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Jack Red reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, happy early Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things. Such as having my family, an awesome wife, an home and living my life the way I want to. Of course entertainment wise I'm also thankfully for being into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise since my child hood. Ever since I watched the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I knew it was something I was meant to be an fan of.

Today I will be reviewing all the major Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. I won't be doing Turtles Forever since that's technically a part of an series finale of an show. But movie version of it is still one of my favorite TMNT movies to date.

Original TMNT Movie Trilogy (1990-1993)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

The movie getting me into the franchise in the first place. Still one of the best comic book movies of all time. At this time the original cartoon really exploded in popularity. The only way they could take it up to the next level was making an live action movie. To my surprise like both Sin City movies, this is directly following the comic books. Every part of this movie works well for it's time. They nailed all the characters including The Shredder & Master Splinter. Some of the best humor of the franchise in my opinion. This movie still amazes me to this day as it always been made for true fans like myself. The plot of the movie follows the Foot Clan robbing New York City with not even the police helping. The turtles decides to get involve to save the city. Early on they meet an reporter named April O'Neil whose an great supporting character. This was the best TMNT movie for both April & Casey as none of them following this did either character this much justice. I always enjoy watching this movie as to me this was the turtles all about. More recently we are getting more good super hero movies. But all great ones do owe respect to this being the first super hero movie to nail it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)

The best sequel movie in the franchise in my opinion. Yes I could criticize they did tone down the language or being more slap stick comedy. Honestly I could understand toning down the language mostly because Raphael saying Damn several times in the original. But why did the violence suffer because of that makes no sense to me. Although I did grew up with many slap stick cartoons so I didn't mind this change. The plot involves The Shredder comes back to get revenge on the turtles. The Foot Clan kidnaps an scientist to create his own mutants. This following part still upsets many fans of the original cartoon to this day. Originally we were suppose to get Bebop & Rocksteady from that show. Instead they gave us Rahzar & Tokka in their place. I kinda like the idea of the turtles taking on an bad turtle & wolf concept. Sure I came more recently to like Bebop & Rocksteady to understand why they're still piss about it. I do feel this move do help the movie a little better. This was the last movie to have Tatsu whose was The Shredder's right hand man in the first two movies. Only an handful of games including my child hood favorite TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist has him. I could criticize how Super Shredder defeated myself but his hatred for the turtles is simply not matched. Some say him doing that under the docks wasn't his character while others just called it stupid. I really like the appearance of Super Shredder whose played by wrestler Kevin Nash. This movie still lives up to the name in it's own right. The humor of it does remind people of the original cartoon. Some jokes like the infamous Vanilla Ice song still gets people talking today. They did do an great job giving us an sequel that does continue their legacy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time

Originally just called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. On some rereleases of this movie got changed to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time. Not to be confused with the sequel arcade game or it's SNES port. Still one of the biggest mistakes in the franchise to date. OMG this movie is one of the worst sequel movies I ever seen. I really wish I knew what they were thinking while they're making the movie. This really doesn't feel like an TMNT movie at all. They attempted time travel to combine two completely different movies into one. Of course you know how that turned out, it's terrible. In present time story Casey has to keep an eye on the samurais taking the turtles' place. The turtles already became legends before they got there how the hell does that work. Oh wait they did that too with Army of Darkness except it made more sense & that's an good movie. In the Past Japan of the 1600s, the turtles takes on an shogun & an guy stealing weaponry. Walker doesn't look like he's from that time period. No it's more like the old wild west why is he here no body knows. An bigger question is where the hell are the TMNT villains like Krang or even The Shredder. Sorry folks you only get these two bad guys. I should mention the turtles look very good in the first two movies. WOW what in the holy crap is this? All four turtles looks like they're on some serious life altering drugs compared to those movies. Especially how they walk it's almost like The Muppets or sorry to take an example of The Nerd but it's accurate sock puppets. Basically the entire time travel is done by holding onto an supposedly magical lantern. This means most of the time you pick it up, get ready to go in the distance past or future. This by itself makes no sense what the hell happened to what Doc Brown said about time travel guys. What's worst is the turtles ends up carrying out the legacy originally meant for samurais. Now what's wrong with that picture come on I'm give you five minutes to guess it? Time's out for so many not knowing the origin of ninjas. The original ninjas were farmers tired about how the dynasty especially their samurais were doing things. They decided to take an stand as what we now know as ninjas. To sum it up ninjas & samurais of that time period were natural enemies. Why in god's name would the turtles being ninjas want to fill that legacy. It comes off more as an direct insult to ninjas than actually saving people. This movie barely has anything good parts except the only one part everyone talks about. You know the one with the samurais dancing to Tarzan Boys. The ending is more like an short lived joke told poorly than an actual movie ending. Master Splinter is even affected by how bad this movie actually is. Unlike the first two movies, you never see all of him in this movie for some reason. It's as if they attempted to play him off like an Sesame Street. Plus I should talk about the ending joke done by Master Splinter. I could accept him saying Cowabunga or referencing that Vanilla Ice song. If you are new to this movie chances are you probably wish to never see this joke after seeing it again. Seriously it really is that damn bad of an joke. It makes no sense at all because unlike previous two movie end jokes it has no connection to this movie in any possible way. In conclusion just pretend there's only the first two movies & you should be happy in the long run. This is an abomination that almost killed the franchise.

