Monday, May 23, 2016

More Death Battle Fight Predictions Part 1

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, it's been an while I made an video or blog covering more fight predictions. I really enjoy most of the research especially added stuff I get from people. Death Battle is currently looking for more researchers. I can only hope they allow me to try out for an position on their team.

I figured to cover an difficult fight that recently getting massive requests. This particular fight is very difficult to take seriously. Not because they can do anything or really over powered characters. Simply because these two characters have been altered heavily by writers. Some times they're mid class to being the strongest. Basically these two ladies have mind blowing feats that are highly debatable. Which is why I'm kinda ignoring feats in this fight's research. Otherwise I could be getting really confused.

Raven (DC) vs. Scarlet Witch (Marvel)

After making an list about which advantages are good enough to determine an winner. I believe Scarlet Witch would come out the victor. Yes both of them are very powerful magic users. Even considering Raven's increased potential by losing control or feeling those emotions. Scarlet Witch can do ridiculous stuff with magic that even Dr. Strange can't do. Such as recreated an entire universe, summoning an army & remove all mutant powers. This was done by using Chaos Magic which at it's core being cosmic. According to Mr. Fantastic, cosmic energy are the best energy of the universe. Therefore in comparison what Raven could do simply child's play. Yes I know she has superior magic training & abyssal experience. But if both didn't have magic, Scarlet Witch did get training from Wonder Man, Captain America & Hawkeye. In that regard Scarlet Witch could easily out fight Raven in hand to hand combat. Finally which one do you think differs more on their favor. Being able to steal other people's emotions for additional power or hex magic? On one hand Raven could somehow attempt to steal Scarlet Witch's emotions further increasing her mentally instability. Yet on the other we have someone capable of using hex magic. Scarlet Witch has got crazy achievements using it as bad luck. This includes shortening Ultron's body or causing an gas line under Brother of Mutants' hideout to blow. Raven could steal some of her emotions but wouldn't understand her hex magic. In return giving Scarlet Witch the element of surprise. Even if Raven did figure it out, Scarlet Witch is more powerful magic user & skilled hand to hand fighter. Hell this lady recreated her own universe which trumps the greatest achievements Raven has.

The Winner is Scarlet Witch

I hope you guys enjoy my blog & I'll keep making more possible future Death Battle predictions. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Most Broken Characters on Death Battle (Season 1 & 2)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I'm very sure some of you notice. An good number of characters they used are well balance. You can't help noticing there are other characters for one or many reasons broken. Which is exactly why I'm doing this blog.

Season 1 Broken Characters
1. Akuma

Keep in mind he went in very early on this show. His newer form Oni wasn't introduced yet. Akuma is easily the best fighter in the Street Figher universe. He is surprisingly more powerful than Ryu going all out. Most of the time, he isn't pushing himself. There's plenty of mind blowing feats Akuma has to clarify him as an broken character.

2. Rogue

Her victory against Wonder Woman should get some heads turning. Rogue has the unique ability to absorb any power. Depending on how many people she's touching or how long she's holding on determines their usage. Basically Death Battle made it crystal clear, Wonder Woman started out with much higher stats. By the end of their fight, Rogue had higher overall stats to win. She kept most of Ms. Marvel's powers which makes her similar to an weaker Wonder Woman. Even they stated sometimes she absorbs god like powers before.

3. Metal Sonic

Yes he wasn't one of the main fighters & so far being the third option to win in any episode. You can't deny Metal Sonic can quickly becomes broken just by scanning anything. Upon doing so copies their stats onto his own. If given enough time just like that war theme death battle. Metal Sonic can become the deadliest thing. On two occasions, he did this with all characters involved & got defeated by Sonic.

4. Thor

Not because he easily defeated Raiden, he is selected for this blog. Thor has a lot of mind blowing feats. This guy has defeated some of the most powerful beings on his own. His weather control may be second to his father but an great number of characters can't compete with that. Even an greater amount can't lift his enchanted hammer. Simply because they aren't chosen to wield it. If those people attempted to lift it, Mjolnir becomes infinite in weigh. To those chosen or Thor himself, it has no weight thanks Ben. His confirmed training & combat experience makes him very difficult to defeat. Hell doing God Blast which also can kill him can kill immortal beings.

5. Superman

Of course I have to talk about one of the most broken character ever on Death Battle. Superman can easily increase his overall potential by touching sunlight or going inside the sun. Not including that, his strength is ridiculously insane for any comic book character. Plenty of proof an great number of them are like child play to him. His speed can go several times the Speed of Light in both combat & traveling. His durability is still one of the toughest on record. Even limiting to just one comic book version, Superman has an ridiculous amount of feats for everything. After getting training to use his full potential as his regular self. His connection to the sun made him virtually limitless.

Season 2 Broken Characters
1. He-Man

The original cartoon He-Man is very broken for an character. His regular self before transformation Prince Adam is one of the weakest characters. As soon as he transforms into He-Man, he becomes the strongest. I looked at several websites to confirm this. He-Man has virtually no real limits although some stuff could force him to transform back. Usually when someone states what is impossible. He-Man could do it right in front of you to just to prove you wrong. I am not kidding he has done that on the show. His sword is unbreakable with his combat skills being surprisingly good. We have an prince whose an teen currently in training that isn't very good. In vice versa, He-Man is very good at figuring out people. There is no limit on what he can do.

