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Top 10 Most Broken Quincy/Bleach Characters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a lot of crazy stuff is all happening in the final story line of Bleach. Although it is the absolute worst among it's story lines possibly one of the worst story lines in manga history. I just felt like even with two videos voicing out how I feel about several things on it. In all honestly just isn't enough to do it justice.

So what I am prepare to do & god help us all is I'm doing an crazy Top 10. I already stated this on several websites in the past. Quincies in this particular story line are really broken as manga characters. In fact it's so mind blowing that I had to do this for those wanting to know how bad it is really. By the end of this list you will have an very clear idea why as an Bleach fan hate it with an passion.

Warning this does contain spoilers of the final story line of the manga. Unless you are up to date with it, please don't continue on. Trust me you will be thanking yourselves later by doing that. I wish I could say the same but I'm literatelly going through Hell for your entertainment.

10. Shaz Domino

You would think as soon as I talk about his abilities. Things would start getting ridiculous right? Wrong this guy was created by Gremmy. He has one of the best regeneration of any Bleach characters. Shaz can regenerate lost limbs being one of the select few capable of doing that. Gremmy attempted to destroy him by thinking it. Shaz barely escaped this fate by cutting himself into pieces. This is made possible by absorbing reishi aka souls & spiritual energy. Thus he is an quincy version of the filler race bounts. Considering both races are humans that have an long life span & powers. In the end sinking was the way he died. It's more mess up if you seen what happened. Also he almost didn't make this list because among my remaining choices. He wasn't that much involved with what's going on.

9. Giselle Gewelle

This lady has an very strange power even in Bleach universe. She is already dead being officially undead. If any of her blood hits you even on your clothes. You will become her slaves with little to no real way to take them down. Funny enough Mayuri turn some of them against her. To sum it up only the dead can beat her.

8. Meninas McAllon

Meninas doesn't look like much at first. But as soon as she starts fighting you quickly notice stuff. She can increase her regular strength which is very powerful to begin with by increasing muscle mass. Hey the author of Yu Yu Hakusho, someone just ripped off Younger Toguro. She is strong enough to handle multiple enemies as well as constantly throwing buildings. Meninas was able to hurt an injured Kenpachi, still impressive in my book.

7. Mask De Masculine

One of my absolute least favorite Bleach characters. Mask De Masculine obviously looks & acts like an Mexican wrestler. Often accompanied by James another very over the top character. In one battle with Renji, he got beaten very badly multiple times. Yet James kept cheering him on then suddenly he's back for more. If you don't see the problem I have with this character. Then by all means I'll explain it. He looks & acts just like an Mexican wrestler instead of an regular quincy. What the hell is an regular quincy according to Bleach. Moving on he tanked ridiculous amount of punishment several times just in one battle. Simply because James kept cheering him on, he's back up. What that by itself ruins the entire point of an battle. Why have an character like that in Bleach to begin with? Also depending on the level of cheer he receives. He can up himself to transformations again in one battle. OMG this is way too much and we haven't even got to the really ridiculous Bleach characters.

6. Gremmy Thoumeaux

I really don't like Gremmy for so many reasons. As stated before he created another quincy Shaz by thinking it. You heard correctly his power is that of imagination. Anything he thinks of for the most part happens. I could go on to describe it like normal. No I got something more convincing up my sleeves.

1. Yachiru aka Kenpachi's lieutnant's bones into cookies

2. Gremmy creating an insane amount of guns around himself

3. Gremmy created an meteorite powerful enough to take out the seireitei

4. Gremmy caused an hole of space at Kenpachi

Did I prove my case on how exactly broken Gremmy is as an manga character. Yes there's similar characters in American comic books. Except most of them are more worth your time & respect. Gremmy has one of the worst personalities among all the quincies. In the end he does in my opinion the absolute stupidest thing possible. "I want to become as powerful as you." Guess what happened, his own muscles ripped themselves apart killing himself.

5. Lille Barro

Originally he got one shot & killed. Then Yhwach used one of his abilities to switch some powers around. Thus Lille became an ridiculous sharp shooter where little to nothing can protect you. What's worse is he also got enhanced in his powers enough to go through an transformation. Which puts him on an god like being level because in the end it took new Head Captain's lieutnant's bankai to kill him. For unexplained reasons he split into several of his transformed state. Basically no one is save when he's after you.

