Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #7 What Halloweens means to me

Happy Halloween, My friends tonight we pay tribute to such an awesome holiday. Of course some doesn't feel that way for great reasons. This is for those really into Halloween like myself. No other holiday not even Christmas has more movies than Halloween. There also exists a few horror shows with all kind of different directions in each events.

As an kid Halloween always felt unique to me. More recently in gaming both major & indie developers are making horror games. There is so much I could talk about relating to Halloween. I could be doing an ridiculous amount of blogs with no real end.

My favorite horror game series has always been Resident Evil series. Yes to some degree it doesn't stay close to horror. I always had an strong connection since my child hood. There is some interesting concepts with the viruses to creatures. All of it is greater to what inspired it, Night of the Living Dead.

I should give an shout out to an awesome indie game Deadly 30. I will talk more about it in one of my next blog entries. I highly recommend such an amazing game. I also recommend Silent Hill 1-3 since those are easily some of the finest horror games. Of course how could you complete gaming side of Halloween without Zombies Ate My Neighbors. This game as an whole is an tribute for many years of horror movies. An precursor to Dead Rising series which has strong similarities to ZAMN.

Everyone has their own belief on what Halloween should be. For some you & people close to you has to get scared. For others it's all about watching an large amount of horror movies. For an rare few it's about seeing kids getting happy from all that candy they got from people. For me Halloween is suppose to represent everything that's suppose to terrify people. It should be every possibilities with & without creatures.

Halloween is truly special for being the one holiday to constantly surprise people. Yes you could get surprise from getting something you really wanted for Christmas. You never know what to expect for Halloween each year. Some people go out of their way to make their houses spooky with some people having an fog machine.

I should mention there are a lot of places like Jason's Woods & Kim's Krypt. You go to those places close to or on Halloween to get scared. Some of these places go the extra mile making it intense, scary and difficult to predict. This is almost like surviving an horror movie. There is no other direct way to explain the feeling from those places.

Some places mostly carnivals has an haunted ride. Those are okay compared to some farms doing haunted hay rides. Now those are the real haunted rides I recommend more people to try. You with a lot of people get on an large vehicle going around most of the farm. It is amazing how much work they put into these rides. If you can't go to places like Jason's Woods or Kim's Krypt. This would be the next best thing.

A lot of people dress up in costumes for conventions. Which is special in & off itself but the feeling of doing it on Halloween. To me I felt very good dressing up on Halloween compared to going to Otakon. Some go the extra mile to make their costumes scarier. I love it when some get creative with it.

There is something about the Fall season that brings the whole spirit of Halloween together. I would go as far to say you are more likely to get an nice cool Halloween night. I know some would love to get more white Christmas. I am referring to when it snows on Christmas. Fall not only fits in perfectly for Halloween. It really works best at night with so many people walking around.

Words alone can't come close to fully explaining how much Halloween means to me. I really look forward to Cinemassacre's Monster Madness as an while. I always welcome someone doing their own Halloween marathon. This guy reviews so many horror movies that the list is possibly endless by today's standards. It is sad to see him doing his final major Monster Madness. Although a lot of good will come out of it.

One of my personal favorite things for Halloween is The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. All of them are similar to many classic horror shows. Regularly doing three different stories per an episode. These usually are high among most Simpsons fans favorite episodes. They allow stuff regular episodes wouldn't. Such as popular characters gets killed or sick jokes or simply out there. Which compared to The Simpsons is saying a lot.

Everyone knows a lot about these episodes. Ever since Season 2, every year we been getting these amazing episodes. I should talk a little about the canon Halloween episode. Officially it is in the middle of the pack but interesting to finally see how Halloween would be like at the Simpsons house. I also like the brief joke part about the next episode being Treehouse of Horror episode.

This concludes my first The Final Week of Halloween marathon. I thank everyone whose been reading these or very much into the holiday as myself.

Jack Red reviews Cinemassacre's Monster Madness X

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I know some of his fans want to hear my opinion. Cinemassacre has been doing Monster Madness for ten years now. Just like The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. I usually look forward to it as I kept getting more excited for Halloween. I am here to review the last of these marathons for many people out there.

I will review it in all six categories to the best of my abilities. I felt doing it this way would make it easier for those reading it. Also regularly he does an theme in some marathons while others doesn't have one. I got to say this is one of his best marathons to date. This is what I personally would call an true Halloween experience.

Modern Mondays

James reviews an movie released in the last few years. He never clarify how recent they have to be. I will say he is picking movies I wouldn't watch until someone close to me recommends it. Out of them I am oddly enough the most interested in seeing Tusk. Who ever heard of stuff an movie & directed by Kevin Smith of all people. It bags a lot of questions but I am willing to find an copy of it to watch some day.

These would be modern Halloween classics to many people. I only seen Lumberjack Man very recently but these do seem interesting. I do agree newer horror movies isn't breaking enough ground to stand out. Some of these movies still got many people's attention. He did say most of his reviews are recommendations. I will consider checking the rest of the movies for Modern Mondays. This is better than WTF Wednesdays, Blood-Thirsty Thursdays and Fraken-Fridays. Which is saying a lot & I wasn't expecting to like it that much.

Top Ten Tuesdays

As stated in an related blog, this was one of my favorite categories for this marathon. James decided to do a lot of lists covering the best of Golden, Silver & Bronze Age of Horror Movies. He did recommend an handful of Silent Age horror movies. He clearly put a lot of work into those videos. Easily some of his finest list videos to date.

Four videos with over nine lists covering seventy movies. I was very impressed how well done all these videos turned out. Clearly a lot of editing but James out did himself with all videos. Easily the category of this year's Monster Madness standing out. Although personally I would've put the 90s in Bronze Age of Horror Movies but I understand his reasons for not doing it. I got to say this really didn't disappoint in any way. In my opinion these are the spirit of Halloween.

WTF Wednesdays

James reviews mess up movies that make little to no sense or flat out weird. You could consider this Camp Cult sequel as it kinda has that going for it. Terror Firmer is one of the sickest movies I ever seen. Every horror movie has seen their fair share of out there horror movies that's difficult to take seriously. Hell all of them would make an great marathon of movies to watch one night with your friends.

James really picked some mess up movies indeed. Most of these are difficult to come by. Each movie kept getting weirder with each following Wednesday. Honestly I am happy with his selection of movies for that theme. Only because I recently seen Terror Firmer I would say that's the best of them. But if I could check the remaining movies out. I'm sure I will like what I see.

Blood-Thirsty Thursdays

This is for vampire fans like myself, as an kid Vampires were one of my favorite fictional beings. You know people who can't get enough zombies, I'm the guy who can't get enough of vampires. Creatures that supposedly do all the way back to when the dinosaurs walked the Earth in myth & legends. Vampires has an very strong following in horror movies alone. I could easily do an entire Halloween marathon of them. I will give the final decision to you guys.

James broke an record by reviewing an movie that got canceled. Wolfman vs. Dracula as he stated later become parts of several movies. I got to be honest I was happy with his choices for Blood-Thirsty Thursdays. I am an huge fan of vampire movies with all the ones he did on those days I haven't seen. Vampires is truly one of the scariest fictional creatures to date. Based on what I heard The Lost Boys may be the best among all of them. I will always support an vampire or vampires over most fictional beings. In an sense these reviews would be following both parts of Sequel-A-Thon 1 and 2 with Dracula movies.


This may surprise people but I really like Frankenstein's Monster. Easily the most neutral horror movie character in history. There exists many versions of Frankenstein with similar movies through out the years. When Franken movies are bad they explode in an way people won't shut up about. Frankenstein is an legendary name in pop culture that will never die.

For the most part I am happy with his choices of Frankenstein movies. An spiritual successor to both Sequel-A-Thon 1 & 2 parts covering Frankenstein movies. I felt Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster should've been used on WTF Wednesdays since it isn't technically an Frankenstein movie. Also I do agree to some degree Mary Shelley's Frankenstein wasn't perfect. It still stands as one of the best adaptations of Frankenstein novel. Victor Frankenstein does center more of Dr. Frankenstein's relationship with Igor than the actual monster. I still like that movie a lot compared to many movies with Frankenstein's Monster.

Weekend Whatevers

An follow up to all those marathons without an theme. Basically any movie James wants to review. Honestly I am glad he make it the weekend since more people would be home. Also because people watch more movies they regularly wouldn't during the week. This is allowing James to be more refreshing when he needs to be. For example he reviewed one of my favorite movies, Clash of the Titans. I don't know what it is about that movie but I loved it with an passion.

James covers the most movies on Saturdays & Sundays under Weekend Whatevers. He reviews ten movies that bring something different & unique to the genre. I wasn't expecting James to be creative with his choices but I'm very mind blown by them. Last Saturday of this month, he talks about an forgotten Halloween tradition. Most people today wouldn't know back then some companies went the extra miles of scaring people. Funny enough he also reviewed Matinee that's based on that concept. This is continuing all previous Monster Madness marathons with no theme. Honestly this is the best out of all those marathons. I would go as far to say this is the closest of rivaling Top Ten Tuesdays.

Top 10 Cinemassacre's Monster Madness (official list)
10. Camp Cult
9. Monster Madness 3
8. 80s-A-Thon
7. Godzillathon
6. History of Horror
5. Monster Madness 9
4. Monster Madness 8
3. Monster Madness X
2. Sequel-A-Thon
1. Sequel-A-Thon 2

I hope you guys enjoyed the marathon as much as I have. I will be starting an poll shortly after this goes up. If majority votes yes, I will be doing an follow up marathon. Where I will be covering the entire month of October with vampire movies. Regardless I will keep to support their work as I always have. If we do get more smaller marathons I will enjoy them as well. Until next time I am Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #6 Puppet Master series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I saved the biggest horror movie series for last. Puppet Master series is very underrated horror movies that more people need to watch. Yes it wasn't as good as it once was after the fifth movie. I still enjoy watching most of them with an passion. Puppet Master is easily one of the best long horror movie series to date. Of course this is mixed just like Scream by many people. This is my Halloween marathon, Puppet Master series does belong here for all the right reasons.

Please note this is before both Puppet Master: Axis Termination & Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich comes out. If you are wondering no review of either movie that's why. Also I will likely will be doing an double review blog entry of those movies to make up for it.

Puppet Master (1989)

The original Puppet Master is one of the best killer doll/toy movies in history. The story covers an group of psychics searching the place where Andre Toulon died. Unknown to him, someone has control of his puppets. These puppets doesn't require strings, they move around similar to Chucky from Child's Play series. Yet how they go about things is very different. They only server their master that brought them all back to life. I am an huge fan of these puppets since my child hood. My personal favorite since the very beginning of my time getting into those movies has always been Blade. One of the few puppets to appear in every Puppet Master movie to date. Some of the most goriest kills in that category horror movie series. Especially when the puppets turn on their master. Still among one of their best kills to date as all of them are working together to kill him. Keep in mind Fullmoon Features was partnered with Paramount at the time. This was during Fullmoon Features prime as some of their best movies came out in those years including this one. Puppet Master is still one of the scariest low budget horror movies for many reasons.

Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creation (1991)

Oh man Puppet Master II to me was my favorite among the original five Puppet Master movies. The story involves the puppets brought Andre Toulon back to life. The puppets are killing people to come back to their master with particular parts of them. All of this leaves to one of the most disturbing endings in any horror movie sequels. This is occurring at the same place in the original Puppet Master movie. This also introduces one of my absolute favorite puppets named Torch. You don't want to piss this guy off because when he's angry everything gets set on fire. He looks more like an mix between an crazy Nazi & some kind of tank man. I didn't think they could top the final kill of the original but they did. It's even more difficult to watch because it is way more intense & violent. This particular kill isn't for those of an fainted heart or children. I love how all of this plays out so well with an ending you wouldn't expect. You learn a little more about the puppets which is always an good thing.

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991)

To most fans of the franchise this easily is their top favorite movie. I won't argue that but it comes more off like an war movie. Not an actual war movie, more like someone trying to escape the Nazis. I would recommend two Indiana Jones movies with them over this one. I am not saying this isn't an good movie. There are horror parts with some of the best kills in the whole series. One of my favorite kills involves another favorite puppet of mine Six Shooter. Andre drops him off where he climbs up an building. An high ranking Nazi officer was just coming out of the room to get gunned down falling out the window. This movie also explains the origins of Tunneler, Pinhead, Leech Woman & Blade. This is one of the earliest movies in the Puppet Master time line. I would say this is an amazing movie for what it is. Early on Toulon's wife gets murdered by an Nazi officer. The more this movie goes on you do feel for his pain. Some people would love him getting revenge on him. Which for many fans stands as one of the best kills of the series. Maybe not as sick as the previous two movies but it makes sense to fit that man's punishment. This stands as one of the best third horror movies or has number 3 in the title. Now some may not like it coming more off like an war movie than an actual horror movie. I felt to say it could count as an great mixture of the two movie genres.

Puppet Master 4: The Demon (1993)

An new puppet master revived Toulon's puppets. Of course many wondered how would the puppets react to an new master. This stands as one of the few movies where the puppets are good guys. This time he with his friends are in danger from an Egyptian god. This being summons smaller demons all connected to his minions into their world to hunt down the secret of Toulon's puppets. These creatures remind me of Gremlins or Critters but doesn't talk & nastier. I like watching the puppets fighting these demons off. Of course I should mention the special puppet that has the soul of Andre Toulon. It is debatable how this is possible because of that scene from the original movie. This puppet takes a lot of effort to revive but stands as one of the most powerful ever created. Honestly it kinda like Frankenstein except an man's soul gets transferred inside an puppet that uses electricity as an weapon. This puppet also comes with a few heads to switch between. Every time these demons dies, his minions die with them. Surprisingly this works more than you would expect it to. Without question one of the best fourth horror movies or has number 4 in the title.

Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994)

The final Puppet Master movie while Fullmoon Features was partnered with Paramount. This directly follows Puppet Master 4 similar to Halloween 2 & Halloween 5. This time Eygptian god is pissed enough to make an powerful small demon for himself. Yes this plays out very similar to the previous movie with a few notable differences. For one thing Torch wasn't presented in Puppet Master 4. This small demon is easily fighting off the puppets. One of their friends is alive at an hospital recently receiving messages that are helpful to what's going on. I would say this is one of the best fifth horror movies or has number 5 in the title. But I agree Puppet Master 4 by itself is better than this movie. This is usually considered the worst among the original five Puppet Master movies. It is not bad by any means, just wasn't as good as the previous movies. I do recommend this to many horror fans especially those into Puppet Master series like myself.

Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)

Sadly the series started to go down starting with this movie. Curse of the Puppet Master is one of the more recent events in the time line. The story follows an old man experimenting with things. He becomes obsessive with possibilities of Toulon's puppets. This led to many murders through out the whole movie. To me this movie stands as one of the worst in the franchise. For one it never exists how Leech Woman is there when back in Puppet Master 2. She just killed an man to get killed by his wife in an furnace. They did an great job keeping the puppets looking good. I felt this has some of the worst kills in any Puppet Master movie. The ending is probably the most rememberable part of the whole movie. He forced an man that's been working for him soul inside an new robot puppet that ends up killing him. In all honestly this felt rushed from the moment it starts. The movie keeps you wondering does any parts stand out except for the ending. Sadly no I can't recommend this movie not even among Puppet Master fans. This stands as one of the worst technically sixth horror movies I ever seen. I should mention this is where the series became direct to video. Probably wasn't the best idea but the other good thing surprisingly this movie has going for it. Although it wasn't great, it did revive the franchise which is mixed among people. I am happy about it since I can't get enough of them.

Retro Puppet Master (1999)

In my opinion the best out of the next five Puppet Master movies. Just when you thought this would suck like the previous movie it doesn't. Retro Puppet Master covers an great deal that many people didn't know about Toulon & his puppets. This is exactly what ended in Puppet Master 4 & 5. An young Toulon meets an strange man that forever changed his life. To sum it up this man gave Toulon the secret of life that gets used on his puppets. Similar to Puppet Master 3 where it shade light on those puppets origins. This move does that with his original puppets he gave life to. Easily the best told story in the newer Puppet Master movies. Some of the best newer kills are present here. Before Nazis came looking for that secret, an Egyptian god tried getting it first. All of this not only one of the absolute best horror movie prequels but also gives you an idea to many things to come. In an nut shell the whole legacy of these puppets started an long time before World War 2. I like Toulon is telling the newer puppets about his past. Sadly this was the last time Guy Rolfe does the character before he died in real life.

Puppet Master: The Legacy (2003)

To me this is the worst among all official Puppet Master movies. But second worst considering the unofficial cross over movie. Very new scenes are new because an lady is holding an man at gun point. This man later gets revealed to be not only the new puppet master but that boy Toulon met back in Germany. The entire movie is replaying several clips of the previous movies. There are better ways of going about such an concept. I kinda felt this was lazy because they should've cut it a little more. Then give us more of an story with newer footage instead. But we ended up getting ripped off with footage used from previous movies that it doesn't feel like an movie at all. Honestly it comes more off an like an poor science experiment you did for school to get laugh at. This is an joke officially this is one of the more recent in the time line yet it doesn't come off like that way. Some of the worst acting in any Puppet Master series. This is the only time the puppets kill their master with no reason given. I do like they show you how their new master knows of all these events. I highly recommend avoiding this movie at all costs. It is really not worth the attention by any means as it is simply an waste of your time & money.

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004)

This is the bottom of the barrel for a lot of great reasons. Charles Band & his company weren't involved with the making of this movie. In fact they did it without getting permission making it difficult to find on DVD because of it. The worst looking puppets in the entire franchise especially after they get upgraded. Upgraded really haven't these puppets did plenty of damage without it. Why in god's name do they need to ruin the appeal of the puppets by doing that. What's worse is they also used another of their franchises, Demonic Toys in this cross over movie. What's sad is those toys look better than the puppets. I should mention an evil toy company taking orders from Satan is behind all of this. An family with relations to Andre Toulon gets dragged into it. All of it felt more like an strange science experience than an actual Puppet Master or Demonic Toys movie. From what I heard there already exists an good cross over movie with Demonic Toys. Why did Syfy chose to do this route is beyond me. Everything in every category is below average with terrible acting. I personally consider this an insult to Fullmoon Features movies. Easily the worst cross over movie I ever seen. Even Boa vs. Python was an better movie and that sucks too.

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (2010)

Six years after the abomination that is Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. Fullmoon Features comes back with an interesting take. They realized they never covered what happened after Toulon's death to the puppets. Considering the original actor William Hickey the original guy who played Andre Toulon already passed away back in 1997. They used some of their original movie footage with newer ones. If you are taking the time to compare it, there are several things they got wrong. For example the guy in newer footage whose playing an dead Andre Toulon is Chinese. I am not by any means an racist, I am just pointing that out. They screwed up the wall paper designs which was very notable. This shades more light on those two guys looking for Toulon in the original. This is taking place directly after that scene of the original. An new puppet master who is trying to get into the military but can't. This guy is like Captain America in his beliefs for this era. I like the Nazis are working with the Japanese for an similar goal. Obviously they are waiting to screw each other over. Some of the sickest kills in the series is in this movie. Like the guy eating his dinner to get sucked by leeches. I will be honest to say this has an great story for what it is. Sure it's not perfect but considering what the angle is. I could live with that since I like the new Ninja puppet. This has mixed acting but an huge improvement over two movies counting that cross over.

Puppet Master: Axis Rising (2012)

An direct follow up to Puppet Master: Axis of Evil. Fullmoon Features took an page from Halloween series. They made an sequel not too long after with the story continuing right at the end of the previous movie. An mad Nazi general wants an army of the undead to conquer the world for Hitler. They brought an concept originally used in Puppet Master 3 with an similar character whose also an scientist. For the first time the puppets fights puppets because the Nazis created their own. Honestly half of them doesn't fit the theme at all. Bombshell's name is misleading as this puppet doesn't have explosives. I'm sure some of you seen the Fembots from Austin Powers. This puppet literately has the same weapons as them. Kamikaze is likely to be seen racist as this puppet has an Chinese man's soul. His weapon fits perfectly for his name because he blows himself up. But the racist part is this taking place close to World War 2. In our history we were fighting the Japanese while other nations were taking on Germany & Italy. Plus some could reference the Atomic Bomb event that would be too much. The only Nazi puppet I like is Blitzkreig whose similar to Torch. An robot tank that can fire bullets from it's two uneven machine guns. Blitzkreig also can electrocute people by touching them. Also this was the only puppet to fit the theme perfectly. Yes I got side tracked a little bit but some would like to know what I think of those puppets. The acting is not as good as the previous movie but an more interesting story. However it doesn't play out as good as the previous movie. Yes I know moving on the Nazi general doesn't getting kill very well. In the previous movie with another Nazi got an better death & he was much lower in ranks. Some characters got different actors but with the exception of Ozu, they do their characters better. Yes I did say the previous movie has better acting. I can't help the people playing them in this movie is doing them slightly better. Of course the script also plays an role in that. This movie was ridiculous in what it was attempting. Not bad but still miles below the great Puppet Master movies.

I am done reviewing movies, but I have something very personal to me coming next to conclude my marathon.

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #5 Scream series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, sorry for an little tribute to Wes Craven. I knew I had to do Scream for my Halloween marathon. I never really got to say how I felt about movies made by him that I love so much. This is giving me the opportunity to do so as Scream stands as one of his greatest works. Scream is kinda mixed among horror movie fans. I always been an huge fan of these amazing movies.

In fact I'm dying to see Scream 5 if it ever comes out. Of course it won't be the sad without Wes Craven. I am not reviewing Scream show because it is more of it's own thing. I will be honest to say I would recommend it.

Scream (1996)

Although it was well received after it's release. This movie is often considered an gem as many people don't like it. I can understand that but this was the beginning of an great horror movie franchise. The story involves an teenager whose friends are being killed similar to horror movies. According to Wes Craven, one of it's inspirations was based on an real life event. Now that by itself does make the movie scarier. I remember in my child hood wearing an Ghostface costume. Unlike typical horror movies, the killer uses phones as an distraction. In order to sneak into your house or where you're at to kill you. Such an interesting concept of an horror movie with the killer being horror movie fans. I am not trying to ruin the twist relating to the killer for an reason. It kinda ruins the whole point of me trying to get you to see those movies if I told you more about Ghostface. Scream always stands as one of Wes Craven's greatest horror movies. I should mention Jamie Kennedy's character starts an pattern that changed with every movie kinda like Final Destination series.

Scream 2 (1997)

One of the absolute best horror movies that are technically second or has number 2 in the title. In some ways Scream 2 was better than the original. Our heroine is once again stalked by Ghostface. I felt most kills in Scream 2 plays more like typical horror movies that comes off more effective. Scream 2 had some of this series best twists from the very moment it starts. You are constantly wondering what's going on, of course that's how you should if seeing it for the first time. Scream 2 is easily one of Wes Craven's best sequel movies. It took what I loved about Scream and built it in just the right way as an great sequel should. Ghostface's performance is even more convincing than the original Scream. You could criticize some of the later parts but I love this movie with an passion. Scream 2 is one of the finest among slasher films especially to those heavily against Scream franchise. The rules are now following first horror movie sequels.

Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3 stands as one of the greatest third horror movies or has number 3 in the title in history. Some could argue this is where the franchise started to go down. It didn't fall flat hard like most horror movie franchises. I will spoil one key thing about Ghostface. In my opinion this killer was the best of the entire series. This guy is very clever in almost everything he does in the whole movie. I am not spoiling who it is but still the killer is an man. The story continues with our heroine is getting stalked again in her home town. You learn a lot more about her mother's past. Some of the best kills are in this movie. Scream 3 is an master piece among horror movies that more people need to watch. I wouldn't say this was as unpredictable as Scream 2 but it comes very close. I do like how all of this plays out like some classic horror movies. Back then it was more on suspense, creativity and story. Which all of those are present in Scream 3. The rules are now following every third horror movies.

Scream 4 (2011)

An huge time gap between Scream 3 & Scream 4. In most cases doing an sequel in an huge amount of time passed doesn't work. This is one of those rare occasions where Scream 4 is an great sequel. Officially this is both an follow up to Scream 3 but also an reboot to the franchise. The story continues with our heroine is visiting town when these murders starts back up. Wes Craven's final Scream movie still blows me away. I like the cop scene where they are keeping watch talking about how cops die in horror movies. Scream 4 also has an major twist to make it more like an horror movie. Ghostface has an specialized headset camera recording almost every murder directly online. This concept was mind blowing because no body has ever attempted it yet. Although this does make it similar to an game called Manhunt which some may not like that. Scream 4 is easily one of the absolute best fourth horror movies or has number 4 in the title I ever seen. Honestly all four of these movies stands as one of the most constant horror movie franchises to date.

I hope you enjoy it because I have some small figures that won't play nice. It is not Chucky or an dummy named Slappy. Trust me even if I told you an direct hint you probably won't get it. Until next time I will burn myself to cleanse my soul for my hellish performance.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #4 Saw series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time for an movie series that everyone has trouble stomaching & can't watch. One particular horror movie series comes to mind, Saw series. These are some of the most original as well as brutal & unforgiving movies. Saw series is very much in torture porn category for many reasons. These movies will give most kids nightmares for the rest of their lives. Yeah I couldn't exclude these classics from my marathon. What's interesting is all movies come out an year after each other just in time for Halloween. Which made it very obvious to me, Saw must be presented in my marathon.

Saw (2004)

The original Saw is one of the best horror movies of the 2000s to date. The story involves an photographer & doctor trapped in an huge bathroom. Of course Saw is widely known for a lot of things. Most traps are not only original but very terrifying & entertaining to watch. Many people can't stomach any Saw movies because of them. Saw is also known for having one of the best horror movie stories. Some of the best horror movie effects I seen in an long time. This doesn't even play out like an typical horror movie. You will witness some horrifying events involving death traps all set in an strict time limit & conditions. To sum it up Jugsaw Killer only puts you in those traps. He expects to see if you have the will to survive. Technically he isn't directly killing them but he is still responsible for their deaths. I always like how well written the characters are overall. Everything works a lot more than most expected.

Saw II (2005)

One of the best Saw movies in my opinion, Saw II is one of the best horror movies with 2 in the title. Starting with Saw II to up, each newer movie adds more story to previous movies. This is kinda mixed received. On one hand a lot of questions were asked by the fans especially on Dr. Gordon. Each movie in some way shad more light on it. The flip side is if you are watching these out of order & new to them. You will get confused very fast making it more frustrating to get into them in the first place. Once again we get an great cast in one of my favorite big traps of the series. An group of people are trapped inside an house. They have a few hours to get an antidote to nerve gas to survive long enough to leave the house. But all the antidotes are placed in every death trap. Although not all traps are revealed, it was confirmed each one was meant for each person. I would say this has the best acting of the entire series. Some of my favorite traps are present in this movie. If I have to name right off the bat I like it has to be death mask. Which is similar to reverse bear trap with an helmet variation of an classic death trap. One of the best stories in any horror movie sequels. Saw II is an worthy successor that set the standard for many things.

Saw III (2006)

Saw III is considered by some as the best Saw movie. Honestly I believe it's very close between II and III for many great reasons. The story centers around an man named Jeff whose trapped inside the main building for these death traps. Each trap plays an huge role in determining if he lives or dies at the end. An nice twist followed by another interesting twist. His wife got kidnapped by them to keep Jigsaw Killer alive which plays an role in Jeff's game. Just like Saw II, Saw III has some of my favorite death traps. Maybe not as intense as Saw II but this was one of the best horror movies with 3 in the title. You will learn an great deal about several characters in this movie. All flashback scenes are well done but I still prefer those in Saw II more. Saw III put a lot of thought in making this terrifying to people. In fact some pigs used in the judge's trap had real maggots. Every trap was personal to Jeff in some way made the movie more interesting to watch it all play out. This is one of the finest among torture porn movies. Saw III still amazes me with all that work put into it all within an strict time line of an few months.

Saw IV (2007)

 Some say at this point Saw series started to go down. Honestly Saw IV was the best out of the next trilogy of movies. It is the fourth best Saw movie in the series for many reasons. An swat member involved on the case since the beginning gets ambushed at his house. He wakes up to find out he's forced into another big game. Officially one of the last traps planned by the original Jigsaw Killer. This cop had to be the judge in most traps centered around crimes of others. Only to hope to survive & save another detective that went missing. This was the only big game where it wasn't in one building. By this point flashbacks are getting more interesting but some come off a little rushed. I am not saying they're bad by any means. I know they were trying to keep tradition to Halloween under such conditions. Traps unrelated to the big one are some of my absolute favorites. I really enjoy Cecil's trap which was very personal to Jigsaw Killer. For some having an advantage like this is stuff of dreams. Of course I'm not trying to get people to start GTA style our streets. I am stating he did what some really wanted to do but can't. This is also where other events in previous movies make more sense. Among horror movies that are technically fourth or has 4 in the title. Saw IV is easily one of the best 4th horror movies.

Saw V (2008)

In my opinion this would be the second worst Saw movie. But it is far from being terrible which is saying more than Saw VII. The story is following an FBI agent who caught on Jigsaw Killer's successor. In an time where people can finally move on from those murders. Surprisingly this agent gets two different death traps. Officially one of the few characters to survive an trap. The big game involves five people in an series of strict traps to survive. The longer it goes on, the more we learn of their connections to each other. If you think about it, you could consider these traps as torture porn Olympics. Although flashback scenes are done good, they didn't come off as important as previous ones. This reminds me of Maniac Cop III since it's cop against cop movie. Out of all the big games in the series, this is the worst. All of them were meant to be done as an team which wasn't clear until the very end. Considering how selfish most of them were, I felt even if they knew it still would end up that way. Not bad but I could've wanted a little more.

Saw VI (2009)

This is another great horror movie that a lot of people kinda over look for many reasons. The story centers around an insurance executive forced to make tough decisions in every traps. Each test he is given gets more difficult both physically & mentally as it goes on. Now that to me is why it works more than the previous movie's big game. This also marks the second usage of reverse bear trap. I felt the story in general was better than Saw V's. An bonus is this guy in the big game had an connection to the original Jigsaw Killer. Oddly enough his families makes the final decision to let him live or die. Just like what he done to him that led to the famous suicide attempt that changed his life. Easily one of the best horror movies that are technically sixth or has number 6 in the title. Saw VI is kinda underrated among newer horror movies. To some degree I can understand why but it deserves justice.

Saw VII The Final Chapter aka Saw 3D (2010)

This is not only the worst Saw movie but one of the worst that are technically seventh or has number 7 in the title. This also has one of the worst usage of 3D in horror movies. Before it Friday the 13th Part 3 & Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare are some of the horror movies that predates it. The story is kinda an mess which I usually don't say about an Saw movie. The big game has an guy claiming to be an previous victim of Jigsaw Killer who actually wasn't got trapped inside an real game. The smallest personal connection to Jigsaw Killer as possible. All newer characters are done horribly with only two traps standing out. One of which was an dream sequence trap now that's sad. Jigsaw Killer's successor attacks an police station with an gunner robot. Which according to the rules his mentor lives by was going directly against. This guy's big test of all things was forced to remove all four his wisdom teeth to enter the combination to escape an room. In all honestly yes I do release how painful just one would be. You could've expected both bigger & more difficult to be his test. But forcing him to rip four of his own teeth out was stupid. Sadly the best part of this movie was the ending. I am not saying it to be an dick, I'm just speaking the truth. An very good twist that most didn't see coming. Most scenes were done on time but those with 3D technology took much longer than they expected. Instead of pushing it's release date back to improve the problem. They chose release it in the state it is kinda like Blood 2: The Chosen. Oddly enough both those sequels came out very close to Halloween. Little to nothing works in this movie at all. Jill gets killed by an horrible broken reverse bear trap death scene. Saw VII was very disappointing for an final horror movie. Easily among the top 10 of my list for all the wrong reasons.

Plenty of gore from blood spilling to explosions to body parts flying everywhere. We have yet to reach the most unexpected portion of my marathon. Come back tomorrow where I make a few calls. Yes that's your only hint on what I'm covering next. If you don't know it, shame on you lol.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #3 Maniac Cop series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, shortly getting into an fan game called Terrordrome. I got interested in seeing Maniac Cop trilogy. To my surprise there were some of the best horror movies I seen in an long time. Maniac Cop steals the show in all three movies. I recommend not taking it too seriously on an late night with the lights off. The funny part is these doesn't come off like most horror movies. Which in reviewing all three of them I will explain why. I will say if you like cop movies or unnatural stuff. Chances are you probably would like these amazing movies.

Maniac Cop (1988)

This movie really blew me away for many reasons. Not many horror movies around the 80s had acting this good. The story is about an undead cop going around killing people for revenge. Bruce Campbell known for being Ash in Evil Dead series plays one of the main characters. This is on an thin line for being an horror & cop movie since it's both styles combined. Maniac Cop steals the show for almost everything he does. I like how they told the story as you kinda feel for Maniac Cop late in the movie. Of course logic does go out the door a little bit. Maniac Cop is an intense movie that many would enjoy watching. An great description would be imagine the movie Demolition Man turned into an horror movie. Honestly this is what you would get.

Maniac Cop 2 (1990)

One of the best horror movie sequels I ever seen. Maniac Cop survived the end of the first movie. Unlike the original where he barely speaks, he does talk a little more. He gets revenge on almost everyone he's angry at. Some of his best scenes are in this movie. Especially the police station part similar to that scene from The Terminator. Maybe not as good, it still had an huge impact in how terrifying he is. In an sense this is also similar to the beginning of Friday the 13th Part II. I won't spoil exactly how but you will be amazed at what he can do. In some ways this is better than the original. The original plays more on suspense while Maniac Cop 2 goes more direct horror route. You learn more about his past prior to his death in prison. The ending is very unlikely for anyone to expect to happen.

Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence (1993)

The final Maniac Cop movie may stand as the worst. It is not an bad movie by any means, it just isn't as good as the first two. I will say for an third horror movie in an franchise this is one of the best. Maniac Cop III continues shortly after the end of the second movie. Possibly scariest look Maniac Cop gets in the whole series in my opinion. Most of his vengeance was done but he still had one more target. An detective rivaling his track record making him the best cop of his time. You finally find out how Maniac Cop keeps coming back to life. This is the most you will hear him speak with such an awesome voice. An very intense ending to conclude one of the absolute best horror movie trilogies in history. This movie is really worth checking out.

I will be back from the darkness to deliver more of the unimaginable horrors straight from Hell itself. Don't sell your souls because more of the madness is coming your way.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #2 Tales from the Crypt Movie Series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Tales from the Crypt left an unforgettable impression on me since my child hood. Easily one of the greatest horror shows I ever seen. Not many people who seen the show know there exists three movies. At some point as they were airing episodes of the show. They really tried hard to get three movies based on it to come out. It almost didn't happen but I felt we still got some great horror movies.

Tales from the Crypt presents Demon Knight (1995)

It's hard to believe until last year I haven't seen this movie. Hands down the best among all Tales from the Crypt movies. I would go as far to say even the best episodes of the show fail in comparison to this movie. I am not kidding it is really that damn good. The story is about an guy being chased by an powerful demon played by Billy Zane. Very quickly things get out of the control at an boarding house. Demons start coming after people with little to no way to defend themselves. Billy Zane gives an very impressive performance as the demon knight. Holy crap everything in all possible categories is really good. I am dead serious with one of the best stories for anything Tales from the Crypt. Of course I have to talk about the Crypt Keeper. I love it every minute of him being in Hollywood. It is easily in the top 10 most entertaining Crypt Keeper performances. I highly recommend people to go find this movie as soon as possible.

Tales from the Crypt presents Bordello of Blood (1996)

Believe it or not this was the first in this trilogy I seen. For a lot of people it's the same case as me. This is an vampire movie that some may or may not heard of. The story is about an private investigator gets hired to look into an missing person case. This involves him checking an unlikely location for an brothel in the disguise of an funeral home. In that regard it reminds me of Phantasm series. An artifact from Demon Knight appears as an means to control an ancient vampire. What's weird is originally in Demon Knight it held blood of whose currently in procession of it. Which kept demons out so it's weird they changed it into controlling an vampire. Dennis Miller does an great performance in this movie. Honestly this is an great movie but it doesn't blow me away like Demon Knight. The Crypt Keeper in both portions is playing against monsters. If you seen an particular episode called Cutting Cards. They are playing them to an even greater, more ridiculous degree than the two guys in that episode. Personally Cutting Cards all around is more entertaining than this movie.

Tales from the Crypt presents Ritual (2002)

This movie went through a lot of problems. Eventually it got released briefly under the title Tales from the Crypt presents Ritual. Shortly after that it got rereleased just called Ritual with Crypt Keeper portions removed. Regardless which version you seen the movie itself is identical. Not much changes besides those but due to those problems. At the last minute Ritual became an direct to video movie. They really tried getting it done for theaters but it never happened. The story is about an lady visiting an place. She discovers a lot of strange things going on all relating for the most part to voodoo. Who doesn't like a little voodoo am I right? I recommend any Child's Play movie even Seed of Chucky over this. Ritual in most areas isn't too great with barely any rememberable parts. I am not saying it is flat out bad like many would. Ritual is more of it's own thing than an actual story inspired or based on Tales from the Crypt comics. Not even Tim Currey could save this movie. Although he still was an great Pennywise from IT, an better movie with him. What's worse is there exist similar episodes to this theme on the show. All of those are done better including the episode with Whoopi Goldberg. Tales from the Crypt doesn't have a lot of stories with demons & vampires. An key reason why I prefer those movies over this one. Hell I also recommend another movie based on Stephen King's work called Thinner over this. Ritual is only for those into the show & other two movies. Not even Crypt Keeper portions of this movie does much to save it either.

The Crypt Keeper would be proud of these movies for what they are. Just don't fell into madness or go into insanity yet kiddies. I will be back tomorrow with another horror series that many enjoy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #1 Pumpkinhead series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, on this night of October 25th. I present one of the scariest horror movie creatures ever. I am talking about Pumpkinhead series that quickly got an strong cult following since the beginning.

Pumpkinhead (1988)

The original Pumpkinhead is easily best out of the series. The story is about an father and son living their lives. Until a group of teenagers came to town living close by them. An accident occurs killing his son causing him to do the unthinkable. He goes sees an witch about summoning Pumpkinhead on those kids. As soon as you see Pumpkinhead, those parts are some of the most intense in any horror movies. This creature will keep hunting you down until either it kills them all or it dies. To some Pumpkinhead is one of the scariest movies of it's time. An great story with an fitting ending some won't see coming. To simply put it in words, most aspects of this movie was amazing.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1994)

In some areas Pumpkinhead II is better than the original movie. I thought the story was a little better due to Pumpkinhead going after two groups of people. The only movie an witch plays an bigger role in any Pumpkinhead movies. One of the main characters had an connection with the person becoming Pumpkinhead was interesting. Some of the most gruesome kills in any horror movies. I also like some kills Pumpkinhead leaves blood wings behind kinda like how The Crow does that in those movies. This movie is an great sequel that more people need to watch.

Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006)

Around this time Syfy decided to make a few horror movie sequels. Our last two Pumpkinhead movies was made by them back to back. Usually for direct to video sequels this is an bad thing. Honestly I kinda like Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes. The story is about an group upset by murders of high body count. One of them forces the others to go see the witch about summoning Pumpkinhead. Some interesting concepts made this more of an gem than bad horror movie. For example the people Pumpkinhead is going after are guilty of several murders. The doctor played by Doug Bradley aka Pinhead in Hellraiser series does an great job in his role. Yes I know there are better movies with Bradley but his character was interesting. This guy was killing people while no body expects he was the one responsible for that town's pain. Later on, he comes on to an possible way to kill Pumpkinhead. An concept done a few times in The Crow series. In most movies only one person feels what Pumpkinhead feels or the pain of his victims. Yes the effects are below average compared to the first two movies. I still recommend this to anyone into these movies.

Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud (2007)

The last of the original Pumpkinhead movies. Personally I don't think it as interesting as the last three movies. The story involves an girl upset by people close to her dead. She goes sees the witch to summon Pumpkinhead. More of an gang movie than an actual horror movie. This movie does give you an great deal what Pumpkinhead is capable of. Some kills are good while others are difficult to see. Mostly due to the fact in most parts with Pumpkinhead are dark. Not dark as in theme, more like it's kinda like an moonless night. Some sound effects are okay but the music is what saved it from getting too boring. I know I am hitting this movie hard but after see it for yourselves. You will understand some changes would've went an long way.

Don't worry folks tomorrow my marathon continues with another personal favorite horror movie series of mine. Don't go too far into the darkness, more chaos, carnage and bodies pulling up to come.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Jack Red reviews Horror Heroes Bundle (Bundle Stars)

Special Thanks Roll Down
Zaxis Games & B-evil (99 Levels to Hell)
CSR-Studios (Dead Pixels)
Neckbolt (Belladonna)
Demon Wagon Studios (Kraven Manor)
RuneStorm (Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage)
TAD Productions AB (Blackbay Asylum)
Saibot Studios (Dooways: The Underworld)
Ignatus Zuk & Gonzalo Villagomez (Deadly 30)
Bundle Stars

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, clearly I needed more horror games. I don't get them as close as often as other genres. Regularly I play stuff like Resident Evil nonstop. An month ago I came across Bundle Stars looking at some of their bundle deals. Oddly Horror Heroes Bundle has been up for some time if I heard correctly. Regardless I recently bought it from Bundle Stars. I took an chance for many reasons but I'm glad I did. This is the best indie game bundle I ever had. I didn't own many indie bundles to begin with. What's interesting is most bundles I seen up til this one. Usually all are made or owned by the same company. In this rare case several companies are involved with this deal. Which by itself is close to insanity.

Spoiler alert: I will try not to fully spoil all the games but some facts I must talk about in my reviews.

1. Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

This game is part of an short series where you can clean after the mess you see or go wild creating an bigger mess. In this stand alone expansion you play as an janitor elf cleaning up after Santa's rampage. There is a lot of blood & gore in this game so if you don't like that. Then this game isn't meant for you. I like you get to explore Santa's workshop. You get to listen to several songs unless you destroy the radio. This is one of the few games where dying doesn't set you back too much. In this particular case the only way as far as I'm aware of dying is getting blown up. Every time you get blown up, it creates more of an mess for you to clean up. You also can take the time to collect stuff for achievements including elf heads. Honestly for some reason this reminds me of Garry's Mod. You can go in your office either by selecting it on the main menu or clocking in when you're done. Surprisingly to clean or make more of an mess is simple as it quickly becomes addicting. Hell you could play this online with a few people that does spice the game up. Yes this takes place on Christmas which bags the question. Does this count as an horror game? I have to say this for two great reasons. I am aware many people are confused which holiday to category The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I believe it does take place on both holidays. Considering Jack Skellington briefly took over Christmas to turn it into another surprise Halloween. I would personally category it as Halloween Christmas because of that. There's a lot of horror movies taking place on Christmas like Jack Frost series, Krampus and Black Christmas. If people already made horror movies based on such an holiday than this game should count. Second reason is just witness the amount of gore in this game alone. Most horror games doesn't go that far to gross you out like that. Usually some unexpected things that are disturbing or disgusting mostly in Silent Hill games. Here is an game with elves killed in a few different ways, some worse than others. The idea of one of the most peaceful creatures killed by Santa is mind blowing. The controls are very easy to memorize with an great sound track & good sound effects. I would say this is one of the best games in the bundle.

2. Belladonna

Belladonna is an point & click game that's inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. You play as an reanimated woman trying to find out what happened. I really like the artwork of this game as it fits the theme perfectly. An great sound track with amazing sound effects. I am very impressed by the voice acting in this game. Honestly this game for it's kind was way too easy. I originally expected more of an challenge like Telltale's The Walking Dead games or Toonstruck. If you play your cards right less than an hour you will beat this game. Seriously it is very easy to memorize & guess what you're suppose to do. Yes there are some horror elements to classified it as an horror game. You get to poison an cat as well as robbing an grave for an head. Another problem I want with Belladonna is limited in content. This makes it harder for me want to replay it more often. I like it when games has plenty of unlockables. I would say this is an good game but there are better ones in this bundle. What's sad is this actually the most recent game in the bundle since it came out last year.

3. Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels is about your last chance to survive the zombie apocalypse. You are fighting waves after waves of them to get to safety. This game is strikingly similar to River City Ransom. Let me explain you do have melee attacks which are similar to River City Ransom but more limited. The actual sprites look kinda similar. In both games you can buy your stuff in stores to level your character. But the similarities end there folks. In places or stores you can find, buy or sell stuff. In order to advance your character further in the game. There is an great variety of zombies you'll face. I really like how well the controller support is. This game was also sold on Xbox Indie service. I got to be honest I don't have much to criticize here. Everything works incredibly well for what it is. I also like all the Resident Evil references in this game. Everyone knows Resident Evil is one of my favorite game series. You get an great variety of weapons with clear differences to help you realize them. Dead Pixels really blew me away as soon as I started playing. I am willing to say this not only one of the best this bundle has to offer. This also is one of the absolute best indie games I ever played. The only bad thing is when you get corned while zombies get very close. Your health will go down rapidly thus forced to use many medikits & firing to survive. Lastly I can't help this reminds me of Dead Rising series. Both Dead Rising series & Dead Pixels share some of the game mechanics. I am an huge fan of Dead Rising as well. I also would like to point out I beat it on two difficulties for this review.

4. Kraven Manor

Kraven Manor is similar to many horror games where you are exploring an mansion to find clues. This does start slow but suddenly close to half way through things gets crazy. Some of these puzzles are clearly inspired by Silent Hill & Resident Evil series. As an whole all of them felt meant to be there. You get to search around rooms with very few enemies. This game looks awesome for an indie game made by college graduates. One of the best horror games of this style I ever played. All the sound effects are right on with an good sound track. You can play two difficulties changing the game a lot. There's a few hidden stuff you can find with an great achievement system. Some puzzles mostly later on are complex & requires memorizing it. You can quickly die from fire & enemies in a few minutes especially getting grabbed. Thankfully the check point system works very well. I could play this again at an later date. It's difficult to state where I would rank this among the other games. I will say Kraven Manor did left an huge impression on me near the end of the game. I would say this offers more than Belladonna in a few areas.

5. 99 Levels to Hell

You are going through Hell itself to hunt the devil down. Play as four characters with plenty of weapons & power ups. Most levels are random generated making it different to keep it fresh. An great variety of enemies with amazing sound track. Most levels you are simply escaping from one room to another. Most bosses do the same stuff with some exceptions. Yes you can upgrade your weapons but dying once takes it away. If you want to save your process to come back later. By force you automatically lose one health. All levels are roughly the same size with some having depth of stuff. I do like the controls on keyboard and controller a lot. They did an great job making you felt like you're facing Hell. Although if you want an better more definitive experience go play Doom series instead. Honestly this was an great game but it's okay compared to other games in the bundle.

6. Blackbay Asylum

I got to be honest I'm not familiar with this style of horror games. I really came to like Blackbay Asylum. You play as Doug whose an patient of Blackbay Asylum trapped in an hellish world. Most of it's puzzles are inspired by Resident Evil & Silent Hill series. Honestly these were well thought out with some having death traps. Some levels are very straight forward with nothing to stop you at all. Which does hurt the game a little bit but I love being in first person in some portions. You get to play what feels like two different style horror games in one. I love a lot of the overall design as well as Doug's offensive jokes. This guy is quite an character as he clearly doesn't care for anyone but himself. In an way it reminds me of Duke Nukem, Caleb and Lo Wang. I would say this is more challenging than Belladonna with more reasons for me to keep coming back. My biggest complaint has to be no unlockables of any kind. Not even achievements which could bring more appeal to this amazing game. Some say this is worth being price as sixty bucks which I agree. Without question one of my favorites in this bundle.

7. Deadly 30

I am really impressed how good this game actually is. Deadly 30 reminds me of Dead Rising series for many reasons. Both share a similar leveling system you could build up with kills from zombies. You play as three different characters during the entire game. Each one comes with their own personality and weaponry. Very short areas with Black Forest having the hideout. You could go out to find the other characters & get more scraps for upgrades or risk it all by sleeping until night. I dare someone who wants an difficult gamer challenge to play Deadly 30 sleeping on every night. Basically you can't go out looking for scraps or characters. You can take a part trucks & tanks with chests to open. There is an serious learning curve as you can't rush the game or you will die a lot. For an indie game that has to be the one of the absolute best I ever played. Easily one of the best within Horror Heroes Bundle in my opinion.

8. Doorways Chapter 3: The Underworld

I haven't played any game in this series or of this style so I'm very new to this kind of experience. Doorways Chapter 3 is easily one of the scariest games I ever played. You can only escape from enemies with limited places to hide. Very impressive graphics with amazing audio to fit the environment perfectly. All of it surprisingly works much better than you think it would. Honestly this game is intense, an strict learning curve & I highly recommend not rushing if you are new to it. Doorways Chapter 3 has some great puzzles to solve. If you play Resident Evil or Silent Hill games then those will be up your alley. This game does an great job trying to scare you without forcing it on you. I do recommend this game to any horror fan. Hands down one of the must owns in Horror Heroes Bundle.

Now I will do an quick Top 8 with all games included to help give you an idea which are worth it...
8. Belladonna
7. 99 Levels to Hell
6. Kraven Manor
5. Dead Pixels
4. Doorways Chapter 3: The Underworld
3. Blackbay Asylum
2. Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage
1. Deadly 30

I hope you guys enjoy my blog as tomorrow I start my Halloween marathon blog series. I figured Halloween still needs more people to hype it up. Until tomorrow at dawn, I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Announcing The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon

Hi everyone, I'm Jack Red, a few weeks from now will be Halloween. One of my favorite holidays that I love to death. I figured since a lot of people do their own Halloween marathons. Why not do my own this year? Starting on October 25th, I will be posting an compilation of reviews. I will be covering some of my favorite horror movie series of all time. I also ending with something not a lot of people will expect.

I know some are thinking, Jack aren't you ripping off Cinemassacre's Monster Madness by doing this? Hell no because all of mine will be blog entries not videos. Also to prevent possible controversiality, I won't be covering any movies doing in both Sequel-A-Thons James done. Yes it does make things a little challenging but not by much. I am an huge horror movie fan that's trying to find more of the unknown. I am still looking for the one horror movie that it's difficult for me to watch every single time.

Also no hints on what horror movie series will be covered this year. If enough people like my Halloween marathon. I will attempt doing another Halloween marathon next year.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why Sega Genesis is Better than NEC TurboGrafx-16 aka PC Engine

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I can only judge TurboGrafx-16 from footages many people put online. I did a lot of research on it for this particular blog entry. Now considering some consoles like TurboGrafx-16 are becoming more popular among collectors. I just want to point out I'm not writing these to piss those people or long time fans of TurboGrafx-16 off.

After all I am only stating my opinion why I prefer Sega Genesis over it. You are welcome to counter right back in doing this vice versa. You have my word I would check your blog or video on it out as soon as I'm told about it.

5. Better controllers & more variations

It's no secret Sega Genesis had so many variation of it's controllers. In fact some people are still making their own variation of them today. Not everyone will understand how an TurboGrafx-16 controller works. Even an original three button Genesis controller works better. More recently there are wireless Genesis controllers as well as controllers meant for different genre of games. Some fans go out of their way to do amazing custom repaint of Sega franchises. Of course everyone to an degree agrees that an six button Genesis controller is easily one of the absolute best controllers in gaming.

4. More variation of consoles with third party thrown in
Sega made two official Genesis models which back during my child hood I had both of them. Sega also allowed some companies over the years to do their own Genesis consoles. Very few weren't licensed by Sega but all of them allow you to play Genesis games like the first two models. Yes I should bring up Genesis 3 despite being made by another company is technically the successor to model 2 Genesis. One of the smallest Genesis consoles you ever see. I recently picked up AtGames Genesis model aka Genesis 4. Which allows you to pick any region of most games with over eighty built in games. Half of those are filter games that aren't even on bad Genesis game standards. Earlier models with add ons lets you play Sega Master System, Sega 32X and Sega CD games. Not many consoles can do this today.

3. Bigger game collection

Yes even throwing in every Japanese TurboGrafx-16 & TurboGrafx-CD games. Sega Genesis has over seven hundred games during it's run. Plus homebrew has an stronger impact on Genesis than it does on TurboGrafx-16. Of course I could throw in Steam rereleases & Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. But I'm not that much of an dick to over rate those. But Genesis games does get ported more often. Officially covering more licensed games than TurboGrafx-16. Sega Genesis had one of the finest video game libraries in history. You are more likely at places to getting more Genesis games than those of TurboGrafx-16. Yes TurboGrafx-16 did beat Sega Mega Drive in Japan but it won the rest of them.

2. Although some titles are present on both consoles, Genesis versions are better
An true Sega fan had to bring something like this up. Yes it's true some games are present on both consoles. Let's be honest majority of them are simply better on Genesis. Not because oh Sega made those games & Genesis of course it will be better. No different teams ported some of Sega classics like Altered Beast & Golden Axe. Most simply needed more time with some things worked out if you seen some of those comparisons. To sum it up if you own both versions among an handful of games on both consoles. I think you would agree Genesis knocks it out of the park in overall quality. I love it when people say Genesis had an terrible audio chip. Although I could list possibly forty games to prove them wrong. Usually in comparing other games not shared TurboGrafx-16 comes out on top. In this one regard I have to side with Sega.

1. Genesis as an whole has some of the finest 16 bit sound tracks in history
Sega Genesis has an high rated video game sound track overall. Often over shadowed by many consoles including SNES. But Genesis does have games that really impress people how great they sound. In fact if Sega would sell an few discs of those songs. You bet I would buy those in an heart beat. Even if TurboGrafx-16 were to get the same treatment. Let's be honest compared to games like Streets of Rage 2 and Rocket Knight Adventures it falls short in it's greatness. I could agree most sound effects do sound better on TurboGrafx-16. Genesis has plenty of amazing sound tracks to keep you going. By now everyone knows Genesis has it's own unique sound. Which is mixed among many gamers. Genesis has an impressive library of timeless songs you could listen to for hours nonstop.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog entry. Very soon now you should be getting Horror Heroes Bundle. As for Interplay Build Your Own Bundle. As of right now I'm not sure if that would be getting one now. So how about this, if I were to agree to reveal which games I got in that deal. Would anyone be interested in actually seeing an review similar to some I done before or no? Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.