Sunday, November 6, 2016

Top 5 One Piece Theories (Jack Red Edition)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to write this for some time. Everyone has some ridiculous One Piece theories. Of course I have my own that may blow some people's minds to an degree. All of these are completely based on my beliefs alone.

5. Big Mama is the most mentally disorder driven character
One Piece has it's fair share of personalities. Big Mama probably has the most twisted mindset to date. She has constant obsessive eating disorder even swallowing people without caring. She also suffers from what I now call Negan syndrome. Everyone has to work ignoring the true reality behind her actions. Anyone who opposes her, attempts leaving her crew or refuses to go to one of her tea parties are asking for death. She wants complete control over everything you do. She has one of the biggest armies in the entire world. She officially been married over forty men in her life time. Each marriage brought alliances but also different races into her family. Her dream is to me the most mess up among every One Piece character. She wants to have children of every race and yes I do mean every single race there is. Then she would increase their size to that of giants to have an family dinner. Is it me or does characters within Alice in Wonderland make more sense.

4. Kaido will come after Luffy sooner than most expect
It's no secret Kaido wants Luffy dead. Thanks to Law, the most powerful beast just loss some of his biggest supports. Caesar got kidnapped several times who made weapons for Kaido & artificial devil fruits. Doflamingo helped Kaido by giving him weapons & connections to powerful people. The Strawhat Pirates got two SAD machines destroyed. Luffy with his some members of his crew took down Doflamingo's crew in Dressrosa. All of this really pissed Kaido off to no end. I believe carefully paying attention to what's going on. It is likely either close to the end of the current arc or next major one will be Kaido coming after him. Considering his crew is facing several major threats over an great distance from each other. This would allow Kaido to arrive at the worst possible time during the conclusion of that story arc. Another possibility is Luffy decides to go straight after Kaido instead of going towards one step closer to One Piece. Regardless Kaido will do whatever it takes to stop Luffy. This guy should have some powerful connections to make it very difficult for Luffy's crew to stay in one place for long. Which leads to another likely possibility that their battle could occur at sea. Shortly after an intense ship battle, both crews arrive at the nearest island or two to go after each other.

3. All Blue hidden in an cave

Before I even start talking about All Blue. I heard some really ridiculous fan theories about it. Some of which to me doesn't even sound like One Piece no offense. What we all know about All Blue is every fish in the entire world are all within this one spot. What surprisingly makes the most sense is this would mean All Blue has to be in the very heart of all the oceans. Thus it is possible an difficult to find spot in an particular cave should have All Blue. Clearly going around the entire world on, above & below isn't where All Blue located at. Strongly believed to be an myth by many people. It would make sense an rare cave possibly on the same island that has One Piece also got All Blue. If this were the case then deep in the cave lower carefully hidden. Water being small amount yet connected to all the oceans with every fish known to man. All Blue is difficult to find for an reason. It never was in plain sight with majority already believing it's an myth. Without any real solid proof of it's existence already got plenty loss interest in search of it.

2. There exists complete collaboration devil fruits

There are all kind of devil fruits including those I can't believe actually exists. But considering there's so many dog breed devil fruits. People wondered if there exists devil fruits that's all of an particular category in one. Then Caesar's Gas Gas Fruit got revealed to blow many people's minds. As stated the user has control over virtually every type of gases. The big question is could there exist an devil fruit having powers all within one of three categories? I believe it is likely they do exist but very rare to find. Just imagine having every parmeica, logia or zoan powers at your disposal. I expect Kaido might have eaten the Zoan Zoan Fruit giving him all their abilities. Of course just having one of three would be insanely difficult to control. We already seen plenty of what many of them can do. Very few are already considered gods like Rumble Rumble Fruit. Yes this would be incredibly difficult to take seriously if it were true. At least in comparison to Yhwach in Bleach. By having all three of these devil fruits. In their own way does fit in with what's going on in the story. Thankfully there is so much the author could do with this concept that people could be writing theories nonstop.

1. The real reason why world government made sure everyone doesn't know about the twenty first king is because he has D. in his name

I actually have an very interesting theory about what happened to this mysterious kingdom. Over eight hundred years ago, there exists twenty one kingdoms. Three of them were working together for an better world. But majority of them didn't like it which cause major tragedies to happen. I believe these corrupt kings paid their servants in those kingdoms to willing kill their own kings. They carefully planned it to have an unexpected replacement to take their places. The last good king didn't realize things were about to get much worse. As soon as he heard his alliance with two kingdoms was no more. The other kings went way too far to damage him beyond repair. They quickly turned his own people against him. Shortly after his family & close friend are getting murdered. Of course they want to show how powerless he actually was. So instead of flat out killing them, they forced him to do it. But before this scenario happens his family were already going to leave the kingdom. Many years later some of the highest rank in the world government covers all & any information. Such as One Piece and this forgotten kingdom. Everyone knows the celestial dragons are descendants of those corrupt kings. It is widely stated both world government & the celestial dragons doesn't like people with D. in their names. I may came across the very reason why that may be. It is very possible the last good king of that kingdom could've had D. in his name. As stated anyone with D. in their name are very will driven people. It would make perfect sense to fear that level of determination could bring them down. It is also likely that king could've been an ancestor to Luffy's family. Which would also explain why the marines are working harder each time to attempt capturing him & his crew. It is very likely the same legendary island  to have One Piece may have been the very one to have that kingdom. It is obvious the world government really doesn't want the world to know it's true history. Everything they thought the marines stands for is an big flat lie. In fact it is likely some marines are descendants of people who helped screw over that king to start the world government. What many expect is the truth being hidden on those polygraphs. This lie is so bad that it would tear the entire world a part. It is very likely Luffy's father already uncovered the truth they been hiding under everyone's noses. I honestly could go a little further but isn't this already mind blowing enough.

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