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Top 10 One Minute Melee Season 5 Fights

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, as many of you know I'm a fan of One Minute Melee. One of the staff really likes my previous OMM list. Just like that list, there won't be a worst list. I will have five honorable mentions. I swear the animation is really impressive for it's time. I knew this would be the future of versus web shows.

I should mention Vegeta vs. Thor bonus episode. A lot better than their other bonus episode with Vegeta. I would say this is their best bonus episode to date. I really would like more bonus episodes especially if regular episodes are delayed.

Honorable Mentions
1. Bill Cipher vs. Sans

2. Mario vs. Sonic

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. Viewtiful Joe

4. Mob vs. Tatsumaki

5. Luigi vs. Tails

Now it's time to do the actual best fights of this season. They really step up their game from Season 4. I got to be honest there isn't much separating them from their uniqueness. This list very likely could go in so many different directions. I hope you guys do respect my opinion about each & every fight present here.

10. Gaara (Naruto) vs. Crocodile (One Piece)

I am a huge fan of both characters despite not caring for Naruto franchise. Obviously we have two sand users in a fierce battle. I thought they did an amazing job portraying both characters very well. I love the fight song playing during it. Some amazing animation including some attacks Crocodile does.

9. Mewtwo (Pokemon) vs. Frieza (Dragon Ball)
Yes they did this fight before a few years ago. I felt unlike the original fight, this one is OMM worthy. They did a great job stepping it up from the start. I was impressive with everything done in this fight. Despite actually being another Mewtwo since the previous one got destroyed. I know a lot of people still want another fight with these two.

8. Kakashi (Naruto) vs. Byakuya (Bleach)

Two of my favorite characters in both franchise. This may surprise people I'm actually a huge Kakashi fan. I felt this was better than Ichigo vs. Sasuke in many ways. Kakashi was one of the hokages for a reason. Byakuya remained as one of the strongest soul reaper captains ever. Obviously people with their repetition like theirs would have huge expectations.

7. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) vs. Meta Knight (Kirby)
Meta Knight previously fought on the show against Zero. One of my personal favorite sword fights on the show. This is even more unusually fight than his previous one. WOW this is one of the strangest sword battles I have ever seen & I like it a lot. I been a fan of both characters for a few years.

6. Shantae (Shantae) vs. Filia (Skullgirls)

Maybe it's just me but they always make a great fight with Skullgirls characters. This was no exception, I was blown away how good both characters look. Clearly a lot of hours got put into the animation. I kid you not everything pops in a way I simply can not explain. I doubt even the animator behind this fight could.

5. Gohan (Dragon Ball) vs. Super Boy (DC)

Of course the first fight of Season 5 had to be on this list. In a lot of people's minds there is no more perfect way of following the legacy of Goku vs. Superman. We have two sons of two legendary insanely powerful beings with very clear differences. I was very impressed by the animation alone. This fight is truly one of the best to ever kick off a season of their show.

4. Killua (Hunter x Hunter) vs. Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Oh hell yes some of my favorite OMM fights ever. I'm a huge fan of both Killua & Hiei since they're very similar in a lot of ways. Two very driven characters that could easily match even the toughest of beings. WOW this fight by itself was amazing. I couldn't be any happier with their fight song choice. This is hands down a true OMM fight at it's core.

3. Guts (Berserk) vs. Kirito (Sword Art Online)
An truly amazing sword battle that actually surprised me they would do. I am a huge fan of Guts & Kirito with both of them being called the black swordsman in their universe. Two truly amazing swordsmen in their own right. Of course we needed an epic sword battle between these two. Both has been in some terrible situations in the past.

2. Goku (Dragon Ball) vs. Saitama (One Punch Man)
WOW just amazing they did so much in this season finale. Usually in the past the final fight of the season gets number 1. Not this time, Goku takes on Saitama in two insanely epic rounds. I still kinda prefer Saitama's previous episode fight but this is still a very good episode. A very good anime battle that could cause the internet to explode over night I'm not kidding.

