Saturday, September 3, 2016

Top 5 Differences Between DC's Deathstroke & Marvel's Deadpool

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I want to do something a little different. So many people compare Deathstroke & Deadpool like no tomorrow. Marvel made Deadpool very different from the beginning. In fact I am going to point out five major ones in this blog entries.

Extra challenge I won't be using any of Deadpool's creators to make things more interesting.

5. Their arsenal

Yes both mercenaries has guns, swords and explosives. Deadpool uses dual katanas with dual aks mp5s. Deathstroke has very expensive insanely durable weaponry. Deathstroke uses all kind of guns in his long history. His sword is made out of an very tough metal with some metal types can rival. Deadpool also has magic satchel that allows him to literately pull anything out. He could pull out your underwear or a nuke out of the clear blue.

4. Sanity

Deathstroke is considered by some to be crazy like an fox. Often stated by some big name characters as the world's best tactician. Deathstroke has ninety period of his brain unlocked. Which allows him to instantly memorize anything he has seen & very quickly come up with strategies. Sometime getting Wolverine's DNA injected into him while on the verge of dying. Deadpool's state of mind became insanity. He is the absolute opposite of how Deathstroke does things in every possible way. Deathstroke barely talks during his fights. Everyone knows Deadpool really doesn't shut up even at the weirdest of moments. Deadpool also became unpredictable for someone similar to Deathstroke named Taskmaster. Even he stated Deadpool was the best person he has ever faced. Simply because Taskmaster could never figure him out. Sometimes not even Deadpool knows what's going to happen next.

3. Regeneration limits

Obviously everyone knows both has different regeneration speeds. Deathstroke can not regenerate or connect lost limbs. His regeneration is tricky to talk about because his armor also has regenerative abilities. Not counting that armor, Deathstroke can tank some fatal blows. Stuff like destroyed organs takes Deathstroke an long time to regenerate. If he is in enough pain, Deathstroke goes into an state of madness losing all control of himself. His armor has superior regeneration due to tanking a lot more powerful force. Deadpool has superior regeneration to Wolverine because of his cancer. This allowed him to easily survive stuff Deathstroke couldn't. Such as being melted completely down, ripped a part several times or survived insane level of force. Unlike Deathstroke, Deadpool can connect lost limbs. Hell he quickly bounced back from fatal attacks to his organs & came back a lot faster.

2. Their overall tone

Deathstroke is an more serious character. Deadpool is an joke character with plenty of mess up moments. Deathstroke is more of an villain character with strong morals. He is an man with good principals. Deadpool is more of an hero character with horrible morals. He is an man as random as things could happen. Deathstroke makes strategies for most situations. Deadpool is more huh what's the worst to happen attitude. Thus he prefers going straight in without an plan at all. Yes both of them are among the world's top mercenaries. Deathstroke can handle almost everyone with or without his arsenal as proven several occasions. Deadpool regularly gets beaten up badly or does something unbelievable. Sometimes he wins in ways difficult to take seriously. Of course I should mention Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. He is well aware that he exists as an comic book character.

1. Different origins

Deathstroke started as an soldier to get training when he actually was too young to join the military. Eventually Slade took part in an experiment because the government tried figuring out truth serum. The results weren't as they expected but he quickly took up the name Deathstroke. Slade was going up in the ranks faster than most people that quickly got enemies. Deadpool got cancer ready to die until he accepted to be a part of Weapon X program as an experiment. Many people place bets on who would survive these experiments in what they called the Deadpool. In his case they gave him damaged Wolverine DNA. Sometime later they continued working almost killing him. Suddenly he got some of Wolverine's abilities, kill the doctor experimenting on him & took up his now famous name. Yes you know it's Deadpool that quickly got higher in the ranks of mercenaries. What's weird about Wade is he couldn't joined the military for several reasons.

I hope you guys enjoyed my comparison of Deathstroke & Deadpool. Two of my favorite fictional characters in more recent times. There's plenty to talk about on both characters to make an ridiculous number of blogs or videos. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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