Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Comparison of CW's DC Arrowverse shows & Netflix's Marvel shows

This was made before The Defenders hit Netflix. If the demand is big enough, I will do a more direct comparison just between DC's Legend of Tomorrow & Marvel's The Defenders.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a lot of people already covered this topic. I am going the extra mile of fully breaking each shows in this comparison. I will be comparing three Arrowverse shows to four Netflix's Marvel shows. At their core they're exactly what DC & Marvel fans have been waiting for. Amazing this is both comic book companies second attempt at making a line up of shows. All connected within a shared universe.

Arrow (5 seasons)
The Flash (3 seasons)
Legends of Tomorrow (2 seasons)


Arrow came first that just finished season 5. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is truly captured in this show. This was the beginning at DC coming back like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Which is fitting due to Oliver's past that's heavily reference in most episodes. Arrow started with a handful of people to eventually led to a team. Green Arrow has went through Hell to somehow still going through it. A man who could've loss it or commit suicide became a hero instead. There is some complex story telling on this show.

The Flash

The Flash was the next major show of Arrowverse. This is usually the very show that everyone talks about. Believe it or not this is actually the second live action Flash show. A handful of actors from that show in some degree reprising their roles. Although the original actor for Flash was also this show Barry's father. This is where things that usually doesn't leave the comic books finally show up. For example going into an alternate universe, going inside The Speed Force & time travel. Yes The Flash goes really close to it's source material with clever changes. This is possibly one of the absolute best DC shows I ever seen. Very recently ended season 3 with some surprises that many people didn't expect.

Legends of Tomorrow

This is the most original DC show in the entire line up. Before anyone gets upset I'm not waiting to compare this to The Defenders. Don't worry I will when the time is right. For now a group of characters get recruited to protect time itself. In just two seasons, the team have went through some difficult challenges. Many consider this Arrowverse's counterpart to Justice League. Their job is to prevent time from being too altered or destroyed from many threats. This show is heavily about cause & effects best taken to some degree from Back to the Future movies. Sometimes like season 1 finale can be confusing to understand what's going on. Legends of Tomorrow are people that truly want to be considered legends for their work. I can't wait to see how season 3 plays out following that crazy season finale.

Marvel Cinematic Universe shows (Netflix)
Daredevil (2 seasons)
Jessica Jones (1 season)
Luke Cage (1 season)
Iron Fist (1 season)


This is a huge step up from Daredevil movie. Just like DC's Constantine that will be revived as an animated web cartoon. This show is truly amazing in every sense of the world. This is Marvel in every sense of the word. You will be very surprised how damn good it gets just within the first five minutes. Daredevil was the beginning of a new line up of shows into Marvel Cinematic Universe. This nails most characters incredibly well matching their movies in that regard. I also should mention this show can be complex but in time everything will make sense.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is an interesting show despite some pictures & trailers. Despite this being directed towards women, this show actually is meant for everyone. Jessica Jones is a surprisingly interesting character. This is where you see how they're connected to other shows. Plenty of surprises are awaiting for those into super hero stuff that want something different. I can't believe this show was way better than I expected.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a big name character in Marvel universe. At one point he led one of three teams within The Avengers. Not knowing much about the character before watching this show. I got to be honest this show is very good. This guy is more of a vigilante that wants his neighbor hoods to town safe. This guy will surprise you how he thinks especially later in the first season. Luke Cage has very good story twists to keep things interesting.

Iron Fist

Just like Jessica Jones, I did judge it the same way despite knowing more about him. WOW Iron Fist is amazing at being something truly unique. Danny quickly becomes the most rememberable character. This guy had tough challenges that shows you how much his life changed from then to now. Which would easily make this Arrow's Marvel counterpart show. They're some strong similarities but plenty of differences too. I am so impressed that when season 2 comes out I will drop everything to watch it.

