Saturday, November 4, 2017

Why I Don't Like The Mist Show

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I recently took down a poor blog of mine about The Mist. I felt with the sheer disappointment that is The Mist show. I deserve to be rip apart for so many reasons. This show is one of the absolute worst Stephen King adaptations I have ever seen. A few months ago, Spike canceled the show after one season. What's amazing is even with episode 1, the ratings were very low. This show to me is a major insult to the short story and King himself.

Let's be honest this show had high expectations. Most people already watched The Mist movie several times. Even King stated along with The Shawhawk Redemption & Stand By Me to be one of his favorite adaptations of his work. We already got a very good take on that short story. How could they possibly turn that into a show?

For comic books there's plenty of things to work with. But they had to make a show based on a short story. Which was close to a hundred pages. It would be different if they took an actual Stephen King book. Keep in mind, several channels had similar shows that were doing much better. Let's be honest I wouldn't even call this a poor man's Walking Dad.

If you never heard of The Mist I will explain it to you. The story centers around a group of people trapped inside a supermarket. Most of the outside is covered in a strange mist with mysterious creatures. This story plays on paranoia, the fear of the unknown and luck. You find out a lot of things later in the story.

To sum it, there is a strong possibility this story could've inspired Konami's Silent Hill series. A good amount of the story centers around a family dealing with a lot of things. The Mist show almost completely ruined the family in a way I honestly was hoping they would die. The only one I like right off the bat is their dad.

The mom has a history the show quickly throws in your face. They made her too much of a bitch almost like being on The Maury Show or Jerry Springer Show. Their daughter is honestly one of the most useless characters I ever seen in a show. She does lie a few times & doesn't hold the truth very well. Oh get this the boy she's into, turns out to be her half brother. Now isn't that disgusting!!!

No sharp shooter was introduced, instead make way for a soldier & a thief. You find out later that guy is actually the one responsible for this. Due to being canceled, we will never know what exactly he has done. As for the thief, she lies & really doesn't hide her dishonesty. Yet they had the balls to put those two into a complex relationship.

This show also has the crazy church lady. The movie nailed her character perfectly. I really can't say the same about the show version. Early on she loses the will to live on until going into the mist. Very quickly took over the people from the church. Yet she chose to burn those that didn't want to go. This version of her isn't sure of what she is doing. In fact in parts she believes to know what could happen. It almost comes off laughable like a terrible joke that suddenly gets a room full of people laughing.

Instead of being in mostly one place. The show forces us to keep up with groups in several places. Only their dad's group is constantly moving from location to location. Half the family is staying in the mall that led to some unpleasant moments. I already talked about the crazy church lady's story. I felt keeping it mostly one with parts of another group would've work a little better. Sadly the way they chose to tell the story is really thrown in your face like you're suppose to understand everything.

I'll tell you what really doesn't help things. They quickly threw something supposedly happened to their daughter. A very good amount of the show centers around a lie. The truth is her friend secretly loved her & he drugged her to do the nasty. Oh ok so not unnecessary to have in a horror show. This kid has done some horrible things.

I know I'm talking about everything but the mist itself. There is so much to cover in one blog indeed. In the original short story & movie, creatures from another universe is roaming in ours. This led to some disturbing moments worthy of a Stephen King story. OMG how the hell did the show version ruined it so bad?

The actual mist looks too much like a fog. In fact I would go as far to say The Fog remake's fog looks better. Even Silent Hill: Revelation is better & that movie sucks too. You wouldn't believe how they change the dangers of it? Would you ever frickin guess it works almost like DC's Scarecrow fear toxins. I am not kidding, the longer you're in the mist the worse it's effects will be on you.

This mist recreates your worst fears as well as bring out the worst in person. In other words this thing knows you better than you know yourself. How the bloody hell is that even possible? At one point, the mist recreated the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I really wish I was kidding sadly I'm not. The acting overall is way below par from other okay shows I seen in the last five years.

What's hard to believe is this show came ten years after the movie version. You would think they could've given us some great material. By now some of you probably heard the strong dislike of this show. This went too far away from the source material as possible. This is more like a Silent Hill show than anything else.

You won't see the family together for long in the entire show. Now that's just poor writing for a horror show. It would be different if some powerful being were keeping them a part or another end of the world scenario. I believe you know the one zombies I mean come on that's more exciting than this. They did state they wanted to highlight the drama & how some things play out.

The mist itself wasn't even a major focus of the original short story & movie. You can tell they forced it in like I'm here. You know that annoying person you see in school you can't get away from. They over usage of the mist itself is a huge offense in & off itself. Even Fear the Walking Dead season 3 is doing much better from it's previous two seasons.

You can tell by episode 8, they were trying to force out crazy scenarios. Such as turning everybody else against a family over a lie. Seriously a lie shouldn't play this much of a role. The series finale episode has some of the absolute worst moments I ever seen in a show. A great example of this was the dad goes out of his way to drive on purpose into doors for the mall.

This cause everyone inside the mall to be killed by the mist. Really was this necessary guys because they could've just left. What should've happened is a group of bandits going into a map slaughtering everyone. Almost like a particular part of the original Dawn of the Dead. A much better horror movie I rather be watching over this crap.

This show is so bad that you already know which version I would really recommend. A comparison that's too one sided like comparing The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts to the Telltale Walking Dead games. This is one of the most boring shows I have ever seen. I really can't name a single thing I like. Everything about this show is done so poorly that I wish Stephen King would do something.

