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Top 10 Most Broken Quincy/Bleach Characters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a lot of crazy stuff is all happening in the final story line of Bleach. Although it is the absolute worst among it's story lines possibly one of the worst story lines in manga history. I just felt like even with two videos voicing out how I feel about several things on it. In all honestly just isn't enough to do it justice.

So what I am prepare to do & god help us all is I'm doing an crazy Top 10. I already stated this on several websites in the past. Quincies in this particular story line are really broken as manga characters. In fact it's so mind blowing that I had to do this for those wanting to know how bad it is really. By the end of this list you will have an very clear idea why as an Bleach fan hate it with an passion.

Warning this does contain spoilers of the final story line of the manga. Unless you are up to date with it, please don't continue on. Trust me you will be thanking yourselves later by doing that. I wish I could say the same but I'm literatelly going through Hell for your entertainment.

10. Shaz Domino

You would think as soon as I talk about his abilities. Things would start getting ridiculous right? Wrong this guy was created by Gremmy. He has one of the best regeneration of any Bleach characters. Shaz can regenerate lost limbs being one of the select few capable of doing that. Gremmy attempted to destroy him by thinking it. Shaz barely escaped this fate by cutting himself into pieces. This is made possible by absorbing reishi aka souls & spiritual energy. Thus he is an quincy version of the filler race bounts. Considering both races are humans that have an long life span & powers. In the end sinking was the way he died. It's more mess up if you seen what happened. Also he almost didn't make this list because among my remaining choices. He wasn't that much involved with what's going on.

9. Giselle Gewelle

This lady has an very strange power even in Bleach universe. She is already dead being officially undead. If any of her blood hits you even on your clothes. You will become her slaves with little to no real way to take them down. Funny enough Mayuri turn some of them against her. To sum it up only the dead can beat her.

8. Meninas McAllon

Meninas doesn't look like much at first. But as soon as she starts fighting you quickly notice stuff. She can increase her regular strength which is very powerful to begin with by increasing muscle mass. Hey the author of Yu Yu Hakusho, someone just ripped off Younger Toguro. She is strong enough to handle multiple enemies as well as constantly throwing buildings. Meninas was able to hurt an injured Kenpachi, still impressive in my book.

7. Mask De Masculine

One of my absolute least favorite Bleach characters. Mask De Masculine obviously looks & acts like an Mexican wrestler. Often accompanied by James another very over the top character. In one battle with Renji, he got beaten very badly multiple times. Yet James kept cheering him on then suddenly he's back for more. If you don't see the problem I have with this character. Then by all means I'll explain it. He looks & acts just like an Mexican wrestler instead of an regular quincy. What the hell is an regular quincy according to Bleach. Moving on he tanked ridiculous amount of punishment several times just in one battle. Simply because James kept cheering him on, he's back up. What that by itself ruins the entire point of an battle. Why have an character like that in Bleach to begin with? Also depending on the level of cheer he receives. He can up himself to transformations again in one battle. OMG this is way too much and we haven't even got to the really ridiculous Bleach characters.

6. Gremmy Thoumeaux

I really don't like Gremmy for so many reasons. As stated before he created another quincy Shaz by thinking it. You heard correctly his power is that of imagination. Anything he thinks of for the most part happens. I could go on to describe it like normal. No I got something more convincing up my sleeves.

1. Yachiru aka Kenpachi's lieutnant's bones into cookies

2. Gremmy creating an insane amount of guns around himself

3. Gremmy created an meteorite powerful enough to take out the seireitei

4. Gremmy caused an hole of space at Kenpachi

Did I prove my case on how exactly broken Gremmy is as an manga character. Yes there's similar characters in American comic books. Except most of them are more worth your time & respect. Gremmy has one of the worst personalities among all the quincies. In the end he does in my opinion the absolute stupidest thing possible. "I want to become as powerful as you." Guess what happened, his own muscles ripped themselves apart killing himself.

5. Lille Barro

Originally he got one shot & killed. Then Yhwach used one of his abilities to switch some powers around. Thus Lille became an ridiculous sharp shooter where little to nothing can protect you. What's worse is he also got enhanced in his powers enough to go through an transformation. Which puts him on an god like being level because in the end it took new Head Captain's lieutnant's bankai to kill him. For unexplained reasons he split into several of his transformed state. Basically no one is save when he's after you.

4. Pernida Parnkgjas

Another Bleach character I hate with an passion. Pernida is the left hand of the soul king. However unlike the fallen god that serves as his right hand. Pernida always has been for the quincies. Also call whatever company that owns The Addams Family because they ripped off Thing. Do I have to explain all of this? Oh ok I'll try my best because it's very difficult to take this seriously. Pernida is an giant arm with one eye having two pupils. This thing has the power to constantly regenerate & manipulate people. Very similar to Doflamingo from One Piece, also I'm surprised he didn't get sued over this. Anyway this creature is very nasty in nature with Mayuri doing all kind of ways to kill things. For the most part Pernida survived most of them with ease. In the end it took Mayuri's quick thinking to kill it. Also this was one of the very few quincies to predate Yhwach's existence.

3. Gerard Valkyrie

Possibly one of the most powerful Bleach characters to date. He kinda comes off like Marvel's Thor except he sucks. Hey Marvel please sue them for ripping Thor off for me please. Like Pernida, he also predates Yhwach's existence as there exist legends on him. This guy became an giant to destroy soul reapers. Even with three of the best soul reaper captains trying to kill him. Nothing was working, he went through several transformations. Each one kept getting more ridiculous in both power & appearance. This guy would be the quincy's answer to the soul reaper's Kenpachi. Although it isn't clear how miracle actually affects him. It does allow him to survive even the worst of deaths. By surprise Yhwach took an few more quincy powers including his. Thus he killed him off when no one else could've wow.

2. Jugram Haschwalth

Some of you are wondering how does Jugram top Gerard on my list? He is the only quincy to have an direct spiritual connection to Yhwach. When the king is asleep, all of his powers goes to Jugram. Even without those powers, he is one of the strongest quincies around. Plus his unique powers are difficult to counter because it's on luck. To sum it up he can take all the good of your luck to improve your chances of losing. He also in this process can tank all the damage then give it back to the person that dealt it. It's no wonder why the quincies were pissed when Uryu became Yhwach's successor.

1. Yhwach

It's really obvious who number 1 for this was going to be. This guy has so many abilities that it's ridiculous. I am not kidding go look it up for yourselves to see I'm not lying. Yhwach has over two thousand years worth of experience. Most quincy powers came from him with several limitations. Over years he slowly gets all of his powers back. A part of this process involves him killing the chosen quincy that so happens to be Uryu's mother. When an quincy dies or Yhwach activates that one ability. He gets those abilities added to his own with his live expectancy increases & his power overall. Yhwach has done a lot of ridiculous stuff in this story alone. Most of his fights he wins with the exception being his final battle. Hell he absorbed his father the Soul King & his right hand into himself. Even before this point it was very clear that Yhwach was an god like being. Honestly he has done so many horrible things each kept getting more mess up than the last. This is the very character this story line could've been saved if removed I'm not kidding. I could go on about how ridiculous he actually gets in the entire story line. But it's for the best you shouldn't know, there are many wonders. Simply more worth your time, money & patience than this crap.

Now you see why I hate it so much. Tite Kubo really tried too hard to make it the most epic story line. Yet it quickly fell apart much quicker than anyone expected. I hope you enjoy my blog, please come back soon. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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