4. Pernida Parnkgjas

Another Bleach character I hate with an passion. Pernida is the left hand of the soul king. However unlike the fallen god that serves as his right hand. Pernida always has been for the quincies. Also call whatever company that owns The Addams Family because they ripped off Thing. Do I have to explain all of this? Oh ok I'll try my best because it's very difficult to take this seriously. Pernida is an giant arm with one eye having two pupils. This thing has the power to constantly regenerate & manipulate people. Very similar to Doflamingo from One Piece, also I'm surprised he didn't get sued over this. Anyway this creature is very nasty in nature with Mayuri doing all kind of ways to kill things. For the most part Pernida survived most of them with ease. In the end it took Mayuri's quick thinking to kill it. Also this was one of the very few quincies to predate Yhwach's existence.

3. Gerard Valkyrie

Possibly one of the most powerful Bleach characters to date. He kinda comes off like Marvel's Thor except he sucks. Hey Marvel please sue them for ripping Thor off for me please. Like Pernida, he also predates Yhwach's existence as there exist legends on him. This guy became an giant to destroy soul reapers. Even with three of the best soul reaper captains trying to kill him. Nothing was working, he went through several transformations. Each one kept getting more ridiculous in both power & appearance. This guy would be the quincy's answer to the soul reaper's Kenpachi. Although it isn't clear how miracle actually affects him. It does allow him to survive even the worst of deaths. By surprise Yhwach took an few more quincy powers including his. Thus he killed him off when no one else could've wow.

2. Jugram Haschwalth

Some of you are wondering how does Jugram top Gerard on my list? He is the only quincy to have an direct spiritual connection to Yhwach. When the king is asleep, all of his powers goes to Jugram. Even without those powers, he is one of the strongest quincies around. Plus his unique powers are difficult to counter because it's on luck. To sum it up he can take all the good of your luck to improve your chances of losing. He also in this process can tank all the damage then give it back to the person that dealt it. It's no wonder why the quincies were pissed when Uryu became Yhwach's successor.

1. Yhwach

It's really obvious who number 1 for this was going to be. This guy has so many abilities that it's ridiculous. I am not kidding go look it up for yourselves to see I'm not lying. Yhwach has over two thousand years worth of experience. Most quincy powers came from him with several limitations. Over years he slowly gets all of his powers back. A part of this process involves him killing the chosen quincy that so happens to be Uryu's mother. When an quincy dies or Yhwach activates that one ability. He gets those abilities added to his own with his live expectancy increases & his power overall. Yhwach has done a lot of ridiculous stuff in this story alone. Most of his fights he wins with the exception being his final battle. Hell he absorbed his father the Soul King & his right hand into himself. Even before this point it was very clear that Yhwach was an god like being. Honestly he has done so many horrible things each kept getting more mess up than the last. This is the very character this story line could've been saved if removed I'm not kidding. I could go on about how ridiculous he actually gets in the entire story line. But it's for the best you shouldn't know, there are many wonders. Simply more worth your time, money & patience than this crap.

Now you see why I hate it so much. Tite Kubo really tried too hard to make it the most epic story line. Yet it quickly fell apart much quicker than anyone expected. I hope you enjoy my blog, please come back soon. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Top 5 Publishers That Would Make A Fortune Putting Their Genesis Games on Steam

Hello I'm Jack Red, supposedly some companies has contacted Sega months ago. They are in the process of adding more games. Considering Sega Genesis vs. SNES debate still going on strong today. There were a lot of companies back then that helped made it one of the best face offs in history.

Now I figured to do an Top 5 list on this topic because you will be surprised by what I just found out. Some of which will blow your mind on so many levels. We could be getting a lot of the console's best soon. Without wasting any more time let's kick off my list.

5. 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox really became an big company in the last two decades. Widely known for it's movies & shows, of course they had licensed games on Sega Genesis. Although barely do stand out on their own. There are an handful worth mention among the list below.

1. Home Alone
2. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
3. Alien 3
4. The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants
5. The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare
6. The Simpsons: Krusty Super Fun House
7. The Simpsons: Virtual Bart

4. Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco is an mixture of two great game companies. Owner of some legendary arcade games back in the day. Even now still coming out with amazing games. Long before the merger, Namco did make a lot of Genesis games. Some of which are still remembered today.

