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Top 10 Genesis Games I Really Don't Want in Future Sega Genesis Flashback editions

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, there's so many Genesis games that should be ported. Of course AtGames ruined a good amount of that possibility from happening to many classic Sega games. I have my personal Top 10 Genesis Games I Really Don't Want in Future Sega Genesis Flashback editions list. WOW that's a mouthful but making it any shorter would easily cause confusion.

10. Scooby-Doo Mystery

I haven't played this game myself but going on what I know from YouTube. This is a great point & click game that deserves more credit than it usually gets. This seems like reliving the classic cartoons in two lengthy cases. There is no real way to lose, take breaks & make sure you have a guide on hand.

9. Captain America & The Avengers

Arguably the best port of the classic arcade game. Most people really enjoy the Genesis port over SNES one. I haven't played this one either but I am looking to find my own copy of it. Very simple you beat up the bad guys. There is some variety to help keep things fresh. Easily one of the absolute best arcade ports on the console.

8. The Adventures of Batman and Robin

I already talked a great deal about this game a few months ago. In most areas, this game does an amazing job. Yes the difficulty is very high that could turn a lot of people off. You can play as Batman or Robin or do two players as both characters respectively. You get amazing level designs that truly pushed the Genesis.

7. Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition

I only play the original as a kid but when I found out about this on an episode of AVGN. I was very surprised it was much better. A lot of people said great things about this game. Just like the original, you play as Dr. Grant or an raptor. Based on what I seen of the game it improves on most of the flaws of the previous game. Truly one of the best licensed games on the console.

6. Ghostbusters

I really wish I had this game as a kid. Ghostbusters is still one of the best games in the franchise. You play as one of three ghostbusters hunting ghosts to save the city. This game has two different shops with a couple of sub bosses. You have to pay attention to every level to do great at it. Who doesn't want to bust some ghosts?

5. Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage

A few months ago I really covered a good amount of this game in two blogs. Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage is an excellent beat em up. You do have to start the game as Spider-Man to play a few levels. Honestly playing as Venom is where it's at for me. I also like you can alter how the level layouts by switching characters. A very good licensed game that more people need to play.

4. Castlevania: Bloodlines

I am currently on the hunt for this game. Castlevania: Bloodlines is a rather unique game in the series. Usually you play as just one character in the entire game. How about you get two characters with some clear differences? This game does a great job pushing your gaming skills. One of the very few Castlevania games released on an Sega console & being this good!!! Go get yourselves a copy of it.

3. X-Men 2: Clone Wars

I talked very little about this game since I don't own it. I do know a great deal about it. A different team from the previous X-Men game made this. WOW they did an amazing job in every possible category. You could get bored of this game but thankfully there exists a level skip code. X-Men 2 is possibly one of the absolute best Genesis sequels ever made.

2. Rocket Knight Adventures

I really enjoyed this game as a kid. Rocket Knight Adventures is still to this day, one of my favorite platformers. You play as Sparkster that can hang upside down & uses his jetpack. Some of the finest platformer levels on the console. Rocket Knight Adventures is one of the select few Genesis games that got Nintendo fans to turn their heads.

1. Good Disney Games

Oh okay before anyone gets angry at me for doing this. Let's be incredibly clear that I simply couldn't just put one good Disney game on this list. Especially those that people still often talk about to this day. Therefore my number 1 is every great Disney games on this console. Some of them are legendary among platformers. A handful of them had help from Disney themselves like Aladdin. These games not only held up amazingly well. They also are easy to pick up & play on the spot. Disney really went out of the park with such mind blowing games. Just having one of them on Sega Genesis Flashback is a criminal & insult to us fans.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays Bonus #1 Hellraiser (Hellraiser: Inferno to Hellraiser: Hellworld)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, let's be honest I easily could fill a couple of Wednesdays with Hellraiser sequels. I felt since a couple of them are guilty of the same thing. It would be better to include them all in one bonus blog. Yeah we're going off into the deep end now folks. I have seen all of those movies a few times. Considering I am doing this, the next one will be Hellraiser: Revelations. It is so bad that I really don't wanna do it.

