only criticize a small part very close to the end. Other than this it is one of the absolute best adaptations of King's works. The show version clearly has loose connections to the story. Yes I know they had to come up with their own story that's similar. Part of me agrees but doing it as a mini series would've help things a little more. I doubt enough people want to season 2 when it starts airing. The story is a mess constantly switching between the family. Sometimes we get to see other characters interacting with each other. I will give both versions credit in displaying paranoia. I felt a good enough of the show version didn't even need to be there. Oh yes your daughter has another man as her father. I mean really guys was it so necessary to include that in the story. In the show version, you get to see some people losing their minds killing people. I like the movie did a very good job of editing what's in & out of it. There isn't many moments in the show version I care about. To me it felt like they didn't know how to go about such a concept. A clear example of this was a moth lands on the crazy church lady's hand. Later on, she states this moth was someone she knew. Now that's weird considering this bug was her before the mist hit the town what? Also how the mist hits it is clearly what a cloud falling to the ground or a snow avalanche looks like. I'm positive if a big mist was hitting town it wouldn't look like that. I felt there's too many throw away characters in the show too. A good number of them including the crazy church lady yes huge spoiler all dies in the mall. This was another easy one for me.

Winner: Movie version

3-1 I really prefer the movie version of The Mist. It isn't a contest since I had major issues with the show. To sum it up they focus on the wrong stuff & the stuff they should've focus on got worse. Editing is a key part of nailing any adaptation. I bet even Mr. King would agree with me on that.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #11 Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I should clarify something before going on. At the end of my previous entry in this series. I said I was going to be a sequel made by Tobe Hooper who recently passed away. Sadly he never directed any sequels with the possible exception being Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. But I really like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 for many reasons. I felt I should focus on something he started that eventually got ruined.

Although with some sequels more recently making some movies non canon is a double edge sword. Yes we are actually getting great sequels but at the cost of something already loss in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Very few of these movies follow each other with some movies actually being more of a stand alone than being a true sequel.

Today I think it is time to talk about a movie that doesn't even know what it wants to be. At some point this following movie was going to be a reboot but somehow got called a sequel. Despite having no real connections to any of the previous movies. Oh you know we're already going in a bad direction.

I am here to talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. It is already bad the people behind this really wasn't sure what this movie should be. Now in title is ripping off Star Trek: The Next Generation. I am not a fan of Star Trek actually I'm more in Star Wars but that's besides the point. By using a title on something with such a enormous fan base you are insulting shame on you guys.

As the title suggests sorta this is a new beginning of the horrors that lurks in Texas. Every single Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies takes place in the same state with a similar house. Somehow all these different families has their own Leatherface. I am not trying to piss any fans off by saying this. I really don't like the later Leatherface movie appearance.

This made him a little too similar to the real life serial killer Ed Gein. Granted Psycho series, Silence of the Lambs and Texas Chainsaw Massacre series are all inspired by him. I felt by making Leatherface too much like a woman ruins his character. I have nothing against draq queens or those who like people of the same sex. To me Leatherface should be menacing.

We're talking about a chainsaw wielding maniac the very same icon that made it famous in the first place. I could name several movies & games that took inspiration from these movies. How the hell did this look get in Mortal Kombat X I'll never know. Some of the worst kills in the entire franchise is present here.

I believe this has the worst acting among all Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Yes this movie was one of some actors' first roles. Matt McConaughey recently was the Man in Black in The Dark Tower movie. Clearly he wasn't meant for horror movie roles. He should stick to comedies since it plays more into his strengths.

This movie doesn't have any good parts in it at all. I mean come on the last three movies all had some rememberable parts. In Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. the scene with Leatherface is fighting in the swamp with two possible endings. In Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Chop Top creeping out the DJ lady. The same scene The Angry Video Game Nerd parodied on his show.

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface cutting people up parts. Maybe it's just me but they attempted to make this movie less realistic. They wanted to make them all different from each other. Ever heard of a long running horror movie series called Maneater. Every movie has a different creature killing people.

Honestly I was more impressed by Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses & it's sequel The Devil's Rejects. At least those had strong connections to each other despite being very different movies. I so happen to be a huge Captain Spaulding fan. Back to this piece of filth, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation doesn't really play into what we love about previous movies.

Not even his family in this movie can save it from being so terrible. This movie ends up being one boring mess that never uses it's potential. If that isn't a good description then what the hell is? I was very disappointed after seeing this movie a few times. Tobe Hooper's legacy with these movies went down the crapper with this one.

I highly recommend avoiding this abomination of a chainsaw maniac that can't even put two plus two together. Leatherface was horribly used in this movie. This is considered a slasher horror movie. You know killers that kill a lot of people in such horrible ways. I do have a difficult watching this. Not for the few brutal kills present in this movie. Everything in every possible way ruin beyond your expectations.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this will only serve one real purpose. I will post links to the first ten Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays. As a bonus I will be including an extra one I did for fun. Don't worry I will be doing more of those soon.

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