1. Ms. Pac-Man (released as an unofficial port on the console)
2. Phelios
3. Klax
4. Burning Force
5. Megapanel
6. Dangerous Seed
7. Marvel Land
8. Quad Challenge
9. Rolling Thunder 2
10. Splatterhouse 2
11. Splatterhouse 3
12. Pac-Attack
13, Rolling Thunder 3
14. Weaponlord

3. Konami

Konami has one of the absolute best video game libraries in history. They still gave us some impressive Genesis games. Most pushed what Genesis was capable of still blowing people away today. Especially games like Castlevania: Bloodlines, Rocket Knight Adventures & Contra: Hard Corps. Konami really out did themselves on the Genesis. PS. Konami no longer owns the rights to TMNT games.

1. Sunset Riders
2. Lethal Enforcers
3. Rocket Knight Adventures
4. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
5. Castlevania: Bloodlines
6. Contra: Hard Corps
7. Lethal Enforcers 2
8. Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

2. Warner Bros.

One of the biggest names in entertainment history. Warner Bros. still making movies & recently got more into the game industry. They own many great licenses such at DC comics, Looney Tunes & their movies. I made an very good list to show off Warner Bros. if they added these amazing games on Steam.

1. Batman
2. Batman Returns
3. The Adventures of Batman & Robin
4. Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble
5. Daffy Duck in Hollywood
6. Taz-Mania
7. Escape from Mars
8. Desert Demolition
9. Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales
10. Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers
11. Tiny Toons Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure
12. Tiny Toons Adventures: ACME A;;-Stars
13. Demolition Man
14. Batman Forever
15. Batman: Revenge of the Joker

Honorable Mention

Honestly Rare was close of getting on the list. Rare didn't do many Genesis games that all do stand out. They are still going on strong today despite not doing as well as they often did. Rare could make a lot of their fans happy by allowing these games I listed on Steam.

1. Battletoads
2. Battletoads & Double Dragon (requires another company to make possible)
3. Champion Pro-Am
4. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll

1. Disney

If you seen this coming before reading congrats. Disney has a lot of Disney games on Sega Genesis. A few years ago they bought Marvel comics further increasing it's appeal for this list. An great amount of the games I listed are very good games for their time. Even their okay to bad ones have some appeal to them. I kid you not Disney has been on an roll recently. If they decided to rerelease a a lot of them on Steam. You could guarantee they would break an world record in total sells. Honestly they're that famous among everyone.

1. Quackshot
2. Donald in Maui Mallard
3. Goofy's Hysterical History
4. Castle of Illusion
5. Fantasia
6. World of Illusion
7. Mickey's Ultimate Challenge
8. Disney's Magical Quest 2
9. Mickey Mania
10. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin
11. Captain America and The Avengers
12. Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge
13. The Punisher
14. X-Men
15. X-Men 2: Clone Wars
16. The Incredible Hulk
17. Wolverine: Adamantium Rage
18. Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage
19. Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety
20. Spider-Man The Animated Series
21. Gargoyles

I know a lot of this are mind blowing. If these major companies realize they could bring a lot of money in. Simply by allowing their Genesis games on Steam would really go an long way for people. Thus for them not to consider doing it is beyond stupidity. But those are the main five companies that could serious bank an ridiculous amount from it's consumers. So I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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Jack Red presents Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS vs. N64

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this Friday an web show called Console Wars. The one with two guys comparing two similar or same franchise games against each other. I'm referencing to Sega Genesis vs. SNES dudes that been entertaining me for months. They are doing one of their biggest requests to date. Mortal Kombat II SNES vs. Sega Genesis an follow up to their first Mortal Kombat episode.

If you want to see their first MK episode go to the following link below...

I did try getting involved with MK II & UMK3 episodes. The short answer is it's not happening. I am not upset by this actually determine to do something. I always felt Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS vs. N64 was an difficult topic. I grew up with the original PS version officially have owned two copies. I have played the N64 version at an friend's house a few years back. This is going to be an nail bitter to decide which version is the definite MKT experience.

I know many consider Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 the true MK3 definite experience. In my mind it always has been Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Not because it was the last updated version of MK3. It technically was the first all star Mortal Kombat game. They brought most of the stuff from the first three games in MKT. Thus it has an special place in my heart as an long time fan of the series.

