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Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Bonus Part (The Mad Hatter)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I know I stated I wouldn't do this Mad Hatter comparison. Don't worry it won't count towards the main comparisons. I believe this will be the most one sided face off I have ever done on my blog. Let's be honest, you all already know who wins. I am just doing it before someone tells me, dude you forgot The Mad Hatter?

Main event The Mad Hatter (Batman 1966) vs. The Mad Hatter (Gotham)
There's no real point breaking both versions of The Mad Hatter down. As stated before Batman 1966's character is actually the Impostor Mad Hatter who later changed his name to Hatman. In vice versa, we actually have The Mad Hatter on the show. Yes both of them do use hypnotize people with similar tricks.

Let's be honest this really isn't a good comparison. It isn't even worth my time doing this for you guys. I felt like I should've did something worth while or crazy in my life. Also Gotham's version does more things you expect from the character. I am sorry but I really can't consider Batman 1966's version for the win.

Winner: The Mad Hatter (Gotham)

Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Bonus Part 2 (Best of Original Villains)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Gotham doesn't have many original villains. In vice versa, Batman 1966 had so many original villains that you mostly can't take seriously. You think of this as a big flat joke if you wanted to. But The Joker wouldn't like that not one bit lol jk. I bet he doesn't even care about this.

I am picking based on several things. They could be in many episodes or in the case of one particular character just one episode. I hope I don't have you laughing too hard over the first comparison. You might a break before even looking at it lol. Strangely white & unusual are your only hints to what I have in store for you all.

Round 1: Egghead (Batman 1966) vs. The Balloonman (Gotham)
Yes I know wow you really can't believe you are doing this lol. Yes I am with a wide grin on my face. Obviously two very different villains. Let's be honest, most original villains on Batman 1966 don't even fit the theme of the comics. I had to select the only ones worth mentioning in this blog entry. Egghead has crimes centered around you guess it eggs.

Hey Dr. Robotnik, someone beat you to the egg theme lol. Egghead gets some strange episodes despite appearing in a few episodes including a cameo. Later on, this character appeared in the comics. He was played by the legendary Vincent Price. Yeah Vincent Price played this guy on Batman 1966, Yeah I know it's difficult to believe.

Davis Lamond was sick & tired of criminals running the streets. He felt the police couldn't or won't do anything about it. He chose to go a rather extreme route about things. Someone sold him five weather balloons. The Balloonman decided to put them to use by attached them to corrupt officials. It turns out he never planned a final victim.

This was due to the fact as long as he could do in his mind something about crime. There wouldn't be a end to the list. Yes by now a lot of you laughing hard I'm sure. Egghead is literately all about eggs while we have a guy attached weather balloons to people. Which in a way is sorta ridiculous but he quickly got noticed.

I felt there was something sorta similar to how they did things. If that & what they're known for so happens to be white I don't know what else to tell you. I have to go with Egghead for many reasons. He gave Batman & Robin a tougher time than The Balloonman did with Gotham's police. Also Vincent Price by himself automatically wins.

Winner: Egghead (Batman 1966)

Final Round: The Bookworm (Batman 1966) vs. Fish Mooney (Gotham)
I felt this would be the closest among their original villains. Both of them are truly worth all of your attentions. I got to be honest this is going to be difficult to decide a winner. I felt in many ways these two have a lot in common. Both of them are master manipulators, strategists and pride to the point of arrogance.

The Bookworm was originally going to be another Riddler theme episodes. However Gorshin demanded more money for doing the character. They decided to come up with The Bookworm whose similar to The Riddler in many ways. They're incredibly similar to the point he almost not his own character.

Thankfully for him there are a few major differences. For example he is wearing mostly brown instead of green. He is more about books than giving riddles to people. The Bookworm is able to instantly remember what he's reading even at fast speeds. Also another legendary actor Roddy McDowall plays the character.

Fish Mooney played by Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Fish was training Oswald to becoming a criminal. She eventually got killed to be revived by Hugo Strange. Fish became a rather unstable rare mutation. Every time she uses her powers to manipulate people. The shorter her life becomes, she has done some cruel things to people including The Penguin.

On one hand we basically have another Riddler theme character while on the other a more original character. The Bookworm does share many traits with The Riddler including manipulation. Just like The Riddler, he leaves clues to what he could be doing next. Honestly I am mixed between giving the victory to either character.

Fish Mooney is a very different character on her show. She did help The Penguin to rise up to control a good amount of Gotham. At the same time, we have Roddy McDowall whose a very big name in movies. Yes The Bookworm is another Riddler but he does just enough to differ himself from that. WOW why does this have to be so hard?

