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Top 10 Hero Guest Characters I Would Like to see in an future Injustice game

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, you seen the guest villain characters I want to see in future Injustice series. Now it's time to bring you the heroes characters. Now I was actually surprised how the final list plays out. Trust me I could see a lot of people losing it over some of them appearing in one of those games.

The same rule I had for the villains implies here too.

10. The Mask (Dark Horse)

Yes some people that has wore the mask are bad people. I am here to focus on some of the good ones like Stanley Ipkiss. Yes among putting it on, you instantly go insane. However some people are still able to do great things for people. By wearing it allows your true side to come out. For example you really enjoy classic cartoons.

You will be exactly like one in almost every possible way. The Mask has a lot of powers that's ridiculous for super heroes & villains. Just imagine customizing him or lines towards other characters. Hell his supermove could be an reference to that scene late in the movie with the guns. Now that would be entertaining to watch.

9. Joe Musashi (Shinobi)

I believe you are surprised a Sega character made the list. Joe Musashi has fought Batman, Spider-Man, Rambo, Terminator, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. This guy took down several organizations on his own. He is truly one of the toughest video game characters. His spells allows so much factors in a fighting game.

Joe could have a few possible supermoves that's worth watching multiple times. Let's be direct Joe doesn't even know the meaning of surrender. Joe is a true legend for a fictional ninja. Of course we don't know if they're considering video game characters for dlcs or not. I'm still going to throw Joe's name out there.

8. Spawn (Image)

To everyone's surprise the most voted character doesn't even make it to Injustice 2. Spawn is truly amazing in what he can do. A god like being that has proven Heaven & Hell wrong multiple times. Spawn would bring a lot of great lines into a future Injustice game. A lot of great possibilities for his supermoves.

Spawn also fights with guns & his powers. Which makes him an unique character since it's usually one or the other not both. Spawn would be really awesome to customize that could lead to contests. I'm not kidding Spawn is so high on people's demand. They would all drop everything to go buy him the day he comes out.

7. Witchblade (Image)

Several ladies has used an artifact that allows the user to attack & defend in many ways. Witchblade could bring a lot for everyone of all sexes. Yes there's a few possible supermoves she could do. Customizing her will blow everyone's minds including the developers. She would bring a lot of interesting lines to the game.

Some of her moves would help her stand out more than many characters. Yes she can handle a lot of powerful beings including The Darkness. Also I felt there needs to be a female characters like this in an Injustice game. She brings more than her beauty and fighting style. She also brings some form of uniqueness in how she does things.

6. Darkman (Darkman)

Darkman from Darkman movie series is a rather interesting character. He was a scientist that nearly died from an assault that led to his lab being destroyed. Darkman is widely known for creating disguises similar to actual living skin. He has a way of blending in that many characters can't say that.

Just imagine how sick it would be to customize him. His lines would be interesting to listen to. Darkman doesn't have a set weapon or fighting style. I bet his ending will be one of the most blowing. Darkman could pull the trick he did in one of the movies. Where he reappears as someone else and get them to attack themselves maybe the new stop hitting yourself achievement/trophy.

5. Invincible (Image)

Invincible is one of many characters similar to DC's Superman. A good amount of abilities are shared with some strong similar stuff. Invincible could bring some unexpected lines to the game. A lot of possibility for his supermove.

Invincible is a very tough character similar to many fictional characters including One Punch Man. Yes I made that comparison live with it. This guy could bring something that not even Superman can bring. He could be more fun to customize in the long run.

4. The Crow (several)

A lot of people got revived from terrible tragedies that prevents their souls from resting. They want revenge against those that cause such a pain. Unless something happens to the crow following them, they're immortal.

I could say a lot of great lines that's worth replaying the intros for hours I'm not kidding. The Crow could be fun to customize as well. Hell they could tie any version of them in for the new Crow movie.

I could also see a lot of potential on what moves we could be witnessing. A lot of possibilities for supermoves alone is already enough reason to want The Crow in an Injustice game. Easily one of the best anti heroes in comic book history.

3. Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)

Samurai Jack is truly an amazing samurai. He survived more than fifty years of pure hell in the distant future. In his time has faced all kind of opponents. This guy can handle a lot of DC characters on his own.

Samurai Jack could be fun to customize since he did have a new appearance before going back to his old one. This guy has mastered most fighting styles allowing all kind of possible moves. In fact I'm very curious to know what could be his supermove.

We all know just how tough this man is. I believe not only he's worthy enough to face these legends. He could hold his own against some powerful ones too. He did defeat Aku whose a being of pure evil.

2. Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd)

Judge Dredd has fought Batman before. This guy is very good at keeping the streets safe. Although some methods he does use may scare you more than the actual criminals. Judge Dredd has an unique firearm that has all kind of firing settings.

