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The Most Broken Characters on Death Battle (Season 1 & 2)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I'm very sure some of you notice. An good number of characters they used are well balance. You can't help noticing there are other characters for one or many reasons broken. Which is exactly why I'm doing this blog.

Season 1 Broken Characters
1. Akuma

Keep in mind he went in very early on this show. His newer form Oni wasn't introduced yet. Akuma is easily the best fighter in the Street Figher universe. He is surprisingly more powerful than Ryu going all out. Most of the time, he isn't pushing himself. There's plenty of mind blowing feats Akuma has to clarify him as an broken character.

2. Rogue

Her victory against Wonder Woman should get some heads turning. Rogue has the unique ability to absorb any power. Depending on how many people she's touching or how long she's holding on determines their usage. Basically Death Battle made it crystal clear, Wonder Woman started out with much higher stats. By the end of their fight, Rogue had higher overall stats to win. She kept most of Ms. Marvel's powers which makes her similar to an weaker Wonder Woman. Even they stated sometimes she absorbs god like powers before.

3. Metal Sonic

Yes he wasn't one of the main fighters & so far being the third option to win in any episode. You can't deny Metal Sonic can quickly becomes broken just by scanning anything. Upon doing so copies their stats onto his own. If given enough time just like that war theme death battle. Metal Sonic can become the deadliest thing. On two occasions, he did this with all characters involved & got defeated by Sonic.

4. Thor

Not because he easily defeated Raiden, he is selected for this blog. Thor has a lot of mind blowing feats. This guy has defeated some of the most powerful beings on his own. His weather control may be second to his father but an great number of characters can't compete with that. Even an greater amount can't lift his enchanted hammer. Simply because they aren't chosen to wield it. If those people attempted to lift it, Mjolnir becomes infinite in weigh. To those chosen or Thor himself, it has no weight thanks Ben. His confirmed training & combat experience makes him very difficult to defeat. Hell doing God Blast which also can kill him can kill immortal beings.

5. Superman

Of course I have to talk about one of the most broken character ever on Death Battle. Superman can easily increase his overall potential by touching sunlight or going inside the sun. Not including that, his strength is ridiculously insane for any comic book character. Plenty of proof an great number of them are like child play to him. His speed can go several times the Speed of Light in both combat & traveling. His durability is still one of the toughest on record. Even limiting to just one comic book version, Superman has an ridiculous amount of feats for everything. After getting training to use his full potential as his regular self. His connection to the sun made him virtually limitless.

Season 2 Broken Characters
1. He-Man

The original cartoon He-Man is very broken for an character. His regular self before transformation Prince Adam is one of the weakest characters. As soon as he transforms into He-Man, he becomes the strongest. I looked at several websites to confirm this. He-Man has virtually no real limits although some stuff could force him to transform back. Usually when someone states what is impossible. He-Man could do it right in front of you to just to prove you wrong. I am not kidding he has done that on the show. His sword is unbreakable with his combat skills being surprisingly good. We have an prince whose an teen currently in training that isn't very good. In vice versa, He-Man is very good at figuring out people. There is no limit on what he can do.

2. Shao Kahn

In my opinion Shao Kahn is an broken character. Confirmed in canon, Shao Kahn has over ten thousand years worth of experience. His magic is some of the best in the series. This includes tricking Kitana, Sindel & Sonya Blade thining into what he wanted. Shao Kahn is among the most powerful characters. He conquered several worlds in his time ruling Outworld. At one point he got fused with DC's Darkseid in an cross over. His fighting skill works very well against anyone opponent.

3. Godzilla

Of course Godzilla had to be on this blog. He's an very tough giant monster with many ridiculous feats. His regeneration is broken with no real limit on how much he can withstand. Most can't survive being very close to him due to his creation. Godzilla started out as an dead dinosaur in the sea. One day an nuclear missile hit close to him to become Godzilla. Basically you thought nuclear bombs like Atomic Bomb were bad enough. Just look at the radiation Godzilla leaves behind in one movie. Even his origin describes how broken he is. Godzilla has an very impressive winning record some including facing multiple opponents. His atomic breath could destroy most giant characters on the show.

4. Gundam Epyon

The pilot himself isn't broken but he becomes one by piloting Gundam Epyon. This unique Gundam model can predict most outcomes in any combat situation. In short terms imagine god view through an giant robot. Where every possible scenario is playing right before your eyes. This feature alone greatly limits who is capable of piloting it. Gundam Epyon's saber can cut through power sources as proven by cutting that space station.