1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) vs. Vergil (Devil May Cry)
I knew after this episode there was no way they could top it in my mind. Yes some fights are technically more epic than this. For a rematch this was very good among them along with Kenpachi vs. Oni round 3. Everything was a major step up from their previous encounter. This actually felt like a movie turned video game experience.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Bonus Part (Catwoman)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, some of you probably noticed in Part 2 of my comparison I didn't bring up Catwoman. I got to be honest due to several reasons I had trouble properly labeling it for my blog. Trust after I start explaining why you understand my point of view.

Bonus Street Fight: Batman 1966 Catwoman vs. Gotham Cat
Three different actresses plays Catwoman. The second one was only in Batman 1966 movie. She refused to do the role again afterwards. The original actress had a couple shows & movies she signed for to star in. Of course she do eventually in a few Batman movies reprise the role. The third actress is a famous singer you may have seen during the 90s.

Each actress portrayed the character very different but not as much as Mr. Freeze. At least they were more faithful to the character. Now the other major problem is although Selina Kyle has a major role in Gotham. Like Bruce, she will eventually become Catwoman. Unlike Bruce in my blog series, this makes the comparison more difficult than it needs to be.

I would say this is more Julie Newmar against Cat than anything else. Mostly because she appears the most as her & out of the three actresses on Batman 1966 does nail her the best. No disrespect against the other two actresses. I felt I'm trying to sorta combine all three of them into one character. They were all treated the same by most main characters.

Cat already experience on the street doing many things you expect from thieves. Later on, she does learn a lot of good & bad things. She quickly starts off as a complex child that had to do whatever it takes to survive. The way she is portrayed is more recently in their comics compared to back then. Catwoman was mostly a villain that Batman did struggle against for many reasons.

Now she is more of a neutral character. Sometimes she does things for others usually doing bad things first or flat out betray people for money. Cat has helped Bruce a lot on Gotham being one of his biggest allies as well as love interest. Of course Catwoman had a similar angle in Batman 1966 with all three actresses.

By now you should see why I had trouble doing this. I am forced to compare all three actresses against one with major key differences. I don't even need to explain all three actresses portrays Catwoman like how they do most characters pulled from the comics. Thankfully they didn't have any trouble of toning the character down.

Cat is more like the bitch you don't want coming after you type. I also don't need to explain Catwoman on both shows are greedy, selfish and most likely to do bad things. Catwoman on Batman 1966 has teamed up with some of Batman's enemies including the movie. I could say the same with Cat since she just formed an three ladies alliance.

Let's be honest I knew I had to make this or many Batman fans would get upset to no where. Especially those heavily into Catwoman. I felt this is another close one but I must give this to Batman 1966 versions. Please allow me explain no I'm not being bias or Cat not fully being Catwoman yet argument.

Like I stated before the times in this particular case has different things fans would expect from the character. Of course this by itself would leave to many differences. Cat is a great portrayal of the character. However Julie Newmar was the perfect Catwoman. If I didn't include her, Cat has a higher chances of winning.

No surprise I would have Cat over the second actress, I honestly wasn't a fan of her performance. The final actress did surprise me in many ways. I felt it would be just as close as simply doing the original actress against Cat. In my mind even if Cat does by the end of the show becomes Catwoman. It already is a lot to live up to.

Winner: Batman 1966 Catwoman

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jack Red reviews animated Resident Evil movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I think it's time for me to talk about the other Resident Evil movies. I already talked about the live action movies that are mixed by most people in another blog. I'm here to talk about an animated Resident Evil movie series. As a bonus I also will be reviewing Biohazard 4D-Executioner.

In another Resident Evil blog where I talk about the game time line. I talked a great deal about most of these movies.

1. Biohazard 4D-Executer (2000)

You could say this is the original Resident Evil movie predating the first live action one by two years. In my opinion this is one of the absolute best Resident Evil movies you can find. Originally set up as a part of a ride in Japan at a theme park. This may be the shortest Resident Evil movie being around twenty minutes.

At the same time you quickly see yes there could exist a good Resident Evil movie. Yes it's true this is rather a stand alone movie not fitting in any canon. Clause in this movie is considered a prototype character for RE4's Jack Krauser. This will scream what you love about Resident Evil. Possibly the best animated video game movie I ever seen.

2. Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)

This takes place between several Resident Evil games. Leon got meet up with Claire who last seen each other back in Raccoon City incident. You will notice several things that will make some things more clear in later Resident Evil games. I also like some of the key moments from Resident Evil 2 got referenced.