Stand alone sequel

TMNT (2007)

This movie is an direct follow up to the original movie while ignoring all sequels. What's funny is they also did this to Superman live action movies. Although things from those movies still appear in this movie. Should I say they almost had an possible paradox or just bland luck. This is the only CGI movie with many being mixed about it. I remember going on an field trip in my high school to go see this movie. Still one of my favorite field trips to this day. I got to be honest this movie did blow me away. It does revamp things giving it an more refreshing appeal. Especially considering how bad the previous movie was hurts everyone's brain like an tumor or an rare form of cancer. Once again this nails all the characters very well. I do like we get to see more of Master Splinter. This has the second best April & Casey of all the movies. The story at first won't come off like an TMNT movie but trust me it does later on. In the past an king ruled most of the world to find an mysterious power. Among getting it on rare conditions cause the greatest pain known to human kind. Most of his army got wiped out with his brotherhood becoming statues & himself now immortal to live forever. Also freeing a lot of monsters into our world. Yes the Foot Clan returns to play an neutral role this time. I felt this shows how interesting things get in many TMNT stories. The turtles get to take on this brotherhood. Of course one of my favorite parts is Raphael's secret gets exposed during an fight with his brother Leonardo. Easiest one of the best scenes in any TMNT movies. For an CGI movie you do expect it to be funnier but the more serious direction does make it more like an TMNT movie. I really like how most of the story plays out. They did an awesome job with the cast in general. This stands as one of the absolute best TMNT movies to date.

Reboot series (2014-up)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

I was mixed among a lot of things being confirmed for this movie. At this point I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it or not. I refuse to watch the new Ghostbusters & Power Rangers movie. To me this is the second worst TMNT movie in the franchise. I didn't like the Foot Clan having guns. Wait I thought they were ninjas not the black ops unit. I wasn't crazy for Master Splinter's appearance but still better than TMNT III's. It took time for April O'Neil to grow on me but still far from perfect. The Shredder actually got an quick actor replacement among confirming the first signed on actor to do him. The guy originally going to be him became an new character within the movie serving him. I wasn't crazy how they went about The Shredder at all. The worst Shredder in all the movies because just look at him. He looks more like an giant swiss army knife. Instead of fighting with swords the traditional way why not having six long blades connected by an device to move around in the air. Is this The Shredder or some technology freak trying to get excited from ruining lives. The worst appearance award goes to the turtles themselves. OMG it is hilariously bad to some degree it's debatable what's worse this or their TMNT III's appearance. They decided to make them look more like humans with their size being really off. Plus Donatello gets the worst looking appearance of all TMNT characters in any TMNT movies. When I first saw what Donatello looks like in this movie, it really turned me off. I couldn't believe they made him look like an ugly eyeglasses salesman than what he was suppose to look like. The plot follows an similar story to the original TMNT movie. The Foot Clan is controlling crime around the city just like that movie. Once again our heroes the turtles come out of the sewers to save the city. They quickly go through the origin since they already covered it in several canons now. But what makes this origin story different is April has an more personal connection. The only canon where Master Splinter doesn't name all four turtles. I am not going to lie I did like some parts I wasn't expecting to like. Such as the elevator scene or the chase you know the same chase sequence in most of Michael Bay movies. I also did like Master Splinter taking on The Shredder easily one of the movie's high lights. This movie has okay humor with not great set of characters. I do like as strange it is how April was the one to beat The Shredder this time. One of The Shredder defeats in any TMNT movies. This movie isn't bad more on the lines of being okay. By now you already seen better TMNT movies or played better TMNT games.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

I finally saw this movie on my birthday this past Monday. The last time I watched something new of TMNT on my birthday. An few years ago first airing Turtles Forever as an movie. I got to be honest I was happy to hear some of the stuff in this movie. Of course they also has stuff I don't like mostly an particular take on an classic character. First off huge improvement on the turtles' appearance. They also fixed Master Splinter's appearance making this one of my favorites. The humor works better including stuff that may not come off like it at first. You know parts of movies that weren't meant to be funny but to some it is. For example April telling the turtles to go shortly tried talking to the police. I don't know why it doesn't make a lot of sense. Yet in an weird way it kinda does come off that way to me. After so many years we get Bebop & Rocksteady so many fans wanted them to be in an movie. I think they did an amazing job doing that. Krang finally makes his movie debut but it doesn't live up as much. I felt the voice should've been different with different lines would've helped more. I did like how they worked in the Technodrome. Honestly that worked better than Krang or The Shredder. They did fix The Shredder but not enough. The Shredder actually comes off boring compared to the previous movies. I do like his full armored appearance but because we don't see it used much in the actual movie. I felt they missed an great opportunity to wow me with it. I really didn't like Krang trapped The Shredder which pissed a lot of people off. Every TMNT fan wanted them to stay working together. I didn't mind Krang took out The Shredder but the way he does it comes off cheap as well as boring. Really this alien got The Shredder frozen within the Technodrome as one of his many personal trophies. I mean come on is this the best Hollywood could come up with. Baxter Stockman also debuts in this movie playing an huge role. In the end The Shredder screwed him over just before he got screwed over himself. Where is the sense in all of that guys? Majority of this movie is similar to TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze. Let me explain both involve The Shredder kidnapping an scientist working on the same chemical Ooze & created two mutants to serve him. In an sense you could say this could be them remaking that movie. Most parts of the story does play more like TMNT should but still lacks the spirit of it. Now it's time to talk about the worst Casey Jones. The actor plays Oliver Queen on Arrow whose great at that role. I don't understand why his take on Casey Jones was going to be this forgettable. In most things TMNT, Casey Jones is one of the best supporting characters. This version lacked many personal things Casey had in those stories including the hair. In this movie he was an cop whose also an vigilante. What he never was an police officer in the first place where did they get that is beyond me. Originally he was an major league hockey player until he broken his leg forcing him to retire from it. Also considering Casey fights with many sports equipment why does he only use hockey stuff? In the first movie he uses two small bats & an golf club on Tatsu. I was expecting he might use stuff like that or other sports themed equipment. Also this Casey's personality is really off compared to how Casey suppose to be. At least he has common sense unlike the original cartoon TMNT version. The only version of him actually worse than this one. Overall I really enjoyed this movie for what it is. Yes it is far from perfect but still one of the better sequels. An huge improvement over the previous movie indeed.

Now it's time to rank all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies from worst to best down below...
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 version)
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 version)

I hope you guys like my blog because if you really want me to do this with all TMNT shows. If I get enough requests from fellow fans, I likely will deliver it. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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Top 5 More One Piece Theories (Jack Red Edition)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to do a few more interesting somewhat possible theories. Everyone has strong opinions including their own predictions on how the story of One Piece could play out. I am just revealing some more of mine for those interested. These aren't based on other people's theories by any means.