+More episodes
+More characters
+More humor
+More villains pulled out of comics
+More cross over events
+More ways to watch
+Most episodes have messages about being a better person
+Allows crazy possibilities from comics
+Despite airing like most shows, you can do things before, after & during each episodes
+Shorter waits for newer seasons
+More complex stories
+More powers & weapons
+More heroes

-Some of the violence is toned down
-Some filler episodes take away from the main story feeling not as important to watch
-Sometimes shorter production hurts the show
-Have to watch several of them on different days in a few months
-Unfortunately DC prefers Arrowverse to be it's own universe separate from their movies

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Netflix)
+Allows more violence & gore on screen
+Full seasons in one go
+More complete opening & ending credits
+Side characters play a bigger role
+Unlike Arrowverse, all these shows are connected to their movies
+Every episode per a season plays perfectly together feeling more complete
+Longer production gets put to great use

-Must wait longer for newer seasons
-Seems to have everything much smaller compared to Arrowverse
-Exclusive to Netflix greatly reduced the number of ways watching them
-Fewer episodes

All of them are about super heroes & vigilantes protecting their cities from all kind of threats. Of course all kind of obstacles will come their way. The more of them you see, the more you can relate, feel & believe in what they must do. Both comic book companies got very good shows that will be classics one day legendary. But Arrowverse simply has more of the critical stuff I want to see in comic book shows. These Marvel shows are absolutely amazing very high on my recommendation list. If you had to choose to watch more of Arrowverse & these Marvel Netflix shows. You should do Arrowverse since it actually comes together like a real comic book. Even with a few episodes that could've been better. You simply can't deny DC really brought their A game blowing everything away. Legends of Tomorrow by itself is constantly evolving into something bigger. The Flash is really pushing the limits of story telling & twists. Even Arrow has some amazing moments you wouldn't believe. I would go as far to say they're better than what Marvel is doing right now.

Winner: Arrowverse

Monday, May 29, 2017

Who is the True Marvel Counterpart to DC's Batman?

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, you would think all the Justice League members will have Marvel counterparts. Even if they weren't in The Avengers. Everyone agrees Senty would be Superman's. Thor would be Wonder Woman's. Quick Silver would be The Flash's. Namor would be Aquaman's. Yet The Dark Knight may have a lot of similar Marvel characters. There still isn't a definite answer to which one should be considered as Marvel's answer to DC's Batman.

Obviously one man can't truly do justice on such a complex comic book topic. I will list all the possible candidates for that glory. Despite doing a quick run down with them. I figured to make things more interesting by eliminating a character per a round. This will continue until we have only one left standing that's worthy enough to be Marvel's Batman. Basically in every round I will go straight into elimination. Explaining why this character shouldn't or couldn't be his true Marvel counterpart.

Let's meet all our contenders for the title of Marvel's answer to DC's Batman down below...

1. Captain America

Steven Rogers became a super soldier to protect the world from Nazis. After spending a century being frozen. He quickly went from a new member of The Avengers to become their leader. Captain America is skilled in many forms of material arts mastering some of them.

2. The Punisher

Frank Castle was a police officer to undercover cop to soldier. This guy lost his family & almost his life at the hand of criminals. Among surviving he decides to directly take out most criminals now known as The Punisher.

3. Nighthawk

Kyle Richmond has a very similar experience to DC's Batman. Both grew up in rich families that had to deal with both their parents' death during their child hoods. Nighthawk wears a costume with some gadgets and learned several skills to fight crime.

4. Black Panther

T'Challa is a king of an country in Africa & married to X-Men's Storm. Mostly deals with important problems that could affect his country & the world. Just like Bruce Wayne, Black Panther set up stuff very similar. We're talking about a scary creature theme costume, some gadgets, rich as hell & a particular skill set. Black Panther did eventually join The Avengers.

5. Wolverine

James Howlett aka Logan is better known as the mutant Wolverine. He has several centuries worth of experience under his belt. Just like DC's Batman, Wolverine mastered most fighting styles. Both have a similar skill set with some clear differences. Wolverine is the weapon with his adamantium claws being insanely sharp. Most importantly Wolverine has been in The Avengers.

6. Iron Man

Tony Stark is a billionaire that decided after a particular event to become a super hero. A founding member of The Avengers. Iron Man has built his own equipment that's near close to impossible to recreate. Tony Stark made so many powered armors over the years. Batman does have an armored batsuit meant for powerful enemies.

7. Spider-Man

Peter Parker was a high school student that got bite by a radioactive spider. His DNA infused with his to become Spider-Man. Let's be honest there's plenty of things Spider-Man & Batman has in common. Such as protecting a city from criminals, costume inspired by a creature feared by people & more recently is a member of an all stars super heroes team.