2. Shao Kahn

In my opinion Shao Kahn is an broken character. Confirmed in canon, Shao Kahn has over ten thousand years worth of experience. His magic is some of the best in the series. This includes tricking Kitana, Sindel & Sonya Blade thining into what he wanted. Shao Kahn is among the most powerful characters. He conquered several worlds in his time ruling Outworld. At one point he got fused with DC's Darkseid in an cross over. His fighting skill works very well against anyone opponent.

3. Godzilla

Of course Godzilla had to be on this blog. He's an very tough giant monster with many ridiculous feats. His regeneration is broken with no real limit on how much he can withstand. Most can't survive being very close to him due to his creation. Godzilla started out as an dead dinosaur in the sea. One day an nuclear missile hit close to him to become Godzilla. Basically you thought nuclear bombs like Atomic Bomb were bad enough. Just look at the radiation Godzilla leaves behind in one movie. Even his origin describes how broken he is. Godzilla has an very impressive winning record some including facing multiple opponents. His atomic breath could destroy most giant characters on the show.

4. Gundam Epyon

The pilot himself isn't broken but he becomes one by piloting Gundam Epyon. This unique Gundam model can predict most outcomes in any combat situation. In short terms imagine god view through an giant robot. Where every possible scenario is playing right before your eyes. This feature alone greatly limits who is capable of piloting it. Gundam Epyon's saber can cut through power sources as proven by cutting that space station.

5. Scorpion

Scorpion became an hellfire spectre but due to being so neutral. This causes him to get stronger as long he's in Hell. Some of his moves involves hellfire that can burn through your soul. Scorpion can teleport you anywhere he wants. To officially kill him, you have to destroy his very being in an particular way. Otherwise he can come back & kill you. This alone limits who exactly could kill Scorpion for good.

6. Deadpool

Where to begin with an character this broken!!! His regeneration is superior to Wolverine due to having cancer. Sometimes not even Deadpool knows what he will do next. Taskmaster whose similar to his opponent from DC Deathstroke can't keep up with him. Deadpool can find stuff out by reading comic books. He once had an Carbonadium sword that takes away regeneration from others. By having his magic satchel has virtually no limit. This means anything & I do mean anything can be pulled out by Deadpool. Also he is aware of being an fictional character. Deadpool is well aware many people are watching him through several forms of media. I wasn't kidding this guy almost invented the term.

7. Kirby

Kirby may not look like it but he's insanely broken as an character. He can absorb creatures or items to gain numerous abilities. His stats are insanely high for any video game character. Kirby can destroy an planet by punching it. His moving speed is very fast close to the Speed of Light. Speak of that his warp star can go that fast. If anything happens to it, Kirby can easily make another one. It's possible for Kirby to increase his sucking range to possibly take in planets. Hell he survived an planet explosion at point blank & he was fine.

8. Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy is ridiculous powerful even for an fighting game character. Most of his feats, he's using very little of his power. Yes he can transform at one point going about half against That Guy. He did stated he could've went further wow right. This guy has destroyed some of the most powerful beings with ease. Also having an few generations under his belts mastering his fighting style. Easily makes him very difficult to beat. Pretty much he is like Akuma or Kenpachi even he's more broken than both characters combine.

9. Chuck Norris & Segata Sanshiro

There's an great reason why both of them share this one spot. Both characters has virtually no limits at all. They are ridiculous broken doing even impossible things with ease. There really isn't much more I can say except don't run into either of them or you'll get your ass kicked.

10. Nightmare

Nightmare is an embodiment of Soul Edge. Which is one of the absolute most powerful weapons. Only those who can kill abyssal beings can kill him. Soul Edge has been around since almost the beginning of time. It has been stated Soul Edge can become any weapon mastering all with ease. Nightmare did restore Soul Edge to gain his true power. Which only whose chosen by Soul Calibur at that point in time can stop. Even if you did survive Nightmare, there's two things worse. An slight possible on this by he can transform into Night Terror. Whose easily one of the most powerful beings in existence. The other possible outcome is you could be facing Inferno aka Soul Edge's soul. Either way you look at it, Nightmare is very broken for an fighting game character. Also Soul Edge needs an lot of souls in order to work at his full potential. Trust me there's an difference between an incomplete & completed Soul Edge. Just power alone should be plenty for you.

11. Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom is broken in so many ways. He has an few generations worth of experience in magic. Which he's second best behind Dr. Strange. He's second in technology behind Iron Man. He's second in overall intelligence on Earth behind his nemesis Mr. Fantastic. Basically Dr. Doom has plenty of many feats including those you wouldn't believe. It is very difficult to beat Dr. Doom especially when he has all the advantages. Sometimes he can handle god like beings. There isn't much of an limit he can't do.