I have to decided to go with Fish Mooney for two great reasons. Her entire story including both deaths is a rather interesting story. She was the first villain to pass the torch to another to continue on her legacy. Even with a lot of bad things that happened between the two. I think it is safe to accept the fact I have slightly more reasons to give it to Fish Mooney than The Bookworm.

Winner: Fish Mooney

Jack Red talks about Gotham show

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this particular topic I could never do justice in a video or a series of them. I know a few months ago I did a few comparisons between Batman 1966 show & Gotham. I think it is officially time I talk about Gotham in greater detail. This show is truly unique in & of itself in many ways.

I should mention since I got so much to cover here. This will be a long blog entry, please take as many breaks needed. Don't be Batman to quickly read through it. The last thing I need is for you to suddenly become The Joker or Two Face respectively lol.

Gotham is a prequel show about how the city was like before Batman. Thus Bruce isn't as a major focus as in most Batman adaptations. This time we get to see more of the police & criminals in action. You actually get more of an idea how everything plays out. This show is by itself a strong tribute to the long standing Batman comics since late 1930s.

Yes there are other great Batman shows like Batman 1966, Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. None of those shows cover a lot of these ideas found in Gotham. Yes some character's origins got altered to a degree but still works. The concept of bringing characters back to life is still a new idea among comic book shows.

Gotham feels almost as real as it could get. Each episode truly makes you feel like you are right there in the action. All of these strange possibilities that mirrors some of many from the comic books. Technically yes Jim Gordon is the main character of the show. They never went much into details about his early career.

One of the closest attempts actually became a movie called Batman: Year One. Which I recommend to watch for anything early Batman story wise. As stated before this show does focus on multiple angles of several characters depending on what's going on in the city. Right now, Gotham is closed off to the outside world filled with chaos.

Two particular villains are a part of something bigger than themselves in different ways. A original character named Fish Mooney was The Penguin's mentor. Her ultimate goal for him was to surpass her to take over Gotham. Jerome was one of the revived villains that eventually dies again. I never liked his original death by Theo Galavan.

I always felt that was a terrible death with no real purpose at all. Thankfully his second death actually led to the creation of The Joker. Oh right DC isn't going to allow his brother Jeremiah to officially be called that. They also won't allow him green hair although his brother Jerome late in his second life had it.

I know it was kinda stupid but at the same time they wanted him to stand out more. We ended up getting two very different takes of the character on one show. Which is rare even among Batman shows. The closest I could remember is Batman Beyond because the show regularly had The Jokerz Gang.

There so happens to be another Jokerz Gang in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie led by the character himself. Batman Beyond's tribute to the character was a street gang. Jerome was Gotham's which I felt was a much better way about doing it. Sure he did lack some major traits of the character had.

Yet Jerome knew no one could match the level of chaos his brother could dish out. Jeremiah does have most of the traits you would expect. If you think about it, you could combine them together to accurately recreate The Joker. This is similar to Arrowverse having two characters based on one of his enemies, Weather Wizard.

Virtually having half the total control of weather between the brothers. I also like they did this way for great reasons. Usually in most things Batman, The Joker is already the character with little to no backstory given. In this particular case, Jerome forced his brother to become him as an act of revenge against the police.

The Joker mythology itself is always a mystery in & of itself. Even to this day, not counting The Killing Joke comic series. Not once did DC ever confirm the true identity of The Joker because not even Batman could do that. I should mention more of the hero characters first before covering more villains.

Bruce Wayne is very young in this series. Of course he still has a lot to learn by this point in life. The road of becoming the dark knight is a difficult one. For the most part, David Mazouz does a great job playing the character. I would say possibly one of the best young Bruce Wayne actors. You do believe in his reasons for doing many things especially relating to what happened to his parents.

His butler Alfred portrayed by Sean Pertwee is a talented actor. I guess anyone that plays Alfred & The Joker are very good at it. I can't name a single actor for both characters that even came close of disappointing me. He does what he can to support Bruce & attempt keeping him safe from danger. Essentially Bruce's step father & best friend.

Jim Gordon is done a lot more than justice in every sense of the word. Easily one of the best portrayals of the character in my opinion. He does what he can to protect the city & those he cares about. Sometimes he had to do things he isn't proud of. At the same time he is working very hard to make up for it.

Cat is basically the neutral character just like in the comics. The actress Camren Bicondova does a great job portraying her. Keep in mind, she isn't fully Catwoman in this show either. Sadly due to what Jeremiah did to her, it might not happen. She is Bruce's main love interest that sometimes an ally or enemy depending on things.

Poison Ivy had several actresses portraying the character. She was a little girl until she was touched by a man that took away some of her life force causing her to rapidly age to a young woman. After some experimenting she temporary dies to become the humanoid plant creature we know from the comics.

I felt this particular portrayal was better than most show's takes. Of course I am likely to say that about several characters especially some of the villains. She was one of two characters to not be revived by Hugo Strange. Speaking of which, Hugo played a hand in the assassination of Bruce's parents.

