Sunday, September 4, 2016

Top 5 Things I Like More about Sega CD over Game Cube

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I will be attempting an difficult topic for fun. I really enjoy playing an Nintendo Game Cube. Very briefly in my child hood I played on Sega CD. Of course during most of that time both companies really tried out doing each other. Considering both have similar receptions on their first CD consoles. Obviously more people prefer an Game Cube including myself. I figured to take on reasons in some ways I like Sega CD more. Again this is purely my opinion as an live long Sega fan.

5. Better controllers

If you seen some of my recent blog entries. You should know I love both their controllers. But to me having an Genesis controller felt natural. Especially some games played better with an six button controller. Even the regular three button controller is often higher praise than an Game Cube controller. To clarify Game Cube does have an great controller for it's time. You really can't compete with an six button Genesis controller.

4. Better soundtracks

Easily the most controversial among all my choices for many reasons. Before Nintendo fans start coming after me with pitchforks. Please listen to what I have to say first at least. It's no question both consoles has some of the finest among both their eras as well as CD based consoles overall. I always felt Sega CD's soundtrack even in it's bad games stands out more. Let me explain Game Cube does surprisingly lack parts of audio most CD based consoles has. This is due to their discs are small that does have a lot of power behind it. Honestly Sega CD simply nailed most things in audio better. Especially noticeable in Sonic CD which so happens to be released on both consoles. Even some video based games like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers has great songs.

3. More models

Nintendo usually has cheaper smaller variation of consoles near the end of their run released. Not in Game Cube's case for some unexplained reason. Sega CD itself has three different models. The original model connected to the bottom of the model 1 Genesis. Second model connected to right of model 2 Genesis. Last model is CDX that combined Genesis with both add ons from the start. The first two models of Sega CD came with it's own wires since Genesis was powering it. CDX made the entire process of connecting all three a lot easier. All of them can play Sega CD, Genesis, 32X and CDX games. Yes first two Sega CD models are bigger than Game Cube. Surprisingly CDX is a lot smaller & interesting to look at as shown in the picture above.

2. Better cases for games

Based on Genesis and Game Gear style. Every game covers really pops for it's time. Yes Game Cube has some great game covers. But Sega CD's covers are really good in comparison to Game Cube's. Hell look at some of them in the picture above. Despite Sega CD's covers are actually their manuals. Yes Game Cube has better made cases. Yet Sega CD right away pulls your attention. Of course people do change over the years in taste & what they look. Sega CD games simply looks better on your shelves than that of Game Cube games.

1. Indirectly caused game companies to go from making cartridge consoles to CD based consoles.

Probably the most surprising thing I like more about Sega CD that most doesn't realize. To many people they thought Sony PlayStation started that theme of future consoles. You would be shocked to know Sega CD kinda indirectly caused that change to happen. Back when Genesis was taking on Super Nintendo. Obviously most gamers were paying attention to both consoles. Although Turbografx-16 does officially predate Sega CD. Near the end of the nineties several game companies decided to go towards CD based consoles for big changes including 3D games. Where Sega CD fits in all of this change was Sega itself really tried hard to complete with Nintendo. Genesis had two add on consoles with another add on piece allowing you to play Sega Master System games. Sega tried beating Nintendo to CDs and higher bits consoles at the time. Which you all know how that turned out for them. Some took notes of what stand out more in CD based games from Sega CD. Thus closer to when Sony PlayStation came out Sega CD indirectly helped it caught on faster. Also due to the fact Nintendo leaked two similar deals for an CD based add on for Super Nintendo. An huge mistake still hurting Nintendo today as they lose a lot of third party support from it. Sorry if this was a little complex to take in. If you took time thinking about it, Sega CD helped PlayStation and Saturn selling better.

I think some of you would find this interesting. Yes I'm not arguing which first CD console is better. I am only pointing out Sega CD isn't that bad compared to many failed consoles out there. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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