Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jack Red talks about E3 2018

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, usually I don't talk about E3. To me either way I will find out what got announced later. I got to be honest some of these games I didn't expect to see. Fallout 76, Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 remake. I just covered Resident Evil 2 remake not too long ago. There was also a trailer for SoulCalibur VI.

I got a lot to break down within this blog. As a gamer whose a huge fan of these franchises. I felt some of you do have the right to know exactly what I think. Of course this is strictly my opinion on each game I talk about. I been proud of a lot of Capcom's moves more recently while some game companies like Konami losing ground fast.

Fallout 76

Originally was going to be Fallout 4's multiplayer. Fallout 76 allows many fans to recreate their fantasies together online. The same team already brought The Elder Scrolls franchise to MMORPG. This format allows a lot more than your standard Fallout game. They already stated this will be four times bigger than Fallout 4.

If you played most of Fallout 4 then you have an idea how big this game will be. Xbox One also has Fallout 3 & New Vegas for more fun. At least Xbox thought ahead when people couldn't get Fallout 76 or 4 yet. This will be a new kind of Fallout experience. Imagine Fallout Shelter but on a much bigger scale.

A lot of people love modding these games. Trust me a lot of these mods are pretty sick. Fallout 76 will be one of the most ambitious games to ever hit any game consoles. I hope they allow you to be able to play by yourself. These are the kind of games you really need to be prepare or you will die a lot.

I thought the trailer itself sold me on buying it. My wife also wants to play this game. Can you blame her lol just can't wait to see how crazy this game can get. Fallout 3 with Broken Steel & Fallout 4 makes the game endless. I'm sure we will be getting there right off the bat. What I'm curious about is how high the level go this time.

Soulcalibur VI

A lot already has been confirmed for Soulcalibur VI. It will be a new time line similar to what Mortal Kombat did a few years ago. In a nut shell this is a new Soulcalibur 1. The guest character this time is from The Witcher series. Geralt of Rivia will be similar to some characters. This game looks & sounds absolutely amazing.

Soulcalibur VI probably went this toward because of Soulcalibur V. Don't get me wrong it was better than Soulcalibur IV but it did have some major flaws. I do believe we will be getting a Tekken 7 kind of good fighting game. Considering the same guy from Namco works on both franchises why not right lol.

This franchise was one of the first to star guest characters. More recently, guest characters has been appearing all over the place. Some horror movie icons appeared in Mortal Kombat 9 & 10 and Dead by Daylight. Tekken 7 brought in a handful of video game characters from different game companies. Soulcalibur VI will push the limits in every possible way.

I been a fan since Soul Edge game on PlayStation 1 yes that far back. A lot of people get confuse to believe Soulcalibur 1 was the original. When in truth it was the first sequel to a well received fighting game franchise. Soulcalibur VI should be one of the finest games ever made. I always speak highly of customizing existing characters or creating new ones from this series.

Obviously a lot of trailers including the new one at E3 revealed a lot of major stuff. The new trailer sold me even further to buying this game. I already knew by experience it was worth having in my collection. Also I hope in time for it, Microsoft puts Soulcalibur IV and V on Xbox One's backward compatibility.

Devil May Cry 5

Oh hell yeah the rumors were flying around. You can tell I was very excited about Devil May Cry 5. I already covered the series as well as my reasons why their better than Sony's God of War series. Nero gets to be the main character again. Although his appearance greatly changed from Devil May Cry 4. I noticed they replaced his demon arm with a robotic one.

Dante appears at the end of the trailer shown at E3 riding towards us on his motorcycle. WOW he is getting old but at the same time I can accept it was him. This guy took down powerful demons including god like beings. He is like Marvel's Wolverine in so many ways. I hope DMC5 is good enough to not have to do a special edition.

Don't get me wrong DMC3 & 4 had amazing special editions. I felt those versions we should've gotten first. I don't want to feel the same way about DMC5. I been a huge fan of this series for a long time now. I always looking forward to the awesome songs & crazy moves you get to perform. Also how creative some boss fights going to be.

Obviously some fans still want to push themselves to insane levels. It's no secret this franchise can push pretty hard. Some of the most difficulties in Capcom video games. Yes even rivaling Ghouls n Ghosts franchise I'm not kidding. I do expect they will push the insane level of challenge even further.