1. Hellraiser: Inferno

Hellraiser started out great with a good sequel. From Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth it did start going down. Hellraiser: Bloodline has some things going for it. Starting from Hellraiser: Inferno to Hellraiser: Hellworld. The movie company decided to not start over with a new script. Instead they quickly wrote in Pinhead with some elements & called it a day. Hellraiser: Inferno feels more like a twisted cop movie than anything else. Most kills aren't great that do come off boring. This corrupt cop is hunting a man responsible for a few murders. It turns out the fingers he keeps finding are from his child self. The actual killer was his darkside. The moment this guy opened the box, he was trapped inside his personal hell to constantly relive everything repeatedly. Although that's twisted for an Hellraiser movie. This movie did little to nothing to make it more like an Hellraiser movie. I mean come on where's the cenobites or seeing hell itself. This movie is already a broken promise that got worse with the next few movies.

2. Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Surprisingly the actress who played Kirsty Cotton from the first two movies returns. You can quickly tell her character isn't that person at all. You keep getting all these weird in your face moments. As the movie goes on it continues to not feel like a true Hellraiser movie. This is about a man searching to find out what happened in that crash. From his point of view, his wife died making things difficult. It turns out Kirsty made a deal with the cenobites. She screwed her husband over directly with a gun. This is not the real Kirsty Cotton from the first two movies. Yes we did convince the cenobites to stop her uncle who escaped hell. She also convinced them about who they were alive to have them turn against Channard Cenobite. Clearly those were to help them out since they represent order within hell. But here she willingly kills her own husband for them? To sum it up this guy was already dead the entire time. His wife survived the crash with the box. Some of the worst & pointless Hellraiser scenes are in this movie.

3. Hellraiser: Deader

This was one of two movies that came out 2005. Usually movies filmed back to back turn out horrible. Although the later movie comes out the following year. This is a rare thing to have two filmed back to back sequels coming out the same year. Which means we're already going in a horrible direction. Hellraiser: Deader is about a reporter looking into a cult. These people found a way to live pass death. It turns out their leader was an descendant of the man who created the box. This is stupid because most of his blood line are good people. But here is a man crazy enough to kill people then revive them. If you want a good movie with a similar concept I highly suggest Re-Animator. This lady summons the cenobites to take care of this cult. She ends up committing suicide not knowing more people could be looking into the same case. At least that's what a part of the ending suggests who really cares. This is surprisingly worse than the previous two movies.

4. Hellraiser: Hellworld

OMG Hellraiser: Hellworld is so bad. In fact I debated about what's actually worse this or Hellraiser: Revelations. Both of them are an insult to anyone into Hellraiser franchise. Hellraiser: Hellworld just going by it's cover. You already know you just got ripped off badly. This is about a group of teenagers going to a party hosted by their dead friend's father. Some of the weirdest death scenes in any Hellraiser movies is found here. Believe it or not this movie starts quickly getting boring. Not only it doesn't even come close to what a true Hellraiser movie feels like. They didn't do a great job covering what this movie was originally going to be. It turns out the host wants his son's friends to die. He does kill two of them before escaping. One of the last things you get to see is him summoning the cenobites. You would think Pinhead being the usually demon to kill people to finish this man off right? Wrong two of his demon servants as shown in the picture above used a huge chained blade weapon cut this guy in pieces. WOW we don't even get to see Pinhead directly kill anyone is a major disappointment. Also how the hell did anyone put up a website all about the cenobites & the box? You would think hell would have a huge problem with that. If you want something similar that's both scary & more worth your time then go watch an horror anime called Hell Girl. There is absolutely nothing good about this movie at all. Officially the last movie Doug Bradley played Pinhead. In the next two movies replaced him with a few actors.

