Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #7 What Halloweens means to me

Happy Halloween, My friends tonight we pay tribute to such an awesome holiday. Of course some doesn't feel that way for great reasons. This is for those really into Halloween like myself. No other holiday not even Christmas has more movies than Halloween. There also exists a few horror shows with all kind of different directions in each events.

As an kid Halloween always felt unique to me. More recently in gaming both major & indie developers are making horror games. There is so much I could talk about relating to Halloween. I could be doing an ridiculous amount of blogs with no real end.

My favorite horror game series has always been Resident Evil series. Yes to some degree it doesn't stay close to horror. I always had an strong connection since my child hood. There is some interesting concepts with the viruses to creatures. All of it is greater to what inspired it, Night of the Living Dead.

I should give an shout out to an awesome indie game Deadly 30. I will talk more about it in one of my next blog entries. I highly recommend such an amazing game. I also recommend Silent Hill 1-3 since those are easily some of the finest horror games. Of course how could you complete gaming side of Halloween without Zombies Ate My Neighbors. This game as an whole is an tribute for many years of horror movies. An precursor to Dead Rising series which has strong similarities to ZAMN.

Everyone has their own belief on what Halloween should be. For some you & people close to you has to get scared. For others it's all about watching an large amount of horror movies. For an rare few it's about seeing kids getting happy from all that candy they got from people. For me Halloween is suppose to represent everything that's suppose to terrify people. It should be every possibilities with & without creatures.

Halloween is truly special for being the one holiday to constantly surprise people. Yes you could get surprise from getting something you really wanted for Christmas. You never know what to expect for Halloween each year. Some people go out of their way to make their houses spooky with some people having an fog machine.

I should mention there are a lot of places like Jason's Woods & Kim's Krypt. You go to those places close to or on Halloween to get scared. Some of these places go the extra mile making it intense, scary and difficult to predict. This is almost like surviving an horror movie. There is no other direct way to explain the feeling from those places.

Some places mostly carnivals has an haunted ride. Those are okay compared to some farms doing haunted hay rides. Now those are the real haunted rides I recommend more people to try. You with a lot of people get on an large vehicle going around most of the farm. It is amazing how much work they put into these rides. If you can't go to places like Jason's Woods or Kim's Krypt. This would be the next best thing.

A lot of people dress up in costumes for conventions. Which is special in & off itself but the feeling of doing it on Halloween. To me I felt very good dressing up on Halloween compared to going to Otakon. Some go the extra mile to make their costumes scarier. I love it when some get creative with it.

There is something about the Fall season that brings the whole spirit of Halloween together. I would go as far to say you are more likely to get an nice cool Halloween night. I know some would love to get more white Christmas. I am referring to when it snows on Christmas. Fall not only fits in perfectly for Halloween. It really works best at night with so many people walking around.

Words alone can't come close to fully explaining how much Halloween means to me. I really look forward to Cinemassacre's Monster Madness as an while. I always welcome someone doing their own Halloween marathon. This guy reviews so many horror movies that the list is possibly endless by today's standards. It is sad to see him doing his final major Monster Madness. Although a lot of good will come out of it.

One of my personal favorite things for Halloween is The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. All of them are similar to many classic horror shows. Regularly doing three different stories per an episode. These usually are high among most Simpsons fans favorite episodes. They allow stuff regular episodes wouldn't. Such as popular characters gets killed or sick jokes or simply out there. Which compared to The Simpsons is saying a lot.

Everyone knows a lot about these episodes. Ever since Season 2, every year we been getting these amazing episodes. I should talk a little about the canon Halloween episode. Officially it is in the middle of the pack but interesting to finally see how Halloween would be like at the Simpsons house. I also like the brief joke part about the next episode being Treehouse of Horror episode.

This concludes my first The Final Week of Halloween marathon. I thank everyone whose been reading these or very much into the holiday as myself.

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