I also hope Devil May Cry 5 will scream in a loud voice it isn't going anywhere soon. I want to be mind blown how damn good it could be. I can tell by the trailer that we're in for one crazy game. I also enjoyed DmC reboot game more than I expected. It could be more than that with this one who really knows.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jack Red talks about Resident Evil 2 Remake

Hi I'm Jack Red, E3 displayed some games I could be getting in the near future. Of course I was shocked when the one game I wanted for a few years finally shows up. By many this was the best part of this year's E3 including myself. I am talking about Resident Evil 2 remake. The next day a lot of people played it's demo.

I honestly got a lot to say about this that a video or two simply can't do it justice. Resident Evil 2 was the very RE game to got me into this franchise. Even by today's standards was a unique game for it's time. Four possible scenarios telling most the same story brought a new depth to it. This was the best selling RE game until RE5 shortly after it's release.

Keep in mind, for a few years we didn't see much of anything. A lot of us even wondered if there was a remake actually coming or simply a sick joke. Thankfully it's neither being made from scratch on REVII's engine. Resident Evil 2 just confirmed both Hunk & Tofu are returning. Some interesting stuff never made it to the final game on PlayStation 1.

Similar to Resident Evil remake, a good number of those could show up. This includes three forms of William that got removed due to time constraints. In the final game, William has five forms you have defeat between Scenario A & B for both characters. Only his third form is fought in all four versions of the campaign.

Technically RE2 got retold in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Although some parts aren't canon you do face all the bosses. They did a great job retelling it the way they did with some major changes to the story. For the longest time, this was the closest Capcom came to giving us a RE2 remake.

Resident Evil 2 will cut the number of campaigns in half but they will be longer. New voice actors for both Leon & Claire since their original voice actors decline. Up til Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the same voice actress does Claire in most of her appearances. Originally a two disc PS1 game that's very different from other multi PS1 games.

In most of them, they packed a large amount of stuff on just on disc. Final Fantasy VII to IX are among the best examples. In RE2's case, majority of it's content was on both discs. They simply couldn't put all four scenarios on one disc. Funny enough, Resident Evil 2 has been ported to Nintendo 64 and Game Cube.

Why because Game Cube discs are much smaller than most disc based consoles. At the same time Game Cube sure packs a lot of power into their games. Nintendo 64 didn't have many games pushing it's limits of the actual cartridges. However Resident Evil 2 was one of the select few to do so. My point is one N64 cartridge & one Game Cube disc packed most of RE2.

Obviously in N64's case, yes there's stuff missing but it has it's own new content. Capcom later did this with Devil May Cry 2. Unfortunately they put a new team not familiar with the original Devil May Cry making it. Similar how they went about it even within Devil May Cry HD Collection. Resident Evil 2 is still among the best video game sequels ever made.

Resident Evil 2 has two main playable characters with a secondary character playable in a few portions. Ada Wong for Leon's scenarios while Sherry Birkin for Claire's scenarios. Obviously you can shoot as Ada but she's not as tough as Leon. In Sherry's case, she is a little girl that can only avoid enemies.

She sorta acts as a test to see how well you can dodge enemies. She also takes longer in some areas due to her size. Originally you have two unlockable mini games. First of these is The 4th Survivor that's a hidden fifth scenario of RE2. The Tofu Survivor is virtually the very last thing you unlock in most versions of RE2.

The Tofu Survivor is a parody, harder version of Hunk's scenario. This is still one of the toughest RE mini games in history. I know you guys want to really know what I thought about the trailer & demo right? Honestly I was really blown away how good everything was. At first I was funny about Leon's face then I came to like it.

They are allowing more grossing stuff than in REVII. Resident Evil remake already puts the bar for video game remakes high. This seems to be similar to Revelations 2 in how they went about parts of it's game play. You got parts of newer RE games with a strong older RE games influence. I personally don't mine over the shoulder view.

What I did mine was giving PS4 CODE: Veronica X first with no Xbox One release of any kind. The story is done in a way even those who played the hell out of the original game won't know. Exactly what's coming next similar to parts of Resident Evil remake. Can you believe some fans already want RE3 remake I pass.

Resident Evil 2 does a great job being something old while being done differently for newer consoles. According to sources, one of Claire's pre order costumes will be Elza Walker. Those who played Resident Evil 1.5 probably know her. In this demo before they completely changed the game originally had Elza Walker as one of two playable characters.

Can I be honest here? I really thought RE1 remake would've given us some of it's costumes in many versions. I was very surprised none of those made it to that version. Instead we ended up getting Chris & Jill's costumes from Lost in Nightmares mini game. Oddly enough both of their S.T.A.R.S. guns with Wesker's is also a part of RE2 Deluxe Edition.

