Friday, May 26, 2017

Punisher Movie reviews

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I wanted to cover all the live action Punisher movies. Up til very recently in Netflix shows, Marvel kept rebooting these movies. Why no body really knows but I'm here to talk about all three Punisher movies. Believe it or not, all three of them are more different from each other.

The Punisher (1989)

True story the movie company making it was already about to close their doors. They did what they could & by pure chance this movie got released. This version of The Punisher is that company's final movie before going out of business. Mostly due to that the famous Skull logo isn't present in this movie. Let's be honest here Dolph Lundgren wasn't the right guy to play The Punisher. This movie is really unfaithful to it's source material. Yes he does go around taking out criminals like he does in the comics. They show so little of the tragedy that led to him becoming The Punisher. This movie portrays him more of a murder than a hero. The body count is very high for a Marvel movie of it's time. The Punisher is suppose to force information out of people on some occasions. One of many famous traits missing this version of the character. This movie is kinda rare to find now but it depends on your tastes. If you simply want a Punisher movie or one with a lot of killing in an action movie. You may enjoy this but if you are a comic book fan chances are you are going to hate this movie. I'm not trying to insult the actor by stating this. The Punisher talks almost like Frankenstein's Monster & not in a bad ass way either. To me it seem like he was on drugs while doing this movie. Also The Punisher wouldn't hide out in the sewers. This is debatable among many Marvel movies where exactly to put it. Personally I think the movie is okay but nothing special.

The Punisher (2004)

This is the definite Punisher movie experience. Out of all three movies, The Punisher 2004 version nails it. Thomas Janes is really great as The Punisher. More recently he reprises the role in a short video. This is exactly what we wanted in the first place. Everything about this movie is so on point that it rivals some of the finest among DC movies I'm not kidding. This version of The Punisher is really good for what it brings to the table. I honestly can't criticize anything about this movie. My favorite scene is a lot of people's favorite as well. Everybody enjoys the scene where he fought The Russian played by wrestler Kevin Nash. I highly recommend checking out 2004 version as soon as possible. Also you can rent or buy this movie on Steam.

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

Finally we get to Punisher: War Zone I'm mixed about this movie. Originally was going to be a sequel to the 2004 movie. A lot of changes occurs during the making that led to another reboot instead. I will say I do like this version of The Punisher more than 1989 version but still not saying much. The story is easily better than 1989 version as well but still miles behind 2004 version. I am glad they gave us his nemesis Jigsaw. I could criticize his appearance but his performance does stand out. Some could argue this version of The Punisher is more accurate to the comics. To me Thomas Janes was perfect for the role. Ray Stevenson does his best as the character. I felt due to some of the changes over time made this movie come off a little rushed. This movie is still far from perfect in many ways. I am not even sure if I should recommend this movie or not. It would slightly be more recommended over 1989 version. Let's be honest this movie ends up going even during action packed scenes very slow. Yes Jigsaw's brother was my favorite character of the movie along with Jigsaw. Yes I wasn't crazy about how this movie was handled. I'm not saying it because a woman directed this movie. There's plenty of great movies directed by women over the years. Maybe this is more on the crew's fault it ended up being a major disappointment. Also following release wise to the 2004 version doesn't help it either.

Now it's time to rank all the live action Punisher movies.
3. The Punisher (1989)
2. Punisher: War Zone (2008)
1. The Punisher (2004)

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