Saturday, May 13, 2017

Top 10 Favorite DC Super Heroes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this has been a long time coming. I really wanted to make this list more recently. So many awesome super heroes within DC. Of course I had to put a few guide lines in play to make sure this is as close to my personal selection as possible. This isn't about the finest heroes but more about why I like them so much.

1. No super hero teams allowed although each member separately is still considered
2. No neutral characters like Cat Woman

I will say what I need to say and move on because I could talk about just one of these characters all day.

10. Aquaman

Aquaman is king of Atlantis & of the sea that commands his own army as well as other sea creatures. Despite many adaptations of him over the years. He is surprisingly one of the most awesome DC super heroes. Although you should look deep into him before judging first.

9. John Constantine

John Constantie is a rather unusual magic user by comic book standards. This guy has a magic place bonded to him with most of his artifacts & weaponry inside. This guy openly challenged demons to continue holding his own against the forces of Hell.

8. Cyborg

Closest DC's answer to Marvel's Iron Man. Cyborg is actually a cyborg as his name suggests that has advance technology. How he goes about many things is stuff most people wouldn't understand at such a fast rate. Cyborg can survive with majority of his body destroyed.

7. Starfire

Starfire is one of the founding members of the super hero team Teen Titans. Starfire is a good fire user alien that is protecting Earth & at times the universe. A capable leader that has kept Teen Titans going even in rough situations where they could lose or die.

6. Martian Manhunter

DC thought of combing Batman & Superman then threw in the planet Mars. That's exactly what we got with Martian Manhunter. This guy does share many traits of those two super heroes. Martian Manhunter can shape shift near flawlessly.

5. Green Arrow

Oliver Queen best known by others as Green Arrow. Yes he has some similarities to Batman. Yet he does many things differently that makes him in some ways more interesting. For example he is more willing to fire his bow at enemies or does some methods even Batman would question to get answers.

4. Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

The original Robin was forced to leave Gotham City while dating the original Batgirl Barbara Gordon. Dick became his own super hero in a nearby town as Nightwing. He still stands as one of the few side kicks to actually become a full super hero. Possibly Batman's greatest student to date.

3. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

There are so many Green Lantern members through out history. Even their enemies agree Hal Jordan was the greatest Green Jordan. This guy has some of the most impressive feats among any DC super heroes. His power ring powered by will power is still one of the most amazing powers in comic history.

2. The Flash (Barry Allen)

There are several people who became The Flash in history. Everybody agrees that Barry Allen was the greatest among them. This guy is really amazing pulling off some impossible feats. This includes the famous feat he survived the multiverse from Anti-Monitor at the cost of his life by running to death.

1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Batman is hands down the most interesting, entertaining & original among most DC super heroes. Words alone could not justify how truly amazing or unique the Dark Knight actually is. His feats do rival majority of the Justice League. Batman in every sense of the world is the closest thing of a god for a human with no powers.

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