He is the one responsible for reviving characters by altering their DNA & giving them false memories. Although some of them maintain a good mixture of the two like Mr. Freeze & Firefly. Yes Carmine Falcone & Salvotore Maroni are in this show too. I also like many villains are giving their own origins on this show.

Mr. Freeze is thankfully not only a great portrayal but also the most faithfully to the character or the only live action version to not suck. I would rather suck on dry ice than to watch those Mr. Freeze portrayals. He works very hard to attempt saving his wife sadly she dies. Mr. Freeze decides to commit suicide by firing his own freeze gun on himself.

Unfortunately for him, Hugo Strange brought back to life with a new freeze condition similar to the comics. For the most part, he works for The Penguin. More recently, he decides to take a turf in Gotham. Firefly has a more disturbing story to tell. She was working for a few guys that treated her horribly.

She really wanted to use flame throwers that led to her snapping killing them. Leading to her death of  getting gunned down. She too gets revived by Strange to become Firefly more like the character. She also just took a turf in Gotham city. I have to be honest this is one of my favorite portrayals of the character.

The Mad Hatter is usually a character I could care less about. Surprisingly I love this version of him in Gotham. I don't think if it is the actor or the stuff he does or a mix of both. Most of his episodes are warp in many ways since he is widely known for manipulating people by hypnotizing them. You would be surprise what he makes a lot of them do like this guy blew himself up in front of Bruce & Gordon.

The Scarecrow is more of New 52 timeline inspiration since his father got him exposed to the fear toxin. After seeing a scarecrow, the fear of it getting him cause Jonathan's insanity. More recently he was working with Jerome to bring chaos to Gotham. The most recent episode, Crane takes a territory. Although his original costume I wasn't a big fan of, his other costumes are amazing especially his newest one.

The Riddler started at the police station to help with identifying people after horrible crimes & testing chemicals. After accidentally killing a corrupt police officer, he starts going insane became The Riddler. In most adaptations, he never goes insane but does horrible things to people. I kinda like this idea because The Riddler becomes obsessed with besting Batman.

But what if Batman wasn't around yet how would he become The Riddler? Edward was fully himself around people until he became The Riddler. This side of him is willing to do whatever it takes. Both personalities really don't like each other. I felt the main reason behind this was because they never wanted Harvey Dent to become Two Face on their show.

Instead we ended up The Riddler of all people getting that concept. Which I felt was brilliant on their part for many reasons. We all knew he was crazy, it is about time to fully embrace the madness. This portrayal of the character is easily one of my favorites. This includes Frank Gorshin on Batman 1966, Jim Carrey on Batman Forever sue me and John Glover on Batman: The Animated Series.

Ra's al Ghul is done incredibly well on this show. In fact it is better than some versions on Arrowverse shows. Yes I went there live with it folks. He too dies twice on the show but unlike most of them. Ra's al Ghul does have a way & reason to keep coming back. Just like the comics, he wants Bruce to become his successor.

The Penguin is usually a character I'm not much for. Although I do like Burgess Meredith on Batman 1966, Danny DeVito on Batman Returns and Nolan North on Arkham series portrayals. I felt this show's take of the character is very interesting. Not only we see him getting showed the ropes by Fish Mooney.

We all see how he eventually rises to take over a good amount of Gotham city. At one point he became the mayor until The Riddler did a cruel trick to him. Let's just say this guy does some amazingly horrible things to people. The family his father married into, his wife's kids got turned into dinner for their mother.

Right before The Penguin kills her too. More recently he helped turn Butch to become human again. Then he kills him on the spot for revenge. His lover, Tabitha killed his mother a while back. It wasn't personal towards him since he did respect him. The Penguin had some control over the police officers several times.

This guy is really willing to do whatever it takes to get what he done. No matter how unpleasant the methods are. Oswald was close to his mother for a good amount of his life. He didn't know his real father for long. One interesting fact Paul Reubens who played his father also did DeVito's father in Batman Returns.

Gotham is taking a very interesting story with many twists & turns. Of course not every Batman/DC fans would enjoy it for many reasons. I strongly felt Gotham brings a lot more than what most believes. For example, Butch Gilzean gets his hand cut off by The Riddler. Later on, he gets shot in the head killing him.

Some hospital workers were too lazy to go about things decides to throw his corpse into a swamp. Which so happens to have the same chemicals Strange used to bring people back from the dead. In his case, he was a walking corpse with super strength. A good while he had a different personality similar to many of them in the comics.

Tabitha tortures him to bring back his original personality. This by itself references with every death Solomon Grundy experiences. He always comes back differently in some way. Usually Butch will help Fish Mooney or The Penguin in doing horrible things. I found a lot of respect for him being loyal in his own way.