Round 1: Best Graphics

Honestly N64 version looks almost like the arcade games. PS version looks the best among all PlayStation MK games. Both have the same intro, endings & most of the same features. Therefore I am cutting hairs to decide an winner. By an very close attention to detail after comparing both versions. I have to go with N64 version simply because it plays just like the arcade games.

Winner: N64 version

Round 2: Best Presentation

Both versions has things the other version doesn't have. By itself makes this category more difficult. After carefully considering which feels more like an true Mortal Kombat experience. I have to go with PS version due to the fact there is more MK1 & MKII stuff. Yes more MKII levels does appear in N64 version. You can't deny being able to play as MK1 & MKII characters is exactly what we wanted. After all this is called Mortal Kombat Trilogy for an reason.

Winner: PS version

Round 3: Best Sound

Although there are plenty of good sounding N64 games. I have to be honest to say N64 version kinda falls short. PS version plays every sound from songs to sound effects near perfectly. N64 version doesn't sound as close as good as PS version in any possible way. Even with Sega Genesis vs. SNES MK debates, both sides came out strong in that area. I recommend Killer Instinct Gold over it due to having better sound overall & controls. Sorry Nintendo but this wasn't even close.

Winner: PS version

Round 4: Gameplay

To save time I want to talk about what both versions changed in comparison. In N64 version there's two extra hidden mini games based on arcade classics. The Treasures of Shao Kahn was doubled on N64 version & biggest in the series. Keep in mind this predates The Krypt which by itself has very clear differences. N64 version has no load times due to being on an cartridge. An exclusive 3 on 3 multiplayer option. You can unlock two cheat menus in N64 version.

In PS version you play as all the bosses including Kintaro & Goro. Whom both are absent in the N64 version. You still can play as Motaro & Shao Kahn by entering codes on particular levels. Although exclusive to N64 version, both boss characters has one fatality. Sadly you can't play them outside the multiplayer modes.

In PS version you can unlock one cheat menu. There is load times that does slow things down. But comparing how poorly ported MK3 & MKII were on the same console. It is an huge improvement now both have hidden characters. In N64 version there are two hidden characters with one having two methods to play as. Human Smoke can be played with the same code as UMK3 during game play or unlocked in cheat menu.

Khameleon is composite of all female ninjas in the game. In PS version there are five hidden characters.Classic Raiden, Classic Kano, Classic Kung Lao & Classic Jax are all hidden in your character selection. All you have to do is go to each of those characters then press select. You can switch between two versions of those characters.

Chameleon is composite of all male ninjas in the game. Although Khameleon has an story, ending and could appear on fight ladder. This requires the endurance code, you go to the most difficult ladder. She is one of your first opponents of this ladder set up. Unfortunately PS version got short on time to not fully play every finishing move off. On the other hand N64 version is the only version to fully play all of them out.

N64 version removed a lot of characters out of the roster. In fact both Sub-Zeros were merged into one character. This was done due to N64 cartridge couldn't handle it. Finally we get to talk about how differently they control. It takes an while to get use to N64 version's controls. On the other hand it's much easier to get use to PS version's controls. Partly due to how differently these controllers. Unless you grew up with an N64 like I did. I recommend go buy yourself an PlayStation 1 & find an copy of MKT. There is something about N64 version's controls that doesn't quite work.

Following characters aren't present in any way within N64 version
1. Kintaro
2. Goro
3. Classic Kung Lao
4. Classic Jax
5. Classic Kano
6. Classic Raiden
7. Chameleon

Basically what's better on one hand we have double the content in Treasures of Shao Kahn with 3 on 3 option. An awesome hidden character named Khameleon with boss characters having fatalities. In vice versa we have more characters, great hidden characters and better controls. Plus all the bosses in any mode is a nice touch. Cheat Menus ultimately cancel each other out. I have to to go with PS version.

Winner: PS version

Final Round: Best Mortal Kombat Trilogy Game

This was an difficult debate, I believe the best version of MKT for your money & time is PS version. Yes there are load times, not every finishing move plays in the biggest fatality video. But having more characters including the bosses and better controls gives it the edge.

Winner: PS version

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Quick Look at Sega Genesis Classics on Steam (All Games)

Part 1 covers Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle to Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Part 2 covers Dynamite Headdy to Golden Axe 2

Part 3 covers Golden Axe 3 to Shining in the Darkness

Part 4 covers Shinobi 3 to Sword of Vermilion

Part 5 covers The Revenge of Shinobi to Wonder Boy in Moster World. I also do Sonic CD & show off the original Steam emulator.