5. Scorpion

Scorpion became an hellfire spectre but due to being so neutral. This causes him to get stronger as long he's in Hell. Some of his moves involves hellfire that can burn through your soul. Scorpion can teleport you anywhere he wants. To officially kill him, you have to destroy his very being in an particular way. Otherwise he can come back & kill you. This alone limits who exactly could kill Scorpion for good.

6. Deadpool

Where to begin with an character this broken!!! His regeneration is superior to Wolverine due to having cancer. Sometimes not even Deadpool knows what he will do next. Taskmaster whose similar to his opponent from DC Deathstroke can't keep up with him. Deadpool can find stuff out by reading comic books. He once had an Carbonadium sword that takes away regeneration from others. By having his magic satchel has virtually no limit. This means anything & I do mean anything can be pulled out by Deadpool. Also he is aware of being an fictional character. Deadpool is well aware many people are watching him through several forms of media. I wasn't kidding this guy almost invented the term.

7. Kirby

Kirby may not look like it but he's insanely broken as an character. He can absorb creatures or items to gain numerous abilities. His stats are insanely high for any video game character. Kirby can destroy an planet by punching it. His moving speed is very fast close to the Speed of Light. Speak of that his warp star can go that fast. If anything happens to it, Kirby can easily make another one. It's possible for Kirby to increase his sucking range to possibly take in planets. Hell he survived an planet explosion at point blank & he was fine.

8. Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy is ridiculous powerful even for an fighting game character. Most of his feats, he's using very little of his power. Yes he can transform at one point going about half against That Guy. He did stated he could've went further wow right. This guy has destroyed some of the most powerful beings with ease. Also having an few generations under his belts mastering his fighting style. Easily makes him very difficult to beat. Pretty much he is like Akuma or Kenpachi even he's more broken than both characters combine.

9. Chuck Norris & Segata Sanshiro

There's an great reason why both of them share this one spot. Both characters has virtually no limits at all. They are ridiculous broken doing even impossible things with ease. There really isn't much more I can say except don't run into either of them or you'll get your ass kicked.

10. Nightmare

Nightmare is an embodiment of Soul Edge. Which is one of the absolute most powerful weapons. Only those who can kill abyssal beings can kill him. Soul Edge has been around since almost the beginning of time. It has been stated Soul Edge can become any weapon mastering all with ease. Nightmare did restore Soul Edge to gain his true power. Which only whose chosen by Soul Calibur at that point in time can stop. Even if you did survive Nightmare, there's two things worse. An slight possible on this by he can transform into Night Terror. Whose easily one of the most powerful beings in existence. The other possible outcome is you could be facing Inferno aka Soul Edge's soul. Either way you look at it, Nightmare is very broken for an fighting game character. Also Soul Edge needs an lot of souls in order to work at his full potential. Trust me there's an difference between an incomplete & completed Soul Edge. Just power alone should be plenty for you.

11. Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom is broken in so many ways. He has an few generations worth of experience in magic. Which he's second best behind Dr. Strange. He's second in technology behind Iron Man. He's second in overall intelligence on Earth behind his nemesis Mr. Fantastic. Basically Dr. Doom has plenty of many feats including those you wouldn't believe. It is very difficult to beat Dr. Doom especially when he has all the advantages. Sometimes he can handle god like beings. There isn't much of an limit he can't do.

12. Astro Boy

Astro Boy is hands down one of the most broken anime characters in existence. He greatly predates characters like One Punch Man in that area. His stats are ridiculous high to begin with. Hell if you seen the episode then I don't have much to explain. Astro Boy can do impossible things with ease. I doubt anyone could beat Astro Boy in an fight.

13. Greymon

Finally we get to our last character I'm covering. Greymon is possibly the most broken in terms of his transformations. Let me explain Greymon was slightly beyond Charizard as proven in the episode. Metal Greymon would've been near impossible for either Mega Charizard form to compete with. WarGreymon was simply insanely powerful in comparison. Basically Metal Greymon can fire an missle that would be similar to an nuke. WarGreymon can burn all the heat in one spot to throw it as an giant fire ball. Which vaporizes anything it hits unless it's too powerful or resistant against it. Also WarGreymon's armor is made of the toughest metal. Therefore most form of attacks would not work against him. You see all of this is normal for his universe. In Death Battle's universe, Greymon is one of the most broken characters they ever had.

I hope you guys enjoy this, if I see the day with Season 4 of Death Battle ending. I promise to make an follow up covering Season 3 & 4. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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