Possibly one of the biggest surprises was Victor Zsasz. In most adaptations he is just a psychopath that scars himself with every kill. In this portrayal, he is more of a professional hitman. He doesn't care how dangerous as long he gets to kill someone. More recently, he was secretly working for Sofia Falcone.

Up to this point I been speaking very highly of this show. Of course there are a few major dislikes I have. For starters I really don't like Barbara Kean at all. According to one of the writers it was because of her, we couldn't get Harley Quinn. Although Ecco is the closest they got to the character. She is a proxy that's willing to do anything for Jeremiah.

More recently she wore a costume similar to her. Back to Barbara, she went from being a spoiled rich girl that wasn't happy with life. After a crazy guy revealed her true self in a sense. She became insane for a while. Right around when she was recovering, she quickly got into crime. She been working several illegal businesses including selling firearms.

She got killed out of the clear blue. Ra's al Ghul of all people brought her back to life. For a short while she had the demon's hand. Sadly she didn't know how to use it or plan anything huge enough. Ra's al Ghul does take his gift back by force. I always felt this character was mostly just there. I know some people would disagree with me.

I also really didn't know how they went about Bruce getting revenge for the ones truly responsible for the deaths of his parents. I thought before I actually seen it happen that he would somehow bring them to justice. Maybe gave us a good showdown with everyone else that could've been entertaining. Instead what we ended up getting is the Court of Owls' leader was a follower of Ra's al Ghul.

Just by a command from his leader, he got all of them killed. Keep in mind Bruce was under a substance not fully aware what's going on around him. Are you kidding me, you sent so much time into Bruce trying to take these people down for this? I felt this was a terrible idea about resolving the issue at hand.

They were keeping Bruce away with a temporary clone called 514A taking his place in Gotham. His life span is very short but immune to pain. This is as close to having Batzarro on the show as possible. Oh wait most people doesn't even know who that is. Please allow me to explain, many of you are aware of Bizarro in Superman's stories.

In Bizarro's universe, Batzarro does many major traits opposite of Batman. For example, Batman keeps to himself while Batzarro will talk out loud about it. Batman keeps his gadgets in his utility belt secured while he puts his utility belt up-side down open with his gadgets falling out. I do respect this show doing a doppelganger much better than I thought.

Professor Pyg is entertaining to watch for many reasons. He was killing people including police officers. They made finding out his true identity interesting. He was responsible for some of the sickest moments on the show. Sadly it turns out he was the big distraction from everyone else whose working for Sofia.

Believe it or not, the one Batman villain no one wanted to attempt doing a live action portrayal of is in this show. Basil Karlo aka Clayface is likely down sized in what he can do. However he can still alter his face & voice just like the comics. He does require help to alter his face since he was another Strange's experiments.

I felt when he did Oswald's father that he was right on point. He was off as Jim Gordon since he didn't know enough about him before Gordon got kidnapped. Clayface is one of my personal favorite Batman villains. He so happens to be one of his regular enemies to actually have powers. In the comics, he can completely alter his body into any shape he wants.

Gotham has so much going for it despite getting cut to thirteen episodes in it's fifth & final season. A good amount of the show is meant for Bruce to become Batman by the end of it. Another good amount of it is suppose to help give an idea why most people felt this city is a lost cause. At the same time people like Bruce & Gordon will be the very hope this city needs.

Guarantee this is a very dark actually darker than most shows Batman appears in. Gotham does play tribute to many classic comic book moments especially The Killing Joke. Let's be frank the animated movie based on that story is garbage. I love how each major portion of the story was cleverly used on the show.

This is possibly one of the greatest Batman shows in history. Mostly due to it's success the show Krypton is currently on TV with a similar angle. Except that's suppose to explain more what led to the destruction of their planet as well as getting to know Superman's parents more. I felt Gotham does a lot more than what most realizes.

I honestly can't say enough positive things about this show. Not only it is one of the finest DC shows I had the pressure of watching. Gotham is one of my personal favorite shows on Fox or on any channel for that matter. I highly recommend this to many Batman fans for plenty of reasons. This by itself comes off better than even some of the finest Batman movies I'm not kidding.

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Top 10 Killer Toys in Killer Toys Collection excluding Child's Play

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to do another list inspired by my Killer Toys Collection. Once again I'm excluding Chucky simply because a lot of these deserve to shine. It doesn't have to be more than Child's Play series just enough for more people to talk about them. I am also excluding Dummy from Triloquist & Nikki from Love Object.

Triloquist doesn't make it clear if the dummy is alive or being controlled the entire time. For those that might have seen the ending. Not even that helps it's case in the matters like we're suppose to believe he is alive. In Nikki's case, she played a minor role in the movie. The guy that ordered her was a true monster.