I felt in most areas all of it was very good. I was expecting something that wouldn't even come close to my expectations. I am glad they went beyond them, I am very impressed with what I saw. Hopefully within the next few months, we'll find out more about it. This game was in development longer than the original RE2 game.

I don't mine that considering it's amazing legacy still holds up today. Resident Evil 2 did a lot for it's time especially more recently. The original RE2 was one of my favorite PS1 games growing up. I don't question how much I'm going to love it's remake. I do believe we might have what could possibly be the greatest Resident Evil remake in history.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jack Red presents Chucky & Puppet Master passion

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, two of the most popular, long killer toy franchises. Roughly a year apart, both of them has a huge fan base. They so happen to be what got me into killer toys in the first place. In fact I recently gotten from Bloodwave DVD, Killer Toys Collection that has the first seven Chucky movies.

I got into Chucky by first seeing Child's Play 2. I kept rewatching it during my child hood. It still is one of my favorite horror movie sequels. A neighbor gave me the first five Puppet Master movies on VHS. Yeah remember those things that used to be majority for watching movies without cable? Now it is all about DVDs & Blu-Rays.

I seen most Puppet Master movies including the amazingly terrible unofficial crossover movie. A good crossover movie with the Demonic Toys has already been done in the 90s. Which so happens to be in my killer clowns collection from the same guy. I have a strong history enjoying both of these franchises.

Of course my ideal dream killer toy face off would be Chucky vs. the puppets. I am not going to lie, both sides has a huge body count that easily trumps many killer toy movies combine. They also appeared in comics displaying such brutal kills. Currently two of the absolute longest horror movie franchises.

Puppet Master has eleven movies in the main canon alone. There is a reboot/sequel set in an alternate universe coming out soon. Chucky is on the verge of getting his own show that continues the story of the movies. Puppet Master: Axis Termination was mostly funded by the fans. I said it once & I'll say it again, this is one truly bloody movie for any killer toys movie.

Honestly I never considered doing this fight for my long versus series for one simply reason. You could imagine those two facing each other. I still did some obvious fights that some people wanted. Chucky is one of my personal favorite slasher villains of all time. Puppet Master has some of the coolest killer toys I have ever seen.

I do recommend taking breaks while reading this. Chucky should have a group of Chuckies & Tiffany to help him out. These puppets took on a great variety of enemies over the years. Chucky movies are pretty straight forward while Puppet Master being more of it's own mythology. Chucky has been killed off several times.

Only Leech Woman has been killed off in the canon. Chucky is like a small human with a greater pain limits. These puppets can be rebuild since instructions to their designs is involved within their case. The same case having the instruction to the formula to bring them to life. Which is easier than bringing Chucky to life or doing another spell to possess something else at the same time.

These puppets have a neutral repetition due to fighting against the bad guys. In other cases, they're the ones killing people. It depends on who is the puppet master. Chucky is clearly stronger than their strongest Pinhead. Whose shouldn't be confuse with the Hellraiser villain of the same name. Each puppet does something different to help them stand out more.

Torch has a flame thrower going to a few feet. Six Shooter fires six revolvers ridiculously fast. Tunneler uses his drill tip head. Leech Woman can force out leeches from her mouth. It's not what you think you sick bastards lol. Blade has one hook for a hand with a knife blade for the other hand. More recently he replaced one of them for a needle as a reference to Re-Animator.

The first five Chucky movies were release in theaters. From Curse of Chucky to up, they became direct to video movies. However Puppet Master series always been direct to video since the beginning. The unofficial crossover originally aired on Syfy channel before getting a DVD release. When you think about killer toys usually these two comes to mind first.

I already reviewed most of their movies in a few blogs. Yes some Puppet Master movies aren't great like The Legacy was terrible. Mostly filled with previous movie scenes with very little new scenes. Even Retro Puppet Master had more going for it. Of course I should bring up Curse of the Puppet Master.

Curse of the Puppet Master is a rip off of another movie called Sssssss. Two incredibly similar movies with not much separating the two. I would go as far to say they basically stolen Sssssss. Even if it didn't have that problem. This was the first Puppet Master movie after their partnership with Paramount ended.

Which meant Full Moon had to put more of their own money & resources into making it. I felt from Puppet Master 6 to 8, this was an disappointment to the first five movies. Sure there are some things I wasn't crazy about in 4 & 5. But they're done much better than those movies. I should talk about the Axis trilogy.