Does anyone remember the mini series based on The Shining. Maybe not a master piece but way more faithful to the source material. I do recommend that over this any day. Honestly I could continue to bash this show. There really should be a limit of how bad or faithfulness to it's source material. Clearly this show failed both ways.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition review

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a few weeks ago I bought some great Batman stuff on Steam. I will give a quick run down what I bought before moving to today's review. At the time of this game is only five dollars each. I paid Steam twenty bucks on all of this.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition
2. Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition
3. Season Pass for Batman: Arkham Origins
4. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition

Prior to this purchase, I haven't played any spin off games of Arkham series. I always been curious about Arkham Origins Blackgate for a few years. This port is on many platforms with some faring better than others. Some would consider the PC port to be the worst. I can only judge it on what I played.

Everybody knows by now another team made Batman: Arkham Origins. Most spin off Arkham games are made by a few teams including the same one behind Mortal Kombat & Injustice series. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is considered canon to the time line. Therefore I must talk about it on my blog.

This is a sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins following some time after it's Cold, Cold Heart dlc. Yes some game play mechanics remain. You can move around in vents like the main games. You can fight the bad guys & famous Batman villains. You can use gadgets similar to those games. You can hack machines similar to them.

This does have the same cast as Batman: Arkham Origins with Nolan North reprising The Penguin. Surprisingly this is a very different experience from the main Arkham games. 2.5D instead of 3D style games similar to a particular dlc challenge map with Black Mask in Arkham City. Some gadget upgrades has other gadgets combine together. Obviously these gadgets would be separate.

Each Arkham game has a different hack system. In this game you quickly find the correct three digit codes. There's a few versions of these you must deal with through out the game. Instead of having an experience system like in main Arkham games. You have to find your gadgets, their upgrades, attack upgrades & armor upgrades.

Unlike most Arkham games, this one is more like games similar to Metroid & Castlevania series. You have three main sections of Blackgate. Regularly the main Arkham games has one large map filled with locations & secrets. In this game, the size of just one of those sections is very large. Also the map doesn't change when you need it to. Which makes going for upgrades & detective cases frustrating.

Let me to explain, in most main Arkham games. As stated before the main map is filled with locations. Some locations has their own maps inside them. They made it easier to tell where on the map to go. Mostly due to having pieces of the map covering several areas. They have it automatically showing up depending where on the map you are.

Sadly following some areas in those three sections is confusing. In some areas you are going left or right. But upon looking on the map you are going in the opposite direction. These maps doesn't change at all if you are going beneath or above. A few areas goes into another section. You have to find two particular routes to fight The Joker & The Penguin respectively.

Lucky that path for The Penguin is much easier to remember. You can quickly get loss trying to find the secret route to The Joker boss fight. I kid you not this could take a little longer than you probably expecting. Along with finding gadgets & upgrades. You also have to find pieces of several detective cases.

You also can find pieces of several batsuits. Unlike most Arkham games, each batsuit has abilities. For example Blackest Night batsuit makes you invincible. You have to defeat The Joker, The Penguin or Black Mask last for several things. Unlike most Arkham games, there's three different endings. Each also comes up with a extra scene at the end of the game.

This also determines what will happen after finding out the truth behind Catwoman. If you defeated The Joker last, you must go to five areas to disarm a powerful bomb inside a giant birthday gift. If you defeated The Penguin, each hostage will be close to the same heavy gunners during his boss fight. You must rescue the hostages under a strict small time limit.

If you defeated Black Mask last, you have to disarm the bombs similar to saving the warden. In my opinion this was the most difficult out of the three. To my surprise The Joker had the easiest out of the three. Usually you expect The Joker to be the most difficult since he's Batman's nemesis. Catwoman will also give you a piece of three particular batsuits.

Along with Blackest Night batsuit, Dark Knight Returns batsuit also gives you invincibility. Either way to fully experience the game you have to beat it three times. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate drops the ball on the combat. Granted it was okay for Batman: Arkham Asylum. This felt like they wanted a 3D beat em up but given us a confused 25.D game instead.

The controls plays a huge part in enjoying this legendary game series. I couldn't stop noticing some times the controls doesn't work fast enough or not at all. Mostly notable in combat since this game doesn't follow parts of the rules. A great example of this is attacking opponents wielding blades & electric rods with a few bad guys.

You have to stun him the correct way or your attacks doesn't work. Usually in the main Arkham series, if you failed you have to try again. In this game you can keep attacking them. Most bosses are very strict than I would like them to be. In a sense you get two different boss fights with him. The first one you are only fighting his henchmen while he's throwing grenades & firing at you.

The actual Black Mask fight is very simple once you figured it out. If you attempt directly fight him or you do something wrong. You are very likely to die with no way to escape. What you are suppose to do is throw a batarang to the alarm on his right. Then quickly destroy a light closest to you. Quickly go behind the cover on the ground to the right.

Finally throw another batarang to the left quickly go back beneath. Very quickly get right beneath him, wait for the option to take down & that's it. This is more like many boss fights in Arkham Knight. The Joker boss fights in this particular series isn't great overall. This has the easiest Joker boss fight that's even easier than his Arkham Asylum or Arkham Origins boss fights.

You must use line launcher often with The Joker across from you. This is strict on when to use your line launcher. If you use it at the wrong time, The Joker hits you on the spot. Later in the boss fight, he will be running towards you often. The Penguin is one of the toughest bosses in the entire game. I would go as far to say his best in the series.