Resident Evil: Degeneration may not have the best story. A lot of action through out the movie but done better than most live RE movies. This was a good Resident Evil movie for it's time. A couple years later for Claire to return in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Also I always considered G-Virus as the worst virus in all of Resident Evil. Which this movie proves my point.

3. Resident Evil: Damnation (2012)

This takes place between several Resident Evil games. Leon was suppose to pull out after giving a report relating what's going on in that country. He decided to take a stand to figure out whose behind it. This continues Ada secretly helping Leon out theme. You find out tyrants are still around long after Umbrella closed down.

I thought it was interesting some soldiers took a risk to control lickers by being infected. Obviously this is action heavy for an Resident Evil movie. I will say the characters are a little more interesting this time. I still felt this isn't as good as the previous animated Resident Evil movies. I would say it is still better than most live action RE movies.

4. Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017)

Many fans including myself long awaited for fan favorite Rebecca Chambers to return. A little over twenty years in fact. I would say this could be the best Resident Evil movie yet. This takes place between several Resident Evil games. Once again Leon and Chris must stop a black list arms dealer from causing more viral outbreaks.

In one of his outbreaks, Rebecca barely cured herself. I felt this movie plays everything out perfectly. I honestly can't name a single major dislike towards it. One weird thing is how Chris was acting in RE6, Leon becomes upset like that in this movie. I also like more critical story stuff that could bring more interesting stories together in the near future.

Before I get to rank all these Resident Evil movies. Did you notice how long we had to wait for each one? Honestly I prefer the work that goes into these movies than those live action ones. To me these came more off like real Resident Evil movies. A lot of potential still waiting to use in the near future.

Now it's time to rank all movies from worst to best. Good news is even the worst among these is more rewatchable than the entire live action series.

4. Resident Evil: Damnation
3. Resident Evil: Degeneration
2. Biohazard 4D-Executer
1. Resident Evil: Vendetta

Friday, January 26, 2018

Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Part 2 (Villains)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time to talk about the villains of Batman. Not many of them are on both Batman shows. Thankfully most Batman fans should easily know the following very well. This is going to be a crazy blog especially for Batman fans. Honestly I couldn't be any happier to be writing this.

Warning this will be a lengthy blog entry. Please take as many breaks as possible. We really don't want you to go to a hospital over night.

I do want to make a few things clear before we start kicking things off. I am saving The Joker for his own part of this huge comparison. I won't do The Mad Hatter since he was Hatman aka Impostor Mad Hatter. Therefore comparing a different character to the actual one with no real connection is against the rules. Trust me this wouldn't be a good showdown even if I did it.

Round 1: Batman 1966 Mr. Freeze vs. Gotham Mr. Freeze

This is a rather tricky one to talk about. Three different actors portrays Mr. Freeze on the show. The original one appeared normal in his suit. Clearly lacking his frozen blue skin that we all expected. He works by himself trying to defeat Batman. They chose to not have him doing it to save his wife. Let's be honest Mr. Freeze is willing to do whatever he can to save her.

Simply not having that there does help Gotham's version out. Originally he started off like that until he fell his wife was going to die. He committed suicide with his freezing gun. Due to Dr. Strange's strange experiments that revive several people & altering them. In Mr. Freeze's case, he got the condition you expect from him.

Sadly he chose to work for The Penguin that hasn't been active recently. I felt all three actors in 1966 version sorta come off as different characters with not much bring them together. In a weird way it was like the Three Stooges attempting to be Mr. Freeze lol. In Gotham, I felt this was a more faithful version.

Clearly after being revived, he became as cold as he is in the comics. I do enjoy these episodes but let's be direct. It is frustrating to remember which actor did which episode of Batman 1966. To me he wasn't the right level of seriousness, he never did it to save his wife and wanted stuff he would never want.

Honestly after much needed thought I must give this to Gotham's Mr. Freeze. His appearance as the character blew me away. Regardless him alive prior to his suicide or after being revived. This version was way more on point with the comics. If you are a fan of Mr. Freeze then go watch Gotham. Also the way he does stuff is exactly how the character would do it.