5. The origin of devil fruits

Of course majority of the fan bases has their own beliefs how devil fruits came into existence. I think mine kinda mirrors very early Dragon Ball story relating to how originally Dragon Balls were one big ball. Eventually they became divided into seven of them. It is already confirmed an scientist will reveal more information on this topic. I believe around the time slightly before the World Government was formed. An demon appeared out of the water with an strange gigantic plant. He wanted to cause some chaos by releasing them around the world. But among the government's first orders were reports about this creature. This demon does give a few pieces of this plant to people lying about becoming invincible. The government sets up an trap to attempt capturing the demon. Instead he ends from an direct explosion blowing up this plant. To their surprise this doesn't destroy the plant. It cause the plant to become several smaller ones now known as devil fruits. Ever since this event, the marines are trying to stop too many people getting devil fruits. They went as far to hid any & all information about them from most of the world.

4. An series of rematches are awaiting Luffy

Everyone knows about Luffy's journey to become the king of the pirates. He has defeated all kind of people around the world. It is an strong possibility near the end of One Piece. Some of Luffy's enemies will in one way or another face Luffy to settle the score. For example Buggy already didn't like Luffy with an few defeats under his belt. More recently after his crew saved people including an giant gladiator. All five giants left Buggy's business to join Luffy's fleet. Another likely candidate would be Crocodile because of Luffy interfering with him about to strike Whitebeard. Also confirmed both of them have the same exact dream making it likely to happen. I expect Eneru will return at an terrible time with a lot going on. Fearing Luffy due to not understanding his immune to electricity & will. Eneru became it crystal clear, he wants to start an new world. One day it is possible we could be getting an intense rematch. Another likely people to come after Luffy would be Arlong. This fishman has an strong reputation for his hatred towards humans. He was very upset about an former crew member becoming an warlord. Luffy stopped his rule over an few islands. Jinbe already confirmed that he wants to join his crew. Plus hearing about Hordy will cause further anger to explode out of him. Of course Rob Lucci has an few great reasons to come after Luffy himself. For starters up til his defeat, Lucci completed every mission. Among his defeat, he nearly died by the beating he received from Luffy. It is already confirmed Lucci now commanding CP0. Knowing Lucci as well as I do, he will attempt capturing/killing Luffy at the worst possible time.

3. By end of the story, Usopp will have the third highest bounty of his crew
For an while Usopp was in the middle of the pack in terms of the bounty. Then people started looking up to him in Dressrosa. Now being called God Usopp because he freed everyone affected by Sugar's devil fruit. Thus Usopp got most of them to become Luffy's fleet without even asking them. Yes this is similar to inmates for Buggy's crew. Zoro pointed it by how surprised his bounty went up. Doflamingo actually gave him the highest stars of five in his own sick game. It is likely with this new reputation, more people will join Luffy's fleet. Which by itself scares the marines & pirates. Also because they don't have the slightest idea how he does that. This alone will put an huge target on Usopp's back for the rest of his life.

2. Most likely time for Warlord Edward Weevil to go after Luffy
It is no secret one of the new warlords been causing chaos in several towns. The marines are turning an blind eye to his high body counts. This man has an few targets that he wants to hunt down including Luffy. Although his reason for doing so being kinda stupid. There isn't much to go on about the actual character. It is even debatable if he actually one of Whitebeard's children or not. What we do know is he won't stop until he finds his target. Considering his mom is the one calling the shoots. I would have to say around in between the current story arc & Kaido's arc. I say this because at some point the author will show us what's going on Zoro's group doing. At first we won't see much of it and for an great reason. It is likely to build up the sense of Kaido being next when in fact it's Warlord Weevil.

1. Why the marines are desperate to keep the Seven Warlords of the Sea filled
Everyone knows about the three great powers. We have the Three Marine Admirals whose rank is very high up in the world government. Then comes their polar opposite the Four Emperors of the Sea all controlling the other half of the world. Now we get to the force in the middle being the most neutral called the Seven Warlords of the Sea. World government hires famous big name pirates to work for them. Although not clear how long the three great powers been around. What is painfully clear based on several occasions. The marines are terrified of the Four Emperors. Despite the fact not once in history all four band together against the world government. In fact they created the Seven Warlords of the Sea to help to some degree. They fear one day all of that may change. Good marines like Smoker strongly doesn't like that group & felt they weren't necessary. Plus they're pirates, he doesn't trust them at all. I believe they created the warlords to try getting an leg up against the emperors. But Big Mama & Kaido has powerful connections around the world including in the underground network. Of course that with the warlords being so neutral constantly puts them on the edge. As stated earlier the marines covered up Warlord Weevil's actions to keep one of their top fighting powers strong. At this point it is very clear the marines doesn't even care about the people they're suppose to protect. If they did then where would the warlords fit into that system? In real life Gladiators & French Foreign Legion are the closest famous groups to the warlords. The marines want the whole world to know their power in an attempt to get the emperors to back off. I don't think it actually work because the emperors all rule over the other half of the world covering surprisingly bigger ground than the marines. The emperors has so many islands under their control it shocks majority of marines. Most marines doesn't deal with the underground network making a lot of their enemies invisible to them as stated during Dressrosa arc. Not only that Whitebeard proven even the most powerful of their forces would struggle against all four emperors. If just one of them nearly destroyed marine headquarters. Just imagine it with all four emperors possibly wiping out the marines. This thought led to the creation of the Seven Warlords in the first place. Another possible reason could be the marines know too little about those islands under their control. I bet even the current fleet admiral would back down from going after any of the four emperors. I should mention all four emperors are great strategists. Some of them aren't afraid to go to the other half of the world under the marine's control. Their reputations puts fear even the bravest marines like Kaido & Big Mama. Another great reason could be they knew there's no way to get just the emperors alone. Kaido has over five hundred in his main army. Yet we still don't know how big his actual army current is. The same goes with the other three emperors. Considering they're big name pirates, some of their alliances could get involve at any given time. An possibility of other small name pirates could help to attempt getting in their armies. There is a lot of mystery centering around the Four Emperors. One of the biggest mysteries in all of One Piece has to be what actually led to the creation of the Seven Warlords. Obviously the Gorosei demands to have all seven positions at most times. Especially at the threat of possible war. These are the guys covering some of the warlords dirty secrets to keep their numbers strong. This means even they fear the Four Emperors enough to get the Seven Warlords system up & running. Another good reason why is to help cover up some of the attention from their illegal actions. It is widely known an good number of marines are corrupt. Some actually worse than most pirates enough to make people sick. The warlords to some degree are guilty of these actions as well. What we do know for sure is half the warlords are rivaling the Three Admirals with the other half rivaling the Four Emperors themselves. They allow the warlords to do what they want in exchange for their service. Basically it's like the Four Emperors legal under their control. This also comes with an increase reputation & their former bounties removed. They allowed this mostly due to their fear of the Four Emperors. The marines want every possible leg up they can possible get to them. Sometimes this means doing illegal & flat out wrong things. Honestly all of them are that scared of the Four Emperors. What's interesting is the Seven Warlords being mixed received from both pirates & marines. Despite this the warlords are treated like dogs on an leash especially during important times. In truth the marines really want all that freedom to themselves in order to stop all & any future threats towards them. At their core they're cowards fearing wars or the big truth they hide from everyone for over eight hundred years to one day be revealed. The marines are more desperate to cover their own tracks than protecting the people.