You have to worry about heavy gunners & drones. This is felt with so many trivial & errors. You can't directly attack those heavy gunners. You have to wait for them to move away from you at a good distance. You can use batclaw on their backs to take them down. You can't attack them in any other way.

Out of all the henchmen in the game, those guys are the most on top of what you are doing. If you get close to The Penguin the wrong way. He will keep knocking you back with several shotgun blasts. What you have to do is get those gunners away from him. You must go up to the middle top area then work your way to the ledge there. You must drop on him then attack The Penguin according to the button commands.

Bronze Tiger fights similar to Catwoman in two of her boss fights. Thankfully he is easy to memorize. Yes it is strict what to do but you will quickly notice what to do. Solomon Grundy has the best boss fight of the entire game. He will keep charging at you often. You have to attack him by using machines & timing just right to do damage to him. This game is very strict nailing it unless you have the other method. Believe it or not, only his boss fight has two different ways to win.

This other method involves you finding the shock batarang upgrade. Then work your way to this boss fight. Make sure you analyze the water in the middle of this long area. All you have to do after this boss fights starts is go to that area. Wait for Grundy to run into the water then throw a shock batarang at him. You can quickly do a combo to knock him out. You only have to do this once to win.

In comparison of using three similar machines & wires to defeat Grundy. Deadshot ends up being the easiest boss in the game. You have to keep avoid his shoots often. There is a particular area you can't avoid those shoots at all. You quickly take out a light to stun him then quickly use a line launcher. Yes it's that easy even a caveman can do it.

Of course anyone would agree the final boss is the single worst part of the entire game. You will be fighting Catwoman in three different phrases. The first phrase is very similar to her first boss fight & Bronze Tiger's. Her second phrase is strict on countering & doing combos. You have to pay attention to a particular sound & her googles. You can take a lot of damage during this phrase.

Her final phrase is even worse since you have to pay attention to the real Catwoman attacking you. A few fakes just quickly in front of you then jump away. The real her will quickly attack you. This is the worst point of countering the attacks. It is painfully strict since if you attack too early, the real one gets a hit.

These hits do even more damage than her last phrase. If you counter at the wrong time, you won't be able to do anything when she attacks. Almost the same as attacking at the wrong time. You have to counter several times in a row then deliver a combo to her. You have to do this twice to beat the game. OMG I really don't like this final boss fight.

You will get loss often in this game even in multiple playthroughs. Although you can take out any of the big three out in any order. Believe it or not, this doesn't affect the game that much. Some areas will have bad guys waiting for you. It doesn't matter where in the campaign or you are attempting to get an 100% completion. They will be in many areas waiting to fight you.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate does have some interesting things going for it. I felt with more time & a better team would've made this port even better. In it's current state it would be the worst Arkham game I have ever played. Thank god it isn't as bad as Batman Forever on Sega Genesis. This game does some things right while others wrong.

I really can't recommend this Batman game to fellow bat fans. This game couldn't be as close as great as the main Arkham games. I can't believe this version gets a lot of hate with some of it yeah I agree. I felt there are worse Batman games in existence. I will say it was a little better than what I expected.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #17 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this week I take a look at something that some people do like to a degree. We all do agree it's not better than the original. I am talking about Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. The Blair Witch Project is a documentary about a legend surrounding a dead witch. This takes place in Maryland which isn't common among horror movies.

The original movie was a low budget movie that got a lot of people's attention. It felt realistic with real paranoid around something that isn't exactly there. Everything about this movie was a start of a new genre of horror movies. I been somewhat close to the location these movies centers around. Most people aren't allowed much closer to the place without getting into trouble with the police.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is clearly a cash in sequel. Oh boy the number of those will never stop coming. Obviously this is more what you expect from similar movies. Therefore it doesn't do enough to stand out on it's own. This movie quickly becomes confusing yet predictable to a degree. At least with The Blair Witch Project, the pacing especially at the end was better than this movie.

A part of the plot is similar to the original, a small group of people are doing research. They bring their papers, cameras and technology to the location in question. Sadly this is where these movies becomes more different from each other. The Blair Witch Project felt more realistic with fear showing through. It felt more believable about of these movies.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 centers more on random stuff happening. There are some clues including footage with none of them remembering any of it. Not even the book this movie is named after becomes important. I bet they couldn't come up with a better name or they were rushing this movie out. Regardless no body stands out in this movie at all.

I seen some ghost movies before & after it. This movie is right in the middle being mostly forgettable. This movie is more about ripping off Evil Dead than The Blair Witch Project. Please allow me to explain myself. Both Evil Dead movies & Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 involves a supernatural book. Among reading from it brings a powerful force after them.

There are parts in these movies where some things you see are meant to screw with you as well as for them. Hell the first two Evil Dead movies took place mostly in one location. There is no way this isn't not ripping off Evil Dead series. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 talks very little about the original movie. Considering the impact of it, I believe doing it in a better, longer way would've helped.

I usually don't comment on movie covers but I really don't like this movie's cover. This movie was playing on cheap tricks to try fooling you. Maybe just enough to get you to scream if you don't explain what's going on. In the horror movie industry this can be a good & bad thing. A good thing would be a movie way more rewatchable due to how intense & unforgettable the scenes are.