It would be awesome if they recreate someone else picks up his gun for a move in game. He usually doesn't fail to take down any criminals including his nemesis Judge Death. I'm not going to lie this guy would not only bring great lines.

Judge Dredd would also bring a level of awesomeness that many characters simply can't rival. I mean he could use his vehicle that could manipulate similar to Judge Dredd movie with Stallone. They got a lot they could work with just Judge Dredd.

1. Power Rangers (Power Rangers)

Surprised I know I was when I thought of a crazy way to end this list. There's so many versions of Power Rangers & it's original Japanese counterpart. This also includes weaponry, zords and advantages depending versions. This also means customizing them is a lot easier than most characters.

Obviously they could do their megazord maybe up that like some versions do to make it more epic. Everything about Power Rangers in general is ridiculous. Sometimes by adding that level of ridiculous brings a lot of people.

Power Rangers easily brings way too much to fully write it all down in one blog. A lot of great lines with a possible switiching between five characters or like the turtles have some moves with other rangers. I really can't say enough why this would really work with a future Injustice game.

Top 10 Villain Guest Characters I Would Like to see in future Injustice games

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today since I'm still inspired by some game's guest characters. Why not doing two lists about it for future Injustice games. I felt like one will be guest hero characters. Right now I will be doing the opposite with guest villain characters. I do think a lot of them could fit in any Injustice game.

The only rule is none of these characters can't be from Marvel & DC.

10. Ethan Roark Jr. aka Yellow Bastard (Sin City)

Yellow Bastard is a sick person that's related to an bishop of a church and a senator. This guy stands out in these black & white comics for later appearing bright yellow. I felt with some sick characters could bring some appeal. Also how many characters can you name bleed yellow instead of red, black or green?

9. The Redeemer (Spawn)

Several times during Spawn, Heaven directly tried to have Al Simmons assassinated. Three different men including a man he hates became briefly The Redeemer. In this mythology, The Redeemer is their champion warrior. They're suppose to be very difficult to take down. Now throw in some disturbing facts like the constant pain from their own blood.

The Redeemer stands as one of Spawn's worst enemies as a regular spawn from Heaven is a counterpart to a hellspawn like Al Simmons. He is suppose to handle anything from Hell on his own. In fact the third & final Redeemer almost defeated Spawn. The powers of being one of these warriors is truly insane for a comic book villain.

8. Unicron (Transformers)

Yes I know I'm throwing out an insanely powerful being that's around the size of several planets. Unicron could play in as one of the most powerful beings in Injustice series. At the same time he could be added in his own mode where a group of players could fight against beings like him. If they attempt to do Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with Galactus.

Just imagine how insane it would be to play as him. His supermove would be really epic & mind blowing. He could have a few moves bringing in some of the decepticons. Yes this could mean more big & powerful characters has to be added to help balance him out. Unicron would have some awesome lines too.

7. Negan (The Walking Dead)

I know I'm pushing it with this choice. Negan had one of the biggest armies within The Walking Dead. This guy has caused so much horrible things. In his mind everyone works for him with no real regard for his actions. In other words you can farm, build and stock up but it belongs to him. Just imagine winning the lottery then he show us.

Negan is one tough bastard that's willing to keep control. He had several areas under his command like a dictator. Not only I could imagine some awesome lines but they too could allow some cursing. Let's be honest Negan is anything but pleasant. He will screw you and your group over the moment he gets the opportunity.

Now how would that work for a fighting game? He could have moves with some members of it attacking. Negan obviously will be using his famous Lucille that's really wants to meet their faces. I would be really surprised the actor that plays Negan reprises his role to do him. Hell his supermove could be something completely unexpected at all.

6. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (Hellboy)

A dead man that serves a god like being. Karl is one of his most loyal servants willing to do anything. Not many undead characters are in Injustice series. Which makes this choice more perfect to bring up. Karl has a couple of weapons mostly two wrist blades. I could see a really awesome supermove with his master.

Just imagine customizing him how sick you could make him look. Karl would have sand bleeding out of him that helps make him stand out more. Some people that played Soulcalibur V with Ezio could love him in an Injustice game. They also could have him speech in Russian but quickly translate it like in Tekken series.

5. Bebop and Rocksteady (TMNT)

I mean come on it just wouldn't be right if I didn't bring Bebop and Rocksteady into this. Those tow are always around each other helping The Shredder & fighting the turtles. Two strong mutants with rememberable personalities. They could pull off Noob-Smoke from Mortal Kombat: Deception angle with them.

You can switch between the two with notable differences in their fighting styles. Customizing them could allow you to do both of them separately instead of together. Let's be honest doing them together yeah one of them would look great while the others looking much worse. Bebop and Rocksteady would bring so much for a future Injustice game.

4. The Darkness (Image)

Hell yeah one of the few Image comic book characters I really want to see in an Injustice game. The Darkness has one of the most powerful crime families with a secret long history of having a powerful artifact. This allows the user to become a being of darkness, summoning demons and virtually limitless power.