Just imagine a movie company easily could've cancelled four movies or actually paid the money to create new scripts. Not quickly editing it into a Hellraiser movie to cash in on the franchise. Which isn't making a lot of money to begin with. I could accept Halloween III being different from the rest of them. I really upset the movie companies involved with these terrible movies allowed them to be released. These movies are insulting all of us into the Hellraiser franchise & thinking we can suck a lot of people over it. Maybe over zombie, shark & ghost movies yeah. But Hellraiser is something truly unique among demon movies. You simply can not recreate what it brought to the genre. Hellraiser really deserves better than this. I am really surprised Clive Barker allowed this to happen. If I were him, I would sue them over all four movies for all the money they collected from people. I would give their money & buy them other classic movies instead. No body deserves to be treated this way. Bottom line the only thing I could name is actually lower than this is what a movie company called The Asylum doing. They love making their mockbuster movies to come out as soon as those expected blockbusters hit movie theaters. Even their president flat out stated yeah we're crooks. I speak for a lot of people when I say if we do need another Hellraiser movie. It better have Clive Barker's personal involvement & a much higher budget. The last thing I want to hear is this was suppose to be another movie. How does Hollywood allow such terrible things to happen is beyond me.

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Top 10 Most Consistent Horror Movie Franchises

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, let's be honest even with some of the biggest names in horror. Almost every horror movie franchise doesn't stay consistent. I am not looking for perfection by any means. I am simply looking for those that continues to impress me as a long time horror movie fan. Oh boy this is going to be a tough list to put together. Just remember your pal Jack is willing to go to extreme highs for entertainment purposes.

Even if it had one bad movie, to bounce back with greatness does go a long way. Also not everyone will agree with my choices. This is one of many lists that for everyone will be different. I am only showcasing mine for entertainment purposes, they're not facts just only my opinion. Mostly considering the original movie franchise. Maybe in the near future I could do a reboot version of this.

Sadly Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Phantasm and a few more won't be on this list. I will say I do enjoy watching majority of their movies. Please don't get mad, get glad.

10. Saw series

We kick things off with one of the more recent horror movie series I like. Saw has people trapped inside crazy situations to attempt surviving them. Of course most of Jigsaw's victims do die horribly in them. I won't argue the first three movies are hands down the best Saw movies. I also agree from Saw 4 the series did start going down. But it didn't fall down very bad until the final movie. I do like how it tells the story although you should start from the original. Each movie adds stuff that we didn't get to see in previous movies was a nice touch. It also became one of the most annoying problems Saw had. Why because some of the later movies you will notice the main character has smaller personal connection to Jigsaw. This by itself makes flashback scenes not as necessary. Sometimes these scenes do change the feeling entirely. I do agree some of these scenes are among the best of them. I am just stating Saw's story can be a little more complex than it appears to be. Yes spoiler three people are behind all of this. You quickly notice whose trap is what after paying attention long enough. I always enjoy the brutal kills these traps has. If it weren't for the final movie, Saw would've been higher on my list.

9. Killjoy series

The first two Killjoy movies were made by different companies. OMG those were terrible movies but thankfully Fullmoon did the series justice. Starting with Killjoy 3, each new Killjoy movie is great. Adding a great deal about the demonic clown himself. Some of the scenarios in these movies isn't suppose to take seriously. Honestly it does help stand out more from many killer clown movies. Killjoy is entertaining to watch almost the entire step of the way. I do like his clown friends brings something different to the table. All of that keeps making things more interesting. More recently Killjoy got his own show in our world. He fought against Hell at a huge disadvantage & won. I do like the dark humor in these movies. I highly recommend Killjoy 3 & up to those into killer clown movies. Easily one of the best Fullmoon franchises.

8. Puppet Master series

Puppet Master will always be my favorite Fullmoon franchise. I remember at my child hood house, a neighbor gave me the first five Puppet Master movies on VHS. Oh boy I quickly went home to watch them. I honestly wanted more of them as time went on. Both Curse of the Puppet Master & Puppet Master: The Legacy are terrible. Although many people didn't like Retro Puppet Master, I actually kinda like it. I always enjoy watching these puppets killing people in such violent ways. A good variety of puppets over the years does keep things interesting. Possibly the biggest movie franchise on this list. Do I even need to state how terrible Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys was? Majority of these movies are worth rewatching. I also like how interesting the time line gets with each new movie. More recently in a trilogy of movies, they're taking on the Nazis. I like the idea that anyone could be their puppet master. I do wish Torch would appear in more movies. This series alone help put Fullmoon on the map.