A bad take of doing things like that is you quickly frustrate your viewers. Possibly turn more people off than on is never a good thing. Yes you should gross people out but to take away the best parts or simply doing it all wrong. You know it isn't worth talking about especially for a cash in sequel. Even after you watch a trailer of the first two movies. You quickly noticed they're too different from each other.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 does exactly nothing for this franchise. In fact I heard better things about the new one. Just do yourselves a favor and pretend Book of Shadows doesn't exist. Trust me it will make you a lot happier in the long run. I honestly can't say a single thing I do like about it. The closest thing would be the goth chick but that's it.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Horror Anthology Show Face Off #1 Tales from the Crypt vs. American Horror Story

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, not many people know this about me. I actually do enjoy horror anthology shows & movies. Honestly there's many horror anthology shows out there. Some of which still held up today. I grew up loving Tales from the Crypt. Most episodes are based on horror comic books. The closest show I seen to it is American Horror Story. I know many people will agree to disagree. I felt having some major things in common. This is the perfect one to kick off this new blog series. I won't be doing this very often.

Tales from the Crypt show inspired a few shows & movies. Itself was very different from Tales from the Crypt movie & it's follow up The Vault of Horror. To me this has the best horror host ever. The Crypt Keeper is very entertaining to watch. As stated before most episodes are based on horror comic books. The very last episode is a twisted retelling of the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs.

American Horror Story does take a lot of facts & fictions. Some of what you're seeing either did happen a long time ago or real life legends. By having them adds more fear knowing some of it did happen in real life. Of course they can change up how they see fit. You could say to some degree it sorta reminds you of Tales from the Crypt.

Very quickly I should explain why I must do this blog. Both shows are allowed full blood & gore as well as showing more of their sex scenes. Although American Horror Story got censored to some degree on TV. Most DVD releases are uncensored showing very tough stuff to swallow. I am bringing this up because HBO stoke a deal with the Tales from the Crypt show.

They allowed everything to be shown in their original airing. Even now many horror shows are that lucky. Another thing they have in common is yes both of them are horror anthology shows. Tales from the Crypt really stood up their game in the early 90s. Unlike most horror anthology shows, American Horror Story has each season being like another show.

They do bring things in to help give you an idea how it connects together. Tales from the Crypt stories are all stand alone. I should mention at the very end of a particular episode, you get to see a baby Crypt Keeper. Both did stories on voodoo, circuses, asylums, ghosts, vampires and a few more. Both shows to some degree does have some dark humor.

Both shows has a lot of cursing making it more realistic & believable. A lot of ways people die does happen on both shows. American Horror Story has some true stories they built upon for their show. Everything you see in Tales from the Crypt is fictional. Some actors on Tales from the Crypt has did a few roles. This is way more common in American Horror Story with most of the cast.

Let's be honest there really isn't anything as close as good as these two. They give us two very great takes of horror anthology shows. I don't even need to mention their fan bases are constantly growing at a fast. Each season of American Horror Story is more different than the last. Most episodes of both shows are really worth rewatching.

I'll be honest season 7 of Tales from the Crypt with the possible exception of the final episode is terrible. They moved from California to England losing most of their resources. How the final episodes of each season of American Horror Story & every Tales from the Crypt episodes will surprise you. I would go as far to say this is a debate worth having with people.

Even comparing their finest special effects rivals some of the greatest horror movies & shows. I kid you not I highly recommend both of them to everyone willing to give them a try. Especially close to Halloween where suddenly becomes more fun as you keep waiting. American Horror Story is still on TV currently airing season 7.

The famous saying it's not how you start but how you finish. I should do a final version of this when the times comes. Until then I am pulling hairs which horror anthology show I like more. You really can't go wrong with either show. I see a lot of creativity in both of them making this incredibly difficult. It might come down to the small things. In this case season 7 of Tales from the Crypt.

Yes Tales from the Crypt had more big name stars. You would be surprise which ones actually appears on the show. By having stand alone stories does go a long way. But when your competition goes the extra mile putting all their eggs into each season as one large story. You know all your effort just wasn't enough.

In terms of censorship yes Tales from the Crypt during it's original airing & DVD releases. But more recently they got censored for reairing on other channels. Which for me at least took away from the overall appeal. In fact seeing a little piece of their episodes on TV. You will notice American Horror Story is standing out a little bit more.

Do I even need to dress the elephant in the room? The final season of Tales from the Crypt is such a major lay down. The previous six seasons are amazing that are all filled with timeless classics. I am not here to insult any British actors & actresses that appear during that season. It simply wasn't their fault for being so bad. You can tell the team had a difficult team making their new location work.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea? I really enjoy both of these shows with a big passion. After you see most of their episodes & take a serious time thinking about which is better. Chances are you probably end up with my conclusion. If you actually prefer Tales from the Crypt over American Horror Story. I'm fine with that as long you don't act up on my blog like a baby.

Out of pure respect The Crypt Keeper is easily one of my favorite horror anthology characters ever. No body comes close to how awesome that ghoul is. Being undead allows him to survive even the worst of punishments. One interesting fact that not many people know. If you look closely at The Crypt Keeper's face. If you ever wondered why it looks similar to Chucky from Child's Play series.

Parts of his face came from extra pieces for Chucky. This includes the eyes & cheeks with his smile making it very obvious. I got a lot of love to hate characters on both shows. OMG Twisty the Clown stands out in such a huge way. Sure he isn't as important to the plot as other characters. A few years before clowns protested Pennywise in the new IT movie.