Yes most forms of light could take that power away. You could consider this as two versions of the same guy. Without his powers, he does have a lot of fire arms. Which I do believe he can stand out in his own right. His supermove could involve his artifact for something truly terrifying. There's a lot of possibilities how to bring Jackie into any Injustice game.

They could do him with powers that easily allows some great moves or do him without powers with some exceptions. Jackie's personalities could spice things up too. This guy already got two video games based on his comic book series. They could play one of those to help get an idea how to bring him in.

3. The Shredder (TMNT)

Yes The Shredder really needs to be in an future Injustice game. This guy is exactly what we need in a lot of ways. Just customizing him alone would be really mind blowing. The Shredder has mastered most fighting styles allowing him plenty of different ideas how they could do him. Hell just for his lines towards other characters is more than enough reason to bring him in.

The Shredder could have some of the Foot Clan in his attacks. His supermove could be him drinking mutagen to transform into Super Shredder. This guy brings a lot of potential & interesting ideas. The Shredder could also have the technodrome in one of his big moves. Really people we need him to be in one of these soon.

2. Judge Death (Judge Dredd)

OMG Judge Death would fit right in Injustice universe. They dealt with some horrible people but I doubt they could imagine someone worse than The Joker. Judge Death is the leader of the dark judges that wipe out all life in their universe. Their goal is to do the same in the entire multiverse. Judge Death will remind you of The Joker or Carnage from Marvel universe.

Some of his moves would be insane. I could see him possessing someone or do an intense scary combo. Judge Death would have a voice that puts chills down your spines. A character perfectly to replace Scarecrow if he doesn't return. Judge Death is responsible for one of the highest body counts in comic book history.

1. The Violator (Spawn)

I'm sure some of you already figured out whose number 1 on this list. The Violator whose Al Simmons' Nemesis. One of the most powerful, ancient demons. The oldest of five demons that's responsible for some unspeakable things. He could be the Lobo of a future Injustice game. Hell they could in his supermove have him transform mirroring his first fight with Spawn.

The Violator by himself brings so much stuff it's not funny. Just imagine how ridiculous customizing him would be. I know most people know him as the Clown. This guy is incredibly offensive to constantly surprise you in talking to other characters. Let's be honest you really don't know what he could do next.

Top 5 More Reasons Why Injustice 2 is better than Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I quickly came up with another five reasons why Injustice 2 is better than Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Why because the disappointment it gave me and many people it deserves a lot worse. I doubt I could make another follow up blog to this. At least by now you will be getting the point.

5. Robert Englund as Scarecrow

I got blown away by Scarecrow's reveal for this game. Close to the game's release, Robert Englund confirms he voiced Freddy in Mortal Kombat (2011). This guy played Freddy Krueger more than anybody. Both Freddy and Scarecrow are heavily about scaring people even it leads to their deaths.

When I found out Robert Endlund is voicing Scarecrow in this game. I almost fell out of my chair really not expecting that at all. I felt this was perfect in every possible way. I also noticed one of Freddy's lines from Freddy's Dead the Final Nightmare. The same scene that led to a real life lawsuit still made it to the game.

Scarecrow was already one of my favorite DC villains since my child hood. I did question at first how he would play in this. Until I seen game play footage, I got more excited. Customizing him is a rather unique experience in & of itself.

4. AI Battle Simulator

This is within multiplayer options. I haven't seen many things like this feature. You pick three characters to take on someone else's characters. You can speed up the fights to quickly get an achievements in minutes I'm not kidding.

This is also a test to see how well you did with gears on many characters. Of course all you can do is watch it go down. Just like fighting in most modes, you still get experience & credit from each match. It could also help give you an idea how you are suppose to play as some characters.

A very easy mode to get use to. AI Battle Simulator does exactly what it promises. You get to witness how well your levels & gears are in a AI vs. AI fight. Best out of two wins which is very likely to happen.

3. Some premiere skins are other characters

Believe it or not, Injustice 2 does have more playable characters than what many people realized. Some character's premiere skins like Captain Cold or Cheetah are actually different characters. Mr. Freeze, Black Lightning, Powergirl (Supergirl from another universe) and Vixen are playable in this game.

To play as them is probably one of my few complaints against the game. You have to get in game or buy 10,000 source crystals. Unfortunately when I said buying I meant you have to buy with real life money.

People are already upset with similar stuff in Mortal Kombat X. Every time you level up your player level. You will get some source crystals meaning getting them in game a lot slower. At least it won't cost me any money.

Also for some reason they placed them in shaders aka color themes. Considering there isn't a costume option for customizing your characters. I guess this was probably the best option. Yes these characters do have their own lines. The best part is since they cost as alternate versions of other characters. Your level as those characters are shared with them.