Winner: Gotham Mr. Freeze

Round 2: Batman 1966 The Riddler vs. Gotham The Riddler
WOW can I be honest? Both shows portrayals of The Riddler blew my mind. They're so damn good in so many ways. Anyone whose a Riddler fan would enjoy a marathon with episodes. In 1966 version, he already is The Riddler that does have clever clues within riddles to his plans. Yes some of these are meant as jokes for the time but still a lot of thought for a show like this.

I like in Gotham, we get to learn a great deal about Edward. What he did before becoming The Riddler. Both shows has some great riddles for their time. Two very interesting takes on a very complex character. Two amazing actors that truly belong near the top for The Riddler. Yes I do like Jim Carrey's portrayal as well sue me.

Obviously we're comparing a much lighter Riddler to a darker one almost like two sides of the same coin. In 1966 show & movie, The Riddler is constantly throwing out riddles. He does attempt to fight Batman and Robin. In Gotham, Edward does go insane becoming The Riddler. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff he does to people.

Honestly I am really having a hard time deciding which version of The Riddler more. On one hand, due to a disagreement the guy who originally played Gomez Addams on The Addams Family briefly took over the role. Also over this a few episodes like False Face and Book Work happened. The Riddler has teamed up with several of Batman's enemies.

More recently on Gotham, Solomon Grundy has been helping Edward out. He helped one of Gordon's exes take over a fight club. Both versions has their own pros and cons. So the real riddle would be whose truly worthy the title the one true Riddler? After much needed thought I have decided to go with out 1966 version.

Despite a different actor not doing a good job as The Riddler and some episodes that got altered over a disagreement. Frank Gorshin truly steals the show with some strong personalities. I strongly felt even Gotham's Riddler isn't good enough to top him. I will say he does come very close. I really do want to see more of him in the near future.

Winner: Batman 1966 The Riddler

Round 3: Batman 1966 The Penguin vs. Gotham The Penguin

WOW just like The Riddler, both actors as The Penguin are very good at portraying him. Two truly worthy of Danny DeVito's take in Batman Returns aka my favorite version of the character. At one point both of them were mayor of Gotham City until something happened. Both are skilled at deception & thinking of ways of stopping the authorities in their tracks.

I got to be honest you could marathon episodes of their shows all day. They're portrayals of the characters are very excellent in their own right. In 1966 version does look more like the character while how he actually does thing is in Gotham. The Penguin may be given a mixed character due to how he was adapted over the years.

Right away two of your favorite characters will be them. I knew it as soon as I seen them both. In 1966 show & movie, The Penguin has teamed up with some villains to fight Batman and Robin. In Gotham, it shows how he rise to the top. Of course all kind of problems hits his way. The Penguin did truly terrible stuff to people you really wouldn't believe.

I got to be honest unlike the last two I covered. I don't have much to decide which Penguin is better. Let's be more direct DC comics is very proud with both actors. Simply choosing one over the other without a good enough reason won't cut it. In fact this very easily could end in a tie for many reasons. Both versions isn't afraid to do such under hand tricks.

Honestly on one hand with 1966 version does look more like the character. But on the other hand Gotham's version has an unique way of throwing people off. There is just something about him that quickly makes watching him worth every minute. In one episode of Batman 1966 he attempts robbing pretending to make a movie.

I felt this easily could go to either character. I really don't think in this rare occasion I could pick one over the other. I already know if I did, I would question myself over it. Therefore I decided to make this a tie. Both of them has things the other doesn't have but both actors really do an amazing job. Some of the craziest episodes of both shows centers around these two.

Winner: Tie

Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Part 1 (Heroes)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I really want to compare two live action Batman shows. Well Gotham is what life in Gotham City like before Batman. Believe it or not a few decades, they attempted to make it happen as a TV show. Almost fifty years later, two great adaptations of Batman comics. Of course this stands as a major difference in time among other things.

I am here to talk about the handful of characters present in both shows. I do think a lot of Batman fans will agree while others will disagree. In the end I am doing this for fun & showing my passion for anything Batman. Honestly I got more than enough to talk about with all characters featured in this blog.