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Jack Red reviews Blood series

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, surprise another blog on an similar topic coming the same day. I am an huge fan of Blood 1 on DOS. An friend of mine got me into it & still one of my favorite DOS games of all time. I am still to this day very blown away how good it was. Shortly after I got to play Blood II & see why there aren't any more games. In memory of an great short lived series I will be doing my least favorite to the best Blood game. Just like my recent Duke Nukem blog I am counting expansions as their own games.

5. Blood II: The Chosen (1998)

This is such an disappointment compared to many sequels to classic FPS games. They decided to rush the game out to hope it does. Of course you know what that means there's a lot of things not ironed out. It doesn't even feel like you're playing Blood. I hate to say this but there isn't much good things I can say about it. Cheating is one of the best parts actually making it more replayable. The narration is very good despite how oddly placed all characters are presented. You could cheat or beat the game if you got nothing to do to play as the other three Chosens. Unfortunately all three lack cut scenes that really hurt the game. Some of the worst AI I ever seen in any FPS game. For the most part your weapons are okay but you can only hold so much. Some weapons will only go where another has place. This means they made a few extra weapons for you to swap if you want to for free. Which has it's pros & cons with a lot of great games has done that. Some of the worst FPS levels I ever played. Honestly if you want an game with similar problems that's actually worth checking out. Please go play Fallout: New Vegas instead because that's what I would do instead of playing this.

4. Blood II: The Nightmare Levels (1999)

Easily the shortest expansions of this series actually not that bad. They does fix some problems in the main game & adds stuff that were needed. You get to play as all four playable characters. Mostly Caleb with better levels than the actual game. Yeah I said it, an expansion better than the game it's made for. This introduces nightmare theme levels that bring a lot of nostalgia & seems more like Blood 1. An huge improvement but an horrible final boss. Honestly in most areas I regularly judge this knocks audio out of the park. This doesn't add new weapons but does add stuff to the multiplayer. Not as glitchy with some problems still present I could recommend it to some people.

3. Blood Plasma Pak (1997)

The first expansion made by the team to surprisingly come out second after The Crypic Passage for Blood. This works very similar to what The Ultimate Doom did for Doom 1. Adding more in multiplayer in comparison & an great story line. Yes you do need to research a little for it as only the ending is written directly. Some of the best Blood levels are in this expansion. I do like the new enemies adding more needed appeal. You get an weird boss fight for an chance. You fight an handful of new cultists that after half way dead transform into an monster. You have to kill some of them to complete the level. You get all previous episodes with some bugs fixed.

2. The Cryptic Passage for Blood (1997)

Some of you already knew this was coming. I really enjoy The Cryptic Passage for Blood a lot. Actually made by the same team behind one expansion to Shadow Warrior & two to Duke 3D. An great story with some of my absolute favorite Blood levels. Almost everything about this was an huge improvement over Blood II. It was so damn good that fans already believed that it belongs in the series canon & I agree. This is very challenging without cheats but I highly recommend it. The Cryptic Passage for Blood is hands down one of the greatest FPS expansions I ever played. My only problem with it is trying to get it work. Yes it's a little funny how to get working but after getting pass that problem. It is such an amazing game not made by the team to keep killing for hours.

1. Blood (1997)

To me the original Blood has to take this spot & some would agree to disagree over this. Blood was an very unique FPS game for it's time. You get to play four episodes with great horror movie references. An amazing sound track & great sound effects that all fits in. A lot of great weapons, enemies, bosses & very good levels for their time. This game brings so much to the table that I wondered why it never got ported off of DOS. Also using an emulator to run it doesn't count because you are only play one version of an game. I mean come on Blood is very good. It's sorta of an mixture of Duke Nukem & Doom if you think about it. Just more dark, supernatural & legends thrown in.

I hope you guys enjoy my reviews of Blood and I might keep doing these very soon. Until then I am Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Update: very recently as of December 3rd now officially own Blood series on GOG. I really enjoy playing them for what they are. There may never be an game like Blood ever again. To me Blood not only blow my mind but really wow me in what they attempted. This is an underrated FPS series that deserves more respect than it currently getting.

