Monday, May 29, 2017

Top 10 Least Favorite Marvel Super Heroes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this could be one of the most controversial lists to date. I won't hold back from choosing popular characters that many people like but I don't care for at all. This is my opinion not based on anyone else's in any shape or form.

10. Nick Fury

What a controversial way to kick off this list. Nick Fury is a rather complex character even among comic book characters. Nick Fury runs S.H.I.E.L.D. in secret keeping an eye for potential threats. As soon as The Avengers rose up, he got his organization on board with partnering up. However due to being a skilled veteran agent himself. Nick Fury has a lot of dark secrets including what actually triggered the events of Civil War story arc. Often hides some of his objectives even among most of his agents. If he could find a way to have mankind take on the same threats as The Avengers. This guy would actually screw over The Avengers shortly afterwards.

9. Spider-Man 2099

Let's be honest I'm not crazy for Peter Parker as Spider-Man. At least some things simply work better than Spider-Man 2099. In the future, a man more mutated than Peter was becomes his own version of Spider-Man. However parts of his mutation led to some horrible incidents. This guy is more of fighting first then ask questions later. His suit isn't that much better from the original Spider-Man. His personality simply not that interesting as a character.

8. Cyclops

This character is pretty mixed among so many people so this could be a freebie. Cyclops usually leads X-Men to several missions. He doesn't hide his true feelings about people very well. His powers are technically a more powerful variation of DC's Superman heat vision. All he has to do is simply open up his eyes to fire those beams. Cyclops really made terrible calls during Avengers vs. X-Men story arc. In the end, he got arrested while some X-Men members actually joined The Avengers. WOW Cyclops doesn't keep up with the times as a long standing leader. Sure being married to one of the most powerful beings should be note worthy. Cyclops doesn't have many good costumes in many things X-Men.

7. Mr. Fantastic

It's funny I listed DC's Plastic Man for similar reasons. Yes Mr. Fantastic is a long standing leader. But he barely has any solo fighting experience. By default is not that much above a normal person's stats. As soon as he alters his shape & size is where he becomes a broken character. Mr. Fantastic already is one of the smartest in his universe. This guy has trouble dealing with some of his elements due to being a rubber man. No this isn't Trojan Man lol.

6. Deathlok

Several characters including a robot shared the name Deathlok. Similar to RoboCop, Deathlok is a cyborg made from a corpse of a human with mechanical parts. There are some similarities with DC's Cyborg. Deathlok ends up being a hit or miss character in most forms of adaptations. Some of them he does stand out while others not so much. Sure I like the idea of a soldier being revived sorta to become something greater. At the same time, Deathlok is it's own separate identity. Deathlok also has a history of being manipulated into doing horrible things.

5. Quick Silver

Oh man here comes Quick Silver fans to rip me a new one. You could criticize me of simply being a bigger Flash fan. Although for this blog I'm not being bias for the sake of this blog. Quick Silver has some confusing stuff for writers to work with. In some stories, he is a member of Brotherhood of Mutants fighting against X-Men. In other stories, along with his sister Scarlet Witch, working with other members of The Avengers. Also some prefer to keep Quick Silver speaking mostly English or different language. This by itself makes those not into the comic books question which is suppose to be the way he sounds. Also yes he technically does have his version of time manipulation. However he ages faster than most due to his powers. This should be obvious Quick Silver for me is a difficult character to like. At least with The Flash, each people sharing the mantle has their own unique style.

4. Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer can be a surprisingly boring character. Even with him being in both live action Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Drax isn't that great of a character for many reasons. Originally he was dying along with his family. Thanos' father thought by altering parts of his spiritual being to maybe become a challenge to his own son. Thus Drax simply gets revived in another body. This does alter his stats a lot with no way for him to control how this process works. Let me explain he could be one of the most powerful beings. Then he dies to come back as a much weaker character that actually happened to him. In a sense he can die but guarantee to come back in another body. Therefore as long this continues he doesn't have to worry about Heaven, Hell, Limbo or other abyssal plaims of existence.

3. Man-Thing

Sorry folks I really did try to like Man-Thing. This character is more of showing up at random in other heroes' stories. Not many important events actually involves Man-Thing. Yes he is the guardian of the nexus of all the universes within the multiverse. A lot of stuff including his powers & origins are incredibly similar to DC's Swamp Thing despite appearing just a few months before. Man-Thing can instantly kill people by simply a touch. There isn't many ways to win against Man-Thing.

2. U.S. Agent

Even within Marvel universe, there are rip offs of Captain America. None of them sucks as much as U.S. Agent. Do I even need to state the obvious here? His entire appearance is terribly boring compared to Captain America. Basically does things very similar to Captain America. This guy doesn't do enough to differ himself from the original hero. He already is incredibly boring as a character. I seen plenty of better rip off characters that are way more worth my time.

1. Combo Man

I think Marvel fans can agree that Combo Man really bad for a super hero. Originally a tie in to a real life snack. Combo Man's entire costume took random parts from so many super heroes. Now I could say doing at least three to four could've worked. Sadly way too many heroes got thrown into a blender with this being the end result. Combo Man's power comes from you guess it a snack. Really a frickin snack is what made you a super hero. Were these guys high when they thought maybe this could work. It is so bad that I can't honestly name a single good thing except he isn't being used anymore.

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