Sunday, September 4, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Sega over Nintendo

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, there's so many good reasons why I always prefer Sega over Nintendo. I am not making this to insult gamers or Nintendo personally. This is purely my opinion on why I still heavily support Sega to this day.

5. More mature games

Around Genesis vs. Super Nintendo era, both shared a few violent games. Most notably Mortal Kombat games with Nintendo's policies was  about to change to where it is right now. This allowed Sega to get games Nintendo didn't want such as Splatterhouse 2 and 3. Some games like Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Super Nintendo version actually got censored more down. In those regions Sega Mega Drive aka Genesis version toned a lot of gore down with it's title changed to just Zombies. But Super Nintendo version toned further on the gore as far as going removing blood coming down on game over. Now being represented by purple ooze an great example of why some prefer Genesis games at the time. Around Saturn taking on Nintendo 64 & PlayStation era. Saturn got a lot more horror games than Nintendo 64. By this point still standing in their policies today. Nintendo became more focused on directly aiming at kids. Sega was clearly more aimed towards adults. Which around this time was mixed by many people at the time.

4. Sega supporting their fans

According to the official forums since Sega's policies prevents them from directly accepting ideas. The only way for them to listen to your ideas is put them on those forums. No guarantee if any employee would reply but that's saying a lot more than Nintendo. Sega hosted contests which some gives out free games. If that's not good enough don't worry I got more. Sega is considering porting Shenmue 1 and 2 to newer consoles. They are very excited how well their next update in sells for their steam Genesis games did. They wrote an thank you to everyone that bought those games. How often does Nintendo do something like that for their fans.

3. Cooler console designs

I would go as far as saying Game Gear to some degree had an better design to original Game Boy. Majority of Sega consoles are colored black. There does exist alternate colored Saturn & Dreamcast consoles. Out of respect all major Sega consoles had better controller designs as an whole. I can't directly judge an SMS controller. I can still judge an Genesis, Saturn & Dreamcast controllers. All of them not only stands out more in overall look but feels better in your hands. Although this required extra pieces you can play more game libraries on several Sega consoles. The actual consoles themselves all have an unique appearance standing the test of time.

2. Allows modding in their steam Genesis games
I don't support piracy but I do support homebrew games to an degree. Earlier this year as stated before Sega got an new update. You get an awesome 90s kid gamer room with an new emulator. Personally I prefer the original emulator for many reasons. Moving on an surprising feature that actually surprised a lot of people. Sega is allowing mods on all steam Genesis games. Although they already spoken out about those illegal porting of games not presented in the collection. Honestly some of these classics are difficult games. By modding several things makes those games more playable. There's plenty of SOR2 character mods that do stand out in their own right. Some created entirely new games mostly Sonic themed.

1. Sega really supported Sonic since the beginning
Yes Sega went quickly through a few company mascots. Finally following the release of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega made Sonic their new mascot who remained in that role today. Just like Mario, both video game heroes has literately did everything possible. But Sonic has an good movie originally an two episodes OVA called Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie. Sonic has an world record for the longest comic book series based on an video game franchise. There are some real life rides based on Sonic series. Honestly I could keep naming several more. Sega did an amazing job supporting their mascot even during dark times. Sonic was the perfect mascot for Sega and basically everything they stand for. Despite being more of an publisher than video game developers more recently. Sega is still alive & well with plenty classics under their belt. All thanks to Sonic himself for making such an thing possible.

Yes most gamers in the United States are Nintendo fans. Thankfully Europe & Brazil have an huge Sega fan base. There's still plenty of Sega fans in the entire world. I know more recently people are mixed about Sega's current standing. I am glad they are still around giving us some great games. I was born an Sega fan thus I shall die as an Sega fan. Until I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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  1. I'm two years late, but I agree. What makes me prefer Sonic games over Mario games is because of the physics. I love the gigantic loopholes and faster movements on Sonic games. Mario just can't compare; speed-gaming just isn't as boring.