Saturday, September 24, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why There's More Remakes than Original Horror Movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I want to be direct for an chance. Who doesn't like Hollywood constantly crapping on older horror movies. By making newer versions of them good because I don't either. I was able to combine most of my reasons down to just my top 5 reasons for why there's more remakes than original horror movies. Yes this is going to upset some people for many reasons. I am making this for those who felt the same way about majority of those remakes.

5. Sometimes more copies can be release & sold faster being straight to DVD
Some directors are desperate enough to rush production of their movies. In fact they skip the whole getting their movies in movie theaters to go straight into your houses. This allows them to produce more copies from the start as most movies later down the road gets more copies including different versions. Another advantage of this strategy is directors get more of the total amount of money paid for their movies.

4. A limit for how violent & disturbing movies can be
Since the beginning horror movies were meant to scare you. Some directors took on disturbing concepts. Some took on using creatures you regularly wouldn't use in an horror movie. Some are forced during the editing of their movies to tone it down. In some cases causes movies like new Halloween 2 to get an entirely new story. As time went down the gore went up with more possibilities. Unfortunately this greatly affect remakes more because they're the modern version of classic movies. Thus they had to keep it tone down & keeping some key elements from the original. Otherwise either their movies becomes an different one or gets canceled.

3. An alternate version of classic horror movies
As stated before the main reason remakes of horror movies exist to allow you to experience them. Some classic horror movies are quite difficult to find by today's standards. In some cases you could be getting two completely difference experiences. Simply watching both the original & remake of several movies. Some remakes are meant to allow you to watch some of those movies.

2. Not much room for creativity

All kind of horror movies has been made through out the years. A great number of classic horror movies are in the public domain. Even some shows like Supernatural has literately everything present. All of this greatly limits on what some movie companies can do. The obvious answer is go in remake an horror movie or several of them direction. They also do this to possibly avoid lawsuits.

1. Cash In

Everyone knew this was the number 1 reason behind those movies. Some companies love crapping on sequels. Can you believe them crapping on classic horror movies with newer versions is worse? Not only they're modernizing it, they're changing much more. Most remakes are very different from their original movies. Hell War of the Worlds to my surprise got three remakes in the same year by three different companies. Most of the time plots changed, how the story plays out is different & too much of forced scares. Plus this makes getting their movies out a lot easier in the long run. What's worse is some companies with little to no permission from another company can make sequels to movies. Some sequels are actually remakes in disguised like Fright Night 2 newer version. Regardless most horror movies even some bad ones are doomed to getting remade. In doing so loses a lot of potential most of their original movies had. The rate horror movie remakes can come out is surprisingly quick on an good year. In an bad one I would say about two handful of those movies. Hollywood knows horror movies has an huge demand. They will constantly keep them coming no matter what.

Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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