2. Guilds

Yes this mode does require online but you don't need to be a gold member to use it. You can join any of them just for an achievement. Over time as long you are still a member. Whatever mother boxes they get, you will get too.

This actually helps with getting more gear for your characters. This also allows you a break from the game to do other things. You do need to be a gold member to do guild stuff like battles & bosses. I can only describe it as how the game does.

During the loading screens, you do get a lot of hints about guilds. Some of it could apply to you while people like me not so much. The fact you can even join a guild is already impressive. This could help give you friends to play with in more games too.

1. More interactive levels

There is absolutely no excuse in why Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite fell really short in it's levels. Don't get me wrong it does have great artwork but I would rather have it done like Injustice 2. If we can't have things placed around the levels to attack or avoid your opponents.

All you have is straight up fighting them. A huge selling point from Injustice 1 is taking characters into another level. This by itself can spice up the game play after a long period of time. I bet many of you remember in some Marvel fighting games.

There were hidden sections to many levels that involve doing a particular move to be allowed to go there. Sadly you don't get that at all in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Also a lot of the animations in between moving from one level to another is amazing.

A handful of them are cameos of characters at the end of some. By doing this you or your opponent does a lot of damage greatly affecting the fight. One of my favorites has to be knocking an opponent into a fast train to get knocked into a bar.

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Soulcalibur series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, finally I get to talk about one of my favorite fighting franchises. Soulcalibur series are truly amazing weapon based fighting games. I did talk a little about Soul Edge in my Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off series. I always looking forward to the next major Soulcalibur game.

I am still excited we're getting Soulcalibur VI this year. I will review it when I can I promise. These games are mind blowing in the amount of content each one has. I would go as far to say just like Tekken series. They're superior to their original arcade counterparts. Although around Soulcalibur IV, they moved away from the arcades.

1. Soul Edge aka Soul Blade (1995-1997)

Soul Edge is the original entry in this legendary franchise. Not many fighting games at the time attempt weapon based combat. You get a solid roster of characters with a lot more in it's PlayStation port. Every character has an ending in that port as well like Tekken series on the same console. A great variety of weapons including so many for every characters.

A good number of modes to play with Weapon Master challenging your skills as a gamer. This game screams replayable value in every sense of the word. You can ring out your opponents in most levels. Although you also will be risking to get ring out yourself by attempting it. An amazing soundtrack for it's time.

Soul Edge still holds up today that quickly became a must have for PlayStation collectors. I know a lot of people still make the mistake of calling Soulcalibur the original. When in fact it was technically the second entry. Yes a little confusing I agree but not by much. A lot of my favorite characters are still present in majority of them.

2. Soulcalibur (1998-1999)

This is the game that got most into this great series. Often considered to be one of the greatest games ever made. Widely superior on Dreamcast being one of the few times on any Sega consoles to be better than the original arcade version. Sadly I never got to play that port but I know a great deal about it.

I got to play the arcade version in an mall several years ago. More recently I got to play it's Xbox 360 port that's also playable on Xbox One. You get a great roster of characters with plenty modes to play. Depending on which versions either by playing Weapon Master or in Xbox 360's case already have everything.

Soulcalibur is a very solid fighting game that will keep you busy for hours. I do agree this is better than Soul Edge. Not only it holds up incredibly well, I can still recommend it to people. Some of my favorite characters like Maxi gets introduced. This game is packed with so much content. Soulcalibur is easily just right for those not great at fighting games.

3. Soulcalibur II (2002-2003)

What most people feel about Dreamcast version of Soulcalibur 1. I feel towards Soulcalibur II since I really couldn't get enough of this game. I actually owned four versions not at the same time of it. At one point I had PS2, Xbox and Game Cube ports in my collection. Why does that even matter you are probably wondering?

Depending on which console port you are playing. You get an exclusive guest character with his own selection of weapons and level. Thankfully more recently for Soulcalibur II HD for Xbox 360 that's also playable on Xbox One. You can play as Heihachi Mishima & Spawn in the same version. Sadly Nintendo despite having their Game Cube port being the single best selling entry.

Absolutely doesn't want to go even further by having all three guest characters in Soulcalibur II. People wonder why I hold so much against this. I think you have a few ideas why by now. This has a great Weapon Master mode that played through several times. At one point I gotten every single achievement.

I should mention Necrid was exclusive to most home ports. He was created by Todd McFarlane aka the creator of Spawn. Considering Spawn is one of the guest characters that's awesome. Each guest character isn't present in the arcade version either. I do like each one brings something refreshing to this series.

Everything to me was a huge step up from Soulcalibur 1. I was really impressed how damn good this game is. Soulcalibur II was truly an amazing fighting game packed with hours of content. They also make rivalries more interesting. Some of my favorite endings are present here. For me this was the franchise at it's highest point.