I should mention this will be a lengthy blog. Please take as many breaks as possible. This is more meant for big Batman fans like myself. If you are simply a fan of one or both shows. You are welcome to check this blog series out. Yes you heard me correctly I'm doing more covering as much needed stuff as possible.

Round 1: Batman 1966 James Gordon vs. Gotham James Gordon

This is incredibly different takes on one of Batman's biggest allies. James Gordon has done a lot for the Dark Knight in the comics. They're almost family with slight things separating them. They both want what's best for Gotham City. Of course times has changed from comics to both of these shows. I am still surprised how straight this one is going to go.

In Batman 1966, Commissioner Gordon phones Batman & Robin about everything mysterious or bad going on. Yes he does arrest people on the show usually after they take down the bad guys. But I felt Gotham's Captain Gordon is a better character. He is really trying to stop the corruption in his city. Yes he did some terrible things in the past.

This version of Gordon is much more faithful to the character. In 1966 version, he doesn't do much to help. Yes he gives instruction to his police officers. Sadly that's the most you are going to see out of him. In vice versa, Gotham has much more going  here. Gordon does talk to Bruce from time to time. He is willing to do whatever it takes to stop something really bad from happening.

This version doesn't usually give in to the bad guys. He has saved a lot of people on his own. Sometimes he can pull off miracles taking some risks. Gordon is working very hard to save his city from criminals. They kept giving him a love interest that eventually turns against him. My point is in so many ways this version way more than I expected him to be.

I am being honest Gordon truly stands out for making some difficult decision. He usually doesn't stand down against the likes of The Penguin or Jerome or anything else for that matter. I felt 1966 version wouldn't do much about those same issues. Let's be honest this was an easy win for Gotham. It's time to clean up our streets.

Winner: Gotham James Gordon

Round 2: Batman 1966 Bruce Wayne vs. Gotham Bruce Wayne

Obviously we need to talk about the main himself. In 1966 show, Bruce Wayne is pretty much what you expect of him. He already is Batman with Dick Grayson being Robin and Barbara Gorrdon as Batgirl. This version is one of the best you will ever see on TV I'm not kidding. I am still impressed by Adam West's performance.

In Gotham's case as stated before this was before Batman. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea about where this is going. This isn't going to count against that version of Bruce. In fact it adds more to him prior of becoming Batman. Therefore I still have a fair comparison to do. In one hand we already have Batman while in the other Bruce is on the verge of becoming Batman.

Honestly both actors do an amazing job being Bruce Wayne. More recently on Gotham, Bruce does dress up to take on criminals. In some episodes his butler, Alfred does some training with him. Now this adds more appeal to Gotham's version. In 1966 version as Batman, the police simply can't hold the criminals.

Which means this Bruce Wayne has to be on top of literately everything that could go wrong. This also includes people thinking or knowing he is Batman. They do a lot of interesting stuff to cover that up. By now you probably already knew about some of the ridiculous gadgets. Most of them are called bat this or bat that.

My main problem is if we took parts of both versions. Even Kevin Conroy would be running for his money. I am not sure if I should go with the older, more experienced or the younger, learning Bruce. Both of them are clearly some of the finest characters on both shows. For me it is difficult to simply pick between them.

Thankfully a slight edge goes to Batman 1966 version makes this a bit easier. No disrespect towards Gotham, I really enjoy watching Bruce in all kind of situations they put him in. I see a bright future for that actor. Sadly you simply can not compete with Adam West. He is one of the few actors to truly nail both Bruce & Batman. Do you know how rare that is?

Winner: Batman 1966 Bruce Wayne

Round 3: Batman 1966 Alfred vs. Gotham Alfred

This is going to be a very difficult comparison to do. Just like the previous ones I covered, I do respect both actors as Alfred. Both of them helps Bruce in so many ways. Not a lot of people know this but Alfred is Bruce's best friend. Both Alfred are old, experience, well mannered and patience. I always respected Alfred as a character.

Batman 1966 Alfred does take part in a lot of Batman's plans. Yes sometimes they go side ways but mostly he does the work at hand. In Gotham, he is taking care of Bruce since the murder of his parents. He attempted to help Bruce in many ways including training to fight. Alfred sometimes breaks his word to his master to help him.

