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My Thoughts on Cinemassacre's Monster Madness (2007-2016)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's hard to believe in a week from today will be the final Monster Madness marathon. James Rolfe widely known for shows like AVGN, Board James and You Know What's Bullshit is creating something truly unique. Something the definitive true spirit of Halloween. This may surprise people but he confirmed not too long ago. He puts more work into these videos than The Angry Video Game Nerd episodes. From 2007 to 2016 is ten years of his way getting people into the spirit of Halloween as well as horror movies in general. Some of these videos are creative for their time. I doubt there ever will be an horror marathon worth waiting for or unique as Cinemassacre's Monster Madness.

2007 (History of Horror) 31 reviews

His original major Monster Madness marathon back in 2007. James clearly has an eye to detail for lining these move up. He starts with the oldest working his way to the most recent among them. All for the history of horror movies is surprisingly interesting over the years. Just how much those movies changed from the beginning to present is mind blowing. He does an amazing job with each short review going straight to the point.

2008 (Godzillathon) 30 reviews with best of video
For me one of my least favorite among all Monster Madness marathons. No it's not because they aren't technically horror movies. Anything especially comedies with traits of horror movies count in my book. I am not too into those movies but James really knows his stuff. Each review in this series kept getting more interesting. I like how he went about the best of video which was my favorite in this marathon.Who knew Godzilla had so many movies through out the years right. Clearly James really wanted more people to be into them. I respect he went it without caring for an slight chance people would hate it. Reviewing all of these movies isn't easy to do. For the record I am an Otaku so I do like similar stuff to this.

2009 (Monster Madness 3) 31 reviews

Officially doesn't have an real theme but still a great marathon. He reviewed some of my favorite horror movies. I will post a list of those movies below for those wondering which ones...

1. Child's Play
2. Leprechaun
3. Hellraiser
4. Creepshow
5. The Devil's Rejects

James decided to start from the oldest to the most recent. Which was done very well considering his choices of this marathon. Honestly this is kinda in the middle of the pack within all the years he done. Nothing major turned me off about it. I do like he did play it by ear to gave us some great reviews. I would say go check this marathon out for sure. Especially if you have nothing to do I promise it's worth every minute of your time.

2010 (Camp Cult) over 30 reviews and best of video

Officially he decided to do okay to horrible movies that some people can't get enough of. Yes there are groups that would pay to see very bad movies like Troll 2 & still have a great time. Once again he reviewed a couple of movies I like that I could recommend to some people. If you want to check out the list just look below...

1. Ernest Scared Stupid
2. Critters
3. Fright Night

Honestly most of these could freak you out or getting you laughing hard. I think some people would have trouble not constantly rewatching these. I am glad James decided to take on those labeled movies. Usually most would say little about them or go too far with some. James went right in knowing he was going to cover some of the weirdest movies anyone has ever seen. Most of these movies are laughable even back then. For some reason when you don't have anything to do just bored out of your mind. There is something about those kind of movies that gets you going again. Maybe that was the entire point of Rolfe doing this theme Monster Madness.

2011 (Sequel-A-Thon) over 30 reviews

One of my absolute favorite Monster Madness marathons. Sequel-A-Thon was doomed to happen. Horror movies has some of the most follow up movies in history of cinema. Of course James had an great list of franchises to cover in the month of October. He covers Universal Frankenstein, Hammer Dracula, A Nightmare on Elm Street & Halloween series all within one month. Some of his finest reviews to date are present in this Monster Madness. James does an incredible job reviewing every movie in all four these horror movie series. I love he also made short trailers for all of them. Which shows parts of each video within that series. From the first video to the last I had difficulty showing myself from watching them nonstop. Honestly that's how damn good those videos are to me.

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street series
2. Halloween series

2012 (80s-A-Thon) 16 reviews

The shortest Monster Madness to date of sixteen videos. This year covers only movies released back in the 80s. Believe it or not some believe the 80s are the golden years of horror movies. Although it  wasn't, there was a lot of good & bad horror movies released in those years. Just like Monster Madness 3, this is also in the middle of the pack. Personally I do like some of these movies he reviewed.

1. Twilight Zone The Movie
2. Toxic Avenger
3. Teen Wolf
4. Pumpkinhead
5. Puppetmaster
6. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I think some people will have trouble getting this marathon. It still interesting how movies like those existed in the 80s. Kinda like Camp Cult it does have a similar affect on people. Maybe not as strong but still more noticeable.

2013 (Sequal-A-Thon 2) over 30 reviews and commentary on Night of the Living Dead movie

I was very excited to hear James doing another Sequel-A-Thon theme Monster Madness. I already was an huge fan of his first Sequel-A-Thon. WOW could it be he actually out did the original Sequel-A-Thon. Yes he did by doing five horror movie franchises in one month. Yes Alien, Gamera, Hammer Frankenstein, Universal Mummy and George A. Romero's Zombie Movies all done in one month. He does an extra mile by doing an full movie commentary on Night of the Living Dead. All of the videos are very well done. Some of his finest being really constant from the start. All of them together could be one great long movie. James really put a lot of work into this Monster Madness. It's no secret I'm an huge fan of this Monster Madness marathon. Truly one of his finest among all of them by far. Of course I should bring up the infamous belief that horror movie sequels are terrible. Not true which some of these movies debunks that belief right out the door.

2014 (Monster Madness 8) 31 reviews

There isn't an theme for this Monster Madness but still one of the best line up of horror movies to date. All of them in an weird way made perfect sense to do for the month of October. It all came together beautifully as if it actually was the true spirit of Halloween. One of the best among Monster Madness marathons. Honestly it is in all honesty that good. Monster Madness 8 is one of the best things with 8 in the title. James did an amazing job reviewing all of these at his best.