12. Astro Boy

Astro Boy is hands down one of the most broken anime characters in existence. He greatly predates characters like One Punch Man in that area. His stats are ridiculous high to begin with. Hell if you seen the episode then I don't have much to explain. Astro Boy can do impossible things with ease. I doubt anyone could beat Astro Boy in an fight.

13. Greymon

Finally we get to our last character I'm covering. Greymon is possibly the most broken in terms of his transformations. Let me explain Greymon was slightly beyond Charizard as proven in the episode. Metal Greymon would've been near impossible for either Mega Charizard form to compete with. WarGreymon was simply insanely powerful in comparison. Basically Metal Greymon can fire an missle that would be similar to an nuke. WarGreymon can burn all the heat in one spot to throw it as an giant fire ball. Which vaporizes anything it hits unless it's too powerful or resistant against it. Also WarGreymon's armor is made of the toughest metal. Therefore most form of attacks would not work against him. You see all of this is normal for his universe. In Death Battle's universe, Greymon is one of the most broken characters they ever had.

I hope you guys enjoy this, if I see the day with Season 4 of Death Battle ending. I promise to make an follow up covering Season 3 & 4. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jack Red reviews Shinobi Genesis Trilogy

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I want to something very clear with everyone. I wasn't sure during my early YouTube years about showing my Sega passion. It is because of this I actually stayed away from games I really wanted to talk about. So I decided to finally rip lose by reviewing Shinobi Genesis Trilogy.

I did need to clear something up first for those that don't know. Shinobi 1 was never released on Sega Genesis. Originally an arcade game with some ports including SMS & NES ports. I got to play it for the first time in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. I felt if I'm going to do all three Genesis Shinobi games. I should as well review the original Shinobi game for old time's sake. Basically I'm reviewing four classic Shinobi games in one blog. Very recently I gave Joe the top spot in my Top 10 Underrated Sega Characters list.

Shinobi (1987)

Not to be confused with other games with the same title. The original Shinobi was an arcade classic. You play as Joe Musashi whose taking down an organization led by an mysterious figure. In this game you must rescue people to complete most levels. In other levels you only need to beat the bosses. You only have your feet & shurikens as your weapons. If you know where to look, you could use special moves that could help you. This game requires taking your time & memorizing every level. Especially the last few levels because Sega at this point removed your infinite continues. They did it to help make you an better Shinobi player. Surprisingly great job in the audio department for it's time. In some versions it's no longer majority to rescue people. Instead if you chose to still do it, you'll get upgrades including bigger health bar. Oh yeah in the original arcade game you hit in one hit. But in SMS & NES ports, you got an health bar. Of course I must talk about the special stages. There isn't any point of doing them except for getting more points. It's almost impossible to hit every ninja. Easily one of the best hidden games within Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.

The Revenge of Shinobi (1989)

Just like Shinobi 1, don't confuse this with an similar title terrible Shinobi game on GBA. The Revenge of Shinobi aka Shinobi 2 is one of the original Genesis games. They took what was great about both arcade & SMS version of Shinobi 1. But did an amazing job improving on it to make this impressive sequel. Again you are Joe taking on another organization. This time you have to worry about all kind of things. I'm talking Godzilla, Batman, Spider-Man and Terminator as bosses. Only one of them Sega did licensed but it took an while for them to fix these problems. What I mean by this is there exists several versions of the same game with changes. More recently an few years ago Sega finally started porting this game. Once again Sega did an incredible job in the audio department. It's a lot better than Shinobi 1 & easily the best among the original Genesis games. This game is widely known for being difficult especially late in the game. Every boss fight is done better than Shinobi 1. Not only memorizing but skills will be tested by some of the later bosses. The Revenge of Shinobi adds more special moves that you still need to find most of them. Very good level designs from start to finish. Also you can get one of two endings both determined by what you do during the final boss fight. This is hands down one of the absolute best video game sequels I ever played.

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi (1990)

Like ESWAT another Genesis game, this is an loose adaptation of an Sega arcade game. Unlike ESWAT, Shadow Dancer didn't change too much in comparison. Originally in the arcade version you play as Joe's son accompanied by an dog taking on an organization. Instead of rescuing people, you have to disarm bombs. Although this got a lot of praise. most agree the original Shinobi was better. Sega decided to alter it's Genesis port that ended up getting more praise than the original Shadow Dancer. Once again you are Joe with an dog taking on an organization. Just like Shinob 1 & original Shadow Dancer, you will die in one hit. You can get special moves if you are skilled enough. Also like Shinobi 1, Joe must rescue people to complete most levels. I do prefer the bosses of this game as they do challenge you more. It's more difficult to determine some of their patterns & little room of error. Especially in the final section of the game. You have to play as best as you can to make it to the final boss. Good news is most of these levels are short. Bad news is each one has an different challenge that makes memorizing each one more difficult. The final boss will keep sending ninjas after you. His head will go up & down at several points. Sadly you have an few seconds to hit his neck area. This is the only area of the boss you have hurt. As this boss fight goes on, the ninjas he summons gets more difficult. Sega did an great job in the audio department it is a little better than Shinobi 1's but not as good as The Revenge of Shinobi's. Finally I must talk about the special stages. It's done differently from those of Shinobi 1. Instead of you being look across throwing shurikens. You will be falling while throwing shurikens as other ninjas will jump their way up. Now there isn't much of an reason to do this. If you somehow hit all fifty of them, you get an extra life. Shadow Dancer is still an amazing Genesis game. I do feel it's the weakest of the Genesis Shinobi Trilogy. But it's isn't far behind the other two games like how Streets of Rage 3 would be in it's case. Yet both games are a lot better than Golden Axe III god Sega shouldn't ever made that game.

Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master (1993)

To a lot of people this is their favorite Shinobi game. To others it's either the original Shinobi or The Revenge of Shinobi. Regardless Shinobi 3 is hands down one of the absolute best games on the console. It improves on everything The Revenge of Shinobi had done. Although not as difficult as The Revenge of Shinobi, still has it's moments. Shinobi 3 really knocked it out of the park with it's soundtrack & sound effects. It's really good for both Genesis & Shinobi standards. You play as Joe taking on the same organization presented in The Revenge of Shinobi. Honestly the level designs blows me away more than The Revenge of Shinobi. Now majority of each section has two bosses you must beat. I love riding an horse & surfing on an board wait why does that sound familiar coughs "TMNT". Each level not only tests you like The Revenge of Shinobi but makes sure to not push too far. Most of these bosses are really fun to go against. I am very surprised that Mechagodzilla is in the game. Shinobi 3 is the best of the Genesis Shinobi Trilogy. It stays true to the Shinobi series while being refreshing & unique in it's own way. If you own an Genesis & never owned this before. What are you doing, go out & buy this master piece as soon as you can.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog, if you want me to talk more Sega. I will in the best possible way to get my point across. Within an blog that's meant for fellow Sega fans like myself. So I'm Jack Red & I'll see you all later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Personal Connection to Sonic the Hedgehog Series (Part 5 of Sonic 25th Anniversary Blog Series) Final Part

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it is about time to wrap things up. I could give you boss lists, codes list, favorite songs list, etc... I think the absolute best way to end it up is by writing my experience as an Sonic fan. All within one blog entry, all coming from the heart. This will reveal some of my happiest memories relating to Sonic series. I will try being straight to the point but really want people to understand. Exactly why I'm so passionate about Sonic franchise as an whole.

We will start in the beginning going very early into my child hood. Roughly around three or four years old, my parents got me playing an Sega Genesis. This was my first game console before so many in my life. I was blown away by many of the games I had at the time. An great number of them are in both big Genesis collection I recently compared against each other. I remember my dad got out an long wore out paper with codes for Sonic 2. I also remember late at night my parents playing Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I also remember me & my brother finding out about the lock-on games. I believe Knuckles in Sonic 2 was the first of three we both played.

Sadly due to already owning an Genesis and SNES at the time. I never got to own an Sega Saturn during it's run. Very briefly one year at Otakon I did play an Saturn. I did own an Sega Game Gear but didn't have many games for it. If I knew what I know now, I would've kept my Game Gear. I did to play at someone's house an terrible game on Sega CD for an few minutes. Even after owning PlayStation 1 to up, I still own an great number of Sonic games. In my life time I played over fifty Sonic games.

Yes Sega had it's ups & downs which greatly affected many of their franchises. Especially Sonic series because at this point people kept more towards Mario & some of Sony's franchises. For the most part I supported Sega heavily in all those years. I was hoping for more great Sonic games to come. Some years had at least two worthy Sonic games with some barely having anything. Games like Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations & those cross over racing games are why I'm an huge fan.

I mean going back to Sonic 3 & Knuckles which I did research this. No one else ever attempted the lock-on technology concept on discs or cartridges. The closest things were the following all doin something different. Game Genies, Game Sharks and Action Replay enables codes not even in those games. Super 3D Noah's Ark on SNES over writes any official SNES game to work. Add ons that allows games played on other consoles. The closest gaming ever got to it to this day was dlcs. I am not kidding you see for Sonic 3 & Knuckles were originally going to be one big game. Due to several problems they had to separate it into two games. But Sega created the lock-on technology creating an near endless Blue Sphere, Knuckles in Sonic 2 and an complete Sonic 3 experience. Today by having dlcs, adding more content to the overall game would be incredibly similar. There exist an few dlcs you could get for Left 4 Dead 2 allowing you to play the entire Left 4 Dead 1 campaign. Not a lot of games do concepts like this. The fact only Sega did what took many years for many game companies to do with dlcs in two cartridge is rather impressive.

I already covered Sonic Games Collection, all Sonic cartoons, the best twenty levels in twenty years, the best heroes & villains of Sonic universe. I felt telling my experience as an long time Sonic fan would open someone's people eyes. I never truly gave up hope that Sonic will get more good games. Even if he doesn't, I'll always support him over Mario any day. I bought both Sonic Games Collection & Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics covering over sixty Sega games. Both being the biggest bundles with Sonic games on Steam all prior to the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. There is so much great content even outside those games to love Sonic. I mean he is Sega's longest running mascot for an reason folks. Although he too failed to kill Mario's success. By releasing my favorite game of all time, Sonic 2 briefly broke their numbers in just an few months. Even now Sonic series has some of the biggest world records to date. Such as the longest running comic book series based on an video game franchise.