8. Daredevil

Matt Murdock was an attorney that got blinded in his child hood. Just like DC's Batman, his costume was created to put fear in criminals. Like Spider-Man, he too protects the city of New York often. He grew up learning how to fight that holds up incredibly well. After leaving The Hand clan, he became one of the absolute best fighters in his universe. Daredevil has his own unique weapon that is classified as several types.

9. Moon Knight

Marc Spector in most origin stories is a man that almost died. But upon his resurrection become the super hero Moon Knight. In almost every major category this guy has more than enough to be DC's Batman. Both their costumes are things you only see at nights. A good number of their gadgets is partly named after them. For example Batman has Batarangs while Moon Knight has Moonarangs. They share mostly the same exact skill set. Obviously there are some major differences. Moon Knight will kill people. Early in Batman's existence he used to kill people but not so much anymore.

Round 1: Origins
My first surprise you won't see coming is I decided in just this category alone to eliminate three super heroes. Although I have great reasons for removing them off the list. Also their origin story must lead to why they become super heroes in the first place. Of course adding that to matching up with DC's Batman.


Captain America wanted to be a soldier in the US army. Originally due to not being physically able & small size got rejected. Until a group of scientists gave him a formula through an experiment giving him his powers. Also in many areas lacks some of the major things Batman has.


Let's be honest this was doomed to happen. Wolverine has been alive for several centuries. Although he did mastered most fighting styles & shares some skills that Batman has. They're plenty of major differences that led to his elimination. Such as he prefers to go right in rather than use his head like some heroes. His claws are easily a type of weapon that Batman wouldn't use unless he was forced to.


Oh I see the angry rising fast over this elimination. Although there's so many things both Spider-Man & Batman got in common. They are very clear differences that made this decision easy in the long run. Spider-Man became a super hero after being bite by an radioactive spider. It wasn't a tragedy or simply forced to become a super hero. He clearly had the option to become one. In terms of technology, Peter had to borrow stuff from other people. Despite being a reporter, he doesn't have a lot of money. Finally the deal breaker was more major than that. Spider-Man prefers to taunt people rather than being silence in hopes of getting them to screw up. Clearly the opposite with DC's Batman in that regard.

Round 2: Costume Design
Game on I will eliminate anyone not even close to some way to DC's Batman costume. Which does make this a strict category for many reasons. Batman was one of the original comic book super heroes. Now it doesn't have to be exactly like his. All that costs is having some major things in common. Unfortunately by now some of you probably already guessed who will be eliminated next.


Tony Stark made so many powered armors. Yes Batman created a few variations of powered armor his own. In this particular category I am only comparing all Marvel characters to DC's Batman in their regular costumes. By doing that easily made Iron Man stand out like a sore thumb. His suits follow none of the basic ideas Batman had. Considering Iron Man does have access to powerful weapons mostly within his suits is another reason he got eliminated. Batman had to rely on help & his gadgets. If neither was able then he would have to do it on his alone. Tony Stark is no where near the fighting skills Bruce Wayne has. I think by now you are seeing why it had to go this way.

Round 3: Arsenal
Double the carnage by a surprise double elimination of super heroes. There is plenty of great reasons why this following category led to two of them instead of one. I figured to make this more fun than it wouldn't been if done by someone else. In this category, I am looking for those with similar enough arsenal to stick around. For the record it doesn't have to be a ridiculous enough. The two unlikely ones will be eliminated here shortly.


Frank Castle usually works with military equipment & weaponry. Although I could've excuse him from military equipment since it's similar to what Batman uses. I simply can't over look The Punisher using all kind of weapons including an Gatling gun. Obviously those are meant to kill people not temporary stop them or force them to surrender.


I am not eliminating Daredevil over a much smaller arsenal. No the real reason is his usual weapon although does count as several types. Mostly use on directly attacking people with some form of defense. Kinda similar to DC's Nightwing in that regard. However we aren't comparing these heroes to Nightwing. We're here to compare them all to the legendary Batman. Sadly Batman simply offers a lot more in just his arsenal.