Yes this does lead to several heated arguments. You can tell he truly cares about Bruce. Batman 1966 Alfred never had to deal with stuff like that. Also he briefly died but quickly got revived by Batman. Clearly both versions of Alfred are not only loyal but also willing to take risks. You do learn a great deal about Gotham's version.

I kid you not this is going to to be a nail bitter. I felt I should give this to Gotham's Alfred for many reasons. He simply isn't a supporting character like most of Batman 1966 Alfred's appearances. He does try to help Bruce even when he's going over his head relating to what happened to his parents. You can tell he is willing to take risks to help his master.

Winner: Gotham Alfred

Monday, January 22, 2018

Top 10 Hero Guest Characters I Would Like to see in an future Injustice game

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, you seen the guest villain characters I want to see in future Injustice series. Now it's time to bring you the heroes characters. Now I was actually surprised how the final list plays out. Trust me I could see a lot of people losing it over some of them appearing in one of those games.

The same rule I had for the villains implies here too.

10. The Mask (Dark Horse)

Yes some people that has wore the mask are bad people. I am here to focus on some of the good ones like Stanley Ipkiss. Yes among putting it on, you instantly go insane. However some people are still able to do great things for people. By wearing it allows your true side to come out. For example you really enjoy classic cartoons.

You will be exactly like one in almost every possible way. The Mask has a lot of powers that's ridiculous for super heroes & villains. Just imagine customizing him or lines towards other characters. Hell his supermove could be an reference to that scene late in the movie with the guns. Now that would be entertaining to watch.

9. Joe Musashi (Shinobi)

I believe you are surprised a Sega character made the list. Joe Musashi has fought Batman, Spider-Man, Rambo, Terminator, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. This guy took down several organizations on his own. He is truly one of the toughest video game characters. His spells allows so much factors in a fighting game.

Joe could have a few possible supermoves that's worth watching multiple times. Let's be direct Joe doesn't even know the meaning of surrender. Joe is a true legend for a fictional ninja. Of course we don't know if they're considering video game characters for dlcs or not. I'm still going to throw Joe's name out there.

8. Spawn (Image)

To everyone's surprise the most voted character doesn't even make it to Injustice 2. Spawn is truly amazing in what he can do. A god like being that has proven Heaven & Hell wrong multiple times. Spawn would bring a lot of great lines into a future Injustice game. A lot of great possibilities for his supermoves.

Spawn also fights with guns & his powers. Which makes him an unique character since it's usually one or the other not both. Spawn would be really awesome to customize that could lead to contests. I'm not kidding Spawn is so high on people's demand. They would all drop everything to go buy him the day he comes out.

7. Witchblade (Image)

Several ladies has used an artifact that allows the user to attack & defend in many ways. Witchblade could bring a lot for everyone of all sexes. Yes there's a few possible supermoves she could do. Customizing her will blow everyone's minds including the developers. She would bring a lot of interesting lines to the game.

Some of her moves would help her stand out more than many characters. Yes she can handle a lot of powerful beings including The Darkness. Also I felt there needs to be a female characters like this in an Injustice game. She brings more than her beauty and fighting style. She also brings some form of uniqueness in how she does things.

6. Darkman (Darkman)

Darkman from Darkman movie series is a rather interesting character. He was a scientist that nearly died from an assault that led to his lab being destroyed. Darkman is widely known for creating disguises similar to actual living skin. He has a way of blending in that many characters can't say that.

Just imagine how sick it would be to customize him. His lines would be interesting to listen to. Darkman doesn't have a set weapon or fighting style. I bet his ending will be one of the most blowing. Darkman could pull the trick he did in one of the movies. Where he reappears as someone else and get them to attack themselves maybe the new stop hitting yourself achievement/trophy.

5. Invincible (Image)

Invincible is one of many characters similar to DC's Superman. A good amount of abilities are shared with some strong similar stuff. Invincible could bring some unexpected lines to the game. A lot of possibility for his supermove.

Invincible is a very tough character similar to many fictional characters including One Punch Man. Yes I made that comparison live with it. This guy could bring something that not even Superman can bring. He could be more fun to customize in the long run.

4. The Crow (several)

A lot of people got revived from terrible tragedies that prevents their souls from resting. They want revenge against those that cause such a pain. Unless something happens to the crow following them, they're immortal.

