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Top 10 Underrated Sega Characters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I feel like making an Top 10 list I been wanting to do for an while now. Yes Sega isn't as big as it once was back in the day. I am still an huge fan of their games with over eighty Sega games I own on Steam. Some of these characters should've been bigger than they currently are. I'm so surprised that I decided to make my personal Top 10 Underrated Sega Characters. Now I will set an few rules to make it an definitive, long standing list.

1. Must like the characters enough to be considered
2. More feats the greater chance of appearing on this list
3. All choices must scream Sega in their own right
4, Only one character per an franchise
5. No RPG characters

10. Alex Kidd from Alex Kidd series

Often thought to be the original Sega mascot actually second overall. Alex Kidd had great games for his time. Only two main games with an handful of spin offs. Alex Kidd did try beating out Nintendo's Mario but fell short. What makes him interesting is most his boss fights involves Janken. Basically rock, paper, scissors very not common at the time even in video games. He can buy stuff that could help him or in the original's case vehicles. Usually one shots most enemies with great swimming skills. Alex Kidd might not be the Mario killer but he had a lot going for him in the few years being their mascot.

9. Sketch Turner from Comix Zone

One of my favorite underrated video game heroes. Sketch was writing his own comic book in an stormy night. Out the clear blue came an hand pulling Sketch inside his own comic book. It turns out Mortus the super villain of this comic was responsible. Sketch had to survive against harsh hazards & tough enemies. All of this within pages of an comic book that already topped Alex Kidd. Sketch can rip pieces of pages to make paper planes. At the end Sketch takes down Mortus and saves his woman. Possibly one of the happiest, epic Sega endings ever. This is strikingly similar to an Goosebumps book called Attack of the Mutant. Regardless Sketch could easily loss in that situation. But he came out on top to become an real person again with great success following it.

8. E-102 Gamma from Sonic series

Yes some expected an Sonic character had to be on this list. Most of them have an huge fan base as it is right now. I always felt E-102 Gamma deserves more respect. It was one of Dr. Robotnik's robots that turned against him. Originally following his orders to destroy his related robot brethren. Gamma had some great upgrades to boot. Which includes an built in grenade launcher & an jetpack. Despite his story of Sonic Adventure being short. Gamma always felt an huge impression on me. Sadly at the end Gamma too got destroyed freeing birds Amy was searching for. It did go out the way it wanted but still an kinda sad ending. E-102 Gamma did get similar inventions based on him over the years. To me there isn't anything close to him.

7. Segata Sanshiro from his commericals

Some might have already seen this coming. Segata Sanshiro was in Japanese commercials adverting Sega Saturn. To sum it up if you don't play an Saturn when he's around. Prepare to get the beating of your life. Oddly this strange direction led to him getting remembered for many years to come. Death Battle already covered an great deal on him. Who would thought he could handle Chuck Norris lol. Anyway this guy has his own video game based on these commercials. They require true button mashing & quickly learned the controls which differ between all mini games. Almost as crazy as the man himself. He's so ridiculous & awesome that how could he not be on this list.

6. Altered Beast from Altered Beast series

Officially only reboot version has an name. But all three games has an different guy. It doesn't matter because they can transform into animals. Originally an dead man brought back to life by Zeus. In order to rescue his daughter Athena from an evil demon god Neff. Basically in all games, they have many forms to take on powerful enemies. Of course you know what follows each forms has it's own abilities unique to it. Not counting Project Altered Beast, two armies got taken down. In GBA game Altered Beast: Guardians of the Realms, this guy went into so many realms to do that. Can you believe also in that game is an few variations of most forms? Yes it's true but it's not an great game. Regardless Altered Beast involves the all powerful god Zeus revived an dead man to take on an evil god. Just that by itself makes him more ridiculous than Segata Sanshiro.

5. Kid Chameleon from Kid Chameleon

Yes this is similar to Altered Beast but in some ways stands out more. Let me explain Kid Chameleon is an pro gamer beating virtually every game. An new video game came out with reports of kids missing. Instead of running home with tears going down his face. He decides to take this video game head on. In doing so becomes trapped inside until either he gives up, dies or beats the game. Kid Chameleon gets many forms that actually alters so much of what he can do by himself. This is similar to Sketch getting trapped inside his own comic book. But this is an strange virtual reality video game. Again the main antagonist came straight from inside it responsible for all those missing kids. He took on all kind of hazards & enemies with little to no information prior to this. Kid Chameleon does look awesome for an kid. His gaming skills were great enough to free everyone. Honestly this kid is surprisingly hardcore for an Sega character. Especially only being in one video game.

4. Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe series

One of my favorite Sega characters that deserves more respect. Gilius Thunderhead aka the Dwarf has been in most Golden Axe games. Usually he or the Amazon are people's favorites for different reasons. Yes out of the three characters, he does have the lowest amount of magic. Yet in great strategies, Gilius is the best to use. His weapon originally golden turned silver in Genesis games can held off enemies. He helped took down Death Adder & Dark Guild. Over the years he appeared in some series. Even with that, Gilius is still an underrated character.

3. Ristar from Ristar

Ristar would be Sega's Kirby in that both of them are star children. The difference is Ristar actually being an living star. He may lack the ability to suck in enemies & copy their abilities. What he does have is head butting enemies & flying from planet to planet by swinging fast enough in one direction. Ristar saved several planets & the universe from Kaiser Greedy. It's amazing Ristar can easily move in any world with no trouble at all. Hell being an living star capable of doing so much more. As if he was the next best thing after Super Sonic. Ristar is mind blowing awesomeness in such an great game. Surprisingly he does have an few cameos in other Sega games.

2. Vectorman from Vectorman series

I am really surprised Vectorman doesn't get on most Sega fans' lists. Vectorman is similar to Megaman where he blasts robots & insects. Like Altered Beast & Kid Chameleon, Vectorman has many transformations. Each form plays very differently with some being limited while others last an level. Vectorman can skate, float down in the air & even turn into an bomb. This robot took on two armies on his own. If that wasn't crazy enough his hand blasters have several types of projectiles. I still haven't seen many robots similar to Vectorman in fiction.

1, Joe Musashi from Shinobi series

One of my personal favorite Sega characters. Often considered as one of Sega's flagship characters. Joe took down many organizations mostly by himself. Hell this guy took down an Terminator, Batman, Spider-Man, Godzilla & Mechagodzilla. Joe has special moves that allow some intense action. Even with Shinobi series have gone down hill. Joe still appears in many Sega games over the years. He would be Ryu Hayabusa for Sega that holds some truth to that. This guy is insane in what he has done in many games. He is an ninja capable of the impossible with little to no powers.

I hope everyone you enjoy this especially fellow Sega fans. Why are all of these amazing characters so underrated is beyond me. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get another crossover fighting game. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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