More recently noticing all those Dragon Ball references hidden within Sonic universe. At one point they did an comic book crossover with Megaman an few years ago. Sonic is one of the few video game characters to have an star on Walk of Game. Sonic also had an few Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons. I own two awesome Sonic hats with some merchandise of all types. Sonic is one of the very few video games I really can't stop playing when I get going. To me if it weren't for Sega in general & those amazing Sonic games of my early child hood. I would have never been an gamer in the first place.

I hope you all enjoy all five parts of my celebration leading up to the 25th Anniversary of Sonic franchise. I will keep gaming on Sonic games until I'm no longer with you. These games alone are my very reason of being who I am. Please keep supporting the Sonic series, I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Top 5 Sonic Heroes & Villains (Part 4 of Sonic 25th Anniversary Blog Series)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it took some time plan out how to end this series of blogs. All supporting the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise. This is the beginning of two final parts of this epic series. I am not giving any hints what the final part will contain at all. You will be very surprised with the final version of it when I finish it. This time I want to do something I felt I should've started off with. I will make two top 5 lists of my favorite Sonic heroes & villains.

The only rule for this is for villain's list all of them must be Sonic's enemies. Otherwise I'm not considering them for this list. Otherwise everything else is fair game folks.

Top 5 Sonic Heroes

5. E-102 Gamma

I already talked an great deal about Gamma in my last blog. But honestly I still respect he went against his creator. E-102 Gamma had a lot going for him during his portion of Sonic Adventure. In the end he did succeed in doing it's own mission.

4. Professor Robotnik

Originally introduced as an villain in Sonic Adventure 2 whose long dead. It was later revealed the Space Colony Ark going towards Earth was his back up plan preventing Black Doom from taking it. He attempted to do the impossible by creating the ultimate life form on his own. The Biolizard was an major failure for many reasons. Professor Robotnik took an chance by getting Black Doom's help. However in doing so, what came of this experiment had to help him took over Earth. Parts of this alliance got noticed by an organization called Gun. Which was responsible for the death of Dr. Robotnik's cousin Maria. Unknown to everyone else, Shadow was immune to that gas Black Doom used on Earth. Professor Robotnik's true goal was revealed for Shadow was to stop Black Doom from taking Earth. Often seen as one of the smartest in Earth's history & an criminal. The day that truth came out everyone realized what he choose to do those things. Deep down Professor Robotnik cared for the people of Earth to put his own life on the life.

3. Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles in most universes is an very interesting character. He is the last descendant of the ancient echidna tribe. The same tribe that was close to the Master Emerald & all seven Chaos Emeralds. His duty is to protect the Master Emerald at any cost. Not including that Knuckles sometimes helps Sonic & his friends. Yes sometimes Dr. Robotnik tricks him into going against Sonic. Knuckles has a lot of impressive achievements especially in comic books. It has been said Sonic's speed is equal to Knuckles' strength. Which holds a lot of truth because Knuckles can do amazing things most would fail to do. Due to his connection to the emeralds, he is skilled at finding them. Knuckles can climb, glide and dig in the ground with no trouble.

2. Tails

Miles Prower aka Tails is Sonic's sidekick and best friend. Since the day they met many years ago. Tails is one of the smartest characters with many achievements to boot. Tails can run almost as fast as Sonic but also widely known for flying. Tails usually uses his head more often than all his friends combine. Not to be confuse with TMNT's Donatello an similar character. Tails also has impressive achievements including defeating Mammoth Mogul at his strongest. Which only Tails with some of his other universe selves combine can do. Tails flies Sonic's Tornado that can go a lot faster than even the fastest jets. There is much I could cover on Tails that I would be here all day. Sometimes he has stopped Dr. Robotnik on his own. Either fighting or using his wits the best of his ability.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

It's no contest who takes this spot. Everyone knows it before even seeing it right off the bat. Sonic is Sega's longest mascot & an amazing game hero. He has so many feats that it's mind blowing. Sonic took on almost everything you could possibly name & came out on top. There isn't much Sonic can't do alone or in an group. He has defeated Gods, an time being and Metal Sonic whose the closest thing of defeating him. No matter what Dr. Robotnik throws at him. Sonic usually gets the last laugh with plenty of great deeds.

Top 5 Sonic Villains

5. Scratch & Grounder

Scratch & Grounder are what Bebop & Rocksteady are to The Shredder. These two idiots are what remain of an robot unit. Simply to capture Sonic & Tails that usually fails even in the simplest of tasks. Yes they aren't main villains like some of my choices. But who doesn't know Scratch & Grounder? In one episode even Dr. Robotnik said how many times do I need to put you two back together. Grounder is like an smaller, tank, dumber, weirder Inspector Gadget. I am not kidding with Scratch oddly the smartest robot. But what is smart in this cartoon because everyone's about average. Scratch has fallen for most of Sonic's tricks with Grounder barely using his head at all. They left an huge impression of how not to make robots. At the same time if they weren't in the original cartoon. I don't think I would've like it as much.