4. Soulcalibur III (2005-2006)

Mostly exclusive to PlayStation 2 & got release prior to an alternate arcade version. Soulcalibur III adds customizing characters & creating them. I recently stated I prefer this franchise's over No Mercy on Nintendo 64. Now is the time to back up my claim. You get to change existing their clothes, add marks or tattoos and much more.

Creating characters can quickly become really addicting. Let's just say good bye to your social life lol. They give you a lot of great options bringing other franchise characters or your own original ones to life. They have a story mode for every character. They also added press the button moments during some moments including endings.

Soulcalibur III also has Chronicles of the Sword. This will take hours to get far with difficulty spiking. Unfortunately there also exists a glitch that will cause you to delete your save. Thankfully it is confirmed to come from that mode. Which means you can avoid the glitch altogether just by not playing it.

Earlier I stated this predates it's arcade counterpart. They changed it to have three possible final bosses. You can only play as two of them in PS2 version as hidden characters. You can fight Night Terror but the method for doing so is very frustrating. I highly recommend not going for it unless you are a fan of Nightmare like me.

5. Soulcalibur IV (2008)

Soulcalibur IV has three guest characters from Star Wars. Depending on owning which version, the other main guest character you have to buy for. This means if you own PS3 version, you have to buy for Yoda or in vice versa owning Xbox 360 version you have to buy Darth Vader. Prior to Star Wars: Unleashed series, Starkiller was named The Apprentice.

You do have an Star Wars level to help tie them in. I also like depending on which version. There is a particular part in the opening showcasing them. Similar to what they did for Soulcalibur II with their guest characters. They heavily expanded customizing characters & creating them. Easily the best feature of this game.

Sadly this also has the worst arcade mode experience. It is fine up til facing any three Star Wars characters. WOW the difficulty goes up too much even on it's easiest difficulty. I usually give up after attempting for hours. I have beaten arcade mode a few times after being really piss off. Story mode is very short for each character.

At the same time that to me is what arcade mode should've been like. There is a new mode called Towers of Lost Souls that will quickly challenge you. Actually there's two versions of it that I got to explain. Ascending does have a set number of levels with great stuff to unlock. Descending is basically infinite in levels more meant to challenge your skills at the game.

I will say they did an amazing job bringing in these Star Wars characters. Now I think about it, there actually exists an Famicom Star Wars game by them. Although it wasn't great, they did redeem themselves. I would say a solid entry with some major flaws but a great online fighting game. Unlike previous entries, you can take other players on online.

6. Soulcalibur V (2012)

I got to be honest Soulcalibur V is a good game. It just isn't a great game for a lot of great reasons. Story mode this time is one long mode. The difficulty does spike often especially later on. Technically there is two guest characters. You have to create Devil Jin including his fighting style from Tekken series.

The other guest character should be obvious by the picture above. Ezio from Assassin's Creed series ends up being a nice addition. You can play several routes in arcade mode greatly affecting many things. They even made one for leader boards but you must be a gold member on Xbox 360 to do it. Arcade game is actually the shortest of the series of a handful of levels.

Sadly the dlc character is from an alternate portable port of Soulcalibur IV that isn't good. Compared for Yoda or Darth Vader in the previous entry. Buying him is a waste of money, I recommend you skip him altogether. They really made customizing characters & creating them even more fun this time around.

A nice roster of characters with some great new characters. A lot of great levels with some twists. A true test of your gaming skills is Legendary Souls. You have to defeat seven particular opponents for some great stuff. Like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, no one has endings in arcade mode. What I say should be obvious to many.

They did improve the arcade mode but lacking endings is a huge turn off. They finally give us a long story mode but I still prefer story mode of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite over it. What I really prefer is fighting games that has both arcade and story mode. The kind of story mode for every character instead of one big story mode.

I said it once and I'll say it again if they can't pull off one big story mode like Injustice series. Then just give me every character has their own story instead. Maybe giving us endings for arcade mode might help. In most modes of play the difficulty spikes just fine. I would say it is easier to play as Ezio than any of the Star Wars characters. Not a bad entry but I do expect a lot more out of it.

Now it's time to rank all the Soulcalibur games from worst to best
6. Soulcalibur V
5. Soulcalibur IV
4. Soulcalibur III
3. Soul Edge
2. Soulcalibur
1. Soulcalibur II

Devil May Cry series review

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I get to talk about Capcom's Devil May Cry series. Recently I stated my best reasons why I prefer it over God of War series. Now I think it's time to give each game their own review. I will cover the new Devil May Cry game coming out this year at a later time. I also will be reviewing the anime since it is canon to the original game time line.

1. Devil May Cry (2001)

Originally was going to be an Resident Evil game. Instead of canceling it, they chose to go into a different direction. Which led to this becoming the original Devil May Cry. This has the fewest difficulties of the entire series. Unlike later entries, you have to stick with one save & difficulty. Some of my favorite bosses are in this game.

