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Jack Red reviews Cinemassacre's Monster Madness X

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I know some of his fans want to hear my opinion. Cinemassacre has been doing Monster Madness for ten years now. Just like The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. I usually look forward to it as I kept getting more excited for Halloween. I am here to review the last of these marathons for many people out there.

I will review it in all six categories to the best of my abilities. I felt doing it this way would make it easier for those reading it. Also regularly he does an theme in some marathons while others doesn't have one. I got to say this is one of his best marathons to date. This is what I personally would call an true Halloween experience.

Modern Mondays

James reviews an movie released in the last few years. He never clarify how recent they have to be. I will say he is picking movies I wouldn't watch until someone close to me recommends it. Out of them I am oddly enough the most interested in seeing Tusk. Who ever heard of stuff an movie & directed by Kevin Smith of all people. It bags a lot of questions but I am willing to find an copy of it to watch some day.

These would be modern Halloween classics to many people. I only seen Lumberjack Man very recently but these do seem interesting. I do agree newer horror movies isn't breaking enough ground to stand out. Some of these movies still got many people's attention. He did say most of his reviews are recommendations. I will consider checking the rest of the movies for Modern Mondays. This is better than WTF Wednesdays, Blood-Thirsty Thursdays and Fraken-Fridays. Which is saying a lot & I wasn't expecting to like it that much.

Top Ten Tuesdays

As stated in an related blog, this was one of my favorite categories for this marathon. James decided to do a lot of lists covering the best of Golden, Silver & Bronze Age of Horror Movies. He did recommend an handful of Silent Age horror movies. He clearly put a lot of work into those videos. Easily some of his finest list videos to date.

Four videos with over nine lists covering seventy movies. I was very impressed how well done all these videos turned out. Clearly a lot of editing but James out did himself with all videos. Easily the category of this year's Monster Madness standing out. Although personally I would've put the 90s in Bronze Age of Horror Movies but I understand his reasons for not doing it. I got to say this really didn't disappoint in any way. In my opinion these are the spirit of Halloween.

WTF Wednesdays

James reviews mess up movies that make little to no sense or flat out weird. You could consider this Camp Cult sequel as it kinda has that going for it. Terror Firmer is one of the sickest movies I ever seen. Every horror movie has seen their fair share of out there horror movies that's difficult to take seriously. Hell all of them would make an great marathon of movies to watch one night with your friends.

James really picked some mess up movies indeed. Most of these are difficult to come by. Each movie kept getting weirder with each following Wednesday. Honestly I am happy with his selection of movies for that theme. Only because I recently seen Terror Firmer I would say that's the best of them. But if I could check the remaining movies out. I'm sure I will like what I see.

Blood-Thirsty Thursdays

This is for vampire fans like myself, as an kid Vampires were one of my favorite fictional beings. You know people who can't get enough zombies, I'm the guy who can't get enough of vampires. Creatures that supposedly do all the way back to when the dinosaurs walked the Earth in myth & legends. Vampires has an very strong following in horror movies alone. I could easily do an entire Halloween marathon of them. I will give the final decision to you guys.

James broke an record by reviewing an movie that got canceled. Wolfman vs. Dracula as he stated later become parts of several movies. I got to be honest I was happy with his choices for Blood-Thirsty Thursdays. I am an huge fan of vampire movies with all the ones he did on those days I haven't seen. Vampires is truly one of the scariest fictional creatures to date. Based on what I heard The Lost Boys may be the best among all of them. I will always support an vampire or vampires over most fictional beings. In an sense these reviews would be following both parts of Sequel-A-Thon 1 and 2 with Dracula movies.


This may surprise people but I really like Frankenstein's Monster. Easily the most neutral horror movie character in history. There exists many versions of Frankenstein with similar movies through out the years. When Franken movies are bad they explode in an way people won't shut up about. Frankenstein is an legendary name in pop culture that will never die.

For the most part I am happy with his choices of Frankenstein movies. An spiritual successor to both Sequel-A-Thon 1 & 2 parts covering Frankenstein movies. I felt Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster should've been used on WTF Wednesdays since it isn't technically an Frankenstein movie. Also I do agree to some degree Mary Shelley's Frankenstein wasn't perfect. It still stands as one of the best adaptations of Frankenstein novel. Victor Frankenstein does center more of Dr. Frankenstein's relationship with Igor than the actual monster. I still like that movie a lot compared to many movies with Frankenstein's Monster.

Weekend Whatevers

An follow up to all those marathons without an theme. Basically any movie James wants to review. Honestly I am glad he make it the weekend since more people would be home. Also because people watch more movies they regularly wouldn't during the week. This is allowing James to be more refreshing when he needs to be. For example he reviewed one of my favorite movies, Clash of the Titans. I don't know what it is about that movie but I loved it with an passion.

James covers the most movies on Saturdays & Sundays under Weekend Whatevers. He reviews ten movies that bring something different & unique to the genre. I wasn't expecting James to be creative with his choices but I'm very mind blown by them. Last Saturday of this month, he talks about an forgotten Halloween tradition. Most people today wouldn't know back then some companies went the extra miles of scaring people. Funny enough he also reviewed Matinee that's based on that concept. This is continuing all previous Monster Madness marathons with no theme. Honestly this is the best out of all those marathons. I would go as far to say this is the closest of rivaling Top Ten Tuesdays.

Top 10 Cinemassacre's Monster Madness (official list)
10. Camp Cult
9. Monster Madness 3
8. 80s-A-Thon
7. Godzillathon
6. History of Horror
5. Monster Madness 9
4. Monster Madness 8
3. Monster Madness X
2. Sequel-A-Thon
1. Sequel-A-Thon 2

I hope you guys enjoyed the marathon as much as I have. I will be starting an poll shortly after this goes up. If majority votes yes, I will be doing an follow up marathon. Where I will be covering the entire month of October with vampire movies. Regardless I will keep to support their work as I always have. If we do get more smaller marathons I will enjoy them as well. Until next time I am Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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