4. Mephiles the Dark

Let's get this out of the way right now. Everyone knows Sonic 06 sucks major balls. Mephiles the Dark is one half of Solaris. To be honest I don't care for Iblis or Solaris. Mephiles did get my attention during the time I was playing it. He was the intelligence of Solaris that didn't have an shape at first. After Shadow touched an ground where he hid himself under. Mephiles copied Shadow's appearance into his own. Mephiles quickly worked to trick Silver into killing Sonic. Officially Mephiles is one of the few that succeeded in killing Sonic. Although Sonic got revived by the Chaos Emeralds prior to the final battle. Mephiles only had one goal merge with Iblis to be whole again. From this time attempt to destroy the multiverse which makes him very powerful. Mephiles held his own against Shadow. This creature doesn't have any good in him at all.

3. Shadow the Hedgehog

Yes we get to an anti hero character. There's stories of Shadow being an hero while others he's an villain. So which made an bigger impression on me? I kinda prefer Shadow doing his own thing getting in Sonic's way. Very similar to how Vegeta does to Goku in Dragon Ball universe. Shadow can almost as fast as Sonic with an unique connection to the Chaos Emeralds. Just by holding one can able him to teleport short distances to through time or firing projectiles. Shadow has a lot of impressive feats especially in the comic books. Although most ways one would die is closed off to Shadow. He has survived things you would think could kill him. Also I kinda like Shadow on Sonic Boom. Easily one of the most awesome Sonic characters either.

2. Metal Sonic

Of course some expected I put Metal Sonic on this list. Metal Sonic solo goal since it was built always has been destroy Sonic. Dr. Robotnik designed Metal Sonic to be superior to Sonic in every way. Even now Metal Sonic still gets the closest of actually defeating Sonic. In the game time line, Metal Sonic can scan people to increase his abilities to amazing levels. Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes pretended to be Dr. Robotnik & fooled everyone. As proven in some games, Metal Sonic will do whatever it takes to beat Sonic. In my personal opinion screw Scourge the Hedgehog whose an evil Sonic from another universe. Metal Sonic is the real evil Sonic as he stands as the direct opposite of everything Sonic stands for.

1. Dr. Robotnik

It's no contest & no brainer who gets the top spot. Dr. Robotnik has done plenty from the beginning to be an thorne in Sonic's side. Ever since the day they met, they been at each other's throats. Regardless which universe, their rivalry is legendary even in video games. Some would respect Capcom's Dr. Wily. I don't respect an man willing stealing other people's work. Also Dr. Robotnik may over look even simple details about several things. At least he always attempted different angles in most of his plans. Also I respect him for having more guts to face Sonic head on when he needs to. Dr. Robotnik always tried different concepts on Sonic & his friends. If Dr. Wily's concept of Robot Masters didn't work the first time. Why would he keep doing it about nine more times what an idiot. Sorry I just prefer Dr. Robotnik for being more of an genius in his own way. Most of them have trouble predicting what he will do next. Dr. Robotnik has plenty of great achievements in most universes. This man deserves the top spot for all the bad things he's done. He is the main antagonist in all the cartoons. Even in games he isn't the final boss, he still tries to stop Sonic & friends. You got to respect one of the absolute best video game villains of all time.

I hope you enjoy this before the next conclusion part of my series. No one not even my friends & family will see me going in this direction. It could bring tears to your eyes anyway I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Top 10 Underrated Sega Characters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I feel like making an Top 10 list I been wanting to do for an while now. Yes Sega isn't as big as it once was back in the day. I am still an huge fan of their games with over eighty Sega games I own on Steam. Some of these characters should've been bigger than they currently are. I'm so surprised that I decided to make my personal Top 10 Underrated Sega Characters. Now I will set an few rules to make it an definitive, long standing list.

1. Must like the characters enough to be considered
2. More feats the greater chance of appearing on this list
3. All choices must scream Sega in their own right
4, Only one character per an franchise
5. No RPG characters

10. Alex Kidd from Alex Kidd series

Often thought to be the original Sega mascot actually second overall. Alex Kidd had great games for his time. Only two main games with an handful of spin offs. Alex Kidd did try beating out Nintendo's Mario but fell short. What makes him interesting is most his boss fights involves Janken. Basically rock, paper, scissors very not common at the time even in video games. He can buy stuff that could help him or in the original's case vehicles. Usually one shots most enemies with great swimming skills. Alex Kidd might not be the Mario killer but he had a lot going for him in the few years being their mascot.

9. Sketch Turner from Comix Zone

One of my favorite underrated video game heroes. Sketch was writing his own comic book in an stormy night. Out the clear blue came an hand pulling Sketch inside his own comic book. It turns out Mortus the super villain of this comic was responsible. Sketch had to survive against harsh hazards & tough enemies. All of this within pages of an comic book that already topped Alex Kidd. Sketch can rip pieces of pages to make paper planes. At the end Sketch takes down Mortus and saves his woman. Possibly one of the happiest, epic Sega endings ever. This is strikingly similar to an Goosebumps book called Attack of the Mutant. Regardless Sketch could easily loss in that situation. But he came out on top to become an real person again with great success following it.