Update: It turns out in real life during the pirate era. Some pirates got license by marines to roam the seas. As long they held up their word when they were needed.

I hope you guys enjoy my follow up blog, it is likely at some point. I could be writing another of these One Piece theories blogs in the near future. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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Jack Red reviews Interplay Build Your Own Bundle (GOG)

Special Thanks Roll Down

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I had close to an handful of Interplay games growing up. I heard a lot about them as time went on. Just before I considered this bundle, the sudden news of Interplay selling everything was sad. I figured to get Interplay Build Your Own Bundle before that happens. They give you close to forty games to choose from. You get to pick ten games to get all of them 90% off. I picked some games I had an connection with while others caught my attention.

1. Battle Chess Special Edition

Despite the title this is an compilation of three games. You get Battle Chess, Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess & Battle Chess 4000. The entire original Battle Chess series played through an DOSBOX emulator. All three games has an unique appeal for many reasons since all their themes are more different from each other. Battle Chess is medieval while Battle Chess II goes Chinese dynasty to finally Battle Chess 4000 futuristic space theme. As many of you expected, you are playing three different styles of chess. Surprisingly great AI in DOS games to constantly push you to do better. What made these games so famous in the first place was the level of violence. In regular chess when an piece is took down, they are removed from the board that's it. But in these games every time this happens, you get to watch entertaining battles with death scenes involved. Some of these are strange but it has some good humor. There is all kinds of possibilities to keep you coming back to play more. It's difficult to believe there exist not only an Star Wars game inspired by this but also an Terminator game as well. I recommend looking up the rules for chess & Chinese chess in advance. Unless you prefer to play things by ear. Let's get this out of the way Battle Chess 4000 does use claymation similar to ClayFighter series also owned by Interplay. I felt it had the weakest overall design as most death animations weren't as entertaining as the first two games. I can't help it that you get two identical guys on both sides that looks similar to Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear. Sometimes I have trouble making an move. Which barely happens in the first two games. I do like it's clocking how long all my turns are as well as those of my opponent's making it like competitive chess in real life. I wasn't too crazy for all the characters designs in Battle Chess 4000. Honestly for me it's very close between the first two games. If I had to pick one over the other, it has to be Battle Chess II. An very unique take on Chinese chess that ends up being surprisingly entertaining. This game nails everything the original does but simply done better. As an whole one of the best among my set for this bundle.

2. Redneck Rampage Collection

An friend of mine got me interested in these games many years ago. All three of them are among the last made on the famous Build engine. Which is similar to Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior & Blood with it's own differences. You are taking on rednecks, aliens and animals in all three games. Thankfully you do get an great weapon set to work with. The first two games share the same sound track that's my favorite for this series. I do like Redneck Rampage Rides Again sound track but it didn't feel complete to me. Most problems I do have with these games are shared. Some enemies like big aliens, dogs & alien ladies take a lot of ammo. Some enemies are quicker than you moving even with the power up increasing your speed to hit. Some enemies like small aliens & jackalopes gang up on you often. For those who doesn't know what an jackalope is, imagine an angry over sized wild rabbit with antlers similar to an reindeer. I am not going to lie there are some dirty jokes in these games. For example in Redneck Rampage Rides Again in some levels. Two enemies are doing sexual stuff close by. You don't see much but it's there in the game somehow. I also like the controls as it's similar to some shooters at the time. Some levels in Redneck Rampage Rides Again are very dark. No not gothic or horror dark, we are talking you have to move through very dark areas with limited lights. The bosses are okay for the most but I still prefer them over Shadow Warrior's. My biggest complaint against all three games that everyone agrees. I can't believe how massive a lot of these maps actually are. Yes Final Doom did that in both episodes but it worked a lot better. Especially in Redneck Rampage Rides Again, the levels are very large, difficult to memorize & confusing. Redneck Rampage Rides Again does allow you to drive an motorcycle and air boat. The first Redneck Rampage felt incomplete as it didn't bring the level of detail the later games had. Yes all three of them are tough games to complete without codes. I recommend if you are new or don't have the patience. You can cheat that makes it a lot more fun but in some ways more frustrating. It's better than no clipping in Shadow Warrior. Like Blood, Shadow Warrior & Duke 3D, Redneck Rampage does parody movies. Mostly camp cult movies like Toxic Avengers series which I'm an fan of. Although unlike those games, it's more of an parody on rednecks in general. Yes this is an controversial game that some are amazed it exists. Honestly I know I did hit these games hard. I do like them all a lot especially counting that bundle I got them in. I would say as an whole a lot better than Shadow Warrior. It will take time getting use to how these games works. Redneck Rampage got an great expansion from the same company who made the following expansions below...

