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Top 5 Sonic Heroes & Villains (Part 4 of Sonic 25th Anniversary Blog Series)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it took some time plan out how to end this series of blogs. All supporting the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise. This is the beginning of two final parts of this epic series. I am not giving any hints what the final part will contain at all. You will be very surprised with the final version of it when I finish it. This time I want to do something I felt I should've started off with. I will make two top 5 lists of my favorite Sonic heroes & villains.

The only rule for this is for villain's list all of them must be Sonic's enemies. Otherwise I'm not considering them for this list. Otherwise everything else is fair game folks.

Top 5 Sonic Heroes

5. E-102 Gamma

I already talked an great deal about Gamma in my last blog. But honestly I still respect he went against his creator. E-102 Gamma had a lot going for him during his portion of Sonic Adventure. In the end he did succeed in doing it's own mission.

4. Professor Robotnik

Originally introduced as an villain in Sonic Adventure 2 whose long dead. It was later revealed the Space Colony Ark going towards Earth was his back up plan preventing Black Doom from taking it. He attempted to do the impossible by creating the ultimate life form on his own. The Biolizard was an major failure for many reasons. Professor Robotnik took an chance by getting Black Doom's help. However in doing so, what came of this experiment had to help him took over Earth. Parts of this alliance got noticed by an organization called Gun. Which was responsible for the death of Dr. Robotnik's cousin Maria. Unknown to everyone else, Shadow was immune to that gas Black Doom used on Earth. Professor Robotnik's true goal was revealed for Shadow was to stop Black Doom from taking Earth. Often seen as one of the smartest in Earth's history & an criminal. The day that truth came out everyone realized what he choose to do those things. Deep down Professor Robotnik cared for the people of Earth to put his own life on the life.

3. Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles in most universes is an very interesting character. He is the last descendant of the ancient echidna tribe. The same tribe that was close to the Master Emerald & all seven Chaos Emeralds. His duty is to protect the Master Emerald at any cost. Not including that Knuckles sometimes helps Sonic & his friends. Yes sometimes Dr. Robotnik tricks him into going against Sonic. Knuckles has a lot of impressive achievements especially in comic books. It has been said Sonic's speed is equal to Knuckles' strength. Which holds a lot of truth because Knuckles can do amazing things most would fail to do. Due to his connection to the emeralds, he is skilled at finding them. Knuckles can climb, glide and dig in the ground with no trouble.

2. Tails

Miles Prower aka Tails is Sonic's sidekick and best friend. Since the day they met many years ago. Tails is one of the smartest characters with many achievements to boot. Tails can run almost as fast as Sonic but also widely known for flying. Tails usually uses his head more often than all his friends combine. Not to be confuse with TMNT's Donatello an similar character. Tails also has impressive achievements including defeating Mammoth Mogul at his strongest. Which only Tails with some of his other universe selves combine can do. Tails flies Sonic's Tornado that can go a lot faster than even the fastest jets. There is much I could cover on Tails that I would be here all day. Sometimes he has stopped Dr. Robotnik on his own. Either fighting or using his wits the best of his ability.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

It's no contest who takes this spot. Everyone knows it before even seeing it right off the bat. Sonic is Sega's longest mascot & an amazing game hero. He has so many feats that it's mind blowing. Sonic took on almost everything you could possibly name & came out on top. There isn't much Sonic can't do alone or in an group. He has defeated Gods, an time being and Metal Sonic whose the closest thing of defeating him. No matter what Dr. Robotnik throws at him. Sonic usually gets the last laugh with plenty of great deeds.

Top 5 Sonic Villains

5. Scratch & Grounder

Scratch & Grounder are what Bebop & Rocksteady are to The Shredder. These two idiots are what remain of an robot unit. Simply to capture Sonic & Tails that usually fails even in the simplest of tasks. Yes they aren't main villains like some of my choices. But who doesn't know Scratch & Grounder? In one episode even Dr. Robotnik said how many times do I need to put you two back together. Grounder is like an smaller, tank, dumber, weirder Inspector Gadget. I am not kidding with Scratch oddly the smartest robot. But what is smart in this cartoon because everyone's about average. Scratch has fallen for most of Sonic's tricks with Grounder barely using his head at all. They left an huge impression of how not to make robots. At the same time if they weren't in the original cartoon. I don't think I would've like it as much.

4. Mephiles the Dark

Let's get this out of the way right now. Everyone knows Sonic 06 sucks major balls. Mephiles the Dark is one half of Solaris. To be honest I don't care for Iblis or Solaris. Mephiles did get my attention during the time I was playing it. He was the intelligence of Solaris that didn't have an shape at first. After Shadow touched an ground where he hid himself under. Mephiles copied Shadow's appearance into his own. Mephiles quickly worked to trick Silver into killing Sonic. Officially Mephiles is one of the few that succeeded in killing Sonic. Although Sonic got revived by the Chaos Emeralds prior to the final battle. Mephiles only had one goal merge with Iblis to be whole again. From this time attempt to destroy the multiverse which makes him very powerful. Mephiles held his own against Shadow. This creature doesn't have any good in him at all.

3. Shadow the Hedgehog

Yes we get to an anti hero character. There's stories of Shadow being an hero while others he's an villain. So which made an bigger impression on me? I kinda prefer Shadow doing his own thing getting in Sonic's way. Very similar to how Vegeta does to Goku in Dragon Ball universe. Shadow can almost as fast as Sonic with an unique connection to the Chaos Emeralds. Just by holding one can able him to teleport short distances to through time or firing projectiles. Shadow has a lot of impressive feats especially in the comic books. Although most ways one would die is closed off to Shadow. He has survived things you would think could kill him. Also I kinda like Shadow on Sonic Boom. Easily one of the most awesome Sonic characters either.

2. Metal Sonic

Of course some expected I put Metal Sonic on this list. Metal Sonic solo goal since it was built always has been destroy Sonic. Dr. Robotnik designed Metal Sonic to be superior to Sonic in every way. Even now Metal Sonic still gets the closest of actually defeating Sonic. In the game time line, Metal Sonic can scan people to increase his abilities to amazing levels. Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes pretended to be Dr. Robotnik & fooled everyone. As proven in some games, Metal Sonic will do whatever it takes to beat Sonic. In my personal opinion screw Scourge the Hedgehog whose an evil Sonic from another universe. Metal Sonic is the real evil Sonic as he stands as the direct opposite of everything Sonic stands for.

1. Dr. Robotnik

It's no contest & no brainer who gets the top spot. Dr. Robotnik has done plenty from the beginning to be an thorne in Sonic's side. Ever since the day they met, they been at each other's throats. Regardless which universe, their rivalry is legendary even in video games. Some would respect Capcom's Dr. Wily. I don't respect an man willing stealing other people's work. Also Dr. Robotnik may over look even simple details about several things. At least he always attempted different angles in most of his plans. Also I respect him for having more guts to face Sonic head on when he needs to. Dr. Robotnik always tried different concepts on Sonic & his friends. If Dr. Wily's concept of Robot Masters didn't work the first time. Why would he keep doing it about nine more times what an idiot. Sorry I just prefer Dr. Robotnik for being more of an genius in his own way. Most of them have trouble predicting what he will do next. Dr. Robotnik has plenty of great achievements in most universes. This man deserves the top spot for all the bad things he's done. He is the main antagonist in all the cartoons. Even in games he isn't the final boss, he still tries to stop Sonic & friends. You got to respect one of the absolute best video game villains of all time.

I hope you enjoy this before the next conclusion part of my series. No one not even my friends & family will see me going in this direction. It could bring tears to your eyes anyway I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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