If you seen the entire beginning portion of the original Puppet Master. These movies are meant to fill in the gap from that part. Which led to US fighting against the Nazis & Japanese. I felt as a whole Axis trilogy really made up for Puppet Master 6-8. Even with my own problems with each of them. Puppet Master: Axis Termination is one of my favorite Puppet Master movies.

This movie didn't hold back for giving the fans exactly what the wanted. A truly bloody entry displaying the puppets at their best. This also had one of their best puppet masters to date. They did a very good job delivering on their promise. I sorta felt that way with Curse of Chucky & Cult of Chucky.

Seed of Chucky was a movie that should've focus more on the horror. We ended up with a movie that almost became a parody movie. Keep in mind, most of those movies sucks with some exceptions like Spaceballs. Curse of Chucky went back to it's roots. Sure mostly in one location but I felt they made it work.

Cult of Chucky is a movie I recommend you watch two or three times before judging. There's a lot going on that may confuse you. This is one of the strangest killer toy movies I have ever seen. Of course some of the Puppet Master movies would count towards that too. Two of the most awesome killer toys franchises to date.

I just noticed Curse of the Puppet Master & Curse of Chucky. Yes bad things can happen indeed. I really wish we could get a true crossover between both franchises. Both of them has amazing potential to bring so much to the table. I really believe in the right hands even they went the comic book series route.

We would be getting some amazing stories. Possibly way better than Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash stories. Two different kinds of magic was used on them. Which by itself would make things very interesting. It would be more possible to make than putting Chucky vs. Leprechaun. Yes that would be my number 1 choice of all versus movies.

Even I realized Chucky should face Puppet Master for more reasons. Both has a very interesting history with very clear differences. Honestly this were to be funded by kickstarter I would donate a lot of money towards it happening. I really do believe this would be one truly amazing crossover movie or comic book crossover stories.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Part 3 (Joker Edition)

Keep in mind, I am considering Jeremiah from the last couple episodes of season 4. Eventually I'll fill in the blanks to properly finish the comparisons between both shows. Please don't freak out, I will take time to analyze more of Jeremiah during season 5.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today we get to talk about one of my personal favorite fictional villains of all time. DC's The Joker always felt a huge impression on me during my child hood. Even to this day, he remains as my favorite comic book super villain. Don't get me wrong I like a lot of them with insane powers but The Joker has done some ridiculous damage on his own.

It's no secret both Batman 1966 and Gotham shows does have their own Joker respectively. However due to another character introduced early on Gotham. I have decided to not leave anything to chance. Therefore this will cover two major comparisons with 1966 Joker taking on both Jokers of Gotham. Now do what you will about this angle. To me we technically have two different versions on the same show.

The very last thing I want to do is not include the first of them in my blog. Hell I do highly respect all of them. Each one brings something unique to the character that seems to stand the test of time. Really this could do all over the place. I expect no less for Batman's Nemesis. A character filled with mysterious leaving people to picture in their own minds exactly why he is this way.

Round 1: Batman 1966 Joker vs. Jerome

To clarify Jerome is basically the proto Joker in every sense of the word. Although some things that happened to the characters in the comics did happen to him. Now this would've excluded if he wasn't anything like The Joker at all. I already had to do that on the villains side. Keep in mind the times were very different for these shows.

Batman 1966 was a much lighter show that had to greatly tone down The Joker. Fortunately they chose a great actor to do him on the show & movie. This show was meant of testing your wits and a weird sense of humor. The Joker appears in a lot of episodes with most of them being great. I should mention The Joker is wearing hot pink clothes instead of his usual purple ones.

Cesar Romero refused to have his mustache shaved off. They chose to simply put extra white make up on his face to help cover it up. The Joker is usually shown without facial hair. This Joker laughs a lot with him being up there with many great actors that portrayed the character. True to his name, he did cause a lot of chaos in Gotham.

Jerome was the son of two circus performers. He killed both his parents without any remorse. Quickly appointed to be the leader of a group of maniacs. Jerome got revived to start causing mayhem all over Gotham. More recently he attempted to kill Bruce Wayne. Now he is lock up at Arkham Asylum.

Jerome acts just like what you expect of The Joker in every possible way. Not only he laughs, he causes some mayhem that would give Batman 1966 Joker a run for his money. Jerome is very convincing at what he does. I don't see why a lot of people were very surprised to hear he isn't The Joker.

Although for what he does bring to the table Jerome does have my respects. Way better than Jared Leto's take in Suicide Squad movie. Hell it is a huge honor for him to being the inspiration for the actual Joker. This is going to be a close show down between a real Joker and someone whose not quite him.