7. Tales from the Crypt movies

Before I go further yes I'm aware of the older two movies. The Vault of Horrors wasn't officially a sequel to Tales from the Crypt. Although both movies do pull stories from many comic brands including The Vault of Horror. I'm here to talk about the movies related to Tales from the Crypt show. Bordello of Blood is smack right in the middle in two different ways. I'm not being perverted by saying that. Bordello of Blood was the second movie that wasn't great. Ritual originally got released direct to video without Tales from the Crypt trademark stuff. In later rereleases, the trademark with the Crypt Keeper parts are brought back. Everyone knows Demon Knight was the best thing from this show. It is a very good movie that more people need to see. I do feel like Ritual was okay enough to keep these movies on my list. Sure the later movies have some tough flaws to look past. I will say I do enjoy Bordello of Blood a lot more than Ritual. Just two of these movies would've got them higher on my list.

6. Creepshow series

We can't include Tales from the Darkside The Movie since it isn't technically related. Although a lot of the same people worked on them. I am glad I don't have to include Creepshow III since that's not an official sequel. The smallest horror movie franchise on this list. Creepshow has a few short stories with a great variety. I do enjoy seeing The Creep especially in Creepshow 2. Some of these movies are made exclusively for these movies. A select few are actually based on short stories by Stephen King like The Raft. It is hard to believe both Stephen King & George A. Romero worked on these movies. I felt these movies held up better than Tales from the Crypt movies. I also like seeing Stephen King being in one of these stories. These movies got me more interested in horror anthology movies.

R.I.P. George A. Romero

5. Re-Animator series

Now here's an interesting take on zombies. A mad scientist found a way to revive people. Any of these movies are rather unusual among zombie movies. In this rare case that is refreshing considering so many zombie movies. Some of the sickest scenes in any horror movie. For a horror movie trilogy to be this good is also rare. Each movie adds more to this crazy process. This is sorta like taking Mary Shelley's Frankenstein but turn it into a way to survive even death. I got to be honest for both science fiction & zombie movies. I didn't expect them to be so well done even the last movie by Syfy is great. Another rare thing since most horror movie franchises they touch end up killing them off. I should mention these zombies are very tough to take down. A select few zombies like the one the picture above maintains his intelligence. If you truly want a terrifying zombie movie to watch, then grow an pair & watch Re-Animator.

4. Child's Play series

One of my personal favorite horror movie franchises. Most killer doll movies can't hold their own against Child's Play. Let's be honest Chucky is a very entertaining character to watch. Some of the greatest kills I ever seen in any horror movie. Yes, Seed of Chucky was terrible with Child's Play 3 being okay. I am glad Curse of Chucky did a great job. I'm already excited for Cult of Chucky coming in a few months. Child's Play always had a lot of things going for it. Some key characters play a major role in several movies. A lot of creativity does go into these movies. There is something about a killer doll that shouldn't work but it does in a way you wouldn't expect. The true definitive killer doll experience.

3. Scream series

Scream series is usually not high on many people's lists. Personally I like the idea that anyone could be the killer. Each movie enforces the concept of attempting to recreate a horror movie in real life. Some of the best kills you ever will see in any horror movies. Some of the most original horror movies that will keep you guessing whose the killer. I also like these killers go out of their way to show how much they love horror movies. All the Scream movies are very consistent not leaving anything major out. I do enjoy how they take down the killers. Ghostface is one of my personal favorite horror movie killers of all time. There is just something about no matter what you do. You will not be safe adds another dimension of terror up your spines. I also like they point jokes at horror movie sequels during those in my child hood. You would be surprise how many sequels some of them actually got.