I could say a lot of great lines that's worth replaying the intros for hours I'm not kidding. The Crow could be fun to customize as well. Hell they could tie any version of them in for the new Crow movie.

I could also see a lot of potential on what moves we could be witnessing. A lot of possibilities for supermoves alone is already enough reason to want The Crow in an Injustice game. Easily one of the best anti heroes in comic book history.

3. Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)

Samurai Jack is truly an amazing samurai. He survived more than fifty years of pure hell in the distant future. In his time has faced all kind of opponents. This guy can handle a lot of DC characters on his own.

Samurai Jack could be fun to customize since he did have a new appearance before going back to his old one. This guy has mastered most fighting styles allowing all kind of possible moves. In fact I'm very curious to know what could be his supermove.

We all know just how tough this man is. I believe not only he's worthy enough to face these legends. He could hold his own against some powerful ones too. He did defeat Aku whose a being of pure evil.

2. Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd)

Judge Dredd has fought Batman before. This guy is very good at keeping the streets safe. Although some methods he does use may scare you more than the actual criminals. Judge Dredd has an unique firearm that has all kind of firing settings.

It would be awesome if they recreate someone else picks up his gun for a move in game. He usually doesn't fail to take down any criminals including his nemesis Judge Death. I'm not going to lie this guy would not only bring great lines.

Judge Dredd would also bring a level of awesomeness that many characters simply can't rival. I mean he could use his vehicle that could manipulate similar to Judge Dredd movie with Stallone. They got a lot they could work with just Judge Dredd.

1. Power Rangers (Power Rangers)

Surprised I know I was when I thought of a crazy way to end this list. There's so many versions of Power Rangers & it's original Japanese counterpart. This also includes weaponry, zords and advantages depending versions. This also means customizing them is a lot easier than most characters.

Obviously they could do their megazord maybe up that like some versions do to make it more epic. Everything about Power Rangers in general is ridiculous. Sometimes by adding that level of ridiculous brings a lot of people.

Power Rangers easily brings way too much to fully write it all down in one blog. A lot of great lines with a possible switiching between five characters or like the turtles have some moves with other rangers. I really can't say enough why this would really work with a future Injustice game.

Top 10 Villain Guest Characters I Would Like to see in future Injustice games

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today since I'm still inspired by some game's guest characters. Why not doing two lists about it for future Injustice games. I felt like one will be guest hero characters. Right now I will be doing the opposite with guest villain characters. I do think a lot of them could fit in any Injustice game.

The only rule is none of these characters can't be from Marvel & DC.

10. Ethan Roark Jr. aka Yellow Bastard (Sin City)

Yellow Bastard is a sick person that's related to an bishop of a church and a senator. This guy stands out in these black & white comics for later appearing bright yellow. I felt with some sick characters could bring some appeal. Also how many characters can you name bleed yellow instead of red, black or green?

9. The Redeemer (Spawn)

Several times during Spawn, Heaven directly tried to have Al Simmons assassinated. Three different men including a man he hates became briefly The Redeemer. In this mythology, The Redeemer is their champion warrior. They're suppose to be very difficult to take down. Now throw in some disturbing facts like the constant pain from their own blood.

The Redeemer stands as one of Spawn's worst enemies as a regular spawn from Heaven is a counterpart to a hellspawn like Al Simmons. He is suppose to handle anything from Hell on his own. In fact the third & final Redeemer almost defeated Spawn. The powers of being one of these warriors is truly insane for a comic book villain.

8. Unicron (Transformers)

Yes I know I'm throwing out an insanely powerful being that's around the size of several planets. Unicron could play in as one of the most powerful beings in Injustice series. At the same time he could be added in his own mode where a group of players could fight against beings like him. If they attempt to do Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with Galactus.

Just imagine how insane it would be to play as him. His supermove would be really epic & mind blowing. He could have a few moves bringing in some of the decepticons. Yes this could mean more big & powerful characters has to be added to help balance him out. Unicron would have some awesome lines too.

7. Negan (The Walking Dead)

I know I'm pushing it with this choice. Negan had one of the biggest armies within The Walking Dead. This guy has caused so much horrible things. In his mind everyone works for him with no real regard for his actions. In other words you can farm, build and stock up but it belongs to him. Just imagine winning the lottery then he show us.