I think what it really comes down to is which one felt more like the character. A guy all about causing chaos, killing thousands of people, blowing stuff up and attempting to corrupt Batman. In most of his appearances in 1966 show, The Joker does cause a lot of chaos with some ridiculous concepts. In some cases he attempted black mail for money.

Jerome does nail more what I expect of him in areas 1966 version doesn't. He is betraying everyone he works with just like his comic book counterpart. Yes both characters laugh but I still give Romero's more praise. I do like Jerome's laugh but it is still not enough to compete with that. In appearance 1966 version easily wins.

Jerome uses weapons you expect from criminals & maniacs. 1966 version uses all kind of ridiculous weapons. In that regard does make that version more faithful to the character. Both has fought Bruce Wayne but it felt more right in Jerome's case. Despite not being The Joker, he is clearly his inspiration.

Both of them did freak the entire Gotham City out. I think I have to give this to 1966 version for a few good reasons. He is a bigger thorn in the police's side. If you seen some of his most ridiculous episodes. You already know what I'm talking about. For those that haven't seen the show or episodes I'm about to reference.

There is an episode where The Joker built an UFO tricking people all over the city. There is another episode where he doesn't paint in a painting contest to end up winning it. Only to black mail a couple of rich people for money. Yes this by itself isn't faithful to the character. I would bring up forcing Batman into tough situations but many villains also done that on the show.

Even in bad episodes, this version of him does stand out in many ways. I'm not saying the actor for Jerome isn't great. Honestly he blew me away within minutes of seeing him in action. Clearly he is one of the better TV versions of the character. I felt in some ways 1966 Joker just has exactly what it needs. Sure there are some criticism I could see people saying about him.

In the end 1966 Joker has more major things going for him. Even if I excluded the movie, he has difficult to believe episodes. The Joker stands as one of Batman's greatest enemies for great reasons. I felt this version fit those better than Jerome. I do remember both of them a lot. 1966 Joker is simply more of the actual characters in ways it matters.

Winner: The Joker on Batman 1966

Round 2: Batman 1966 Joker vs. Jeremiah

Now since I covered a great deal about Batman 1966 Joker. I am mostly going to focus on Gotham's Joker. It turns out Jerome had a twin brother named Jeremiah. He planned not only his death but also made sure his brother became his successor. Unexpected happened where a new gas turns Jeremiah's skin to white, his lips red, his pupils are a different color & acts very differently.

Obviously Jerome was insane that wanted to cause Hell to the city. His brother wants to destroy it all to rebuild it in his imagine. Jeremiah can clearly see how insane his brother was. At the same time he won't let people get in the way of his goals. This guy has more of the critical traits of the character that Jerome simply lacks.

For starters Jerome didn't wear much purple clothes. He needed help to build things like different types of gases. Jerome was insane at a young age while parts of it are deeply covered up by his brother. Even Jeremiah confirmed the gas didn't actually affect his sanity because he already was insane.

Jeremiah does a great job acting more faithfully to the character. It is a real shame because of DC cinematic universe, Fox isn't allowed to call him The Joker. It shouldn't effect people liking him a lot. He has been doing things The Joker very likely would do in the comics. Jerome didn't have a obsession of Bruce Wayne while his brother does.

Two very different takes of the character on two very different shows. The Joker on Batman 1966 is a heavily toned down version meant for comedical purposes. Jeremiah is a much more serious take that may lack the hair color & title. Both of them sure cause a lot of chaos on their respective shows. Two of my favorite Joker actors in TV shows.

Jeremiah is much more complex out of The Joker on Batman 1966 & his brother. The Joker was already the character from the start on Batman 1966. Unfortunately during it's final season, The Joker was given some terrible episodes. Also some of his appearances he is seen wearing mostly hot pink instead of his usual purple.

There is no question, The Joker on Batman 1966 is more faithful in terms of having his own gadgets. How Jeremiah goes about things is more accurate to the character. This is going to be difficult no matter how I go about it & in all honestly it should be. After all, The Joker always has been Batman's greatest enemy.

Another reason why this is so hard because Jeremiah isn't in as many episodes as The Joker on Batman 1966. At the same time, he haven't gotten a bad episode. Which is one thing he has over the other version of the character. However The Joker on Batman 1966 does laugh a lot. Jeremiah doesn't laugh often except when he was becoming the character.

I felt this might even come down to the little things. Jeremiah with Ra's al Ghul's help trapped whoever was in Gotham causing all kind of chaos in the process. Jeremiah also had that level of interest in Bruce Wayne similar doing that with Batman in the comics. Also the way they went about Batman 1966, technically The Joker along with Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin are his arch enemies.