2. Evil Dead series

Evil series is truly unique in every sense of the word. Ash survives the deadnites that want the living to die. Some of the strangest things you could ever see in any horror movie is present here. I also like how it uses humor in just the right way. All three movies will keep you on the edge of your chairs & couches. It is already a difficult thing to have two movies taking place very close together. Somehow Evil Dead pulled that off with flying colors. These movies are very unusual among demon & zombie movies. In Army of Darkness, majority of it Ash has to survive during the dark ages. They have some of the finest looking creatures you can see those movies that still holds up great today. Although I can't consider Ash vs. Evil Dead show in my blog. I really enjoy watching this show since it technically is Evil Dead 4. Evil Dead series as a whole is so out there that it works. I really couldn't recommend these movies enough.

Just in chance you are new to my blogs. I first saw Army of Darkness as a part of a two movie deal on Comcast. First you get to watch the new version of Dawn of the Dead. Quickly followed by Army of Darkness with only myself interested in seeing both movies. I am very glad I did because I'm a huge fan of them both.

1. Final Destination series

This may surprise a lot of people out there. Final Destination series has a very difficult concept to pull off. A group of people survived what was suppose to kill them. This forces Death to hunt them all down by killing each people in such horrible ways. I really don't usually say this but this has the best & most impressive kill scenes in any horror movie series in my opinion. Yes the rules do change in the movies but that always makes things more interesting. I got to be honest I usually do fine towards the most brutal of kills in horror movies. There are a few exceptions in these movies that does challenge me mentally. The very idea you could possibly die a thousand of ways. You already know you're in for one hell of a ride. These movies attempt some major tragedies not holding back. I am mind blown a horror movie series like this is surprisingly consistent. Final Destination 5 is a prequel to the first movie. Sometimes you never know what could happen next.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy Horror Heroes Bundle

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a while back I took a look at Bundle Stars' Horror Heroes Bundle. More recently they started a follow up bundle that I do plan on getting soon. Easily one of the best put together video game bundles you can buy. In fact it is so good that I wanted to do a Top 5 list to help get more people into buying both this & Horror Heroes 2 Bundle.

5. Great entry horror video games

Chances are most gamers aren't much into horror video games. Which is exactly why I recommend for those new to them to start playing Horror Heroes Bundle. You get two zombie shooters are unique in their own right. A handful of point & click games that are all done incredibly well. 99 Levels To Hell has a random level generator factor that makes replaying it much easier. Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage allows you to play however you want. You could clean up the mess or make it worse. Also you can take your time playing since there is no real way to lose.

4. A good variety of horror

As stated before some of these are point & click style games. Each one does an amazing job keeping you on your toes from start to finish. Deadly 30 can be difficult even playing with other players. At the same time the defenses & upgrade system truly makes replaying it more enjoyable. 99 Levels To Hell can quickly get crazy depending on the random level design you get. Some levels can be very difficult filled with enemies while others can be cake walks. I do recommend guides for some of these games. I am sure you will have a lot of fun playing any of these classics.

3. All the games are very good among indie developers to blow your expectations
Every game featured in this bundle believe it or not are indie video games. I was very impressed how great these games are especially comparing them to most major game company releases. Half of these are very replayable games that you will have trouble to stop playing. Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage actually plays on an Unreal engine & plays amazing. Even being new to these games, these games are very well made in their own right. Some of these games will scary you. Some of them will surprisingly push your gaming skills for a worthy challenge. Of course by beating that challenge you feel great like a million bucks.

2. A very good deal

The most expansive game in both Horror Heroes Bundles is Blackbay Asylum that will cost you twenty dollars. Regularly you get most horror games around twenty to higher depending on things. Horror Heroes Bundle costs just three dollars for all these amazing games. In short you are getting most of these games for absolutely free. It is very easy how to add these games to your Steam accounts after purchase. Even just one of these games is better than most major company horror games.