They protested American Horror Story over Twisty the Clown. Now that by itself is mind blowing even before they aired the first episode of season 4. Controversial is a funny thing because the more upset people get by it. The more some people will want it, Twisty is no exception to that. I am not openly supporting such a topic in favor of Twisty.

My point is you would be surprised who you may like in every season. I will be honest I don't like many characters in Tales from the Crypt. I felt American Horror Story simply has better written characters. I am aware I'm comparing comic book characters to original ones. The fact American Horror Story can make villains stand out more than any on the other show.

You know you are watching a better horror anthology show. I will say Tales from the Crypt has one of my personal favorite intros to any horror shows. I do prefer American Horror Story theme although not every season plays it. These are the very things that kept me going more towards American Horror Story.

The Winner is American Horror Story

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off #2 ClayFighter 63 1/3 & ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut (Nintendo 64) vs. Skullmonkeys (PlayStation)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, now it's time to do an unlikely face off. Sometimes you can only compare different games with a few things in common. In this rare case I'm putting both ClayFighter 63 1/3 & ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut on Nintendo 64 against Skullmonkeys on PlayStation. Considering they're both sequels to lesser known franchises. I felt this was the best way to show them off. Hard to believe at one point I did own the rarest N64 game in existence right?

Those familiar with these games are probably confuse why to do this. There wasn't many claymation video games during their run. In fact besides Primal Rage, they're the only franchises to use it. By default I have to go this route. Yes I'm considering two different versions of one fighting game against a platformer. Already a weird combination I know but so is these respective game's humor. Unless you had these, you wouldn't believe it yourselves.

Just between both versions of ClayFighter. There's a lot of notable changes between the two. Some game play mechanics got removed in Sculptor's Cut. The way story played out was very different. Originally regardless who you play as. You always fight Dr. Kilnklein at the end of the game. In Sculptor's Cut version, everyone has to face their rival. I also like in this version we get more story before those fights.

Not many people know that Skullmonkeys is a sequel to The Neverhood. A point & click game that has been ported to PlayStation but only in Japan. You do get passwords to help pick up where you left off. There are actual cut scenes in this game that are interesting for their time. Skullmonkeys is one of the silliest platformers on the console.

When we talk about the audio this becomes close. Skullmonkeys has better music but both these ClayFighter games has better sound effects. Some of the best voice actors of that time voiced in those games. Game play wise Skullmonkeys is a little unbalance in the difficulty department. Some levels are easy while others can be difficult. Yet the difficulty often spikes in that game. In both ClayFighter games it does get a little repetitive. Yes it is shorter due to being a fighting game but there's way more endings. Well what you might call as endings since you really don't see much. Skullmonkeys has a better single ending that does trump them.

Skullmonkeys has humor that not a lot of people would get like South Park. Just a little more childish & no where near as violent. Both these ClayFighter games does have humor more people would understand. Yes not everyone will laugh at them but that's also part of their appeal. Controls wise it's a hard one because Skullmonkeys does have easier controls. In ClayFighter's case you will be pressing those buttons more often.

Thus you should be more use to playing those than Skullmonkeys. Honestly with everything considered I kinda have to go with ClayFighter 63 1/3 & ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut. In the long run you just get a little more than what you expect. None of these games are master pieces but there's something about ClayFighter that more people can relate to. Simply having more colorful characters made a huge difference.

Winner: ClayFighter 63 1/3 & ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut on Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off #1 WCW Nitro & WCW/nWo Thunder (PlayStation) vs. WCW Nitro (Nintendo 64)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to only do versions of the same game on both consoles or similar different ones. To determine which version or game is better. To clarify from Xbox 360 to up I won't do. In the long run by sticking to all previous eras prior to Xbox 360's will make everything more exciting. Also if I did, I have to put everything in one spot instead of two since they're so similar. Even if we threw in exclusive features & dlcs. Sony loves doing that for some reason.

I want to help paint a picture of my past. I want to do a few comparisons of games present on both Nintendo 64 & PlayStation. I am only considering those I have played on both consoles. Otherwise I have to keep it under consideration for now.

Today I am covering WCW Nitro, as stated very recently. A good number of wrestling games around that time aren't great. This one was no exception but man you would be surprise how this plays out. The original version was PlayStation with more wrestlers including hidden characters. During porting the game to Nintendo 64. It's sequel WCW/nWo Thunder came out on PlayStation. They decided to update the roster to WCW/nWo Thunder. Therefore we have a rare thing of one decision led to two on one during the console wars.

I did own both PlayStation games growing up. More recently a few years ago, I found the N64 version at Goodwill. To clarify the original PlayStation games aren't good. The controls, sound effects & graphics aren't great. You do get intros to most of the wrestlers. Unfortunately the N64 version lacks it altogether. As stated before both these PlayStation games has more content than it's N64 port. Thankfully all three does work well with codes.

Just imagine you thought those PlayStation games were enough to keep you away. The N64 version of WCW Nitro guarantees you running for your lives. OMG how did the developers screw it up so bad. Can you believe the controls are much worse in this version? I would say based on all N64 games I played. This is easily in the top 5 in that area. Obviously porting from PlayStation to N64 hit the graphics pretty hard here. Even Resident Evil 2 on the same console looked better despite it's size.