Now I know I'm already doing this comparison before even watching the final season. I already decided to do a extra part updating most comparison between the two shows. With that being said I have slightly have more reason to give the win to Jeremiah. He is mostly wearing purple even before becoming the character.

Honestly Jeremiah tricks people the same way the character does in the comics. He never wanted money or control over people. All he truly wants is to cause chaos on a big scale. In vice versa, The Joker does want those things. When he is causing chaos, he simply doing it to get Batman's attention. Which was a very common thing the villains would do on that show.

Jeremiah is mysterious just like the character. He has done terrible things that could scar people for life. Believe it or not, even back then The Joker has done bad things in comics. Obviously Batman 1966 version is based on older comics while Jeremiah being more based on new 52 universe comics. A very clear difference in almost everything imaginable.

Winner: Jeremiah on Gotham

Jack Red reviews Xtro 1 and 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to review the first two Xtro movies. Believe it or not, despite being an alien movie trilogy. They have little to nothing in common at all. Not even sharing an alien race. I haven't seen Xtro 3 otherwise I would've done all three of them in one blog. I should point out Xtro 2 was the bonus movie of Killer Toys Collection & the only movie included not part of the theme.

Xtro (1983)

Xtro is one of the strangest movies in all of my horror movie collection. This is both alien & killer toy movie. An alien comes to Earth, he impregnates a human woman into giving birth to a humanoid alien. Close to half way through, he infects the boy giving him powers. He quickly discovers he can control toys as well as turn them into living creatures.

I believe this kid gets most of the kills since three of his toys killed someone. Two aliens are terrorizing people in a way you wouldn't know what's going on. This is sorta like a horror movie version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Technically E.T. came a couple months before in the UK in 1982.

E.T. also got to the United States much faster than Xtro did. Why the sudden comparison? Both movies involves an alien leaving Earth to go back to their home planet. I should mention the famous scene where a toy soldier breaks into an old woman's apartment room. There is also a clown that helps the boy.

This is an cult classic that not many people would enjoy especially if they're a fan of Alien series. Sure this does kinda rip off that series but it does plenty of things to differ itself from it. Some kills are just plain awkward like one of the aliens is screaming to the point a man dies from it. I would say try watching this to get a better understanding how unusual it is.

Xtro 2 (1990)

This movie is just plain bad, at least the original had some good things. This is just what you expect from tired sci fi movies trying to experiment extra ideas. Now I know I possibly offended a lot of people with that statement. Yes I seen some good movies with that concept but some companies love crapping all over it.

Xtro 2 differs in many ways to the original movie. For starters, the aliens come from another dimension. They affect people very differently that's also comes off being what you expect from zombie movies. In the original Xtro, either the alien impregnates a human woman or in their humanoid forms suck into their flesh to create eggs.

It quickly becomes boring with not much to excite you. The aliens move like their part mech or someone in powered armor I'm not kidding. How they went about killing a doctor becoming an alien was kinda stupid. This movie doesn't bring anything new to the concept. I highly recommend avoiding this movie at all costs.

It simply isn't worth your money, attention & time. I would rather watch the last two Species movies over this. Yes I'm aware that franchise is also a rip off of Alien series that's more focus on sex. In their argument, they told the stories better with a better usage of the alien to alien humanoid creatures.

Jack Red reviews Dolls & Dollman

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I wanted to review two Full Moon movies I recently got into. I quickly became a fan of both movies that are also in Killer Toys Collection. I felt if this doesn't show Full Moon I care for their work, what the hell will? Two interesting movies for their time that still considered to be two of their greatest movies ever made.


Dolls is hands down one of the scariest killer toy movies I have ever seen. A little girl befriends a guy she met inside the house. Over half the people that arrived started mysterious disappearing. It turns out the dolls are in fact alive. They're the ones going around killing people. The old woman was a witch as confirmed late in the movie.

The scene where the girl's father got transformed into a doll was disturbing & creepy. There is some great kill scenes for it's time. Also considering this predated the original Child's Play by roughly a year. A lot of stuff around the time you expect in early 90s Full Moon movies is here. Dolls is a brilliant master piece more people need to see.

I really can't recommend this movie enough. Empire did a great job with this movie. Full Moon allowed it to get on Blu-ray not too long ago. In fact for my custom collection, I chose it's Blu-ray cover to be on the back. Dolls is a rather interesting movie in many ways. This movie will make you terrifying of your own dolls after watching it I'm not kidding.