1. The Cryptic Passage for Blood (My favorite of their expansions)
2. Duke it out in D.C. & Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach
3. Wanton Destruction (Shadow Warrior)

These games aren't for everybody but those who like shooters or parodies like these or just want something different. I will recommend these weird yet good shooter series to you.

3. Earthworm Jim 3D

Earthworm Jim 3D is known as one of the absolute worst video sequels in history. Everything about it is so hilariously bad that I refuse to keep playing it. Especially despite what it took from the first two games. You really can't help noticing how incredibly different it is. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts has an similar problem but an much better. At least that took parts of what made the first two games such an hit. Earthworm Jim 3D was made by an different team to create an full 3D Earthworm Jim game. Interplay wanted it to be similar to Super Mario 64 & Banjo series. The team clearly didn't pay attention to what made Earthworm Jim series an hit. What's worse is this originally got released on N64. I am playing it's PC port which isn't much better. According to many people it's worse but that's debatable in and of itself. The boss fights are all the same, all you have to do is collect an hundred orbs. You can do most of it without attacking the bosses until you have to. For me an boss fight should be you against them with real challenge. No real way around it, you take them on. Plus it really would help if all of them were different. Earthworm Jim 3D is so amazingly bad that I almost didn't pay it. Officially considering the bundle I basically got this for free. This game is just an cheap rip off of much better N64 platformers. The original team was pissed that they couldn't make this game. To date this move was one of Interplay's worst. You would think the gold stuff you're collecting opens levels & bosses right? No simply collecting regular marbles does that makes those gold things useless. I will say for those who enjoy or test their skills by playing bad games. You think you play games than by all means play games like this or Superman 64. I am not kidding it's almost as bad as Bubsy 3D on PlayStation. This is what happens when you change the teams with as little information and tight schedule.

4. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

I knew about this game for many years. I didn't know until after seeing it among the selection of games for this bundle that Interplay owns it. Like many shooters having parody of movies. Shogo decides to take inspiration from mech animes like Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion & Robotech. I am going to be straight with you that I have a lot to cover with this game both good & bad. This was release an month before Blood 2: The Chosen with striking similarities. Just like Blood 2, Shogo does share some of it's issues. For example some of the absolute worst AI I ever seen. Their aim is deadly with an critical system affecting everyone is both an blessing & an curse. You could gun them several enemies much easier but they can do the same to you just as quickly. Both your character & mech get their own weapons which I like a lot. Some are mixed about why both of them play so similar even with differences considered. Some made an great point that back then no one nailed mech games that go into between several game play styles. Honestly I am happy with what we got. The story is okay with average voice acting. With the possible exception of people screaming, most sounds in general are excellent. All people models are heavily dated for it's era but I love all mech models. Most levels are short but easy to memorize. A few levels you will visit a few times but unlike Blood 2's train level. They made sure to keep it refresh to an degree. This also has two endings that determines who will be your final boss. Regardless both of them are real possibilities that could happen. I honestly didn't care for the main character. Sorry guys it's true, I find him boring & annoying most of the time. Most bosses are almost the same that is disappointing. How each level plays into their respective objectives does work a lot better than that of Blood 2's. This is one of my favorite games in the bundle. Shogo is best played either taking your time without cheating or go in gun blazing with codes. Both take time to get to but I recommend both ways of playing it. Very limited amount of enemy types compared to so many shooters. Roughly an handful that's it seriously go count them yourselves. I do like this more than Blood 2 but this is on the thin line of what I would rank an game.

5. Prehistorik 1+2

Can you believe the same company who made Superman 64 had good games? Yes it's true because an short lived game series called Prehistorik was among their most popular games. Surprisingly both these games are very different each other like comparing Duke Nukem 2 to Duke Nukem 1. Prehistorik 2 is an solid platformer that's still fresh today. Not everyone will enjoy Prehistorik 1 due to it's controls take longer to get use to. Both has great sound tracks with amazing sound effects for their time. For the most part you get from point A to point B. Both games has a loose hit system with barely any invulnerable period between hits. I grew up with an Genesis game called Chuck Rock which is similar to these games. Prehistorik 2 does have an password system. I felt if Prehistorik 1 had one, it would make the game a little bit better.

6. Earthworm Jim 1+2: The Whole Can 'O Worms
If you were growing up in the 90s. Chances are you probably heard of Earthworm Jim. An forgotten video game mascot whose success was short lived. Earthworm Jim got an hand of games and an cartoon during the high of it's popularity. The first two games were originally released on Sega Genesis. Still to this day two of the most popular among Interplay's games. Both of these games were amazing for their time. Controls in this version of both games does take time getting use to. Trying to change the controls can be challenging. Honestly both of them are very solid platformers that more people should play. Some of the weirdest level designs & bosses you will ever see. Earthworm Jim has an strange sense of humor that not everyone will get. What I really like about this port is both games has an password system. Of course not everything made the trip from Genesis to DOS well but considering the natural of these titles. I still give them praise for getting them there. Also I am not saying these are bad ports because they aren't. These are some of the finest within Interplay's collection of games.

7. Kingpin: Life of Crime

Honestly considering it's engine was already technically dated for it's time. The team behind this still made an very good game. All levels look more realistic compared to Quake with most characters being very well designed. Great controls with interesting game mechanics to keep things fresh & addicting. It is easy to cheat which makes Kingpin a lot more fun to play. Sometimes you will get confuse where to go or what to do. This game does allow you to recruit people to help even the odds. I like buying your stuff in stores which predates games like Resident Evil 4. Now I think about it this is more like Saint Rows series in so many ways. Probably the most mind blowing fact about this game is still an tough pill to swallow. The team that made Redneck Rampage series made this. Who later in an new company made Return to Castle Wolfenstein. After playing this following Return to Castle Wolfenstein despite both games run on different engines. You can't deny they're very similar in many areas. This is easily one of the finest among Interplay Build Your Own Bundle.