You only play as Dante although you could be Sparda with some differences. Some of my favorite cut scenes are present in this Capcom classic. Devil May Cry is a solid hack & slash that will keep you busy for hours. Sadly in DMC HD Collection, they didn't fully increase the screen ratio for cut scenes.

Devil May Cry does have many things over it's competitors. Easily one of the best soundtracks in the franchise. This game blew so many people away at the time of it's original release. You can still tell what was going to be Resident Evil just by the first cut scene with Trish. Technically this was the original RE4 we gotten before the actual one.

2. Devil May Cry 2 (2003)

Unfortunately I have a lot more negative things to say about Devil May Cry 2. Capcom decided to get another team not familiar with the original to work on this game. OMG I still can't believe how bad it actually is. I understand just Twisted Metal III, a lot of people like this game. Although I really don't understand why.

For starters you get two discs for both main playable characters. Capcom has done this before with Resident Evil 2. A much better sequel a few years earlier. The huge difference is it made perfect sense why Resident Evil 2 was a two disc game. Both discs shared most of the same content just having two scenarios of those characters.

This was PlayStation's way of going beyond it's limits. Which Squaresoft now Square Enix did with Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX on the same console having more discs. In Devil May Cry 2's case, it should've been all on one disc. If you look at both DMC3 & 4's Special Edition. All of it is on one disc so why not DMC2?

Let's go a step further due to this issue in DMC HD Collection. You already had to restart your console to be able to select another game. But DMC2's two discs makes that more annoying. Although I still really like that compilation a lot. Everything is so bad that I don't think it could've gone even lower I'm not kidding.

Bloody Palace mode as stated in another blog to have 9,999 levels with no end. There isn't a single good boss fight in the entire game. This game's boss rush is actually one of the worst I have ever seen. It is even worse on Must Die difficulty since they're all trying to attack you at once. On easier difficulties depending where you stand.

You could be fighting one or two of them at the same time. This difficulty says screw that let's mess up the player. They reversed some of the basic controls that also can be frustrating. Firing your weapons does way too much damage yet fighting up close doing so little. Am I missing something here or what?

Devil May Cry 2 has two campaigns with Lucia's being a lot shorter. She is in my opinion the worst playable character in any DMC game. She makes even easy levels a lot tougher than they need to be. In fact if it weren't for Trish being one of those costume characters. I don't think I could beaten the game at all.

This has the worst Dante in anything DMC I have ever seen. Everything about one of my favorite characters flat out sucks in this game. This also has one of the worst video game stories I have ever seen. The graphics looks just as bad as bad PS1 games. Not even the music is going to help with this experience.

3. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (2005 & 2006 as Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition)
For me I always enjoy the hell out of Devil May Cry 3. Originally you only had Dante to play as. Thankfully with DMC3 Special Edition you can also play as his brother Vergil. Such an unique experience to play the campaign on many difficulties and Bloody Palace as both characters. As Vergil you don't have any cut scenes in game making his runs a lot faster.

A lot of great costumes with some greatly affecting the game play. Some of my favorite boss fights are present in this game. Easily the best soundtrack of the series in my opinion. Everything about this game did a lot more than made up for DMC2. This game is considered by many as one of the most difficult games ever made.

Devil May Cry 3 has some of my favorite moments in the franchise. A lot of great stuff that does make it to later games. This is the best prequel game along with Metal Gear Solid 3 and Resident Evil 0 I ever played. Everything imaginable is really spot on. I am still impressed how damn good this game is.

4. Devil May Cry anime (2007)

Devil May Cry anime was under contract to have only twelve episodes. Obviously Street Fighter has most of the anime's attention. When I heard about this anime, I was excited. This is a solid entry into a great franchise. This is one of my favorite twelve episode animes I ever watched. This took so many things I like about the games.

I am still impressed how good everything was done. For a licence video game anime my expectations were quickly blown. Devil May Cry anime also does a good job fitting in the game time line. Just like those CGI Resident Evil movies. Don't worry I will be reviewing those movies very soon I promise. This is one of the highest points for this franchise.

5. Devil May Cry 4 (2008 & 2015 as Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition)

The original Devil May Cry 4 version to me felt like it needed more. I'm not saying I wasn't impressed or being bad or anything like that. It just felt like it could've had more to entertain me. I do like Nero whose actually Dante's nephew yes it is confirmed folks. Dante is only playable in a couple of levels in their campaign.

Both of them get a lot of costumes & attempt Bloody Palace that got greatly reduced in levels amount. Some of my favorite puzzles are present in this game. Personally I really prefer Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. You get three new characters to play with. Trish plays very differently from her DMC2 appearance.

Lady & Trish's campaign mirrors Dante & Nero's with a few changes near the end. Vergil gets the entire campaign to himself. You get a lot of weapons & moves this time around to play. This version felt like how I really wanted to feel towards the original DMC4. For me this felt like the perfect version.