1. All of them works on most computers

Of course number 1 for me personally is they all work perfectly on my computer. The developers behind most of them made sure their respective games work on most computers. I'm sure many of you have gotten some video game bundles on PC with some games not working. Yes it happened to me a few times. Thank god they did a very good job making sure they all work just fine. These games don't take up much space either. In fact by installing them all on your computer doesn't take up much space at all. Compared to most newer horror games taking up a large amount of space. These games are exactly what the mad scientist ordered.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #4 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

I am posting this early due to possibly losing power again this week. At least you will be able to check this entry out. I do take requests for more bad horror movie sequels.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, for many years a lot of people say Halloween III is the worst. Although it was meant to start Halloween theme stories to move away from Michael Myers. Halloween III wasn't a bad movie for a good reasons. The true worst Halloween movie is Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. WOW this was such a bad movie. I am impressed it even got released in the first place.

Out of all the original Halloween movies. Deep in my mind this movie stands out for all the wrong reasons. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers doesn't take any time to fully put it's story together. In fact I spotted a few major plot holes on my own. For example no where in the entire movie explains whose the father of that baby. It never explains how the cultists fit in anywhere in the movie.

There is somewhat of a debate on a mysterious call early on in the movie. An old woman picks up the phone to hear a strange voice. Many people strongly believe this was Michael Myers. Keep in mind this is a very brief scene in the movie. You have a few seconds to easily miss it. As far I'm aware it never explained who it was on the phone. Some of the worst actors played most of the cast. Even with the best kills, Michael Myers isn't great. Halloween: Resurrection had a better performance from Michael Myers.

The title itself continues a theme the previous two movies. I don't mine that but what I really do mine is a rare alternate version called Halloween 666: Producer's Cut. More recently due to an accident by the company that did own Halloween franchise. More websites are getting copies of that version of the movie. Personally I haven't seen it but thanks to James Rolfe's review. I can honestly say it sounds even worse than the actual release version. This version does explain whose the father of that baby being Michael Myers?

Usually this guy kills his own family & their friends close to or on Halloween. It turns out in this version, a strange star formation marks a curse. The person with that mark on their arm has to kill their own family. Sorry I kinda prefer the new Halloween 2's answer over that crap. This cult is connected to the person marked with that symbol. Oh speaking of that symbol in this version. One of the main character used rocks to do it in reverse.

For whatever reason, Michael couldn't walk past it. WHAT!!! a group of people with guns, being burned & beaten badly a few times. Yet doing that symbol in reverse prevents an unstoppable killing machine from moving? Both endings are terrible no matter how you view them. In the released version, Michael gets beaten badly then mysteriously disappears that's it. In Producer's Cut, Michael actually dies. The same doctor trying to stop him becomes his successor. It is a real shame this was one of that actor's final movies.

First Phantasm: Ravager now Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. This movie has virtually nothing going for it. To me it was obvious that this wasn't a true major chapter in Michael's legacy. The best kill was an old man gets electrocuted to the point his head explodes. This is done differently between both versions. I am only going by what James Rolfe say in his review on Producer's Cut. I have seen the actual release version.

What's sadder is this was my first Halloween movie I owned in my life. This pile of filth has some of the worst pacing I ever seen in an horror movie. I know people do expect a lot from just the kills Michael does to people. I felt some of them changed in this movie could've helped a little bit. At the same time, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is simply not worth having in your collection. I would understand collectors wanting to have all the movies in several franchises. You get no argument from me but I highly recommend avoiding both versions of this movie.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #3 Phantasm: Ravager

I apologize I got busy during the week. Thankfully I already selected the bad horror movie sequel for the week. Yes I am posting what already should've been up this past Wednesday on Saturday.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I will review the final Phantasm movie. OMG I have some huge complaints relating to this movie. For me I felt this wasn't the ending we all deserved. Regardless I will cover it in full detail.

The first two Phantasm movies are some of the craziest movies I ever seen. Phantasm 3 is where the series started to go down but it didn't fall that bad. Phantasm 4 is usually considered the worst of the series. Although I could name more good things from that movie than Phantasm: Ravager. From beginning to end even if you seen all the previous movies. You will be really confused watching this now that I guarantee.

