Monday, October 3, 2016

Some Blogs to Expect in the Next Few Months

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this past Friday I got two bundles from two websites for a little over ten bucks. Yes I will be reviewing both of them in future blog entries. The first bundle was Interplay Build Your Own Bundle. Out of almost forty games, you get to choose any ten games you want for 90% off. I will keep what I bought from that deal a surprise until that blog entry gets release. The second bundle was Horror Heroes Bundle from Bundle Stars. For those not familiar with Bundle Stars. It is an official UK website that's connected to Steam. You get very good bundle deals some of which are ridiculous. I love getting so much for as little as possible. I am not by any means an cheap bastard. This bundle had so many different developers that I was shocked to see it being possible. I am in the process of playing every game in both bundles. As of yesterday I officially own Sega Genesis Classic Game Console from AtGames. I really got a lot to say about it but I am taking a lot of time. I already have my hands full with two bundles filled with great games.

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