It does suck I have to buy for two costumes for Lady & Trish. But playing as each character feels like a different experience. Similar to fighting games in that particular way. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition also has all process between five characters on one save. Yes you can not only switch difficulties, you also can switch characters too.

Originally in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, you had to do two saves for Dante & Vergil respectively. I hope a newer version does fix that problem. Even if it doesn't I still love that game with an passion. I feel the same way about this version of DMC4. This was a great updated version that stands as one of my personal favorite among video games.

6. DmC: Devil May Cry (2012 & 2015 as DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition)

A lot of mixed reactions to this reboot. A different team with help from Capcom. I know just by that people would lose it because of DMC2. Trust me when I say before playing it, I did feel that way. After playing it for a while, I quickly realized it was a solid DMC game in it's own right. Yes some things here & there I could criticize. End of the day this is in it's own universe.

DmC got an updated version for PS4 and Xbox One called DmC: Devil May Cry Defininite Edition. This not only improves a lot of things from technical. They also give you all the discs right off the bat. A few added extras does help spice up the experience. This is the best version of DmC for sure. I would say this is a lot better than what most are willing to confess.

I still prefer 1, 3 and 4 over this. Even the anime has things I like more than this. I will say it is a lot better than DMC2. I know a lot of people would say this is the worst. The truth is this at least tried to be more like the other games despite being in a new time line. I did felt a lot of things done differently will remind you of those games.

Yes most boss fights are done very differently from DMC series. However I did enjoy a lot of them even those with parts not exactly clear at first. Upgrading Dante is a lot of fun but I still prefer the dlc campaign with Vergil. To me this felt more like what I wanted from this game. Maybe that's just my reaction who really knows.

Yes you can play as Vergil taking place right after beating the game with Dante. You get to fight a hollow Vergil. It looks like Capcom just ripped off Bleach lol. This game felt like Samurai Jack in terms of being an American anime that so happens to be a game. Personally I would rather watch Samurai Jack than playing this.

This game has a lot of potential that may never get another entry. I will say for the record yes I'm not too much into this Dante. He is still way better than DMC2's. I am surprised by some of the cut scenes. I mean a sex scene is in the game wow. When this game become God of War lol jk. Honestly this is a great reboot for what it is. I still prefer playing the other DMC games more not bad.

Now it's time to rank them from worst to best
6. Devil May Cry 2
5. DmC
4. Devil May Cry anime
3. Devil May Cry
2. Devil May Cry 4
1. Devil May Cry 3

Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off #17 Banjo-Tooie vs. Crash 2 and 3

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, holy crap I'm going over board with this one. I just covered Banjo-Kazooie vs. Crash Bandicoot. Which by itself was tough but it has absolutely nothing on this next one. I am going to put Banjo-Tooie vs. both Crash 2 & 3 in a face off to determine which platformer sequel was better.

Banjo-Tooie still stands as one of Rare's greatest games ever made. Featuring massively worlds filled with content. A game like this you wouldn't even believe exists on Nintendo 64. Usually similar in size games are mostly found on PlayStation. This greatly differs in many ways from the previous game.

Both Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 are still among the finest PlayStation sequels ever made. Both of them greatly improved over the original in many ways. Hell I'll just say it both of them are the real reason I want the newest version. A lot of levels with some of the best bosses of the franchise. Crash 3 really pushed the limits in what they could do.

WOW this is going to be a nail biter for sure. Banjo-Tooie has two magic characters that transforms you into all kind of stuff. Most moves from the original are already present with plenty of new ones. All three of these games has a lot of unique stuff to cover. Crash has more variety of levels to test your gaming skills.

Banjo-Tooie has much bigger levels taking more time to fully 100% than doing the same to Crash 2 & 3. Thankfully after finding pads placed around each level. You can teleport through out them making traveling easier. Back tracking is sorta more difficult in Crash series. You have to find secret exists to go to an previous level to get a particular collectible.

Let's be honest I highly recommend watching a good series of videos or reading a great guide. These games are packed with a lot of stuff to easily miss out on all the collectibles. Which does affect the endings if you want the true ending that is? All three of these games are mind blowing for their time & consoles.

Once again voice acting is perfect in Crash series. I will say Banjo-Tooie made it less annoying to listen to this time around. I rather just read the texts instead. Can I be more honest has anyone played Donkey Kong 64? I felt how they went about animal sounds was better than Banjo series. Yes I just stated that sue me.

They really didn't hold back on those death animations in Crash 2 and 3. Some of them are hilarious for their time. All of them does a better job with keeping your process after losing your lives. You could cheat in Banjo-Tooie but the results are the same as Banjo-Kazooie. In other words just don't do it.