I am also excluding Fletcher from Making Contact aka Joey. Out of Dummy and Nikki, he does a lot more. Sadly his movie was more of a family possibly kid friendly horror movie. Therefore, it was never about people dying. It was more on the boy's telekinesis going against a possessed dummy. I do respect this dummy for what it brings to that table but not quite what I was looking for my list.

10. Brahms doll from The Boy

Brahms doll almost didn't make my list. Which would've force me to do either top 9 or 5 list. I am a fan of this movie for many reasons. Look I know by now many people know the big twist that's near the end. For those that still haven't seen The Boy. I recommend you do something or skip to number 9 on this list.

To clarify something Brahms' twist does take away from the theme to a degree. At the same time, I also got movies with guys believing their dummies are alive. I felt it was alright to include this doll. The fact it felt like a killer toy movie up to that twist is done incredibly well. Also the doll is sorta creepy in his own way.

9. Teddy from The Pit

Simply because a teddy bear told him to kill people. A couple of people get tricked into falling in a huge hole filled with ancient creatures. One of the weirdest looking teddy bears I have ever seen. His voice might be the strangest thing about him. To this boy, no one is more of a true friend than this teddy bear.

8. Clown from Xtro

Yes I know, Xtro had a few killer toys. But Clown had the most kills out of them. Also he stands out in many ways not including his wacky weapons. Clown is basically the kid's right hand person to help with eggs. This guy isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Possibly the coolest thing about him is using that spinner yoyo that has spikes especially in the dark.

7. Fats from Magic & Pin from Pin

This was a tie for many reasons. Both involve a man with a dummy they believe to be alive. In reality, both of them are experiencing a multiple personality disorder. Both of these dummies are creepier in different ways. Fats does have a more interesting personality. But Pin is just pain weird even for a killer toy movie.

6. Dolly from Dolly Dearest

It's no secret I'm not crazy about this movie. Not simply because she is ripping off Chucky. But also because it had chances to stand out more to end up missing the mark. I mean come on a demon possessing several dolls at once. Most kills in this movie are okay with a horrible voice. Dolly sure has a over sized dollhouse, she barely stands out on her own in my opinion.

5. Mary Shaw's dolls from Dead Silence

To clarify Mary Shaw's spirit is killing people. But there's plenty of scenes with her dolls being creepy. Maybe this could've been an inspiration for Five Nights at Freddy's series. Hard to believe there's one hundred and one dolls. Mary had her own corpse to be transformed into a doll. This movie gives you more reasons to fear dolls, dummies & the unknown.

4. Annabelle from Annabelle series aka The Conjuring Universe

Annabelle at her core is a demon that loves terrorizing people. Usually found inside the famous doll inspired by a different doll in real life. I know I don't even need to say this. Annabelle is one of the creepiest dolls I have ever seen. She takes her time to make people around her suffer in horrible ways.

3. Killer Toys from Silent Night, Deadly Night 5
Pino, the son of a toy store owner became obsessed with being loved as a real son. He went out of his way to send rigged killer toys to kill a little boy. In most cases, someone else ended up dead as well as his neighbor going to the hospital. All kind of toys killing them in such horrible ways. Pino himself is actually a big toy created by his inventor aka father Joe.

2. Dollman from Dollman

I know what many of you might be thinking. In many ways this movie in an unique way should count as a killer toy movie. Dollman was the toughest police officer of his world before chasing his nemesis to Earth. Surprisingly to us, he was the size of a doll. He wields the most powerful handgun in the universe like a boss.

1. Dolls from Dolls

Dolls are just amazing in what they can do. Their origin story is many of them were people that escaped from the law. They were founded by this elderly couple to be transformed into dolls. There's so many of them to over whelm anyone. They also have toy soldiers that aren't afraid to gun you down.

Top 5 Killer Toy Movies that predates Child's Play series in Killer Toys Collection

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, some of you might be wondering if I plan to make lists based on this collection. Well yes in fact I did to help many of these classics stand out more than they actually do. This almost was a Top 7 list but both Ghosthouse & Pin came to USA a year later in 1989. In the last collection, Clownhouse was the only movie to be release on the year I was born.

I am also doing this because killer toys are sorta under the radar for the most part. In fact killer clowns is more notable among horror movie fans. Which is surprising because of how creative a lot of killer toy movie kills are. I don't think a good number of them can honestly be recreated or done better.

5. Xtro

Xtro is both an alien & killer toys theme movie. I haven't seen anything like it which is rare for me to say. This boy gets transformed into an alien with the power to turn toys into living creatures & control them. He does control a toy tank but not much changed in it's appearance. As the famous saying goes "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

4. The Pit

This boy doesn't have many friends at all. His closest friend so happens to be a evil teddy bear. He discovers a large hole filled with ancient creatures. Constantly getting bullied & ignored by others. One conversation with his teddy bear led to some horrible things. Oddly the boy is doing the bear's dirty work willingly.