Most hidden characters are missing leaving the game to have a much smaller roster. Yes I know most of these are joke characters & playing as the developers. But it is still a big deal since that's one of the few things that kept bringing people back to it. I am going to be direct both those PlayStation are at least playable. This N64 version ruined the entire experience further than they expected. It is like you over cooked a simple dish then by heating it a different way. You expect something good comes out of it but nope it's going right in the trash can.

Please stay away from WCW Nitro on Nintendo 64. It really isn't worth your time and money to check out.

Winner: WCW Nitro & WCW/nWo Thunder on PlayStation

My Top Picks for N64 Classic Edition

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, by now many of you know me better as a big Sega fanboy. There was a time during my late child hood to early teen years. I did get really into a Nintendo console that I still have plenty of great memories playing today. I didn't have many games on NES or SNES growing up. I ended up being more into Sega Genesis.

Around late 90s, Sony joined the console wars. Some people stick to one or two sides in the first major three way console wars face off. I was one of those people that had both PlayStation & Nintendo 64. I really enjoy both consoles that to me it will always be the hardest console wars debate. I did an entire blog covering the best & worst of both consoles.

Although I do prefer PlayStation a little bit more in the long run. Many people still enjoy Nintendo 64 with a massive passion. Some even say it was Nintendo's best console. Majority of course says SNES for many reasons. To me I do prefer N64 over SNES for my own reasons. It took on a surprise strong competitor that finally knock it out of first place for a chance. This happened again with PlayStation 2.

Nintendo 64 was the last great cartridge base console. A console perfect for playing with friends & family due to having four controller ports. One way Nintendo 64 stood out from PlayStation was the actual console came in different colors. Widely known for pushing 64-bit being double the power PlayStation had.

Obviously many games are shared between both consoles. I am not played enough of these titles on both of them. I can only judge a handful of them with some surprising differences. Nintendo 64 was truly an amazing console for it's time. Some of the absolute best first party games of the 90s are present.

Let's be honest a lot of people are already throwing out what they believe could be in N64 Classic Edition. I figured I should present a few lists to basically cover all the ground as much as possible. I will start with my big main list for what I expect could be in it. The following lists are what might be included or simply due to many factors can't. Yes I'm talking about you Rare.

Caution this will be a very long blog. Please take your time, eat, drink, sleep and do what you must do. I really don't want to be the reason you end up in the hospital or worse. I honestly do care for all of your safety.

All of these N64 classics I played growing up that should be included...
1. Super Mario 64

For most people that played an N64. The one game that everybody remembers above all else. Super Mario 64 was truly mind blowing for it's time. Most newer platformers do owe itself to the unique camera system & controls. This game was simple yet had some challenging parts & well placed secrets.

2. Mario Kart 64

I think everyone agrees Mario Kart 64 is the best racing game on Nintendo 64. This game is perfect for a party filled with people. You can do races or attempt to beat your best times or multiplayer. A good variety for a racing game in it's multiplayer to help you keep coming back for more. A truly amazing game that you really can't get out of your head.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The first 3D Zelda game that to still day some consider as the greatest video game ever made. Some critics actually gave this perfect scores. This is hands down one of the most epic video game transformations you have to see for yourselves. Everything you expect from Zelda done perfectly in 3D.

4. Donkey Kong 64

A mixed choice sure but Donkey Kong 64 could help bring more people into buying these. One of the longest games to fully achieve everything on the console. Donkey Kong 64 is a successor to the infamous SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy. A truly ambitious platformer that will keep to surprise you.

5. Star Fox 64

Let's be honest if can't call itself an N64 Classic Edition without Star Fox 64. In SNES Classic Editon, both Star Fox 1 and 2 are present. Two truly unique flying shooter games worthy of their respective console. Many fans consider Star Fox 64 as the greatest Star Fox game ever made. Honestly one of my favorite games on the console.

6. Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis would help get some variety in the line up of games. You play as some of your favorite Nintendo characters playing tennis. You will be surprise the amount of content this game has. The debut appearance of Waluigi, Wario's brother. Mario Tennis is easy to pick up & play. Every classic Nintendo Edition needs a game like that. I should mention I do like some of the hidden courts.

7. Mario Party series

Hell yeah you knew Mario Party trilogy had to be on this list. Although I briefly play a little of Mario Party 1. I did own both Mario Party 2 and 3. Most fans consider the best console for Mario Party series. All three of these games will keep you, your family & friends busy for hours. They're so good that I would do a rant video if they aren't present in the final product. You have my word on that.

8. Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers is a lot of people's favorite N64 game. You play as many famous Nintendo icons fighting each other. This particular game not only blew people's minds. It created it's own fighting game sub genre. Many big name game companies attempted to cash in on it's success. Super Smash Brothers is easy to pick up & play. So much to do within a fighting game you really don't want to put it down.

9. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Another mixed choice sure but considering AtGames got permission to do Mortal Kombat 1-3. Why shouldn't Nintendo strike back with some of their N64 Mortal Kombat games. Mortal Kombat Trilogy is missing some content but some exclusive stuff does make it worth checking out. Maybe not the best port but still far better than Game.Com version.

10. Bomberman 64

Bomberman 64 is another pick up & play games. A great updated experience on the classic Bomberman formula. This does have a fun story mode to keep you busy. Especially the multiplayer that's guarantee to entertain a lot of people. I would go as far to say you must get this game in your collection.

