Monday, September 19, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why Steam Machine is Losing Against All Major Consoles

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I remember a few years ago wanting an Steam Machine. After seeing many great videos on why not to get one. It really got me thinking about how desperate some game companies are getting recently. Steam Machine should be doing better against Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U. Sadly it's getting killed on both console & PC markets like no tomorrow. In fact I decided to pick my personal top 5 reasons why Steam Machine is losing against all major consoles in one blog.

5. Horrible controllers

I think even loyal Steam fans would agree. Steam controllers are terrible in almost every sense of the word. Why is both d-pad and similar thing in place of thumb sticks so awkward? Let me explain instead of having buttons close by or at least give you an small thumb stick. Steam controllers has two large flat things that doesn't work well at all. Yes this does have it's own thumb stick but it only confusing people further on how to play your games. Some complaint after playing with it a few minutes, they want to play another console. I bet some of you are wondering why right? It is simple Steam controllers kinda felt like Xbox Fat controllers to some that does turn people off. If it doesn't feel good in your hands then it's not an good controller.

4. Confusion on how to work games

Believe it or not many of us thought Steam Machine would've made the process easier than most computers. No it's actually worse because some games require an additional piece to work them. Games that doesn't work on that piece you will have an huge pain to figure out how to work them. Especially games like Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest video games ever made. Even PC gamers know some games depending on how they're made could be very easy to ridiculously difficult to play. Partly your version of Windows or Mac plays in that process as well. Sadly that also applies to your Steam Machine limiting which games would work. Bottom line even bad video game consoles made sure their bad games work come on Valve.

3. Getting an Steam Machine is very expansive
Most game consoles that's over priced doesn't do very well & dies out shortly afterwards. Steam Machine is easily the biggest offender with some models being a few thousands bucks I'm not kidding. If that's not bad enough to get just an controller it's fifty bucks. I could get many console controllers much easier & cheaper thanks to places like Goodwill. I doubt someone would donate an Steam Machine at one of those places. Also just imagine those prices you are better off with an better computer, Xbox One, Wii U & PlayStation 4. Steam Machine in every possible way is expansive possibly to some bank breaking. Any game console or computer that breaks your bank needs to avoid at all costs.

2. Several models made by other companies

As stated earlier similar to 3DO many years before. Steam Machine has many models that are all similar to computers from those companies. This by itself confuses the consumer & very likely overwhelms them with choices. This also makes trying to get any of them more difficult in the long run. Some you can't order from Steam's website forcing you to go to their website or another website selling their products. I could get an new superior Xbox One for much cheapier. Yes currently it will be an high price but I would have more options including more direct ones to getting it. Why does any of this matter some of you are wondering? If your Steam Machine breaks or some parts aren't working properly it's an huge pain to fix it.

1. Despite being widely advertise as an console it's actually an computer
The number 1 reason why it won't win against any of the big names in the current console wars. Valve mislabeled Steam Machines to be consoles when in truth are actually inferior computers. If you seen some comparison videos with Steam Machine especially those using an regular computer. Steam Machine isn't using it's superior hardware just like many okay to bad consoles before it. Everyone knows computers does have superior technology than most game consoles. Yet what's funny about this is Steam Machine comes more off like an early 90s computer with AOL then an cutting end gaming platform. Steam Machine should at least nail the graphics category but quickly losing to Xbox One & PS4 which both have mind blowing graphics. Everyone also knows Steam Machine has the largest launch line up in history. Over an thousand games compared to an not bad amount to start with. End of the day an infamous quote perfectly describes Steam Machine in an nut shell. "Quality over quantity", everyone wants an true pushing the limits game console. Not an poser trying to be an console or cheap PC rip off. What's worse is I seen many unofficial rip off consoles surprisingly & hilariously better than Steam Machine. Yes I'm not kidding hell even RetroN 5 with it's problems is better and that's an emulator capable playing of ten game consoles. Steam Machine should at least made an noticeable mark in the video game industry. Well I hate to say it, in an way it did because this clearly was way too over thought with no real support from Valve at all. You would expect one of the greatest game developers in the world would nail this. I guess not it goes to show you even the greatest can fall.

I hope this gets many of you to not buy or even try for free any of their Steam Machines. It really isn't worth your attention, money & time. Clearly there are better options with plenty of ways to go about it. Steam Machine could be one of the worst consoles to date. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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