3. Pin

Based on the book of the same name, Pin is about a man from a young age believing this medical dummy being alive. This so happens to be the highest rated killer toy theme movie on IMDB's website I'm not kidding. Pin involves a obsession that led to some tragic things happening. Considering this came a couple years after the book, it is a solid movie adaptation.

2. Magic

Magic centers around a man trying to make a living entertaining people. More recently with his dummy named Fats found success. However the experience that led to it was a difficult road. This was the very movie to virtually gave Anthony Hopkins the role of Dr. Hannibal Lector. This movie's dummy inspired Goosebumps' Slappy, why don't you not want to see this?

1. Dolls

Easily one of my favorite killer toy movies ever. Dolls involves a little girl befriending a older man. As the night went on a lot of strange things happens. It turns out every doll within this house is alive. Some of the freakiest dolls you will ever see. I should mention the little girl's dad gets transformed into a doll.

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Killer Toys Collection Review

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I want to discuss how exactly I chose all the movies & the cover artwork designs. Of course none of this would be possible without Bloodwave DVD. This guy gave me some amazing classics to remember for years to come. I am giving the full run down of Killer Toys Collection.

Before I go into details exactly what I was thinking. It is difficult to fully see the front cover due to being very dark. As a kid, I remember constantly rewatching the ending to Child's Play 3. Especially Chucky's death multiple times. For many years that image stayed strong in my head. I figured it's about time to show my tribute to such a great death.

The title pretty much remain the same the time I was debating which theme to go with. I am only referring to the times I was planning out doing a killer toys theme collection. Trust me, a lot of different themes did go through my head. Eventually I came up with plenty of reasons to go for it. Besides Chucky & Puppet Master collections, no one has something like this.

The side cover for the most part was on point. I allowed him to do the title of it however he wanted. I am very happy with those red letters. I did request a different Chucky picture for the side cover. Although I had no trouble seeing the picture. I felt it really works actually better than I thought. I felt the side cover wise it was better than my previous collection.

The back cover is essentially the default design for these collections. I chose to go this route to relate more with the theme. Let me put it this way, ever felt over whelmed by toys around you? I wanted to recreated that feeling with these movie covers. I am glad I ended up with a clear case. To me, it reminds me of a lot of package for toys you can see through.

My previous collection's case is white possibly to better suit the killer clowns theme. The big question is what exactly led me to doing a killer toys collection? To be honest, I wanted to have something very unusual in many ways. Something that could easily creep people out especially being new to horror movies.

Killer toys to my surprise led to a lot of creativity. I didn't know many killer toy movies outside Child's Play & Puppet Master series. I had to look up a lot of movies but I quickly got sold on them. Faster than the other collection ideas I had put together. Originally Poltergeist both original & it's remake were going to be in this collection.

I strongly felt after watching both movies that they don't really fit the theme. Not disrespect towards those movies I do recommend them. At one point, Trilogy of Terror 2 was going to be included. Until I found out about The Pit. Probably more fun to come up with a worthy list of movies than my previous collection.

I didn't have a major goal for The Killer Klowns Kollection in mind. However for Killer Toys Collection, I chose to aim high. Officially from Magic to Annabelle: Creation & Cult of Chucky is almost forty years. Damn that's a lot of killer toys with plenty of them still out there. I do have one big confession to make.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space was the source of my passion for killer clown movies. In this regard, it has to be the Chucky movies. I got into them at a very young age constantly rewatching them with a passion. These movies popularized the theme killer dolls in horror movies. I always had a interest in killer toy movies.

I also focused on doing a variety of them in just one big collection. Plenty of dolls & dummies in just a handful of movies alone. Some of them has other kind of toys killing people. To me, killer clowns & killer toys are possibly creative movies. You can truly do so much that there might not be an end to them.

I do want to say, if I could do a follow up collection. Which in fairness is a bigger possibility than doing a follow up killer clowns collection. It has to be filed with Full Moon's Puppet Master movies. I simply refuse to do another one without them being the inspiration. I felt if I never got int Chucky or Puppet Master, chances are I might never got into many classics like Dolls.

Killer Toys Collection from Bloodwave DVD

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I finally can go for another custom horror movie DVD collection. I am still impressed by my last order that it is a must for another collection. I honestly had a few concepts in my head fighting with myself what the next collection should be. I decided very recently as of late April to go for Killer Toys Collection.

The thought of toys killing people in movies does get over looked. A lot of these movies has some creative kills that still stand out by today's standards. Possibly don't judge it by it's cover concept. I got some crazy movies. I always had a thing for killer toys maybe not as much as killer clowns or vampires.