Round 4: Fighting Crime
Everyone knows Batman often focuses on protecting the city of Gotham daily. Our three Marvel heroes should feel just enough the same way to survive this following elimination. Unfortunately after looking deeper into all three remaining candidates. Someone will be taken down in this category. Please don't take this personally guys.


Black Panther may helped saved the world & universe several times. But he usually deals with most threats if they could or has attack his country. Yes I could excuse him from times he is leading his people. At the same time since the other two choices has done in some areas more. I felt this was a surprisingly easy decision for this elimination.

Round 5: Whose's More Like Batman
It would be pointless to do a category around money. This final category has to truly bring it all home. I figured the best possible way to end it up is by doing a head to head comparison based on what I do know. By the end of the comparison has more in common with Batman wins the title.

Both got intense forms of training
Both has many things based on their symbol
Both saved the world & universe several times
Both are wealthy
Both prepare in advance
Both have been members in an all stars super hero team
Both wear durable armored costumes that were meant to scare criminals

Moon Knight

Moon Knight never made a deal from Mephisto unlike Nighthawk
Taskmaster going after Moon Knight similar to Deathstroke doing the same with Batman
Although Moon Knight does kill, it still counts towards another older version of Batman
One alternate universe Batman does have a multiple personality while Moon Knight has several


Grew up in a wealthy family
Had to endure the passing of both his parents

Winner & Marvel's Batman

This was a very close decision that had so many ways it could play out. Thankfully after a closer look it became more clear. Who deserves the title as the True Marvel Counterpart of DC's Batman. Moon Knight has some great similarities with The Dark Knight that surprisingly Nighthawk didn't have. Batman has fought Deathstroke several times over the years. Moon Knight was able to become unpredictable for Taskmaster. Both Deathstroke & Taskmaster are mercenaries that have 90% of their brains unlocked. It is stated a very old version of Batman went around killing criminals. Obviously the direct opposite in today's world. Moon Knight is very similar to that version of Batman. Most versions of Batman would not become corrupt like many super heroes could under many situations. Nighthawk was tricked by a disguised Mephisto into being able to see in the future. Of course this led to something terrible happening. One crazy thing not a lot of people there actually exists an alternate universe Batman that had a multiple personality. In this universe, his other personality was The Joker that eventually led to his death. Moon Knight has several personalities that do alter some of his character traits to a degree. At one point both of them were members of an all stars super hero team. I could go on and on but it should be obvious by now why I chosen Marvel's Moon Knight.

Top 10 Least Favorite DC Super Villains

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this has the potential being most hated than it's hero counterpart. Once again this is strictly my opinion only. I honestly did try many times liking these guys but never truly cared for them.

10. Parasite

Although I am a huge fan of Marvel's Rogue. DC's Parasite seems too broken as a character. For starters he already on Superman's level making him a powerful character. Unlike Rogue, Parasite can absorb through clothes. There are several people to share the atlas. But Parasite is a wild card among Superman enemies. Sadly not even being able to absorb Superman's power is enough to keep him down. This guy will use cheap tactics to throw you off your guard to absorb your life force & powers.

9. Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is actually a reoccurring villain for a couple super heroes. Widely known for manipulating people with his mind. This ape is incredibly ruthless in getting what he wants. Grodd isn't afraid to directly take on super heroes. I'm not putting him on here due to the fact it is possible Grodd could've been inspired by Caesar from Planet of the Apes movies. I put him on here because he often likes to work behind the scenes. Sometimes trying heroes into doing his dirty work then flat out betrays them. Yes I know this is technically a great trait for a villain to have. At the same time it doesn't exactly work with Grodd. Regardless this ape doesn't like bananas that became it's own meme.

8. Brainiac

I really don't care for Brainiac at all. Brainiac depending on things either more organic live form than machine or in vice versa. He still all about becoming the perfect being in the universe. Brainiac is very secretly in how he does things. At the same time, he simply not that interesting as a character. I seen characters like Deathstroke that quickly rose above many villains. Brainiac is incredibly complex as a character.

7. Scarface

This is a very strange character for a comic book villain. Arthur the ventriloquist strongly believes his dummy Scarface is alive. In his own mind, he believes this dummy is the one doing horrible things to people. In reality, it is the ventriloquist Arthur. His regular personality is a rather shy, nerveless character. His Scarface personality is sorta similar to another Batman villain Two Face. In most universes, shares the theme with slight differences. In The Batman show, Scarface dummy is a giant robot. I do like the story behind the making of this dummy reminding me of Goosebumps' Slappy the Dummy. Mostly due to this concept it can be confusing for newer fans to understand what's going on.

