Monday, September 19, 2016

Top 5 Changes to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to Make It Better than What We Ended Up with

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today will be my official response to a few recent statements from Konami. I am really upset to hear all of it to go out of my way to make my personal top 5. Very important changes that could've made the game a lot better than it currently is.

5. Mission variety differences

I love how Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker went about mission variety. They did an amazing job differing not only what's main missions & side ops ones have clear differences. They also help keep the game refresh especially when it gets intense later on. Sadly very early on in MGSV: The Phantom Pain most missions are too similar. Yes they do differ the objectives in many of them but they play out almost the same. Unlike Peace Walker, The Phantom Pain doesn't help give you an break from the intense parts. Thus some could lose it after playing this for hours. There is an great reason to differ missions & add stuff to help giving players break from the main game. The simple answer is variety wasn't presented in The Phantom Pain.

4. Better boss fights

Do I need to say this again? I already covered parts of this in another Metal Gear blog. All the bosses doesn't bring anything to the game in any possible way. To my surprise it lacks an group centered around the theme of it like most Metal Gear games. Most boss fights are difficult, not fun & cheap. Luck will only get you so far in The Phantom Pain. You honestly get a lot more help in Peace Walker especially in true final boss. Sadly your buddies doesn't help you much in most of these which sucks. What we need is obvious an rememberable group that we actually are interested in seeing Big Boss going up against. They should've redesigned every boss fight to make it more on Metal Gear's standards. They don't even come up like Metal Gear bosses at all.

3. Better story overall
Yes spoilers all endings are terrible including the one not presented in final game. The actual story itself had some good parts but never came together. It was like cooking an great dish but in an team and not everyone was on the same page. This is exactly how this feels like to me. Everyone knows Metal Gear games are widely known for their stories. Most fans agree The Phantom Pain had an horrible story. Yes it's miles better than Snake's Revenge on NES but still pretty bad. I would go as far to say MGSV: Ground Zeroes had an better story. Now that's just sad if you ask me. The true ending connected to you replaying missions on harder conditions was simply not needed at all. How they went about it was confusing to most. Basically unless you look it up on an great website or watch an fan theory video. You won't understand it at all that's how horribly done it actually is. Bottom line an new storyline that actually connects more directly to Metal Gear 1 would've worked better.

2. Improve FOX Engine or an new one entirely
In an more recent statement FOX Engine wasn't working properly. You would think Konami should've gave them more time or allow them to come up with an new one instead. Sadly according to that statement Konami didn't. FOX Engine was good in what it did try doing. I felt I do agree with everyone it should've blown all of us away. I hate to say this but based on a few Assassin's Creed games, they're engine is working better. Those games are more up to people's standards in comparison to MGSV as an whole. In this case an entirely new engine would be the right thing to do to fix this problem. By today's standards even considering Xbox One & PS4 versions. All of them look more like the previous counterparts than what they're suppose to be. Assasin's Creed series does better in that area on more platforms.

1. Exploring should've been cut down in several areas

An huge problem that should've been fixed on day one. Both MGSV games have too big of an map to work. Assassin's Creed games does an much better job in doing that. At least they took time planning in what you can do depending on what's happening better. Plus Assassin's Creed allows you to get use to places you explore more. I felt most environments in both MGSV games are pretty boring as they look similar to each other. Again Assassin's Creed nails that better with each place being more different than the last. Your mother base can easily become way too big to explore. If they kept it just like Peace Walker instead, I wouldn't mine it much. Metal Gear is also widely known for it's secrets. Although it really under delivered, they had some good extras. But the fact remains simply cutting these areas down but keep them big at an agreeable level. It would've had an better impact on me. In doing so makes finding secrets easier & more fun to do on the side.

I hope you guys enjoy my Metal Gear blog, I am writing one more unrelated blog entry to follow shortly. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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