Oh hell yeah Dollman isn't just a Full Moon classic. This is a surprisingly very good movie of theirs. Dollman may come off as one of the dumbest things ever. But the way they went about this concept, it really works. An alien police officer goes after his long time nemesis to crash land on a distance called Earth.

It turns out, on our place everything about him in size is much smaller to me. Although he wields one of the most over powered guns I have ever seen in an movie. Dollman decides to help the neighbor hood by going to war against a gang. This movie also has a young Jackie Earle Haley whose very well known in movies today.

Dollman has some amazing story telling that keeps you on the edge of your sit. This guy puts up one amazing fight on his own. Also I love the cover artwork above. Full Moon really out done themselves with this movie. Dollman is a good mixture of different movie genres into. It comes more off like The Terminator in it's own right without time travel.

I highly recommend watching both of these movies. They're holding up amazingly well to the test of time. Two very interesting takes on killer toys concept. Easily two of the greatest Full Moon movies ever made. Yes you also can get Dollman on Blu-ray. I honestly don't have any real negatives towards either movie, they're that damn good.

Jack Red reviews Child's Play series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, finally I get to review one of my personal favorite horror movie franchises. Child's Play series has a very strong reputation among killer toy movies with a very passionate fan base. Along with Full Moon's Puppet Master series, Child's Play got me into killer toy movies.

Obviously Child's Play series is the most important moves in Killer Toys Collection. I simply couldn't do this without Child's Play or Puppet Master. Child's Play series is still a major inspiration to me to this day. Some of the best written horror movies of the late 80s & most of 90s ever. I really can't recommend majority of these movies to anyone.

1. Child's Play (1988)

Believe it or not, it took a long time for me to see the original Child's Play. This was the only entry to be done by MGM as all later Chucky movies are done by Universal. Child's Play gave Chucky such a great voice actor that's still doing the role almost thirty years later. They chose to leave us in suspense almost the entire movie.

Keep in mind, the twist revealing the killer still haunts many people's minds. It turns out Charles Lee Ray the serial killer transferred his soul into a good guy doll. One interesting fact is each part of Chucky's real name was taken from a real life murder. This is one of the first voodoo horror movie to not be centered around rituals of that culture.

What I meant is in most voodoo horror movies. A tribe of worshipers would curse or kill people to turn them into voodoo zombies. Yes there is a difference between a regular zombie & a voodoo one. In this case, Chucky was taunt voodo that he quickly abuses that knowledge for his own purposes. Which he is still doing to this day.

Child's Play was a very good late 80s horror movie. Chris Sarandon plays the detective that was killing Charles Lee Ray. This movie came a few years after Fright Night where he plays Jerry the head vampire. He later cameo in it's first remake to be killed off by that movie's Jerry. Sometime after the release of this movie, Universal bought the rights to this franchise.

2. Child's Play 2 (1990)

This was the first Chucky movie I ever seen. Even to this day, Child's Play 2 is one of my personal favorite horror movie sequels. This was a great early 90s horror movie that improved in many ways over the original. Andy from the previous movie got moved into a foster home. Chucky gets some great kills in this movie with people parodying the teacher kill.

I would say some of his best lines are in this movie. Also I am a huge fan of the cover art, still my favorite among all Chucky movies. Even Chucky's death topped that of the original. I remember having a recorded VHS tape of this movie with now rare USA channel alternate ending. No lie it plays mostly the same at a different camera angle.

They added an incomplete good guy doll head smiling. You aren't really missing much but considering even with the new seven movie collection. Why so little content on the first three movies is beyond me. Child's Play 2 told it's story very well for it's time. I guess I should say it this was my favorite classic Chucky doll look.

Child's Play 2 also had some of the goriest scenes in the entire series. Like when Chucky was forced to pull off his own head before removing the knife blade. Then he forced what was left of that arm right into that blade. This movie does such a great job keeping your interest at a high level. I honestly can't say anything truly bad about this bad.

3. Child's Play 3 (1991)

This was stated to be Don Mancini's least favorite entry for great reasons. He with the cast & crew were celebrating the completion of Child's Play 2. Out of no where Universal calls them to quickly get started on Child's Play 3. Now many horror movies in the 90s got rushed out that's no secret. It is actually more common than most people realize.

Child's Play 3 isn't particular a good movie but it isn't a bad one either. The best way to describe it is telling you what I like & what I don't like about it. Child's Play 3 had the weakest humor of the entire franchise. Some death scenes aren't great like Chucky scaring an old soldier causing him to have a violent heart attack.