It is up there for sure among many things in horror. I should point out a few movies present aren't exactly killer toy movies. The Boy feels like one up til the big twist late in the movie. Both Poltergeist movies have mostly one short scene with a clown doll. Dollman isn't a killer toy movie at all.

I felt all of those are still great movies to have in my horror movie collection. I felt you all have the right to know. This might actually be my best custom collection yet I'm not kidding. Possibly some of the craziest movies ever made. I do have a huge respect for them because I grew up with Child's Play & Puppet Master series.

Like the previous collection where Killer Klowns from Outer Space not only inspired my passion for killer clowns. It also inspired that custom collection filled with killer clown movies. In this case that role is filled with a personal favorite of mine. Child's Play series is a must have for any horror movie fan.

This collection will display almost forty years worth of killer toys. My previous collection covered more years technically. I felt both killer clowns & toys deserve a lot more respect in the horror community. Don't worry I will be reviewing this custom collection as well. I won't say anything real negative about it for many reasons.

Update: I was able to do Killer Toys Collection two weeks early. I did a lot for my family for the last few months. More recently I got to order it even sooner after helping my dad out. I really can't wait to show people it soon.

Update: As of May 16th, I got Killer Toys Collection from the mail. Child's Play 3 will be sent out at a later date.

1. Magic (1978)

Anthony Hopkins has appeared in many great movies. I was surprised to learn he was in this movie. Why are dummies in movies so interesting to me? Also this dummy is one of the creepiest I have ever seen. Mostly because he looks just like a dummy version of Hopkins' character. This may not necessary count as a horror movie but a great one indeed.

2. Ghosthouse (1988)

This is rather a strange case in the alternate title. In some parts of the world, this movie is called La Casa 3. You are probably wondering what was the first two La Casa movies? Believe it or not, they were alternate titles for the first two Evil Dead movies. The movie is about a possess clown doll terrorizing people in this house.

3. Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 (1996)

This was the last in the series centered around Christmas. The first three movies are a story line. Both this and the fourth movie are stand alone stories that's much different from the previous three movies. In this entry, we have killer toys killing people. You got to give it credit for not sucking as bad as many horror movie sequels at that time.

4. Annabelle (2014)

One of my wife's favorite horror movies. Annabelle is actually a spin off of The Conjuring series. A possessed doll that's killing people may be wore out by this time. At the same time this is a entirely different experience from those movies. Believe it or not, this movie was inspired by a true story centering around a doll.

5. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

A candidate for one of the best 2017 horror movies. A prequel to Annabelle to further explain it's origin. This movie is considered one of the greatest horror movie follow ups in history. The director of it want the movie to stand out more by differing it from the original. Usually when this happens, everything falls apart but here it worked.

6. Dolls (1987)

A precursor to Full Moon's Puppet Master series. A lot of similarities including the actor Guy Rolfe in a similar role. Dolls is one of the creepiest horror movies I have ever seen. This movie will give you plenty of reasons to not be around dolls. Possibly one of the greatest movies owned by Full Moon to date.

7. Dollman (1991)

Although this isn't technically a killer toy movie. Which most chose to labeled it as one, Dollman is an awesome movie. If you think about it, everything about him would come off more like an action figure. Let's be honest this movie is damn good for what it brings to the table. Very recently Full Moon released a comic book with him taking on many Full Moon icons.

8. Dolly Dearest (1991)

It is no secret when something very good in horror movies comes. Many companies try cashing in on it's success by making a similar movie. Full Moon has Gingerdead Man, A-Pix Entertainment Inc. has Jack Frost and Trimark Pictures has Dolly Dearest. Yes the same company that made most of the Leprechaun movies as well as Pinocchio's Revenge.

9. Amityville Dollhouse (1996)

Believe it or not, Amityville is one of the absolute longest horror movie franchises. In fact this movie is the eighth but final movie of the original series. They are still making Amityville movies that have little to nothing to do with each other. Amityville Dollhouse did bring in a haunted dollhouse to fresh things up.

10. The Boy (2016)

The Boy will feel like a killer toy movie up til the big twist. Honestly this movie does a great job at suspense. Lauren Cohan from a horror shows like Supernatural and The Walking Dead is in this movie. I felt this movie does bring some interesting concepts. Some people might question why it is included but I felt it does belong in my collection.

11. Dead Silence (2007)

Possibly one of the creepiest doll movies I have ever seen. Yes it is a ghost story with many creepy dolls. I really like what this movie brought to the table. Dead Silence is intense, chilling & possibly disturbing. Can you believe this has a connection to the Saw series since one of it's creators worked on this movie.