8. E-102 Gamma from Sonic series

Yes some expected an Sonic character had to be on this list. Most of them have an huge fan base as it is right now. I always felt E-102 Gamma deserves more respect. It was one of Dr. Robotnik's robots that turned against him. Originally following his orders to destroy his related robot brethren. Gamma had some great upgrades to boot. Which includes an built in grenade launcher & an jetpack. Despite his story of Sonic Adventure being short. Gamma always felt an huge impression on me. Sadly at the end Gamma too got destroyed freeing birds Amy was searching for. It did go out the way it wanted but still an kinda sad ending. E-102 Gamma did get similar inventions based on him over the years. To me there isn't anything close to him.

7. Segata Sanshiro from his commericals

Some might have already seen this coming. Segata Sanshiro was in Japanese commercials adverting Sega Saturn. To sum it up if you don't play an Saturn when he's around. Prepare to get the beating of your life. Oddly this strange direction led to him getting remembered for many years to come. Death Battle already covered an great deal on him. Who would thought he could handle Chuck Norris lol. Anyway this guy has his own video game based on these commercials. They require true button mashing & quickly learned the controls which differ between all mini games. Almost as crazy as the man himself. He's so ridiculous & awesome that how could he not be on this list.

6. Altered Beast from Altered Beast series

Officially only reboot version has an name. But all three games has an different guy. It doesn't matter because they can transform into animals. Originally an dead man brought back to life by Zeus. In order to rescue his daughter Athena from an evil demon god Neff. Basically in all games, they have many forms to take on powerful enemies. Of course you know what follows each forms has it's own abilities unique to it. Not counting Project Altered Beast, two armies got taken down. In GBA game Altered Beast: Guardians of the Realms, this guy went into so many realms to do that. Can you believe also in that game is an few variations of most forms? Yes it's true but it's not an great game. Regardless Altered Beast involves the all powerful god Zeus revived an dead man to take on an evil god. Just that by itself makes him more ridiculous than Segata Sanshiro.

5. Kid Chameleon from Kid Chameleon

Yes this is similar to Altered Beast but in some ways stands out more. Let me explain Kid Chameleon is an pro gamer beating virtually every game. An new video game came out with reports of kids missing. Instead of running home with tears going down his face. He decides to take this video game head on. In doing so becomes trapped inside until either he gives up, dies or beats the game. Kid Chameleon gets many forms that actually alters so much of what he can do by himself. This is similar to Sketch getting trapped inside his own comic book. But this is an strange virtual reality video game. Again the main antagonist came straight from inside it responsible for all those missing kids. He took on all kind of hazards & enemies with little to no information prior to this. Kid Chameleon does look awesome for an kid. His gaming skills were great enough to free everyone. Honestly this kid is surprisingly hardcore for an Sega character. Especially only being in one video game.

4. Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe series

One of my favorite Sega characters that deserves more respect. Gilius Thunderhead aka the Dwarf has been in most Golden Axe games. Usually he or the Amazon are people's favorites for different reasons. Yes out of the three characters, he does have the lowest amount of magic. Yet in great strategies, Gilius is the best to use. His weapon originally golden turned silver in Genesis games can held off enemies. He helped took down Death Adder & Dark Guild. Over the years he appeared in some series. Even with that, Gilius is still an underrated character.

3. Ristar from Ristar

Ristar would be Sega's Kirby in that both of them are star children. The difference is Ristar actually being an living star. He may lack the ability to suck in enemies & copy their abilities. What he does have is head butting enemies & flying from planet to planet by swinging fast enough in one direction. Ristar saved several planets & the universe from Kaiser Greedy. It's amazing Ristar can easily move in any world with no trouble at all. Hell being an living star capable of doing so much more. As if he was the next best thing after Super Sonic. Ristar is mind blowing awesomeness in such an great game. Surprisingly he does have an few cameos in other Sega games.

2. Vectorman from Vectorman series

I am really surprised Vectorman doesn't get on most Sega fans' lists. Vectorman is similar to Megaman where he blasts robots & insects. Like Altered Beast & Kid Chameleon, Vectorman has many transformations. Each form plays very differently with some being limited while others last an level. Vectorman can skate, float down in the air & even turn into an bomb. This robot took on two armies on his own. If that wasn't crazy enough his hand blasters have several types of projectiles. I still haven't seen many robots similar to Vectorman in fiction.

1, Joe Musashi from Shinobi series

One of my personal favorite Sega characters. Often considered as one of Sega's flagship characters. Joe took down many organizations mostly by himself. Hell this guy took down an Terminator, Batman, Spider-Man, Godzilla & Mechagodzilla. Joe has special moves that allow some intense action. Even with Shinobi series have gone down hill. Joe still appears in many Sega games over the years. He would be Ryu Hayabusa for Sega that holds some truth to that. This guy is insane in what he has done in many games. He is an ninja capable of the impossible with little to no powers.