6. Toyman

Toyman is surprisingly a regular enemy of Superman. Often considered one of the smartest people on the planet. Toyman uses toys to do all kind of things you simply wouldn't believe. At it's core parts of this concept is indeed interesting. At the same time he simply becomes too ridiculous at times because of it. For example you could see a lot of toy cars with built in bombs driving around aimless. A move that also could screw over Toyman. Some of his appearances are really ridiculous including the one from Superman: The Animated Series.

5. Mad Hatter

Jarvis Tech the original Mad Hatter is ridiculous as a character. In his own mind, he strongly believes he is the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He uses devices to manipulate people's minds into doing horrible things. This guy makes you go through rather unusual stuff within your mind that could cause people to go insane. Mad Hatter is really mentally unstable for someone whose insane.

4. Maxie Zeus

Maxie Zeus is an alternate personality of a businessman. Sometimes hit on the head causes him to become Maxie Zeus. You know similar to 1966 show with King Tut same concept. Maxie Zeus is ridiculously retarded for a Batman villain. Not only he doesn't fit any Batman story arcs in any possible way. He wouldn't even work in an Wonder Woman story. This guy believes everyone is being watched by the gods of Olympus. He does use his fortune to make his hide outs like Greek mythology. Yes once again like that Batman show villain King Tut except it doesn't work. In all honestly he brings absolutely nothing to the story.

3. Calendar Man

Calendar Man is really terrible for a Batman villain. Often considered by many to be the worst Batman villain. Calendar Man plans according to holidays making it easier for Batman to track him. This guy never truly prepares for an encounter with The Dark Knight or any of his enemies. Calendar Man also gets some of the absolute worst costume designs in almost every form of media.

2. Polka-Dot Man

Do I even need to state the obvious? Both the name & his costume are really stupid. Oh look at me in the dark just bright enough to spot me. Get it everything DC has ever done for this character never works. The only good moments is when Batman takes him down. This guy is a idiot that thought many being something so random might throw people off enough to get away with crime. At least with Calendar Man, he slightly depending on several costumes looks better than Polka-Dot Man. Also Calendar Man does slightly better at planning.

1. Mister Mxyptlk

OMG do I even need to say anything at all about this guy. The most broken enemy Superman has imaginable. Mister Mxyptlk is already a horrible name. What's worse is the only way to defeat him is being tricked into saying his name backwards. How the hell does that make any real senses? This guy can literately do anything including impossible stuff. One time The Joker tricked him in giving most of his powers over. Just look at some of what The Joker did while having those powers. If that doesn't explain enough how ridiculous this being is then I'm simply at a loss for words.

Top 10 Least Favorite Marvel Super Heroes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this could be one of the most controversial lists to date. I won't hold back from choosing popular characters that many people like but I don't care for at all. This is my opinion not based on anyone else's in any shape or form.

10. Nick Fury

What a controversial way to kick off this list. Nick Fury is a rather complex character even among comic book characters. Nick Fury runs S.H.I.E.L.D. in secret keeping an eye for potential threats. As soon as The Avengers rose up, he got his organization on board with partnering up. However due to being a skilled veteran agent himself. Nick Fury has a lot of dark secrets including what actually triggered the events of Civil War story arc. Often hides some of his objectives even among most of his agents. If he could find a way to have mankind take on the same threats as The Avengers. This guy would actually screw over The Avengers shortly afterwards.

9. Spider-Man 2099

Let's be honest I'm not crazy for Peter Parker as Spider-Man. At least some things simply work better than Spider-Man 2099. In the future, a man more mutated than Peter was becomes his own version of Spider-Man. However parts of his mutation led to some horrible incidents. This guy is more of fighting first then ask questions later. His suit isn't that much better from the original Spider-Man. His personality simply not that interesting as a character.