12. Making Contact aka Joey (1985)

I should mention depending where in the world you are. Either you call it Making Contact or Joey. This is rare for me to say but all titles do fit the movie well. Usually I criticize one or more titles over it. This is similar to Poltergeist series. The director later did Independence Day a couple of years later. Most covers for this movie stands out in a huge way.

13. Xtro (1982) & Xtro 2 (1990)

One of the strangest movies in my collection. Aliens that use human women to breed alien humanoid creatures. A kid that gains the power to bring toys to life. This movie is getting around fine more recently. Xtro does have a few sequels continuing off the same concept minus killer toys. I should mention the scene with a human sized toy soldier attacking an old lady.

Update: It turns out the guy gave me the first two Xltro movies on one disc. I haven't seen the second Xtro movie yet.

14. Triloquist (2008)

Directed by the same man behind the original Leprechaun & Rumpelstiltskin made this movie. A brother, sister and a dummy traveling together for many years. This movie may not be for everyone but I like it a lot. Triloquist does leave some puzzling questions very late in the movie. I would say for it's strange humor to check it out.

15. Love Object (2003)

I know a lot of you will question why is this movie in my collection. A guy at work obsessed with a female co-worker. After finding out about a realistic sex doll to based her appearance on her. However this causes a terrible love triangle. Let's be honest a sex doll isn't a toy for adults just meant for sick people.

16. Pin (1988)

Based on a book to come out seven years later. A medical dummy is harming people. I can't judge it since I haven't seen the movie yet. I been hearing it is a great movie. This is surprisingly original for a killer doll movie. Pin is much more than a horror movie that deserves more respect. A lot of great horror movies came out the same year.

17. The Pit (1981)

A strange boy whose obsessed with his baby sitter. To him, his true friend was his teddy bear. Eventually this bear talked him into doing horrible things. Sadly not everything goes according to plan. Now this is a rather unusual killer toy movie for many reasons. Yes the bear doesn't directly kill people but he is still the one responsible for several murders.

18. Child's Play (1988)

Of course you knew this had to be in my collection. Believe it or not, I didn't see the original for many years. Not only it holds up amazingly well but possibly one of the scariest movies ever made. Child's Play was the beginning to be one of the biggest horror movie franchises to date. Originally released by MGM to quickly become Universal in times for the sequel.

19. Child's Play 2 (1990)

To me, it not only my entry into Child's Play series. Child's Play 2 in particular so happens to be one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Possibly one of the greatest horror movie sequels ever made. I really love the cover shown above. This movie does a great job at everything it does. At the same time it surpasses the original in many ways.

20. Child's Play 3 (1991)

Sadly Universal during the filming for Child's Play 3 started right after they finished Child's Play 2. To this day, Don Mancini aka the creator of Child's Play series stated this to be his least favorite entry. I do like a couple of scenes that I could rewatch. This movie was rushed out like many horror movies a few years later gotten.

Update: The guy has to send out a new copy of Child's Play 3 to me. Thankfully he will do it for free, I am very happy with this collection.

21. Bride of Chucky (1998)

One of my favorite entries, Bride of Chucky was one of my first Pay-per-view movies. Not only this made up for Child's Play 3, it also had a lot of great things going for it. One interesting fact the director of this also did Freddy vs. Jason. In Bride of Chucky, John Ritter was a corrupt police chief. His son Jason Ritter plays Laurie's boyfriend in Freddy vs. Jason.

22. Seed of Chucky (2004)

I actually went to the theaters on my birthday to see Seed of Chucky. Let's be honest although it is the worst Chucky movie. I still like a lot about this movie despite how hard I hit it in another blog. I strongly felt they went too far with the humor. Glen & Glenda weren't great characters that I could care less about.

23. Curse of Chucky (2013)

From this entry, the series went to direct to video direction. Usually this is a bad sign for horror movies. Fortunately Curse of Chucky ends up as one of it's best entries. You get to learn more of Chucky's back story prior of becoming a killer doll. Personally this had the worst looking Chucky but thankfully he was wearing a mask over his face.

24. Cult of Chucky (2017)

The newest entry in a now legendary killer doll franchise. Cult of Chucky is easily one of the craziest movies I have ever seen. The possibility of what Chucky can do went up a lot. If this doesn't get more people afraid of him, what else will. This movie was one of the best direct to video sequels ever. Cult of Chucky is also bridging directly to a new show coming soon similar to Ash vs. Evil Dead show.

I really wanted to go as many directions as possible with my killer toys collection. This is going to be another holy grail among my horror movie collection. Due to Krampus & Demonic Toys series being in my previous collection, they are absent from this one. I always had a thing for something people are often over looking or flat out unusual.

I hope anyone that checks out both my custom collections can fully see my visions. I really wanted something to be truly proud of owning. Something you simply can't find in a store. To me, these collections are truly unique in & of themselves. I don't think I could selected a better list of movies for this theme.