11. Most Pokemon games

Although I'm no longer a Pokemon fan. Nintendo 64 had some of the finest games of the franchise. To be clear only Hey You Pikachu! isn't considered for this list. Most of these can entertain everybody for hours. In both Pokemon Stadium games, if you own the right game boy Pokemon games. You can transfer your pokemons into Pokemon Stadium series. I should mention the puzzle game gets a lot of praise from fans too.

Other N64 Classics I haven't played that should be on N64 Classic Edition
1. Yoshi's Story

A follow up to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. A lot of traits from that SNES classic are present here. Just like Star Fox series, it too was also included in SNES Classic Edition. Yoshi's Story is a fun, simple platformer that anyone can play. One of the most colorful games on the console. Honestly I would like to play it through N64 Classic Edition if it does make appear on the final product.

2. Paper Mario

A spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG. Another SNES clasic on SNES Classic Edition. It is true there isn't many RPG games for many reasons. Paper Mario is often considered the best N64 RPG game. This game did turn a lot of people's heads in a great way. A truly unique experience that many people would enjoy.

3. F-Zero X

The original F-Zero is present on SNES Classic Edition. Some fans consider F-Zero X as the greatest game in the series. Clearly one of the absolute fastest games on the console. In every sense of the word, it truly was pushing the capabilities of Nintendo 64. A game that simply can't be recreate today no matter how hard you try.

4. Kirby 64

Kirby 64 has many traits of previous Kirby games. Two of the SNES Kirby games are also present on SNES Classic Edition. Clearly more people are getting into Kirby series. This is the perfect opportunity to guarantee that Nintendo. I hear a lot of great things about this N64 version. A game that can keep you busy for hours.

5. Resident Evil 2

One of the best N64 game ports, Resident Evil 2 was a testament to what the console can do. Yes some things from most versions of RE2 are missing. This version does have some exclusive features not present in later versions. This game is truly amazing it plays so well for pushing the limits. One of the more expansive N64 game since more collectors are interested in it. Any game with a lot of collectors searching for can be up there in price. Which is exactly why including it here for a little less ends up being a bigger bang for your buck.

6. Rayman 2

One of the greatest early 3D platformers of all time. Rayman 2 is on most platforms including Sega Dreamcast. This game still gets a lot praise for everything it does. Rayman 2 also stands one of the best video game sequels ever made. This game is a must have for any console or PC. Rayman 2 is another pick up & play games.

7. Doom 64

Despite it's title, Doom 64 is a new entry by Midway Games. Doom 64 attempted to make big changes to the classic shoot em up formula. In fact, Doom 3 & the new Doom game does owe itself to those changes. Doom 64 can also be played in a few mods for the classic Doom games. Another great option if you can't find a physical copy of this amazing game.

8. Duke Nukem 64

It's no secret Duke Nukem 3D is one of the greatest FPS ever made. It has been on so many platforms that it's getting harder to keep track. Even more recent adding a fifth episode, you know the true spirit of this game will never die. Duke Nukem 64 made some changes due to Nintendo not liking some of it. Yet this port does nail the multiplayer very well. You get some new weapons in place of old ones that do change up the experience. Mostly one big game broken up in levels instead of three to four episode campaigns. Duke Nukem 64 still feels like a great Duke Nukem game that more people need to play.

9. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

N64 counterpart to PS's Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. Both games has Duke Nukem going through time to save the babes, fix history and blow up alien bastards. One of the best third person shooters on the console. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is considered one of the best spin off games on the console. This with a few other Duke Nukem games were made early on to help those waiting for Duke Nukem Forever.

10. Mortal Kombat 4

Some consider this as the greatest N64 fighting game. Some consider this as the best port of MK4. Some even consider it the best Mortal Kombat game on the console. This game plays just like the arcade game especially in it's presentation. Mortal Kombat 4 has some nice bonus stuff to play around with.

11. Dr. Mario 64

Most people consider Dr. Mario 64 as the beest N64 puzzle game. Game vs Game did a great episode about all Dr. Mario games. According to him, this is the best among them. It continues the classic format with some nice changes spicing up the game play. A true N64 classic you don't want to mess.

12. Gauntlet Legends

Speaking of Game vs Game, he already did most ports of Gauntlet Legends. He considered the N64 port the best among them. One of the few times many people prefer N64 version over PS version. Gauntlet Legends did the original arcade game justice. It doesn't move too far away sticking to the core game play.

13. Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!

A follow up to Bomberman 64 that's just as good as the original. Packed with content to keep you & your friends busy for hours. Just like the original, it is easy to pick up & game. There is a story mode that never gets too repetitive or boring. Some consider this better than original. I wish I could play this game right now.

14. Pilotwings 64

An ambitious game for a early N64 game. It expanses on many things on the original Pilotwings on SNES. By having it could get more people interested into buying an N64 Classic Edition. There is a lot of variety of modes to play for hours. I could see a room filled with people enjoying this N64 classic.

15. Sin and Punishment

Yes this was originally exclusive to Japan. If I recall, Nintendo did have this game on one of their online services. Sin and Punishment is an unique rail shooter that's really addicting. This game is easily one of the best shooter games on the console. In every possible category this game nails very well.

16. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I'm mostly putting this on the list for some Zelda fans that could complain to me. Simply not having it while others would hate to see it in N64 Classic Edition. Either way it's a double edge sword leading to a pointless frustration from fans. Look this game was unique in terms of going constantly back in time. Even now in many things this game does isn't present as much in newer games.

