Monday, May 29, 2017

Top 5 DC Super Heroines & Female Super Villains

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I want to apologize for not listing any female super heroines or villains in my previous lists. I'm not sexist by any means but of course I like a lot of them within comic books. This is my way to not upset anyone over that. I wanted to start with DC that will be quickly followed by it's Marvel counterpart. Once again all of this is strictly my opinion only.

Top 5 DC Super Heroines

5. Catwoman

Yes Catwoman is technically a neutral character since she did a lot of good & bad things. She was popular enough to get her own comic book series. Often helps Batman & some of his enemies. Catwoman in some story lines ends up becoming Bruce's girl friend. Very few of those got deeper than that. Regardless Catwoman is a truly interesting character.

4. Starfire

One of the founding members of the super hero team Teen Titans. Starfire can manipulate fire to a degree depending on things. At one point she almost got married to the original Robin Dick Grayson. She usually trains, helps & sometimes leads Teen Titans. As a alien creature, she is unique in usage of fire.

3. Wonder Woman

Although I'm not flat out crazy for Wonder Woman. I can't overlook her debut did get a lot of women into comic books. Her stories are a unique mixture of comic books & Greek mythology. The original female super heroine of not only DC but in comics. Wonder Woman still inspiring many ladies to this day. She is one of the most popular DC characters to date.

2. Harley Quinn

I know this could get criticize by people. Yes Harley has done a lot of bad things over the years. In some stories especially those related to the Suicide Squad. She has done a lot of good things with some bad stuff from time to time. Harley is a wild girl that's difficult to predict but fun as hell to watch.

1. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Yes there are several Batgirls within the Bat Family. Obviously Barbara Gordon stood out the most to me. She can remember stuff like some people at a faster pace. Being the original Batgirl, she tried very hard to get closer to Batman. She would be the closest female Batman in DC universe. Barbara so happens to be Commissioner Gordon's daughter. How she fits in even after what The Joker did to her in The Killing Joker as Oracle is impressive.

Now it's time for DC's Female Super Villains. I had a harder time deciding which ones I always like to some degree.

Top 5 DC Female Super Villains

5. Talia al Ghul

The one woman Bruce Wayne loves that always ends up terrible for him. Talia is one of many daughters of Ra's al Ghul. Just like her father, Talia really tries getting Bruce to become her father's successor as the leader of the league of assassins. She has her own servants that are highly skilled assassins. Talia can hold her own against The Dark Knight.

4. Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is one of the best assassins in the DC universe. She is widely known for only using her hands to kill people. Often stated to be one of the best female fighters respectively. She also had many run ins with many super heroes including Batman. Lady Shiva is very difficult to take down. She is good enough to hold her own against a large amount of people & walk away fine.

3. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was the result of a lab experiment that killed Pamela Isley. But she got reborn as Poison Ivy with a connection to the Green. A mysterious force connected to all plant life. She may not be the avatar of it like Swamp Thing but she would be the second best at it. Poison Ivy has some terrible things to Batman as well as some of his enemies including Two Face. She can create & manipulate plants to a degree. Also her kiss puts a powerful poison in your body.

2. Killer Frost

Yes I know about several characters sharing the name Killer Frost. Regardless which one you are into. They're not all that different from each other. All of them use ice powers to do bad things to those around them. More recently she is getting more popular with many people. Killer Frost usually a regular enemy to Firestorm.

1. Cheetah

There was no question in my mind who would get number 1. Yes many people including a man share the name Cheetah as well as the same curse. Most of them really doesn't likes Wonder Woman to a fault. Cheetah always pushes Wonder Woman in majority of their battles. Cheetah also has been in many super villain teams. Her ruthless nature with difficulty to predict at times. It is no wonder why many people enjoy watching Cheetah over the years.

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