1. Bram Stoker's Dracula
2. Beetlejuice
3. Bride of Chucky
4. IT
5. Are You Afraid of the Dark TV Show

2015 (Monster Madness 9) almost 30 reviews with a few extra Halloween themed videos

Partly good & mixed for the most part. All the scripted videos are done very well. I felt some of the unscripted videos are a little all over the place. I understand why they chose to do some of them that way. James had a lot on him that year & barely was able to give us all of these videos. I still have to point it out because some videos could've been better a little better. Simply being a little more to the point or at least more on topic. These videos came out more as extra videos than actual videos for this marathon. I'm not saying I hate Monster Madness 9 hell no I like it a lot. It's difficult for me to put it high on my list.

1. Misery
2. Poultrygeist
3. Silence of the Lambs
4. Shaun of the Dead
5. Saw
6. Carrie
7. Treehouse of Horror episodes in TV Specials video

Oh we're not done yet because I am going to rank all of them from the worst to the best. I'm positive people will have different lists on topics like this. Please don't cry like babies, just listen to what I have to say. If possible please give me some respect otherwise go somewhere else. To be honest this is going to be difficult to do. James really puts a lot of work into each Monster Madness marathon. Thus trying to pick my absolute favorite out of them. Literately like an needle in an haystack but I gotta try.

9. Camp Cult
8. Monster Madness 3
7. 80s-A-Thon
6. Godzillathon
5. History of Horror
4. Monster Madness 9
3. Monster Madness 8
2. Sequel-A-Thon
1. Sequel-A-Thon 2

My thoughts on Monster Madness X in full detail not holding back...
I really like the trailer for the last major Monster Madness marathon. It speaks volumes of how awesome this year Monster Madness is going to be. Obviously I got a lot of thoughts on each day themes.

Modern Mondays are James reviewing newer horror movies good or bad. It is likely some newer horror movie remakes could appear. Personally I'm hoping he reviews Fright Night remake with Colin Farrell. I also don't care for the current direction of horror movies is heading sue me I have my reasons.

Top Ten Tuesdays is easily one of my favorites. I really enjoy his Top 10 videos especially his personal favorite Tales from the Crypt episodes. I already know these are really worth waiting for. James is an creative guy especially when it comes to making horror related stuff. Of course I have a few ideas of what he could be doing videos this October.

1. Top 10 Kills in Horror Movies
2. Top 10 Monsters in Horror Movies
3. Top 10 Survivors in Horror Movies
4. Top 10 Worst Horror Movies I Can't Stop Watching
5. Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time
6. Top 10 Horror Movie Franchises
7. Top 10 Unexpected Horror Movie Moments
8. Top 10 Horror Movie Weapons
9. Top 10 Strangest Horror Movies
10. Top 10 Complex Horror Movies
11. Top 10 Movies That Could Be Horror Movies
12. Top 10 Mass Murder Scenes
13. Top 10 Most Fuck Up Ways of Killing People in Horror Movies
14. Top 10 Horror Movie Beliefs

WTF Wednesdays is going to be very entertaining. As many of you know both James & Mike seen some mess up movies over the years. I already know they chosen some really mess up movies. Movies that makes you even wonder how the hell did it ever get released in the first place. Those will help up some much needed humor from when his reviews starts getting boring to some people. There are surprisingly a lot of those horror movies out there. It could take forever for anyone to cover them all in one or several long videos. I give respects to James throwing himself in what could be another Camp Cult session. I bet he already kissed his wife & put his daughter to sleep before going into madness. Such as known only as WTF Wednesdays. You thought being inside an black hole or the Twilight Zone is bad. I dare anyone to explore the realm of WTF horror movies & come back.

Blood-Thirsty Thursdays has a lot of potential to being one of his best categories. There are so many good & bad vampire movies. In fact it's possible he could do an special vampire video talking a lot about them. Regardless the very concept of those vampires has been said to go all the way back to the dinosaurs were still alive. Vampires have gone through several major changes over the years. One possible angle James could do or  review an vampire movie series. Another possibilities is which are vampires video now that would be fun to watch. Vampires has such an strong reception among so many people. James already knows he has bring his A game to live up to it's legacy. I believe he will do just that for all of us.

Franken-Fridays is all centered around one of my favorite classic horror movie monsters. Frankenstein's monster has been in so many shows, movies and games it's ridiculous. Just like Blood-Thirsty Thursdays, this too has a lot of potential of being one of his best categories. There is so many movies with this creature that most doesn't know. All helps in James getting you interested in possibly checking it out yourselves. A very neutral character since sometimes he's good while others he's bad. Which by itself makes many people more interested in those Friday videos. Honestly I hope he picks stuff to help get me more into the creature. I wondered if he would review I, Frankenstein or Alvinn and the Chipmunks meets Frankenstein. I am looking forward to see what we're getting on those Fridays myself.

Weekend Whatevers is basically no theme anything goes. James already proven in a few major Monster Madness marathons with no themes. He still makes great videos getting us more into his work, Halloween and true spirit of the Holiday in general. I am expecting my expectations low because you really don't know what he would do. There's so many possibilities I could do another big blog on it. I am looking forward to it like many people.

Honestly this has the makings of an great finale to such an rememberable Halloween marathons. So many are entertained by these videos during all those Octobers before. James really loves Halloween with an passion I doubt anyone alive or dead could rival. This marathon has the potential of being one of his greatest achievements in life.

Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.
PS. I do plan up covering Monster Madness X and updating my list officially becoming an Top 10 list. Don't worry I will work hard, paying attention to all of these videos for fellow fans. Also I would gravely be proud if anyone could contact anyone from Cinemassacre about my blog. You have my thanks in advance and I hope everyone has an great Halloween.

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