Jack Red reviews Duke Nukem Series (Steam Edition)

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, today I wanted to talk about Duke Nukem games. Maybe not as good as it once was perhaps. But people seem to forget there do exist great Duke Nukem games after some bad games. I have officially played all Duke Nukem games on Steam currently. I thought I should start with my least favorite to the best Duke Nukem game on Steam. For the record I am counting expansions & dlc The Doctor Who Cloned Me as separate games.

9. Duke Nukem on DOS (1991)
The original Duke Nukem game is not very good. It really isn't aging well compared to other DN games. Some of the worst controls I ever experienced on any platform. Not many enemies that are an threat to you in the entire game. All three boss fights with slight differences are the same exact boss fight. Due to how it was programmed Duke Nukem is broken literately into three games. This means after selecting one, you only have access to one episode at an time. Some levels can be surprisingly short or long depending on what's present. OMG the sound effects weren't very good. I will be honest to say I haven't played many DOS games. An game called Blood that never got ported off of it was much better than this. Yes the developers did what many others did on DOS at the time. Which I can respect but why is it so frustrating to play. Installing it isn't bad but trying to figure out how to get your controller to work was terrible. Sadly the best part of this game are your upgrades especially those jump related. Otherwise good luck trying to beat just one episode of this.

8. Duke: Nuclear Winter (1997)
On and off I been very vocal about how much I don't like this expansion to one of the greatest games. Like Doom & Quake by ID, a lot of people decided to crap out expansions like no tomorrow. Most of which in Duke 3D's case being very poorly programmed. 3D Realms confirmed in another statement related to Shadow Warrior release not too long afterwards. There are officially three expansion packs to Duke 3D. I am still very surprised an expansion this poor got such an title. Sometimes cheating will cause Santa Claws to appear & sends you into Episode 1 of Duke 3D. The intro is hands down the single worst Duke Nukem game intro ever. It's ending isn't much better but a little bit better than that horrible intro. Horribly programmed enemies with some of the worst Duke 3D maps ever made. There aren't any secret levels with the original version of this expansion working. Actually makes Duke 3D not able to work makes no sense at all. Although in Duke 3D Megaton Edition they fixed that problem. Sadly I can only say two good things about this piece of garbage. This does play Christmas like music with parts of levels appearing in that time of the year. The single best part is the boss fight itself. I am not kidding Santa Claws is technically an Duke Nukem character. You got to be on your A game to beat him. I usually have an great time trying to kill him.

7. Duke Nukem 2 (1993)
I will be honest to say Duke Nukem 2 was an surprising experience to me. Yes this is ported from handhelds that played it. Which causes issues not present in the original DOS version. But I still enjoy playing this game. An huge improvement overall over the original game. Better enemies, levels & weapons in this amazing DOS game. I love the sound effects of this game especially it's awesome soundtrack. Yeah maybe not the best one for an game like this sure but it gets you going. Which is saying a lot compared to DN1. They actually made all the boss fights more different this time around. I am not going to lie this is an difficult game to beat. I still wouldn't mine playing some more of this.

6. Duke it out in D.C. (1997)
The original expansion for Duke 3D often mixed by many fans. I actually really like they made a lot of locations in D.C. within this game. Although one level is based on an movie & book called The Hunt for Red October. You must rescue the president from Aliens was done so good here. Some levels can be tedious especially Smithsonian Terror level for what's involve. Sadly no new enemies are introduced with the same boss of Episode 3 being the boss for this expansion. Honestly it is more challenging due to how much smaller this place is compared to the Stadium. In that regard I do prefer it just not by much. I love the ending especially one of my favorites in any DN games.