Also due to the big time skip a different actor got to play Andy Barclay. He wasn't a good replacement for Alex Vincent who was a kid around the time. Personally I wouldn't chosen to set a Chucky movie at a military school. Believe it or not, they got permission to use a real military school for this movie.

Yes Chucky does get some rememberable lines like "This means war!!! or Oh Andy how much you grown." There's no way around it, Chucky's death in this movie is my favorite. I liked it so much that I made sure it was the front cover of Killer Toys Collection. Chucky does a good job to stand out in a good way.

4. Bride of Chucky (1998)

Bride of Chucky was among the first pay-per-view movies I seen. This is more recently seen as a mixed reception Chucky movie. Personally I am a huge fan of it for many reasons. Sure somethings done in the movie may seem like stuff that's already done or not done as well. Bride of Chucky does have one of the best soundtracks of the franchise.

This movie also started the thread of Chucky titles instead of Child's Play. Honestly I am okay with it but eventually they will strike out with it. Bride of Chucky also started them moving away from Andy Barclay. I guess they wanted the Chucky movies to be more fresh. This by itself cause some strong negative reactions.

Honestly it is good to have some changes. I didn't really mine they left Andy out of this movie. Bride of Chucky has some of the best jokes of the entire franchise. This also had one of my favorite Chucky doll models. I also like this time Chucky wasn't the only killer doll. Yes they introduced his long time lover Tiffy.

Easily one of the best late 90s horror movies. The same director of this movie later directed Freddy vs. Jason. Not to insult Chucky fans but that movie was way better. I do agree Chucky got some great kills. I kinda like some of Tiffany's kills with the famous mirror scene being my favorite kill of the movie.

5. Seed of Chucky (2004)

I didn't think they would strike out so soon with Seed of Chucky. I already did a long review of this movie in another blog ripping it a part from limb to limb. So I am not going to say much but for those curious I will link it down below.

6. Curse of Chucky (2013)

Curse of Chucky is great for direct to video sequel. Which is filled with so many bad horror movie sequels greatly out numbering those that hit theaters. Brad Dourif's daughter Fiona playing Nina whose mother had a connection with Chucky. Honestly I really didn't like the fake Chucky face mask. I do like how they went about exploring more of his back story.

Curse of Chucky is way better than Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers both versions. This movie does mostly take place in one location. There does exist similar angle horror movies that's worth mentioning. I would say some of his kills are some of the toughest to swallow yet. He sneaks on one of the bowls for dinner some rat poison that led to a horrible car accident.

Of course you knew it wasn't an accident come on. Chucky does a great job making Nina look crazy. This is one of the few times Chucky wins. There is an alternate ending that further expands the concept of her looking crazy to people. Curse of Chucky comes with a strong recommendation. It so happens to be on Netflix.

I don't have many issues with this movie. Curse of Chucky really made up for Seed of Chucky. I also believe they went this route to have more control over the movies they're making. Hands down one of the best among all the Chucky movies. This also seems to be a mixed reception movie among fans. I would say please check this movie out.

7. Cult of Chucky (2017)

Cult of Chucky got pirated online a few days before it's DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix's release. I heard some scenes aren't present on Netflix version. They also tied in a new seven movie collection with the actual case looking like a good guy doll's box. This is more of a mixed reception Chucky movie. I believe it is due to the big two twists late in the movie.

Yes there is spoilers in this review. There's technically four Chuckies in this movie I'm not kidding. Andy makes a full return after the cameo in a post credits scene in the last movie. He so happens to kept the original Chucky head. Chucky found a new voodoo spell allowing him to take control over several good guy doll's bodies at once.

In other words, within Harry Potter universe only two characters created the horcruxes. Which involves splitting your soul into several things with particular ways of destroying. This does allow the user to keep reviving themselves with some difficulty. However because it is against many rules of reality.

Over time the overall soul quality will break down. Which that part of the rule should imply to Chucky as well. Yes the cult that gets hinted was mostly Chuckies with Tiffany being one of the few members that isn't Chucky. Cult of Chucky is a movie I would say you should watch twice or thrice. Before you decide if you like it or hate it.

I noticed so many people judging it on the first watch not fully realizing everything going on. Sorry if I don't take a lot of them seriously. This is an underrated Chucky classic that some people would enjoy. Especially if you are a Chucky fan or you so happen to be into killer toy movies like me. This is one of the craziest direct to video sequels I have ever seen.