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Top 10 Worst Licensed Genesis Games

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, not too long ago I revealed the best licensed games I grew up with on Sega Genesis. Now it's time to talk about the worst as I take my sweet time covering the bottom of the barrel. To clarify some of these games are mixed. Not all of them are bad but some of them you should avoid regardless.

10. Virtual Bart

Everyone knows both Genesis & SNES didn't get great Simpsons games. At this point only played one good one that everyone is well familiar with. I'm talking about the original arcade classic that I used to play at Chuck E. Cheese growing up. Some point I eventually got into the show & became an huge fan. I had played almost all Genesis games of The Simpsons. Virtual Bart always stood out due to it's concept. Very similar to Bart's Nightmare that I briefly played as an rental. Both games are centered around you completing all kind of mini games as Bart. Unlike Bart's Nightmare, Virtual Bart barely nails anything at all. Tomatoes/Eggs mini game is hands down the best out of the bunch. Water slide is an very close second for many reasons. What ruins the experience directly implies to the rest of them. Yes you guess it the controls aren't that great. Especially baby & dinosaur mini games that are strict about platforming. You got another Road Rash clone mini game that I usually lose. Of course Pig Bart is probably the most mixed out of them all. Yes there are a few good things but plenty of bad ones. It's hard to say if I like it or hate it. This lacks a lot of humor from the show. Thankfully more recently there's more good Simpsons games out there.

9. Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble

I will be honest I didn't care much for this game despite being into Looney Tunes growing up. Sega has a couple of 3D platformers on Genesis with most not being good. Although I do recommend Toy Story as it nailed just what it's suppose to be. Bugs was always my favorite Looney Tunes character. This game barely has any humor to call it an Looney Tunes game. Honestly some levels are frustrating due to what you're actually suppose to do. It took me an long while to get use to the controls. Nothing really stands out for good reasons about this game.

8. Animaniacs

Animaniacs was an great cartoon for it's time. I grew up with Genesis version never getting far. Similar to Aaahh!!! Real Monsters on Genesis. You can switch between all three characters since each one does something different. Unlike Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, this is very frustrating to play. Yes this has humor from the show but not enough to counter it's flaws. You quickly have to learn how to use all three of them or you're screwed. Do I even need to say this? Platforming in this game is terrible. Purely luck if you make any short to longer jumps. Now for any cartoon game to not nail jumping & landing that's sad.

7. Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool

I briefly played at my cousin's house, Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool. Of course most snack tie in games aren't great. I been hearing Chex Quest is one of the best snack tie in games. Also if you got Dash of Destruction downloaded before it got removed. I recommend that game for being more true to it's respective snack. This game is down right terrible in virtually every area. You can easily get confused, lost, killed and more importantly frustrated to possibly throwing your controller. Sadly the closest to an good thing this piece of crap has going for it. In all honestly has to be Chester's sprites do look great.

6. Warlock

I really don't like this movie game. Despite it's title, Warlock is actually based on Warlock 2. WOW the controls are an mess & difficult to get use to them. It's really easy to die in this game especially falling. Not falling off screen, how about an height regularly in some games you get some damage. But instantly kills you instead, what were they thinking? Thankfully it's easy to memorize what to do at times. Some levels are an serious pain to get through, expect to die a lot. Warlock is surprisingly unforgiving for an movie game.

5. Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

Let's get this out of the way yes this has an great soundtrack. Also the first game to get parts of Spider-Man's abilities right. Now what is so bad about this game some of you may ask? This is an cross over game that could've been great or at least okay. No we ended up getting an very unforgiving game. Acclaim ruined the entire development of this game by rushing the developers resulting in what it is today. Only an handful of levels are worth talking about. Majority of them are really hard for most to play. Most didn't get correctly themed levels. Gambit is missing his staff that clearly was in X-Men 1 and 2 on Genesis. Some bosses are not fair at all like Master Mold, Juggernaut and Arcade. Why does Storm levels play somewhat like Ecco the Dolphin? Everyone knows she can control the weather more like her in the last portion you play as her. An bigger question why couldn't we simply get that Storm instead of the one in those horrible swimming levels. I could keep going on how much I hate it.