Negan is one tough bastard that's willing to keep control. He had several areas under his command like a dictator. Not only I could imagine some awesome lines but they too could allow some cursing. Let's be honest Negan is anything but pleasant. He will screw you and your group over the moment he gets the opportunity.

Now how would that work for a fighting game? He could have moves with some members of it attacking. Negan obviously will be using his famous Lucille that's really wants to meet their faces. I would be really surprised the actor that plays Negan reprises his role to do him. Hell his supermove could be something completely unexpected at all.

6. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (Hellboy)

A dead man that serves a god like being. Karl is one of his most loyal servants willing to do anything. Not many undead characters are in Injustice series. Which makes this choice more perfect to bring up. Karl has a couple of weapons mostly two wrist blades. I could see a really awesome supermove with his master.

Just imagine customizing him how sick you could make him look. Karl would have sand bleeding out of him that helps make him stand out more. Some people that played Soulcalibur V with Ezio could love him in an Injustice game. They also could have him speech in Russian but quickly translate it like in Tekken series.

5. Bebop and Rocksteady (TMNT)

I mean come on it just wouldn't be right if I didn't bring Bebop and Rocksteady into this. Those tow are always around each other helping The Shredder & fighting the turtles. Two strong mutants with rememberable personalities. They could pull off Noob-Smoke from Mortal Kombat: Deception angle with them.

You can switch between the two with notable differences in their fighting styles. Customizing them could allow you to do both of them separately instead of together. Let's be honest doing them together yeah one of them would look great while the others looking much worse. Bebop and Rocksteady would bring so much for a future Injustice game.

4. The Darkness (Image)

Hell yeah one of the few Image comic book characters I really want to see in an Injustice game. The Darkness has one of the most powerful crime families with a secret long history of having a powerful artifact. This allows the user to become a being of darkness, summoning demons and virtually limitless power.

Yes most forms of light could take that power away. You could consider this as two versions of the same guy. Without his powers, he does have a lot of fire arms. Which I do believe he can stand out in his own right. His supermove could involve his artifact for something truly terrifying. There's a lot of possibilities how to bring Jackie into any Injustice game.

They could do him with powers that easily allows some great moves or do him without powers with some exceptions. Jackie's personalities could spice things up too. This guy already got two video games based on his comic book series. They could play one of those to help get an idea how to bring him in.

3. The Shredder (TMNT)

Yes The Shredder really needs to be in an future Injustice game. This guy is exactly what we need in a lot of ways. Just customizing him alone would be really mind blowing. The Shredder has mastered most fighting styles allowing him plenty of different ideas how they could do him. Hell just for his lines towards other characters is more than enough reason to bring him in.

The Shredder could have some of the Foot Clan in his attacks. His supermove could be him drinking mutagen to transform into Super Shredder. This guy brings a lot of potential & interesting ideas. The Shredder could also have the technodrome in one of his big moves. Really people we need him to be in one of these soon.

2. Judge Death (Judge Dredd)

OMG Judge Death would fit right in Injustice universe. They dealt with some horrible people but I doubt they could imagine someone worse than The Joker. Judge Death is the leader of the dark judges that wipe out all life in their universe. Their goal is to do the same in the entire multiverse. Judge Death will remind you of The Joker or Carnage from Marvel universe.

Some of his moves would be insane. I could see him possessing someone or do an intense scary combo. Judge Death would have a voice that puts chills down your spines. A character perfectly to replace Scarecrow if he doesn't return. Judge Death is responsible for one of the highest body counts in comic book history.

1. The Violator (Spawn)

I'm sure some of you already figured out whose number 1 on this list. The Violator whose Al Simmons' Nemesis. One of the most powerful, ancient demons. The oldest of five demons that's responsible for some unspeakable things. He could be the Lobo of a future Injustice game. Hell they could in his supermove have him transform mirroring his first fight with Spawn.

The Violator by himself brings so much stuff it's not funny. Just imagine how ridiculous customizing him would be. I know most people know him as the Clown. This guy is incredibly offensive to constantly surprise you in talking to other characters. Let's be honest you really don't know what he could do next.