8. Cyclops

This character is pretty mixed among so many people so this could be a freebie. Cyclops usually leads X-Men to several missions. He doesn't hide his true feelings about people very well. His powers are technically a more powerful variation of DC's Superman heat vision. All he has to do is simply open up his eyes to fire those beams. Cyclops really made terrible calls during Avengers vs. X-Men story arc. In the end, he got arrested while some X-Men members actually joined The Avengers. WOW Cyclops doesn't keep up with the times as a long standing leader. Sure being married to one of the most powerful beings should be note worthy. Cyclops doesn't have many good costumes in many things X-Men.

7. Mr. Fantastic

It's funny I listed DC's Plastic Man for similar reasons. Yes Mr. Fantastic is a long standing leader. But he barely has any solo fighting experience. By default is not that much above a normal person's stats. As soon as he alters his shape & size is where he becomes a broken character. Mr. Fantastic already is one of the smartest in his universe. This guy has trouble dealing with some of his elements due to being a rubber man. No this isn't Trojan Man lol.

6. Deathlok

Several characters including a robot shared the name Deathlok. Similar to RoboCop, Deathlok is a cyborg made from a corpse of a human with mechanical parts. There are some similarities with DC's Cyborg. Deathlok ends up being a hit or miss character in most forms of adaptations. Some of them he does stand out while others not so much. Sure I like the idea of a soldier being revived sorta to become something greater. At the same time, Deathlok is it's own separate identity. Deathlok also has a history of being manipulated into doing horrible things.

5. Quick Silver

Oh man here comes Quick Silver fans to rip me a new one. You could criticize me of simply being a bigger Flash fan. Although for this blog I'm not being bias for the sake of this blog. Quick Silver has some confusing stuff for writers to work with. In some stories, he is a member of Brotherhood of Mutants fighting against X-Men. In other stories, along with his sister Scarlet Witch, working with other members of The Avengers. Also some prefer to keep Quick Silver speaking mostly English or different language. This by itself makes those not into the comic books question which is suppose to be the way he sounds. Also yes he technically does have his version of time manipulation. However he ages faster than most due to his powers. This should be obvious Quick Silver for me is a difficult character to like. At least with The Flash, each people sharing the mantle has their own unique style.

4. Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer can be a surprisingly boring character. Even with him being in both live action Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Drax isn't that great of a character for many reasons. Originally he was dying along with his family. Thanos' father thought by altering parts of his spiritual being to maybe become a challenge to his own son. Thus Drax simply gets revived in another body. This does alter his stats a lot with no way for him to control how this process works. Let me explain he could be one of the most powerful beings. Then he dies to come back as a much weaker character that actually happened to him. In a sense he can die but guarantee to come back in another body. Therefore as long this continues he doesn't have to worry about Heaven, Hell, Limbo or other abyssal plaims of existence.

3. Man-Thing

Sorry folks I really did try to like Man-Thing. This character is more of showing up at random in other heroes' stories. Not many important events actually involves Man-Thing. Yes he is the guardian of the nexus of all the universes within the multiverse. A lot of stuff including his powers & origins are incredibly similar to DC's Swamp Thing despite appearing just a few months before. Man-Thing can instantly kill people by simply a touch. There isn't many ways to win against Man-Thing.

2. U.S. Agent

Even within Marvel universe, there are rip offs of Captain America. None of them sucks as much as U.S. Agent. Do I even need to state the obvious here? His entire appearance is terribly boring compared to Captain America. Basically does things very similar to Captain America. This guy doesn't do enough to differ himself from the original hero. He already is incredibly boring as a character. I seen plenty of better rip off characters that are way more worth my time.

1. Combo Man

I think Marvel fans can agree that Combo Man really bad for a super hero. Originally a tie in to a real life snack. Combo Man's entire costume took random parts from so many super heroes. Now I could say doing at least three to four could've worked. Sadly way too many heroes got thrown into a blender with this being the end result. Combo Man's power comes from you guess it a snack. Really a frickin snack is what made you a super hero. Were these guys high when they thought maybe this could work. It is so bad that I can't honestly name a single good thing except he isn't being used anymore.

Top 10 Least Favorite DC Super Heroes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this following list could piss a lot of people off. This does have some characters a lot of people like but I never cared much for. Not only this is just my opinion I also stand behind my decision made in this blog.