4. Ariel the Little Mermaid

Believe it or not my first game is Ariel the Little Mermaid. I was very young first playing my Sega Genesis. I did see the movie this game was based on. This game barely follows the movie at all. Surprisingly BlueSky Software one of the best developers Sega had at the time made this. Only an handful of levels that are ridiculously easy. I am not kidding I could play the entire game several time with an blind fold. All you do in this game is rescue sea people & fight bosses that's it. I will say the music is great but everything else about it an huge disappointment. It's bad to have games too difficult to play. It's actually worse to beat an game much easier & not feeling any sense of achievement.

3. Beavis & Butt-Head

I remember seeing a little of Beavis & Butt-Head growing up. Still one of my favorite MTV shows to this day. I also grew up with Genesis version that has a lot of good & bad things. Let's get the good stuff out of the way first. Clearly they did an great job making this like the show. From the graphics to the songs & humor it comes a lot closer to what I expect in an licensed game. Yes there is an password system that's the very center of what's good & bad about it. Let me explain every password starts the game up just like normal. You have to check your bedroom for tickets. You don't keep any items at all in using passwords just like Zombies Ate My Neighbors. But that's an great game that I always wanted to talk about some time. Beavis & Butt-Head has some serious flaws not counting those related to it's password systems. Although you can play as both characters with each having their own health bar. You would be very surprised to know how easy it is to die. I highly recommend two options to make playing this a lot easier.

1. Find an great written or video guide
2. Use game genie

Most areas you get to explore are short but still recommend you to do somethings in order. Of course I don't like the hospital area at all. You have to eat an rotten burger, hurry to the hospital. The whole time you're hurrying your health bars goes down quick. Once you enter the building you can't leave. Sadly eating that burger is the only way in the entire game to get full health. Oh it gets worse as soon as you get the scooter the single worst portion starts. Regularly medic boxes represent health items. Not in Beavis & Butt-Head, they act as hazards in this chase. After three to four hits, that almost naked guy gets close to quickly jump at you ending in game over. There is also an part with an soldier you have to get an snake in order to get an piece of the tickets. If you don't do this, among touching that document gives you game over. A lot of stuff that don't come off natural. What's worse is Radical Entertainment made this. The same company to give us good Hulk games as well as Prototype series.

2. Last Action Hero

Based on the movie of the same name is terrible. This barely looks like the movie at all. Very obviously by Jack Slater looking nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is an boring, repetitive beat em up. When you think of action movies what usually comes to mind? Everyone firing guns at each other and explosions.Ridiculous stuff made easy compared to doing the same thing in real life. This game doesn't deliver the action movie experience in video game. This is more likely an kid trying to be cool & everyone prevents they're not there. It just doesn't work with terrible driving levels. There is no real strategy in beating up bad guys especially when you're getting fire at. The game itself doesn't correctly prepare you for this in any way. Last Action Hero sucks in every category imaginable. Please avoid Last Action Hero as it will make many lives happier not playing it.

1. Batman Forever

Yes I had Batman Forever on Sega Genesis. Thankfully it's not as close as bad as SNES version. But it's still one of the absolute worst Genesis games to date. Why are the controls from Mortal Kombat games being used in an Batman game? What's weirder is we're using fighting game controls to an beat em up game. Regularly this doesn't work very well trying to pull off moves. Guess what most of your gadgets are used as those moves now that's an horrible idea. This game quickly becomes incredibly tedious, repetitive, boring and frustrating. For an beat em up game it barely has bosses. The controls are some of the absolute worst I ever played in any video game console. Yes this actually has voice overs from Jim Carrey & Tommy Lee Jones from their characters. This does follow the movie a lot more than other movie games on the console. This game in every sense of the world does not work. I would rather play Batman Returns on Sega Genesis since that's an better overall game. Yes it's heavily mixed by many but still more of what I wanted. Batman Forever was an terrible follow up to that game. What's interesting now I think about it. Batman 1989 was the best out of four movies. Quickly followed by Batman Returns then Batman Forever then finally Batman & Robin. In an weird way Genesis nailed that except Batman & Robin actually did slightly better than both Batman Forever games. Yes you heard me correctly there exists another Batman Forever game in the arcade. Officially ported to PlayStation & Sega Saturn as Batman Forever The Arcade Game. Last I heard this game better than the previous Batman Forever game. In all seriousness Batman Forever on any platform should be avoided by all costs especially if you're an Batman fan. It's not worth losing your sanity over.

I hope you guys understand it took years for me to get why so many people were funny about licensed games. There's plenty of good & bad ones to keep a lot of people busy. Honestly I got many great games to help me from some of these games growing up. I always welcome any good licensed games especially if I'm an fan of that franchise. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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