I hope everyone you enjoy this especially fellow Sega fans. Why are all of these amazing characters so underrated is beyond me. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get another crossover fighting game. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection vs. Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, oh I been wanting to do this for an few years now. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is one of the absolute best compilations I ever played. Roughly an year later came Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics on PC. Virtually as Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection PC counterpart because forty Genesis games are present in both collections. I decided to do an few rounds comparison to determine which Sega Genesis Collection deserves to be the definitive collection. I am an huge Sega fan since child hood with great number of these from my past. It's about time someone did something like this.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics

Round 1: Games

As stated before forty Genesis games are in present within both collections. However Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics has the edge. Some Sega fans would want an complete Shinobi & Eco the Dolphin experience. Also adding other classics such as Gunstar Heroes into the mix is tough to beat. Now I know that's a little harsh. Yes Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has an extra Shinobi & Phantasy Star game. But I'm just stating an fact most Sega fans would argue.

The Winner is Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics

Round 2: Audio

I know so many people criticize the hell out of Genesis for not having an great sound chip. There's plenty of great soundtracks that are timeless classics in themselves. Ranging from sound effects to songs. For the most part this is very close but Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has the edge. I noticed some Genesis games in Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics didn't transfer audio very well. This is mostly notable in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. When I play it on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, it sounds just like the original Genesis game. Some effects in some games are off. I can't say I noticed any audio issues in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.

The Winner is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Round 3: Controls

Either playing with an original three button Genesis controller or the newer six button controller. Most would agree Sega Genesis has one of the absolute best controllers in gaming history. Considering both collections allow you to change the controls to your liking. This is an tie because both pulled this off near perfection. So much so I couldn't decide an way to pick one over the one in this category.

The Winner is an tie

Round 4: Emulation

It's obvious Sega allowed another team to emulate majority of these games. Not counting audio & extra content which has their own categories. I'm only judging the Genesis games for this category. After all that's the high light of both collection isn't it. Owning an great number of classic Genesis games. You can save & load your save data on every game present in both collections. For the most part this is very close but Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has the edge. Like audio, all their games works very well. However if it wasn't for the new update slowing things down. This could've been another tie, it takes an while to get use. Regularly in that version of it, I often press full screen to fix that problem. But it still from time to time gets laggy. Also in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection there's nearly two handful of hidden games that weren't on Sega Genesis. Most of them are arcade ports while only two came straight from Sega Master System. Yet all of them plays near perfection giving me more than enough reason to give this to Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.

The Winner is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Round 5: Extra Content

Very recently Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics added some new stuff. If it weren't for that, this would've been an easy win for Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. In Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics now has two emulator systems. Personally I prefer the classic one because it looks similar to that picture I put. Also I never had an emulation issue big enough to mind playing any of the games. The newer one is an awesome Sega fan bed room that I wish I had. You get an shelve unit filled with games. The big change is Sega actually allowing their fans to upload mods for numerous games. This by itself pushes Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection in this comparison. Now moving on to Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. This is an successor to Sega Genesis Collection on PS2 & PSP. Maintaining most of it's features such as seeing cartridges, info, facts & booklets of every Genesis games. You can unlock interviews and bonus games on other platforms. Often considered one of the easiest games on Xbox 360 & PS3 to earn all achievements/trophies. It still helps getting you more into these amazing games. But one critical flaw of Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics does have is no intro. Yes every game has their own intros but usually in most Genesis collections. They started the game off with an awesome compilation intro with an fantastic theme song. Sadly you will be very disappointed to see this lacks it's own unique intro. Although this was very close I do prefer those extra contents of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.

The Winner is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Round 6: Codes

Both collections allow all secrets, tricks and codes to be done. All of it without an single plenty unlike Rare's first two Banjo games. Level select, hidden characters, hidden levels, weird glitches, etc... So many interesting stuff to cover in just one blog alone to be it's own blog. Considering both nailed this perfectly I have to give this an tie. I could give Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics an slight edge in more games. But Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has ways to counter that.

The Winner is an tie

Final Round: Overall

This category is considering everything & easily the most difficult one to cover for many reasons. It's no secret Sega Genesis was one of my favorite consoles. Even now I keep finding games I never played before on other platforms. Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics may have more games. But Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection nailed audio, emulation and extra contents. Also Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection brought HD quality to every game. Plus you get every Genesis game right off the bat. But you quickly learn how to unlock videos, games and achievements. In Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics it could be tedious to collect every game. Either by buying an game at the time or in packs. If you are lucky you could buy the new big bundle with every Genesis game. They threw in Sonic CD as an bonus game but you still need to buy it. Most of the time doing these options will cost more money than simply buying Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Unless you're an big fan of Sega Genesis like me. If you had to buy one for the total experience, I would recommend Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Of course having both of them gives you more Ecco, Golden Axe, Space Harrier & Shinobi action. This was close but I think we all can agree which Genesis collection is better.

The Definitive Genesis Collection is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection