Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #5 Scream series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, sorry for an little tribute to Wes Craven. I knew I had to do Scream for my Halloween marathon. I never really got to say how I felt about movies made by him that I love so much. This is giving me the opportunity to do so as Scream stands as one of his greatest works. Scream is kinda mixed among horror movie fans. I always been an huge fan of these amazing movies.

In fact I'm dying to see Scream 5 if it ever comes out. Of course it won't be the sad without Wes Craven. I am not reviewing Scream show because it is more of it's own thing. I will be honest to say I would recommend it.

Scream (1996)

Although it was well received after it's release. This movie is often considered an gem as many people don't like it. I can understand that but this was the beginning of an great horror movie franchise. The story involves an teenager whose friends are being killed similar to horror movies. According to Wes Craven, one of it's inspirations was based on an real life event. Now that by itself does make the movie scarier. I remember in my child hood wearing an Ghostface costume. Unlike typical horror movies, the killer uses phones as an distraction. In order to sneak into your house or where you're at to kill you. Such an interesting concept of an horror movie with the killer being horror movie fans. I am not trying to ruin the twist relating to the killer for an reason. It kinda ruins the whole point of me trying to get you to see those movies if I told you more about Ghostface. Scream always stands as one of Wes Craven's greatest horror movies. I should mention Jamie Kennedy's character starts an pattern that changed with every movie kinda like Final Destination series.

Scream 2 (1997)

One of the absolute best horror movies that are technically second or has number 2 in the title. In some ways Scream 2 was better than the original. Our heroine is once again stalked by Ghostface. I felt most kills in Scream 2 plays more like typical horror movies that comes off more effective. Scream 2 had some of this series best twists from the very moment it starts. You are constantly wondering what's going on, of course that's how you should if seeing it for the first time. Scream 2 is easily one of Wes Craven's best sequel movies. It took what I loved about Scream and built it in just the right way as an great sequel should. Ghostface's performance is even more convincing than the original Scream. You could criticize some of the later parts but I love this movie with an passion. Scream 2 is one of the finest among slasher films especially to those heavily against Scream franchise. The rules are now following first horror movie sequels.

Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3 stands as one of the greatest third horror movies or has number 3 in the title in history. Some could argue this is where the franchise started to go down. It didn't fall flat hard like most horror movie franchises. I will spoil one key thing about Ghostface. In my opinion this killer was the best of the entire series. This guy is very clever in almost everything he does in the whole movie. I am not spoiling who it is but still the killer is an man. The story continues with our heroine is getting stalked again in her home town. You learn a lot more about her mother's past. Some of the best kills are in this movie. Scream 3 is an master piece among horror movies that more people need to watch. I wouldn't say this was as unpredictable as Scream 2 but it comes very close. I do like how all of this plays out like some classic horror movies. Back then it was more on suspense, creativity and story. Which all of those are present in Scream 3. The rules are now following every third horror movies.

Scream 4 (2011)

An huge time gap between Scream 3 & Scream 4. In most cases doing an sequel in an huge amount of time passed doesn't work. This is one of those rare occasions where Scream 4 is an great sequel. Officially this is both an follow up to Scream 3 but also an reboot to the franchise. The story continues with our heroine is visiting town when these murders starts back up. Wes Craven's final Scream movie still blows me away. I like the cop scene where they are keeping watch talking about how cops die in horror movies. Scream 4 also has an major twist to make it more like an horror movie. Ghostface has an specialized headset camera recording almost every murder directly online. This concept was mind blowing because no body has ever attempted it yet. Although this does make it similar to an game called Manhunt which some may not like that. Scream 4 is easily one of the absolute best fourth horror movies or has number 4 in the title I ever seen. Honestly all four of these movies stands as one of the most constant horror movie franchises to date.

I hope you enjoy it because I have some small figures that won't play nice. It is not Chucky or an dummy named Slappy. Trust me even if I told you an direct hint you probably won't get it. Until next time I will burn myself to cleanse my soul for my hellish performance.

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