5. Duke Nukem Forever (2011)
I will be honest to say most of what I did play was from Xbox 360 version. An friend of mine did allow me to play it with our accounts linked. To clarify if I could buy it on Steam, I would. Yes mostly negative reviews to an game that isn't that bad. Honestly I seen worst games than this all the time. Yes it didn't do Duke 3D justice like a lot of us thought. This still nailed his character better than other bad to okay DN games. There is a little bit of sandbox game play. It is very limited compared to other games with similar concepts. If I had to pick one that really stands out more worth your time. Go play Fallout & Half-Life series instead, now they made a lot of changes. Some of which took it's toll on this game. The biggest risk they took is almost directly ripping off another great FPS game. I think you know the one Half-Life 2. It's like they tried mirroring it in Duke's image & didn't work as well as they hoped. What's crazy is the long development of this game to not be cancelled. If you seen a lot of pictures over the years. You already know this game went through several changes. At one point looked too similar to Half-Life 1. I do like his execution moves especially those for bosses. What I honestly didn't like was only explosions hurt bosses was an terrible idea. Just look how good the new Doom game did just by not doing that. I did enjoy parts of the game you are shrunk down. Duke keeps some of his old lines with great new ones. Duke Nukem Forever is suppose to be an parody of action movies not FPS games. They tried making this too similar to Half-Life & Halo series. 3D Realms failed to take any real opportunity to improve on it or make it more like Duke in general. I do like it's achievements still one of my favorites on any platforms. Easily the longest Duke Nukem game on this list. I played games like Darksiders 2, Fallout 3 & Dead Rising series. All of those are great games being somewhat lengthy that actually works to their advantage. I can't honestly say the same about Duke Nukem Forever. In most versions you have to beat the harder version of the game to unlock stuff acting as cheats. It is so much easier in PC version but I recommend Duke 3D in cheating runs over this. Yes the graphics & sound are somewhat dated sure. You can't deny they did put a lot of work into this game. Maybe not the best Duke Nukem game but it really doesn't deserve the criticism this badly. At least you have good lines, mess around for a little while & great achievements. The best part of this underrated DN game is it's multiplayer. It's almost like it's own game with an leveling system & plenty of unlockables.

4. The Doctor Who Cloned Me (2011)
Hands down the best adaptation to DNF is this expansion dlc. This acts as it's second campaign with some interesting concepts. As it turns out most of this was going to be the game we all waited for. You are fighting aliens & your nemesis Dr. Proton with his army in the same campaign. Usually you only face one army per an game so this was an nice change. Also considering since the original Dr. Proton hasn't appeared since. At one point he was going to appear in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. This adds so much needed content to the game. More levels to the multiplayer, new enemies, new bosses & great new levels. Plus this is one of the few DN expansions to add new lines. Such as I got Balls huh Balls Balls of Steel lol. This particular line was an reference to an prank someone did online. Dukenators are an parody of Terminator which is one of my favorite movie series. This campaign was done so much better than the first campaign of DNF. I got to be honest it was very good as I actually beaten it on all difficulties.

3. Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach (1997)
The best Duke 3D expansion & possibly the best add on overall in this series. How could this not get high on my list? They got someone that sounds very similar to Jon St. Jon to do more lines. They changed so much making it an unique experience. Duke gets an surprise alien invasion on his vacation. Obviously pissed by this, he goes to kick some asses to spend time with the babes. Every weapon has been altered, most enemies look great for it's theme in the Caribbean vacation. Some of the best Duke 3D maps with an great sound track. Everything just works with this amazing expansion. Yes like Duke it out in D.C. the boss for this is the same but more fun. One of the best DN endings with so much work went into this. I am very surprised it came just an day after Duke: Nuclear Winter. Which was second to the last day of that year who knew right.

2. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (2001)
Some of you are probably wondering why is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project above my number 3? It was an close decision but I decided since it was for an anniversary to give it that spot. Yes some of his new lines aren't that great. Majority of levels in this are great for their time. Unlike most Duke Nukem games, I had no trouble working with my controller. An great sound track with good sound effects. You save babes & get key cards in almost every level. What does sound like the man is doing his job. Some boss fights are okay but most enemies aren't that bad. If you took some time, you could explore almost every level with no limit. This game is very unforgiving as you keep getting health & ammos from enemies. Surprisingly the same team behind Duke it out in D.C. & Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach made this. An few years ago 3D Realms themselves ported this to only Xbox 360. I played through both versions to tell you not to play Xbox 360 version. It is very lacking compared to the original game. It's like comparing Resident Evil CODE: Veronica from Dreamcast to other consoles. Except that holds up better with great adaptations to the series. Also all achievements are way too easy to get. I had more of an challenge getting all of them in Duke 3D on Xbox 360. You do get stuff for your avatar but it's okay. Basically only play the PC version as it works better overall especially it's controls.

1. Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition
Is it an surprise or was this way too obvious? Duke Nukem 3D is an amazing game that still inspires many gamers & developers to this day. The very best of what Duke is truly capable of. You can play the original DOS version or the newer version. Great achievements with good improvements presented. People can create their own maps & upload them online. You can do coop or multiplaeyer like Doom. Cheating is so much fun in this game. Some of the finest levels of it's era of FPS. Of course Duke saying some of his best lines really caught on. What's better is I can also play all three expansions through this. Thus it's four Duke Nukem games in one for an great price. Everything about this game goes up & beyond on an level. I don't think Gearbox Software could rival. Although they did make Half-Life: Opposing Force which was an great game.

I hope everyone enjoys this but I'm coming right back with another forgotten FPS series. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

Monday, July 4, 2016

An Cross Over That Never Will Officially Happen (Resident Evil x Silent Hill)

Hello everyone, I know I'm a little early for Halloween. But so many people out there make pictures to fan stories of crossing two of the biggest horror video game series together. Of course this is similar to comparing apples to oranges. For those that never heard or don't know what that means. These two series are incredibly different that I already know this wouldn't work.

The best way to determine whether or not an cross over is even possible. We must look at this in every possible angle. Not overlooking anything to determine the big question. Is it possible to cross these two cross over?

Resident Evil

Most main characters are strong mentally & physically in many situations. Umbrella to several rival corporations do experiments & create deadly viruses. Usually on purpose they release viruses starts killing living creatures to transform them into monsters. At their very core of every recorded viral outbreak. Strong connections in governments is secretly involved. These survivors have to be tactical & brave enough to survive. Their goal is one day no more B.O.W. in the entire world.

Silent Hill

Most main characters are similar to every day people. They do get scared easily with little to no combat training. The police usually ignores any & all cases relating to Silent Hill. Sometimes an cult called The Order gets involve. Due to an horrible incident, most people that goes into Silent Hill. For unexplained reasons disappear which is half true. What most don't see is these people have to literately go through Hell to survive. Silent Hill some how brings out the worst in people. Most creatures seen by each person that survived is actually based on their fears. They are in another plain of existence rather than the real world. Sometimes this town can affect some neighboring towns.

Resident Evil is more tactical while Silent Hill seems more about facing your worst fears. Every monster in Resident Evil was either by an experiment or created by accident. Most monsters in Silent Hill are based on your fears; Most Resident Evil characters are brave, strong willed, well trained & determine. In vice versa most Silent Hill characters aren't brave or trained in anyway. Thus they often get confused during these events. In Resident Evil, these corporations have many powerful connections. In Silent Hill, the police ignored Silent Hill due to many unsolved cases. They usually became to the authorities as an unsolved mystery. Unknown to them, those people were still alive in that town in another plain of existence. Resident Evil takes place in our world while parts of Silent Hill are mostly aren't in our world. To sum it up Resident Evil is more physical while Silent Hill being more mental. Also The Order isn't involved in every case in Silent Hill. When they are involved, they are either trying to please their god or bring it into existence. Silent Hill has more religion involved in these events. Some of which does play into each person in this world. At some degree must use their heads to survive. In Resident Evil, don't get infected & fight your way out are your only way to survive. In Silent Hill, the rules constantly change depending on whose in town. This place keeps changing getting more terrifying than the last. Things aren't what you think in this other world.

Even with an huge demand from both fan bases. Both game companies behind these series will never agreed to an cross over. First problem is considering all the major differences between the two. It would be very difficult to pull off especially as an game. Second problem is there's no way both companies would agree to share the money earned by doing one. They been rivals for many years with some of the greatest games in existence. Third problem is neither company would allow any fan to make an fan game of this. Fourth problem is since the beginning Silent Hill has multiple endings. Yes it's true there exist Resident Evil games with multiple endings but that's not my point. Silent Hill endings are really mind blowing, scary, confusing or funny. Which Resident Evil has never done an ending like those. They would never finish the game simply because of how would something like this end. Finally the big problem even preventing it from even happening in the first place. Both companies would fear too many consumers of their games would stand up to this. We are talking several petitions, threats, confusion among fans and a slight chance of getting into an lawsuit. Yes Konami owns Silent Hill & Capcom owns Resident Evil. Yet if enough decided to go to court over this cross over happening. In many ways both would lose millions of dollars over an issue like this. There's so much going against it that we very unlikely won't see an real cross over.

I figured this would be interesting to talk about on such an great holiday. Happy 4th of July everyone and I also put an rant video about Bleach on my YouTube account. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.