8. MDK

As an kid growing up with many game consoles. I did own MDK on PlayStation never getting far in it. After buying this bundle with my selection, I'm glad I bought MDK again. There are several notable differences between both versions. To me Kurt looks more like an real person in PC version but slightly compared to PS version. I would say PS version does have better controls but I do the PC version controls to an degree. It will take time getting use to but you're in for quite an action pack game. As stated earlier you play as Kurt with the sequel revealing a lot more about him. To sum it up he was an janitor that was forced to become the hero to save the universe from an tyrant. What is Interplay's deal with strange humor & cows? Seriously in just my set alone most of these games has an great amount of both. This was one of the first games to have sniping feature which was new back then. Sadly there is only six levels but each one can take an while to get through. This is one of the best games in Interplay Build Your Own Bundle.

9. MDK 2

An different team working on the sequel to MDK. Usually when an game company changed it's developers. Things get ugly within any fan base that it happens to. Lucky for Interplay, MDK 2 is an exception. You get to play as three characters during the entire game. Each one plays more different than the last as if this were three different games in one. Kurt from the first game is back for more action. Mostly the same arsenal with better controls makes it more fun to play. Max is an machine four armed dog humanoid that loves his guns. Interesting fact in the original MDK, Max was originally named Bones. Honestly Max does fit him better with an new personality. Dr. Hawkin is the joke character whose also an scientist. Most of his arsenal is stuff you find around the house. Sometimes you have to combine things but trust me by doing this. It will save your life many times. As much as it is fun to be Kurt, Max really addicting to play. You can easily switch out your guns at most of the time. Some areas are always filled with them making those much easier. If you are low on ammo in some areas as Kurt, you are screwed. They made the levels shorter but more interesting & better design. Everything works well but it does take time getting use to the controls. I will say this is hands down one of the best games Interplay ever made. I should mention this was BioWare's first game whose widely known for Mass Effect series.

10. Toonstruck

An forgotten point & click classic that surprised me it exists for many reasons. This is one of the few of those style games Interplay owns. As of right now the creator of Toonstruck is attempting to make an sequel after all these years. I should mention the main character Drew is played by Chrisopher Lloyd. What's interesting is Lloyd was in an similar movie to this game unrelated called Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Although he was Judge Doom the main bad guy in that movie. Lloyd is the hero of Toonstruck in such an weird game for it's time. I grew up loving slap stick comedy cartoons. They put a lot of thought in everything you can do. Memorizing is required with an great guide or video series. Surprisingly great voice acting with interesting art work for it's time. This game is the easiest in controls within this bundle. But you could easily get loss or confused during it if you aren't careful. You can explore several areas for items & clues to help you an idea where to go next. I highly recommend take your time as often as your patience allows. Toonstruck stands out in other ways too. Wacme is an reference to Acme from the Looney Tunes cartoons. Those two guys are some of my favorite characters. It's an shame they don't play an bigger part in it. Drew becomes likable during the entire game. Flux can be annoying but he sure has his moments. This is an game you could lose if you forgot one thing too many later on. I do recommend this to anyone into those style of games.

Now it's time to rank all the games from worst to best. Of course with an line up this good. Everyone will have their own lists but majority should have some in the same places.

10. Earthworm Jim 3D
9. Prehistorik 1 + 2
8. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
7. Earthworm Jim 1 + 2: The Whole Can 'O Worms
6. Battle Chess Special Edition
5. Redneck Rampage Collection
4. MDK
3. MDK 2
2. Kingpin: Life of Crime
1. Toonstruck

I hope you guys enjoy this bundle review. They recently did it again with mostly the same selection. But I felt I got the very best & worst of this bundle. I am very happy with my first real purchase on GOG's service. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jack Red reviews Indie Legends Pick & Mix (Bundle Stars)

Special Thanks Roll Down
Lab Zero Games (Skullgirls)
Minor Key Games (Super Win The Game)
Big Robot Ltd (Sir, You Are Being Hunted)
Team Reptile (Lethal League)
Insurgency (New World Interactive)
DrinkBox Studios (Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
GalaxyTrail (Freedom Planet)
Vertigo Gaming Inc. (Cook, Serve, Delicious)
Bundle Stars

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, on Friday of the week Bundle Stars had it's fourth birthday. I was dead set on buying Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle. As soon as I seen Indie Legends Pick & Mix, my plans quickly changed. For those who are new to the term Pick & Mix it is another title for Build Your Own Bundle.

Just like Interplay Build Your Own Bundle from GOG, all of these were my selection out of fifteen games. I ended up buying eight of them for five bucks with all of them almost being an hundred dollars. I used the remaining amount of money to buy Second Encore update for Skullgirls. I really wanted the full experience with all these games.

They released this deal shortly after Indie Legends 5. Most of their selections were games included in previous bundles. Regardless one of the best selections for build your own bundle I ever seen. I highly recommend anyone with a little more than an day left to go buy this bundle.

1. Cook, Serve, Delicious!

This is an restaurant sim game where you cook, clean and make drinks. The goal of the game is do your best keeping up with your orders. The big goal not a lot of people can achieve is getting your restaurant five stars. At first depending if you played some games with cooking or haven't before like myself. Yes timing is everything especially during rush hours. You have to try your best to stay on top of it. Eventually with money you earn, there is many upgrades to your restaurant & menu. I got to say I was very surprised how good this game actually is. You have to pay close attention to some of the stuff you're serving. Let me put it into an different angle. Stuff like chicken tenders, lasagna & chores are the same exact thing every time. Some food has many options you have to pay attention to what each customer is asking for. An great example of this is baked potatoes. Later on you will unlock catering and carry outs. You can date someone during the course of the game. This is an amazing game you can quickly get use to as you're playing it. Yes to officially beat it you have to push yourself hard. Honestly it is just easier & better for your health to not take it that seriously.

