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Jack Red presents Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS vs. N64

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this Friday an web show called Console Wars. The one with two guys comparing two similar or same franchise games against each other. I'm referencing to Sega Genesis vs. SNES dudes that been entertaining me for months. They are doing one of their biggest requests to date. Mortal Kombat II SNES vs. Sega Genesis an follow up to their first Mortal Kombat episode.

If you want to see their first MK episode go to the following link below...

I did try getting involved with MK II & UMK3 episodes. The short answer is it's not happening. I am not upset by this actually determine to do something. I always felt Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS vs. N64 was an difficult topic. I grew up with the original PS version officially have owned two copies. I have played the N64 version at an friend's house a few years back. This is going to be an nail bitter to decide which version is the definite MKT experience.

I know many consider Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 the true MK3 definite experience. In my mind it always has been Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Not because it was the last updated version of MK3. It technically was the first all star Mortal Kombat game. They brought most of the stuff from the first three games in MKT. Thus it has an special place in my heart as an long time fan of the series.

Round 1: Best Graphics

Honestly N64 version looks almost like the arcade games. PS version looks the best among all PlayStation MK games. Both have the same intro, endings & most of the same features. Therefore I am cutting hairs to decide an winner. By an very close attention to detail after comparing both versions. I have to go with N64 version simply because it plays just like the arcade games.

Winner: N64 version

Round 2: Best Presentation

Both versions has things the other version doesn't have. By itself makes this category more difficult. After carefully considering which feels more like an true Mortal Kombat experience. I have to go with PS version due to the fact there is more MK1 & MKII stuff. Yes more MKII levels does appear in N64 version. You can't deny being able to play as MK1 & MKII characters is exactly what we wanted. After all this is called Mortal Kombat Trilogy for an reason.

Winner: PS version

Round 3: Best Sound

Although there are plenty of good sounding N64 games. I have to be honest to say N64 version kinda falls short. PS version plays every sound from songs to sound effects near perfectly. N64 version doesn't sound as close as good as PS version in any possible way. Even with Sega Genesis vs. SNES MK debates, both sides came out strong in that area. I recommend Killer Instinct Gold over it due to having better sound overall & controls. Sorry Nintendo but this wasn't even close.

Winner: PS version

Round 4: Gameplay

To save time I want to talk about what both versions changed in comparison. In N64 version there's two extra hidden mini games based on arcade classics. The Treasures of Shao Kahn was doubled on N64 version & biggest in the series. Keep in mind this predates The Krypt which by itself has very clear differences. N64 version has no load times due to being on an cartridge. An exclusive 3 on 3 multiplayer option. You can unlock two cheat menus in N64 version.

In PS version you play as all the bosses including Kintaro & Goro. Whom both are absent in the N64 version. You still can play as Motaro & Shao Kahn by entering codes on particular levels. Although exclusive to N64 version, both boss characters has one fatality. Sadly you can't play them outside the multiplayer modes.

In PS version you can unlock one cheat menu. There is load times that does slow things down. But comparing how poorly ported MK3 & MKII were on the same console. It is an huge improvement now both have hidden characters. In N64 version there are two hidden characters with one having two methods to play as. Human Smoke can be played with the same code as UMK3 during game play or unlocked in cheat menu.

Khameleon is composite of all female ninjas in the game. In PS version there are five hidden characters.Classic Raiden, Classic Kano, Classic Kung Lao & Classic Jax are all hidden in your character selection. All you have to do is go to each of those characters then press select. You can switch between two versions of those characters.

Chameleon is composite of all male ninjas in the game. Although Khameleon has an story, ending and could appear on fight ladder. This requires the endurance code, you go to the most difficult ladder. She is one of your first opponents of this ladder set up. Unfortunately PS version got short on time to not fully play every finishing move off. On the other hand N64 version is the only version to fully play all of them out.

N64 version removed a lot of characters out of the roster. In fact both Sub-Zeros were merged into one character. This was done due to N64 cartridge couldn't handle it. Finally we get to talk about how differently they control. It takes an while to get use to N64 version's controls. On the other hand it's much easier to get use to PS version's controls. Partly due to how differently these controllers. Unless you grew up with an N64 like I did. I recommend go buy yourself an PlayStation 1 & find an copy of MKT. There is something about N64 version's controls that doesn't quite work.

Following characters aren't present in any way within N64 version
1. Kintaro
2. Goro
3. Classic Kung Lao
4. Classic Jax
5. Classic Kano
6. Classic Raiden
7. Chameleon

Basically what's better on one hand we have double the content in Treasures of Shao Kahn with 3 on 3 option. An awesome hidden character named Khameleon with boss characters having fatalities. In vice versa we have more characters, great hidden characters and better controls. Plus all the bosses in any mode is a nice touch. Cheat Menus ultimately cancel each other out. I have to to go with PS version.

Winner: PS version

Final Round: Best Mortal Kombat Trilogy Game

This was an difficult debate, I believe the best version of MKT for your money & time is PS version. Yes there are load times, not every finishing move plays in the biggest fatality video. But having more characters including the bosses and better controls gives it the edge.

Winner: PS version

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