Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #2 Tales from the Crypt Movie Series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Tales from the Crypt left an unforgettable impression on me since my child hood. Easily one of the greatest horror shows I ever seen. Not many people who seen the show know there exists three movies. At some point as they were airing episodes of the show. They really tried hard to get three movies based on it to come out. It almost didn't happen but I felt we still got some great horror movies.

Tales from the Crypt presents Demon Knight (1995)

It's hard to believe until last year I haven't seen this movie. Hands down the best among all Tales from the Crypt movies. I would go as far to say even the best episodes of the show fail in comparison to this movie. I am not kidding it is really that damn good. The story is about an guy being chased by an powerful demon played by Billy Zane. Very quickly things get out of the control at an boarding house. Demons start coming after people with little to no way to defend themselves. Billy Zane gives an very impressive performance as the demon knight. Holy crap everything in all possible categories is really good. I am dead serious with one of the best stories for anything Tales from the Crypt. Of course I have to talk about the Crypt Keeper. I love it every minute of him being in Hollywood. It is easily in the top 10 most entertaining Crypt Keeper performances. I highly recommend people to go find this movie as soon as possible.

Tales from the Crypt presents Bordello of Blood (1996)

Believe it or not this was the first in this trilogy I seen. For a lot of people it's the same case as me. This is an vampire movie that some may or may not heard of. The story is about an private investigator gets hired to look into an missing person case. This involves him checking an unlikely location for an brothel in the disguise of an funeral home. In that regard it reminds me of Phantasm series. An artifact from Demon Knight appears as an means to control an ancient vampire. What's weird is originally in Demon Knight it held blood of whose currently in procession of it. Which kept demons out so it's weird they changed it into controlling an vampire. Dennis Miller does an great performance in this movie. Honestly this is an great movie but it doesn't blow me away like Demon Knight. The Crypt Keeper in both portions is playing against monsters. If you seen an particular episode called Cutting Cards. They are playing them to an even greater, more ridiculous degree than the two guys in that episode. Personally Cutting Cards all around is more entertaining than this movie.

Tales from the Crypt presents Ritual (2002)

This movie went through a lot of problems. Eventually it got released briefly under the title Tales from the Crypt presents Ritual. Shortly after that it got rereleased just called Ritual with Crypt Keeper portions removed. Regardless which version you seen the movie itself is identical. Not much changes besides those but due to those problems. At the last minute Ritual became an direct to video movie. They really tried getting it done for theaters but it never happened. The story is about an lady visiting an place. She discovers a lot of strange things going on all relating for the most part to voodoo. Who doesn't like a little voodoo am I right? I recommend any Child's Play movie even Seed of Chucky over this. Ritual in most areas isn't too great with barely any rememberable parts. I am not saying it is flat out bad like many would. Ritual is more of it's own thing than an actual story inspired or based on Tales from the Crypt comics. Not even Tim Currey could save this movie. Although he still was an great Pennywise from IT, an better movie with him. What's worse is there exist similar episodes to this theme on the show. All of those are done better including the episode with Whoopi Goldberg. Tales from the Crypt doesn't have a lot of stories with demons & vampires. An key reason why I prefer those movies over this one. Hell I also recommend another movie based on Stephen King's work called Thinner over this. Ritual is only for those into the show & other two movies. Not even Crypt Keeper portions of this movie does much to save it either.

The Crypt Keeper would be proud of these movies for what they are. Just don't fell into madness or go into insanity yet kiddies. I will be back tomorrow with another horror series that many enjoy.

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