2. Lethal League

Mostly an multiplayer game for both off & online play. There does exist single player in the form of challenge mode. Although this is an fighting game, your goal isn't directly fighting. Instead you are basically playing an game similar to dodge ball. You & your opponent hits the ball around until someone gets hit in the face. You or them have to do this several times to win the match. Very cool retro style graphics with some good songs. It is okay compared to Skullgirls but still worth mentioning. I also like you can play this with an controller. You only get to play as six characters with slightly more levels. I prefer to play with a little more characters with fewer levels. Of course there's plenty of options out there for fighting games. I will say Lethal League is an good game but making it only multiplayer does hurt the game.

3. Insurgency

Not to be confused by The Divergent movie or related mod called Insurgency. This is one of those only multiplayer soldier based FPS games. You can have a lot of guns in most modes. I could understand not having an single player campaign. But it really didn't make up for it being missing. An great mod that is worth mentioning that doesn't have an single player campaign is GoldenEye Source. Everyone knows how repetitive online play can be. Can you imagine how repetitive playing by yourself is in comparison? Counter-Strike that's widely known for it's repetitive game play works just fine playing by yourself. How did they screw something like that up is beyond me. You can go up in the ranks but unlike most FPS games. The only way to do that is to win matches. Good luck trying to get high in the ranking. Honestly this isn't much different from similar games. Yes I know I'm hitting this game hard but I do like the look of the actual game. The controls do work great with an workshop support makes it easier to come back to. It is difficult for me to recommend it as stated before. There are better shooters especially online exclusive games are better than this. Now for an indie FPS game it is good but not great. Lethal League was somewhat interesting in it's concept. I think they over hyped this game a little too much. I will say I do like it to an degree but isn't doing much for me.

4. Skullgirls

This is an amazing fighting game for it's time. For a lot of people it's difficult to believe an small indie developer made such an master piece. Skullgirls is one of the few exceptions to most fighting games. Usually most fighters are male with not many female ones. This game is the opposite having more female fighters with an handful male ones. I love I can play this with an controller. Everything possible way this game blew my mind with it's sheer awesomeness. Very impressive graphics with an amazing soundtrack & awesome sound effects. There is plenty modes to play to keep you coming back for more. I really can't say enough about this game. In fact I knew as soon as I saw it among the fifteen games I had to have it. I went the extra mile by buying all it's dlcs in one go to get the complete experience. It was really worth every penny, I highly recommend this to most fighting game fans.

5. Sir, You Are Being Hunted

The concept of this game is somewhat unique. Officially this is an hunting stealth game. You can change the other four islands you get to explore locations. This also allows you to change every enemy's AI from being gone to easy to difficult in that order. There are a few characters to play as with each having different starting inventory set ups. You can loot places for health, bandages & food. All of that by itself reminds me of Fallout series. It does take time getting use to the controls but they do work. This game requires a lot of patience & being in the right mindset to play. Sometimes trying to find an save spot can be tricky. Yes you have to pay attention to your health at all times. One minute you are fine then suddenly hunger kicks in. Your health starts falling down fast forcing you to work quickly to save yourself. I get why they done it that way to make it more realistic. When it comes to stealth games there isn't anything as close as good as Metal Gear series. I would say I could recommend it to people but an select few. To me this game does feel empty and needs some improvements.

6. Super Win The Game

An follow up to You Have To Win The Game. Both games are based on NES games of that style especially Metroid. You will quickly get use to each location with each new thing you gain makes the game easier. I should tell you that dying will happen more often than you may be use to. Thankfully someone made all the maps for this game. Some areas are massive & confusing to get there. Yet those weren't as close as annoying as trying to figure out what to do before that point. Seriously you need to have a lot of patience. Easy check points with the game always automatically saving your process. I am very surprised you never once in the entire game get an weapon. You have to constantly avoid enemies depending on areas can be tricky & in some cases frustrating. You could keep finding keys or buying them but you could save yourself all that trouble by buying an skeleton key. Some areas are very well hidden that I recommend using that website I stated earlier to help. I do like the sound track but sound effects are okay. Some abilities do make the game more fun like wall jumping or becoming immune to several hazards. This game requires a lot of memorizing especially near the end of the game. Also this game has the shortest ending credits I ever seen. In conclusion it is better than half this bundle but the other half being far superior in their own right.

7. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
I never thought I would play an game like Castlevania: Symphany of the Night ever again. Until I played Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. This is the definition version adding more to the gold version. You play as an man who becomes an mexican wrestler to save an woman. But you have to deal with every obstacles in both the world of the living & of the dead. I like how they went about the map system very clever. Every upgrade adds more depth to the overall game. Impressive artwork with great voice acting. Some of the finest puzzles I ever seen in any platform game. You could take hours in most locations since even town maps are huge. Most important areas are massive especially the last couple. Each boss fight pushes you harder then you would expect. An great variety of enemies with an awesome soundtrack & sound effects. Not only this is one of the greatest indie games I ever played. This is now one of absolute favorite platform games. Plus you can add costumes for free from the workshop. This game honestly blows my mind how great it actually is.

8. Freedom Planet

An unique Sonic clone that surprisingly gave me the same feeling from first playing those classic Sonic games. The only Sonic clone so far to do that. Freedom Planet heavily inspired by those games with traits from other platformers. Very amazing artwork, graphics, audio and controls. You start out with two characters but can unlock an third one. Each character plays very different making the game more interesting. Great bosses that do require memorizing and patience. Carol can ride an motorcycle that makes some of her levels more fun. You do two versions of each character's game either in classic or adventure. Classic is like classic Sonic games with some cut scenes. Adventure does change the level line up with more cut scenes to give you more story about what's going on. Everything in this game is incredibly done well. I would go as far to say this is one of my favorite indie games ever. I am really impressed all the work that went into this. I should mention any dlc coming to this game will be free & automatically added now how awesome is that? Freedom Planet has some of the finest retro modern game levels I ever seen. They did an amazing job keeping the replay level high.

This following list going from the worst to the best. Now the lowest my bundle goes is okay meaning none of these sucks. I am very glad I bought all of them together in such an amazing bundle.