17. Mace: The Dark Age

This is one of my personal choices since I did own this game. I know this list is meant for those I haven't played. It is also for games that have a slight chance of making the final cut. This is exactly where Mace: The Dark Age fits in. This is N64's counterpart to PS's Soul Edge aka Soul Blade. Despite it's flaws, I had a lot of fun playing this game.

The final list I would be very surprised they make it on the final product...
1. GoldenEye 007

Obviously Nintendo & Mircosoft are constantly fighting over this game. In fact a part of this led to a remake with Daniel Craig replacing Pierce Brosnan. Like most licensed games, another company owns the actual copy rights to this. Unless all three companies in question could together making it possible. I highly doubt one of the absolute best FPS won't appear on the final product.

2. The World Is Not Enough

There exists two versions for Nintendo 64 & PlayStation. By now most people knows PlayStation is just as bad as Tomorrow Never Dies on the same console. But the N64 version is one of the best shooters on the console. Also one of the best James Bond games by Electronic Arts. The World Is Not Enough is a worthy successor to GoldenEye 007.

3. WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Possibly one of the greatest wrestling games I have ever played. WWF Wrestlemania 2000 is a must own. A great roster of wrestlers with a good variety of matches. One of the best usage of creating your own wrestlers. This game is amazing for it's time with most wrestling games not coming close. I will say this is a game that truly makes your wrestling dreams true.

4. WWF No Mercy

Most agrees WWF No Mercy is hands down the champion of wrestling games. The best of possibly everything within a wrestling game imaginable. I kid you not this game is legendary among licensed games on N64. I really can't say enough to justify how damn good it is. I highly recommend getting this in your collection.

5. WCW/NWO Revenge

The best WCW game on the console since most WCW games aren't great. This is one of the few WCW games worth having. WCW/NWO Revenge is the last of a short series of WCW games. The same team behind both WWF Wrestlemania 2000 & it's follow up WWF No Mercy. This game is truly one of the finest multiplayer games you can play on N64.

6. Monopoly

One of the best games based on the classic board game Monopoly. This version does amazing stuff to pull you in for many hours worth of game play. You can play against several computer AIs or friends. This version of Monopoly also has nails what made the original board game so great. This is one of the finest among multiplayer licensed N64 games.

7. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter broke new ground when it came out. You can move within a large world taking on people & dinosaurs. One of the best gory early N64 games you can own. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is  a fun experience no matter how you play it. Honestly to actually describe playing it is very difficult. It depends on your personal views where you rank the game.

8. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

One of my favorite N64 sequels of all time. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is hands down truly amazing. This game does put the expansion pak to great use. One of the goriest games on the console that's worth replaying. Even it's multiplayer can suck up many hours. Everything about this game will keep bringing you back for more.

9. Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

Honestly I haven't got to play Turok 3 but I knew about it for years. Turok 3 has two playable characters related the last game's main hero Joseph. Continuing the legacy of Turok to keeping our world safe from all kind of threats. Some consider this somewhat mix but mostly positive. I can't say more unless I play more of it.

10. Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie is hands down one of the finest 3D platformers on the console. I would dare to say it is better than Super Mario 64. There I said it and proud of it. This game has large worlds with great abilities and interesting characters. It can take several hours of getting an 100% completion. You can cheat but you can't save your game.

11. Banjo-Tooie

Possibly one of the greatest N64 sequels ever made. Banjo-Tooie has massive worlds filled with content. Believe it or not, this game has one of the best multiplayer experiences on the console. Banjo-Tooie does everything Banjo-Kazooie does but adds much more. This is a true video game sequel or how a video game sequel should be made. Either way I highly recommend this game.

12. Perfect Dark

A spiritual successor to GoldenEye 007. The original team felt they spent too much time in the Bond universe. They ended up making a similar game that's in a distant future. Some features like all bonds does come back in it's multiplayer. Both single player, coop & multiplayer experience is easily one of the finest. This game packs some amazing content that more people really needs to play.

13. Diddy Kong Racing

Although at the time Nintendo allowed Rare to use Diddy Kong in his own racing. This game also has Conker & Banjo who belong to Rare & Microsoft. Which means unless all parties comes to an agreement. There is no way Diddy Kong Racing will make it to the final product. Even now there still isn't many racing games like it. You can race in carts, hovercrafts or planes depending on things.

14. Blast Corps

Another ambitious Rare N64 classic that more people need to play. Blast Corps is destroying building in the path of a truck. You get all kind of vehicles with some surprises within levels. One of the hardest Rare games to fully master. They sure knock it out of the place with this game. Blast Corps is perfect for anyone into destroying buildings.

15. Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini is an unique third person shooter. You can play as three different characters. You have to beat it first before you can truly see what makes this game so amazing. Yes a lot of people hated it's original controls that led to an option in Rare Replay to help with that. This game does a great job pulling you in for more.

Both Turok 1 and 2 are now available on Steam & GOG. Further increasing your chances of playing two of the greatest FPS ever made. The first two Banjo-Kazooie games, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini are also on Rare Replay for Xbox One. At least a select few N64 games can be played off the console. A good number of these still haven't been ported off. Truly mind blowing for the last great cartridge base console indeed.

I hope you guys like I put as many eggs into one small basket. Considering Nintendo 64 had trouble using it's full potential even with an expansion pak. It is impressive that a large fan base lives on thanks to this console. In fact I'm positive SNES Classic Edition will lose in comparison to it & should be easier to get. Please support Ultra 64 when the time comes and buy one of these.