10. Superman

I never have been or will be a fan of Superman. Look I understand he was one of the very first comic book super heroes. In that regard I do respect him but there's plenty of reasons I don't like him. He has way too many powers for one super hero. In fact he could technically call himself a one man army. Superman does have some impressive feats over the years. My big problem along with his appearance is how broken the character has become. Especially during Pre-Crisis Superman whose way too ridiculous to mention.

9. Captain Boomerang

Mostly a villain but he only counts as a hero being on the Suicide Squad. He has been on several missions in several universes. This guy will try to get someone killed, screw them over for something he wants or do little to help a tough situation. He has a reputation of killing or abandoning people he works with. Captain Boomerang is simply better as a villain rather than being forced to become a hero.

8. Beast Boy

I'm positive this will piss a lot of people off. I really did try liking Beast Boy since I knew people into Teen Titans cartoon. Not Teen Titans Go screw that I meant the good one. Similar to Vixen, Beast Boy can transform into all kind of creatures. His personality is probably the most thing people like about him. I find his personality to be okay at best.

7. Blue Beetle

I don't care for Blue Beetle for many reasons. He sorta reminds me of Marvel's Spider-Man back when he had a symbiote. Except he could more likely lose control & you are more likely to piss the creature off than the guy wearing it. Blue Beetle heavily relies on what this creature can do. In that regard kinda loses his appeal.

6. Booster Gold

Yes a often disliked DC super hero by not only from the fans but also some of the heroes in his universe. Booster Gold was immature when he started becoming a super hero. Now many super heroes were like that in the beginning so I'll let that slide. But I simply can't believe he played a part in saving the multiverse. Due to being a time traveler, many heroes doesn't even know what he has done. Basically we got Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat in DC universe with a specialized suit. If that isn't bad enough then maybe this could help. Booster Gold has some of the absolute worst show portrayals of any DC characters in history.

5. Dr. Fate

Let's be honest Dr. Fate could be a hit or miss character depending on whose the host. A lot of people took on the mantle of Dr. Fate. A magical being capable of handling some of the absolute most powerful beings. Especially those powerful characters that aren't able to fight them like Superman. Dr. Fate can lose a lot of his advantages by having his helmet removed during a battle. Which in turn forces the current host to fight with what they got. Dr. Fate is a truly unique character yet even to this day still haven't been in many stories.

4. Shazam aka DC's Captain Marvel (please don't sue me)
Believe it or not at one point back then Shazam originally called Captain Marvel was owned by another company. Very briefly, Shazam was out selling DC's Superman that ultimately led to them getting bought out by them. Thus Shazam is now officially within the DC universe. Many people including myself would nick name him as Magic Superman since he shares some of his abilities. Although it was explained why Shazam had to be a kid in order to become Shazam. Parts of this is still ridiculous to take seriously. Who would want to be around a kid with that much power is beyond me. Look I understand why so many like this guy. Another thing I should mention is by the time DC got Shazam. Marvel started their own Captain Marvel character whose completely different from DC's. This eventually led to renaming Captain Marvel to Shazam.

3. Plastic Man

Plastic Man is often compared to Marvel's Mr. Fantastic since they're powers are very similar. His personality can be annoying for some people. Unlike most rubber theme characters, Plastic Man technically can not die no matter what you do to him. Plastic Man also looks like a joke more than an actual super hero. Just like Booster Gold, he too had to grow up. Honestly I am really not a big fan of this character. Not even if he somehow got in any Injustice games as a playable character.

2. Dr. Manhattan

This scientist got into a fatal accident that did killed him. Shortly afterwards, he came out as the being known as Dr. Manhattan. This guy is insanely god like in what he can do. If you seen the live action Watchmen movie then I don't even need to explain. Just like real gods, he exists in the past, present & future at the same exact time. Just like them, Dr. Manhatten can alter, recreate & destroy anything with no real limit. Even if you somehow destroy him in the past, he still exists in the future. Which is pretty mess up considering doing this to most characters would wipe them out of existence.

1. The Spectre

Oh come on you had to knew this was coming. Yes I do like The Spectre but he is way too ridiculous. Basically the wrath of God, virtually every known power. The Spectre can do them all as long God approves it & bonded to a human host. The Spectre is still in the top 5 most powerful beings within DC multiverse. A being so insane in concept that you can't believe it actually exists.