8. Sir, You Are Being Hunted
7. Insurgency
6. Lethal League
5. Super Win The Game
4. Cook, Serve, Delicious!
3. Skullgirls
2. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
1. Freedom Planet

I hope you guys enjoy my blog, if everything works out. Another one I been working on and off should be out within the next few days. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Top 5 One Piece Theories (Jack Red Edition)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to write this for some time. Everyone has some ridiculous One Piece theories. Of course I have my own that may blow some people's minds to an degree. All of these are completely based on my beliefs alone.

5. Big Mama is the most mentally disorder driven character
One Piece has it's fair share of personalities. Big Mama probably has the most twisted mindset to date. She has constant obsessive eating disorder even swallowing people without caring. She also suffers from what I now call Negan syndrome. Everyone has to work ignoring the true reality behind her actions. Anyone who opposes her, attempts leaving her crew or refuses to go to one of her tea parties are asking for death. She wants complete control over everything you do. She has one of the biggest armies in the entire world. She officially been married over forty men in her life time. Each marriage brought alliances but also different races into her family. Her dream is to me the most mess up among every One Piece character. She wants to have children of every race and yes I do mean every single race there is. Then she would increase their size to that of giants to have an family dinner. Is it me or does characters within Alice in Wonderland make more sense.

4. Kaido will come after Luffy sooner than most expect
It's no secret Kaido wants Luffy dead. Thanks to Law, the most powerful beast just loss some of his biggest supports. Caesar got kidnapped several times who made weapons for Kaido & artificial devil fruits. Doflamingo helped Kaido by giving him weapons & connections to powerful people. The Strawhat Pirates got two SAD machines destroyed. Luffy with his some members of his crew took down Doflamingo's crew in Dressrosa. All of this really pissed Kaido off to no end. I believe carefully paying attention to what's going on. It is likely either close to the end of the current arc or next major one will be Kaido coming after him. Considering his crew is facing several major threats over an great distance from each other. This would allow Kaido to arrive at the worst possible time during the conclusion of that story arc. Another possibility is Luffy decides to go straight after Kaido instead of going towards one step closer to One Piece. Regardless Kaido will do whatever it takes to stop Luffy. This guy should have some powerful connections to make it very difficult for Luffy's crew to stay in one place for long. Which leads to another likely possibility that their battle could occur at sea. Shortly after an intense ship battle, both crews arrive at the nearest island or two to go after each other.

3. All Blue hidden in an cave

Before I even start talking about All Blue. I heard some really ridiculous fan theories about it. Some of which to me doesn't even sound like One Piece no offense. What we all know about All Blue is every fish in the entire world are all within this one spot. What surprisingly makes the most sense is this would mean All Blue has to be in the very heart of all the oceans. Thus it is possible an difficult to find spot in an particular cave should have All Blue. Clearly going around the entire world on, above & below isn't where All Blue located at. Strongly believed to be an myth by many people. It would make sense an rare cave possibly on the same island that has One Piece also got All Blue. If this were the case then deep in the cave lower carefully hidden. Water being small amount yet connected to all the oceans with every fish known to man. All Blue is difficult to find for an reason. It never was in plain sight with majority already believing it's an myth. Without any real solid proof of it's existence already got plenty loss interest in search of it.

2. There exists complete collaboration devil fruits

There are all kind of devil fruits including those I can't believe actually exists. But considering there's so many dog breed devil fruits. People wondered if there exists devil fruits that's all of an particular category in one. Then Caesar's Gas Gas Fruit got revealed to blow many people's minds. As stated the user has control over virtually every type of gases. The big question is could there exist an devil fruit having powers all within one of three categories? I believe it is likely they do exist but very rare to find. Just imagine having every parmeica, logia or zoan powers at your disposal. I expect Kaido might have eaten the Zoan Zoan Fruit giving him all their abilities. Of course just having one of three would be insanely difficult to control. We already seen plenty of what many of them can do. Very few are already considered gods like Rumble Rumble Fruit. Yes this would be incredibly difficult to take seriously if it were true. At least in comparison to Yhwach in Bleach. By having all three of these devil fruits. In their own way does fit in with what's going on in the story. Thankfully there is so much the author could do with this concept that people could be writing theories nonstop.

1. The real reason why world government made sure everyone doesn't know about the twenty first king is because he has D. in his name

I actually have an very interesting theory about what happened to this mysterious kingdom. Over eight hundred years ago, there exists twenty one kingdoms. Three of them were working together for an better world. But majority of them didn't like it which cause major tragedies to happen. I believe these corrupt kings paid their servants in those kingdoms to willing kill their own kings. They carefully planned it to have an unexpected replacement to take their places. The last good king didn't realize things were about to get much worse. As soon as he heard his alliance with two kingdoms was no more. The other kings went way too far to damage him beyond repair. They quickly turned his own people against him. Shortly after his family & close friend are getting murdered. Of course they want to show how powerless he actually was. So instead of flat out killing them, they forced him to do it. But before this scenario happens his family were already going to leave the kingdom. Many years later some of the highest rank in the world government covers all & any information. Such as One Piece and this forgotten kingdom. Everyone knows the celestial dragons are descendants of those corrupt kings. It is widely stated both world government & the celestial dragons doesn't like people with D. in their names. I may came across the very reason why that may be. It is very possible the last good king of that kingdom could've had D. in his name. As stated anyone with D. in their name are very will driven people. It would make perfect sense to fear that level of determination could bring them down. It is also likely that king could've been an ancestor to Luffy's family. Which would also explain why the marines are working harder each time to attempt capturing him & his crew. It is very likely the same legendary island  to have One Piece may have been the very one to have that kingdom. It is obvious the world government really doesn't want the world to know it's true history. Everything they thought the marines stands for is an big flat lie. In fact it is likely some marines are descendants of people who helped screw over that king to start the world government. What many expect is the truth being hidden on those polygraphs. This lie is so bad that it would tear the entire world a part. It is very likely Luffy's father already uncovered the truth they been hiding under everyone's noses. I honestly could go a little further but isn't this already mind blowing enough.