Thursday, May 11, 2017

Top 5 More Reasons Why I Like Marvel More than DC

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, why not I really want to let it all out. Marvel always had a strong inspiration, impression & slightly more of my style. I'm not saying DC is too dated by any means. DC is still pushing on strong just like Marvel today. I saved some of my most personal reasons for this follow up blog. Obviously DC fans won't like this very much. Remember this is my opinion only if you don't like either leave without saying a word or be nice.

5. X-Men

Very early on in my life two super hero teams left a very strong impression on my life. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & X-Men are still to this day, two of my favorite super hero teams. X-Men stands out for many great reasons. Most people that joined X-Men has suffered strong hatred & horrible tragic events. Some of these events even turned their friends & families against them. Despite how humans simply hate or afraid of mutants in general. X-Men always goes out of their way to save them. They stopped Brotherhood of Mutants several times from dooming mankind. Over the years X-Men has faced some amazing challenges you wouldn't believe. Some members are officially classified as omega level mutants. For those that doesn't know what that means. These mutants could destroy countries to possibly planets at ease. It is true not many of them are that powerful but it has been stated several times they could do that. Wolverine has a few centuries under his belt mastering most fighting styles. Professor Xavier is possibly one of the most powerful beings mentally. Xavier in Cerebro greatly increases his range & what he could. X-Men even took on some god like beings like Apocalypse & Juggernaut. X-Men has endurance some of the biggest challenges any super hero teams ever faced. The big message they're sending is no matter how different you are. There are always people you can befriend even in the worst of situations. Yes a good amount of their stories involves humanity doing what they could against mutants. In the end X-Men eventually opened the world's eyes about the truth. Mutants aren't that different from humans like so many humans don't believe.

4. Better Video Games

I could get hit very big by stating this. To me it seems Marvel has better video games that can stand the test of time. I grew up with Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage with it's sequel Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety on Sega Genesis. Although the later game was okay, I really enjoy playing Maximum Carnage. I also had X-Men on Genesis & Spider-Man on PlayStation, two more classic Marvel games. Yes X-Men on Genesis is a difficult game but still somehow enjoyable for many reasons. Spider-Man on PlayStation is sorta in some ways like Batman: Arkham series. You get roughly the same level of fan service with many costumes. You get to take on some of Spider-Man's best enemies including Monster Ock. Whose Carnage symbiote on Doc Ock in a rather different final boss fight. The first two movie games of Spider-Man are excellent for what they are. I also played what many considered to be the greatest Hulk game in existence. Yes The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction made by the same team that later made Prototype series. WOW another fan service game that truly nailed Hulk in every sense of the word. Before this game I only played The Incredible Hulk on Sega Genesis. Which isn't bad but still more playable than most DC games I had on the same console. As a rental me & my brother spent a entire day playing Hulk movie game. Which was much better than the movie it is a tie in for. Marvel Ultimate Alliance series for the most part are great. I'm not that crazy about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 but there are some good things in it. I am not saying DC barely had any good games because that's not true. I simply played more Marvel games than DC. It is hard to believe Lego game series now has both comic book universes brought in. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a truly unique experience that does rival Lego Batman 2. Honestly you can agree to disagree all you want. I been around more good Marvel games than DC ones.

3. Better Stand Alone Movie Series

Fantastic Four, Blade, X-Men and The Punisher series are some of the finest Marvel movies. Fantastic Four movies does a great job being what it is suppose to be. Although I prefer Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer a lot more. This movie is possibly a precursor to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Blade trilogy does a great job portraying Blade in all three movies. If you love vampire & comic book movies I do recommend these movies. Hands down the original Blade was the best out of the three. I already covered a great deal about X-Men movies. It has it's fair share of ups and downs but now going in a great direction. Finally The Punisher movies are a truly strange topic. The Punisher has been rebooted twice since the original movie back in 1989. Personally Thomas Jane version is the best out of The Punisher movies. Sure I do enjoy Batman series during my child hood & Christopher Nolan's trilogy. I felt these movies in some ways holds up better than those.

2. Some of the Most Epic Comic Book Story Arcs in History
Marvel doesn't hold back when doing epic story arcs. In fact two movies are directly based on the same story arc an arcade fighting game called Marvel Super Heroes is based on. In this story arc, Death convinces Thanos to use the infinity gauntlet to kill half the entire population of the universe. This led to many heroes going against the tyrant. I really would like to see them recreate Onslaught's famous story arc. Professor Xavier uses his powers being angry towards Magneto causing himself to lose control to become the being Onslaught. This guy killed some of the big name characters including one half of Hulk. Some of the most impressive feats for characters like Hulk came from this story. Of course I should mention the same story arc Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 & Captain America: Civil War are based on. In this story arc, some heroes agree to be legal super heroes. Many of them are heavily against this decision causing The Avengers to face themselves several times. One of the craziest story arcs was Avengers vs. X-Men. This caused more super heroes to face each other over what to do about Phoenix. One of the most insanely powerful beings in the universe. X-Men felt they should use it to jump start mutants again while The Avengers felt it would kill everyone. In the end it turns out The Avengers was right. Some occasions Marvel & DC has cross over including a combined universe where many characters are fused together in this universe. Marvel is willing to take major risks to get your attentions.

1. Stan Lee is The One Above All

Not a lot of people outside comic books knows this. The One Above All aka Marvel's God is no other than Stan Lee himself. One of the original Marvel staff members from the beginning that created many popular characters is God. This means sense due to all of his cameos in so many Marvel movies over the years. One of the absolute best in his field to get such an honor from Marvel is already mind blowing. One of the coolest old guys in history. Stan Lee truly deserves everyone's respect for many reasons.

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