It constantly switches different point of view around. Yes I know you shouldn't believe what you see in these movies. In this rare occasion I really had trouble telling what actually was happening. I am glad three of the regular actors are in this movie. I do feel very bad for Angus Scrimm since he died before this movie got released. In fact this movie had the most trouble before release since Phantasm 2. I will be honest the big twist relating to the Tallman was stupid. A huge spoiler there are ten of thousands Tallmans waiting in an dimension that never got named.

I prefer as soon as he dies, he quickly found his way back for revenge. Let's be honest that twist ruined the Tallman. Some of the worst moments of the entire series is in this movie. The actual ending didn't end things with the Tallman at all. This movie was a big confusing mess that didn't know what was going on. Look I can respect complex movies, anthology style ones & the multiverse concept. This is just not acceptable by any means. Sadly I was very disappointed by this final Phantasm movie. I really did try to like it. In conclusion avoid this movie at all costs folks. It simply isn't worth the time & money to find.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Top 10 Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to make it official at last. It's about time I make a definite Treehouse of Horror list. Yes this list has it's fair share of challenges. At the same time as a long time Simpsons fan. It is my duty to make such a list.

I love these so much that shortly after Treehouse of Horror XXV was aired. I sit down to watch all twenty four episodes in twelve hours almost the entire time. Even with the best among Sideshow Bob episodes I couldn't enjoy it as close as much as this.

10. Treehouse of Horror XVI (2005)

This by many was considered to be one of the last good Treehouse of Horror episodes. Some of the finest parodies in the show's history. Especially Survival of the Fattest being one of my favorite stories.

9. Treehouse of Horror XII (2001)

For a long while this was the last good episode within Treehouse of Horror episodes. Some of my favorite parodies are present here. Some amazing animation skills went into each story. Some of the funniest moments are also present here. It was so good to be included on the official Treehouse of Horror DVD.

8. Treehouse of Horror IX (1998)

One of the craziest Treehouse of Horror episodes ever made. A dead man's hair controlling Homer into killing people. The Simpsons kids trapped inside TV while being stalked by Itchy & Scratchy. A alien baby gets stuck in the middle of two angry fathers. How could they not be on my list lol.

7. Treehouse of House VIII (1997)

This is exactly what I expect for an Halloween special. Three of their craziest stories ever told. I really enjoy rewatching this Treehouse of Horror episode a lot. Easily one of the finest that everyone needs to watch.

6. Treehouse of Horror I (1990)

Of course the original Treehouse of Horror that started it all had to be on this list. Although most episodes don't take place in the Simpsons' treehouse. This episode started something that is in essence what Halloween truly is.

5. Treehouse of Horror II (1991)

I love each story told in this episode occurs in nightmares. There is just something about nightmares that truly brings out the fear in people. This is exactly why I really enjoy watching Treehouse of Horror II. A worthy successor with some of my favorite stories.

4. Treehouse of Horror III (1992)

All three of these stories easily could've been called short films & achieve the same affect. Easily some of their finest parodies. This not only showed the team's creativity but also welcome new ideas. Clown Without Pity stands as one of Krusty's greatest performances.

3. Treehouse of Horror IV (1993)

OMG do I dare say this is easily one of my absolute favorite Simpsons episodes. You have Homer going to Hell. Bart getting paranoid over a creature ripping a part the school bus. A great parody of Dracula that could actually be the greatest ever done. All three of these stories are really good.

2. Treehouse of Horror VI (1995)

WOW this is absolutely amazing in every sense of the word. They actually attempted a new advance computer animation just for the final story. I really enjoy their parody of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I really can't get enough of those billboards coming to life terrorizing Springfield. This is really damn good for it's time.

1. Treehouse of Horror V (1994)

You all knew this had to be number 1. Treehouse of Horror V has three of their greatest holiday stories. Even to this day The Shinning is still their most popular Treehouse of Horror story. This is not just entertaining from start to finish. This might be the only Treehouse of Horror episode you can watch all day & still feel great about it.