The controls are perfect for all three of them. Banjo-Tooie does have tougher bosses & you can quickly get confuse what to do or where the go. You may have that problem for 100% Crash 2 and 3 but mostly straight forward games. They really make going for the collectibles a lot of fun. Some of them can challenging requiring a lot of practice or just luck in general.

WOW this is going to be a lot harder than the previous entry in this series. I have to say I have to go with Crash 2 and 3. I felt the worlds in Banjo-Kazooie had the perfect size for each one. I couldn't shake being over whelmed by the insane size of them in Banjo-Tooie. Technically you have a lot more to memorize to beat it in the long run.

You got tougher bosses with a very difficult final boss. Widely known as one of the absolute toughest video game bosses in history I'm not kidding. I do prefer both Crash 2 and 3's soundtracks over Banjo-Tooie's. You really can't compete against those amazing voice acting in Crash series. Although a little more confusing for attempting 100% runs.

It turns out to be easier to follow & more fun. Also Crash 3 has more interesting variety of levels. There are motorcycle racing, flying, riding on animals and a few others. Better overall sound effects with plenty of great death animations. Easier to track your overall process. I have to give the win to both Crash 2 and 3.

Winner: Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 on PlayStation

Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off #16 Banjo-Kazooie vs. Crash Bandicoot

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time to take on a very difficult platformer face off. At the time Crash Bandicoot series & Banjo series blew many people away. I briefly was around a copy of Banjo-Kazooie as a kid. More recently I got it with Rare Replay a few years ago. I also was briefly around Crash Bandicoot at someone's house.

Banjo-Kazooie is considered by many to be better than Super Mario 64. One of Rare's greatest games ever made. This game had a lot of depth within it's now legendary game play. Banjo-Kazooie will test you as a gamer in many ways. Easily one of the greatest N64 soundtracks you will ever hear. I really can't say enough good things about it.

Crash Bandicoot was made by Naughty Dog whose responsible for many great series. It was a rare opportunity for movie companies to get involve with game series. Some of those also includes Spyro since Universal was backing both franchises at the time. Crash Bandicoot added a lot of new stuff not known in platformers at the time.

Similar to some discs of Namco Museum on PlayStation. I didn't get to play Crash Bandicoot but I did play the rest of them on the same console. I am judging it based on what I do know of it. I am also aware both do have newer ports on Xbox One & PS4 respectively. I hope I can make the Crash fans happy.

I think it is obvious why I'm putting these two platformers against each other. Both has humanoid animals saving the world. Both games had a surprise level of depth within their game play. Two difficult games to fully 100% complete that's still fun watching people attempting. I already knew I have so much to cover for just this one.

Banjo-Kazooie does technically have two playable characters. Banjo is moving a lot more often as well as jumping. Kazooie can fire eggs, fly, do high jumps and briefly become invincible. You also gain moves over time by collecting stuff. By collecting jiggies you can unlock levels. Each level is huge like their own worlds.

You have to leave the same world you came in. A couple of bosses with some you could do again if you choose to. As stated before Banjo-Kazooie has a great soundtrack that still holds up today. Crash Bandicoot is rather unusual in it's own way. Some sections has you running towards the screen. Which still isn't common among many platformers.

Unlike Banjo-Kazooie, Crash can die in one hit unless he has Aku Aku. By getting him three times without getting health makes Crash briefly invincible. You can increase your overall health in Banjo--Kazooie by collecting honey comb pieces. I am not going to lie to fully 100% both games. There is a lot of back tracking involve.

Some of it can be tedious while later on you can get some stuff much easier. A good variety of levels within both games. Yes there's more levels in Crash Bandicoot since they're much shorter in length. I felt not to piss off Rare fans that the bosses are better in Crash Bandicoot. They all play very differently from each other.

Voice acting is kinda no contest. I could respect actual people trying to sound like animals in Banjo-Kazooie. But this also implies to those not being animals like the witches. After a while hearing them talk can hurt your ears. The cast for Crash Bandicoot is very good in every sense of the world. It is true Crash barely says any words except some deaths in game.

Also they were more creative about dying in Crash Bandicoot. When we get to check points this is an easy win for Banjo-Kazooie. From Crash Bandicoot 2 to up doesn't share this flaw. You have to beat the level but if you run out of lives. You restart the level losing all of your process. Although parts of this is true for Banjo-Kazooie.

I still maintain a lot of stuff I gotten during those levels. Therefore I don't have to start from scratch after losing all my lives. Crash Bandicoot also has an amazing soundtrack but I still prefer Banjo-Kazooie's. For me the levels are simply done better, more for the playable characters to do and more interesting secrets

For example you can unlock a secret mini game hidden in Banjo's house. You also can unlock short cuts to get to several areas a lot faster. You could cheat but doing so will prevent you from saving. Actually doing it on the newer version completely removes you forever from the leader boards. Crash Bandicoot is a solid experience for what it is.

Winner: Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo 64